King James Version 1611 - 1769








Isaiah 1: 1-31

1  The vision2377 of Isaiah3470 the son1121 of Amoz,531 which834 he saw2372 concerning5921 Judah3063 and Jerusalem3389 in the days3117 of Uzziah,5818 Jotham,3147 Ahaz,271 and Hezekiah,3169 kings4428 of Judah.3063

2  Hear,8085 O heavens,8064 and give ear,238 O earth:776 for3588 the LORD3068 hath spoken,1696 I have nourished1431 and brought up7311 children,1121 and they1992 have rebelled6586 against me.

3  The ox7794 knoweth3045 his owner,7069 and the ass2543 his master's1167 crib:18 but Israel3478 doth not3808 know,3045 my people5971 doth not3808 consider.995

4  Ah1945 sinful2398 nation,1471 a people5971 laden3515 with iniquity,5771 a seed2233 of evildoers,7489 children1121 that are corrupters:7843 they have forsaken5800 853 the LORD,3068 they have provoked5006 853 the Holy One6918 of Israel3478 unto anger, they are gone away2114 backward.268

5  Why5921 4100 should ye be stricken5221 any more?5750 ye will revolt5627 more and more:3254 the whole3605 head7218 is sick,2483 and the whole3605 heart3824 faint.1742

6  From the sole4480 3709 of the foot7272 even unto5704 the head7218 there is no369 soundness4974 in it; but wounds,6482 and bruises,2250 and putrefying2961 sores:4347 they have not3808 been closed,2115 neither3808 bound up,2280 neither3808 mollified7401 with ointment.8081

7  Your country776 is desolate,8077 your cities5892 are burned8313 with fire:784 your land,127 strangers2114 devour398 it in your presence,5048 and it is desolate,8077 as overthrown4114 by strangers.2114

8  And the daughter1323 of Zion6726 is left3498 as a cottage5521 in a vineyard,3754 as a lodge4412 in a garden of cucumbers,4750 as a besieged5341 city.5892

9  Except3884 the LORD3068 of hosts6635 had left3498 unto us a very small4592 remnant,8300 we should have been1961 as Sodom,5467 and we should have been like1819 unto Gomorrah.6017

10  Hear8085 the word1697 of the LORD,3068 ye rulers7101 of Sodom;5467 give ear238 unto the law8451 of our God,430 ye people5971 of Gomorrah.6017

11  To what4100 purpose is the multitude7230 of your sacrifices2077 unto me? saith559 the LORD:3068 I am full7646 of the burnt offerings5930 of rams,352 and the fat2459 of fed beasts;4806 and I delight2654 not3808 in the blood1818 of bullocks,6499 or of lambs,3532 or of he goats.6260

12  When3588 ye come935 to appear7200 before6440 me, who4310 hath required1245 this2063 at your hand,4480 3027 to tread7429 my courts?2691

13  Bring935 no3808 more3254 vain7723 oblations;4503 incense7004 is an abomination8441 unto me; the new moons2320 and sabbaths,7676 the calling7121 of assemblies,4744 I cannot3808 3201 away with; it is iniquity,205 even the solemn meeting.6116

14  Your new moons2320 and your appointed feasts4150 my soul5315 hateth:8130 they are1961 a trouble2960 unto me;5921 I am weary3811 to bear5375 them.

15  And when ye spread forth6566 your hands,3709 I will hide5956 mine eyes5869 from4480 you: yea,1571 when3588 ye make many7235 prayers,8605 I will not369 hear:8085 your hands3027 are full4390 of blood.1818

16  Wash7364 you, make you clean;2135 put away5493 the evil7455 of your doings4611 from before4480 5048 mine eyes;5869 cease2308 to do evil;7489

17  Learn3925 to do well;3190 seek1875 judgment,4941 relieve833 the oppressed,2541 judge8199 the fatherless,3490 plead7378 for the widow.490

18  Come1980 now,4994 and let us reason together,3198 saith559 the LORD:3068 though518 your sins2399 be1961 as scarlet,8144 they shall be as white3835 as snow;7950 though518 they be red119 like crimson,8438 they shall be1961 as wool.6785

19  If518 ye be willing14 and obedient,8085 ye shall eat398 the good2898 of the land:776

20  But if518 ye refuse3985 and rebel,4784 ye shall be devoured398 with the sword:2719 for3588 the mouth6310 of the LORD3068 hath spoken1696 it.

21  How349 is the faithful539 city7151 become1961 a harlot!2181 it was full4392 of judgment;4941 righteousness6664 lodged3885 in it; but now6258 murderers.7523

22  Thy silver3701 is become1961 dross,5509 thy wine5435 mixed4107 with water:4325

23  Thy princes8269 are rebellious,5637 and companions2270 of thieves:1590 every one3605 loveth157 gifts,7810 and followeth after7291 rewards:8021 they judge8199 not3808 the fatherless,3490 neither3808 doth the cause7379 of the widow490 come935 unto413 them.

24  Therefore3651 saith5002 the Lord,113 the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 the mighty One46 of Israel,3478 Ah,1945 I will ease5162 me of mine adversaries,4480 6862 and avenge5358 me of mine enemies:4480 341

25  And I will turn7725 my hand3027 upon5921 thee, and purely1252 purge away6884 thy dross,5509 and take away5493 all3605 thy tin:913

26  And I will restore7725 thy judges8199 as at the first,7223 and thy counselors3289 as at the beginning:8462 afterward310 3651 thou shalt be called,7121 The city5892 of righteousness,6664 the faithful539 city.7151

27  Zion6726 shall be redeemed6299 with judgment,4941 and her converts7725 with righteousness.6666

28  And the destruction7667 of the transgressors6586 and of the sinners2400 shall be together,3162 and they that forsake5800 the LORD3068 shall be consumed.3615

29  For3588 they shall be ashamed954 of the oaks4480 352 which834 ye have desired,2530 and ye shall be confounded2659 for the gardens4480 1593 that834 ye have chosen.977

30  For3588 ye shall be1961 as an oak424 whose leaf5929 fadeth,5034 and as a garden1593 that834 hath no369 water.4325

31  And the strong2634 shall be1961 as tow,5296 and the maker6467 of it as a spark,5213 and they shall both8147 burn1197 together,3162 and none369 shall quench3518 them.

Isaiah 2: 1-22

1  The word1697 that834 Isaiah3470 the son1121 of Amoz531 saw2372 concerning5921 Judah3063 and Jerusalem.3389

2  And it shall come to pass1961 in the last319 days,3117 that the mountain2022 of the LORD's3068 house1004 shall be1961 established3559 in the top7218 of the mountains,2022 and shall be exalted5375 above the hills;4480 1389 and all3605 nations1471 shall flow5102 unto413 it.

3  And many7227 people5971 shall go1980 and say,559 Come1980 ye, and let us go up5927 to413 the mountain2022 of the LORD,3068 to413 the house1004 of the God430 of Jacob;3290 and he will teach3384 us of his ways,4480 1870 and we will walk1980 in his paths:734 for3588 out of Zion4480 6726 shall go forth3318 the law,8451 and the word1697 of the LORD3068 from Jerusalem.4480 3389

4  And he shall judge8199 among996 the nations,1471 and shall rebuke3198 many7227 people:5971 and they shall beat3807 their swords2719 into plowshares,855 and their spears2595 into pruning hooks:4211 nation1471 shall not3808 lift up5375 sword2719 against413 nation,1471 neither3808 shall they learn3925 war4421 any more.5750

5  O house1004 of Jacob,3290 come1980 ye, and let us walk1980 in the light216 of the LORD.3068

6  Therefore3588 thou hast forsaken5203 thy people5971 the house1004 of Jacob,3290 because3588 they be replenished4390 from the east,4480 6924 and are soothsayers6049 like the Philistines,6430 and they please themselves5606 in the children3206 of strangers.5237

7  Their land776 also is full4390 of silver3701 and gold,2091 neither369 is there any end7097 of their treasures;214 their land776 is also full4390 of horses,5483 neither369 is there any end7097 of their chariots:4818

8  Their land776 also is full4390 of idols;457 they worship7812 the work4639 of their own hands,3027 that which834 their own fingers676 have made:6213

9  And the mean man120 boweth down,7817 and the great man376 humbleth8213 himself: therefore forgive5375 them not.408

10  Enter935 into the rock,6697 and hide2934 thee in the dust,6083 for4480 6440 fear6343 of the LORD,3068 and for the glory4480 1926 of his majesty.1347

11  The lofty1365 looks5869 of man120 shall be humbled,8213 and the haughtiness7312 of men376 shall be bowed down,7817 and the LORD3068 alone905 shall be exalted7682 in that1931 day.3117

12  For3588 the day3117 of the LORD3068 of hosts6635 shall be upon5921 every3605 one that is proud1343 and lofty,7311 and upon5921 every3605 one that is lifted up;5375 and he shall be brought low:8213

13  And upon5921 all3605 the cedars730 of Lebanon,3844 that are high7311 and lifted up,5375 and upon5921 all3605 the oaks437 of Bashan,1316

14  And upon5921 all3605 the high7311 mountains,2022 and upon5921 all3605 the hills1389 that are lifted up,5375

15  And upon5921 every3605 high1364 tower,4026 and upon5921 every3605 fenced1219 wall,2346

16  And upon5921 all3605 the ships591 of Tarshish,8659 and upon5921 all3605 pleasant2532 pictures.7914

17  And the loftiness1365 of man120 shall be bowed down,7817 and the haughtiness7312 of men376 shall be made low:8213 and the LORD3068 alone905 shall be exalted7682 in that1931 day.3117

18  And the idols457 he shall utterly3632 abolish.2498

19  And they shall go935 into the holes4631 of the rocks,6697 and into the caves4247 of the earth,6083 for4480 6440 fear6343 of the LORD,3068 and for the glory4480 1926 of his majesty,1347 when he ariseth6965 to shake terribly6206 the earth.776

20  In that1931 day3117 a man120 shall cast7993 853 his idols457 of silver,3701 and his idols457 of gold,2091 which834 they made6213 each one for himself to worship,7812 to the moles2661 6512 and to the bats;5847

21  To go935 into the clefts5366 of the rocks,6697 and into the tops5585 of the ragged rocks,5553 for4480 6440 fear6343 of the LORD,3068 and for the glory4480 1926 of his majesty,1347 when he ariseth6965 to shake terribly6206 the earth.776

22  Cease2308 ye from4480 man,120 whose834 breath5397 is in his nostrils:639 for3588 wherein4100 is he1931 to be accounted2803 of?

Isaiah 3: 1-26

1  For,3588 behold,2009 the Lord,113 the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 doth take away5493 from Jerusalem4480 3389 and from Judah4480 3063 the stay4937 and the staff,4938 the whole3605 stay4937 of bread,3899 and the whole3605 stay4937 of water,4325

2  The mighty1368 man, and the man376 of war,4421 the judge,8199 and the prophet,5030 and the prudent,7080 and the ancient,2205

3  The captain8269 of fifty,2572 and the honorable man,5375 6440 and the counselor,3289 and the cunning2450 artificer,2796 and the eloquent995 orator.3908

4  And I will give5414 children5288 to be their princes,8269 and babes8586 shall rule4910 over them.

5  And the people5971 shall be oppressed,5065 every one376 by another,376 and every one376 by his neighbor:7453 the child5288 shall behave himself proudly7292 against the ancient,2205 and the base7034 against the honorable.3513

6  When3588 a man376 shall take hold8610 of his brother251 of the house1004 of his father,1 saying, Thou hast clothing,8071 be1961 thou our ruler,7101 and let this2063 ruin4384 be under8478 thy hand:3027

7  In that1931 day3117 shall he swear,5375 saying,559 I will not3808 be1961 a healer;2280 for in my house1004 is neither369 bread3899 nor369 clothing:8071 make7760 me not3808 a ruler7101 of the people.5971

8  For3588 Jerusalem3389 is ruined,3782 and Judah3063 is fallen:5307 because3588 their tongue3956 and their doings4611 are against413 the LORD,3068 to provoke4784 the eyes5869 of his glory.3519

9  The show1971 of their countenance6440 doth witness6030 against them; and they declare5046 their sin2403 as Sodom,5467 they hide3582 it not.3808 Woe188 unto their soul!5315 for3588 they have rewarded1580 evil7451 unto themselves.

10  Say559 ye to the righteous,6662 that3588 it shall be well2895 with him: for3588 they shall eat398 the fruit6529 of their doings.4611

11  Woe188 unto the wicked!7563 it shall be ill7451 with him: for3588 the reward1576 of his hands3027 shall be given6213 him.

12  As for my people,5971 children5768 are their oppressors,5065 and women802 rule4910 over them. O my people,5971 they which lead833 thee cause thee to err,8582 and destroy1104 the way1870 of thy paths.734

13  The LORD3068 standeth up5324 to plead,7378 and standeth5975 to judge1777 the people.5971

14  The LORD3068 will enter935 into judgment4941 with5973 the ancients2205 of his people,5971 and the princes8269 thereof: for ye859 have eaten up1197 the vineyard;3754 the spoil1500 of the poor6041 is in your houses.1004

15  What mean ye4100 that ye beat my people to pieces,1792 5971 and grind2912 the faces6440 of the poor?6041 saith5002 the Lord136 GOD3068 of hosts.6635

16  Moreover the LORD3068 saith,559 Because3282 3588 the daughters1323 of Zion6726 are haughty,1361 and walk1980 with stretched forth5186 necks1627 and wanton8265 eyes,5869 walking1980 and mincing2952 as they go,1980 and making a tinkling5913 with their feet:7272

17  Therefore the Lord136 will smite with a scab5596 the crown of the head6936 of the daughters1323 of Zion,6726 and the LORD3068 will discover6168 their secret parts.6596

18  In that1931 day3117 the Lord136 will take away5493 853 the bravery8597 of their tinkling ornaments5914 about their feet, and their cauls,7636 and their round tires7720 like the moon,

19  The chains,5188 and the bracelets,8285 and the mufflers,7479

20  The bonnets,6287 and the ornaments of the legs,6807 and the headbands,7196 and the tablets,1004 5315 and the earrings,3908

21  The rings,2885 and nose639 jewels,5141

22  The changeable suits of apparel,4254 and the mantles,4595 and the wimples,4304 and the crisping pins,2754

23  The glasses,1549 and the fine linen,5466 and the hoods,6797 and the veils.7289

24  And it shall come to pass,1961 that instead8478 of sweet smell1314 there shall be1961 stink;4716 and instead8478 of a girdle2290 a rent;5364 and instead8478 of well set4639 hair4748 baldness;7144 and instead8478 of a stomacher6614 a girding4228 of sackcloth;8242 and burning3587 instead8478 of beauty.3308

25  Thy men4962 shall fall5307 by the sword,2719 and thy mighty1369 in the war.4421

26  And her gates6607 shall lament578 and mourn;56 and she being desolate5352 shall sit3427 upon the ground.776

Isaiah 4: 1-6

1  And in that1931 day3117 seven7651 women802 shall take hold2388 of one259 man,376 saying,559 We will eat398 our own bread,3899 and wear3847 our own apparel:8071 only7535 let us be called7121 by thy name,8034 to take622 away our reproach.2781

