King James Version 1611 - 1769







Job 1: 1-22

1  There was1961 a man376 in the land776 of Uz,5780 whose name8034 was Job;347 and that1931 man376 was1961 perfect8535 and upright,3477 and one that feared3373 God,430 and eschewed5493 evil.4480 7451

2  And there were born3205 unto him seven7651 sons1121 and three7969 daughters.1323

3  His substance4735 also was1961 seven7651 thousand505 sheep,6629 and three7969 thousand505 camels,1581 and five2568 hundred3967 yoke6776 of oxen,1241 and five2568 hundred3967 she asses,860 and a very3966 great7227 household;5657 so that this1931 man376 was1961 the greatest1419 of all4480 3605 the men1121 of the east.6924

4  And his sons1121 went1980 and feasted6213 4960 in their houses,1004 every one376 his day;3117 and sent7971 and called7121 for their three7969 sisters269 to eat398 and to drink8354 with5973 them.

5  And it was1961 so, when3588 the days3117 of their feasting4960 were gone about,5362 that Job347 sent7971 and sanctified6942 them, and rose up early7925 in the morning,1242 and offered5927 burnt offerings5930 according to the number4557 of them all:3605 for3588 Job347 said,559 It may be194 that my sons1121 have sinned,2398 and cursed1288 God430 in their hearts.3824 Thus3602 did6213 Job347 continually.3605 3117

6  Now there was1961 a day3117 when the sons1121 of God430 came935 to present themselves3320 before5921 the LORD,3068 and Satan7854 came935 also1571 among8432 them.

7  And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 Satan,7854 Whence4480 370 comest935 thou? Then Satan7854 answered6030 853 the LORD,3068 and said,559 From going to and fro4480 7751 in the earth,776 and from walking up and down4480 1980 in it.

8  And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 Satan,7854 Hast thou considered7760 3820 5921 my servant5650 Job,347 that3588 there is none369 like him3644 in the earth,776 a perfect8535 and an upright3477 man,376 one that feareth3373 God,430 and escheweth5493 evil?4480 7451

9  Then Satan7854 answered6030 853 the LORD,3068 and said,559 Doth Job347 fear3372 God430 for naught?2600

10  Hast not3808 thou859 made a hedge7753 about1157 him, and about1157 his house,1004 and about1157 all3605 that834 he hath on every side?4480 5439 thou hast blessed1288 the work4639 of his hands,3027 and his substance4735 is increased6555 in the land.776

11  But199 put forth7971 thine hand3027 now,4994 and touch5060 all3605 that834 he hath, and518 he will curse1288 thee to5921 thy face.6440

12  And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 Satan,7854 Behold,2009 all3605 that834 he hath is in thy power;3027 only7535 upon413 himself put not forth408 7971 thine hand.3027 So Satan7854 went forth3318 from4480 5973 the presence6440 of the LORD.3068

13  And there was1961 a day3117 when his sons1121 and his daughters1323 were eating398 and drinking8354 wine3196 in their eldest1060 brother's251 house:1004

14  And there came935 a messenger4397 unto413 Job,347 and said,559 The oxen1241 were1961 plowing,2790 and the asses860 feeding7462 beside5921 3027 them:

15  And the Sabeans7614 fell5307 upon them, and took them away;3947 yea, they have slain5221 the servants5288 with the edge6310 of the sword;2719 and I589 only7535 am escaped4422 alone905 to tell5046 thee.

16  While he2088 was yet5750 speaking,1696 there came935 also another,2088 and said,559 The fire784 of God430 is fallen5307 from4480 heaven,8064 and hath burned up1197 the sheep,6629 and the servants,5288 and consumed398 them; and I589 only7535 am escaped4422 alone905 to tell5046 thee.

17  While he2088 was yet5750 speaking,1696 there came935 also another,2088 and said,559 The Chaldeans3778 made7760 out three7969 bands,7218 and fell6584 upon5921 the camels,1581 and have carried them away,3947 yea, and slain5221 the servants5288 with the edge6310 of the sword;2719 and I589 only7535 am escaped4422 alone905 to tell5046 thee.

18  While he2088 was yet5750 speaking,1696 there came935 also another,2088 and said,559 Thy sons1121 and thy daughters1323 were eating398 and drinking8354 wine3196 in their eldest1060 brother's251 house:1004

19  And, behold,2009 there came935 a great1419 wind7307 from4480 5676 the wilderness,4057 and smote5060 the four702 corners6438 of the house,1004 and it fell5307 upon5921 the young men,5288 and they are dead;4191 and I589 only7535 am escaped4422 alone905 to tell5046 thee.

20  Then Job347 arose,6965 and rent7167 853 his mantle,4598 and shaved1494 853 his head,7218 and fell down5307 upon the ground,776 and worshiped,7812

21  And said,559 Naked6174 came I out3318 of my mother's womb,4480 990 517 and naked6174 shall I return7725 thither:8033 the LORD3068 gave,5414 and the LORD3068 hath taken away;3947 blessed1288 be1961 the name8034 of the LORD.3068

22  In all3605 this2063 Job347 sinned2398 not,3808 nor3808 charged5414 God430 foolishly.8604

Job 2: 1-13

1  Again there was1961 a day3117 when the sons1121 of God430 came935 to present themselves3320 before5921 the LORD,3068 and Satan7854 came935 also1571 among8432 them to present himself3320 before5921 the LORD.3068

2  And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 Satan,7854 From whence335 4480 2088 comest935 thou? And Satan7854 answered6030 853 the LORD,3068 and said,559 From going to and fro4480 7751 in the earth,776 and from walking up and down4480 1980 in it.

3  And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 Satan,7854 Hast thou considered7760 3820 413 my servant5650 Job,347 that3588 there is none369 like him3644 in the earth,776 a perfect8535 and an upright3477 man,376 one that feareth3373 God,430 and escheweth5493 evil?4480 7451 and still5750 he holdeth fast2388 his integrity,8538 although thou movedst5496 me against him, to destroy1104 him without cause.2600

4  And Satan7854 answered6030 853 the LORD,3068 and said,559 Skin for skin,5785 1157 5785 yea, all3605 that834 a man376 hath will he give5414 for1157 his life.5315

5  But199 put forth7971 thine hand3027 now,4994 and touch5060 413 his bone6106 and his flesh,1320 and518 he will curse1288 thee to413 thy face.6440

6  And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 Satan,7854 Behold,2009 he is in thine hand;3027 but389 save8104 853 his life.5315

7  So went Satan forth3318 7854 from4480 854 the presence6440 of the LORD,3068 and smote5221 853 Job347 with sore7451 boils7822 from the sole4480 3709 of his foot7272 unto5704 his crown.6936

8  And he took3947 him a potsherd2789 to scrape himself1623 withal; and he1931 sat down3427 among8432 the ashes.665

9  Then said559 his wife802 unto him, Dost thou still5750 retain2388 thine integrity?8538 curse1288 God,430 and die.4191

10  But he said559 unto413 her, Thou speakest1696 as one259 of the foolish women5036 speaketh.1696 What?1571 shall we receive6901 853 good2896 at the hand4480 854 of God,430 and shall we not3808 receive6901 evil?7451 In all3605 this2063 did not3808 Job347 sin2398 with his lips.8193

11  Now when Job's347 three7969 friends7453 heard8085 853 of all3605 this2063 evil7451 that was come935 upon5921 him, they came935 every one376 from his own place;4480 4725 Eliphaz464 the Temanite,8489 and Bildad1085 the Shuhite,7747 and Zophar6691 the Naamathite:5284 for they had made an appointment3259 together3162 to come935 to mourn5110 with him and to comfort5162 him.

12  And when they lifted up5375 853 their eyes5869 afar off,4480 7350 and knew5234 him not,3808 they lifted up5375 their voice,6963 and wept;1058 and they rent7167 every one376 his mantle,4598 and sprinkled2236 dust6083 upon5921 their heads7218 toward heaven.8064

13  So they sat down3427 with854 him upon the ground776 seven7651 days3117 and seven7651 nights,3915 and none369 spoke1696 a word1697 unto413 him: for3588 they saw7200 that3588 his grief3511 was very great.1431 3966

Job 3: 1-26

1  After310 this3651 opened6605 Job347 853 his mouth,6310 and cursed7043 853 his day.3117

2  And Job347 spoke,6030 and said,559

3  Let the day3117 perish6 wherein I was born,3205 and the night3915 in which it was said,559 There is a man child1397 conceived.2029

4  Let that1931 day3117 be1961 darkness;2822 let not408 God433 regard1875 it from above,4480 4605 neither408 let the light5105 shine3313 upon5921 it.

5  Let darkness2822 and the shadow of death6757 stain1350 it; let a cloud6053 dwell7931 upon5921 it; let the blackness3650 of the day3117 terrify1204 it.

