King James Version 1611 - 1769











Psalms 1: 1-6

1  Blessed835 is the man376 that834 walketh1980 not3808 in the counsel6098 of the ungodly,7563 nor3808 standeth5975 in the way1870 of sinners,2400 nor3808 sitteth3427 in the seat4186 of the scornful.3887

2  But3588 518 his delight2656 is in the law8451 of the LORD;3068 and in his law8451 doth he meditate1897 day3119 and night.3915

3  And he shall be1961 like a tree6086 planted8362 by5921 the rivers6388 of water,4325 that834 bringeth forth5414 his fruit6529 in his season;6256 his leaf5929 also shall not3808 wither;5034 and whatsoever3605 834 he doeth6213 shall prosper.6743

4  The ungodly7563 are not3808 so:3651 but3588 518 are like the chaff4671 which834 the wind7307 driveth away.5086

5  Therefore5921 3651 the ungodly7563 shall not3808 stand6965 in the judgment,4941 nor sinners2400 in the congregation5712 of the righteous.6662

6  For3588 the LORD3068 knoweth3045 the way1870 of the righteous:6662 but the way1870 of the ungodly7563 shall perish.6

Psalms 2: 1-12

1  Why4100 do the heathen1471 rage,7283 and the people3816 imagine1897 a vain thing?7385

2  The kings4428 of the earth776 set themselves,3320 and the rulers7336 take counsel3245 together,3162 against5921 the LORD,3068 and against5921 his anointed,4899 saying,

3  Let us break their bands asunder,5423 853 4147 and cast away7993 their cords5688 from4480 us.

4  He that sitteth3427 in the heavens8064 shall laugh:7832 the Lord136 shall have them in derision.3932

5  Then227 shall he speak1696 unto413 them in his wrath,639 and vex926 them in his sore displeasure.2740

6  Yet have I589 set5258 my king4428 upon5921 my holy6944 hill2022 of Zion.6726

7  I will declare5608 413 the decree:2706 the LORD3068 hath said559 unto413 me, Thou859 art my Son;1121 this day3117 have I589 begotten3205 thee.

8  Ask7592 of4480 me, and I shall give5414 thee the heathen1471 for thine inheritance,5159 and the uttermost parts657 of the earth776 for thy possession.272

9  Thou shalt break7489 them with a rod7626 of iron;1270 thou shalt dash them in pieces5310 like a potter's3335 vessel.3627

10  Be wise7919 now6258 therefore, O ye kings:4428 be instructed,3256 ye judges8199 of the earth.776

11  Serve5647 853 the LORD3068 with fear,3374 and rejoice1523 with trembling.7461

12  Kiss5401 the Son,1248 lest6435 he be angry,599 and ye perish6 from the way,1870 when3588 his wrath639 is kindled1197 but a little.4592 Blessed835 are all3605 they that put their trust2620 in him.

Psalms 3: 1-8

1  A Psalm4210 of David,1732 when he fled1272 from4480 6440 Absalom53 his son.1121 LORD,3068 how4100 are they increased7231 that trouble6862 me! many7227 are they that rise up6965 against5921 me.

2  Many7227 there be which say559 of my soul,5315 There is no369 help3444 for him in God.430 Selah.5542

3  But thou,859 O LORD,3068 art a shield4043 for1157 me; my glory,3519 and the lifter up7311 of mine head.7218

4  I cried7121 unto413 the LORD3068 with my voice,6963 and he heard6030 me out of his holy6944 hill.4480 2022 Selah.5542

5  I589 laid me down7901 and slept;3462 I awaked;6974 for3588 the LORD3068 sustained5564 me.

6  I will not3808 be afraid3372 of ten thousands4480 7233 of people,5971 that834 have set7896 themselves against5921 me round about.5439

7  Arise,6965 O LORD;3068 save3467 me, O my God:430 for3588 thou hast smitten5221 853 all3605 mine enemies341 upon the cheek bone;3895 thou hast broken7665 the teeth8127 of the ungodly.7563

8  Salvation3444 belongeth unto the LORD:3068 thy blessing1293 is upon5921 thy people.5971 Selah.5542

Psalms 4: 1-8

1  To the chief Musician5329 on Neginoth,5058 A Psalm4210 of David.1732 Hear6030 me when I call,7121 O God430 of my righteousness:6664 thou hast enlarged7337 me when I was in distress;6862 have mercy2603 upon me, and hear8085 my prayer.8605

2  O ye sons1121 of men,376 how long5704 4100 will ye turn my glory3519 into shame?3639 how long will ye love157 vanity,7385 and seek after1245 leasing?3577 Selah.5542

3  But know3045 that3588 the LORD3068 hath set apart6395 him that is godly2623 for himself: the LORD3068 will hear8085 when I call7121 unto413 him.

4  Stand in awe,7264 and sin2398 not:408 commune559 with your own heart3824 upon5921 your bed,4904 and be still.1826 Selah.5542

5  Offer2076 the sacrifices2077 of righteousness,6664 and put your trust982 in413 the LORD.3068

6  There be many7227 that say,559 Who4310 will show7200 us any good?2896 LORD,3068 lift thou up5375 the light216 of thy countenance6440 upon5921 us.

7  Thou hast put5414 gladness8057 in my heart,3820 more than in the time4480 6256 that their corn1715 and their wine8492 increased.7231

8  I will both3162 lay me down7901 in peace,7965 and sleep:3462 for3588 thou,859 LORD,3068 only910 makest me dwell3427 in safety.983

Psalms 5: 1-12

1  To the chief Musician5329 upon413 Nehiloth,5155 A Psalm4210 of David.1732 Give ear238 to my words,561 O LORD,3068 consider995 my meditation.1901

2  Hearken7181 unto the voice6963 of my cry,7773 my King,4428 and my God:430 for3588 unto413 thee will I pray.6419

3  My voice6963 shalt thou hear8085 in the morning,1242 O LORD;3068 in the morning1242 will I direct6186 my prayer unto thee, and will look up.6822

4  For3588 thou859 art not3808 a God410 that hath pleasure2655 in wickedness:7562 neither3808 shall evil7451 dwell1481 with thee.

5  The foolish1984 shall not3808 stand3320 in5048 thy sight:5869 thou hatest8130 all3605 workers6466 of iniquity.205

6  Thou shalt destroy6 them that speak1696 leasing:3577 the LORD3068 will abhor8581 the bloody1818 and deceitful4820 man.376

7  But as for me,589 I will come935 into thy house1004 in the multitude7230 of thy mercy:2617 and in thy fear3374 will I worship7812 toward413 thy holy6944 temple.1964

8  Lead5148 me, O LORD,3068 in thy righteousness6666 because of4616 mine enemies;8324 make thy way1870 straight3474 before my face.6440

9  For3588 there is no369 faithfulness3559 in their mouth;6310 their inward part7130 is very wickedness;1942 their throat1627 is an open6605 sepulcher;6913 they flatter2505 with their tongue.3956

10  Destroy816 thou them, O God;430 let them fall5307 by their own counsels;4480 4156 cast them out5080 in the multitude7230 of their transgressions;6588 for3588 they have rebelled4784 against thee.

11  But let all3605 those that put their trust2620 in thee rejoice:8055 let them ever5769 shout for joy,7442 because thou defendest5526 them:5921 let them also that love157 thy name8034 be joyful5970 in thee.

12  For3588 thou,859 LORD,3068 wilt bless1288 the righteous;6662 with favor7522 wilt thou compass5849 him as with a shield.6793

Psalms 6: 1-10

1  To the chief Musician5329 on Neginoth5058 upon5921 Sheminith,8067 A Psalm4210 of David.1732 O LORD,3068 rebuke3198 me not408 in thine anger,639 neither408 chasten3256 me in thy hot displeasure.2534

2  Have mercy2603 upon me, O LORD;3068 for3588 I589 am weak:536 O LORD,3068 heal7495 me; for3588 my bones6106 are vexed.926

3  My soul5315 is also sore3966 vexed:926 but thou,859 O LORD,3068 how long?5704 4970

4  Return,7725 O LORD,3068 deliver2502 my soul:5315 oh save3467 me for thy mercies' sake.4616 2617

5  For3588 in death4194 there is no369 remembrance2143 of thee: in the grave7585 who4310 shall give thee thanks?3034

6  I am weary3021 with my groaning;585 all3605 the night3915 make I my bed4296 to swim;7811 I water4529 my couch6210 with my tears.1832

7  Mine eye5869 is consumed6244 because of grief;4480 3708 it waxeth old6275 because of all3605 mine enemies.6887

8  Depart5493 from4480 me, all3605 ye workers6466 of iniquity;205 for3588 the LORD3068 hath heard8085 the voice6963 of my weeping.1065

9  The LORD3068 hath heard8085 my supplication;8467 the LORD3068 will receive3947 my prayer.8605

10  Let all3605 mine enemies341 be ashamed954 and sore3966 vexed:926 let them return7725 and be ashamed954 suddenly.7281

Psalms 7: 1-17

1  Shiggaion7692 of David,1732 which834 he sang7891 unto the LORD,3068 concerning5921 the words1697 of Cush3568 the Benjamite.1121 1145 O LORD3068 my God,430 in thee do I put my trust:2620 save3467 me from all4480 3605 them that persecute7291 me, and deliver5337 me:

2  Lest6435 he tear2963 my soul5315 like a lion,738 rending it in pieces,6561 while there is none369 to deliver.5337

3  O LORD3068 my God,430 if518 I have done6213 this;2063 if518 there be3426 iniquity5766 in my hands;3709

4  If518 I have rewarded1580 evil7451 unto him that was at peace7999 with me; (yea, I have delivered2502 him that without cause7387 is mine enemy:)6887

5  Let the enemy341 persecute7291 my soul,5315 and take5381 it; yea, let him tread down7429 my life2416 upon the earth,776 and lay7931 mine honor3519 in the dust.6083 Selah.5542

6  Arise,6965 O LORD,3068 in thine anger,639 lift up thyself5375 because of the rage5678 of mine enemies:6887 and awake5782 for413 me to the judgment4941 that thou hast commanded.6680

7  So shall the congregation5712 of the people3816 compass thee about:5437 for their sakes5921 therefore return7725 thou on high.4791

8  The LORD3068 shall judge1777 the people:5971 judge8199 me, O LORD,3068 according to my righteousness,6664 and according to mine integrity8537 that is in5921 me.

9  Oh4994 let the wickedness7451 of the wicked7563 come to an end;1584 but establish3559 the just:6662 for the righteous6662 God430 trieth974 the hearts3820 and reins.3629

10  My defense4043 is of5921 God,430 which saveth3467 the upright3477 in heart.3820

11  God430 judgeth8199 the righteous,6662 and God410 is angry2194 with the wicked every3605 day.3117

12  If518 he turn7725 not,3808 he will whet3913 his sword;2719 he hath bent1869 his bow,7198 and made it ready.3559

13  He hath also prepared3559 for him the instruments3627 of death;4194 he ordaineth6466 his arrows2671 against the persecutors.1814

14  Behold,2009 he travaileth2254 with iniquity,205 and hath conceived2029 mischief,5999 and brought forth3205 falsehood.8267

15  He made3738 a pit,953 and digged2658 it, and is fallen5307 into the ditch7845 which he made.6466

16  His mischief5999 shall return7725 upon his own head,7218 and his violent dealing2555 shall come down3381 upon5921 his own pate.6936

17  I will praise3034 the LORD3068 according to his righteousness:6664 and will sing praise2167 to the name8034 of the LORD3068 most high.5945

Psalms 8: 1-9

1  To the chief Musician5329 upon5921 Gittith,1665 A Psalm4210 of David.1732 O LORD3068 our Lord,113 how4100 excellent117 is thy name8034 in all3605 the earth!776 who834 hast set5414 thy glory1935 above5921 the heavens.8064

2  Out of the mouth4480 6310 of babes5768 and sucklings3243 hast thou ordained3245 strength5797 because of4616 thine enemies,6887 that thou mightest still7673 the enemy341 and the avenger.5358

3  When3588 I consider7200 thy heavens,8064 the work4639 of thy fingers,676 the moon3394 and the stars,3556 which834 thou hast ordained;3559

4  What4100 is man,582 that3588 thou art mindful2142 of him? and the son1121 of man,120 that3588 thou visitest6485 him?

5  For thou hast made him a little lower2637 4592 than the angels,4480 430 and hast crowned5849 him with glory3519 and honor.1926

6  Thou madest him to have dominion4910 over the works4639 of thy hands;3027 thou hast put7896 all3605 things under8478 his feet:7272

7  All3605 sheep6792 and oxen,504 yea,1571 and the beasts929 of the field;7704

8  The fowl6833 of the air,8064 and the fish1709 of the sea,3220 and whatsoever passeth through5674 the paths734 of the seas.3220

9  O LORD3068 our Lord,113 how4100 excellent117 is thy name8034 in all3605 the earth!776

Psalms 9: 1-20

1  To the chief Musician5329 upon5921 Muth-labben,4192 A Psalm4210 of David.1732 I will praise3034 thee, O LORD,3068 with my whole3605 heart;3820 I will show forth5608 all3605 thy marvelous works.6381

2  I will be glad8055 and rejoice5970 in thee: I will sing praise2167 to thy name,8034 O thou most High.5945

3  When mine enemies341 are turned7725 back,268 they shall fall3782 and perish6 at thy presence.4480 6440

4  For3588 thou hast maintained6213 my right4941 and my cause;1779 thou satest3427 in the throne3678 judging8199 right.6664

5  Thou hast rebuked1605 the heathen,1471 thou hast destroyed6 the wicked,7563 thou hast put out4229 their name8034 forever5769 and ever.5703

6  O thou enemy,341 destructions2723 are come to a perpetual end:8552 5331 and thou hast destroyed5428 cities;5892 their memorial2143 is perished6 with them.1992

7  But the LORD3068 shall endure3427 forever:5769 he hath prepared3559 his throne3678 for judgment.4941

8  And he1931 shall judge8199 the world8398 in righteousness,6664 he shall minister judgment1777 to the people3816 in uprightness.4339

9  The LORD3068 also will be1961 a refuge4869 for the oppressed,1790 a refuge4869 in times6256 of trouble.6869

10  And they that know3045 thy name8034 will put their trust982 in thee: for3588 thou, LORD,3068 hast not3808 forsaken5800 them that seek1875 thee.

11  Sing praises2167 to the LORD,3068 which dwelleth3427 in Zion:6726 declare5046 among the people5971 his doings.5949

12  When3588 he maketh inquisition1875 for blood,1818 he remembereth2142 them: he forgetteth7911 not3808 the cry6818 of the humble.6035

13  Have mercy2603 upon me, O LORD;3068 consider7200 my trouble6040 which I suffer of them that hate4480 8130 me, thou that liftest me up7311 from the gates4480 8179 of death:4194

14  That4616 I may show forth5608 all3605 thy praise8416 in the gates8179 of the daughter1323 of Zion:6726 I will rejoice1523 in thy salvation.3444

15  The heathen1471 are sunk down2883 in the pit7845 that they made:6213 in the net7568 which2098 they hid2934 is their own foot7272 taken.3920

16  The LORD3068 is known3045 by the judgment4941 which he executeth:6213 the wicked7563 is snared3369 in the work6467 of his own hands.3709 Higgaion.1902 Selah.5542

17  The wicked7563 shall be turned7725 into hell,7585 and all3605 the nations1471 that forget7913 God.430

18  For3588 the needy34 shall not3808 always5331 be forgotten:7911 the expectation8615 of the poor6041 shall not perish6 forever.5703

19  Arise,6965 O LORD;3068 let not408 man582 prevail:5810 let the heathen1471 be judged8199 in5921 thy sight.6440

20  Put7896 them in fear,4172 O LORD:3068 that the nations1471 may know3045 themselves1992 to be but men.582 Selah.5542

Psalms 10: 1-18

1  Why4100 standest5975 thou afar off,7350 O LORD?3068 why hidest5956 thou thyself in times6256 of trouble?6869

2  The wicked7563 in his pride1346 doth persecute1814 the poor:6041 let them be taken8610 in the devices4209 that2098 they have imagined.2803

3  For3588 the wicked7563 boasteth1984 of5921 his heart's5315 desire,8378 and blesseth1288 the covetous,1214 whom the LORD3068 abhorreth.5006

4  The wicked,7563 through the pride1363 of his countenance,639 will not1077 seek1875 after God: God430 is not369 in all3605 his thoughts.4209

5  His ways1870 are always3605 6256 grievous;2342 thy judgments4941 are far above4791 out of his sight:4480 5048 as for all3605 his enemies,6887 he puffeth6315 at them.