2  In that1931 day3117 shall the branch6780 of the LORD3068 be1961 beautiful6643 and glorious,3519 and the fruit6529 of the earth776 shall be excellent1347 and comely8597 for them that are escaped6413 of Israel.3478

3  And it shall come to pass,1961 that he that is left7604 in Zion,6726 and he that remaineth3498 in Jerusalem,3389 shall be called559 holy,6918 even every one3605 that is written3789 among the living2416 in Jerusalem:3389

4  When518 the Lord136 shall have washed away7364 853 the filth6675 of the daughters1323 of Zion,6726 and shall have purged1740 the blood1818 of Jerusalem3389 from the midst4480 7130 thereof by the spirit7307 of judgment,4941 and by the spirit7307 of burning.1197

5  And the LORD3068 will create1254 upon5921 every3605 dwelling place4349 of mount2022 Zion,6726 and upon5921 her assemblies,4744 a cloud6051 and smoke6227 by day,3119 and the shining5051 of a flaming3852 fire784 by night:3915 for3588 upon5921 all3605 the glory3519 shall be a defense.2646

6  And there shall be1961 a tabernacle5521 for a shadow6738 in the daytime3119 from the heat,4480 2721 and for a place of refuge,4268 and for a covert4563 from storm4480 2230 and from rain.4480 4306

Isaiah 5: 1-30

1  Now4994 will I sing7891 to my well-beloved3039 a song7892 of my beloved1730 touching his vineyard.3754 My well-beloved3039 hath1961 a vineyard3754 in a very fruitful hill:1121 8081 7161

2  And he fenced5823 it, and gathered out the stones5619 thereof, and planted5193 it with the choicest vine,8321 and built1129 a tower4026 in the midst8432 of it, and also1571 made2672 a winepress3342 therein: and he looked6960 that it should bring forth6213 grapes,6025 and it brought forth6213 wild grapes.891

3  And now,6258 O inhabitants3427 of Jerusalem,3389 and men376 of Judah,3063 judge,8199 I pray you,4994 between996 me and my vineyard.3754

4  What4100 could have been done6213 more5750 to my vineyard,3754 that I have not3808 done6213 in it? wherefore,4069 when I looked6960 that it should bring forth6213 grapes,6025 brought it forth6213 wild grapes?891

5  And now6258 go to; I will tell3045 4994 you 853 what834 I589 will do6213 to my vineyard:3754 I will take away5493 the hedge4881 thereof, and it shall be1961 eaten up;1197 and break down6555 the wall1447 thereof, and it shall be1961 trodden down:4823

6  And I will lay7896 it waste:1326 it shall not3808 be pruned,2167 nor3808 digged;5737 but there shall come up5927 briers8068 and thorns:7898 I will also command6680 5921 the clouds5645 that they rain no rain4480 4305 4306 upon5921 it.

7  For3588 the vineyard3754 of the LORD3068 of hosts6635 is the house1004 of Israel,3478 and the men376 of Judah3063 his pleasant8191 plant:5194 and he looked6960 for judgment,4941 but behold2009 oppression;4939 for righteousness,6666 but behold2009 a cry.6818

8  Woe1945 unto them that join5060 house1004 to house,1004 that lay7126 field7704 to field,7704 till5704 there be no657 place,4725 that they may be placed3427 alone905 in the midst7130 of the earth!776

9  In mine ears241 said the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 Of a truth518 3808 many7227 houses1004 shall be1961 desolate,8047 even great1419 and fair,2896 without4480 369 inhabitant.3427

10  Yea,3588 ten6235 acres6776 of vineyard3754 shall yield6213 one259 bath,1324 and the seed2233 of a homer2563 shall yield6213 an ephah.374

11  Woe1945 unto them that rise up early7925 in the morning,1242 that they may follow7291 strong drink;7941 that continue309 until night,5399 till wine3196 inflame1814 them!

12  And the harp,3658 and the viol,5035 the tabret,8596 and pipe,2485 and wine,3196 are1961 in their feasts:4960 but they regard5027 not3808 the work6467 of the LORD,3068 neither3808 consider7200 the operation4639 of his hands.3027

13  Therefore3651 my people5971 are gone into captivity,1540 because they have no4480 1097 knowledge:1847 and their honorable3519 men4962 are famished,7458 and their multitude1995 dried up6704 with thirst.6772

14  Therefore3651 hell7585 hath enlarged7337 herself,5315 and opened6473 her mouth6310 without1097 measure:2706 and their glory,1926 and their multitude,1995 and their pomp,7588 and he that rejoiceth,5938 shall descend3381 into it.

15  And the mean man120 shall be brought down,7817 and the mighty man376 shall be humbled,8213 and the eyes5869 of the lofty1364 shall be humbled:8213

16  But the LORD3068 of hosts6635 shall be exalted1361 in judgment,4941 and God410 that is holy6918 shall be sanctified6942 in righteousness.6666

17  Then shall the lambs3532 feed7462 after their manner,1699 and the waste places2723 of the fat ones4220 shall strangers1481 eat.398

18  Woe1945 unto them that draw4900 iniquity5771 with cords2256 of vanity,7723 and sin2402 as it were with a cart5699 rope:5688

19  That say,559 Let him make speed,4116 and hasten2363 his work,4639 that4616 we may see7200 it: and let the counsel6098 of the Holy One6918 of Israel3478 draw nigh7126 and come,935 that we may know3045 it!

20  Woe1945 unto them that call559 evil7451 good,2896 and good2896 evil;7451 that put7760 darkness2822 for light,216 and light216 for darkness;2822 that put7760 bitter4751 for sweet,4966 and sweet4966 for bitter!4751

21  Woe1945 unto them that are wise2450 in their own eyes,5869 and prudent995 in5048 their own sight!6440

22  Woe1945 unto them that are mighty1368 to drink8354 wine,3196 and men376 of strength2428 to mingle4537 strong drink:7941

23  Which justify6663 the wicked7563 for6118 reward,7810 and take away5493 the righteousness6666 of the righteous6662 from4480 him!

24  Therefore3651 as the fire784 devoureth398 the stubble,7179 and the flame3852 consumeth7503 the chaff,2842 so their root8328 shall be1961 as rottenness,4716 and their blossom6525 shall go up5927 as dust:80 because3588 they have cast away3988 853 the law8451 of the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 and despised5006 the word565 of the Holy One6918 of Israel.3478

25  Therefore5921 3651 is the anger639 of the LORD3068 kindled2734 against his people,5971 and he hath stretched forth5186 his hand3027 against5921 them, and hath smitten5221 them: and the hills2022 did tremble,7264 and their carcasses5038 were torn1961 5478 in the midst7130 of the streets.2351 For all3605 this2063 his anger639 is not3808 turned away,7725 but his hand3027 is stretched out5186 still.5750

26  And he will lift up5375 an ensign5251 to the nations1471 from far,4480 7350 and will hiss8319 unto them from the end4480 7097 of the earth:776 and, behold,2009 they shall come935 with speed4120 swiftly:7031

27  None369 shall be weary5889 nor369 stumble3782 among them; none3808 shall slumber5123 nor3808 sleep;3462 neither3808 shall the girdle232 of their loins2504 be loosed,6605 nor3808 the latchet8288 of their shoes5275 be broken:5423

28  Whose834 arrows2671 are sharp,8150 and all3605 their bows7198 bent,1869 their horses'5483 hooves6541 shall be counted2803 like flint,6864 and their wheels1534 like a whirlwind:5492

29  Their roaring7581 shall be like a lion,3833 they shall roar7580 like young lions:3715 yea, they shall roar,5098 and lay hold270 of the prey,2964 and shall carry it away safe,6403 and none369 shall deliver5337 it.

30  And in that1931 day3117 they shall roar5098 against5921 them like the roaring5100 of the sea:3220 and if one look5027 unto the land,776 behold2009 darkness2822 and sorrow,6862 and the light216 is darkened2821 in the heavens6183 thereof.

Isaiah 6: 1-13

1  In the year8141 that king4428 Uzziah5818 died4194 I saw7200 also 853 the Lord136 sitting3427 upon5921 a throne,3678 high7311 and lifted up,5375 and his train7757 filled4390 853 the temple.1964

2  Above4480 4605 it stood5975 the seraphims:8314 each one259 had six wings8337 3671 8337 3671 with twain8147 he covered3680 his face,6440 and with twain8147 he covered3680 his feet,7272 and with twain8147 he did fly.5774

3  And one cried7121 unto413 2088 another,2088 and said,559 Holy,6918 holy,6918 holy,6918 is the LORD3068 of hosts:6635 the whole3605 earth776 is full4393 of his glory.3519

4  And the posts520 of the door5592 moved5128 at the voice4480 6963 of him that cried,7121 and the house1004 was filled4390 with smoke.6227

5  Then said559 I, Woe188 is me! for3588 I am undone;1820 because3588 I589 am a man376 of unclean2931 lips,8193 and I589 dwell3427 in the midst8432 of a people5971 of unclean2931 lips:8193 for3588 mine eyes5869 have seen7200 853 the King,4428 the LORD3068 of hosts.6635

6  Then flew5774 one259 of4480 the seraphims8314 unto413 me, having a live coal7531 in his hand,3027 which he had taken3947 with the tongs4457 from off4480 5921 the altar:4196

7  And he laid5060 it upon5921 my mouth,6310 and said,559 Lo,2009 this2088 hath touched5060 5921 thy lips;8193 and thine iniquity5771 is taken away,5493 and thy sin2403 purged.3722

8  Also I heard8085 853 the voice6963 of the Lord,136 saying,559 853 Whom4310 shall I send,7971 and who4310 will go1980 for us? Then said559 I, Here am I;2009 send7971 me.

9  And he said,559 Go,1980 and tell559 this2088 people,5971 Hear ye indeed,8085 8085 but understand995 not;408 and see ye indeed,7200 7200 but perceive3045 not.3808

10  Make the heart3820 of this2088 people5971 fat,8082 and make their ears241 heavy,3513 and shut8173 their eyes;5869 lest6435 they see7200 with their eyes,5869 and hear8085 with their ears,241 and understand995 with their heart,3824 and convert,7725 and be healed.7495

11  Then said559 I, Lord,136 how long?5704 4970 And he answered,559 Until5704 834 the cities5892 be wasted7582 without4480 369 inhabitant,3427 and the houses1004 without4480 369 man,120 and the land127 be utterly8077 desolate,7582

12  And the LORD3068 have removed men far away,7368 853 120 and there be a great7227 forsaking5805 in the midst7130 of the land.776

13  But yet5750 in it shall be a tenth,6224 and it shall return,7725 and shall be1961 eaten:1197 as a teil tree,424 and as an oak,437 whose834 substance4678 is in them, when they cast7995 their leaves: so the holy6944 seed2233 shall be the substance4678 thereof.

Isaiah 7: 1-25

1  And it came to pass1961 in the days3117 of Ahaz271 the son1121 of Jotham,3147 the son1121 of Uzziah,5818 king4428 of Judah,3063 that Rezin7526 the king4428 of Syria,758 and Pekah6492 the son1121 of Remaliah,7425 king4428 of Israel,3478 went up5927 toward Jerusalem3389 to war4421 against5921 it, but could3201 not3808 prevail3898 against5921 it.

2  And it was told5046 the house1004 of David,1732 saying,559 Syria758 is confederate5117 with5921 Ephraim.669 And his heart3824 was moved,5128 and the heart3824 of his people,5971 as the trees6086 of the wood3293 are moved5128 with4480 6440 the wind.7307

3  Then said559 the LORD3068 unto413 Isaiah,3470 Go forth3318 now4994 to meet7121 Ahaz,271 thou,859 and Shear-jashub7610 thy son,1121 at413 the end7097 of the conduit8585 of the upper5945 pool1295 in413 the highway4546 of the fuller's3526 field;7704

4  And say559 unto413 him, Take heed,8104 and be quiet;8252 fear3372 not,408 neither408 be fainthearted7401 3824 for the two4480 8147 tails2180 of these428 smoking6226 firebrands,181 for the fierce2750 anger639 of Rezin7526 with Syria,758 and of the son1121 of Remaliah.7425

5  Because3282 3588 Syria,758 Ephraim,669 and the son1121 of Remaliah,7425 have taken evil7451 counsel3289 against5921 thee, saying,559

6  Let us go up5927 against Judah,3063 and vex6972 it, and let us make a breach1234 therein for413 us, and set a king4427 4428 in the midst8432 of it, even 853 the son1121 of Tabeal:2870

7  Thus3541 saith559 the Lord136 GOD,3069 It shall not3808 stand,6965 neither3808 shall it come to pass.1961

8  For3588 the head7218 of Syria758 is Damascus,1834 and the head7218 of Damascus1834 is Rezin;7526 and within5750 threescore8346 and five2568 years8141 shall Ephraim669 be broken,2844 that it be not a people.4480 5971

9  And the head7218 of Ephraim669 is Samaria,8111 and the head7218 of Samaria8111 is Remaliah's7425 son.1121 If518 ye will not3808 believe,539 surely3588 ye shall not3808 be established.539

10  Moreover the LORD3068 spoke1696 again3254 unto413 Ahaz,271 saying,559

11  Ask7592 thee a sign226 of4480 5973 the LORD3068 thy God;430 ask7592 it either in the depth,6009 or176 in the height1361 above.4605

12  But Ahaz271 said,559 I will not3808 ask,7592 neither3808 will I tempt5254 853 the LORD.3068

13  And he said,559 Hear8085 ye now,4994 O house1004 of David;1732 Is it a small thing4592 for4480 you to weary3811 men,376 but3588 will ye weary3811 853 my God430 also?1571

14  Therefore3651 the Lord136 himself1931 shall give5414 you a sign;226 Behold,2009 a virgin5959 shall conceive,2029 and bear3205 a son,1121 and shall call7121 his name8034 Immanuel.6005

15  Butter2529 and honey1706 shall he eat,398 that he may know3045 to refuse3988 the evil,7451 and choose977 the good.2896

16  For3588 before2962 the child5288 shall know3045 to refuse3988 the evil,7451 and choose977 the good,2896 the land127 that834 thou859 abhorrest6973 shall be forsaken5800 of both8147 her kings.4428

17  The LORD3068 shall bring935 upon5921 thee, and upon5921 thy people,5971 and upon5921 thy father's1 house,1004 days3117 that834 have not3808 come,935 from the day4480 3117 that Ephraim669 departed5493 from4480 5921 Judah;3063 even 853 the king4428 of Assyria.804

18  And it shall come to pass1961 in that1931 day,3117 that the LORD3068 shall hiss8319 for the fly2070 that834 is in the uttermost part7097 of the rivers2975 of Egypt,4714 and for the bee1682 that834 is in the land776 of Assyria.804

19  And they shall come,935 and shall rest5117 all3605 of them in the desolate1327 valleys,5158 and in the holes5357 of the rocks,5553 and upon all3605 thorns,5285 and upon all3605 bushes.5097

20  In the same1931 day3117 shall the Lord136 shave1548 with a razor8593 that is hired,7917 namely, by them beyond5676 the river,5104 by the king4428 of Assyria,804 853 the head,7218 and the hair8181 of the feet:7272 and it shall also1571 consume5595 853 the beard.2206