6  As for that1931 night,3915 let darkness652 seize upon3947 it; let it not408 be joined2302 unto the days3117 of the year,8141 let it not408 come935 into the number4557 of the months.3391

7  Lo,2009 let that1931 night3915 be1961 solitary,1565 let no408 joyful voice7445 come935 therein.

8  Let them curse5344 it that curse779 the day,3117 who are ready6264 to raise up5782 their mourning.3882

9  Let the stars3556 of the twilight5399 thereof be dark;2821 let it look6960 for light,216 but have none;369 neither408 let it see7200 the dawning6079 of the day:7837

10  Because3588 it shut not up3808 5462 the doors1817 of my mother's womb,990 nor hid5641 sorrow5999 from mine eyes.4480 5869

11  Why4100 died4191 I not3808 from the womb?4480 7358 why did I not give up the ghost1478 when I came out3318 of the belly?4480 990

12  Why4069 did the knees1290 prevent6923 me? or why4100 the breasts7699 that3588 I should suck?3243

13  For3588 now6258 should I have lain still7901 and been quiet,8252 I should have slept:3462 then227 had I been at rest,5117

14  With5973 kings4428 and counselors3289 of the earth,776 which built1129 desolate places2723 for themselves;

15  Or176 with5973 princes8269 that had gold,2091 who filled4390 their houses1004 with silver:3701

16  Or176 as a hidden2934 untimely birth5309 I had not3808 been;1961 as infants5768 which never3808 saw7200 light.216

17  There8033 the wicked7563 cease2308 from troubling;7267 and there8033 the weary3019 3581 be at rest.5117

18  There the prisoners615 rest7599 together;3162 they hear8085 not3808 the voice6963 of the oppressor.5065

19  The small6996 and great1419 are there;8033 and the servant5650 is free2670 from his master.4480 113

20  Wherefore4100 is light216 given5414 to him that is in misery,6001 and life2416 unto the bitter4751 in soul;5315

21  Which long2442 for death,4194 but it cometh not;369 and dig2658 for it more than for hid treasures;4480 4301

22  Which rejoice8056 exceedingly,413 1524 and are glad,7797 when3588 they can find4672 the grave?6913

23  Why is light given to a man1397 whose834 way1870 is hid,5641 and whom1157 God433 hath hedged in?5526

24  For3588 my sighing585 cometh935 before6440 I eat,3899 and my roarings7581 are poured out5413 like the waters.4325

25  For3588 the thing which I greatly feared6343 6342 is come upon857 me, and that which834 I was afraid of3025 is come935 unto me.

26  I was not3808 in safety,7951 neither3808 had I rest,8252 neither3808 was I quiet;5117 yet trouble7267 came.935

Job 4: 1-21

1  Then Eliphaz464 the Temanite8489 answered6030 and said,559

2  If we attempt to commune5254 1697 with413 thee, wilt thou be grieved?3811 but who4310 can3201 withhold6113 himself from speaking?4405

3  Behold,2009 thou hast instructed3256 many,7227 and thou hast strengthened2388 the weak7504 hands.3027

4  Thy words4405 have upheld6965 him that was falling,3782 and thou hast strengthened553 the feeble3766 knees.1290

5  But3588 now6258 it is come935 upon413 thee, and thou faintest;3811 it toucheth5060 5704 thee, and thou art troubled.926

6  Is not3808 this thy fear,3374 thy confidence,3690 thy hope,8615 and the uprightness8537 of thy ways?1870

7  Remember,2142 I pray thee,4994 who4310 ever perished,6 being innocent?5355 or where375 were the righteous3477 cut off?3582

8  Even as834 I have seen,7200 they that plow2790 iniquity,205 and sow2232 wickedness,5999 reap7114 the same.

9  By the blast4480 5397 of God433 they perish,6 and by the breath4480 7307 of his nostrils639 are they consumed.3615

10  The roaring7581 of the lion,738 and the voice6963 of the fierce lion,7826 and the teeth8127 of the young lions,3715 are broken.5421

11  The old lion3918 perisheth6 for lack4480 1097 of prey,2964 and the stout lion's3833 whelps1121 are scattered abroad.6504

12  Now a thing1697 was secretly brought1589 to413 me, and mine ear241 received3947 a little8102 thereof.4480

13  In thoughts5587 from the visions4480 2384 of the night,3915 when deep sleep8639 falleth5307 on5921 men,376

14  Fear6343 came upon7122 me, and trembling,7460 which made all7230 my bones6106 to shake.6342

15  Then a spirit7307 passed2498 before5921 my face;6440 the hair8185 of my flesh1320 stood up:5568

16  It stood still,5975 but I could not3808 discern5234 the form4758 thereof: an image8544 was before5048 mine eyes,5869 there was silence,1827 and I heard8085 a voice,6963 saying,

17  Shall mortal man582 be more just than God?6663 4480 433 shall a man1397 be more pure2891 than his maker?4480 6213

18  Behold,2005 he put no trust539 3808 in his servants;5650 and his angels4397 he charged7760 with folly:8417

19  How much less637 in them that dwell in7931 houses1004 of clay,2563 whose834 foundation3247 is in the dust,6083 which are crushed1792 before6440 the moth?6211

20  They are destroyed3807 from morning4480 1242 to evening:6153 they perish6 forever5331 without any4480 1097 regarding7760 it.

21  Doth not3808 their excellency3499 which is in them go away?5265 they die,4191 even without3808 wisdom.2451

Job 5: 1-27

1  Call7121 now,4994 if there be3426 any that will answer6030 thee; and to413 which4310 of the saints4480 6918 wilt thou turn?6437

2  For3588 wrath3708 killeth2026 the foolish191 man, and envy7068 slayeth4191 the silly6601 one.

3  I589 have seen7200 the foolish191 taking root:8327 but suddenly6597 I cursed5344 his habitation.5116

4  His children1121 are far7368 from safety,4480 3468 and they are crushed1792 in the gate,8179 neither369 is there any to deliver5337 them.

5  Whose834 harvest7105 the hungry7457 eateth up,398 and taketh3947 it even out of413 the thorns,4480 6791 and the robber6782 swalloweth up7602 their substance.2428

6  Although3588 affliction205 cometh not forth3318 3808 of the dust,4480 6083 neither3808 doth trouble5999 spring6779 out of the ground;4480 127

7  Yet3588 man120 is born3205 unto trouble,5999 as the sparks1121 7565 fly5774 upward.1361

8  I589 would seek1875 unto413 God,410 and unto413 God430 would I commit7760 my cause:1700

9  Which doeth6213 great things1419 and unsearchable;369 2714 marvelous things6381 without5704 369 number:4557

10  Who giveth5414 rain4306 upon5921 6440 the earth,776 and sendeth7971 waters4325 upon5921 6440 the fields:2351

11  To set up7760 on high4791 those that be low;8217 that those which mourn6937 may be exalted7682 to safety.3468

12  He disappointeth6565 the devices4284 of the crafty,6175 so that their hands3027 cannot3808 perform6213 their enterprise.8454

13  He taketh3920 the wise2450 in their own craftiness:6193 and the counsel6098 of the froward6617 is carried headlong.4116

14  They meet6298 with darkness2822 in the daytime,3119 and grope4959 in the noonday6672 as in the night.3915

15  But he saveth3467 the poor34 from the sword,4480 2719 from their mouth,4480 6310 and from the hand4480 3027 of the mighty.2389

16  So the poor1800 hath1961 hope,8615 and iniquity5766 stoppeth7092 her mouth.6310

17  Behold,2009 happy835 is the man582 whom God433 correcteth:3198 therefore despise3988 not408 thou the chastening4148 of the Almighty:7706

18  For3588 he1931 maketh sore,3510 and bindeth up:2280 he woundeth,4272 and his hands3027 make whole.7495

19  He shall deliver5337 thee in six8337 troubles:6869 yea, in seven7651 there shall no3808 evil7451 touch5060 thee.

20  In famine7458 he shall redeem6299 thee from death:4480 4194 and in war4421 from the power4480 3027 of the sword.2719

21  Thou shalt be hid2244 from the scourge7752 of the tongue:3956 neither3808 shalt thou be afraid3372 of destruction4480 7701 when3588 it cometh.935

22  At destruction7701 and famine3720 thou shalt laugh:7832 neither408 shalt thou be afraid3372 of the beasts4480 2416 of the earth.776

23  For3588 thou shalt be in league1285 with5973 the stones68 of the field:7704 and the beasts2416 of the field7704 shall be at peace7999 with thee.

24  And thou shalt know3045 that thy tabernacle168 shall be in peace;7965 and thou shalt visit6485 thy habitation,5116 and shalt not sin.3808 2398

25  Thou shalt know3045 also that3588 thy seed2233 shall be great,7227 and thine offspring6631 as the grass6212 of the earth.776

26  Thou shalt come935 to413 thy grave6913 in a full age,3624 like as a shock of corn1430 cometh in5927 in his season.6256

27  Lo2009 this,2063 we have searched2713 it, so3651 it1931 is; hear8085 it, and know3045 thou859 it for thy good.

Job 6: 1-30

1  But Job347 answered6030 and said,559

2  Oh that3863 my grief3708 were throughly weighed,8254 8254 and my calamity1942 laid5375 in the balances3976 together!3162

3  For3588 now6258 it would be heavier3513 than the sand4480 2344 of the sea:3220 therefore5921 3651 my words1697 are swallowed up.3886

4  For3588 the arrows2671 of the Almighty7706 are within5978 me, the poison2534 whereof834 drinketh up8354 my spirit:7307 the terrors1161 of God433 do set themselves in array against6186 me.