6  He hath said559 in his heart,3820 I shall not1077 be moved:4131 for I shall never1755 1755 834 3808 be in adversity.7451

7  His mouth6310 is full4390 of cursing423 and deceit4820 and fraud:8496 under8478 his tongue3956 is mischief5999 and vanity.205

8  He sitteth3427 in the lurking places3993 of the villages:2691 in the secret places4565 doth he murder2026 the innocent:5355 his eyes5869 are privily set6845 against the poor.2489

9  He lieth in wait693 secretly4565 as a lion738 in his den:5520 he lieth in wait693 to catch2414 the poor:6041 he doth catch2414 the poor,6041 when he draweth4900 him into his net.7568

10  He croucheth,1794 and humbleth7817 himself, that the poor2489 may fall5307 by his strong ones.6099

11  He hath said559 in his heart,3820 God410 hath forgotten:7911 he hideth5641 his face;6440 he will never1077 5331 see7200 it.

12  Arise,6965 O LORD;3068 O God,410 lift up5375 thine hand:3027 forget7911 not408 the humble.6035

13  Wherefore5921 4100 doth the wicked7563 contemn5006 God?430 he hath said559 in his heart,3820 Thou wilt not3808 require1875 it.

14  Thou hast seen7200 it; for3588 thou859 beholdest5027 mischief5999 and spite,3708 to requite5414 it with thy hand:3027 the poor2489 committeth5800 himself unto5921 thee; thou859 art1961 the helper5826 of the fatherless.3490

15  Break7665 thou the arm2220 of the wicked7563 and the evil7451 man: seek out1875 his wickedness7562 till thou find4672 none.1077

16  The LORD3068 is King4428 forever5769 and ever:5703 the heathen1471 are perished6 out of his land.4480 776

17  LORD,3068 thou hast heard8085 the desire8378 of the humble:6035 thou wilt prepare3559 their heart,3820 thou wilt cause thine ear241 to hear:7181

18  To judge8199 the fatherless3490 and the oppressed,1790 that the man582 of4480 the earth776 may no1077 more3254 5750 oppress.6206

Psalms 11: 1-7

1  To the chief Musician,5329 A Psalm of David.1732 In the LORD3068 put I my trust:2620 how349 say559 ye to my soul,5315 Flee5110 as a bird6833 to your mountain?2022

2  For,3588 lo,2009 the wicked7563 bend1869 their bow,7198 they make ready3559 their arrow2671 upon5921 the string,3499 that they may privily1119 652 shoot3384 at the upright3477 in heart.3820

3  If3588 the foundations8356 be destroyed,2040 what4100 can the righteous6662 do?6466

4  The LORD3068 is in his holy6944 temple,1964 the LORD's3068 throne3678 is in heaven:8064 his eyes5869 behold,2372 his eyelids6079 try,974 the children1121 of men.120

5  The LORD3068 trieth974 the righteous:6662 but the wicked7563 and him that loveth157 violence2555 his soul5315 hateth.8130

6  Upon5921 the wicked7563 he shall rain4305 snares,6341 fire784 and brimstone,1614 and a horrible2152 tempest:7307 this shall be the portion4521 of their cup.3563

7  For3588 the righteous6662 LORD3068 loveth157 righteousness;6666 his countenance6440 doth behold2372 the upright.3477

Psalms 12: 1-8

1  To the chief Musician5329 upon5921 Sheminith,8067 A Psalm4210 of David.1732 Help,3467 LORD;3068 for3588 the godly man2623 ceaseth;1584 for3588 the faithful539 fail6461 from among the children4480 1121 of men.120

2  They speak1696 vanity7723 every one376 with854 his neighbor:7453 with flattering2513 lips8193 and with a double heart3820 3820 do they speak.1696

3  The LORD3068 shall cut off3772 all3605 flattering2513 lips,8193 and the tongue3956 that speaketh1696 proud things:1419

4  Who834 have said,559 With our tongue3956 will we prevail;1396 our lips8193 are our own: who4310 is lord113 over us?

5  For the oppression4480 7701 of the poor,6041 for the sighing4480 603 of the needy,34 now6258 will I arise,6965 saith559 the LORD;3068 I will set7896 him in safety3468 from him that puffeth6315 at him.

6  The words565 of the LORD3068 are pure2889 words:565 as silver3701 tried6884 in a furnace5948 of earth,776 purified2212 seven7659 times.

7  Thou859 shalt keep8104 them, O LORD,3068 thou shalt preserve5341 them from4480 this2098 generation1755 forever.5769

8  The wicked7563 walk1980 on every side,5439 when the vilest2149 men120 are exalted.7311

Psalms 13: 1-6

1  To the chief Musician,5329 A Psalm4210 of David.1732 How long5704 575 wilt thou forget7911 me, O LORD?3068 forever?5331 how long5704 575 wilt thou hide5641 853 thy face6440 from4480 me?

2  How long5704 575 shall I take7896 counsel6098 in my soul,5315 having sorrow3015 in my heart3824 daily?3119 how long5704 575 shall mine enemy341 be exalted7311 over5921 me?

3  Consider5027 and hear6030 me, O LORD3068 my God:430 lighten215 mine eyes,5869 lest6435 I sleep3462 the sleep of death;4194

4  Lest6435 mine enemy341 say,559 I have prevailed against3201 him; and those that trouble6862 me rejoice1523 when3588 I am moved.4131

5  But I589 have trusted982 in thy mercy;2617 my heart3820 shall rejoice1523 in thy salvation.3444

6  I will sing7891 unto the LORD,3068 because3588 he hath dealt bountifully1580 with5921 me.

Psalms 14: 1-7

1  To the chief Musician,5329 A Psalm of David.1732 The fool5036 hath said559 in his heart,3820 There is no369 God.430 They are corrupt,7843 they have done abominable8581 works,5949 there is none369 that doeth6213 good.2896

2  The LORD3068 looked down8259 from heaven4480 8064 upon5921 the children1121 of men,120 to see7200 if there were3426 any that did understand,7919 and seek1875 853 God.430

3  They are all3605 gone aside,5493 they are all together3162 become filthy:444 there is none369 that doeth6213 good,2896 no,369 not1571 one.259

4  Have all3605 the workers6466 of iniquity205 no3808 knowledge?3045 who eat up398 my people5971 as they eat398 bread,3899 and call7121 not3808 upon the LORD.3068

5  There8033 were they in great fear:6342 6343 for3588 God430 is in the generation1755 of the righteous.6662

6  Ye have shamed954 the counsel6098 of the poor,6041 because3588 the LORD3068 is his refuge.4268

7  Oh that4310 5414 the salvation3444 of Israel3478 were come out of Zion!4480 6726 when the LORD3068 bringeth back7725 the captivity7622 of his people,5971 Jacob3290 shall rejoice,1523 and Israel3478 shall be glad.8055

Psalms 15: 1-5

1  A Psalm4210 of David.1732 LORD,3068 who4310 shall abide1481 in thy tabernacle?168 who4310 shall dwell7931 in thy holy6944 hill?2022

2  He that walketh1980 uprightly,8549 and worketh6466 righteousness,6664 and speaketh1696 the truth571 in his heart.3824

3  He that backbiteth7270 not3808 with5921 his tongue,3956 nor3808 doeth6213 evil7451 to his neighbor,7453 nor3808 taketh up5375 a reproach2781 against5921 his neighbor.7138

4  In whose eyes5869 a vile person3988 is contemned;959 but he honoreth3513 them that fear3372 the LORD.3068 He that sweareth7650 to his own hurt,7489 and changeth4171 not.3808

5  He that putteth not out5414 3808 his money3701 to usury,5392 nor3808 taketh3947 reward7810 against5921 the innocent.5355 He that doeth6213 these428 things shall never3808 5769 be moved.4131

Psalms 16: 1-11

1  Michtam4387 of David.1732 Preserve8104 me, O God:410 for3588 in thee do I put my trust.2620

2  O my soul, thou hast said559 unto the LORD,3068 Thou859 art my Lord:136 my goodness2896 extendeth not1077 to5921 thee;

3  But to the saints6918 that834 are in the earth,776 and to the excellent,117 in whom is all3605 my delight.2656

4  Their sorrows6094 shall be multiplied7235 that hasten4116 after another312 god: their drink offerings5262 of blood4480 1818 will I not1077 offer,5258 nor1077 take up5375 853 their names8034 into5921 my lips.8193

5  The LORD3068 is the portion4521 of mine inheritance2506 and of my cup:3563 thou859 maintainest8551 my lot.1486

6  The lines2256 are fallen5307 unto me in pleasant5273 places; yea,637 I have5921 a goodly8231 heritage.5159

7  I will bless1288 853 the LORD,3068 who834 hath given me counsel:3289 my reins3629 also637 instruct3256 me in the night seasons.3915

8  I have set7737 the LORD3068 always8548 before5048 me: because3588 he is at my right hand,4480 3225 I shall not1077 be moved.4131

9  Therefore3651 my heart3820 is glad,8055 and my glory3519 rejoiceth:1523 my flesh1320 also637 shall rest7931 in hope.983

10  For3588 thou wilt not3808 leave5800 my soul5315 in hell;7585 neither3808 wilt thou suffer5414 thine Holy One2623 to see7200 corruption.7845

11  Thou wilt show3045 me the path734 of life:2416 in854 thy presence6440 is fullness7648 of joy;8057 at thy right hand3225 there are pleasures5273 forevermore.5331

Psalms 17: 1-15

1  A Prayer8605 of David.1732 Hear8085 the right,6664 O LORD3068 attend7181 unto my cry,7440 give ear238 unto my prayer,8605 that goeth not3808 out of feigned4820 lips.8193

2  Let my sentence4941 come forth3318 from thy presence;4480 6440 let thine eyes5869 behold2372 the things that are equal.4339

3  Thou hast proved974 mine heart;3820 thou hast visited6485 me in the night;3915 thou hast tried6884 me, and shalt find4672 nothing;1077 I am purposed2161 that my mouth6310 shall not1077 transgress.5674

4  Concerning the works6468 of men,120 by the word1697 of thy lips8193 I589 have kept8104 me from the paths734 of the destroyer.6530

5  Hold up8551 my goings838 in thy paths,4570 that my footsteps6471 slip4131 not.1077

6  I589 have called upon7121 thee, for3588 thou wilt hear6030 me, O God:410 incline5186 thine ear241 unto me, and hear8085 my speech.565

7  Show thy marvelous lovingkindness,6395 2617 O thou that savest3467 by thy right hand3225 them which put their trust2620 in thee from those that rise up4480 6965 against them.

8  Keep8104 me as the apple380 1323 of the eye,5869 hide5641 me under the shadow6738 of thy wings,3671

9  From4480 6440 the wicked7563 that2098 oppress7703 me, from my deadly5315 enemies,341 who compass me about.5362 5921

10  They are enclosed in5462 their own fat:2459 with their mouth6310 they speak1696 proudly.1348

11  They have now6258 compassed5437 us in our steps:838 they have set7896 their eyes5869 bowing down5186 to the earth;776

12  Like1825 as a lion738 that is greedy3700 of his prey,2963 and as it were a young lion3715 lurking3427 in secret places.4565

13  Arise,6965 O LORD,3068 disappoint6923 6440 him, cast him down:3766 deliver6403 my soul5315 from the wicked,4480 7563 which is thy sword:2719

14  From men4480 4962 which are thy hand,3027 O LORD,3068 from men4480 4962 of the world,4480 2465 which have their portion2506 in this life,2416 and whose belly990 thou fillest4390 with thy hid6845 treasure: they are full7646 of children,1121 and leave5117 the rest3499 of their substance to their babes.5768

15  As for me,589 I will behold2372 thy face6440 in righteousness:6664 I shall be satisfied,7646 when I awake,6974 with thy likeness.8544

Psalms 18: 1-50

1  To the chief Musician,5329 A Psalm of David,1732 the servant5650 of the LORD,3068 who834 spoke1696 unto the LORD3068 853 the words1697 of this2063 song7892 in the day3117 that the LORD3068 delivered5337 him from the hand4480 3709 of all3605 his enemies,341 and from the hand4480 3027 of Saul:7586 And he said,559 I will love7355 thee, O LORD,3068 my strength.2391

2  The LORD3068 is my rock,5553 and my fortress,4686 and my deliverer;6403 my God,410 my strength,6697 in whom I will trust;2620 my buckler,4043 and the horn7161 of my salvation,3468 and my high tower.4869

3  I will call7121 upon the LORD,3068 who is worthy to be praised:1984 so shall I be saved3467 from4480 mine enemies.341

4  The sorrows2256 of death4194 compassed661 me, and the floods5158 of ungodly men1100 made me afraid.1204

5  The sorrows2256 of hell7585 compassed me about:5437 the snares4170 of death4194 prevented6923 me.

6  In my distress6862 I called upon7121 the LORD,3068 and cried7768 unto413 my God:430 he heard8085 my voice6963 out of his temple,4480 1964 and my cry7775 came935 before6440 him, even into his ears.241

7  Then the earth776 shook1607 and trembled;7493 the foundations4146 also of the hills2022 moved7264 and were shaken,1607 because3588 he was wroth.2734

8  There went up5927 a smoke6227 out of his nostrils,639 and fire784 out of his mouth4480 6310 devoured:398 coals1513 were kindled1197 by4480 it.

9  He bowed5186 the heavens8064 also, and came down:3381 and darkness6205 was under8478 his feet.7272

10  And he rode7392 upon5921 a cherub,3742 and did fly:5774 yea, he did fly1675 upon5921 the wings3671 of the wind.7307

11  He made7896 darkness2824 his secret place;5643 his pavilion5521 round about5439 him were dark2824 waters4325 and thick clouds5645 of the skies.7834

12  At the brightness4480 5051 that was before5048 him his thick clouds5645 passed,5674 hail1259 stones and coals1513 of fire.784

13  The LORD3068 also thundered7481 in the heavens,8064 and the Highest5945 gave5414 his voice;6963 hail1259 stones and coals1513 of fire.784

14  Yea, he sent out7971 his arrows,2671 and scattered6327 them; and he shot out7232 lightnings,1300 and discomfited2000 them.

15  Then the channels650 of waters4325 were seen,7200 and the foundations4146 of the world8398 were discovered1540 at thy rebuke,4480 1606 O LORD,3068 at the blast4480 5397 of the breath7307 of thy nostrils.639

16  He sent7971 from above,4480 4791 he took3947 me, he drew4871 me out of many waters.4480 4325 7227

17  He delivered5337 me from my strong5794 enemy,4480 341 and from them which hated4480 8130 me: for3588 they were too strong553 for4480 me.

18  They prevented6923 me in the day3117 of my calamity:343 but the LORD3068 was1961 my stay.4937

19  He brought me forth3318 also into a large place;4800 he delivered2502 me, because3588 he delighted2654 in me.

20  The LORD3068 rewarded1580 me according to my righteousness;6664 according to the cleanness1252 of my hands3027 hath he recompensed7725 me.

21  For3588 I have kept8104 the ways1870 of the LORD,3068 and have not3808 wickedly departed7561 from my God.4480 430

22  For3588 all3605 his judgments4941 were before5048 me, and I did not3808 put away5493 his statutes2708 from4480 me.

23  I was1961 also upright8549 before5973 him, and I kept myself8104 from mine iniquity.4480 5771

24  Therefore hath the LORD3068 recompensed7725 me according to my righteousness,6664 according to the cleanness1252 of my hands3027 in5048 his eyesight.5869

25  With5973 the merciful2623 thou wilt show thyself merciful;2616 with5973 an upright8549 man1399 thou wilt show thyself upright;8552

26  With5973 the pure1305 thou wilt show thyself pure;1305 and with5973 the froward6141 thou wilt show thyself froward.6617

27  For3588 thou wilt859 save3467 the afflicted6041 people;5971 but wilt bring down8213 high7311 looks.5869

28  For3588 thou859 wilt light215 my candle:5216 the LORD3068 my God430 will enlighten5050 my darkness.2822

29  For3588 by thee I have run through7323 a troop;1416 and by my God430 have I leaped over1801 a wall.7791

30  As for God,410 his way1870 is perfect:8549 the word565 of the LORD3068 is tried:6884 he1931 is a buckler4043 to all3605 those that trust2620 in him.

31  For3588 who4310 is God433 save4480 1107 the LORD?3068 or who4310 is a rock6697 save2108 our God?430

32  It is God410 that girdeth247 me with strength,2428 and maketh5414 my way1870 perfect.8549

33  He maketh7737 my feet7272 like hinds'355 feet, and setteth5975 me upon5921 my high places.1116

34  He teacheth3925 my hands3027 to war,4421 so that a bow7198 of steel5154 is broken5181 by mine arms.2220

35  Thou hast also given5414 me the shield4043 of thy salvation:3468 and thy right hand3225 hath holden me up,5582 and thy gentleness6038 hath made me great.7235

36  Thou hast enlarged7337 my steps6806 under8478 me, that my feet7166 did not3808 slip.4571

37  I have pursued7291 mine enemies,341 and overtaken5381 them: neither3808 did I turn again7725 till5704 they were consumed.3615

38  I have wounded4272 them that they were not3808 able3201 to rise:6965 they are fallen5307 under8478 my feet.7272

39  For thou hast girded247 me with strength2428 unto the battle:4421 thou hast subdued3766 under8478 me those that rose up6965 against me.