21  And it shall come to pass1961 in that1931 day,3117 that a man376 shall nourish2421 a young1241 cow,5697 and two8147 sheep;6629

22  And it shall come to pass,1961 for the abundance4480 7230 of milk2461 that they shall give6213 he shall eat398 butter:2529 for3588 butter2529 and honey1706 shall every one3605 eat398 that is left3498 in the land.776

23  And it shall come to pass1961 in that1931 day,3117 that every3605 place4725 shall be,1961 where8033 there were1961 a thousand505 vines1612 at a thousand505 silverlings,3701 it shall even be1961 for briers8068 and thorns.7898

24  With arrows2671 and with bows7198 shall men come935 thither;8033 because3588 all3605 the land776 shall become1961 briers8068 and thorns.7898

25  And on all3605 hills2022 that834 shall be digged5737 with the mattock,4576 there shall not3808 come935 thither8033 the fear3374 of briers8068 and thorns:7898 but it shall be1961 for the sending forth4916 of oxen,7794 and for the treading4823 of lesser cattle.7716

Isaiah 8: 1-22

1  Moreover the LORD3068 said559 unto413 me, Take3947 thee a great1419 roll,1549 and write3789 in5921 it with a man's582 pen2747 concerning Maher-shalal-hash-baz.4122

2  And I took unto me faithful539 witnesses5707 to record,5749 853 Uriah223 the priest,3548 and Zechariah2148 the son1121 of Jeberechiah.3000

3  And I went7126 unto413 the prophetess;5031 and she conceived,2029 and bore3205 a son.1121 Then said559 the LORD3068 to413 me, Call7121 his name8034 Maher-shalal-hash-baz.4122

4  For3588 before2962 the child5288 shall have knowledge3045 to cry,7121 My father,1 and my mother,517 853 the riches2428 of Damascus1834 and the spoil7998 of Samaria8111 shall be taken away5375 before6440 the king4428 of Assyria.804

5  The LORD3068 spoke1696 also unto413 me again,3254 saying,559

6  Forasmuch3282 3588 as this2088 people5971 refuseth3988 853 the waters4325 of Shiloah7975 that go1980 softly,328 and rejoice in4885 853 Rezin7526 and Remaliah's7425 son;1121

7  Now therefore,3651 behold,2009 the Lord136 bringeth up5927 upon5921 them 853 the waters4325 of the river,5104 strong6099 and many,7227 even 853 the king4428 of Assyria,804 and all3605 his glory:3519 and he shall come up5927 over5921 all3605 his channels,650 and go1980 over5921 all3605 his banks:1415

8  And he shall pass2498 through Judah;3063 he shall overflow7857 and go over,5674 he shall reach5060 even to5704 the neck;6677 and the stretching out4298 of his wings3671 shall fill4393 the breadth7341 of thy land,776 O Immanuel.6005

9  Associate7489 yourselves, O ye people,5971 and ye shall be broken2844 in pieces; and give ear,238 all3605 ye of far4801 countries:776 gird yourselves,247 and ye shall be broken2844 in pieces; gird yourselves,247 and ye shall be broken2844 in pieces.

10  Take counsel together5779 6098 and it shall come to naught;6565 speak1696 the word,1697 and it shall not3808 stand:6965 for3588 God410 is with us.5973

11  For3588 the LORD3068 spoke559 thus3541 to413 me with a strong2393 hand,3027 and instructed3256 me that I should not walk4480 1980 in the way1870 of this2088 people,5971 saying,559

12  Say559 ye not,3808 A confederacy,7195 to all3605 them to whom834 this2088 people5971 shall say,559 A confederacy;7195 neither3808 fear3372 ye their fear,4172 nor3808 be afraid.6206

13  Sanctify6942 853 the LORD3068 of hosts6635 himself; and let him1931 be your fear,4172 and let him1931 be your dread.6206

14  And he shall be1961 for a sanctuary;4720 but for a stone68 of stumbling5063 and for a rock6697 of offense4383 to both8147 the houses1004 of Israel,3478 for a gin6341 and for a snare4170 to the inhabitants3427 of Jerusalem.3389

15  And many7227 among them shall stumble,3782 and fall,5307 and be broken,7665 and be snared,3369 and be taken.3920

16  Bind up6887 the testimony,8584 seal2856 the law8451 among my disciples.3928

17  And I will wait2442 upon the LORD,3068 that hideth5641 his face6440 from the house4480 1004 of Jacob,3290 and I will look6960 for him.

18  Behold,2009 I595 and the children3206 whom834 the LORD3068 hath given5414 me are for signs226 and for wonders4159 in Israel3478 from4480 5973 the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 which dwelleth7931 in mount2022 Zion.6726

19  And when3588 they shall say559 unto413 you, Seek1875 unto413 them that have familiar spirits,178 and unto413 wizards3049 that peep,6850 and that mutter:1897 should not3808 a people5971 seek1875 unto413 their God?430 for1157 the living2416 to413 the dead?4191

20  To the law8451 and to the testimony:8584 if518 they speak559 not3808 according to this2088 word,1697 it is because834 there is no369 light7837 in them.

21  And they shall pass5674 through it, hard pressed7185 and hungry:745 and it shall come to pass,1961 that when3588 they shall be hungry,7456 they shall fret themselves,7107 and curse7043 their king4428 and their God,430 and look6437 upward.4605

22  And they shall look5027 unto413 the earth;776 and behold2009 trouble6869 and darkness,2825 dimness4588 of anguish;6695 and they shall be driven5080 to darkness.653

Isaiah 9: 1-21

1  Nevertheless3588 the dimness4155 shall not3808 be such as834 was in her vexation,4164 when6256 at the first7223 he lightly afflicted7043 the land776 of Zebulun2074 and the land776 of Naphtali,5321 and afterward314 did more grievously afflict3513 her by the way1870 of the sea,3220 beyond5676 Jordan,3383 in Galilee1551 of the nations.1471

2  The people5971 that walked1980 in darkness2822 have seen7200 a great1419 light:216 they that dwell3427 in the land776 of the shadow of death,6757 upon5921 them hath the light216 shined.5050

3  Thou hast multiplied7235 the nation,1471 and not3808 increased1431 the joy:8057 they joy8055 before6440 thee according to the joy8057 in harvest,7105 and as834 men rejoice1523 when they divide2505 the spoil.7998

4  For3588 thou hast broken2865 853 the yoke5923 of his burden,5448 and the staff4294 of his shoulder,7926 the rod7626 of his oppressor,5065 as in the day3117 of Midian.4080

5  For3588 every3605 battle5430 of the warrior5431 is with confused noise,7494 and garments8071 rolled1556 in blood;1818 but this shall be1961 with burning8316 and fuel3980 of fire.784

6  For3588 unto us a child3206 is born,3205 unto us a son1121 is given:5414 and the government4951 shall be upon5921 his shoulder:7926 and his name8034 shall be1961 called7121 Wonderful,6382 Counselor,3289 The mighty1368 God,410 The everlasting5703 Father,1 The Prince8269 of Peace.7965

7  Of the increase4766 of his government4951 and peace7965 there shall be no369 end,7093 upon5921 the throne3678 of David,1732 and upon5921 his kingdom,4467 to order3559 it, and to establish5582 it with judgment4941 and with justice6666 from henceforth4480 6258 even forever.5704 5769 The zeal7068 of the LORD3068 of hosts6635 will perform6213 this.2063

8  The Lord136 sent7971 a word1697 into Jacob,3290 and it hath lighted5307 upon Israel.3478

9  And all3605 the people5971 shall know,3045 even Ephraim669 and the inhabitant3427 of Samaria,8111 that say559 in the pride1346 and stoutness1433 of heart,3824

10  The bricks3843 are fallen down,5307 but we will build1129 with hewn stones:1496 the sycamores8256 are cut down,1438 but we will change2498 them into cedars.730

11  Therefore the LORD3068 shall set up7682 853 the adversaries6862 of Rezin7526 against5921 him, and join his enemies together;5526 853 341

12  The Syrians758 before,4480 6924 and the Philistines6430 behind;4480 268 and they shall devour398 853 Israel3478 with open3605 mouth.6310 For all3605 this2063 his anger639 is not3808 turned away,7725 but his hand3027 is stretched out5186 still.5750

13  For the people5971 turneth7725 not3808 unto5704 him that smiteth5221 them, neither3808 do they seek1875 the LORD3068 of hosts.6635

14  Therefore the LORD3068 will cut off3772 from Israel4480 3478 head7218 and tail,2180 branch3712 and rush,100 in one259 day.3117

15  The ancient2205 and honorable,5375 6440 he1931 is the head;7218 and the prophet5030 that teacheth3384 lies,8267 he1931 is the tail.2180

16  For the leaders833 of this2088 people5971 cause them to err;8582 and they that are led833 of them are destroyed.1104

17  Therefore5921 3651 the Lord136 shall have no3808 joy8055 in5921 their young men,970 neither3808 shall have mercy7355 on their fatherless3490 and widows:490 for3588 every one3605 is a hypocrite2611 and an evildoer,7489 and every3605 mouth6310 speaketh1696 folly.5039 For all3605 this2063 his anger639 is not3808 turned away,7725 but his hand3027 is stretched out5186 still.5750

18  For3588 wickedness7564 burneth1197 as the fire:784 it shall devour398 the briers8068 and thorns,7898 and shall kindle3341 in the thickets5442 of the forest,3293 and they shall mount up55 like the lifting up1348 of smoke.6227

19  Through the wrath5678 of the LORD3068 of hosts6635 is the land776 darkened,6272 and the people5971 shall be1961 as the fuel3980 of the fire:784 no3808 man376 shall spare2550 413 his brother.251

20  And he shall snatch1504 on5921 the right hand,3225 and be hungry;7456 and he shall eat398 on5921 the left hand,8040 and they shall not3808 be satisfied:7646 they shall eat398 every man376 the flesh1320 of his own arm:2220

21  Manasseh,4519 853 Ephraim;669 and Ephraim,669 853 Manasseh:4519 and they1992 together3162 shall be against5921 Judah.3063 For all3605 this2063 his anger639 is not3808 turned away,7725 but his hand3027 is stretched out5186 still.5750

Isaiah 10: 1-34

1  Woe1945 unto them that decree2710 unrighteous205 decrees,2711 and that write3789 grievousness5999 which they have prescribed;3789

2  To turn aside5186 the needy1800 from judgment,4480 1779 and to take away1497 the right4941 from the poor6041 of my people,5971 that widows490 may be1961 their prey,7998 and that they may rob962 the fatherless!3490

3  And what4100 will ye do6213 in the day3117 of visitation,6486 and in the desolation7722 which shall come935 from far?4480 4801 to5921 whom4310 will ye flee5127 for help?5833 and where575 will ye leave5800 your glory?3519

4  Without1115 me they shall bow down3766 under8478 the prisoners,616 and they shall fall5307 under8478 the slain.2026 For all3605 this2063 his anger639 is not3808 turned away,7725 but his hand3027 is stretched out5186 still.5750

5  O Assyrian,804 the rod7626 of mine anger,639 and the staff4294 in their hand3027 is mine indignation.2195

6  I will send7971 him against a hypocritical2611 nation,1471 and against5921 the people5971 of my wrath5678 will I give him a charge,6680 to take7997 the spoil,7998 and to take962 the prey,957 and to tread them down4823 like the mire2563 of the streets.2351

7  Howbeit he1931 meaneth1819 not3808 so,3651 neither3808 doth his heart3824 think2803 so;3651 but3588 it is in his heart3824 to destroy8045 and cut off3772 nations1471 not3808 a few.4592

8  For3588 he saith,559 Are not3808 my princes8269 altogether3162 kings?4428

9  Is not3808 Calno3641 as Carchemish?3751 is not3808 Hamath2574 as Arpad?774 is not3808 Samaria8111 as Damascus?1834

10  As834 my hand3027 hath found4672 the kingdoms4467 of the idols,457 and whose graven images6456 did excel them of Jerusalem4480 3389 and of Samaria;4480 8111

11  Shall I not,3808 as834 I have done6213 unto Samaria8111 and her idols,457 so3651 do6213 to Jerusalem3389 and her idols?6091

12  Wherefore it shall come to pass,1961 that when3588 the Lord136 hath performed1214 his 853 whole3605 work4639 upon mount2022 Zion6726 and on Jerusalem,3389 I will punish6485 5921 the fruit6529 of the stout1433 heart3824 of the king4428 of Assyria,804 and5921 the glory8597 of his high7312 looks.5869

13  For3588 he saith,559 By the strength3581 of my hand3027 I have done6213 it, and by my wisdom;2451 for3588 I am prudent:995 and I have removed5493 the bounds1367 of the people,5971 and have robbed8154 their treasures,6259 and I have put down3381 the inhabitants3427 like a valiant47 man:

14  And my hand3027 hath found4672 as a nest7064 the riches2428 of the people:5971 and as one gathereth622 eggs1000 that are left,5800 have I589 gathered622 all3605 the earth;776 and there was1961 none3808 that moved5074 the wing,3671 or opened6475 the mouth,6310 or peeped.6850

15  Shall the axe1631 boast itself6286 against5921 him that heweth2672 therewith? or shall the saw4883 magnify itself1431 against5921 him that shaketh5130 it? as if the rod7626 should shake itself against5130 853 them that lift it up,7311 or as if the staff4294 should lift up7311 itself, as if it were no3808 wood.6086

16  Therefore3651 shall the Lord,113 the Lord3068 of hosts,6635 send7971 among his fat ones4924 leanness;7332 and under8478 his glory3519 he shall kindle3344 a burning3350 like the burning3350 of a fire.784

17  And the light216 of Israel3478 shall be1961 for a fire,784 and his Holy One6918 for a flame:3852 and it shall burn1197 and devour398 his thorns7898 and his briers8068 in one259 day;3117

18  And shall consume3615 the glory3519 of his forest,3293 and of his fruitful field,3759 both soul4480 5315 and body:1320 and they shall be1961 as when a standard-bearer5263 fainteth.4549

19  And the rest7605 of the trees6086 of his forest3293 shall be1961 few,4557 that a child5288 may write3789 them.

20  And it shall come to pass1961 in that1931 day,3117 that the remnant7605 of Israel,3478 and such as are escaped6413 of the house1004 of Jacob,3290 shall no3808 more5750 again3254 stay8172 upon5921 him that smote5221 them; but shall stay8172 upon5921 the LORD,3068 the Holy One6918 of Israel,3478 in truth.571

21  The remnant7605 shall return,7725 even the remnant7605 of Jacob,3290 unto413 the mighty1368 God.410

22  For3588 though518 thy people5971 Israel3478 be1961 as the sand2344 of the sea,3220 yet a remnant7605 of them shall return:7725 the consumption3631 decreed2782 shall overflow7857 with righteousness.6666

23  For3588 the Lord136 GOD3069 of hosts6635 shall make6213 a consumption,3617 even determined,2782 in the midst7130 of all3605 the land.776