5  Doth the wild ass6501 bray5101 when he hath grass?1877 or518 loweth1600 the ox7794 over5921 his fodder?1098

6  Can that which is unsavory8602 be eaten398 without4480 1097 salt?4417 or518 is there3426 any taste2940 in the white7388 of an egg?2495

7  The things1992 that my soul5315 refused3985 to touch5060 are as my sorrowful1741 meat.3899

8  Oh that4310 I might5414 have935 my request;7596 and that God433 would grant5414 me the thing that I long for!8615

9  Even that it would please2974 God433 to destroy1792 me; that he would let loose5425 his hand,3027 and cut me off!1214

10  Then should I yet5750 have1961 comfort;5165 yea, I would harden5539 myself in sorrow:2427 let him not3808 spare;2550 for3588 I have not3808 concealed3582 the words561 of the Holy One.6918

11  What4100 is my strength,3581 that3588 I should hope?3176 and what4100 is mine end,7093 that3588 I should prolong748 my life?5315

12  Is my strength3581 the strength3581 of stones?68 or is my flesh1320 of brass?5153

13  Is not369 my help5833 in me? and is wisdom8454 driven5080 quite from4480 me?

14  To him that is afflicted4523 pity2617 should be showed from his friend;4480 7453 but he forsaketh5800 the fear3374 of the Almighty.7706

15  My brethren251 have dealt deceitfully898 as3644 a brook,5158 and as the stream650 of brooks5158 they pass away;5674

16  Which are blackish6937 by reason of4480 the ice,7140 and wherein5921 the snow7950 is hid:5956

17  What time6256 they wax warm,2215 they vanish:6789 when it is hot,2522 they are consumed1846 out of their place.4480 4725

18  The paths734 of their way1870 are turned aside;3943 they go5927 to nothing,8414 and perish.6

19  The troops734 of Tema8485 looked,5027 the companies1979 of Sheba7614 waited6960 for3926 them.

20  They were confounded954 because3588 they had hoped;982 they came935 thither,5704 and were ashamed.2659

21  For3588 now6258 ye are1961 nothing;3808 ye see7200 my casting down,2866 and are afraid.3372

22  Did3588 I say,559 Bring3051 unto me? or, Give a reward7809 for1157 me of your substance?4480 3581

23  Or, Deliver4422 me from the enemy's hand?4480 3027 6862 or, Redeem6299 me from the hand4480 3027 of the mighty?6184

24  Teach3384 me, and I589 will hold my tongue:2790 and cause me to understand995 wherein4100 I have erred.7686

25  How4100 forcible4834 are right3476 words!561 but what4100 doth your arguing3198 reprove?3198 4480

26  Do ye imagine2803 to reprove3198 words,4405 and the speeches561 of one that is desperate,2976 which are as wind?7307

27  Yea,637 ye overwhelm5307 5921 the fatherless,3490 and ye dig3738 a pit for5921 your friend.7453

28  Now6258 therefore be content,2974 look6437 upon me; for it is evident unto5921 6440 you if518 I lie.3576

29  Return,7725 I pray you,4994 let it not408 be1961 iniquity;5766 yea, return7725 again,5750 my righteousness6664 is in it.

30  Is there3426 iniquity5766 in my tongue?3956 cannot3808 my taste2441 discern995 perverse things?1942

Job 7: 1-21

1  Is there not3808 an appointed time6635 to man582 upon5921 earth?776 are not his days3117 also like the days3117 of a hireling?7916

2  As a servant5650 earnestly desireth7602 the shadow,6738 and as a hireling7916 looketh for6960 the reward of his work:6467

3  So3651 am I made to possess5157 months3391 of vanity,7723 and wearisome5999 nights3915 are appointed4487 to me.

4  When518 I lie down,7901 I say,559 When4970 shall I arise,6965 and the night6153 be gone?4059 and I am full7646 of tossings to and fro5076 unto5704 the dawning of the day.5399

5  My flesh1320 is clothed3847 with worms7415 and clods1487 of dust;6083 my skin5785 is broken,7280 and become loathsome.3988

6  My days3117 are swifter7043 than4480 a weaver's shuttle,708 and are spent3615 without657 hope.8615

7  O remember2142 that3588 my life2416 is wind:7307 mine eye5869 shall no3808 more7725 see7200 good.2896

8  The eye5869 of him that hath seen7210 me shall see7789 me no3808 more: thine eyes5869 are upon me, and I am not.369

9  As the cloud6051 is consumed3615 and vanisheth away:1980 so3651 he that goeth down3381 to the grave7585 shall come up5927 no3808 more.

10  He shall return7725 no3808 more5750 to his house,1004 neither3808 shall his place4725 know5234 him any more.5750

11  Therefore1571 I589 will not3808 refrain2820 my mouth;6310 I will speak1696 in the anguish6862 of my spirit;7307 I will complain7878 in the bitterness4751 of my soul.5315

12  Am I589 a sea,3220 or518 a whale,8577 that3588 thou settest7760 a watch4929 over5921 me?

13  When3588 I say,559 My bed6210 shall comfort5162 me, my couch4904 shall ease5375 my complaint;7879

14  Then thou scarest2865 me with dreams,2472 and terrifiest1204 me through visions:4480 2384

15  So that my soul5315 chooseth977 strangling,4267 and death4194 rather than my life.4480 6106

16  I loathe3988 it; I would not3808 live2421 always:5769 let me alone;2308 4480 for3588 my days3117 are vanity.1892

17  What4100 is man,582 that3588 thou shouldest magnify1431 him? and that3588 thou shouldest set7896 thine heart3820 upon413 him?

18  And that thou shouldest visit6485 him every morning,1242 and try974 him every moment?7281

19  How long4100 wilt thou not3808 depart8159 from4480 me, nor3808 let me alone7503 till5704 I swallow down1104 my spittle?7536

20  I have sinned;2398 what4100 shall I do6466 unto thee, O thou preserver5341 of men?120 why4100 hast thou set7760 me as a mark4645 against thee, so that I am1861 a burden4853 to5921 myself?

21  And why4100 dost thou not3808 pardon5375 my transgression,6588 and take away5674 853 mine iniquity?5771 for3588 now6258 shall I sleep7901 in the dust;6083 and thou shalt seek me in the morning,7836 but I shall not369 be.

Job 8: 1-22

1  Then answered6030 Bildad1085 the Shuhite,7747 and said,559

2  How long5704 575 wilt thou speak4448 these428 things? and how long shall the words561 of thy mouth6310 be like a strong3524 wind?7307

3  Doth God410 pervert5791 judgment?4941 or518 doth the Almighty7706 pervert5791 justice?6664

4  If518 thy children1121 have sinned2398 against him, and he have cast them away7971 for3027 their transgression;6588

5  If518 thou859 wouldest seek unto God quickly,7836 413 410 and make thy supplication2603 to413 the Almighty;7706

6  If518 thou859 wast pure2134 and upright;3477 surely3588 now6258 he would awake5782 for5921 thee, and make the habitation5116 of thy righteousness6664 prosperous.7999

7  Though thy beginning7225 was1961 small,4705 yet thy latter end319 should greatly3966 increase.7685

8  For3588 inquire,7592 I pray thee,4994 of the former7223 age,1755 and prepare3559 thyself to the search2714 of their fathers:1

9  (For3588 we587 are but of yesterday,8543 and know3045 nothing,3808 because3588 our days3117 upon5921 earth776 are a shadow:)6738

10  Shall not3808 they1992 teach3384 thee, and tell559 thee, and utter3318 words4405 out of their heart?4480 3820

11  Can the rush1573 grow up1342 without3808 mire?1207 can the flag260 grow7685 without1097 water?4325

12  Whilst it is yet5750 in his greenness,3 and not3808 cut down,6998 it withereth3001 before6440 any3605 other herb.2682

13  So3651 are the paths734 of all3605 that forget7911 God;410 and the hypocrite's2611 hope8615 shall perish:6

14  Whose834 hope3689 shall be cut off,6990 and whose trust4009 shall be a spider's5908 web.1004

15  He shall lean8172 upon5921 his house,1004 but it shall not3808 stand:5975 he shall hold it fast,2388 but it shall not3808 endure.6965

16  He1931 is green7373 before6440 the sun,8121 and his branch3127 shooteth forth3318 in5921 his garden.1593

17  His roots8328 are wrapped5440 about5921 the heap,1530 and seeth2372 the place1004 of stones.68

18  If518 he destroy1104 him from his place,4480 4725 then it shall deny3584 him, saying, I have not3808 seen7200 thee.

19  Behold,2005 this1931 is the joy4885 of his way,1870 and out of the earth4480 6083 shall others312 grow.6779

20  Behold,2005 God410 will not3808 cast away3988 a perfect8535 man, neither3808 will he help2388 3027 the evildoers:7489

21  Till5704 he fill4390 thy mouth6310 with laughing,7814 and thy lips8193 with rejoicing.8643

22  They that hate8130 thee shall be clothed3847 with shame;1322 and the dwelling place168 of the wicked7563 shall come to naught.369

Job 9: 1-35

1  Then Job347 answered6030 and said,559

2  I know3045 it is so3588 3651 of a truth:551 but how4100 should man582 be just6663 with5973 God?410

3  If518 he will2654 contend7378 with5973 him, he cannot3808 answer6030 him one259 of4480 a thousand.505

4  He is wise2450 in heart,3824 and mighty533 in strength:3581 who4310 hath hardened7185 himself against413 him, and hath prospered?7999

5  Which removeth6275 the mountains,2022 and they know3045 not:3808 which834 overturneth2015 them in his anger.639

6  Which shaketh7264 the earth776 out of her place,4480 4725 and the pillars5982 thereof tremble.6426

7  Which commandeth559 the sun,2775 and it riseth2224 not;3808 and sealeth up2856 the stars.3556

8  Which alone905 spreadeth out5186 the heavens,8064 and treadeth1869 upon5921 the waves1116 of the sea.3220

9  Which maketh6213 Arcturus,5906 Orion,3685 and Pleiades,3598 and the chambers2315 of the south.8486

10  Which doeth6213 great things1419 past5704 369 finding out;2714 yea, and wonders6381 without5704 369 number.4557

11  Lo,2005 he goeth5674 by5921 me, and I see7200 him not:3808 he passeth on2498 also, but I perceive995 him not.3808

12  Behold,2005 he taketh away,2862 who4310 can hinder7725 him? who4310 will say559 unto413 him, What4100 doest6213 thou?