40  Thou hast also given5414 me the necks6203 of mine enemies;341 that I might destroy6789 them that hate8130 me.

41  They cried,7768 but there was none369 to save3467 them: even unto5921 the LORD,3068 but he answered6030 them not.3808

42  Then did I beat them small7833 as the dust6083 before5921 6440 the wind:7307 I did cast them out7324 as the dirt2916 in the streets.2351

43  Thou hast delivered6403 me from the strivings4480 7379 of the people;5971 and thou hast made7760 me the head7218 of the heathen:1471 a people5971 whom I have not3808 known3045 shall serve5647 me.

44  As soon as they hear8088 241 of me, they shall obey8085 me: the strangers1121 5236 shall submit3584 themselves unto me.

45  The strangers1121 5236 shall fade away,5034 and be afraid2727 out of4480 their close places.4526

46  The LORD3068 liveth;2416 and blessed1288 be my rock;6697 and let the God430 of my salvation3468 be exalted.7311

47  It is God410 that avengeth5414 5360 me, and subdueth1696 the people5971 under8478 me.

48  He delivereth6403 me from mine enemies:4480 341 yea,637 thou liftest me up7311 above4480 those that rise up6965 against me: thou hast delivered5337 me from the violent2555 man.4480 376

49  Therefore5921 3651 will I give thanks3034 unto thee, O LORD,3068 among the heathen,1471 and sing praises2167 unto thy name.8034

50  Great1431 deliverance3444 giveth he to his king;4428 and showeth6213 mercy2617 to his anointed,4899 to David,1732 and to his seed2233 forevermore.5704 5769

Psalms 19: 1-14

1  To the chief Musician,5329 A Psalm4210 of David.1732 The heavens8064 declare5608 the glory3519 of God;410 and the firmament7549 showeth5046 his handiwork.4639 3027

2  Day3117 unto day3117 uttereth5042 speech,562 and night3915 unto night3915 showeth2331 knowledge.1847

3  There is no369 speech562 nor369 language,1697 where their voice6963 is not1097 heard.8085

4  Their line6957 is gone out3318 through all3605 the earth,776 and their words4405 to the end7097 of the world.8398 In them hath he set7760 a tabernacle168 for the sun,8121

5  Which1931 is as a bridegroom2860 coming out3318 of his chamber,4480 2646 and rejoiceth7797 as a strong man1368 to run7323 a race.734

6  His going forth4161 is from the end4480 7097 of the heaven,8064 and his circuit8622 unto5921 the ends7098 of it: and there is nothing369 hid5641 from the heat4480 2535 thereof.

7  The law8451 of the LORD3068 is perfect,8549 converting7725 the soul:5315 the testimony5715 of the LORD3068 is sure,539 making wise2449 the simple.6612

8  The statutes6490 of the LORD3068 are right,3477 rejoicing8055 the heart:3820 the commandment4687 of the LORD3068 is pure,1249 enlightening215 the eyes.5869

9  The fear3374 of the LORD3068 is clean,2889 enduring5975 forever:5703 the judgments4941 of the LORD3068 are true571 and righteous6663 altogether.3162

10  More to be desired2530 are they than gold,4480 2091 yea, than much7227 fine gold:4480 6337 sweeter4966 also than honey4480 1706 and the honeycomb.5317 6688

11  Moreover1571 by them is thy servant5650 warned:2094 and in keeping8104 of them there is great7227 reward.6118

12  Who4310 can understand995 his errors?7691 cleanse5352 thou me from secret4480 5641 faults.

13  Keep back2820 thy servant5650 also1571 from presumptuous4480 2086 sins; let them not408 have dominion4910 over me: then227 shall I be upright,8552 and I shall be innocent5352 from the great7227 transgression.4480 6588

14  Let the words561 of my mouth,6310 and the meditation1902 of my heart,3820 be1961 acceptable7522 in thy sight,6440 O LORD,3068 my strength,6697 and my redeemer.1350

Psalms 20: 1-9

1  To the chief Musician,5329 A Psalm4210 of David.1732 The LORD3068 hear6030 thee in the day3117 of trouble;6869 the name8034 of the God430 of Jacob3290 defend7682 thee;

2  Send7971 thee help5828 from the sanctuary,4480 6944 and strengthen5582 thee out of Zion;4480 6726

3  Remember2142 all3605 thy offerings,4503 and accept1878 thy burnt sacrifice;5930 Selah.5542

4  Grant5414 thee according to thine own heart,3824 and fulfill4390 all3605 thy counsel.6098

5  We will rejoice7442 in thy salvation,3444 and in the name8034 of our God430 we will set up our banners:1713 the LORD3068 fulfill4390 all3605 thy petitions.4862

6  Now6258 know3045 I that3588 the LORD3068 saveth3467 his anointed;4899 he will hear6030 him from his holy6944 heaven4480 8064 with the saving3468 strength1369 of his right hand.3225

7  Some428 trust in chariots,7393 and some428 in horses:5483 but we587 will remember2142 the name8034 of the LORD3068 our God.430

8  They1992 are brought down3766 and fallen:5307 but we587 are risen,6965 and stand upright.5749

9  Save,3467 LORD:3068 let the king4428 hear6030 us when3117 we call.7121

Psalms 21: 1-13

1  To the chief Musician,5329 A Psalm4210 of David.1732 The king4428 shall joy8055 in thy strength,5797 O LORD;3068 and in thy salvation3444 how4100 greatly3966 shall he rejoice!1523

2  Thou hast given5414 him his heart's3820 desire,8378 and hast not1077 withheld4513 the request782 of his lips.8193 Selah.5542

3  For3588 thou preventest6923 him with the blessings1293 of goodness:2896 thou settest7896 a crown5850 of pure gold6337 on his head.7218

4  He asked7592 life2416 of4480 thee, and thou gavest5414 it him, even length753 of days3117 forever5769 and ever.5703

5  His glory3519 is great1419 in thy salvation:3444 honor1935 and majesty1926 hast thou laid7737 upon5921 him.

6  For3588 thou hast made7896 him most blessed1293 forever:5703 thou hast made him exceeding glad2302 8057 with854 thy countenance.6440

7  For3588 the king4428 trusteth982 in the LORD,3068 and through the mercy2617 of the most High5945 he shall not1077 be moved.4131

8  Thine hand3027 shall find out4672 all3605 thine enemies:341 thy right hand3225 shall find out4672 those that hate8130 thee.

9  Thou shalt make7896 them as a fiery784 oven8574 in the time6256 of thine anger:6440 the LORD3068 shall swallow them up1104 in his wrath,639 and the fire784 shall devour398 them.

10  Their fruit6529 shalt thou destroy6 from the earth,4480 776 and their seed2233 from among the children4480 1121 of men.120

11  For3588 they intended5186 evil7451 against5921 thee: they imagined2803 a mischievous device,4209 which they are not1077 able3201 to perform.

12  Therefore3588 shalt thou make7896 them turn their back,7926 when thou shalt make ready3559 thine arrows upon thy strings4340 against5921 the face6440 of them.

13  Be thou exalted,7311 LORD,3068 in thine own strength:5797 so will we sing7891 and praise2167 thy power.1369

Psalms 22: 1-31

1  To the chief Musician5329 upon5921 Aijeleth365 Shahar,7837 A Psalm4210 of David.1732 My God,410 my God,410 why4100 hast thou forsaken5800 me? why art thou so far7350 from helping4480 3444 me, and from the words1697 of my roaring?7581

2  O my God,430 I cry7121 in the daytime,3119 but thou hearest6030 not;3808 and in the night season,3915 and am not3808 silent.1747

3  But thou859 art holy,6918 O thou that inhabitest3427 the praises8416 of Israel.3478

4  Our fathers1 trusted982 in thee: they trusted,982 and thou didst deliver6403 them.

5  They cried2199 unto413 thee, and were delivered:4422 they trusted982 in thee, and were not3808 confounded.954

6  But I595 am a worm,8438 and no3808 man;376 a reproach2781 of men,120 and despised959 of the people.5971

7  All3605 they that see7200 me laugh3932 me to scorn: they shoot out6362 the lip,8193 they shake5128 the head,7218 saying,

8  He trusted1556 on413 the LORD3068 that he would deliver6403 him: let him deliver5337 him, seeing3588 he delighted2654 in him.

9  But3588 thou859 art he that took1518 me out of the womb:4480 990 thou didst make me hope982 when I was upon5921 my mother's517 breasts.7699

10  I was cast7993 upon5921 thee from the womb:4480 7358 thou859 art my God410 from my mother's517 belly.4480 990

11  Be not408 far7368 from4480 me; for3588 trouble6869 is near;7138 for3588 there is none369 to help.5826

12  Many7227 bulls6499 have compassed5437 me: strong47 bulls of Bashan1316 have beset me round.3803

13  They gaped6475 upon5921 me with their mouths,6310 as a ravening2963 and a roaring7580 lion.738

14  I am poured out8210 like water,4325 and all3605 my bones6106 are out of joint:6504 my heart3820 is1961 like wax;1749 it is melted4549 in the midst8432 of my bowels.4578

15  My strength3581 is dried up3001 like a potsherd;2789 and my tongue3956 cleaveth1692 to my jaws;4455 and thou hast brought8239 me into the dust6083 of death.4194

16  For3588 dogs3611 have compassed5437 me: the assembly5712 of the wicked7489 have enclosed5362 me: they pierced738 my hands3027 and my feet.7272

17  I may tell5608 all3605 my bones:6106 they1992 look5027 and stare7200 upon me.

18  They part2505 my garments899 among them, and cast5307 lots1486 upon5921 my vesture.3830

19  But be not408 thou859 far7368 from me, O LORD:3068 O my strength,360 haste2363 thee to help5833 me.

20  Deliver5337 my soul5315 from the sword;4480 2719 my darling3173 from the power4480 3027 of the dog.3611

21  Save3467 me from the lion's738 mouth:4480 6310 for thou hast heard6030 me from the horns4480 7161 of the unicorns.7214

22  I will declare5608 thy name8034 unto my brethren:251 in the midst8432 of the congregation6951 will I praise1984 thee.

23  Ye that fear3373 the LORD,3068 praise1984 him; all3605 ye the seed2233 of Jacob,3290 glorify3513 him; and fear1481 4480 him, all3605 ye the seed2233 of Israel.3478

24  For3588 he hath not3808 despised959 nor3808 abhorred8262 the affliction6039 of the afflicted;6041 neither3808 hath he hid5641 his face6440 from4480 him; but when he cried7768 unto413 him, he heard.8085

25  My praise8416 shall be of4480 854 thee in the great7227 congregation:6951 I will pay7999 my vows5088 before5048 them that fear3373 him.

26  The meek6035 shall eat398 and be satisfied:7646 they shall praise1984 the LORD3068 that seek1875 him: your heart3824 shall live2421 forever.5703

27  All3605 the ends657 of the world776 shall remember2142 and turn7725 unto413 the LORD:3068 and all3605 the kindreds4940 of the nations1471 shall worship7812 before6440 thee.

28  For3588 the kingdom4410 is the LORD's:3068 and he is the governor4910 among the nations.1471

29  All3605 they that be fat1879 upon earth776 shall eat398 and worship:7812 all3605 they that go down3381 to the dust6083 shall bow3766 before6440 him: and none3808 can keep alive2421 his own soul.5315

30  A seed2233 shall serve5647 him; it shall be accounted5608 to the Lord136 for a generation.1755

31  They shall come,935 and shall declare5046 his righteousness6666 unto a people5971 that shall be born,3205 that3588 he hath done6213 this.

Psalms 23: 1-6

1  A Psalm4210 of David.1732 The LORD3068 is my shepherd;7462 I shall not3808 want.2637

2  He maketh me to lie down7257 in green1877 pastures:4999 he leadeth5095 me beside5921 the still4496 waters.4325

3  He restoreth7725 my soul:5315 he leadeth5148 me in the paths4570 of righteousness6664 for his name's sake.4616 8034

4  Yea,1571 though3588 I walk1980 through the valley1516 of the shadow of death,6757 I will fear3372 no3808 evil:7451 for3588 thou859 art with5978 me; thy rod7626 and thy staff4938 they1992 comfort5162 me.

5  Thou preparest6186 a table7979 before6440 me in the presence5048 of mine enemies:6887 thou anointest1878 my head7218 with oil;8081 my cup3563 runneth over.7310

6  Surely389 goodness2896 and mercy2617 shall follow7291 me all3605 the days3117 of my life:2416 and I will dwell3427 in the house1004 of the LORD3068 forever.753 3117

Psalms 24: 1-10

1  A Psalm4210 of David.1732 The earth776 is the LORD's,3068 and the fullness4393 thereof; the world,8398 and they that dwell3427 therein.

2  For3588 he1931 hath founded3245 it upon5921 the seas,3220 and established3559 it upon5921 the floods.5104

3  Who4310 shall ascend5927 into the hill2022 of the LORD?3068 or who4310 shall stand6965 in his holy6944 place?4725

4  He that hath clean5355 hands,3709 and a pure1249 heart;3824 who834 hath not3808 lifted up5375 his soul5315 unto vanity,7723 nor3808 sworn7650 deceitfully.4820

5  He shall receive5375 the blessing1293 from4480 854 the LORD,3068 and righteousness6666 from the God4480 430 of his salvation.3468

6  This2088 is the generation1755 of them that seek1875 him, that seek1245 thy face,6440 O Jacob.3290 Selah.5542

7  Lift up5375 your heads,7218 O ye gates;8179 and be ye lift up,5375 ye everlasting5769 doors;6607 and the King4428 of glory3519 shall come in.935

8  Who4310 is this2088 King4428 of glory?3519 The LORD3068 strong5808 and mighty,1368 the LORD3068 mighty1368 in battle.4421

9  Lift up5375 your heads,7218 O ye gates;8179 even lift them up,5375 ye everlasting5769 doors;6607 and the King4428 of glory3519 shall come in.935

10  Who4310 is1931 this2088 King4428 of glory?3519 The LORD3068 of hosts,6635 he1931 is the King4428 of glory.3519 Selah.5542

Psalms 25: 1-22

1  A Psalm of David.1732 Unto413 thee, O LORD,3068 do I lift up5375 my soul.5315

2  O my God,430 I trust982 in thee: let me not408 be ashamed,954 let not408 mine enemies341 triumph5970 over me.

3  Yea,1571 let none3605 3808 that wait6960 on thee be ashamed:954 let them be ashamed954 which transgress898 without cause.7387

4  Show3045 me thy ways,1870 O LORD;3068 teach3925 me thy paths.734

5  Lead1869 me in thy truth,571 and teach3925 me: for3588 thou859 art the God430 of my salvation;3468 on thee do I wait6960 all3605 the day.3117

6  Remember,2142 O LORD,3068 thy tender mercies7356 and thy lovingkindnesses;2617 for3588 they1992 have been ever of old.4480 5769

7  Remember2142 not408 the sins2403 of my youth,5271 nor my transgressions:6588 according to thy mercy2617 remember2142 thou859 me for thy goodness' sake,4616 2898 O LORD.3068

8  Good2896 and upright3477 is the LORD:3068 therefore5921 3651 will he teach3384 sinners2400 in the way.1870

9  The meek6035 will he guide1869 in judgment:4941 and the meek6035 will he teach3925 his way.1870

10  All3605 the paths734 of the LORD3068 are mercy2617 and truth571 unto such as keep5341 his covenant1285 and his testimonies.5713

11  For thy name's sake,4616 8034 O LORD,3068 pardon5545 mine iniquity;5771 for3588 it1931 is great.7227

12  What4310 man376 is he that2088 feareth3373 the LORD?3068 him shall he teach3384 in the way1870 that he shall choose.977

13  His soul5315 shall dwell3885 at ease;2896 and his seed2233 shall inherit3423 the earth.776

14  The secret5475 of the LORD3068 is with them that fear3373 him; and he will show3045 them his covenant.1285

15  Mine eyes5869 are ever8548 toward413 the LORD;3068 for3588 he1931 shall pluck my feet out3318 7272 of the net.4480 7568

16  Turn6437 thee unto413 me, and have mercy2603 upon me; for3588 I589 am desolate3173 and afflicted.6041

17  The troubles6869 of my heart3824 are enlarged:7337 O bring thou me out3318 of my distresses.4480 4691

18  Look upon7200 mine affliction6040 and my pain;5999 and forgive5375 all3605 my sins.2403

19  Consider7200 mine enemies;341 for3588 they are many;7231 and they hate8130 me with cruel2555 hatred.8135

20  O keep8104 my soul,5315 and deliver5337 me: let me not408 be ashamed;954 for3588 I put my trust2620 in thee.

21  Let integrity8537 and uprightness3476 preserve5341 me; for3588 I wait on6960 thee.

22  Redeem6299 853 Israel,3478 O God,430 out of all4480 3605 his troubles.6869

Psalms 26: 1-12

1  A Psalm of David.1732 Judge8199 me, O LORD;3068 for3588 I589 have walked1980 in mine integrity:8537 I have trusted982 also in the LORD;3068 therefore I shall not3808 slide.4571