24  Therefore3651 thus3541 saith559 the Lord136 GOD3069 of hosts,6635 O my people5971 that dwellest3427 in Zion,6726 be not408 afraid3372 of the Assyrian:4480 804 he shall smite5221 thee with a rod,7626 and shall lift up5375 his staff4294 against5921 thee, after the manner1870 of Egypt.4714

25  For3588 yet5750 a very4213 little4592 while, and the indignation2195 shall cease,3615 and mine anger639 in5921 their destruction.8399

26  And the LORD3068 of hosts6635 shall stir up5782 a scourge7752 for5921 him according to the slaughter4347 of Midian4080 at the rock6697 of Oreb:6159 and as his rod4294 was upon5921 the sea,3220 so shall he lift it up5375 after the manner1870 of Egypt.4714

27  And it shall come to pass1961 in that1931 day,3117 that his burden5448 shall be taken away5493 from off4480 5921 thy shoulder,7926 and his yoke5923 from off4480 5921 thy neck,6677 and the yoke5923 shall be destroyed2254 because4480 6440 of the anointing.8081

28  He is come935 to5921 Aiath,5857 he is passed5674 to Migron;4051 at Michmash4363 he hath laid up6485 his carriages:3627

29  They are gone over5674 the passage:4569 they have taken up their lodging4411 at Geba;1387 Ramah7414 is afraid;2729 Gibeah1390 of Saul7586 is fled.5127

30  Lift up6670 thy voice,6963 O daughter1323 of Gallim:1554 cause it to be heard7181 unto Laish,3919 O poor6041 Anathoth.6068

31  Madmenah4088 is removed;5074 the inhabitants3427 of Gebim1374 gather themselves to flee.5756

32  As yet5750 shall he remain5975 at Nob5011 that day:3117 he shall shake5130 his hand3027 against the mount2022 of the daughter1004 of Zion,6726 the hill1389 of Jerusalem.3389

33  Behold,2009 the Lord,113 the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 shall lop5586 the bough6288 with terror:4637 and the high ones7312 of stature6967 shall be hewn down,1438 and the haughty1364 shall be humbled.8213

34  And he shall cut down5362 the thickets5442 of the forest3293 with iron,1270 and Lebanon3844 shall fall5307 by a mighty one.117

Isaiah 11: 1-16

1  And there shall come forth3318 a rod2415 out of the stem4480 1503 of Jesse,3448 and a Branch5342 shall grow6509 out of his roots:4480 8328

2  And the spirit7307 of the LORD3068 shall rest5117 upon5921 him, the spirit7307 of wisdom2451 and understanding,998 the spirit7307 of counsel6098 and might,1369 the spirit7307 of knowledge1847 and of the fear3374 of the LORD;3068

3  And shall make him of quick understanding7306 in the fear3374 of the LORD:3068 and he shall not3808 judge8199 after the sight4758 of his eyes,5869 neither3808 reprove3198 after the hearing4926 of his ears:241

4  But with righteousness6664 shall he judge8199 the poor,1800 and reprove3198 with equity4334 for the meek6035 of the earth:776 and he shall smite5221 the earth776 with the rod7626 of his mouth,6310 and with the breath7307 of his lips8193 shall he slay4191 the wicked.7563

5  And righteousness6664 shall be1961 the girdle232 of his loins,4975 and faithfulness530 the girdle232 of his reins.2504

6  The wolf2061 also shall dwell1481 with5973 the lamb,3532 and the leopard5246 shall lie down7257 with5973 the kid;1423 and the calf5695 and the young lion3715 and the fatling4806 together;3162 and a little6996 child5288 shall lead5090 them.

7  And the cow6510 and the bear1677 shall feed;7462 their young ones3206 shall lie down7257 together:3162 and the lion738 shall eat398 straw8401 like the ox.1241

8  And the sucking3243 child shall play8173 on5921 the hole2352 of the asp,6620 and the weaned child1580 shall put1911 his hand3027 on5921 the cockatrice's6848 den.3975

9  They shall not3808 hurt7489 nor3808 destroy7843 in all3605 my holy6944 mountain:2022 for3588 the earth776 shall be full4390 of the knowledge1844 of 853 the LORD,3068 as the waters4325 cover3680 the sea.3220

10  And in that1931 day3117 there shall be1961 a root8328 of Jesse,3448 which834 shall stand5975 for an ensign5251 of the people;5971 to413 it shall the Gentiles1471 seek:1875 and his rest4496 shall be1961 glorious.3519

11  And it shall come to pass1961 in that1931 day,3117 that the Lord136 shall set his hand3027 again3254 the second time8145 to recover7069 853 the remnant7605 of his people,5971 which834 shall be left,7604 from Assyria,4480 804 and from Egypt,4480 4714 and from Pathros,4480 6624 and from Cush,4480 3568 and from Elam,4480 5867 and from Shinar,4480 8152 and from Hamath,4480 2574 and from the islands4480 339 of the sea.3220

12  And he shall set up5375 an ensign5251 for the nations,1471 and shall assemble622 the outcasts5080 of Israel,3478 and gather together6908 the dispersed5310 of Judah3063 from the four4480 702 corners3671 of the earth.776

13  The envy7068 also of Ephraim669 shall depart,5493 and the adversaries6887 of Judah3063 shall be cut off:3772 Ephraim669 shall not3808 envy7065 853 Judah,3063 and Judah3063 shall not3808 vex6887 853 Ephraim.669

14  But they shall fly5774 upon the shoulders3802 of the Philistines6430 toward the west;3220 they shall spoil962 853 them1121 of the east6924 together:3162 they shall lay4916 their hand3027 upon Edom123 and Moab;4124 and the children1121 of Ammon5983 shall obey4928 them.

15  And the LORD3068 shall utterly destroy2763 853 the tongue3956 of the Egyptian4714 sea;3220 and with his mighty5868 wind7307 shall he shake5130 his hand3027 over5921 the river,5104 and shall smite5221 it in the seven7651 streams,5158 and make men go over1869 dry-shod.5275

16  And there shall be1961 a highway4546 for the remnant7605 of his people,5971 which834 shall be left,7604 from Assyria;4480 804 like as834 it was1961 to Israel3478 in the day3117 that he came up5927 out of the land4480 776 of Egypt.4714

Isaiah 12: 1-6

1  And in that1931 day3117 thou shalt say,559 O LORD,3068 I will praise3034 thee: though3588 thou wast angry599 with me, thine anger639 is turned away,7725 and thou comfortedst5162 me.

2  Behold,2009 God410 is my salvation;3444 I will trust,982 and not3808 be afraid:6342 for3588 the LORD3050 JEHOVAH3068 is my strength5797 and my song;2176 he also is become1961 my salvation.3444

3  Therefore with joy8342 shall ye draw7579 water4325 out of the wells4480 4599 of salvation.3444

4  And in that1931 day3117 shall ye say,559 Praise3034 the LORD,3068 call7121 upon his name,8034 declare3045 his doings5949 among the people,5971 make mention2142 that3588 his name8034 is exalted.7682

5  Sing2167 unto the LORD;3068 for3588 he hath done6213 excellent things:1348 this2063 is known3045 in all3605 the earth.776

6  Cry out6670 and shout,7442 thou inhabitant3427 of Zion:6726 for3588 great1419 is the Holy One6918 of Israel3478 in the midst7130 of thee.

Isaiah 13: 1-22

1  The burden4853 of Babylon,894 which834 Isaiah3470 the son1121 of Amoz531 did see.2372

2  Lift ye up5375 a banner5251 upon5921 the high8192 mountain,2022 exalt7311 the voice6963 unto them, shake5130 the hand,3027 that they may go935 into the gates6607 of the nobles.5081

3  I589 have commanded6680 my sanctified ones,6942 I have also1571 called7121 my mighty ones1368 for mine anger,639 even them that rejoice5947 in my highness.1346

4  The noise6963 of a multitude1995 in the mountains,2022 like1823 as of a great7227 people;5971 a tumultuous7588 noise6963 of the kingdoms4467 of nations1471 gathered together:622 the LORD3068 of hosts6635 mustereth6485 the host6635 of the battle.4421

5  They come935 from a far country,4480 4801 776 from the end4480 7097 of heaven,8064 even the LORD,3068 and the weapons3627 of his indignation,2195 to destroy2254 the whole3605 land.776

6  Howl3213 ye; for3588 the day3117 of the LORD3068 is at hand;7138 it shall come935 as a destruction7701 from the Almighty.4480 7706

7  Therefore5921 3651 shall all3605 hands3027 be faint,7503 and every3605 man's582 heart3824 shall melt:4549

8  And they shall be afraid:926 pangs6735 and sorrows2256 shall take hold270 of them; they shall be in pain2342 as a woman that travaileth:3205 they shall be amazed8539 one376 at413 another;7453 their faces6440 shall be as flames.6440 3851

9  Behold,2009 the day3117 of the LORD3068 cometh,935 cruel394 both with wrath5678 and fierce2740 anger,639 to lay7760 the land776 desolate:8047 and he shall destroy8045 the sinners2400 thereof out of4480 it.

10  For3588 the stars3556 of heaven8064 and the constellations3685 thereof shall not3808 give1984 their light:216 the sun8121 shall be darkened2821 in his going forth,3318 and the moon3394 shall not3808 cause her light216 to shine.5050

11  And I will punish6485 the world8398 for5921 their evil,7451 and the wicked7563 for5921 their iniquity;5771 and I will cause the arrogance1347 of the proud2086 to cease,7673 and will lay low8213 the haughtiness1346 of the terrible.6184

12  I will make a man582 more precious3365 than fine gold;4480 6337 even a man120 than the golden wedge4480 3800 of Ophir.211

13  Therefore5921 3651 I will shake7264 the heavens,8064 and the earth776 shall remove7493 out of her place,4480 4725 in the wrath5678 of the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 and in the day3117 of his fierce2740 anger.639

14  And it shall be1961 as the chased5080 roe,6643 and as a sheep6629 that no369 man taketh up:6908 they shall every man376 turn6437 to413 his own people,5971 and flee5127 every one376 into413 his own land.776

15  Every one3605 that is found4672 shall be thrust through;1856 and every one3605 that is joined5595 unto them shall fall5307 by the sword.2719

16  Their children5768 also shall be dashed7376 to pieces before their eyes;5869 their houses1004 shall be spoiled,8155 and their wives802 ravished.7693

17  Behold,2009 I will stir up5782 853 the Medes4074 against5921 them, which834 shall not3808 regard2803 silver;3701 and as for gold,2091 they shall not3808 delight2654 in it.

18  Their bows7198 also shall dash7376 the young men5288 to pieces; and they shall have no3808 pity7355 on the fruit6529 of the womb;990 their eye5869 shall not3808 spare2347 5921 children.1121

19  And Babylon,894 the glory6643 of kingdoms,4467 the beauty8597 of the Chaldees'3778 excellency,1347 shall be1961 as when God430 overthrew4114 853 Sodom5467 and Gomorrah.6017

20  It shall never3808 5331 be inhabited,3427 neither3808 shall it be dwelt7931 in from generation1755 to5704 generation:1755 neither3808 shall the Arabian6163 pitch tent167 there;8033 neither3808 shall the shepherds7462 make their fold7257 there.8033

21  But wild beasts of the desert6728 shall lie7257 there;8033 and their houses1004 shall be full4390 of doleful creatures;255 and owls1323 3284 shall dwell7931 there,8033 and satyrs8163 shall dance7540 there.8033

22  And the wild beasts of the islands338 shall cry6030 in their desolate houses,490 and dragons8577 in their pleasant6027 palaces:1964 and her time6256 is near7138 to come,935 and her days3117 shall not3808 be prolonged.4900

Isaiah 14: 1-32

1  For3588 the LORD3068 will have mercy7355 on 853 Jacob,3290 and will yet5750 choose977 Israel,3478 and set5117 them in5921 their own land:127 and the strangers1616 shall be joined3867 with5921 them, and they shall cleave5596 to5921 the house1004 of Jacob.3290

2  And the people5971 shall take3947 them, and bring935 them to413 their place:4725 and the house1004 of Israel3478 shall possess5157 them in5921 the land127 of the LORD3068 for servants5650 and handmaids:8198 and they shall take1961 them captives,7617 whose captives7617 they were; and they shall rule over7287 their oppressors.5065

3  And it shall come to pass1961 in the day3117 that the LORD3068 shall give thee rest5117 from thy sorrow,4480 6090 and from thy fear,4480 7267 and from4480 the hard7186 bondage5656 wherein834 thou wast made to serve,5647

4  That thou shalt take up5375 this2088 proverb4912 against5921 the king4428 of Babylon,894 and say,559 How349 hath the oppressor5065 ceased!7673 the golden city4062 ceased!7673

5  The LORD3068 hath broken7665 the staff4294 of the wicked,7563 and the scepter7626 of the rulers.4910

6  He who smote5221 the people5971 in wrath5678 with a continual stroke,1115 5627 4347 he that ruled7287 the nations1471 in anger,639 is persecuted,4783 and none1097 hindereth.2820

7  The whole3605 earth776 is at rest,5117 and is quiet:8252 they break forth6476 into singing.7440

8  Yea,1571 the fir trees1265 rejoice8055 at thee, and the cedars730 of Lebanon,3844 saying, Since4480 227 thou art laid down,7901 no3808 feller3772 is come up5927 against5921 us.

9  Hell7585 from beneath4480 8478 is moved7264 for thee to meet7122 thee at thy coming:935 it stirreth up5782 the dead7496 for thee, even all3605 the chief ones6260 of the earth;776 it hath raised up6965 from their thrones4480 3678 all3605 the kings4428 of the nations.1471

10  All3605 they shall speak6030 and say559 unto thee, Art thou859 also1571 become weak2470 as we? art thou become like4911 unto413 us?

11  Thy pomp1347 is brought down3381 to the grave,7585 and the noise1998 of thy viols:5035 the worm7415 is spread3331 under8478 thee, and the worms8438 cover4374 thee.