13  If God433 will not3808 withdraw7725 his anger,639 the proud7295 helpers5826 do stoop7817 under8478 him.

14  How much less637 3588 shall I595 answer6030 him, and choose out977 my words1697 to reason with5973 him?

15  Whom,834 though518 I were righteous,6663 yet would I not3808 answer,6030 but I would make supplication2603 to my judge.8199

16  If518 I had called,7121 and he had answered6030 me; yet would I not3808 believe539 that3588 he had hearkened238 unto my voice.6963

17  For834 he breaketh7779 me with a tempest,8183 and multiplieth7235 my wounds6482 without cause.2600

18  He will not3808 suffer5414 me to take7725 my breath,7307 but3588 filleth7646 me with bitterness.4472

19  If518 I speak of strength,3581 lo,2009 he is strong:533 and if518 of judgment,4941 who4310 shall set me a time3259 to plead?

20  If518 I justify6663 myself, mine own mouth6310 shall condemn7561 me: if I say, I589 am perfect,8535 it shall also prove me perverse.6140

21  Though I589 were perfect,8535 yet would I not3808 know3045 my soul:5315 I would despise3988 my life.2416

22  This1931 is one259 thing, therefore5921 3651 I said559 it, He1931 destroyeth3615 the perfect8535 and the wicked.7563

23  If518 the scourge7752 slay4191 suddenly,6597 he will laugh3932 at the trial4531 of the innocent.5355

24  The earth776 is given5414 into the hand3027 of the wicked:7563 he covereth3680 the faces6440 of the judges8199 thereof; if518 not,3808 where,645 and who4310 is he?1931

25  Now my days3117 are swifter7043 than4480 a post:7323 they flee away,1272 they see7200 no3808 good.2896

26  They are passed away2498 as5973 the swift16 ships:591 as the eagle5404 that hasteth2907 to5921 the prey.400

27  If518 I say,559 I will forget7911 my complaint,7879 I will leave off5800 my heaviness,6440 and comfort1082 myself:

28  I am afraid3025 of all3605 my sorrows,6094 I know3045 that3588 thou wilt not3808 hold me innocent.5352

29  If I595 be wicked,7561 why4100 then2088 labor3021 I in vain?1892

30  If518 I wash myself7364 with snow7950 water,4325 and make my hands3709 never1253 so clean;2141

31  Yet227 shalt thou plunge2881 me in the ditch,7845 and mine own clothes8008 shall abhor8581 me.

32  For3588 he is not3808 a man,376 as I3644 am, that I should answer6030 him, and we should come935 together3162 in judgment.4941

33  Neither3808 is there3426 any daysman3198 between996 us, that might lay7896 his hand3027 upon5921 us both.8147

34  Let him take his rod away5493 7626 from4480 5921 me, and let not408 his fear367 terrify1204 me:

35  Then would I speak,1696 and not3808 fear3372 him; but3588 it is not3808 so3651 with5978 me.

Job 10: 1-22

1  My soul5315 is weary5354 of my life;2416 I will leave5800 my complaint7879 upon5921 myself; I will speak1696 in the bitterness4751 of my soul.5315

2  I will say559 unto413 God,433 Do not408 condemn7561 me; show3045 me wherefore5921 4100 thou contendest7378 with me.

3  Is it good2896 unto thee that3588 thou shouldest oppress,6231 that3588 thou shouldest despise3988 the work3018 of thine hands,3709 and shine3313 upon5921 the counsel6098 of the wicked?7563

4  Hast thou eyes5869 of flesh?1320 or518 seest7200 thou as man582 seeth?7200

5  Are thy days3117 as the days3117 of man?582 are thy years8141 as man's1397 days,3117

6  That3588 thou inquirest1245 after mine iniquity,5771 and searchest1875 after my sin?2403

7  Thou knowest1847 that3588 I am not3808 wicked;7561 and there is none369 that can deliver5337 out of thine hand.4480 3027

8  Thine hands3027 have made6087 me and fashioned6213 me together3162 round about;5439 yet thou dost destroy1104 me.

9  Remember,2142 I beseech thee,4994 that3588 thou hast made6213 me as the clay;2563 and wilt thou bring me into dust again?7725 413 6083

10  Hast thou not3808 poured me out5413 as milk,2461 and curdled7087 me like cheese?1385

11  Thou hast clothed3847 me with skin5785 and flesh,1320 and hast fenced7753 me with bones6106 and sinews.1517

12  Thou hast granted6213 5978 me life2416 and favor,2617 and thy visitation6486 hath preserved8104 my spirit.7307

13  And these428 things hast thou hid6845 in thine heart:3824 I know3045 that3588 this2063 is with5973 thee.

14  If518 I sin,2398 then thou markest8104 me, and thou wilt not3808 acquit5352 me from mine iniquity.4480 5771

15  If518 I be wicked,7561 woe480 unto me; and if I be righteous,6663 yet will I not3808 lift up5375 my head.7218 I am full7649 of confusion;7036 therefore see7200 thou mine affliction;6040

16  For it increaseth.1342 Thou huntest6679 me as a fierce lion:7826 and again7725 thou showest thyself marvelous6381 upon me.

17  Thou renewest2318 thy witnesses5707 against5048 me, and increasest7235 thine indignation3708 upon5973 me; changes2487 and war6635 are against5973 me.

18  Wherefore4100 then hast thou brought me forth3318 out of the womb?4480 7358 Oh that I had given up the ghost,1478 and no3808 eye5869 had seen7200 me!

19  I should have been1961 as though834 I had not3808 been;1961 I should have been carried2986 from the womb4480 990 to the grave.6913

20  Are not3808 my days3117 few?4592 cease2308 then, and let me alone,7896 4480 that I may take comfort1082 a little,4592

21  Before2962 I go1980 whence I shall not3808 return,7725 even to413 the land776 of darkness2822 and the shadow of death;6757

22  A land776 of darkness,5890 as3644 darkness652 itself; and of the shadow of death,6757 without3808 any order,5468 and where the light3313 is as3644 darkness.652

Job 11: 1-20

1  Then answered6030 Zophar6691 the Naamathite,5284 and said,559

2  Should not3808 the multitude7230 of words1697 be answered?6030 and should518 a man376 full of talk8193 be justified?6663

3  Should thy lies907 make men4962 hold their peace?2790 and when thou mockest,3932 shall no369 man make thee ashamed?3637

4  For thou hast said,559 My doctrine3948 is pure,2134 and I am1961 clean1249 in thine eyes.5869

5  But199 oh that4310 God433 would5414 speak,1696 and open6605 his lips8193 against5973 thee;

6  And that he would show5046 thee the secrets8587 of wisdom,2451 that3588 they are double3718 to that which is!8454 Know3045 therefore that3588 God433 exacteth5382 of thee less than thine iniquity4480 5771 deserveth.

7  Canst thou by searching2714 find out4672 God?433 canst thou find out4672 the Almighty7706 unto5704 perfection?8503

8  It is as high1363 as heaven;8064 what4100 canst thou do?6466 deeper6013 than hell;4480 7585 what4100 canst thou know?3045

9  The measure4055 thereof is longer752 than the earth,4480 776 and broader7342 than4480 the sea.3220

10  If518 he cut off,2498 and shut up,5462 or gather together,6950 then who4310 can hinder7725 him?

11  For3588 he1931 knoweth3045 vain7723 men:4962 he seeth7200 wickedness205 also; will he not3808 then consider995 it?

12  For vain5014 man376 would be wise,3823 though man120 be born3205 like a wild ass's6501 colt.5895

13  If518 thou859 prepare3559 thine heart,3820 and stretch out6566 thine hands3709 toward413 him;

14  If518 iniquity205 be in thine hand,3027 put it far away,7368 and let not408 wickedness5766 dwell7931 in thy tabernacles.168

15  For3588 then227 shalt thou lift up5375 thy face6440 without spot;4480 3971 yea, thou shalt be1961 steadfast,3332 and shalt not3808 fear:3372

16  Because3588 thou859 shalt forget7911 thy misery,5999 and remember2142 it as waters4325 that pass away:5674

17  And thine age2465 shall be clearer6965 than the noonday;4480 6672 thou shalt shine forth,5774 thou shalt be1961 as the morning.1242

18  And thou shalt be secure,982 because3588 there3426 is hope;8615 yea, thou shalt dig2658 about thee, and thou shalt take thy rest7901 in safety.983

19  Also thou shalt lie down,7257 and none369 shall make thee afraid;2729 yea, many7227 shall make suit2470 unto6440 thee.

20  But the eyes5869 of the wicked7563 shall fail,3615 and they shall not escape,4498 6 4480 and their hope8615 shall be as the giving up4646 of the ghost.5315

Job 12: 1-25

1  And Job347 answered6030 and said,559

2  No doubt551 but3588 ye859 are the people,5971 and wisdom2451 shall die4191 with5973 you.

3  But1571 I have understanding3824 as well as you;3644 I595 am not3808 inferior5307 to4480 you: yea,854 who4310 knoweth not369 such things as these?3644 428

4  I am1961 as one mocked7814 of his neighbor,7453 who calleth7121 upon God,433 and he answereth6030 him: the just6662 upright8549 man is laughed to scorn.7814

5  He that is ready3559 to slip4571 with his feet7272 is as a lamp3940 despised937 in the thought6248 of him that is at ease.7600

6  The tabernacles168 of robbers7703 prosper,7951 and they that provoke7264 God410 are secure;987 into whose834 hand3027 God433 bringeth935 abundantly.

7  But199 ask7592 now4994 the beasts,929 and they shall teach3384 thee; and the fowls5775 of the air,8064 and they shall tell5046 thee:

8  Or176 speak7878 to the earth,776 and it shall teach3384 thee: and the fishes1709 of the sea3220 shall declare5608 unto thee.