2  Examine974 me, O LORD,3068 and prove5254 me; try6884 my reins3629 and my heart.3820

3  For3588 thy lovingkindness2617 is before5048 mine eyes:5869 and I have walked1980 in thy truth.571

4  I have not3808 sat3427 with5973 vain7723 persons,4962 neither3808 will I go in935 with5973 dissemblers.5956

5  I have hated8130 the congregation6951 of evildoers;7489 and will not3808 sit3427 with5973 the wicked.7563

6  I will wash7364 mine hands3709 in innocency:5356 so will I compass5437 thine 853 altar,4196 O LORD:3068

7  That I may publish8085 with the voice6963 of thanksgiving,8426 and tell5608 of all3605 thy wondrous works.6381

8  LORD,3068 I have loved157 the habitation4583 of thy house,1004 and the place4725 where thine honor3519 dwelleth.4908

9  Gather622 not408 my soul5315 with5973 sinners,2400 nor my life2416 with5973 bloody1818 men:376

10  In whose834 hands3027 is mischief,2154 and their right hand3225 is full4390 of bribes.7810

11  But as for me,589 I will walk1980 in mine integrity:8537 redeem6299 me, and be merciful2603 unto me.

12  My foot7272 standeth5975 in an even place:4334 in the congregations4721 will I bless1288 the LORD.3068

Psalms 27: 1-14

1  A Psalm of David.1732 The LORD3068 is my light216 and my salvation;3468 whom4480 4310 shall I fear?3372 the LORD3068 is the strength4581 of my life;2416 of whom4480 4310 shall I be afraid?6342

2  When the wicked,7489 even mine enemies6862 and my foes,341 came7126 upon5921 me to eat up398 853 my flesh,1320 they1992 stumbled3782 and fell.5307

3  Though518 a host4264 should encamp2583 against5921 me, my heart3820 shall not3808 fear:3372 though518 war4421 should rise6965 against5921 me, in this2063 will I589 be confident.982

4  One259 thing have I desired7592 of4480 854 the LORD,3068 that will I seek after;1245 that I may dwell3427 in the house1004 of the LORD3068 all3605 the days3117 of my life,2416 to behold2372 the beauty5278 of the LORD,3068 and to inquire1239 in his temple.1964

5  For3588 in the time3117 of trouble7451 he shall hide6845 me in his pavilion:5520 in the secret5643 of his tabernacle168 shall he hide5641 me; he shall set me up7311 upon a rock.6697

6  And now6258 shall mine head7218 be lifted up7311 above5921 mine enemies341 round about5439 me: therefore will I offer2076 in his tabernacle168 sacrifices2077 of joy;8643 I will sing,7891 yea, I will sing praises2167 unto the LORD.3068

7  Hear,8085 O LORD,3068 when I cry7121 with my voice:6963 have mercy2603 also upon me, and answer6030 me.

8  When thou saidst, Seek1245 ye my face;6440 my heart3820 said559 unto thee, 853 Thy face,6440 LORD,3068 will I seek.1245

9  Hide5641 not408 thy face6440 far from4480 me; put not thy servant away5186 408 5650 in anger:639 thou hast been1961 my help;5833 leave5203 me not,408 neither408 forsake5800 me, O God430 of my salvation.3468

10  When3588 my father1 and my mother517 forsake5800 me, then the LORD3068 will take me up.622

11  Teach3384 me thy way,1870 O LORD,3068 and lead5148 me in a plain4334 path,734 because of4616 mine enemies.8324

12  Deliver5414 me not408 over unto the will5315 of mine enemies:6862 for3588 false8267 witnesses5707 are risen up6965 against me, and such as breathe out3307 cruelty.2555

13  I had fainted, unless3884 I had believed539 to see7200 the goodness2898 of the LORD3068 in the land776 of the living.2416

14  Wait6960 on413 the LORD:3068 be of good courage,2388 and he shall strengthen553 thine heart:3820 wait,6960 I say, on413 the LORD.3068

Psalms 28: 1-9

1  A Psalm of David.1732 Unto413 thee will I cry,7121 O LORD3068 my rock;6697 be not408 silent2790 to4480 me: lest,6435 if thou be silent2790 to4480 me, I become like4911 5973 them that go down3381 into the pit.953

2  Hear8085 the voice6963 of my supplications,8469 when I cry7768 unto413 thee, when I lift up5375 my hands3027 toward413 thy holy6944 oracle.1687

3  Draw4900 me not408 away with5973 the wicked,7563 and with5973 the workers6466 of iniquity,205 which speak1696 peace7965 to5973 their neighbors,7453 but mischief7451 is in their hearts.3824

4  Give5414 them according to their deeds,6467 and according to the wickedness7455 of their endeavors:4611 give5414 them after the work4639 of their hands;3027 render7725 to them their desert.1576

5  Because3588 they regard995 413 not3808 the works6468 of the LORD,3068 nor the operation4639 of his hands,3027 he shall destroy2040 them, and not3808 build them up.1129

6  Blessed1288 be the LORD,3068 because3588 he hath heard8085 the voice6963 of my supplications.8469

7  The LORD3068 is my strength5797 and my shield;4043 my heart3820 trusted982 in him, and I am helped:5826 therefore my heart3820 greatly rejoiceth;5937 and with my song4480 7892 will I praise3034 him.

8  The LORD3068 is their strength,5797 and he1931 is the saving3444 strength4581 of his anointed.4899

9  Save3467 853 thy people,5971 and bless1288 853 thine inheritance:5159 feed7462 them also, and lift them up5375 forever.5704 5769

Psalms 29: 1-11

1  A Psalm4210 of David.1732 Give3051 unto the LORD,3068 O ye mighty,1121 410 give3051 unto the LORD3068 glory3519 and strength.5797

2  Give3051 unto the LORD3068 the glory3519 due unto his name;8034 worship7812 the LORD3068 in the beauty1927 of holiness.6944

3  The voice6963 of the LORD3068 is upon5921 the waters:4325 the God410 of glory3519 thundereth:7481 the LORD3068 is upon5921 many7227 waters.4325

4  The voice6963 of the LORD3068 is powerful;3581 the voice6963 of the LORD3068 is full of majesty.1926

5  The voice6963 of the LORD3068 breaketh7665 the cedars;730 yea, the LORD3068 breaketh7665 853 the cedars730 of Lebanon.3844

6  He maketh them also to skip7540 like3644 a calf;5695 Lebanon3844 and Sirion8303 like3644 a young1121 unicorn.7214

7  The voice6963 of the LORD3068 divideth2672 the flames3852 of fire.784

8  The voice6963 of the LORD3068 shaketh2342 the wilderness;4057 the LORD3068 shaketh2342 the wilderness4057 of Kadesh.6946

9  The voice6963 of the LORD3068 maketh the hinds355 to calve,2342 and discovereth2834 the forests:3295 and in his temple1964 doth every one3605 speak of559 his glory.3519

10  The LORD3068 sitteth3427 upon the flood;3999 yea, the LORD3068 sitteth3427 King4428 forever.5769

11  The LORD3068 will give5414 strength5797 unto his people;5971 the LORD3068 will bless1288 853 his people5971 with peace.7965

Psalms 30: 1-12

1  A Psalm4210 and Song7892 at the dedication2598 of the house1004 of David.1732 I will extol7311 thee, O LORD;3068 for3588 thou hast lifted me up,1802 and hast not3808 made my foes341 to rejoice8055 over me.

2  O LORD3068 my God,430 I cried7768 unto413 thee, and thou hast healed7495 me.

3  O LORD,3068 thou hast brought up5927 my soul5315 from4480 the grave:7585 thou hast kept me alive,2421 that I should not go down4480 3381 to the pit.953

4  Sing2167 unto the LORD,3068 O ye saints2623 of his, and give thanks3034 at the remembrance2143 of his holiness.6944

5  For3588 his anger639 endureth but a moment;7281 in his favor7522 is life:2416 weeping1065 may endure3885 for a night,6153 but joy7440 cometh in the morning.1242

6  And in my prosperity7959 I589 said,559 I shall never1077 5769 be moved.4131

7  LORD,3068 by thy favor7522 thou hast made my mountain2042 to stand5975 strong:5797 thou didst hide5641 thy face,6440 and I was1961 troubled.926

8  I cried7121 to413 thee, O LORD;3068 and unto413 the LORD136 I made supplication.2603

9  What4100 profit1215 is there in my blood,1818 when I go down3381 to413 the pit?7845 Shall the dust6083 praise3034 thee? shall it declare5046 thy truth?571

10  Hear,8085 O LORD,3068 and have mercy2603 upon me: LORD,3068 be1961 thou my helper.5826

11  Thou hast turned2015 for me my mourning4553 into dancing:4234 thou hast put off6605 my sackcloth,8242 and girded247 me with gladness;8057

12  To the end that4616 my glory3519 may sing praise2167 to thee, and not3808 be silent.1826 O LORD3068 my God,430 I will give thanks3034 unto thee forever.5769

Psalms 31: 1-24

1  To the chief Musician,5329 A Psalm4210 of David.1732 In thee, O LORD,3068 do I put my trust;2620 let me never408 5769 be ashamed:954 deliver6403 me in thy righteousness.6666

2  Bow down5186 thine ear241 to413 me; deliver5337 me speedily:4120 be1961 thou my strong4581 rock,6697 for a house1004 of defense4686 to save3467 me.

3  For3588 thou859 art my rock5553 and my fortress;4686 therefore for thy name's sake4616 8034 lead5148 me, and guide5095 me.

4  Pull me out3318 of the net4480 7568 that2098 they have laid privily2934 for me: for3588 thou859 art my strength.4581

5  Into thine hand3027 I commit6485 my spirit:7307 thou hast redeemed6299 me, O LORD3068 God410 of truth.571

6  I have hated8130 them that regard8104 lying7723 vanities:1892 but I589 trust982 in413 the LORD.3068

7  I will be glad1523 and rejoice8055 in thy mercy:2617 for834 thou hast considered7200 853 my trouble;6040 thou hast known3045 my soul5315 in adversities;6869

8  And hast not3808 shut me up5462 into the hand3027 of the enemy:341 thou hast set5975 my feet7272 in a large room.4800

9  Have mercy2603 upon me, O LORD,3068 for3588 I am in trouble:6862 mine eye5869 is consumed6244 with grief,3708 yea, my soul5315 and my belly.990

10  For3588 my life2416 is spent3615 with grief,3015 and my years8141 with sighing:585 my strength3581 faileth3782 because of mine iniquity,5771 and my bones6106 are consumed.6244

11  I was1961 a reproach2781 among all4480 3605 mine enemies,6887 but especially3966 among my neighbors,7934 and a fear6343 to mine acquaintance:3045 they that did see7200 me without2351 fled5074 from4480 me.

12  I am forgotten7911 as a dead man4191 out of mind:4480 3820 I am1961 like a broken6 vessel.3627

13  For3588 I have heard8085 the slander1681 of many:7227 fear4032 was on every side:4480 5439 while they took counsel3245 together3162 against5921 me, they devised2161 to take away3947 my life.5315

14  But I589 trusted982 in5921 thee, O LORD:3068 I said,559 Thou859 art my God.430

15  My times6256 are in thy hand:3027 deliver5337 me from the hand4480 3027 of mine enemies,341 and from them that persecute4480 7291 me.

16  Make thy face6440 to shine215 upon5921 thy servant:5650 save3467 me for thy mercies'2617 sake.

17  Let me not408 be ashamed,954 O LORD;3068 for3588 I have called upon7121 thee: let the wicked7563 be ashamed,954 and let them be silent1826 in the grave.7585

18  Let the lying8267 lips8193 be put to silence;481 which speak1696 grievous things6277 proudly1346 and contemptuously937 against5921 the righteous.6662

19  Oh how4100 great7227 is thy goodness,2898 which834 thou hast laid up6845 for them that fear3373 thee; which thou hast wrought6466 for them that trust2620 in thee before5048 the sons1121 of men!120

20  Thou shalt hide5641 them in the secret5643 of thy presence6440 from the pride4480 7407 of man:376 thou shalt keep them secretly6845 in a pavilion5521 from the strife4480 7379 of tongues.3956

21  Blessed1288 be the LORD:3068 for3588 he hath showed me his marvelous kindness6381 2617 in a strong4692 city.5892

22  For I589 said559 in my haste,2648 I am cut off1629 from before4480 5048 thine eyes:5869 nevertheless403 thou heardest8085 the voice6963 of my supplications8469 when I cried7768 unto413 thee.

23  O love157 853 the LORD,3068 all3605 ye his saints:2623 for the LORD3068 preserveth5341 the faithful,539 and plentifully5921 3499 rewardeth7999 the proud1346 doer.6213

24  Be of good courage,2388 and he shall strengthen553 your heart,3824 all3605 ye that hope3176 in the LORD.3068

Psalms 32: 1-11

1  A Psalm of David,1732 Maschil.4905 Blessed835 is he whose transgression6588 is forgiven,5375 whose sin2401 is covered.3680

2  Blessed835 is the man120 unto whom the LORD3068 imputeth2803 not3808 iniquity,5771 and in whose spirit7307 there is no369 guile.7423

3  When3588 I kept silence,2790 my bones6106 waxed old1086 through my roaring7581 all3605 the day3117 long.

4  For3588 day3119 and night3915 thy hand3027 was heavy3513 upon5921 me: my moisture3955 is turned2015 into the drought2725 of summer.7019 Selah.5542

5  I acknowledged3045 my sin2403 unto thee, and mine iniquity5771 have I not3808 hid.3680 I said,559 I will confess3034 my transgressions5921 6588 unto the LORD;3068 and thou859 forgavest5375 the iniquity5771 of my sin.2403 Selah.5542

6  For5921 this2063 shall every3605 one that is godly2623 pray6419 unto413 thee in a time6256 when thou mayest be found:4672 surely7535 in the floods7858 of great7227 waters4325 they shall not3808 come nigh5060 unto413 him.

7  Thou859 art my hiding place;5643 thou shalt preserve5341 me from trouble;4480 6862 thou shalt compass me about5437 with songs7438 of deliverance.6405 Selah.5542

8  I will instruct7919 thee and teach3384 thee in the way1870 which2098 thou shalt go:1980 I will guide3289 5921 thee with mine eye.5869

9  Be1961 ye not408 as the horse,5483 or as the mule,6505 which have no369 understanding:995 whose mouth5716 must be held in1102 with bit4964 and bridle,7448 lest1077 they come near7126 unto thee.413

10  Many7227 sorrows4341 shall be to the wicked:7563 but he that trusteth982 in the LORD,3068 mercy2617 shall compass him about.5437

11  Be glad8055 in the LORD,3068 and rejoice,1523 ye righteous:6662 and shout for joy,7442 all3605 ye that are upright3477 in heart.3820

Psalms 33: 1-22

1  Rejoice7442 in the LORD,3068 O ye righteous:6662 for praise8416 is comely5000 for the upright.3477

2  Praise3034 the LORD3068 with harp:3658 sing2167 unto him with the psaltery5035 and an instrument of ten strings.6218

3  Sing7891 unto him a new2319 song;7892 play5059 skilfully3190 with a loud noise.8643

4  For3588 the word1697 of the LORD3068 is right;3477 and all3605 his works4639 are done in truth.530

5  He loveth157 righteousness6666 and judgment:4941 the earth776 is full4390 of the goodness2617 of the LORD.3068

6  By the word1697 of the LORD3068 were the heavens8064 made;6213 and all3605 the host6635 of them by the breath7307 of his mouth.6310

7  He gathereth3664 the waters4325 of the sea3220 together as a heap:5067 he layeth up5414 the depth8415 in storehouses.214

8  Let all3605 the earth776 fear3372 the LORD:4480 3068 let all3605 the inhabitants3427 of the world8398 stand in awe1481 of4480 him.