12  How349 art thou fallen5307 from heaven,4480 8064 O Lucifer,1966 son1121 of the morning!7837 how art thou cut down1438 to the ground,776 which didst weaken2522 5921 the nations!1471

13  For thou859 hast said559 in thine heart,3824 I will ascend5927 into heaven,8064 I will exalt7311 my throne3678 above4480 4605 the stars3556 of God:410 I will sit3427 also upon the mount2022 of the congregation,4150 in the sides3411 of the north:6828

14  I will ascend5927 above5921 the heights1116 of the clouds;5645 I will be like1819 the most High.5945

15  Yet389 thou shalt be brought down3381 to413 hell,7585 to413 the sides3411 of the pit.953

16  They that see7200 thee shall narrowly look7688 upon413 thee, and consider995 thee, saying, Is this2088 the man376 that made the earth776 to tremble,7264 that did shake7493 kingdoms;4467

17  That made7760 the world8398 as a wilderness,4057 and destroyed2040 the cities5892 thereof; that opened6605 not3808 the house1004 of his prisoners?615

18  All3605 the kings4428 of the nations,1471 even all3605 of them, lie7901 in glory,3519 every one376 in his own house.1004

19  But thou859 art cast7993 out of thy grave4480 6913 like an abominable8581 branch,5342 and as the raiment3830 of those that are slain,2026 thrust through2944 with a sword,2719 that go down3381 to413 the stones68 of the pit;953 as a carcass6297 trodden under feet.947

20  Thou shalt not3808 be joined3161 with854 them in burial,6900 because3588 thou hast destroyed7843 thy land,776 and slain2026 thy people:5971 the seed2233 of evildoers7489 shall never3808 5769 be renowned.7121

21  Prepare3559 slaughter4293 for his children1121 for the iniquity5771 of their fathers;1 that they do not1077 rise,6965 nor possess3423 the land,776 nor fill4390 the face6440 of the world8398 with cities.5892

22  For I will rise up6965 against5921 them, saith5002 the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 and cut off3772 from Babylon894 the name,8034 and remnant,7605 and son,5209 and nephew,5220 saith5002 the LORD.3068

23  I will also make7760 it a possession4180 for the bittern,7090 and pools98 of water:4325 and I will sweep2894 it with the broom4292 of destruction,8045 saith5002 the LORD3068 of hosts.6635

24  The LORD3068 of hosts6635 hath sworn,7650 saying,559 Surely518 3808 as834 I have thought,1819 so3651 shall it come to pass;1961 and as834 I have purposed,3289 so shall it1931 stand:6965

25  That I will break7665 the Assyrian804 in my land,776 and upon5921 my mountains2022 tread him under foot:947 then shall his yoke5923 depart5493 from off4480 5921 them, and his burden5448 depart5493 from off4480 5921 their shoulders.7926

26  This2063 is the purpose6098 that is purposed3289 upon5921 the whole3605 earth:776 and this2063 is the hand3027 that is stretched out5186 upon5921 all3605 the nations.1471

27  For3588 the LORD3068 of hosts6635 hath purposed,3289 and who4310 shall disannul6565 it? and his hand3027 is stretched out,5186 and who4310 shall turn it back?7725

28  In the year8141 that king4428 Ahaz271 died4194 was1961 this2088 burden.4853

29  Rejoice8055 not408 thou, whole3605 Philistia,6429 because3588 the rod7626 of him that3588 smote5221 thee is broken:7665 for out of the serpent's root4480 8328 5175 shall come forth3318 a cockatrice,6848 and his fruit6529 shall be a fiery flying serpent.8314 5774

30  And the firstborn1060 of the poor1800 shall feed,7462 and the needy34 shall lie down7257 in safety:983 and I will kill4191 thy root8328 with famine,7458 and he shall slay2026 thy remnant.7611

31  Howl,3213 O gate;8179 cry,2199 O city;5892 thou, whole3605 Philistia,6429 art dissolved:4127 for3588 there shall come935 from the north4480 6828 a smoke,6227 and none369 shall be alone909 in his appointed times.4151

32  What4100 shall one then answer6030 the messengers4397 of the nation?1471 That3588 the LORD3068 hath founded3245 Zion,6726 and the poor6041 of his people5971 shall trust2620 in it.

Isaiah 15: 1-9

1  The burden4853 of Moab.4124 Because3588 in the night3915 Ar6144 of Moab4124 is laid waste,7703 and brought to silence;1820 because3588 in the night3915 Kir7024 of Moab4124 is laid waste,7703 and brought to silence;1820

2  He is gone up5927 to Bajith,1006 and to Dibon,1769 the high places,1116 to weep:1065 Moab4124 shall howl3213 over5921 Nebo,5015 and over5921 Medeba:4311 on all3605 their heads7218 shall be baldness,7144 and every3605 beard2206 cut off.1639

3  In their streets2351 they shall gird2296 themselves with sackcloth:8242 on5921 the tops of their houses,1406 and in their streets,7339 every one3605 shall howl,3213 weeping1065 abundantly.3381

4  And Heshbon2809 shall cry,2199 and Elealeh:500 their voice6963 shall be heard8085 even unto5704 Jahaz:3096 therefore5921 3651 the armed soldiers2502 of Moab4124 shall cry out;7321 his life5315 shall be grievous3415 unto him.

5  My heart3820 shall cry2199 out for Moab;4124 his fugitives1280 shall flee unto5704 Zoar,6820 a heifer5697 of three years old:7992 for3588 by the mounting up4608 of Luhith3872 with weeping1065 shall they go it up;5927 for3588 in the way1870 of Horonaim2773 they shall raise up5782 a cry2201 of destruction.7667

6  For3588 the waters4325 of Nimrim5249 shall be1961 desolate:4923 for3588 the hay2682 is withered away,3001 the grass1877 faileth,3615 there is1961 no3808 green thing.3418

7  Therefore5921 3651 the abundance3502 they have gotten,6213 and that which they have laid up,6486 shall they carry away5375 to5921 the brook5158 of the willows.6155

8  For3588 the cry2201 is gone round5362 about 853 the borders1366 of Moab;4124 the howling3213 thereof unto5704 Eglaim,97 and the howling3213 thereof unto Beer-elim.879

9  For3588 the waters4325 of Dimon1775 shall be full4390 of blood:1818 for3588 I will bring7896 more3254 upon5921 Dimon,1775 lions738 upon him that escapeth6413 of Moab,4124 and upon the remnant7611 of the land.127

Isaiah 16: 1-14

1  Send7971 ye the lamb3733 to the ruler4910 of the land776 from Sela4480 5554 to the wilderness,4057 unto413 the mount2022 of the daughter1323 of Zion.6726

2  For it shall be,1961 that, as a wandering5074 bird5775 cast out7971 of the nest,7064 so the daughters1323 of Moab4124 shall be1961 at the fords4569 of Arnon.769

3  Take935 counsel,6098 execute6213 judgment;6415 make7896 thy shadow6738 as the night3915 in the midst8432 of the noonday;6672 hide5641 the outcasts;5080 betray1540 not408 him that wandereth.5074

4  Let mine outcasts5080 dwell1481 with thee, Moab;4124 be1933 thou a covert5643 to them from the face4480 6440 of the spoiler:7703 for3588 the extortioner4160 is at an end,656 the spoiler7701 ceaseth,3615 the oppressors7429 are consumed8552 out of4480 the land.776

5  And in mercy2617 shall the throne3678 be established:3559 and he shall sit3427 upon5921 it in truth571 in the tabernacle168 of David,1732 judging,8199 and seeking1875 judgment,4941 and hasting4106 righteousness.6664

6  We have heard8085 of the pride1347 of Moab;4124 he is very3966 proud:1341 even of his haughtiness,1346 and his pride,1347 and his wrath:5678 but his lies907 shall not3808 be so.3651

7  Therefore3651 shall Moab4124 howl3213 for Moab,4124 every one3605 shall howl:3213 for the foundations808 of Kir-hareseth7025 shall ye mourn;1897 surely389 they are stricken.5218

8  For3588 the fields7709 of Heshbon2809 languish,535 and the vine1612 of Sibmah:7643 the lords1167 of the heathen1471 have broken down1986 the principal plants8291 thereof, they are come5060 even unto5704 Jazer,3270 they wandered8582 through the wilderness:4057 her branches7976 are stretched out,5203 they are gone over5674 the sea.3220

9  Therefore5921 3651 I will bewail1058 with the weeping1065 of Jazer3270 the vine1612 of Sibmah:7643 I will water7301 thee with my tears,1832 O Heshbon,2809 and Elealeh:500 for3588 the shouting1959 for5921 thy summer fruits7019 and for5921 thy harvest7105 is fallen.5307

10  And gladness8057 is taken away,622 and joy1524 out of4480 the plentiful field;3759 and in the vineyards3754 there shall be no3808 singing,7442 neither3808 shall there be shouting:7321 the treaders1869 shall tread1869 out no3808 wine3196 in their presses;3342 I have made their vintage shouting1959 to cease.7673

11  Wherefore921 3651 my bowels4578 shall sound1993 like a harp3658 for Moab,4124 and mine inward parts7130 for Kir-haresh.7025

12  And it shall come to pass,1961 when3588 it is seen7200 that3588 Moab4124 is weary3811 on5921 the high place,1116 that he shall come935 to413 his sanctuary4720 to pray;6419 but he shall not3808 prevail.3201

13  This2088 is the word1697 that834 the LORD3068 hath spoken1696 concerning413 Moab4124 since that time.4480 227

14  But now6258 the LORD3068 hath spoken,1696 saying,559 Within three7969 years,8141 as the years8141 of a hireling,7916 and the glory3519 of Moab4124 shall be contemned,7034 with all3605 that great7227 multitude;1995 and the remnant7605 shall be very small4592 4213 and feeble.3808 3524

Isaiah 17: 1-14

1  The burden4853 of Damascus.1834 Behold,2009 Damascus1834 is taken away5493 from being a city,4480 5892 and it shall be1961 a ruinous4654 heap.4596

2  The cities5892 of Aroer6177 are forsaken:5800 they shall be1961 for flocks,5739 which shall lie down,7257 and none369 shall make them afraid.2729

3  The fortress4013 also shall cease7673 from Ephraim,4480 669 and the kingdom4467 from Damascus,4480 1834 and the remnant7605 of Syria:758 they shall be1961 as the glory3519 of the children1121 of Israel,3478 saith5002 the LORD3068 of hosts.6635

4  And in that1931 day3117 it shall come to pass,1961 that the glory3519 of Jacob3290 shall be made thin,1809 and the fatness4924 of his flesh1320 shall wax lean.7329

5  And it shall be1961 as when the harvest man7105 gathereth622 the corn,7054 and reapeth7114 the ears7641 with his arm;2220 and it shall be1961 as he that gathereth3950 ears7641 in the valley6010 of Rephaim.7497

6  Yet gleaning grapes5955 shall be left7604 in it, as the shaking5363 of an olive tree,2132 two8147 or three7969 berries1620 in the top7218 of the uppermost bough,534 four702 or five2568 in the outermost fruitful6509 branches5585 thereof, saith5002 the LORD3068 God430 of Israel.3478

7  At that1931 day3117 shall a man120 look8159 to5921 his Maker,6213 and his eyes5869 shall have respect7200 to413 the Holy One6918 of Israel.3478

8  And he shall not3808 look8159 to413 the altars,4196 the work4639 of his hands,3027 neither3808 shall respect7200 that which834 his fingers676 have made,6213 either the groves,842 or the images.2553

9  In that1931 day3117 shall his strong4581 cities5892 be1961 as a forsaken5800 bough,2793 and an uppermost branch,534 which834 they left5800 because4480 6440 of the children1121 of Israel:3478 and there shall be1961 desolation.8077

10  Because3588 thou hast forgotten7911 the God430 of thy salvation,3468 and hast not3808 been mindful2142 of the rock6697 of thy strength,4581 therefore5921 3651 shalt thou plant5193 pleasant5282 plants,5194 and shalt set2232 it with strange2114 slips:2156

11  In the day3117 shalt thou make thy plant5194 to grow,7735 and in the morning1242 shalt thou make thy seed2233 to flourish:6524 but the harvest7105 shall be a heap5067 in the day3117 of grief2470 and of desperate605 sorrow.3511

12  Woe1945 to the multitude1995 of many7227 people,5971 which make a noise1993 like the noise1993 of the seas;3220 and to the rushing7588 of nations,3816 that make a rushing7582 like the rushing7588 of mighty3524 waters!4325

13  The nations3816 shall rush7582 like the rushing7588 of many7227 waters:4325 but God shall rebuke1605 them, and they shall flee5127 far off,4480 4801 and shall be chased7291 as the chaff4671 of the mountains2022 before6440 the wind,7307 and like a rolling thing1534 before6440 the whirlwind.5492

14  And behold2009 at eveningtide6256 6153 trouble;1091 and before2962 the morning1242 he is not.369 This2088 is the portion2506 of them that spoil8154 us, and the lot1486 of them that rob962 us.

Isaiah 18: 1-7

1  Woe1945 to the land776 shadowing6767 with wings,3671 which834 is beyond4480 5676 the rivers5104 of Ethiopia:3568

2  That sendeth7971 ambassadors6735 by the sea,3220 even in vessels3627 of bulrushes1573 upon5921 6440 the waters,4325 saying, Go,1980 ye swift7031 messengers,4397 to413 a nation1471 scattered4900 and peeled,4178 to413 a people5971 terrible3372 from4480 their beginning1931 hitherto;1973 a nation1471 meted out6957 6957 and trodden down,4001 whose834 land776 the rivers5104 have spoiled!958

3  All3605 ye inhabitants3427 of the world,8398 and dwellers7931 on the earth,776 see7200 ye, when he lifteth up5375 an ensign5251 on the mountains;2022 and when he bloweth8628 a trumpet,7782 hear8085 ye.

4  For3588 so3541 the LORD3068 said559 unto413 me, I will take my rest,8252 and I will consider5027 in my dwelling place4349 like a clear6703 heat2527 upon5921 herbs,216 and like a cloud5645 of dew2919 in the heat2527 of harvest.7105

5  For3588 before6440 the harvest,7105 when the bud6525 is perfect,8552 and the sour grape1155 is1961 ripening1580 in the flower,5328 he shall both cut off3772 the sprigs2150 with pruning hooks,4211 and take away5493 and cut down8456 the branches.5189

6  They shall be left5800 together3162 unto the fowls5861 of the mountains,2022 and to the beasts929 of the earth:776 and the fowls5861 shall summer6972 upon5921 them, and all3605 the beasts929 of the earth776 shall winter2778 upon5921 them.

7  In that1931 time6256 shall the present7862 be brought2986 unto the LORD3068 of hosts6635 of a people5971 scattered4900 and peeled,4178 and from a people4480 5971 terrible3372 from4480 their beginning1931 hitherto;1973 a nation1471 meted out6957 6957 and trodden under foot,4001 whose834 land776 the rivers5104 have spoiled,958 to413 the place4725 of the name8034 of the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 the mount2022 Zion.6726

Isaiah 19: 1-25

1  The burden4853 of Egypt.4714 Behold,2009 the LORD3068 rideth7392 upon5921 a swift7031 cloud,5645 and shall come935 into Egypt:4714 and the idols457 of Egypt4714 shall be moved5128 at his presence,4480 6440 and the heart3824 of Egypt4714 shall melt4549 in the midst7130 of it.

2  And I will set5526 the Egyptians4714 against the Egyptians:4714 and they shall fight3898 every one376 against his brother,251 and every one376 against his neighbor;7453 city5892 against city,5892 and kingdom4467 against kingdom.4467

3  And the spirit7307 of Egypt4714 shall fail1238 in the midst7130 thereof; and I will destroy1104 the counsel6098 thereof: and they shall seek1875 to413 the idols,457 and to413 the charmers,328 and to413 them that have familiar spirits,178 and to413 the wizards.3049

4  And 853 the Egyptians4714 will I give over5534 into the hand3027 of a cruel7186 lord;113 and a fierce5794 king4428 shall rule4910 over them, saith5002 the Lord,113 the LORD3068 of hosts.6635

5  And the waters4325 shall fail5405 from the sea,4480 3220 and the river5104 shall be wasted2717 and dried up.3001

6  And they shall turn the rivers far away;2186 5104 and the brooks2975 of defense4692 shall be emptied1809 and dried up:2717 the reeds7070 and flags5488 shall wither.7060

7  The paper reeds6169 by5921 the brooks,2975 by5921 the mouth6310 of the brooks,2975 and every thing3605 sown4218 by the brooks,2975 shall wither,3001 be driven away,5086 and be no369 more.