9  Who4310 knoweth3045 not3808 in all3605 these428 that3588 the hand3027 of the LORD3068 hath wrought6213 this?2063

10  In whose834 hand3027 is the soul5315 of every3605 living thing,2416 and the breath7307 of all3605 mankind.1320 376

11  Doth not3808 the ear241 try974 words?4405 and the mouth2441 taste2938 his meat?400

12  With the ancient3453 is wisdom;2451 and in length753 of days3117 understanding.8394

13  With5973 him is wisdom2451 and strength,1369 he hath counsel6098 and understanding.8394

14  Behold,2005 he breaketh down,2040 and it cannot3808 be built again:1129 he shutteth up5462 5921 a man,376 and there can be no opening.6605 3808

15  Behold,2005 he withholdeth6113 the waters,4325 and they dry up:3001 also he sendeth them out,7971 and they overturn2015 the earth.776

16  With5973 him is strength5797 and wisdom:8454 the deceived7683 and the deceiver7686 are his.

17  He leadeth1980 counselors3289 away spoiled,7758 and maketh the judges8199 fools.1984

18  He looseth6605 the bond4148 of kings,4428 and girdeth631 their loins4975 with a girdle.232

19  He leadeth1980 princes3548 away spoiled,7758 and overthroweth5557 the mighty.386

20  He removeth away5493 the speech8193 of the trusty,539 and taketh away3947 the understanding2940 of the aged.2205

21  He poureth8210 contempt937 upon5921 princes,5081 and weakeneth7503 the strength4206 of the mighty.650

22  He discovereth1540 deep things6013 out of4480 darkness,2822 and bringeth out3318 to light216 the shadow of death.6757

23  He increaseth7679 the nations,1471 and destroyeth6 them: he enlargeth7849 the nations,1471 and straiteneth5148 them again.

24  He taketh away5493 the heart3820 of the chief7218 of the people5971 of the earth,776 and causeth them to wander8582 in a wilderness8414 where there is no3808 way.1870

25  They grope4959 in the dark2822 without3808 light,216 and he maketh them to stagger8582 like a drunken7910 man.

Job 13: 1-28

1  Lo,2005 mine eye5869 hath seen7200 all3605 this, mine ear241 hath heard8085 and understood995 it.

2  What ye know,1847 the same do I589 know3045 also:1571 I595 am not3808 inferior5307 unto4480 you.

3  Surely199 I589 would speak1696 to413 the Almighty,7706 and I desire2654 to reason3198 with413 God.410

4  But199 ye859 are forgers2950 of lies,8267 ye are all3605 physicians7495 of no value.457

5  O that4130 ye would5414 altogether hold your peace!2790 2790 and it should be1961 your wisdom.2451

6  Hear8085 now4994 my reasoning,8433 and hearken7181 to the pleadings7379 of my lips.8193

7  Will ye speak1696 wickedly5766 for God?410 and talk1696 deceitfully7423 for him?

8  Will ye accept5375 his person?6440 will ye contend7378 for God?410

9  Is it good2896 that3588 he should search you out?2713 853 or518 as one man582 mocketh2048 another, do ye so mock2048 him?

10  He will surely reprove3198 3198 you, if518 ye do secretly5643 accept5375 persons.6440

11  Shall not3808 his excellency7613 make you afraid?1204 and his dread6343 fall5307 upon5921 you?

12  Your remembrances2146 are like4912 unto ashes,665 your bodies1354 to bodies1354 of clay.2563

13  Hold your peace,2790 let me alone,4480 that I589 may speak,1696 and let come5674 on5921 me what4100 will.

14  Wherefore5921 4100 do I take5375 my flesh1320 in my teeth,8127 and put7760 my life5315 in mine hand?3709

15  Though2005 he slay6991 me, yet will I trust3176 in him: but389 I will maintain3198 mine own ways1870 before413 6440 him.

16  He1931 also1571 shall be my salvation:3444 for3588 a hypocrite2611 shall not3808 come935 before6440 him.

17  Hear diligently8085 8085 my speech,4405 and my declaration262 with your ears.241

18  Behold2009 now,4994 I have ordered6186 my cause;4941 I know3045 that3588 I589 shall be justified.6663

19  Who4310 is he1931 that will plead7378 with5978 me? for3588 now,6258 if I hold my tongue,2790 I shall give up the ghost.1478

20  Only389 do6213 not408 two8147 things unto5978 me: then227 will I not3808 hide myself5641 from4480 6440 thee.

21  Withdraw7368 thine hand3709 far from4480 5921 me: and let not408 thy dread367 make me afraid.1204

22  Then call7121 thou, and I595 will answer:6030 or176 let me speak,1696 and answer7725 thou me.

23  How4100 many are mine iniquities5771 and sins?2403 make me to know3045 my transgression6588 and my sin.2403

24  Wherefore4100 hidest5641 thou thy face,6440 and holdest2803 me for thine enemy?341

25  Wilt thou break6206 a leaf5929 driven to and fro?5086 and wilt thou pursue7291 the dry3002 stubble?7179

26  For3588 thou writest3789 bitter things4846 against5921 me, and makest me to possess3423 the iniquities5771 of my youth.5271

27  Thou puttest7760 my feet7272 also in the stocks,5465 and lookest narrowly8104 unto all3605 my paths;734 thou settest a print2707 upon5921 the heels8328 of my feet.7272

28  And he,1931 as a rotten thing,7538 consumeth,1086 as a garment899 that is moth6211 eaten.398

Job 14: 1-22

1  Man120 that is born3205 of a woman802 is of few7116 days,3117 and full7649 of trouble.7267

2  He cometh forth3318 like a flower,6731 and is cut down:5243 he fleeth1272 also as a shadow,6738 and continueth5975 not.3808

3  And637 dost thou open6491 thine eyes5869 upon5921 such a one,2088 and bringest935 me into judgment4941 with5973 thee?

4  Who4310 can bring5414 a clean2889 thing out of an unclean?4480 2931 not3808 one.259

5  Seeing518 his days3117 are determined,2782 the number4557 of his months2320 are with854 thee, thou hast appointed6213 his bounds2706 that he cannot3808 pass;5674

6  Turn8159 from4480 5921 him, that he may rest,2308 till5704 he shall accomplish,7521 as a hireling,7916 his day.3117

7  For3588 there is3426 hope8615 of a tree,6086 if518 it be cut down,3772 that it will sprout2498 again,5750 and that the tender3127 branch thereof will not3808 cease.2308

8  Though518 the root8328 thereof wax old2204 in the earth,776 and the stock1503 thereof die4191 in the ground;6083

9  Yet through the scent4480 7381 of water4325 it will bud,6524 and bring forth6213 boughs7105 like3644 a plant.5194

10  But man1397 dieth,4191 and wasteth away:2522 yea, man120 giveth up the ghost,1478 and where346 is he?

11  As the waters4325 fail235 from4480 the sea,3220 and the flood5104 decayeth2717 and drieth up:3001

12  So man376 lieth down,7901 and riseth6965 not:3808 till5704 the heavens8064 be no more,1115 they shall not3808 awake,6974 nor3808 be raised5782 out of their sleep.4480 8142

13  O that4310 thou wouldest5414 hide6845 me in the grave,7585 that thou wouldest keep me secret,5641 until5704 thy wrath639 be past,7725 that thou wouldest appoint7896 me a set time,2706 and remember2142 me!

14  If518 a man1397 die,4191 shall he live2421 again? all3605 the days3117 of my appointed time6635 will I wait,3176 till5704 my change2487 come.935

15  Thou shalt call,7121 and I595 will answer6030 thee: thou wilt have a desire3700 to the work4639 of thine hands.3027

16  For3588 now6258 thou numberest5608 my steps:6806 dost thou not3808 watch8104 over5921 my sin?2403

17  My transgression6588 is sealed up2856 in a bag,6872 and thou sewest up2950 5921 mine iniquity.5771

18  And surely199 the mountain2022 falling5307 cometh to naught,5034 and the rock6697 is removed6275 out of his place.4480 4725

19  The waters4325 wear7833 the stones:68 thou washest away7857 the things which grow5599 out of the dust6083 of the earth;776 and thou destroyest6 the hope8615 of man.582

20  Thou prevailest8630 forever5331 against him, and he passeth:1980 thou changest8138 his countenance,6440 and sendest him away.7971

21  His sons1121 come to honor,3513 and he knoweth3045 it not;3808 and they are brought low,6819 but he perceiveth995 it not3808 of them.3926

22  But389 his flesh1320 upon5921 him shall have pain,3510 and his soul5315 within5921 him shall mourn.56

Job 15: 1-35

1  Then answered6030 Eliphaz464 the Temanite,8489 and said,559

2  Should a wise2450 man utter6030 vain7307 knowledge,1847 and fill4390 his belly990 with the east wind?6921

3  Should he reason3198 with unprofitable3808 5532 talk?1697 or with speeches4405 wherewith he can do no3808 good?3276

4  Yea,637 thou859 castest off6565 fear,3374 and restrainest1639 prayer7881 before6440 God.410

5  For3588 thy mouth6310 uttereth502 thine iniquity,5771 and thou choosest977 the tongue3956 of the crafty.6175

6  Thine own mouth6310 condemneth7561 thee, and not3808 I:589 yea, thine own lips8193 testify6030 against thee.

7  Art thou the first7223 man120 that was born?3205 or wast thou made2342 before6440 the hills?1389

8  Hast thou heard8085 the secret5475 of God?433 and dost thou restrain1639 wisdom2451 to413 thyself?

9  What4100 knowest3045 thou, that we know3045 not?3808 what understandest995 thou, which1931 is not3808 in5973 us?

10  With us are both1571 the grayheaded7867 and1571 very aged men,3453 much elder3524 3117 than thy father.4480 1

11  Are the consolations8575 of God410 small4592 with4480 thee? is there any secret328 thing1697 with5973 thee?

12  Why4100 doth thine heart3820 carry thee away?3947 and what4100 do thy eyes5869 wink at,7335

13  That3588 thou turnest7725 thy spirit7307 against413 God,410 and lettest such words4405 go out3318 of thy mouth?4480 6310