9  For3588 he1931 spoke,559 and it was1961 done; he1931 commanded,6680 and it stood fast.5975

10  The LORD3068 bringeth the counsel6098 of the heathen1471 to naught:6331 he maketh the devices4284 of the people5971 of none effect.5106

11  The counsel6098 of the LORD3068 standeth5975 forever,5769 the thoughts4284 of his heart3820 to all1755 generations.1755

12  Blessed835 is the nation1471 whose834 God430 is the LORD;3068 and the people5971 whom he hath chosen977 for his own inheritance.5159

13  The LORD3068 looketh5027 from heaven;4480 8064 he beholdeth7200 853 all3605 the sons1121 of men.120

14  From the place4480 4349 of his habitation3427 he looketh7688 upon413 all3605 the inhabitants3427 of the earth.776

15  He fashioneth3335 their hearts3820 alike;3162 he considereth995 413 all3605 their works.4639

16  There is no369 king4428 saved3467 by the multitude7230 of a host:2428 a mighty man1368 is not3808 delivered5337 by much7230 strength.3581

17  A horse5483 is a vain thing8267 for safety:8668 neither3808 shall he deliver4422 any by his great7230 strength.2428

18  Behold,2009 the eye5869 of the LORD3068 is upon413 them that fear3373 him, upon them that hope3176 in his mercy;2617

19  To deliver5337 their soul5315 from death,4480 4194 and to keep them alive2421 in famine.7458

20  Our soul5315 waiteth2442 for the LORD:3068 he1931 is our help5828 and our shield.4043

21  For3588 our heart3820 shall rejoice8055 in him, because3588 we have trusted982 in his holy6944 name.8034

22  Let thy mercy,2617 O LORD,3068 be1961 upon5921 us, according as834 we hope3176 in thee.

Psalms 34: 1-22

1  A Psalm of David,1732 when he changed8138 853 his behavior2940 before6440 Abimelech;40 who drove him away,1644 and he departed.1980 I will bless1288 the 853 LORD3068 at all3605 times:6256 his praise8416 shall continually8548 be in my mouth.6310

2  My soul5315 shall make her boast1984 in the LORD:3068 the humble6035 shall hear8085 thereof, and be glad.8055

3  O magnify1431 the LORD3068 with854 me, and let us exalt7311 his name8034 together.3162

4  I sought1875 853 the LORD,3068 and he heard6030 me, and delivered5337 me from all4480 3605 my fears.4035

5  They looked5027 unto413 him, and were lightened:5102 and their faces6440 were not408 ashamed.2659

6  This2088 poor6041 man cried,7121 and the LORD3068 heard8085 him, and saved3467 him out of all4480 3605 his troubles.6869

7  The angel4397 of the LORD3068 encampeth2583 round about5439 them that fear3373 him, and delivereth2502 them.

8  O taste2938 and see7200 that3588 the LORD3068 is good:2896 blessed835 is the man1397 that trusteth2620 in him.

9  O fear3372 853 the LORD,3068 ye his saints:6918 for3588 there is no369 want4270 to them that fear3373 him.

10  The young lions3715 do lack,7326 and suffer hunger:7456 but they that seek1875 the LORD3068 shall not3808 want2637 any3605 good2896 thing.

11  Come,1980 ye children,1121 hearken8085 unto me: I will teach3925 you the fear3374 of the LORD.3068

12  What4310 man376 is he that desireth2655 life,2416 and loveth157 many days,3117 that he may see7200 good?2896

13  Keep5341 thy tongue3956 from evil,4480 7451 and thy lips8193 from speaking4480 1696 guile.4820

14  Depart5493 from evil,4480 7451 and do6213 good;2896 seek1245 peace,7965 and pursue7291 it.

15  The eyes5869 of the LORD3068 are upon413 the righteous,6662 and his ears241 are open unto413 their cry.7775

16  The face6440 of the LORD3068 is against them that do6213 evil,7451 to cut off3772 the remembrance2143 of them from the earth.4480 776

17  The righteous cry,6817 and the LORD3068 heareth,8085 and delivereth5337 them out of all4480 3605 their troubles.6869

18  The LORD3068 is nigh7138 unto them that are of a broken7665 heart;3820 and saveth3467 such as be of a contrite1793 spirit.7307

19  Many7227 are the afflictions7451 of the righteous:6662 but the LORD3068 delivereth5337 him out of them all.4480 3605

20  He keepeth8104 all3605 his bones:6106 not3808 one259 of them4480 2007 is broken.7665

21  Evil7451 shall slay4191 the wicked:7563 and they that hate8130 the righteous6662 shall be desolate.816

22  The LORD3068 redeemeth6299 the soul5315 of his servants:5650 and none3808 3605 of them that trust2620 in him shall be desolate.816

Psalms 35: 1-28

1  A Psalm of David.1732 Plead7378 my cause, O LORD,3068 with854 them that strive3401 with me: fight against3898 853 them that fight against3898 me.

2  Take hold2388 of shield4043 and buckler,6793 and stand up6965 for mine help.5833

3  Draw out7324 also the spear,2595 and stop5462 the way against7125 them that persecute7291 me: say559 unto my soul,5315 I589 am thy salvation.3444

4  Let them be confounded954 and put to shame3637 that seek after1245 my soul:5315 let them be turned5472 back268 and brought to confusion2659 that devise2803 my hurt.7451

5  Let them be1961 as chaff4671 before6440 the wind:7307 and let the angel4397 of the LORD3068 chase1760 them.

6  Let their way1870 be1961 dark2822 and slippery:2519 and let the angel4397 of the LORD3068 persecute7291 them.

7  For3588 without cause2600 have they hid2934 for me their net7568 in a pit,7845 which without cause2600 they have digged2658 for my soul.5315

8  Let destruction7722 come upon935 him at unawares;3808 3045 and let his net7568 that834 he hath hid2934 catch3920 himself: into that very destruction7722 let him fall.5307

9  And my soul5315 shall be joyful1523 in the LORD:3068 it shall rejoice7797 in his salvation.3444

10  All3605 my bones6106 shall say,559 LORD,3068 who4310 is like unto thee,3644 which deliverest5337 the poor6041 from him that is too strong4480 2389 for4480 him, yea, the poor6041 and the needy34 from him that spoileth4480 1497 him?

11  False2555 witnesses5707 did rise up;6965 they laid to my charge7592 things that834 I knew3045 not.3808

12  They rewarded7999 me evil7451 for8478 good2896 to the spoiling7908 of my soul.5315

13  But as for me,589 when they were sick,2470 my clothing3830 was sackcloth:8242 I humbled6031 my soul5315 with fasting;6685 and my prayer8605 returned7725 into5921 mine own bosom.2436

14  I behaved myself1980 as though he had been my friend7453 or brother:251 I bowed down7817 heavily,6937 as one that mourneth57 for his mother.517

15  But in mine adversity6761 they rejoiced,8055 and gathered themselves together:622 yea, the abjects5222 gathered themselves together622 against5921 me, and I knew3045 it not;3808 they did tear7167 me, and ceased1826 not:3808

16  With hypocritical2611 mockers3934 in feasts,4580 they gnashed2786 upon5921 me with their teeth.8127

17  Lord,136 how long4100 wilt thou look on?7200 rescue7725 my soul5315 from their destructions,4480 7722 my darling3173 from the lions.4480 3715

18  I will give thee thanks3034 in the great7227 congregation:6951 I will praise1984 thee among much6099 people.5971

19  Let not408 them that are mine enemies341 wrongfully8267 rejoice8055 over me: neither let them wink7169 with the eye5869 that hate8130 me without a cause.2600

20  For3588 they speak1696 not3808 peace:7965 but they devise2803 deceitful4820 matters1697 against5921 them that are quiet7282 in the land.776

21  Yea, they opened7337 their mouth6310 wide against5921 me, and said,559 Aha,1889 aha,1889 our eye5869 hath seen7200 it.

22  This thou hast seen,7200 O LORD:3068 keep not408 silence:2790 O Lord,136 be not408 far7368 from4480 me.

23  Stir up thyself,5782 and awake6974 to my judgment,4941 even unto my cause,7379 my God430 and my Lord.136

24  Judge8199 me, O LORD3068 my God,430 according to thy righteousness;6664 and let them not408 rejoice8055 over me.

25  Let them not408 say559 in their hearts,3820 Ah,1889 so would we have it:5315 let them not408 say,559 We have swallowed him up.1104

26  Let them be ashamed954 and brought to confusion2659 together3162 that rejoice8056 at mine hurt:7451 let them be clothed3847 with shame1322 and dishonor3639 that magnify1431 themselves against5921 me.

27  Let them shout for joy,7442 and be glad,8055 that favor2655 my righteous cause:6664 yea, let them say559 continually,8548 Let the LORD3068 be magnified,1431 which hath pleasure2655 in the prosperity7965 of his servant.5650

28  And my tongue3956 shall speak1897 of thy righteousness6664 and of thy praise8416 all3605 the day3117 long.

Psalms 36: 1-12

1  To the chief Musician,5329 A Psalm of David1732 the servant5650 of the LORD.3068 The transgression6588 of the wicked7563 saith5002 within7130 my heart,3820 that there is no369 fear6343 of God430 before5048 his eyes.5869

2  For3588 he flattereth2505 413 himself in his own eyes,5869 until his iniquity5771 be found4672 to be hateful.8130

3  The words1697 of his mouth6310 are iniquity205 and deceit:4820 he hath left off2308 to be wise,7919 and to do good.3190

4  He deviseth2803 mischief205 upon5921 his bed;4904 he setteth himself3320 in5921 a way1870 that is not3808 good;2896 he abhorreth3988 not3808 evil.7451

5  Thy mercy,2617 O LORD,3068 is in the heavens;8064 and thy faithfulness530 reacheth unto5704 the clouds.7834

6  Thy righteousness6666 is like the great410 mountains;2042 thy judgments4941 are a great7227 deep:8415 O LORD,3068 thou preservest3467 man120 and beast.929

7  How4100 excellent3368 is thy lovingkindness,2617 O God!430 therefore the children1121 of men120 put their trust2620 under the shadow6738 of thy wings.3671

8  They shall be abundantly satisfied7301 with the fatness4480 1880 of thy house;1004 and thou shalt make them drink8248 of the river5158 of thy pleasures.5730

9  For3588 with5973 thee is the fountain4726 of life:2416 in thy light216 shall we see7200 light.216

10  O continue4900 thy lovingkindness2617 unto them that know3045 thee; and thy righteousness6666 to the upright3477 in heart.3820

11  Let not408 the foot7272 of pride1346 come against935 me, and let not408 the hand3027 of the wicked7563 remove5110 me.

12  There8033 are the workers6466 of iniquity205 fallen:5307 they are cast down,1760 and shall not3808 be able3201 to rise.6965

Psalms 37: 1-40

1  A Psalm of David.1732 Fret not thyself408 2734 because of evildoers,7489 neither408 be thou envious7065 against the workers6213 of iniquity.5766

2  For3588 they shall soon4120 be cut down5243 like the grass,2682 and wither5034 as the green3418 herb.1877

3  Trust982 in the LORD,3068 and do6213 good;2896 so shalt thou dwell7931 in the land,776 and verily530 thou shalt be fed.7462

4  Delight thyself6026 also in5921 the LORD;3068 and he shall give5414 thee the desires4862 of thine heart.3820

5  Commit1556 thy way1870 unto5921 the LORD;3068 trust982 also in5921 him; and he1931 shall bring it to pass.6213

6  And he shall bring forth3318 thy righteousness6664 as the light,216 and thy judgment4941 as the noonday.6672

7  Rest1826 in the LORD,3068 and wait patiently2342 for him: fret not thyself408 2734 because of him who prospereth6743 in his way,1870 because of the man376 who bringeth wicked devices to pass.6213 4209

8  Cease7503 from anger,4480 639 and forsake5800 wrath:2534 fret not thyself408 2734 in any wise389 to do evil.7489

9  For3588 evildoers7489 shall be cut off:3772 but those that wait upon6960 the LORD,3068 they1992 shall inherit3423 the earth.776

10  For yet5750 a little4592 while, and the wicked7563 shall not369 be: yea, thou shalt diligently consider995 5921 his place,4725 and it shall not369 be.

11  But the meek6035 shall inherit3423 the earth;776 and shall delight themselves6026 in5921 the abundance7230 of peace.7965

12  The wicked7563 plotteth2161 against the just,6662 and gnasheth2786 upon5921 him with his teeth.8127

13  The Lord136 shall laugh7832 at him: for3588 he seeth7200 that3588 his day3117 is coming.935

14  The wicked7563 have drawn out6605 the sword,2719 and have bent1869 their bow,7198 to cast down5307 the poor6041 and needy,34 and to slay2873 such as be of upright3477 conversation.1870

15  Their sword2719 shall enter935 into their own heart,3820 and their bows7198 shall be broken.7665

16  A little4592 that a righteous6662 man hath is better2896 than the riches4480 1995 of many7227 wicked.7563

17  For3588 the arms2220 of the wicked7563 shall be broken:7665 but the LORD3068 upholdeth5564 the righteous.6662

18  The LORD3068 knoweth3045 the days3117 of the upright:8549 and their inheritance5159 shall be1961 forever.5769

19  They shall not3808 be ashamed954 in the evil7451 time:6256 and in the days3117 of famine7459 they shall be satisfied.7646

20  But3588 the wicked7563 shall perish,6 and the enemies341 of the LORD3068 shall be as the fat3368 of lambs:3733 they shall consume;3615 into smoke6227 shall they consume away.3615

21  The wicked7563 borroweth,3867 and payeth7999 not3808 again: but the righteous6662 showeth mercy,2603 and giveth.5414

22  For3588 such as be blessed1288 of him shall inherit3423 the earth;776 and they that be cursed7043 of him shall be cut off.3772

23  The steps4703 of a good man1397 are ordered3559 by the LORD:4480 3068 and he delighteth2654 in his way.1870

24  Though3588 he fall,5307 he shall not3808 be utterly cast down:2904 for3588 the LORD3068 upholdeth5564 him with his hand.3027

25  I have been1961 young,5288 and1571 now am old;2204 yet have I not3808 seen7200 the righteous6662 forsaken,5800 nor his seed2233 begging1245 bread.3899

26  He is ever3605 3117 merciful,2603 and lendeth;3867 and his seed2233 is blessed.1293

27  Depart5493 from4480 evil,7451 and do6213 good;2896 and dwell7931 forevermore.5769

28  For3588 the LORD3068 loveth157 judgment,4941 and forsaketh5800 not3808 853 his saints;2623 they are preserved8104 forever:5769 but the seed2233 of the wicked7563 shall be cut off.3772

29  The righteous6662 shall inherit3423 the land,776 and dwell7931 therein5921 forever.5703

30  The mouth6310 of the righteous6662 speaketh1897 wisdom,2451 and his tongue3956 talketh1696 of judgment.4941

31  The law8451 of his God430 is in his heart;3820 none3808 of his steps838 shall slide.4571

32  The wicked7563 watcheth6822 the righteous,6662 and seeketh1245 to slay4191 him.

33  The LORD3068 will not3808 leave5800 him in his hand,3027 nor3808 condemn7561 him when he is judged.8199

34  Wait6960 on413 the LORD,3068 and keep8104 his way,1870 and he shall exalt7311 thee to inherit3423 the land:776 when the wicked7563 are cut off,3772 thou shalt see7200 it.

35  I have seen7200 the wicked7563 in great power,6184 and spreading himself6168 like a green7488 bay tree.249

36  Yet he passed away,5674 and, lo,2009 he was not:369 yea, I sought1245 him, but he could not3808 be found.4672

37  Mark8104 the perfect8535 man, and behold7200 the upright:3477 for3588 the end319 of that man376 is peace.7965

38  But the transgressors6586 shall be destroyed8045 together:3162 the end319 of the wicked7563 shall be cut off.3772

39  But the salvation8668 of the righteous6662 is of the LORD:4480 3068 he is their strength4581 in the time6256 of trouble.6869

40  And the LORD3068 shall help5826 them, and deliver6403 them: he shall deliver6403 them from the wicked,4480 7563 and save3467 them, because3588 they trust2620 in him.

Psalms 38: 1-22

1  A Psalm4210 of David,1732 to bring to remembrance.2142 O LORD,3068 rebuke3198 me not408 in thy wrath:7110 neither chasten3256 me in thy hot displeasure.2534

2  For3588 thine arrows2671 stick fast5181 in me, and thy hand3027 presseth me sore.5181 5921

3  There is no369 soundness4974 in my flesh1320 because4480 6440 of thine anger;2195 neither369 is there any rest7965 in my bones6106 because4480 6440 of my sin.2403

4  For3588 mine iniquities5771 are gone over5674 mine head:7218 as a heavy3515 burden4853 they are too heavy3513 for4480 me.

5  My wounds2250 stink887 and are corrupt4743 because4480 6440 of my foolishness.200

6  I am troubled;5753 I am bowed down7817 greatly;5704 3966 I go1980 mourning6937 all3605 the day3117 long.

7  For3588 my loins3689 are filled4390 with a loathsome7033 disease: and there is no369 soundness4974 in my flesh.1320

8  I am feeble6313 and sore5704 3966 broken:1794 I have roared7580 by reason of the disquietness4480 5100 of my heart.3820

9  Lord,136 all3605 my desire8378 is before5048 thee; and my groaning585 is not3808 hid5641 from4480 thee.

10  My heart3820 panteth,5503 my strength3581 faileth5800 me: as for the light216 of mine eyes,5869 it1992 also1571 is gone369 from854 me.

11  My lovers157 and my friends7453 stand aloof5975 from my sore;4480 5048 5061 and my kinsmen7138 stand5975 afar off.4480 7350

12  They also that seek after1245 my life5315 lay snares5367 for me: and they that seek1875 my hurt7451 speak1696 mischievous things,1942 and imagine1897 deceits4820 all3605 the day3117 long.

13  But I,589 as a deaf2795 man, heard8085 not;3808 and I was as a dumb man483 that openeth6605 not3808 his mouth.6310

14  Thus I was1961 as a man376 that834 heareth8085 not,3808 and in whose mouth6310 are no369 reproofs.8433

15  For3588 in thee, O LORD,3068 do I hope:3176 thou859 wilt hear,6030 O Lord136 my God.430

16  For3588 I said,559 Hear me, lest6435 otherwise they should rejoice8055 over me: when my foot7272 slippeth,4131 they magnify1431 themselves against5921 me.