8  The fishers1771 also shall mourn,578 and all3605 they that cast7993 angle2443 into the brooks2975 shall lament,56 and they that spread6566 nets4365 upon5921 6440 the waters4325 shall languish.535

9  Moreover they that work5647 in fine8305 flax,6593 and they that weave707 networks,2355 shall be confounded.954

10  And they shall be1961 broken1792 in the purposes8356 thereof, all3605 that make6213 sluices7938 and ponds98 for fish.5315

11  Surely389 the princes8269 of Zoan6814 are fools,191 the counsel6098 of the wise2450 counselors3289 of Pharaoh6547 is become brutish:1197 how349 say559 ye unto413 Pharaoh,6547 I589 am the son1121 of the wise,2450 the son1121 of ancient6924 kings?4428

12  Where335 are they? where645 are thy wise2450 men? and let them tell5046 thee now,4994 and let them know3045 what4100 the LORD3068 of hosts6635 hath purposed3289 upon5921 Egypt.4714

13  The princes8269 of Zoan6814 are become fools,2973 the princes8269 of Noph5297 are deceived;5377 they have also seduced8582 853 Egypt,4714 even they that are the stay6438 of the tribes7626 thereof.

14  The LORD3068 hath mingled4537 a perverse5773 spirit7307 in the midst7130 thereof: and they have caused 853 Egypt4714 to err8582 in every3605 work4639 thereof, as a drunken7910 man staggereth8582 in his vomit.6892

15  Neither3808 shall there be1961 any work4639 for Egypt,4714 which834 the head7218 or tail,2180 branch3712 or rush,100 may do.6213

16  In that1931 day3117 shall Egypt4714 be1961 like unto women:802 and it shall be afraid2729 and fear6342 because4480 6440 of the shaking8573 of the hand3027 of the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 which834 he1931 shaketh5130 over5921 it.

17  And the land127 of Judah3063 shall be1961 a terror2283 unto Egypt,4714 every one3605 that834 maketh mention2142 thereof shall be afraid6342 in413 himself, because4480 6440 of the counsel6098 of the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 which834 he1931 hath determined3289 against5921 it.

18  In that1931 day3117 shall1961 five2568 cities5892 in the land776 of Egypt4714 speak1696 the language8193 of Canaan,3667 and swear7650 to the LORD3068 of hosts;6635 one259 shall be called,559 The city5892 of destruction.2041

19  In that1931 day3117 shall there be1961 an altar4196 to the LORD3068 in the midst8432 of the land776 of Egypt,4714 and a pillar4676 at681 the border1366 thereof to the LORD.3068

20  And it shall be1961 for a sign226 and for a witness5707 unto the LORD3068 of hosts6635 in the land776 of Egypt:4714 for3588 they shall cry6817 unto413 the LORD3068 because4480 6440 of the oppressors,3905 and he shall send7971 them a savior,3467 and a great one,7227 and he shall deliver5337 them.

21  And the LORD3068 shall be known3045 to Egypt,4714 and the Egyptians4714 shall know3045 853 the LORD3068 in that1931 day,3117 and shall do5647 sacrifice2077 and oblation;4503 yea, they shall vow5087 a vow5088 unto the LORD,3068 and perform7999 it.

22  And the LORD3068 shall smite5062 853 Egypt:4714 he shall smite5062 and heal7495 it: and they shall return7725 even to5704 the LORD,3068 and he shall be entreated6279 of them, and shall heal7495 them.

23  In that1931 day3117 shall there be1961 a highway4546 out of Egypt4480 4714 to Assyria,804 and the Assyrian804 shall come935 into Egypt,4714 and the Egyptian4714 into Assyria,804 and the Egyptians4714 shall serve5647 with854 the Assyrians.804

24  In that1931 day3117 shall Israel3478 be1961 the third7992 with Egypt4714 and with Assyria,804 even a blessing1293 in the midst7130 of the land:776

25  Whom834 the LORD3068 of hosts6635 shall bless,1288 saying,559 Blessed1288 be Egypt4714 my people,5971 and Assyria804 the work4639 of my hands,3027 and Israel3478 mine inheritance.5159

Isaiah 20: 1-6

1  In the year8141 that Tartan8661 came935 unto Ashdod,795 (when Sargon5623 the king4428 of Assyria804 sent7971 him,) and fought3898 against Ashdod,795 and took3920 it;

2  At the same1931 time6256 spoke1696 the LORD3068 by3027 Isaiah3470 the son1121 of Amoz,531 saying,559 Go1980 and loose6605 the sackcloth8242 from off4480 5921 thy loins,4975 and put off2502 thy shoe5275 from4480 5921 thy foot.7272 And he did6213 so,3651 walking1980 naked6174 and barefoot.3182

3  And the LORD3068 said,559 Like as834 my servant5650 Isaiah3470 hath walked1980 naked6174 and barefoot3182 three7969 years8141 for a sign226 and wonder4159 upon5921 Egypt4714 and upon5921 Ethiopia;3568

4  So3651 shall the king4428 of Assyria804 lead away5090 853 the Egyptians4714 prisoners,7628 and the Ethiopians3568 captives,1546 young5288 and old,2205 naked6174 and barefoot,3182 even with their buttocks8357 uncovered,2834 to the shame6172 of Egypt.4714

5  And they shall be afraid2865 and ashamed954 of Ethiopia4480 3568 their expectation,4007 and of4480 Egypt4714 their glory.8597

6  And the inhabitant3427 of this2088 isle339 shall say559 in that1931 day,3117 Behold,2009 such3541 is our expectation,4007 whither834 8033 we flee5127 for help5833 to be delivered5337 from4480 6440 the king4428 of Assyria:804 and how349 shall we587 escape?4422

Isaiah 21: 1-17

1  The burden4853 of the desert4057 of the sea.3220 As whirlwinds5492 in the south5045 pass through;2498 so it cometh935 from the desert,4480 4057 from a terrible3372 land.4480 776

2  A grievous7186 vision2380 is declared5046 unto me; the treacherous dealer898 dealeth treacherously,898 and the spoiler7703 spoileth.7703 Go up,5927 O Elam:5867 besiege,6696 O Media;4074 all3605 the sighing585 thereof have I made to cease.7673

3  Therefore5921 3651 are my loins4975 filled4390 with pain:2479 pangs6735 have taken hold270 upon me, as the pangs6735 of a woman that travaileth:3205 I was bowed down5753 at the hearing4480 8085 of it; I was dismayed926 at the seeing4480 7200 of it.

4  My heart3824 panted,8582 fearfulness6427 frightened1204 853 me: the night5399 of my pleasure2837 hath he turned7760 into fear2731 unto me.

5  Prepare6186 the table,7979 watch6822 in the watchtower,6844 eat,398 drink:8354 arise,6965 ye princes,8269 and anoint4886 the shield.4043

6  For3588 thus3541 hath the Lord136 said559 unto413 me, Go,1980 set5975 a watchman,6822 let him declare5046 what834 he seeth.7200

7  And he saw7200 a chariot7393 with a couple6776 of horsemen,6571 a chariot7393 of asses,2543 and a chariot7393 of camels;1581 and he hearkened7181 diligently7182 with much7227 heed:7182

8  And he cried,7121 A lion:738 My lord,113 I595 stand5975 continually8548 upon5921 the watchtower4707 in the daytime,3119 and I595 am set5324 in5921 my ward4931 whole3605 nights:3915

9  And, behold,2009 here2088 cometh935 a chariot7393 of men,376 with a couple6776 of horsemen.6571 And he answered6030 and said,559 Babylon894 is fallen,5307 is fallen;5307 and all3605 the graven images6456 of her gods430 he hath broken7665 unto the ground.776

10  O my threshing,4098 and the corn1121 of my floor:1637 that which834 I have heard8085 of4480 854 the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 the God430 of Israel,3478 have I declared5046 unto you.

11  The burden4853 of Dumah.1746 He calleth7121 to413 me out of Seir,4480 8165 Watchman,8104 what4100 of the night?4480 3915 Watchman,8104 what4100 of the night?4480 3915

12  The watchman8104 said,559 The morning1242 cometh,857 and also1571 the night:3915 if518 ye will inquire,1158 inquire1158 ye: return,7725 come.857

13  The burden4853 upon Arabia.6152 In the forest3293 in Arabia6152 shall ye lodge,3885 O ye traveling companies736 of Dedanim.1720

14  The inhabitants3427 of the land776 of Tema8485 brought857 water4325 to him that was thirsty,6771 they prevented6923 with their bread3899 him that fled.5074

15  For3588 they fled5074 from4480 6440 the swords,2719 from4480 6440 the drawn5203 sword,2719 and from4480 6440 the bent1869 bow,7198 and from4480 6440 the grievousness3514 of war.4421

16  For3588 thus3541 hath the Lord136 said559 unto413 me, Within5750 a year,8141 according to the years8141 of a hireling,7916 and all3605 the glory3519 of Kedar6938 shall fail:3615

17  And the residue7605 of the number4557 of archers,7198 the mighty men1368 of the children1121 of Kedar,6938 shall be diminished:4591 for3588 the LORD3068 God430 of Israel3478 hath spoken1696 it.

Isaiah 22: 1-25

1  The burden4853 of the valley1516 of vision.2384 What4100 aileth thee now,645 that3588 thou art wholly3605 gone up5927 to the housetops?1406

2  Thou that art full4392 of stirs,8663 a tumultuous1993 city,5892 a joyous5947 city:7151 thy slain2491 men are not3808 slain2491 with the sword,2719 nor3808 dead4191 in battle.4421

3  All3605 thy rulers7101 are fled5074 together,3162 they are bound631 by the archers:4480 7198 all3605 that are found4672 in thee are bound631 together,3162 which have fled1272 from far.4480 7350

4  Therefore5921 3651 said559 I, Look away8159 from4480 me; I will weep1065 bitterly,4843 labor213 not408 to comfort5162 me, because5921 of the spoiling7701 of the daughter1323 of my people.5971

5  For3588 it is a day3117 of trouble,4103 and of treading down,4001 and of perplexity3998 by the Lord136 GOD3069 of hosts6635 in the valley1516 of vision,2384 breaking down6979 the walls,7023 and of crying7771 to413 the mountains.2022

6  And Elam5867 bore5375 the quiver827 with chariots7393 of men120 and horsemen,6571 and Kir7024 uncovered6168 the shield.4043

7  And it shall come to pass,1961 that thy choicest4055 valleys6010 shall be full4390 of chariots,7393 and the horsemen6571 shall set themselves in array7896 7896 at the gate.8179

8  And he discovered1540 853 the covering4539 of Judah,3063 and thou didst look5027 in that1931 day3117 to413 the armor5402 of the house1004 of the forest.3293

9  Ye have seen7200 also the breaches1233 of the city5892 of David,1732 that3588 they are many:7231 and ye gathered together6908 853 the waters4325 of the lower8481 pool.1295

10  And ye have numbered5608 the houses1004 of Jerusalem,3389 and the houses1004 have ye broken down5422 to fortify1219 the wall.2346

11  Ye made6213 also a ditch4724 between996 the two walls2346 for the water4325 of the old3465 pool:1295 but ye have not3808 looked5027 unto413 the maker6213 thereof, neither3808 had respect7200 unto him that fashioned3335 it long ago.4480 7350

12  And in that1931 day3117 did the Lord136 GOD3069 of hosts6635 call7121 to weeping,1065 and to mourning,4553 and to baldness,7144 and to girding2296 with sackcloth:8242

13  And behold2009 joy8342 and gladness,8057 slaying2026 oxen,1241 and killing7819 sheep,6629 eating398 flesh,1320 and drinking8354 wine:3196 let us eat398 and drink;8354 for3588 tomorrow4279 we shall die.4191

14  And it was revealed1540 in mine ears241 by the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 Surely518 this2088 iniquity5771 shall not be purged3722 from you till5704 ye die,4191 saith559 the Lord136 GOD3069 of hosts.6635

15  Thus3541 saith559 the Lord136 GOD3069 of hosts,6635 Go,1980 get935 thee unto413 this2088 treasurer,5532 even unto5921 Shebna,7644 which834 is over5921 the house,1004 and say,

16  What4100 hast thou here?6311 and whom4310 hast thou here,6311 that3588 thou hast hewed thee out2672 a sepulcher6913 here,6311 as he that heweth him out2672 a sepulcher6913 on high,4791 and that graveth2710 a habitation4908 for himself in a rock?5553

17  Behold,2009 the LORD3068 will carry thee away2904 with a mighty1397 captivity,2925 and will surely cover5844 5844 thee.

18  He will surely violently turn6801 6801 and toss6802 thee like a ball1754 into413 a large7342 3027 country:776 there8033 shalt thou die,4191 and there8033 the chariots4818 of thy glory3519 shall be the shame7036 of thy lord's113 house.1004

19  And I will drive1920 thee from thy station,4480 4673 and from thy state4480 4612 shall he pull thee down.2040

20  And it shall come to pass1961 in that1931 day,3117 that I will call7121 my servant5650 Eliakim471 the son1121 of Hilkiah:2518

21  And I will clothe3847 him with thy robe,3801 and strengthen2388 him with thy girdle,73 and I will commit5414 thy government4475 into his hand:3027 and he shall be1961 a father1 to the inhabitants3427 of Jerusalem,3389 and to the house1004 of Judah.3063

22  And the key4668 of the house1004 of David1732 will I lay5414 upon5921 his shoulder;7926 so he shall open,6605 and none369 shall shut;5462 and he shall shut,5462 and none369 shall open.6605

23  And I will fasten8628 him as a nail3489 in a sure539 place;4725 and he shall be1961 for a glorious3519 throne3678 to his father's1 house.1004

24  And they shall hang8518 upon5921 him all3605 the glory3519 of his father's1 house,1004 the offspring6631 and the issue,6849 all3605 vessels3627 of small quantity,6996 from the vessels4480 3627 of cups,101 even to5704 all3605 the vessels3627 of flagons.5035

25  In that1931 day,3117 saith5002 the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 shall the nail3489 that is fastened8628 in the sure539 place4725 be removed,4185 and be cut down,1438 and fall;5307 and the burden4853 that834 was upon5921 it shall be cut off:3772 for3588 the LORD3068 hath spoken1696 it.

Isaiah 23: 1-18

1  The burden4853 of Tyre.6865 Howl,3213 ye ships591 of Tarshish;8659 for3588 it is laid waste,7703 so that there is no house,4480 1004 no entering in:4480 935 from the land4480 776 of Chittim3794 it is revealed1540 to them.