14  What4100 is man,582 that3588 he should be clean?2135 and he which is born3205 of a woman,802 that3588 he should be righteous?6663

15  Behold,2005 he putteth no trust539 3808 in his saints;6918 yea, the heavens8064 are not3808 clean2141 in his sight.5869

16  How much more637 3588 abominable8581 and filthy444 is man,376 which drinketh8354 iniquity5766 like water?4325

17  I will show2331 thee, hear8085 me; and that2088 which I have seen2372 I will declare;5608

18  Which834 wise2450 men have told5046 from their fathers,4480 1 and have not3808 hid3582 it:

19  Unto whom alone905 the earth776 was given,5414 and no3808 stranger2114 passed5674 among8432 them.

20  The wicked man7563 travaileth with pain2342 all3605 his days,3117 and the number4557 of years8141 is hidden6845 to the oppressor.6184

21  A dreadful6343 sound6963 is in his ears:241 in prosperity7965 the destroyer7703 shall come upon935 him.

22  He believeth539 not3808 that he shall return7725 out of4480 darkness,2822 and he1931 is waited for6822 of413 the sword.2719

23  He1931 wandereth abroad5074 for bread,3899 saying, Where346 is it? he knoweth3045 that3588 the day3117 of darkness2822 is ready3559 at his hand.3027

24  Trouble6862 and anguish4691 shall make him afraid;1204 they shall prevail against8630 him, as a king4428 ready6264 to the battle.3593

25  For3588 he stretcheth out5186 his hand3027 against413 God,410 and strengtheneth himself1396 against413 the Almighty.7706

26  He runneth7323 upon413 him, even on his neck,6677 upon the thick5672 bosses1354 of his bucklers:4043

27  Because3588 he covereth3680 his face6440 with his fatness,2459 and maketh6213 collops of fat6371 on5921 his flanks.3689

28  And he dwelleth in7931 desolate3582 cities,5892 and in houses which1004 no3808 man inhabiteth,3427 which834 are ready6257 to become heaps.1530

29  He shall not3808 be rich,6238 neither3808 shall his substance2428 continue,6965 neither3808 shall he prolong5186 the perfection4512 thereof upon the earth.776

30  He shall not3808 depart5493 out of4480 darkness;2822 the flame7957 shall dry up3001 his branches,3127 and by the breath7307 of his mouth6310 shall he go away.5493

31  Let not408 him that is deceived8582 trust539 in vanity:7723 for3588 vanity7723 shall be1961 his recompense.8545

32  It shall be accomplished4390 before3808 his time,3117 and his branch3712 shall not3808 be green.7488

33  He shall shake off2554 his unripe grape1154 as the vine,1612 and shall cast off7993 his flower5328 as the olive.2132

34  For3588 the congregation5712 of hypocrites2611 shall be desolate,1565 and fire784 shall consume398 the tabernacles168 of bribery.7810

35  They conceive2029 mischief,5999 and bring forth3205 vanity,205 and their belly990 prepareth3559 deceit.4820

Job 16: 1-22

1  Then Job347 answered6030 and said,559

2  I have heard8085 many7227 such things:428 miserable5999 comforters5162 are ye all.3605

3  Shall vain7307 words1697 have an end?7093 or176 what4100 emboldeneth4834 thee that3588 thou answerest?6030

4  I595 also1571 could speak1696 as ye do: if3863 your soul5315 were3426 in my soul's stead,8478 5315 I could heap up2266 words4405 against5921 you, and shake5128 mine1119 head7218 at5921 you.

5  But I would strengthen553 you with1119 my mouth,6310 and the moving5205 of my lips8193 should assuage2820 your grief.

6  Though518 I speak,1696 my grief3511 is not3808 assuaged:2820 and though I forbear,2308 what4100 4480 am I eased?1980

7  But389 now6258 he hath made me weary:3811 thou hast made desolate8074 all3605 my company.5712

8  And thou hast filled me with wrath,7059 which is1961 a witness5707 against me: and my leanness3585 rising up6965 in me beareth witness6030 to my face.6440

9  He teareth2963 me in his wrath,639 who hateth7852 me: he gnasheth2786 upon5921 me with his teeth;8127 mine enemy6862 sharpeneth3913 his eyes5869 upon me.

10  They have gaped6473 upon5921 me with their mouth;6310 they have smitten5221 me upon the cheek3895 reproachfully;2781 they have gathered themselves4390 together3162 against5921 me.

11  God410 hath delivered5462 me to413 the ungodly,5760 and turned me over3399 into5921 the hands3027 of the wicked.7563

12  I was1961 at ease,7961 but he hath broken me asunder:6565 he hath also taken270 me by my neck,6203 and shaken me to pieces,6327 and set me up6965 for his mark.4307

13  His archers7228 compass me round about,5437 5921 he cleaveth6398 my reins3629 asunder, and doth not3808 spare;2550 he poureth out8210 my gall4845 upon the ground.776

14  He breaketh6555 me with breach6556 upon5921 6440 breach,6556 he runneth7323 upon5921 me like a giant.1368

15  I have sewed8609 sackcloth8242 upon5921 my skin,1539 and defiled5953 my horn7161 in the dust.6083

16  My face6440 is foul2560 with4480 weeping,1065 and on5921 my eyelids6079 is the shadow of death;6757

17  Not3808 for5921 any injustice2555 in mine hands:3709 also my prayer8605 is pure.2134

18  O earth,776 cover3680 not408 thou my blood,1818 and let my cry2201 have1961 no408 place.4725

19  Also1571 now,6258 behold,2009 my witness5707 is in heaven,8064 and my record7717 is on high.4791

20  My friends7453 scorn3887 me: but mine eye5869 poureth out1811 tears unto413 God.433

21  O that one might plead3198 for a man1397 with5973 God,433 as a man1121 120 pleadeth for his neighbor!7453

22  When3588 a few4557 years8141 are come,857 then I shall go1980 the way734 whence I shall not3808 return.7725

Job 17: 1-16

1  My breath7307 is corrupt,2254 my days3117 are extinct,2193 the graves6913 are ready for me.

2  Are there not3808 mockers2049 with5978 me? and doth not mine eye5869 continue3885 in their provocation?4784

3  Lay down7760 now,4994 put me in a surety6148 with5973 thee; who4310 is he1931 that will strike8628 hands3027 with me?

4  For3588 thou hast hid6845 their heart3820 from understanding:4480 7922 therefore3651 5921 shalt thou not3808 exalt7311 them.

5  He that speaketh5046 flattery2506 to his friends,7453 even the eyes5869 of his children1121 shall fail.3615

6  He hath made3322 me also a byword4914 of the people;5971 and formerly6440 I was1961 as a tabret.8611

7  Mine eye5869 also is dim3543 by reason of sorrow,4480 3708 and all3605 my members3338 are as a shadow.6738

8  Upright3477 men shall be astonished8074 at5921 this,2063 and the innocent5355 shall stir up himself5782 against5921 the hypocrite.2611

9  The righteous6662 also shall hold270 on his way,1870 and he that hath clean2889 hands3027 shall be stronger and stronger.3254 555

10  But199 as for you all,3605 do ye return,7725 and come935 now:4994 for I cannot3808 find4672 one wise2450 man among you.

11  My days3117 are past,5674 my purposes2154 are broken off,5423 even the thoughts4180 of my heart.3824

12  They change7760 the night3915 into day:3117 the light216 is short7138 because4480 6440 of darkness.2822

13  If518 I wait,6960 the grave7585 is mine house:1004 I have made7502 my bed3326 in the darkness.2822

14  I have said7121 to corruption,7845 Thou859 art my father:1 to the worm,7415 Thou art my mother,517 and my sister.269

15  And where346 is now645 my hope?8615 as for my hope,8615 who4310 shall see7789 it?

16  They shall go down3381 to the bars905 of the pit,7585 when518 our rest5183 together3162 is in5921 the dust.6083

Job 18: 1-21

1  Then answered6030 Bildad1085 the Shuhite,7747 and said,559

2  How long5704 575 will it be ere ye make7760 an end7078 of words?4405 mark,995 and afterwards310 we will speak.1696

3  Wherefore4069 are we counted2803 as beasts,929 and reputed vile2933 in your sight?5869

4  He teareth2963 himself5315 in his anger:639 shall the earth776 be forsaken5800 for4616 thee? and shall the rock6697 be removed6275 out of his place?4480 4725

5  Yea,1571 the light216 of the wicked7563 shall be put out,1846 and the spark7632 of his fire784 shall not3808 shine.5050

6  The light216 shall be dark2821 in his tabernacle,168 and his candle5216 shall be put out1846 with5921 him.

7  The steps6806 of his strength202 shall be straitened,3334 and his own counsel6098 shall cast him down.7993

8  For3588 he is cast7971 into a net7568 by his own feet,7272 and he walketh1980 upon5921 a snare.7639

9  The gin6341 shall take270 him by the heel,6119 and the robber6782 shall prevail2388 against5921 him.

10  The snare2256 is laid2934 for him in the ground,776 and a trap4434 for him in5921 the way.5410

11  Terrors1091 shall make him afraid1204 on every side,5439 and shall drive6327 him to his feet.7272

12  His strength202 shall be1961 hunger-bitten,7457 and destruction343 shall be ready3559 at his side.6763

13  It shall devour398 the strength905 of his skin:5785 even the firstborn1060 of death4194 shall devour398 his strength.905