17  For3588 I589 am ready3559 to halt,6761 and my sorrow4341 is continually8548 before5048 me.

18  For3588 I will declare5046 mine iniquity;5771 I will be sorry1672 for my sin.4480 2403

19  But mine enemies341 are lively,2416 and they are strong:6105 and they that hate8130 me wrongfully8267 are multiplied.7231

20  They also that render7999 evil7451 for8478 good2896 are mine adversaries;7853 because8478 I follow7291 the thing that good2896 is.

21  Forsake5800 me not,408 O LORD:3068 O my God,430 be not408 far7368 from4480 me.

22  Make haste2363 to help5833 me, O Lord136 my salvation.8668

Psalms 39: 1-13

1  To the chief Musician,5329 even to Jeduthun,3038 A Psalm4210 of David.1732 I said,559 I will take heed8104 to my ways,1870 that I sin not4480 2398 with my tongue:3956 I will keep8104 my mouth6310 with a bridle,4269 while5750 the wicked7563 is before5048 me.

2  I was dumb481 with silence,1747 I held my peace,2814 even from good;4480 2896 and my sorrow3511 was stirred.5916

3  My heart3820 was hot2552 within7130 me, while I was musing1901 the fire784 burned:1197 then spoke1696 I with my tongue,3956

4  LORD,3068 make me to know3045 mine end,7093 and the measure4060 of my days,3117 what4100 it1931 is; that I may know3045 how4100 frail2310 I589 am.

5  Behold,2009 thou hast made5414 my days3117 as a handbreadth;2947 and mine age2465 is as nothing369 before5048 thee: verily389 every3605 man120 at his best state5324 is altogether3605 vanity.1892 Selah.5542

6  Surely389 every man376 walketh1980 in a vain show:6754 surely389 they are disquieted1993 in vain:1892 he heapeth up6651 riches, and knoweth3045 not3808 who4310 shall gather622 them.

7  And now,6258 Lord,136 what4100 wait6960 I for? my hope8431 is in thee.

8  Deliver5337 me from all4480 3605 my transgressions:6588 make7760 me not408 the reproach2781 of the foolish.5036

9  I was dumb,481 I opened6605 not3808 my mouth;6310 because3588 thou859 didst6213 it.

10  Remove5493 thy stroke5061 away from4480 5921 me: I589 am consumed3615 by the blow4480 8409 of thine hand.3027

11  When thou with rebukes8433 dost correct3256 man376 for5921 iniquity,5771 thou makest his beauty2530 to consume away4529 like a moth:6211 surely389 every3605 man120 is vanity.1892 Selah.5542

12  Hear8085 my prayer,8605 O LORD,3068 and give ear238 unto my cry;7775 hold not thy peace2790 408 at413 my tears:1832 for3588 I595 am a stranger1616 with5973 thee, and a sojourner,8453 as all3605 my fathers1 were.

13  O spare8159 4480 me, that I may recover strength,1082 before2962 I go1980 hence, and be no369 more.

Psalms 40: 1-17

1  To the chief Musician,5329 A Psalm4210 of David.1732 I waited6960 patiently6960 for the LORD;3068 and he inclined5186 unto413 me, and heard8085 my cry.7775

2  He brought me up5927 also out of a horrible7588 pit,4480 953 out of the miry3121 clay,4480 2916 and set6965 my feet7272 upon5921 a rock,5553 and established3559 my goings.838

3  And he hath put5414 a new2319 song7892 in my mouth,6310 even praise8416 unto our God:430 many7227 shall see7200 it, and fear,3372 and shall trust982 in the LORD.3068

4  Blessed835 is that man1397 that834 maketh7760 the LORD3068 his trust,4009 and respecteth6437 413 not3808 the proud,7295 nor such as turn aside7750 to lies.3577

5  Many,7227 O LORD3068 my God,430 are thy wonderful works6381 which thou859 hast done,6213 and thy thoughts4284 which are to413 usward: they cannot369 be reckoned up in order6186 unto thee:413 if I would declare5046 and speak1696 of them, they are more6105 than can be numbered.4480 5608

6  Sacrifice2077 and offering4503 thou didst not3808 desire;2654 mine ears241 hast thou opened:3738 burnt offering5930 and sin offering2401 hast thou not3808 required.7592

7  Then227 said559 I, Lo,2009 I come:935 in the volume4039 of the book5612 it is written3789 of5921 me,

8  I delight2654 to do6213 thy will,7522 O my God:430 yea, thy law8451 is within8432 my heart.4578

9  I have preached1319 righteousness6664 in the great7227 congregation:6951 lo,2009 I have not3808 refrained3607 my lips,8193 O LORD,3068 thou859 knowest.3045

10  I have not3808 hid3680 thy righteousness6666 within8432 my heart;3820 I have declared559 thy faithfulness530 and thy salvation:8668 I have not3808 concealed3582 thy lovingkindness2617 and thy truth571 from the great7227 congregation.6951

11  Withhold3607 not3808 thou859 thy tender mercies7356 from4480 me, O LORD:3068 let thy lovingkindness2617 and thy truth571 continually8548 preserve5341 me.

12  For3588 innumerable5704 369 4557 evils7451 have compassed me about:661 5921 mine iniquities5771 have taken hold5381 upon me, so that I am not3808 able3201 to look up;7200 they are more6105 than the hairs4480 8185 of mine head:7218 therefore my heart3820 faileth5800 me.

13  Be pleased,7521 O LORD,3068 to deliver5337 me: O LORD,3068 make haste2363 to help5833 me.

14  Let them be ashamed954 and confounded2659 together3162 that seek after1245 my soul5315 to destroy5595 it; let them be driven5472 backward268 and put to shame3637 that wish2655 me evil.7451

15  Let them be desolate8074 for5921 a reward6118 of their shame1322 that say559 unto me, Aha,1889 aha.1889

16  Let all3605 those that seek1245 thee rejoice7797 and be glad8055 in thee: let such as love157 thy salvation8668 say559 continually,8548 The LORD3068 be magnified.1431

17  But I589 am poor6041 and needy;34 yet the Lord136 thinketh2803 upon me: thou859 art my help5833 and my deliverer;6403 make no408 tarrying,309 O my God.430

Psalms 41: 1-13

1  To the chief Musician,5329 A Psalm4210 of David.1732 Blessed835 is he that considereth7919 413 the poor:1800 the LORD3068 will deliver4422 him in time3117 of trouble.7451

2  The LORD3068 will preserve8104 him, and keep him alive;2421 and he shall be blessed833 upon the earth:776 and thou wilt not408 deliver5414 him unto the will5315 of his enemies.341

3  The LORD3068 will strengthen5582 him upon5921 the bed6210 of languishing:1741 thou wilt make2015 all3605 his bed4904 in his sickness.2483

4  I589 said,559 LORD,3068 be merciful2603 unto me: heal7495 my soul;5315 for3588 I have sinned2398 against thee.

5  Mine enemies341 speak559 evil7451 of me, When4970 shall he die,4191 and his name8034 perish?6

6  And if518 he come935 to see7200 me, he speaketh1696 vanity:7723 his heart3820 gathereth6908 iniquity205 to itself; when he goeth3318 abroad,2351 he telleth1696 it.

7  All3605 that hate8130 me whisper3907 together3162 against5921 me: against5921 me do they devise2803 my hurt.7451

8  An evil1100 disease,1697 say they, cleaveth fast3332 unto him: and now that834 he lieth7901 he shall rise up6965 no3808 more.3254

9  Yea,1571 mine own familiar friend,7965 376 in whom834 I trusted,982 which did eat398 of my bread,3899 hath lifted up1431 his heel6119 against5921 me.

10  But thou,859 O LORD,3068 be merciful2603 unto me, and raise me up,6965 that I may requite7999 them.

11  By this2063 I know3045 that3588 thou favorest2654 me, because3588 mine enemy341 doth not3808 triumph7321 over5921 me.

12  And as for me,589 thou upholdest8551 me in mine integrity,8537 and settest5324 me before thy face6440 forever.5769

13  Blessed1288 be the LORD3068 God430 of Israel3478 from everlasting,4480 5769 and to5704 everlasting.5769 Amen,543 and Amen.543

Psalms 42: 1-11

1  To the chief Musician,5329 Maschil,4905 for the sons1121 of Korah.7141 As the hart354 panteth6165 after5921 the water4325 brooks,650 so3651 panteth6165 my soul5315 after413 thee, O God.430

2  My soul5315 thirsteth6770 for God,430 for the living2416 God:410 when4970 shall I come935 and appear7200 before6440 God?430

3  My tears1832 have been1961 my meat3899 day3119 and night,3915 while they continually3605 3117 say559 unto413 me, Where346 is thy God?430

4  When I remember2142 these428 things, I pour out8210 my soul5315 in5921 me: for3588 I had gone5674 with the multitude,5519 I went1718 with them to5704 the house1004 of God,430 with the voice6963 of joy7440 and praise,8426 with a multitude1995 that kept holyday.2287

5  Why4100 art thou cast down,7817 O my soul?5315 and why art thou disquieted1993 in5921 me? hope3176 thou in God:430 for3588 I shall yet5750 praise3034 him for the help3444 of his countenance.6440

6  O my God,430 my soul5315 is cast down7817 within5921 me: therefore5921 3651 will I remember2142 thee from the land4480 776 of Jordan,3383 and of the Hermonites,2769 from the hill4480 2022 Mizar.4706

7  Deep8415 calleth7121 unto413 deep8415 at the noise6963 of thy waterspouts:6794 all3605 thy waves4867 and thy billows1530 are gone5674 over5921 me.

8  Yet the LORD3068 will command6680 his lovingkindness2617 in the daytime,3119 and in the night3915 his song7892 shall be with5973 me, and my prayer8605 unto the God410 of my life.2416

9  I will say559 unto God410 my rock,5553 Why4100 hast thou forgotten7911 me? why4100 go1980 I mourning6937 because of the oppression3906 of the enemy?341

10  As with a sword7524 in my bones,6106 mine enemies6887 reproach2778 me; while they say559 daily3605 3117 unto413 me, Where346 is thy God?430

11  Why4100 art thou cast down,7817 O my soul?5315 and why4100 art thou disquieted1993 within5921 me? hope3176 thou in God:430 for3588 I shall yet5750 praise3034 him, who is the health3444 of my countenance,6440 and my God.430

Psalms 43: 1-5

1  Judge8199 me, O God,430 and plead7378 my cause7379 against an ungodly3808 2623 nation:4480 1471 O deliver6403 me from the deceitful4820 and unjust5766 man.4480 376

2  For3588 thou859 art the God430 of my strength:4581 why4100 dost thou cast me off?2186 why4100 go1980 I mourning6937 because of the oppression3906 of the enemy?341

3  O send out7971 thy light216 and thy truth:571 let them1992 lead5148 me; let them bring935 me unto413 thy holy6944 hill,2022 and to413 thy tabernacles.4908

4  Then will I go935 unto413 the altar4196 of God,430 unto413 God410 my exceeding8057 joy:1524 yea, upon the harp3658 will I praise3034 thee, O God430 my God.430

5  Why4100 art thou cast down,7817 O my soul?5315 and why4100 art thou disquieted1993 within5921 me? hope3176 in God:430 for3588 I shall yet5750 praise3034 him, who is the health3444 of my countenance,6440 and my God.430

Psalms 44: 1-26

1  To the chief Musician5329 for the sons1121 of Korah,7141 Maschil.4905 We have heard8085 with our ears,241 O God,430 our fathers1 have told5608 us, what work6467 thou didst6466 in their days,3117 in the times3117 of old.6924

2  How thou859 didst drive out3423 the heathen1471 with thy hand,3027 and plantedst5193 them; how thou didst afflict7489 the people,3816 and cast them out.7971

3  For3588 they got not3808 the land776 in possession3423 by their own sword,2719 neither3808 did their own arm2220 save3467 them: but3588 thy right hand,3225 and thine arm,2220 and the light216 of thy countenance,6440 because3588 thou hadst a favor7521 unto them.

4  Thou859 art my King,4428 O God:430 command6680 deliverances3444 for Jacob.3290

5  Through thee will we push down5055 our enemies:6862 through thy name8034 will we tread them under947 that rise up against6965 us.

6  For3588 I will not3808 trust982 in my bow,7198 neither3808 shall my sword2719 save3467 me.

7  But3588 thou hast saved3467 us from our enemies,4480 6862 and hast put them to shame954 that hated8130 us.

8  In God430 we boast1984 all3605 the day3117 long, and praise3034 thy name8034 forever.5769 Selah.5542

9  But637 thou hast cast off,2186 and put us to shame;3637 and goest not forth3318 3808 with our armies.6635

10  Thou makest us to turn7725 back268 from4480 the enemy:6862 and they which hate8130 us spoil8154 for themselves.

11  Thou hast given5414 us like sheep6629 appointed for meat;3978 and hast scattered2219 us among the heathen.1471

12  Thou sellest4376 thy people5971 for naught,3808 1952 and dost not3808 increase7235 thy wealth by their price.4242

13  Thou makest7760 us a reproach2781 to our neighbors,7934 a scorn3933 and a derision7047 to them that are round about5439 us.

14  Thou makest7760 us a byword4912 among the heathen,1471 a shaking4493 of the head7218 among the people.3816

15  My confusion3639 is continually3605 3117 before5048 me, and the shame1322 of my face6440 hath covered3680 me,

16  For the voice4480 6963 of him that reproacheth2778 and blasphemeth;1442 by reason4480 6440 of the enemy341 and avenger.5358

17  All3605 this2063 is come upon935 us; yet have we not3808 forgotten7911 thee, neither3808 have we dealt falsely8266 in thy covenant.1285

18  Our heart3820 is not3808 turned5472 back,268 neither have our steps838 declined5186 from4480 thy way;734

19  Though3588 thou hast sore broken1794 us in the place4725 of dragons,8577 and covered3680 5921 us with the shadow of death.6757

20  If518 we have forgotten7911 the name8034 of our God,430 or stretched out6566 our hands3709 to a strange2114 god;410

21  Shall not3808 God430 search2713 this2063 out? for3588 he1931 knoweth3045 the secrets8587 of the heart.3820

22  Yea,3588 for5921 thy sake are we killed2026 all3605 the day3117 long; we are counted2803 as sheep6629 for the slaughter.2878

23  Awake,5782 why4100 sleepest3462 thou, O Lord?136 arise,6974 cast2186 us not408 off forever.5331

24  Wherefore4100 hidest5641 thou thy face,6440 and forgettest7911 our affliction6040 and our oppression?3906

25  For3588 our soul5315 is bowed down7743 to the dust:6083 our belly990 cleaveth1692 unto the earth.776

26  Arise6965 for our help,5833 and redeem6299 us for thy mercies' sake.4616 2617

Psalms 45: 1-17

1  To the chief Musician5329 upon5921 Shoshannim,7799 for the sons1121 of Korah,7141 Maschil,4905 A Song7892 of loves.3039 My heart3820 is inditing7370 a good2896 matter:1697 I589 speak559 of the things which I have made4639 touching the king:4428 my tongue3956 is the pen5842 of a ready4106 writer.5608

2  Thou art fairer3302 than the children4480 1121 of men:120 grace2580 is poured3332 into thy lips:8193 therefore5921 3651 God430 hath blessed1288 thee forever.5769

3  Gird2296 thy sword2719 upon5921 thy thigh,3409 O most mighty,1368 with thy glory1935 and thy majesty.1926

4  And in thy majesty1926 ride7392 prosperously6743 because5921 1697 of truth571 and meekness6037 and righteousness;6664 and thy right hand3225 shall teach3384 thee terrible3372 things.

5  Thine arrows2671 are sharp8150 in the heart3820 of the king's4428 enemies;341 whereby the people5971 fall5307 under8478 thee.

6  Thy throne,3678 O God,430 is forever5769 and ever:5703 the scepter7626 of thy kingdom4438 is a right4334 scepter.7626

7  Thou lovest157 righteousness,6664 and hatest8130 wickedness:7562 therefore5921 3651 God,430 thy God,430 hath anointed4886 thee with the oil8081 of gladness8342 above thy fellows.4480 2270

8  All3605 thy garments899 smell of myrrh,4753 and aloes,174 and cassia,7102 out of4480 the ivory8127 palaces,1964 whereby4480 they have made thee glad.8055

9  Kings'4428 daughters1323 were among thy honorable3368 women: upon thy right hand3225 did stand5324 the queen7694 in gold3800 of Ophir.211

10  Hearken,8085 O daughter,1323 and consider,7200 and incline5186 thine ear;241 forget7911 also thine own people,5971 and thy father's1 house;1004

11  So shall the king4428 greatly desire183 thy beauty:3308 for3588 he1931 is thy Lord;113 and worship7812 thou him.

12  And the daughter1323 of Tyre6865 shall be there with a gift;4503 even the rich6223 among the people5971 shall entreat2470 thy favor.6440

13  The king's4428 daughter1323 is all3605 glorious3520 within:6441 her clothing3830 is of wrought4480 4865 gold.2091

14  She shall be brought2986 unto the king4428 in raiment of needlework:7553 the virgins1330 her companions7464 that follow310 her shall be brought935 unto thee.