2  Be still,1826 ye inhabitants3427 of the isle;339 thou whom the merchants5503 of Zidon,6721 that pass over5674 the sea,3220 have replenished.4390

3  And by great7227 waters4325 the seed2233 of Sihor,7883 the harvest7105 of the river,2975 is her revenue;8393 and she is1961 a mart5505 of nations.1471

4  Be thou ashamed,954 O Zidon:6721 for3588 the sea3220 hath spoken,559 even the strength4581 of the sea,3220 saying,559 I travail2342 not,3808 nor3808 bring forth children,3205 neither3808 do I nourish up1431 young men,970 nor bring up7311 virgins.1330

5  As834 at the report8088 concerning Egypt,4714 so shall they be sorely pained2342 at the report8088 of Tyre.6865

6  Pass ye over5674 to Tarshish;8659 howl,3213 ye inhabitants3427 of the isle.339

7  Is this2063 your joyous5947 city, whose antiquity6927 is of ancient6924 days?4480 3117 her own feet7272 shall carry2986 her afar off4480 7350 to sojourn.1481

8  Who4310 hath taken this counsel3289 2063 against5921 Tyre,6865 the crowning5849 city, whose834 merchants5503 are princes,8269 whose traders3669 are the honorable3513 of the earth?776

9  The LORD3068 of hosts6635 hath purposed3289 it, to stain2490 the pride1347 of all3605 glory,6643 and to bring into contempt7043 all3605 the honorable3513 of the earth.776

10  Pass through5674 thy land776 as a river,2975 O daughter1323 of Tarshish:8659 there is no369 more5750 strength.4206

11  He stretched out5186 his hand3027 over5921 the sea,3220 he shook7264 the kingdoms:4467 the LORD3068 hath given a commandment6680 against413 the merchant3667 city, to destroy8045 the strongholds4581 thereof.

12  And he said,559 Thou shalt no3808 more5750 rejoice,5937 O thou oppressed6231 virgin,1330 daughter1323 of Zidon:6721 arise,6965 pass over5674 to Chittim;3794 there8033 also1571 shalt thou have no rest.5117 3808

13  Behold2005 the land776 of the Chaldeans;3778 this2088 people5971 was1961 not,3808 till the Assyrian804 founded3245 it for them that dwell in the wilderness:6728 they set up6965 the towers971 thereof, they raised up6209 the palaces759 thereof; and he brought7760 it to ruin.4654

14  Howl,3213 ye ships591 of Tarshish:8659 for3588 your strength4581 is laid waste.7703

15  And it shall come to pass1961 in that1931 day,3117 that Tyre6865 shall be forgotten7911 seventy7657 years,8141 according to the days3117 of one259 king:4428 after the end4480 7093 of seventy7657 years8141 shall Tyre6865 sing7892 as a harlot.2181

16  Take3947 a harp,3658 go about5437 the city,5892 thou harlot2181 that hast been forgotten;7911 make sweet3190 melody,5059 sing many7235 songs,7892 that4616 thou mayest be remembered.2142

17  And it shall come to pass1961 after the end4480 7093 of seventy7657 years,8141 that the LORD3068 will visit6485 853 Tyre,6865 and she shall turn7725 to her hire,868 and shall commit fornication2181 with854 all3605 the kingdoms4467 of the world776 upon5921 the face6440 of the earth.127

18  And her merchandise5504 and her hire868 shall be1961 holiness6944 to the LORD:3068 it shall not3808 be treasured686 nor3808 laid up;2630 for3588 her merchandise5504 shall be1961 for them that dwell3427 before6440 the LORD,3068 to eat398 sufficiently,7654 and for durable6266 clothing.4374

Isaiah 24: 1-23

1  Behold,2009 the LORD3068 maketh the earth empty,1238 776 and maketh it waste,1110 and turneth it upside down,5753 6440 and scattereth abroad6327 the inhabitants3427 thereof.

2  And it shall be,1961 as with the people,5971 so with the priest;3548 as with the servant,5650 so with his master;113 as with the maid,8198 so with her mistress;1404 as with the buyer,7069 so with the seller;4376 as with the lender,3867 so with the borrower;3867 as with the taker of usury,5383 so834 with the giver of usury5378 to him.

3  The land776 shall be utterly emptied,1238 1238 and utterly spoiled:962 962 for3588 the LORD3068 hath spoken1696 853 this2088 word.1697

4  The earth776 mourneth56 and fadeth away,5034 the world8398 languisheth535 and fadeth away,5034 the haughty4791 people5971 of the earth776 do languish.535

5  The earth776 also is defiled2610 under8478 the inhabitants3427 thereof; because3588 they have transgressed5674 the laws,8451 changed2498 the ordinance,2706 broken6565 the everlasting5769 covenant.1285

6  Therefore5921 3651 hath the curse423 devoured398 the earth,776 and they that dwell3427 therein are desolate:816 therefore5921 3651 the inhabitants3427 of the earth776 are burned,2787 and few4213 men582 left.7604

7  The new wine8492 mourneth,56 the vine1612 languisheth,535 all3605 the merryhearted8056 3820 do sigh.584

8  The mirth4885 of tabrets8596 ceaseth,7673 the noise7588 of them that rejoice5947 endeth,2308 the joy4885 of the harp3658 ceaseth.7673

9  They shall not3808 drink8354 wine3196 with a song;7892 strong drink7941 shall be bitter4843 to them that drink8354 it.

10  The city7151 of confusion8414 is broken down:7665 every3605 house1004 is shut up,5462 that no man may come in.4480 935

11  There is a crying6682 for5921 wine3196 in the streets;2351 all3605 joy8057 is darkened,6150 the mirth4885 of the land776 is gone.1540

12  In the city5892 is left7604 desolation,8047 and the gate8179 is smitten3807 with destruction.7591

13  When3588 thus3541 it shall be1961 in the midst7130 of the land776 among8432 the people,5971 there shall be as the shaking5363 of an olive tree,2132 and as the gleaning grapes5955 when518 the vintage1210 is done.3615

14  They1992 shall lift up5375 their voice,6963 they shall sing7442 for the majesty1347 of the LORD,3068 they shall cry aloud6670 from the sea.4480 3220

15  Wherefore5921 3651 glorify3513 ye the LORD3068 in the fires,217 even the name8034 of the LORD3068 God430 of Israel3478 in the isles339 of the sea.3220

16  From the uttermost part4480 3671 of the earth776 have we heard8085 songs,2158 even glory6643 to the righteous.6662 But I said,559 My leanness,7334 my leanness,7334 woe188 unto me! the treacherous dealers898 have dealt treacherously;898 yea, the treacherous dealers898 have dealt very treacherously.898 899

17  Fear,6343 and the pit,6354 and the snare,6341 are upon5921 thee, O inhabitant3427 of the earth.776

18  And it shall come to pass,1961 that he who fleeth5127 from the noise4480 6963 of the fear6343 shall fall5307 into413 the pit;6354 and he that cometh up5927 out of the midst4480 8432 of the pit6354 shall be taken3920 in the snare:6341 for3588 the windows699 from on high4480 4791 are open,6605 and the foundations4146 of the earth776 do shake.7493

19  The earth776 is utterly broken down,7489 7489 the earth776 is clean dissolved,6565 6565 the earth776 is moved exceedingly.4131 4131

20  The earth776 shall reel to and fro5128 5128 like a drunkard,7910 and shall be removed5110 like a cottage;4412 and the transgression6588 thereof shall be heavy3513 upon5921 it; and it shall fall,5307 and not3808 rise6965 again.3254

21  And it shall come to pass1961 in that1931 day,3117 that the LORD3068 shall punish6485 5921 the host6635 of the high ones4791 that are on high,4791 and the kings4428 of the earth127 upon5921 the earth.127

22  And they shall be gathered together,622 as prisoners616 are gathered626 in5921 the pit,953 and shall be shut up5462 in5921 the prison,4525 and after many4480 7230 days3117 shall they be visited.6485

23  Then the moon3842 shall be confounded,2659 and the sun2535 ashamed,954 when3588 the LORD3068 of hosts6635 shall reign4427 in mount2022 Zion,6726 and in Jerusalem,3389 and before5048 his ancients2205 gloriously.3519

Isaiah 25: 1-12

1  O LORD,3068 thou859 art my God;430 I will exalt7311 thee, I will praise3034 thy name;8034 for3588 thou hast done6213 wonderful6382 things; thy counsels6098 of old4480 7350 are faithfulness530 and truth.544

2  For3588 thou hast made7760 of a city4480 5892 a heap;1530 of a defensed1219 city7151 a ruin:4654 a palace759 of strangers2114 to be no city;4480 5892 it shall never3808 5769 be built.1129

3  Therefore5921 3651 shall the strong5794 people5971 glorify3513 thee, the city7151 of the terrible6184 nations1471 shall fear3372 thee.

4  For3588 thou hast been1961 a strength4581 to the poor,1800 a strength4581 to the needy34 in his distress,6862 a refuge4268 from the storm,4480 2230 a shadow6738 from the heat,4480 2721 when3588 the blast7307 of the terrible ones6184 is as a storm2230 against the wall.7023

5  Thou shalt bring down3665 the noise7588 of strangers,2114 as the heat2721 in a dry place;6724 even the heat2721 with the shadow6738 of a cloud:5645 the branch2159 of the terrible ones6184 shall be brought low.6030

6  And in this2088 mountain2022 shall the LORD3068 of hosts6635 make6213 unto all3605 people5971 a feast4960 of fat things,8081 a feast4960 of wines on the lees,8105 of fat things8081 full of marrow,4229 of wines on the lees8105 well refined.2212

7  And he will destroy1104 in this2088 mountain2022 the face6440 of the covering3875 cast3874 over5921 all3605 people,5971 and the veil4541 that is spread5259 over5921 all3605 nations.1471

8  He will swallow up1104 death4194 in victory;5331 and the Lord136 GOD3069 will wipe away4229 tears1832 from off4480 5921 all3605 faces;6440 and the rebuke2781 of his people5971 shall he take away5493 from off4480 5921 all3605 the earth:776 for3588 the LORD3068 hath spoken1696 it.

9  And it shall be said559 in that1931 day,3117 Lo,2009 this2088 is our God;430 we have waited6960 for him, and he will save3467 us: this2088 is the LORD;3068 we have waited6960 for him, we will be glad1523 and rejoice8055 in his salvation.3444

10  For3588 in this2088 mountain2022 shall the hand3027 of the LORD3068 rest,5117 and Moab4124 shall be trodden down1758 under8478 him, even as straw4963 is trodden down1758 for the dunghill.4087

11  And he shall spread forth6566 his hands3027 in the midst7130 of them, as834 he that swimmeth7811 spreadeth forth6566 his hands to swim:7811 and he shall bring down8213 their pride1346 together with5973 the spoils698 of their hands.3027

12  And the fortress4013 of the high fort4869 of thy walls2346 shall he bring down,7817 lay low,8213 and bring5060 to the ground,776 even to5704 the dust.6083

Isaiah 26: 1-21

1  In that1931 day3117 shall this2088 song7892 be sung7891 in the land776 of Judah;3063 We have a strong5797 city;5892 salvation3444 will God appoint7896 for walls2346 and bulwarks.2426

2  Open6605 ye the gates,8179 that the righteous6662 nation1471 which keepeth8104 the truth529 may enter in.935

3  Thou wilt keep5341 him in perfect peace,7965 7965 whose mind3336 is stayed5564 on thee: because3588 he trusteth982 in thee.

4  Trust982 ye in the LORD3068 forever:5704 5703 for3588 in the LORD3050 JEHOVAH3068 is everlasting5769 strength:6697

5  For3588 he bringeth down7817 them that dwell3427 on high;4791 the lofty7682 city,7151 he layeth it low;8213 he layeth it low,8213 even to5704 the ground;776 he bringeth5060 it even to5704 the dust.6083

6  The foot7272 shall tread it down,7429 even the feet7272 of the poor,6041 and the steps6471 of the needy.1800

7  The way734 of the just6662 is uprightness:4339 thou, most upright,3477 dost weigh6424 the path4570 of the just.6662

8  Yea,637 in the way734 of thy judgments,4941 O LORD,3068 have we waited6960 for thee; the desire8378 of our soul5315 is to thy name,8034 and to the remembrance2143 of thee.

9  With my soul5315 have I desired183 thee in the night;3915 yea,637 with my spirit7307 within7130 me will I seek thee early:7836 for3588 when834 thy judgments4941 are in the earth,776 the inhabitants3427 of the world8398 will learn3925 righteousness.6664

10  Let favor be showed2603 to the wicked,7563 yet will he not1077 learn3925 righteousness:6664 in the land776 of uprightness5229 will he deal unjustly,5765 and will not1077 behold7200 the majesty1348 of the LORD.3068

11  LORD,3068 when thy hand3027 is lifted up,5375 they will not1077 see:2372 but they shall see,2372 and be ashamed954 for their envy7068 at the people;5971 yea,637 the fire784 of thine enemies6862 shall devour398 them.

12  LORD,3068 thou wilt ordain8239 peace7965 for us: for3588 thou also1571 hast wrought6466 all3605 our works4639 in us.

13  O LORD3068 our God,430 other lords113 beside2108 thee have had dominion1166 over us: but by thee only905 will we make mention2142 of thy name.8034

14  They are dead,4191 they shall not1077 live;2421 they are deceased,7496 they shall not1077 rise:6965 therefore3651 hast thou visited6485 and destroyed8045 them, and made all3605 their memory2143 to perish.6

15  Thou hast increased3254 the nation,1471 O LORD,3068 thou hast increased3254 the nation:1471 thou art glorified:3513 thou hadst removed it far7368 unto all3605 the ends7099 of the earth.776

16  LORD,3068 in trouble6862 have they visited6485 thee, they poured out6694 a prayer3908 when thy chastening4148 was upon them.

17  Like as3644 a woman with child,2030 that draweth near7126 the time of her delivery,3205 is in pain,2342 and crieth out2199 in her pangs;2256 so3651 have we been1961 in thy sight,4480 6440 O LORD.3068

18  We have been with child,2029 we have been in pain,2342 we have as it were3644 brought forth3205 wind;7307 we have not1077 wrought6213 any deliverance3444 in the earth;776 neither1077 have the inhabitants3427 of the world8398 fallen.5307

19  Thy dead4191 men shall live,2421 together with my dead body5038 shall they arise.6965 Awake6974 and sing,7442 ye that dwell7931 in dust:6083 for3588 thy dew2919 is as the dew2919 of herbs,219 and the earth776 shall cast out5307 the dead.7496

20  Come,1980 my people,5971 enter935 thou into thy chambers,2315 and shut5462 thy doors1817 about1157 thee: hide2247 thyself as it were for a little4592 moment,7281 until5704 the indignation2195 be overpast.5674

21  For,3588 behold,2009 the LORD3068 cometh3318 out of his place4480 4725 to punish6485 the inhabitants3427 of the earth776 for their iniquity:5771 the earth776 also shall disclose1540 853 her blood,1818 and shall no3808 more5750 cover3680 5921 her slain.2026

Isaiah 27: 1-13

1  In that1931 day3117 the LORD3068 with his sore7186 and great1419 and strong2389 sword2719 shall punish6485 5921 leviathan3882 the piercing1281 serpent,5175 even leviathan3882 that crooked6129 serpent;5175 and he shall slay2026 853 the dragon8577 that834 is in the sea.3220

2  In that1931 day3117 sing6031 ye unto her, A vineyard3754 of red wine.2531

3  I589 the LORD3068 do keep5341 it; I will water8248 it every moment:7281 lest6435 any hurt6485 5921 it, I will keep5341 it night3915 and day.3117

4  Fury2534 is not369 in me: who4310 would set5414 the briers8068 and thorns7898 against me in battle?4421 I would go6585 through them, I would burn6702 them together.3162

5  Or176 let him take hold2388 of my strength,4581 that he may make6213 peace7965 with me; and he shall make6213 peace7965 with me.