14  His confidence4009 shall be rooted out5423 of his tabernacle,4480 168 and it shall bring6805 him to the king4428 of terrors.1091

15  It shall dwell7931 in his tabernacle,168 because it is none4480 1097 of his: brimstone1614 shall be scattered2219 upon5921 his habitation.5116

16  His roots8328 shall be dried up3001 beneath,4480 8478 and above4480 4605 shall his branch7105 be cut off.5243

17  His remembrance2143 shall perish6 from4480 the earth,776 and he shall have no3808 name8034 in5921 the street.6440 2351

18  He shall be driven1920 from light4480 216 into413 darkness,2822 and chased5074 out of the world.4480 8398

19  He shall neither3808 have son5209 nor3808 nephew5220 among his people,5971 nor369 any remaining8300 in his dwellings.4033

20  They that come after314 him shall be astonished8074 at5921 his day,3117 as they that went before6931 were frightened.8178

21  Surely389 such428 are the dwellings4908 of the wicked,5767 and this2088 is the place4725 of him that knoweth3045 not3808 God.410

Job 19: 1-29

1  Then Job347 answered6030 and said,559

2  How long5704 575 will ye vex3013 my soul,5315 and break me in pieces1792 with words?4405

3  These2088 ten6235 times6471 have ye reproached3637 me: ye are not3808 ashamed954 that ye make yourselves strange1970 to me.

4  And637 be it indeed551 that I have erred,7686 mine error4879 remaineth3885 with854 myself.

5  If518 indeed551 ye will magnify1431 yourselves against5921 me, and plead3198 against5921 me my reproach:2781

6  Know3045 now645 that3588 God433 hath overthrown5791 me, and hath compassed5362 5921 me with his net.4685

7  Behold,2005 I cry out6817 of wrong,2555 but I am not3808 heard:6030 I cry aloud,7768 but there is no369 judgment.4941

8  He hath fenced up1443 my way734 that I cannot3808 pass,5674 and he hath set7760 darkness2822 in5921 my paths.5410

9  He hath stripped me of6584 4480 5921 my glory,3519 and taken5493 the crown5850 from my head.7218

10  He hath destroyed5422 me on every side,5439 and I am gone:1980 and mine hope8615 hath he removed5265 like a tree.6086

11  He hath also kindled2734 his wrath639 against5921 me, and he counteth2803 me unto him as one of his enemies.6862

12  His troops1416 come935 together,3162 and raise up5549 their way1870 against5921 me, and encamp2583 round about5439 my tabernacle.168

13  He hath put my brethren far7368 251 from4480 5921 me, and mine acquaintance3045 are verily389 estranged2114 from4480 me.

14  My kinsfolk7138 have failed,2308 and my familiar friends3045 have forgotten7911 me.

15  They that dwell1481 in mine house,1004 and my maids,519 count2803 me for a stranger:2114 I am1961 an alien5237 in their sight.5869

16  I called7121 my servant,5650 and he gave me no3808 answer;6030 I entreated2603 him with1119 my mouth.6310

17  My breath7307 is strange2114 to my wife,802 though I entreated2603 for the children's1121 sake of mine own body.990

18  Yea,1571 young children5759 despised3988 me; I arose,6965 and they spoke1696 against me.

19  All3605 my inward5475 friends4962 abhorred8581 me: and they whom2088 I loved157 are turned2015 against me.

20  My bone6106 cleaveth1692 to my skin5785 and to my flesh,1320 and I am escaped4422 with the skin5785 of my teeth.8127

21  Have pity upon2603 me, have pity upon2603 me, O ye859 my friends;7453 for3588 the hand3027 of God433 hath touched5060 me.

22  Why4100 do ye persecute7291 me as3644 God,410 and are not3808 satisfied7646 with my flesh?4480 1320

23  Oh that4310 my words4405 were5414 now645 written!3789 oh that4310 they were5414 printed2710 in a book!5612

24  That they were graven2672 with an iron1270 pen5842 and lead5777 in the rock6697 forever!5703

25  For I589 know3045 that my redeemer1350 liveth,2416 and that he shall stand6965 at the latter314 day upon5921 the earth:6083

26  And though after310 my skin5785 worms destroy5362 this2063 body, yet in my flesh4480 1320 shall I see2372 God:433

27  Whom834 I589 shall see2372 for myself, and mine eyes5869 shall behold,7200 and not3808 another;2114 though my reins3629 be consumed3615 within2436 me.

28  But3588 ye should say,559 Why4100 persecute7291 we him, seeing the root8328 of the matter1697 is found4672 in me?

29  Be ye afraid1481 of4480 6440 the sword:2719 for3588 wrath2534 bringeth the punishments5771 of the sword,2719 that4616 ye may know3045 there is a judgment.7945 1779

Job 20: 1-29

1  Then answered6030 Zophar6691 the Naamathite,5284 and said,559

2  Therefore3651 do my thoughts5587 cause me to answer,7725 and for5668 this I make haste.2363

3  I have heard8085 the check4148 of my reproach,3639 and the spirit7307 of my understanding4480 998 causeth me to answer.6030

4  Knowest3045 thou not this2063 of4480 old,5703 since4480 man120 was placed7760 upon5921 earth,776

5  That3588 the triumphing7445 of the wicked7563 is short,4480 7138 and the joy8057 of the hypocrite2611 but for5704 a moment?7281

6  Though518 his excellency7863 mount up5927 to the heavens,8064 and his head7218 reach5060 unto the clouds;5645

7  Yet he shall perish6 forever5331 like his own dung:1561 they which have seen7200 him shall say,559 Where335 is he?

8  He shall fly away5774 as a dream,2472 and shall not3808 be found:4672 yea, he shall be chased away5074 as a vision2384 of the night.3915

9  The eye5869 also which saw7805 him shall see him no3808 more;3254 neither3808 shall his place4725 any more5750 behold7789 him.

10  His children1121 shall seek to please7521 the poor,1800 and his hands3027 shall restore7725 their goods.202

11  His bones6106 are full4390 of the sin of his youth,5934 which shall lie down7901 with5973 him in5921 the dust.6083

12  Though518 wickedness7451 be sweet4985 in his mouth,6310 though he hide3582 it under8478 his tongue;3956

13  Though he spare2550 5921 it, and forsake5800 it not;3808 but keep it still4513 within8432 his mouth:2441

14  Yet his meat3899 in his bowels4578 is turned,2015 it is the gall4846 of asps6620 within7130 him.

15  He hath swallowed down1104 riches,2428 and he shall vomit them up again:6958 God410 shall cast them out3423 of4480 his belly.990

16  He shall suck3243 the poison7219 of asps:6620 the viper's660 tongue3956 shall slay2026 him.

17  He shall not408 see7200 the rivers,6390 the floods,5104 the brooks5158 of honey1706 and butter.2529

18  That which he labored for3022 shall he restore,7725 and shall not3808 swallow it down:1104 according to his substance2428 shall the restitution8545 be, and he shall not3808 rejoice5965 therein.

19  Because3588 he hath oppressed7533 and hath forsaken5800 the poor;1800 because he hath violently taken away1497 a house1004 which he built1129 not;3808

20  Surely3588 he shall not3808 feel3045 quietness7961 in his belly,990 he shall not3808 save4422 of that which he desired.2530

21  There shall none369 of his meat400 be left;8300 therefore3651 5921 shall no3808 man look2342 for his goods.2898

22  In the fullness4390 of his sufficiency5607 he shall be in straits:3334 every3605 hand3027 of the wicked6001 shall come935 upon him.

23  When he1961 is about to fill4390 his belly,990 God shall cast7971 the fury2740 of his wrath639 upon him, and shall rain4305 it upon5921 him while he is eating.3894

24  He shall flee1272 from the iron1270 weapon,4480 5402 and the bow7198 of steel5154 shall strike him through.2498

25  It is drawn,8025 and cometh out3318 of the body;4480 1465 yea, the glittering sword1300 cometh1980 out of his gall:4480 4846 terrors367 are upon5921 him.

26  All3605 darkness2822 shall be hid2934 in his secret places:6845 a fire784 not3808 blown5301 shall consume398 him; it shall go ill7489 with him that is left8300 in his tabernacle.168

27  The heaven8064 shall reveal1540 his iniquity;5771 and the earth776 shall rise up6965 against him.

28  The increase2981 of his house1004 shall depart,1540 and his goods shall flow away5064 in the day3117 of his wrath.639

29  This2088 is the portion2506 of a wicked7563 man120 from God,4480 430 and the heritage5159 appointed561 unto him by God.4480 410

Job 21: 1-34

1  But Job347 answered6030 and said,559

2  Hear diligently8085 8085 my speech,4405 and let this2063 be1961 your consolations.8575

3  Suffer5375 me that I595 may speak;1696 and after that310 I have spoken,1696 mock on.3932

4  As for me,595 is my complaint7879 to man?120 and if518 it were so, why4069 should not3808 my spirit7307 be troubled?7114

5  Mark6437 413 me, and be astonished,8074 and lay7760 your hand3027 upon5921 your mouth.6310

6  Even when518 I remember2142 I am afraid,926 and trembling6427 taketh hold270 on my flesh.1320

7  Wherefore4069 do the wicked7563 live,2421 become old,6275 yea,1571 are mighty1396 in power?2428

8  Their seed2233 is established3559 in their sight6440 with5973 them, and their offspring6631 before their eyes.5869

9  Their houses1004 are safe7965 from fear,4480 6343 neither3808 is the rod7626 of God433 upon5921 them.

10  Their bull7794 engendereth,5674 and faileth1602 not;3808 their cow6510 calveth,6403 and casteth not her calf.7921 3808

11  They send forth7971 their little ones5759 like a flock,6629 and their children3206 dance.7540

12  They take5375 the timbrel8596 and harp,3658 and rejoice8055 at the sound6963 of the organ.5748

13  They spend3615 their days3117 in wealth,2896 and in a moment7281 go down5181 to the grave.7585

14  Therefore they say559 unto God,410 Depart5493 from4480 us; for we desire2654 not3808 the knowledge1847 of thy ways.1870

15  What4100 is the Almighty,7706 that3588 we should serve5647 him? and what4100 profit3276 should we have, if3588 we pray6293 unto him?