15  With gladness8057 and rejoicing1524 shall they be brought:2986 they shall enter935 into the king's4428 palace.1964

16  Instead8478 of thy fathers1 shall be1961 thy children,1121 whom thou mayest make7896 princes8269 in all3605 the earth.776

17  I will make thy name8034 to be remembered2142 in all3605 generations:1755 1755 therefore5921 3651 shall the people5971 praise3034 thee forever5769 and ever.5703

Psalms 46: 1-11

1  To the chief Musician5329 for the sons1121 of Korah,7141 A Song7892 upon5921 Alamoth.5961 God430 is our refuge4268 and strength,5797 a very3966 present4672 help5833 in trouble.6869

2  Therefore5921 3651 will not3808 we fear,3372 though the earth776 be removed,4171 and though the mountains2022 be carried4131 into the midst3820 of the sea;3220

3  Though the waters4325 thereof roar1993 and be troubled,2560 though the mountains2022 shake7493 with the swelling1346 thereof. Selah.5542

4  There is a river,5104 the streams6388 whereof shall make glad8055 the city5892 of God,430 the holy6918 place of the tabernacles4908 of the most High.5945

5  God430 is in the midst7130 of her; she shall not1077 be moved:4131 God430 shall help5826 her, and that right6437 early.1242

6  The heathen1471 raged,1993 the kingdoms4467 were moved:4131 he uttered5414 his voice,6963 the earth776 melted.4127

7  The LORD3068 of hosts6635 is with5973 us; the God430 of Jacob3290 is our refuge.4869 Selah.5542

8  Come,1980 behold2372 the works4659 of the LORD,3068 what834 desolations8047 he hath made7760 in the earth.776

9  He maketh wars4421 to cease7673 unto5704 the end7097 of the earth;776 he breaketh7665 the bow,7198 and cutteth7112 the spear2595 in sunder; he burneth8313 the chariot5699 in the fire.784

10  Be still,7503 and know3045 that3588 I595 am God:430 I will be exalted7311 among the heathen,1471 I will be exalted7311 in the earth.776

11  The LORD3068 of hosts6635 is with5973 us; the God430 of Jacob3290 is our refuge.4869 Selah.5542

Psalms 47: 1-9

1  To the chief Musician,5329 A Psalm4210 for the sons1121 of Korah.7141 O clap8628 your hands,3709 all3605 ye people;5971 shout7321 unto God430 with the voice6963 of triumph.7440

2  For3588 the LORD3068 most high5945 is terrible;3372 he is a great1419 King4428 over5921 all3605 the earth.776

3  He shall subdue1696 the people5971 under8478 us, and the nations3816 under8478 our feet.7272

4  He shall choose977 853 our inheritance5159 for us, 853 the excellency1347 of Jacob3290 whom834 he loved.157 Selah.5542

5  God430 is gone up5927 with a shout,8643 the LORD3068 with the sound6963 of a trumpet.7782

6  Sing praises2167 to God,430 sing praises:2167 sing praises2167 unto our King,4428 sing praises.2167

7  For3588 God430 is the King4428 of all3605 the earth:776 sing ye praises2167 with understanding.7919

8  God430 reigneth4427 over5921 the heathen:1471 God430 sitteth3427 upon5921 the throne3678 of his holiness.6944

9  The princes5081 of the people5971 are gathered together,622 even the people5971 of the God430 of Abraham:85 for3588 the shields4043 of the earth776 belong unto God:430 he is greatly3966 exalted.5927

Psalms 48: 1-14

1  A Song7892 and Psalm4210 for the sons1121 of Korah.7141 Great1419 is the LORD,3068 and greatly3966 to be praised1984 in the city5892 of our God,430 in the mountain2022 of his holiness.6944

2  Beautiful3303 for situation,5131 the joy4885 of the whole3605 earth,776 is mount2022 Zion,6726 on the sides3411 of the north,6828 the city7151 of the great7227 King.4428

3  God430 is known3045 in her palaces759 for a refuge.4869

4  For,3588 lo,2009 the kings4428 were assembled,3259 they passed by5674 together.3162

5  They1992 saw7200 it, and so3651 they marveled;8539 they were troubled,926 and hasted away.2648

6  Fear7461 took hold upon270 them there,8033 and pain,2427 as of a woman in travail.3205

7  Thou breakest7665 the ships591 of Tarshish8659 with an east6921 wind.7307

8  As834 we have heard,8085 so3651 have we seen7200 in the city5892 of the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 in the city5892 of our God:430 God430 will establish3559 it forever.5704 5769 Selah.5542

9  We have thought1819 of thy lovingkindness,2617 O God,430 in the midst7130 of thy temple.1964

10  According to thy name,8034 O God,430 so3651 is thy praise8416 unto5921 the ends7099 of the earth:776 thy right hand3225 is full4390 of righteousness.6664

11  Let mount2022 Zion6726 rejoice,8055 let the daughters1323 of Judah3063 be glad,1523 because of4616 thy judgments.4941

12  Walk about5437 Zion,6726 and go round about5362 her: tell5608 the towers4026 thereof.

13  Mark ye well7896 3820 her bulwarks,2430 consider6448 her palaces;759 that4616 ye may tell5608 it to the generation1755 following.314

14  For3588 this2088 God430 is our God430 forever5769 and ever:5703 he1931 will be our guide5090 even unto5921 death.4191

Psalms 49: 1-20

1  To the chief Musician,5329 A Psalm4210 for the sons1121 of Korah.7141 Hear8085 this,2063 all3605 ye people;5971 give ear,238 all3605 ye inhabitants3427 of the world:2465

2  Both1571 low120 and1571 high,376 rich6223 and poor,34 together.3162

3  My mouth6310 shall speak1696 of wisdom;2454 and the meditation1900 of my heart3820 shall be of understanding.8394

4  I will incline5186 mine ear241 to a parable:4912 I will open6605 my dark saying2420 upon the harp.3658

5  Wherefore4100 should I fear3372 in the days3117 of evil,7451 when the iniquity5771 of my heels6119 shall compass me about?5437

6  They that trust982 in5921 their wealth,2428 and boast themselves1984 in the multitude7230 of their riches;6239

7  None3808 of them can by any means6299 redeem6299 his brother,251 nor3808 give5414 to God430 a ransom3724 for him:

8  (For the redemption6306 of their soul5315 is precious,3365 and it ceaseth2308 forever:)5769

9  That he should still5750 live2421 forever,5331 and not3808 see7200 corruption.7845

10  For3588 he seeth7200 that wise men2450 die,4191 likewise3162 the fool3684 and the brutish person1198 perish,6 and leave5800 their wealth2428 to others.312

11  Their inward thought7130 is, that their houses1004 shall continue forever,5769 and their dwelling places4908 to all generations;1755 1755 they call712 5921 their lands127 after their own names.8034

12  Nevertheless man120 being in honor3366 abideth3885 not:1077 he is like4911 the beasts929 that perish.1820

13  This2088 their way1870 is their folly:3689 yet their posterity310 approve7521 their sayings.6310 Selah.5542

14  Like sheep6629 they are laid8371 in the grave;7585 death4194 shall feed7462 on them; and the upright3477 shall have dominion7287 over them in the morning;1242 and their beauty6697 shall consume1086 in the grave7585 from their dwelling.4480 2073

15  But389 God430 will redeem6299 my soul5315 from the power4480 3027 of the grave:7585 for3588 he shall receive3947 me. Selah.5542

16  Be not408 thou afraid3372 when3588 one376 is made rich,6238 when3588 the glory3519 of his house1004 is increased;7235

17  For when3588 he dieth4194 he shall carry3947 nothing3808 3605 away: his glory3519 shall not3808 descend3381 after310 him.

18  Though3588 while he lived2416 he blessed1288 his soul:5315 and men will praise3034 thee, when3588 thou doest well3190 to thyself.

19  He shall go935 to5704 the generation1755 of his fathers;1 they shall never5704 5331 3808 see7200 light.216

20  Man120 that is in honor,3366 and understandeth995 not,3808 is like4911 the beasts929 that perish.1820

Psalms 50: 1-23

1  A Psalm4210 of Asaph.623 The mighty410 God,430 even the LORD,3068 hath spoken,1696 and called7121 the earth776 from the rising4480 4217 of the sun8121 unto5704 the going down3996 thereof.

2  Out of Zion,4480 6726 the perfection4359 of beauty,3308 God430 hath shined.3313

3  Our God430 shall come,935 and shall not408 keep silence:2790 a fire784 shall devour398 before6440 him, and it shall be very3966 tempestuous8175 round about5439 him.

4  He shall call7121 to413 the heavens8064 from above,4480 5920 and to413 the earth,776 that he may judge1777 his people.5971

5  Gather my saints together622 2623 unto me; those that have made3772 a covenant1285 with me by5921 sacrifice.2077

6  And the heavens8064 shall declare5046 his righteousness:6664 for3588 God430 is judge8199 himself.1931 Selah.5542

7  Hear,8085 O my people,5971 and I will speak;1696 O Israel,3478 and I will testify5749 against thee: I595 am God,430 even thy God.430

8  I will not3808 reprove3198 thee for5921 thy sacrifices2077 or thy burnt offerings,5930 to have been continually8548 before5048 me.

9  I will take3947 no3808 bullock6499 out of thy house,4480 1004 nor he goats6260 out of thy folds.4480 4356

10  For3588 every3605 beast2416 of the forest3293 is mine, and the cattle929 upon a thousand505 hills.2042

11  I know3045 all3605 the fowls5775 of the mountains:2022 and the wild beasts2123 of the field7704 are mine.5978

12  If518 I were hungry,7456 I would not3808 tell559 thee: for3588 the world8398 is mine, and the fullness4393 thereof.

13  Will I eat398 the flesh1320 of bulls,47 or drink8354 the blood1818 of goats?6260

14  Offer2076 unto God430 thanksgiving;8426 and pay7999 thy vows5088 unto the most High:5945

15  And call upon7121 me in the day3117 of trouble:6869 I will deliver2502 thee, and thou shalt glorify3513 me.

16  But unto the wicked7563 God430 saith,559 What4100 hast thou to do to declare5608 my statutes,2706 or that thou shouldest take5375 my covenant1285 in5921 thy mouth?6310

17  Seeing thou859 hatest8130 instruction,4148 and castest7993 my words1697 behind310 thee.

18  When518 thou sawest7200 a thief,1590 then thou consentedst7521 with5973 him, and hast been partaker2506 with5973 adulterers.5003

19  Thou givest7971 thy mouth6310 to evil,7451 and thy tongue3956 frameth6775 deceit.4820

20  Thou sittest3427 and speakest1696 against thy brother;251 thou slanderest5414 1848 thine own mother's517 son.1121

21  These428 things hast thou done,6213 and I kept silence;2790 thou thoughtest1819 that I was1961 altogether1961 such a one as thyself:3644 but I will reprove3198 thee, and set them in order6186 before thine eyes.5869

22  Now4994 consider995 this,2063 ye that forget7911 God,433 lest6435 I tear you in pieces,2963 and there be none369 to deliver.5337

23  Whoso offereth2076 praise8426 glorifieth3513 me: and to him that ordereth7760 his conversation1870 aright will I show7200 the salvation3468 of God.430

Psalms 51: 1-19

1  To the chief Musician,5329 A Psalm4210 of David,1732 when Nathan5416 the prophet5030 came935 unto413 him, after834 he had gone in935 to413 Bathsheba.1339 Have mercy2603 upon me, O God,430 according to thy lovingkindness:2617 according unto the multitude7230 of thy tender mercies7356 blot out4229 my transgressions.6588

2  Wash3526 me throughly7235 from mine iniquity,4480 5771 and cleanse2891 me from my sin.4480 2403

3  For3588 I589 acknowledge3045 my transgressions:6588 and my sin2403 is ever8548 before5048 me.

4  Against thee, thee only,905 have I sinned,2398 and done6213 this evil7451 in thy sight:5869 that4616 thou mightest be justified6663 when thou speakest,1696 and be clear2135 when thou judgest.8199

5  Behold,2005 I was shapen2342 in iniquity;5771 and in sin2399 did my mother517 conceive3179 me.

6  Behold,2005 thou desirest2654 truth571 in the inward parts:2910 and in the hidden5640 part thou shalt make me to know3045 wisdom.2451

7  Purge2398 me with hyssop,231 and I shall be clean:2891 wash3526 me, and I shall be whiter3835 than snow.4480 7950

8  Make me to hear8085 joy8342 and gladness;8057 that the bones6106 which thou hast broken1794 may rejoice.1523

9  Hide5641 thy face6440 from my sins,4480 2399 and blot out4229 all3605 mine iniquities.5771

10  Create1254 in me a clean2889 heart,3820 O God;430 and renew2318 a right3559 spirit7307 within7130 me.

11  Cast7993 me not408 away from thy presence;4480 6440 and take3947 not408 thy holy6944 spirit7307 from4480 me.

12  Restore7725 unto me the joy8342 of thy salvation;3468 and uphold5564 me with thy free5082 spirit.7307

13  Then will I teach3925 transgressors6586 thy ways;1870 and sinners2400 shall be converted7725 unto413 thee.

14  Deliver5337 me from bloodguiltiness,4480 1818 O God,430 thou God430 of my salvation:8668 and my tongue3956 shall sing aloud7442 of thy righteousness.6666

15  O Lord,136 open6605 thou my lips;8193 and my mouth6310 shall show forth5046 thy praise.8416

16  For3588 thou desirest2654 not3808 sacrifice;2077 else would I give5414 it: thou delightest7521 not3808 in burnt offering.5930

17  The sacrifices2077 of God430 are a broken7665 spirit:7307 a broken7665 and a contrite1794 heart,3820 O God,430 thou wilt not3808 despise.959

18  Do good3190 in thy good pleasure7522 unto 853 Zion:6726 build1129 thou the walls2346 of Jerusalem.3389

19  Then227 shalt thou be pleased2654 with the sacrifices2077 of righteousness,6664 with burnt offering5930 and whole burnt offering:3632 then227 shall they offer5927 bullocks6499 upon5921 thine altar.4196

Psalms 52: 1-9

1  To the chief Musician,5329 Maschil,4905 A Psalm of David,1732 when Doeg1673 the Edomite130 came935 and told5046 Saul,7586 and said559 unto him, David1732 is come935 to413 the house1004 of Ahimelech.288 Why4100 boastest thou thyself1984 in mischief,7451 O mighty man?1368 the goodness2617 of God410 endureth continually.3605 3117

2  Thy tongue3956 deviseth2803 mischiefs;1942 like a sharp3913 razor,8593 working6213 deceitfully.7423

3  Thou lovest157 evil7451 more than good;4480 2896 and lying8267 rather than to speak4480 1696 righteousness.6664 Selah.5542

4  Thou lovest157 all3605 devouring1105 words,1697 O thou deceitful4820 tongue.3956

5  God410 shall likewise1571 destroy5422 thee forever,5331 he shall take thee away,2846 and pluck thee out5255 of thy dwelling place,4480 168 and root8327 thee out of the land4480 776 of the living.2416 Selah.5542

6  The righteous6662 also shall see,7200 and fear,3372 and shall laugh7832 at5921 him:

7  Lo,2009 this is the man1397 that made7760 not3808 God430 his strength;4581 but trusted982 in the abundance7230 of his riches,6239 and strengthened5810 himself in his wickedness.1942

8  But I589 am like a green7488 olive tree2132 in the house1004 of God:430 I trust982 in the mercy2617 of God430 forever5769 and ever.5703

9  I will praise3034 thee forever,5769 because3588 thou hast done6213 it: and I will wait on6960 thy name;8034 for3588 it is good2896 before5048 thy saints.2623

Psalms 53: 1-6

1  To the chief Musician5329 upon5921 Mahalath,4257 Maschil,4905 A Psalm of David.1732 The fool5036 hath said559 in his heart,3820 There is no369 God.430 Corrupt7843 are they, and have done abominable8581 iniquity:5766 there is none369 that doeth6213 good.2896

2  God430 looked down8259 from heaven4480 8064 upon5921 the children1121 of men,120 to see7200 if there were3426 any that did understand,7919 that did seek1875 853 God.430

3  Every one3605 of them is gone back:5472 they are altogether3162 become filthy;444 there is none369 that doeth6213 good,2896 no,369 not1571 one.259

4  Have the workers6466 of iniquity205 no3808 knowledge?3045 who eat up398 my people5971 as they eat398 bread:3899 they have not3808 called upon7121 God.430

5  There8033 were they in great fear,6342 6343 where no3808 fear6343 was:1961 for3588 God430 hath scattered6340 the bones6106 of him that encampeth2583 against thee: thou hast put them to shame,954 because3588 God430 hath despised3988 them.