6  He shall cause them that come935 of Jacob3290 to take root:8327 Israel3478 shall blossom6692 and bud,6524 and fill4390 the face6440 of the world8398 with fruit.8570

7  Hath he smitten5221 him, as he smote4347 those that smote5221 him? or is he slain2026 according to the slaughter2027 of them that are slain2026 by him?

8  In measure,5432 when it shooteth forth,7971 thou wilt debate7378 with it: he stayeth1898 his rough7186 wind7307 in the day3117 of the east wind.6921

9  By this2063 therefore3651 shall the iniquity5771 of Jacob3290 be purged;3722 and this2088 is all3605 the fruit6529 to take away5493 his sin;2403 when he maketh7760 all3605 the stones68 of the altar4196 as chalkstones68 1615 that are beaten in sunder,5310 the groves842 and images2553 shall not3808 stand up.6965

10  Yet3588 the defensed1219 city5892 shall be desolate,910 and the habitation5116 forsaken,7971 and left5800 like a wilderness:4057 there8033 shall the calf5695 feed,7462 and there8033 shall he lie down,7257 and consume3615 the branches5585 thereof.

11  When the boughs7105 thereof are withered,3001 they shall be broken off:7665 the women802 come,935 and set them on fire:215 853 for3588 it is a people5971 of no3808 understanding:998 therefore5921 3651 he1931 that made6213 them will not3808 have mercy7355 on them, and he that formed3335 them will show them no favor.2603 3808

12  And it shall come to pass1961 in that1931 day,3117 that the LORD3068 shall beat off2251 from the channel4480 7641 of the river5104 unto5704 the stream5158 of Egypt,4714 and ye859 shall be gathered3950 one259 by one,259 O ye children1121 of Israel.3478

13  And it shall come to pass1961 in that1931 day,3117 that the great1419 trumpet7782 shall be blown,8628 and they shall come935 which were ready to perish6 in the land776 of Assyria,804 and the outcasts5080 in the land776 of Egypt,4714 and shall worship7812 the LORD3068 in the holy6944 mount2022 at Jerusalem.3389

Isaiah 28: 1-29

1  Woe1945 to the crown5850 of pride,1348 to the drunkards7910 of Ephraim,669 whose glorious6643 beauty8597 is a fading5034 flower,6731 which834 are on5921 the head7218 of the fat8081 valleys1516 of them that are overcome1986 with wine!3196

2  Behold,2009 the Lord136 hath a mighty2389 and strong one,533 which as a tempest2230 of hail1259 and a destroying6986 storm,8178 as a flood2230 of mighty3524 waters4325 overflowing,7857 shall cast down5117 to the earth776 with the hand.3027

3  The crown5850 of pride,1348 the drunkards7910 of Ephraim,669 shall be trodden7429 under feet:7272

4  And the glorious6643 beauty,8597 which834 is on5921 the head7218 of the fat8081 valley,1516 shall be1961 a fading5034 flower,6733 and as the hasty fruit1061 before2962 the summer;7019 which834 when he that looketh7200 upon it seeth,7200 while it is yet5750 in his hand3709 he eateth it up.1104

5  In that1931 day3117 shall the LORD3068 of hosts6635 be1961 for a crown5850 of glory,6643 and for a diadem6843 of beauty,8597 unto the residue7605 of his people,5971

6  And for a spirit7307 of judgment4941 to him that sitteth3427 in5921 judgment,4941 and for strength1369 to them that turn7725 the battle4421 to the gate.8179

7  But they428 also1571 have erred7686 through wine,3196 and through strong drink7941 are out of the way;8582 the priest3548 and the prophet5030 have erred7686 through strong drink,7941 they are swallowed up1104 of4480 wine,3196 they are out of the way8582 through4480 strong drink;7941 they err7686 in vision,7203 they stumble6328 in judgment.6417

8  For3588 all3605 tables7979 are full4390 of vomit6892 and filthiness,6675 so that there is no1097 place4725 clean.

853 Whom4310 shall he teach3384 knowledge?1844 and whom4310 shall he make to understand995 doctrine?8052 them that are weaned1580 from the milk,4480 2461 and drawn6267 from the breasts.4480 7699

10  For3588 precept6673 must be upon precept,6673 precept6673 upon precept;6673 line6957 upon line,6957 line6957 upon line;6957 here8033 a little,2191 and there8033 a little:2191

11  For3588 with stammering3934 lips8193 and another312 tongue3956 will he speak1696 to413 this2088 people.5971

12  To413 whom834 he said,559 This2063 is the rest4496 wherewith ye may cause the weary5889 to rest;5117 and this2063 is the refreshing:4774 yet they would14 not3808 hear.8085

13  But the word1697 of the LORD3068 was1961 unto them precept6673 upon precept,6673 precept6673 upon precept;6673 line6957 upon line,6957 line6957 upon line;6957 here8033 a little,2191 and there8033 a little;2191 that4616 they might go,1980 and fall3782 backward,268 and be broken,7665 and snared,3369 and taken.3920

14  Wherefore3651 hear8085 the word1697 of the LORD,3068 ye scornful3944 men,376 that rule4910 this2088 people5971 which834 is in Jerusalem.3389

15  Because3588 ye have said,559 We have made3772 a covenant1285 with854 death,4194 and with5973 hell7585 are we at6213 agreement;2374 when3588 the overflowing7857 scourge7752 shall pass through,5674 it shall not3808 come935 unto us: for3588 we have made7760 lies3577 our refuge,4268 and under falsehood8267 have we hid ourselves:5641

16  Therefore3651 thus3541 saith559 the Lord136 GOD,3069 Behold,2009 I lay3245 in Zion6726 for a foundation3245 a stone,68 a tried976 stone,68 a precious3368 corner6438 stone, a sure3245 foundation:4143 he that believeth539 shall not3808 make haste.2363

17  Judgment4941 also will I lay7760 to the line,6957 and righteousness6666 to the plummet:4949 and the hail1259 shall sweep away3261 the refuge4268 of lies,3577 and the waters4325 shall overflow7857 the hiding place.5643

18  And your covenant1285 with854 death4194 shall be disannulled,3722 and your agreement2380 with854 hell7585 shall not3808 stand;6965 when3588 the overflowing7857 scourge7752 shall pass through,5674 then ye shall be1961 trodden down4823 by it.

19  From the time4480 1767 that it goeth forth5674 it shall take3947 you: for3588 morning1242 by morning1242 shall it pass over,5674 by day3117 and by night:3915 and it shall be1961 a vexation2113 only7535 to understand995 the report.8052

20  For3588 the bed4702 is shorter7114 than that a man can stretch himself4480 8311 on it: and the covering4541 narrower6887 than that he can wrap himself3664 in it.

21  For3588 the LORD3068 shall rise up6965 as in mount2022 Perazim,6556 he shall be wroth7264 as in the valley6010 of Gibeon,1391 that he may do6213 his work,4639 his strange2114 work;4639 and bring to pass5647 his act,5656 his strange5237 act.5656

22  Now6258 therefore be ye not mockers,3887 408 lest6435 your bands4147 be made strong:2388 for3588 I have heard8085 from4480 854 the Lord136 GOD3069 of hosts6635 a consumption,3617 even determined2782 upon5921 the whole3605 earth.776

23  Give ye ear,238 and hear8085 my voice;6963 hearken,7181 and hear8085 my speech.565

24  Doth the plowman2790 plow2790 all3605 day3117 to sow?2232 doth he open6605 and break the clods7702 of his ground?127

25  When518 he hath made plain7737 the face6440 thereof, doth he not3808 cast abroad6327 the fitches,7100 and scatter2236 the cummin,3646 and cast7760 in the principal7795 wheat2406 and the appointed5567 barley8184 and the rye3698 in their place?1367

26  For his God430 doth instruct3256 him to discretion,4941 and doth teach3384 him.

27  For3588 the fitches7100 are not3808 threshed1758 with a threshing instrument,2742 neither is a cart5699 wheel212 turned5437 about upon5921 the cummin;3646 but3588 the fitches7100 are beaten out2251 with a staff,4294 and the cummin3646 with a rod.7626

28  Bread3899 corn is bruised;1854 because3588 he will not3808 ever5331 be threshing1758 it, nor break2000 it with the wheel1536 of his cart,5699 nor3808 bruise1854 it with his horsemen.6571

29  This2063 also1571 cometh forth3318 from4480 5973 the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 which is wonderful6381 in counsel,6098 and excellent1431 in working.8454

Isaiah 29: 1-24

1  Woe1945 to Ariel,740 to Ariel,740 the city7151 where David1732 dwelt!2583 add5595 ye year8141 to5921 year;8141 let them kill5362 sacrifices.2282

2  Yet I will distress6693 Ariel,740 and there shall be1961 heaviness8386 and sorrow:592 and it shall be1961 unto me as Ariel.740

3  And I will camp2583 against5921 thee round about,1754 and will lay siege6696 against5921 thee with a mount,4674 and I will raise6965 forts4694 against5921 thee.

4  And thou shalt be brought down,8213 and shalt speak1696 out of the ground,4480 776 and thy speech565 shall be low7817 out of the dust,4480 6083 and thy voice6963 shall be,1961 as of one that hath a familiar spirit,178 out of the ground,4480 776 and thy speech565 shall whisper6850 out of the dust.4480 6083

5  Moreover the multitude1995 of thy strangers2114 shall be1961 like small1851 dust,80 and the multitude1995 of the terrible ones6184 shall be as chaff4671 that passeth away:5674 yea, it shall be1961 at an instant6621 suddenly.6597

6  Thou shalt be visited6485 of4480 5973 the LORD3068 of hosts6635 with thunder,7482 and with earthquake,7494 and great1419 noise,6963 with storm5492 and tempest,5591 and the flame3851 of devouring398 fire.784

7  And the multitude1995 of all3605 the nations1471 that fight6633 against5921 Ariel,740 even all3605 that fight6633 against her and her munition,4685 and that distress6693 her, shall be1961 as a dream2472 of a night3915 vision.2377

8  It shall even be1961 as when834 a hungry7457 man dreameth,2492 and, behold,2009 he eateth;398 but he awaketh,6974 and his soul5315 is empty:7386 or as when834 a thirsty man6771 dreameth,2492 and, behold,2009 he drinketh;8354 but he awaketh,6974 and, behold,2009 he is faint,5889 and his soul5315 hath appetite:8264 so3651 shall the multitude1995 of all3605 the nations1471 be,1961 that fight6633 against5921 mount2022 Zion.6726

9  Stay yourselves,4102 and wonder;8539 cry ye out,8173 and cry:8173 they are drunken,7937 but not3808 with wine;3196 they stagger,5128 but not3808 with strong drink.7941

10  For3588 the LORD3068 hath poured out5258 upon5921 you the spirit7307 of deep sleep,8639 and hath closed6105 853 your eyes:5869 853 the prophets5030 and your rulers,7218 the seers2374 hath he covered.3680

11  And the vision2380 of all3605 is become1961 unto you as the words1697 of a book5612 that is sealed,2856 which834 men deliver5414 to413 one that is learned,3045 5612 saying,559 Read7121 this,2088 I pray thee:4994 and he saith,559 I cannot;3201 3808 for3588 it1931 is sealed:2856

12  And the book5612 is delivered5414 to5921 him that834 is not learned,3045 3808 5612 saying,559 Read7121 this,2088 I pray thee:4994 and he saith,559 I am not learned.3045 3808 5612

13  Wherefore the Lord136 said,559 Forasmuch3282 3588 as this2088 people5971 draw near5066 me with their mouth,6310 and with their lips8193 do honor3513 me, but have removed their heart far7368 3820 from4480 me, and their fear3374 toward854 me is1961 taught3925 by the precept4687 of men:376

14  Therefore,3651 behold,2009 I will proceed3254 to do a marvelous work6381 among854 this2088 people,5971 even a marvelous work6381 and a wonder:6382 for the wisdom2451 of their wise2450 men shall perish,6 and the understanding998 of their prudent995 men shall be hid.5641

15  Woe1945 unto them that seek deep6009 to hide5641 their counsel6098 from the LORD,4480 3068 and their works4639 are1961 in the dark,4285 and they say,559 Who4310 seeth7200 us? and who4310 knoweth3045 us?

16  Surely518 your turning of things upside down2017 shall be esteemed2803 as the potter's3335 clay:2563 for3588 shall the work4639 say559 of him that made6213 it, He made6213 me not?3808 or shall the thing framed3336 say559 of him that framed3335 it, He had no understanding?995 3808

17  Is it not3808 yet5750 a very4213 little while,4592 and Lebanon3844 shall be turned7725 into a fruitful field,3759 and the fruitful field3759 shall be esteemed2803 as a forest?3293

18  And in that1931 day3117 shall the deaf2795 hear8085 the words1697 of the book,5612 and the eyes5869 of the blind5787 shall see7200 out of obscurity,4480 652 and out of darkness.4480 2822

19  The meek6035 also shall increase3254 their joy8057 in the LORD,3068 and the poor34 among men120 shall rejoice1523 in the Holy One6918 of Israel.3478

20  For3588 the terrible one6184 is brought to naught,656 and the scorner3887 is consumed,3615 and all3605 that watch8245 for iniquity205 are cut off:3772

21  That make a man an offender2398 120 for a word,1697 and lay a snare6983 for him that reproveth3198 in the gate,8179 and turn aside5186 the just6662 for a thing of naught.8414

22  Therefore3651 thus3541 saith559 the LORD,3068 who834 redeemed6299 853 Abraham,85 concerning413 the house1004 of Jacob,3290 Jacob3290 shall not3808 now6258 be ashamed,954 neither3808 shall his face6440 now6258 wax pale.2357

23  But when3588 he seeth7200 his children,3206 the work4639 of mine hands,3027 in the midst7130 of him, they shall sanctify6942 my name,8034 and sanctify6942 853 the Holy One6918 of Jacob,3290 and shall fear6206 the God430 of Israel.3478

24  They also that erred8582 in spirit7307 shall come3045 to understanding,998 and they that murmured7279 shall learn3925 doctrine.3948

Isaiah 30: 1-33

1  Woe1945 to the rebellious5637 children,1121 saith5002 the LORD,3068 that take6213 counsel,6098 but not3808 of4480 me; and that cover5258 with a covering,4541 but not3808 of my spirit,7307 that4616 they may add5595 sin2403 to5921 sin:2403

2  That walk1980 to go down3381 into Egypt,4714 and have not3808 asked7592 at my mouth;6310 to strengthen5810 themselves in the strength4581 of Pharaoh,6547 and to trust2620 in the shadow6738 of Egypt!4714

3  Therefore shall the strength4581 of Pharaoh6547 be1961 your shame,1322 and the trust2622 in the shadow6738 of Egypt4714 your confusion.3639

4  For3588 his princes8269 were1961 at Zoan,6814 and his ambassadors4397 came5060 to Hanes.2609