6  Oh that4310 5414 the salvation3444 of Israel3478 were come out of Zion!4480 6726 When God430 bringeth back7725 the captivity7622 of his people,5971 Jacob3290 shall rejoice,1523 and Israel3478 shall be glad.8055

Psalms 54: 1-7

1  To the chief Musician5329 on Neginoth,5058 Maschil,4905 A Psalm of David,1732 when the Ziphims2130 came935 and said559 to Saul,7586 Doth not3808 David1732 hide himself5641 with5973 us? Save3467 me, O God,430 by thy name,8034 and judge1777 me by thy strength.1369

2  Hear8085 my prayer,8605 O God;430 give ear238 to the words561 of my mouth.6310

3  For3588 strangers2114 are risen up6965 against5921 me, and oppressors6184 seek after1245 my soul:5315 they have not3808 set7760 God430 before5048 them. Selah.5542

4  Behold,2009 God430 is mine helper:5826 the Lord136 is with them that uphold5564 my soul.5315

5  He shall reward7725 evil7451 unto mine enemies:8324 cut them off6789 in thy truth.571

6  I will freely5071 sacrifice2076 unto thee: I will praise3034 thy name,8034 O LORD;3068 for3588 it is good.2896

7  For3588 he hath delivered5337 me out of all4480 3605 trouble:6869 and mine eye5869 hath seen7200 his desire upon mine enemies.341

Psalms 55: 1-23

1  To the chief Musician5329 on Neginoth,5058 Maschil,4905 A Psalm of David.1732 Give ear238 to my prayer,8605 O God;430 and hide not thyself408 5956 from my supplication.4480 8467

2  Attend7181 unto me, and hear6030 me: I mourn7300 in my complaint,7879 and make a noise;1949

3  Because of the voice4480 6963 of the enemy,341 because4480 6440 of the oppression6125 of the wicked:7563 for3588 they cast4131 iniquity205 upon5921 me, and in wrath639 they hate7852 me.

4  My heart3820 is sore pained2342 within7130 me: and the terrors367 of death4194 are fallen5307 upon5921 me.

5  Fearfulness3374 and trembling7461 are come935 upon me, and horror6427 hath overwhelmed3680 me.

6  And I said,559 Oh that4310 I had5414 wings83 like a dove!3123 for then would I fly away,5774 and be at rest.7931

7  Lo,2009 then would I wander5074 far off,7368 and remain3885 in the wilderness.4057 Selah.5542

8  I would hasten2363 my escape4655 from the windy4480 7307 storm5584 and tempest.4480 5591

9  Destroy,1104 O Lord,136 and divide6385 their tongues:3956 for3588 I have seen7200 violence2555 and strife7379 in the city.5892

10  Day3119 and night3915 they go about5437 it upon5921 the walls2346 thereof: mischief205 also and sorrow5999 are in the midst7130 of it.

11  Wickedness1942 is in the midst7130 thereof: deceit8496 and guile4820 depart4185 not3808 from4480 her streets.7339

12  For3588 it was not3808 an enemy341 that reproached2778 me; then I could have borne5375 it: neither3808 was it he that hated8130 me that did magnify1431 himself against5921 me; then I would have hid myself5641 from4480 him:

13  But it was thou,859 a man582 mine equal,6187 my guide,441 and mine acquaintance.3045

14  We took sweet4985 counsel5475 together,3162 and walked1980 unto the house1004 of God430 in company.7285

15  Let death4194 seize5377 upon5921 them, and let them go down3381 quick2416 into hell:7585 for3588 wickedness7451 is in their dwellings,4033 and among7130 them.

16  As for me, I589 will call7121 upon413 God;430 and the LORD3068 shall save3467 me.

17  Evening,6153 and morning,1242 and at noon,6672 will I pray,7878 and cry aloud:1993 and he shall hear8085 my voice.6963

18  He hath delivered6299 my soul5315 in peace7965 from the battle4480 7128 that was against me: for3588 there were1961 many7227 with5978 me.

19  God410 shall hear,8085 and afflict6031 them, even he that abideth3427 of old.6924 Selah.5542 Because834 they have no369 changes,2487 therefore they fear3372 not3808 God.430

20  He hath put forth7971 his hands3027 against such as be at peace7965 with him: he hath broken2490 his covenant.1285

21  The words of his mouth6310 were smoother2505 than butter,4260 but war7128 was in his heart:3820 his words1697 were softer7401 than oil,4480 8081 yet were they1992 drawn swords.6609

22  Cast7993 thy burden3053 upon5921 the LORD,3068 and he1931 shall sustain3557 thee: he shall never3808 5769 suffer5414 the righteous6662 to be moved.4131

23  But thou,859 O God,430 shalt bring them down3381 into the pit875 of destruction:7845 bloody1818 and deceitful4820 men376 shall not3808 live out half2673 their days;3117 but I589 will trust982 in thee.

Psalms 56: 1-13

1  To the chief Musician5329 upon5921 Jonath-elem-rechokim,3128 Michtam4387 of David,1732 when the Philistines6430 took270 him in Gath.1661 Be merciful2603 unto me, O God:430 for3588 man582 would swallow me up;7602 he fighting3898 daily3605 3117 oppresseth3905 me.

2  Mine enemies8324 would daily3605 3117 swallow me up:7602 for3588 they be many7227 that fight3898 against me, O thou most High.4791

3  What time3117 I am afraid,3372 I589 will trust982 in413 thee.

4  In God430 I will praise1984 his word,1697 in God430 I have put my trust;982 I will not3808 fear3372 what4100 flesh1320 can do6213 unto me.

5  Every3605 day3117 they wrest6087 my words:1697 all3605 their thoughts4284 are against5921 me for evil.7451

6  They gather themselves together,1481 they hide6845 themselves, they1992 mark8104 my steps,6119 when834 they wait for6960 my soul.5315

7  Shall they3926 escape6403 by5921 iniquity?205 in thine anger639 cast down3381 the people,5971 O God.430

8  Thou tellest5608 my wanderings:5112 put7760 thou859 my tears1832 into thy bottle:4997 are they not3808 in thy book?5612

9  When3117 I cry7121 unto thee, then227 shall mine enemies341 turn7725 back:268 this2088 I know;3045 for3588 God430 is for me.

10  In God430 will I praise1984 his word:1697 in the LORD3068 will I praise1984 his word.1697

11  In God430 have I put my trust:982 I will not3808 be afraid3372 what4100 man120 can do6213 unto me.

12  Thy vows5088 are upon5921 me, O God:430 I will render7999 praises8426 unto thee.

13  For3588 thou hast delivered5337 my soul5315 from death:4480 4194 wilt not3808 thou deliver my feet7272 from falling,4480 1762 that I may walk1980 before6440 God430 in the light216 of the living.2416

Psalms 57: 1-11

1  To the chief Musician,5329 Al-taschith,516 Michtam4387 of David,1732 when he fled1272 from4480 6440 Saul7586 in the cave.4631 Be merciful2603 unto me, O God,430 be merciful2603 unto me: for3588 my soul5315 trusteth2620 in thee: yea, in the shadow6738 of thy wings3671 will I make my refuge,2620 until5704 these calamities1942 be overpast.5674

2  I will cry7121 unto God430 most high;5945 unto God410 that performeth1584 all things for5921 me.

3  He shall send7971 from heaven,4480 8064 and save3467 me from the reproach2778 of him that would swallow me up.7602 Selah.5542 God430 shall send forth7971 his mercy2617 and his truth.571

4  My soul5315 is among8432 lions:3833 and I lie7901 even among them that are set on fire,3857 even the sons1121 of men,120 whose teeth8127 are spears2595 and arrows,2671 and their tongue3956 a sharp2299 sword.2719

5  Be thou exalted,7311 O God,430 above5921 the heavens;8064 let thy glory3519 be above5921 all3605 the earth.776

6  They have prepared3559 a net7568 for my steps;6471 my soul5315 is bowed down:3721 they have digged3738 a pit7882 before6440 me, into the midst8432 whereof they are fallen5307 themselves. Selah.5542

7  My heart3820 is fixed,3559 O God,430 my heart3820 is fixed:3559 I will sing7891 and give praise.2167

8  Awake up,5782 my glory;3519 awake,5782 psaltery5035 and harp:3658 I myself will awake5782 early.7837

9  I will praise3034 thee, O Lord,136 among the people:5971 I will sing2167 unto thee among the nations.3816

10  For3588 thy mercy2617 is great1419 unto5704 the heavens,8064 and thy truth571 unto5704 the clouds.7834

11  Be thou exalted,7311 O God,430 above5921 the heavens:8064 let thy glory3519 be above5921 all3605 the earth.776

Psalms 58: 1-11

1  To the chief Musician,5329 Al-taschith,516 Michtam4387 of David.1732 Do ye indeed552 speak1696 righteousness,6664 O congregation?482 do ye judge8199 uprightly,4339 O ye sons1121 of men?120

2  Yea,637 in heart3820 ye work6466 wickedness;5766 ye weigh6424 the violence2555 of your hands3027 in the earth.776

3  The wicked7563 are estranged2114 from the womb:4480 7358 they go astray8582 as soon as they be born,4480 990 speaking1696 lies.3577

4  Their poison2534 is like1823 the poison2534 of a serpent:5175 they are like3644 the deaf2795 adder6620 that stoppeth331 her ear;241

5  Which834 will not3808 hearken8085 to the voice6963 of charmers,3907 charming2266 2267 never so wisely.2449

6  Break2040 their teeth,8127 O God,430 in their mouth:6310 break out5422 the great teeth4459 of the young lions,3715 O LORD.3068

7  Let them melt away3988 as3644 waters4325 which run1980 continually: when he bendeth1869 his bow to shoot his arrows,2671 let them be as3644 cut in pieces.4135

8  As3644 a snail7642 which melteth,8557 let every one of them pass away:1980 like the untimely birth5309 of a woman,802 that they may not1077 see2372 the sun.8121

9  Before2962 your pots5518 can feel995 the thorns,329 he shall take them away as with a whirlwind,8175 both3644 living,2416 and in3644 his wrath.2740

10  The righteous6662 shall rejoice8055 when3588 he seeth2372 the vengeance:5359 he shall wash7364 his feet6471 in the blood1818 of the wicked.7563

11  So that a man120 shall say,559 Verily389 there is a reward6529 for the righteous:6662 verily389 he is3426 a God430 that judgeth8199 in the earth.776

Psalms 59: 1-17

1  To the chief Musician,5329 Al-taschith,516 Michtam4387 of David;1732 when Saul7586 sent,7971 and they watched8104 853 the house1004 to kill4191 him. Deliver5337 me from mine enemies,4480 341 O my God:430 defend7682 me from them that rise up against4480 6965 me.

2  Deliver5337 me from the workers4480 6466 of iniquity,205 and save3467 me from bloody1818 men.4480 376

3  For,3588 lo,2009 they lie in wait693 for my soul:5315 the mighty5794 are gathered1481 against5921 me; not3808 for my transgression,6588 nor3808 for my sin,2403 O LORD.3068

4  They run7323 and prepare themselves3559 without1097 my fault:5771 awake5782 to help7125 me, and behold.7200

5  Thou859 therefore, O LORD3068 God430 of hosts,6635 the God430 of Israel,3478 awake6974 to visit6485 all3605 the heathen:1471 be not408 merciful2603 to any3605 wicked205 transgressors.898 Selah.5542

6  They return7725 at evening:6153 they make a noise1993 like a dog,3611 and go round about5437 the city.5892

7  Behold,2009 they belch out5042 with their mouth:6310 swords2719 are in their lips:8193 for3588 who,4310 say they, doth hear?8085

8  But thou,859 O LORD,3068 shalt laugh7832 at them; thou shalt have all3605 the heathen1471 in derision.3932

9  Because of his strength5797 will I wait8104 upon413 thee: for3588 God430 is my defense.4869

10  The God430 of my mercy2617 shall prevent6923 me: God430 shall let me see7200 my desire upon mine enemies.8324

11  Slay2026 them not,408 lest6435 my people5971 forget:7911 scatter5128 them by thy power;2428 and bring them down,3381 O Lord136 our shield.4043

12  For the sin2403 of their mouth6310 and the words1697 of their lips8193 let them even be taken3920 in their pride:1347 and for cursing4480 423 and lying4480 3585 which they speak.5608

13  Consume3615 them in wrath,2534 consume3615 them, that they may not369 be: and let them know3045 that3588 God430 ruleth4910 in Jacob3290 unto the ends657 of the earth.776 Selah.5542

14  And at evening6153 let them return;7725 and let them make a noise1993 like a dog,3611 and go round about5437 the city.5892

15  Let them1992 wander up and down5128 for meat,398 and grudge3885 if518 they be not3808 satisfied.7646

16  But I589 will sing7891 of thy power;5797 yea, I will sing aloud7442 of thy mercy2617 in the morning:1242 for3588 thou hast been1961 my defense4869 and refuge4498 in the day3117 of my trouble.6862

17  Unto413 thee, O my strength,5797 will I sing:2167 for3588 God430 is my defense,4869 and the God430 of my mercy.2617

Psalms 60: 1-12

1  To the chief Musician5329 upon5921 Shushan-eduth,7802 Michtam4387 of David,1732 to teach;3925 when he strove with5327 853 Aram-naharaim763 and with Aram-zobah,760 when Joab3097 returned,7725 and smote5221 of 853 Edom123 in the valley1516 of salt4417 twelve8147 6240 thousand.505 O God,430 thou hast cast us off,2186 thou hast scattered6555 us, thou hast been displeased;599 O turn7725 thyself to us again.

2  Thou hast made the earth776 to tremble;7493 thou hast broken6480 it: heal7495 the breaches7667 thereof; for3588 it shaketh.4131

3  Thou hast showed7200 thy people5971 hard7186 things: thou hast made us to drink8248 the wine3196 of astonishment.8653

4  Thou hast given5414 a banner5251 to them that fear3373 thee, that it may be displayed5127 because4480 6440 of the truth.7189 Selah.5542

5  That4616 thy beloved3039 may be delivered;2502 save3467 with thy right hand,3225 and hear6030 me.

6  God430 hath spoken1696 in his holiness;6944 I will rejoice,5937 I will divide2505 Shechem,7927 and mete out4058 the valley6010 of Succoth.5523

7  Gilead1568 is mine, and Manasseh4519 is mine; Ephraim669 also is the strength4581 of mine head;7218 Judah3063 is my lawgiver;2710

8  Moab4124 is my washpot;5518 7366 over5921 Edom123 will I cast out7993 my shoe:5275 Philistia,6429 triumph7321 thou because5921 of me.

9  Who4310 will bring2986 me into the strong4692 city?5892 who4310 will lead5148 me into5704 Edom?123

10  Wilt not3808 thou,859 O God,430 which hadst cast us off?2186 and thou, O God,430 which didst not3808 go out3318 with our armies?6635

11  Give3051 us help5833 from trouble:4480 6862 for vain7723 is the help8668 of man.120

12  Through God430 we shall do6213 valiantly:2428 for he1931 it is that shall tread down947 our enemies.6862

Psalms 61: 1-8

1  To the chief Musician5329 upon5921 Neginah,5058 A Psalm of David.1732 Hear8085 my cry,7440 O God;430 attend unto7181 my prayer.8605

2  From the end4480 7097 of the earth776 will I cry7121 unto413 thee, when my heart3820 is overwhelmed:5848 lead5148 me to the rock6697 that is higher7311 than4480 I.

3  For3588 thou hast been1961 a shelter4268 for me, and a strong5797 tower4026 from4480 6440 the enemy.341

4  I will abide1481 in thy tabernacle168 forever:5769 I will trust2620 in the covert5643 of thy wings.3671 Selah.5542

5  For3588 thou,859 O God,430 hast heard8085 my vows:5088 thou hast given5414 me the heritage3425 of those that fear3373 thy name.8034

6  Thou wilt prolong3254 the king's4428 life:3117 5921 3117 and his years8141 as3644 many generations.1755 1755

7  He shall abide3427 before6440 God430 forever:5769 O prepare4487 mercy2617 and truth,571 which may preserve5341 him.

8  So3651 will I sing praise2167 unto thy name8034 forever,5703 that I may daily3117 3117 perform7999 my vows.5088

Psalms 62: 1-12

1  To the chief Musician,5329 to5921 Jeduthun,3038 A Psalm4210 of David.1732 Truly389 my soul5315 waiteth1747 upon413 God:430 from4480 him cometh my salvation.3444

2  He1931 only389 is my rock6697 and my salvation;3444 he is my defense;4869 I shall not3808 be greatly7227 moved.4131

3  How long5704 575 will ye imagine mischief2050 against5921 a man?376 ye shall be slain7523 all3605 of you: as a bowing5186 wall7023 shall ye be, and as a tottering1760 fence.1447

4  They only389 consult3289 to cast him down5080 from his excellency:4480 7613 they delight7521 in lies:3577 they bless1288 with their mouth,6310 but they curse7043 inwardly.7130 Selah.5542

5  My soul,5315 wait1826 thou only389 upon God;430 for3588 my expectation8615 is from4480 him.

6  He1931 only389 is my rock6697 and my salvation:3444 he is my defense;4869 I shall not3808 be moved.4131

7  In