16  Lo,2005 their good2898 is not3808 in their hand:3027 the counsel6098 of the wicked7563 is far7368 from4480 me.

17  How oft4100 is the candle5216 of the wicked7563 put out!1846 and how oft cometh935 their destruction343 upon5921 them! God distributeth2505 sorrows2256 in his anger.639

18  They are1961 as stubble8401 before6440 the wind,7307 and as chaff4671 that the storm5492 carrieth away.1589

19  God433 layeth up6845 his iniquity205 for his children:1121 he rewardeth7999 413 him, and he shall know3045 it.

20  His eyes5869 shall see7200 his destruction,3589 and he shall drink8354 of the wrath4480 2534 of the Almighty.7706

21  For3588 what4100 pleasure2656 hath he in his house1004 after310 him, when the number4557 of his months2320 is cut off in the midst?2686

22  Shall any teach3925 God410 knowledge?1847 seeing he1931 judgeth8199 those that are high.7311

23  One2088 dieth4191 in his full8537 strength,6106 being wholly3605 at ease7946 and quiet.7961

24  His breasts5845 are full4390 of milk,2461 and his bones6106 are moistened8248 with marrow.4221

25  And another2088 dieth4191 in the bitterness4751 of his soul,5315 and never3808 eateth398 with pleasure.2896

26  They shall lie down7901 alike3162 in5921 the dust,6083 and the worms7415 shall cover3680 5921 them.

27  Behold,2005 I know3045 your thoughts,4284 and the devices4209 which ye wrongfully imagine2554 against5921 me.

28  For3588 ye say,559 Where346 is the house1004 of the prince?5081 and where346 are the dwelling4908 places168 of the wicked?7563

29  Have ye not3808 asked7592 them that go5674 by the way?1870 and do ye not3808 know5234 their tokens,226

30  That3588 the wicked7451 is reserved2820 to the day3117 of destruction?343 they shall be brought forth2986 to the day3117 of wrath.5678

31  Who4310 shall declare5046 his way1870 to5921 his face?6440 and who4310 shall repay7999 him what he1931 hath done?6213

32  Yet shall he1931 be brought2986 to the grave,6913 and shall remain8245 in5921 the tomb.1430

33  The clods7263 of the valley5158 shall be sweet4985 unto him, and every3605 man120 shall draw4900 after310 him, as there are innumerable369 4557 before6440 him.

34  How349 then comfort5162 ye me in vain,1892 seeing in your answers8666 there remaineth7604 falsehood?4604

Job 22: 1-30

1  Then Eliphaz464 the Temanite8489 answered6030 and said,559

2  Can a man1397 be profitable5532 unto God,410 as he that3588 is wise7919 may be profitable5532 unto5921 himself?

3  Is it any pleasure2656 to the Almighty,7706 that3588 thou art righteous?6663 or518 is it gain1215 to him, that3588 thou makest thy ways perfect?8552 1870

4  Will he reprove3198 thee for fear4480 3374 of thee? will he enter935 with5973 thee into judgment?4941

5  Is not3808 thy wickedness7451 great?7227 and thine iniquities5771 infinite?369 7093

6  For3588 thou hast taken a pledge2254 from thy brother251 for naught,2600 and stripped6584 the naked6174 of their clothing.899

7  Thou hast not3808 given water4325 to the weary5889 to drink,8248 and thou hast withheld4513 bread3899 from the hungry.4480 7457

8  But as for the mighty2220 man,376 he had the earth;776 and the honorable man5375 6440 dwelt3427 in it.

9  Thou hast sent widows away7971 490 empty,7387 and the arms2220 of the fatherless3490 have been broken.1792

10  Therefore5921 3651 snares6341 are round about5439 thee, and sudden6597 fear6343 troubleth926 thee;

11  Or176 darkness,2822 that thou canst not3808 see;7200 and abundance8229 of waters4325 cover3680 thee.

12  Is not3808 God433 in the height1363 of heaven?8064 and behold7200 the height7218 of the stars,3556 how3588 high they are!7311

13  And thou sayest,559 How4100 doth God410 know?3045 can he judge8199 through1157 the dark cloud?6205

14  Thick clouds5645 are a covering5643 to him, that he seeth7200 not;3808 and he walketh1980 in the circuit2329 of heaven.8064

15  Hast thou marked8104 the old5769 way734 which834 wicked205 men4962 have trodden?1869

16  Which834 were cut down7059 out of3808 time,6256 whose foundation3247 was overflown3332 with a flood:5104

17  Which said559 unto God,410 Depart5493 from4480 us: and what4100 can the Almighty7706 do6466 for them?

18  Yet he1931 filled4390 their houses1004 with good2896 things: but the counsel6098 of the wicked7563 is far7368 from4480 me.

19  The righteous6662 see7200 it, and are glad:8055 and the innocent5355 laugh them to scorn.3932

20  Whereas518 our substance7009 is not3808 cut down,3582 but the remnant3499 of them the fire784 consumeth.398

21  Acquaint5532 now4994 thyself with5973 him, and be at peace:7999 thereby good2896 shall come935 unto thee.

22  Receive,3947 I pray thee,4994 the law8451 from his mouth,4480 6310 and lay up7760 his words561 in thine heart.3824

23  If518 thou return7725 to5704 the Almighty,7706 thou shalt be built up,1129 thou shalt put away iniquity5766 far7368 from thy tabernacles.4480 168

24  Then shalt thou lay up7896 gold1220 as5921 dust,6083 and the gold of Ophir211 as the stones6697 of the brooks.5158

25  Yea, the Almighty7706 shall be1961 thy defense,1220 and thou shalt have plenty8443 of silver.3701

26  For3588 then227 shalt thou have thy delight6026 in5921 the Almighty,7706 and shalt lift up5375 thy face6440 unto413 God.433

27  Thou shalt make thy prayer6279 unto413 him, and he shall hear8085 thee, and thou shalt pay7999 thy vows.5088

28  Thou shalt also decree1504 a thing,562 and it shall be established6965 unto thee: and the light216 shall shine5050 upon5921 thy ways.1870

29  When3588 men are cast down,8213 then thou shalt say,559 There is lifting up;1466 and he shall save3467 the humble person.7807 5869

30  He shall deliver4422 the island336 of the innocent:5355 and it is delivered4422 by the pureness1252 of thine hands.3709

Job 23: 1-17

1  Then Job347 answered6030 and said,559

2  Even1571 today3117 is my complaint7879 bitter:4805 my stroke3027 is heavier3513 than5921 my groaning.585

3  Oh that4310 5414 I knew3045 where I might find4672 him! that I might come935 even to5704 his seat!8499

4  I would order6186 my cause4941 before6440 him, and fill4390 my mouth6310 with arguments.8433

5  I would know3045 the words4405 which he would answer6030 me, and understand995 what4100 he would say559 unto me.

6  Will he plead7378 against5978 me with his great7230 power?3581 No;3808 but389 he1931 would put7760 strength in me.

7  There8033 the righteous3477 might dispute3198 with5973 him; so should I be delivered6403 forever5331 from my judge.4480 8199

8  Behold,2005 I go1980 forward,6924 but he is not369 there; and backward,268 but I cannot3808 perceive995 him:

9  On the left hand,8040 where he doth work,6213 but I cannot3808 behold2372 him: he hideth5848 himself on the right hand,3225 that I cannot3808 see7200 him:

10  But3588 he knoweth3045 the way1870 that I take:5978 when he hath tried974 me, I shall come forth3318 as gold.2091

11  My foot7272 hath held270 his steps,838 his way1870 have I kept,8104 and not3808 declined.5186

12  Neither3808 have I gone back4185 from the commandment4687 of his lips;8193 I have esteemed6845 the words561 of his mouth6310 more than my necessary4480 2706 food.

13  But he1931 is in one259 mind, and who4310 can turn7725 him? and what his soul5315 desireth,183 even that he doeth.6213

14  For3588 he performeth7999 the thing that is appointed2706 for me: and many7227 such2007 things are with5973 him.

15  Therefore5921 3651 am I troubled926 at his presence:4480 6440 when I consider,995 I am afraid6342 of4480 him.

16  For God410 maketh my heart soft7401 3820 and the Almighty7706 troubleth926 me:

17  Because3588 I was not3808 cut off6789 before4480 6440 the darkness,2822 neither hath he covered3680 the darkness652 from my face.4480 6440

Job 24: 1-25

1  Why,4069 seeing times6256 are not3808 hidden6845 from the Almighty,4480 7706 do they that know3045 him not3808 see2372 his days?3117

2  Some remove5381 the landmarks;1367 they violently take away1497 flocks,5739 and feed7462 thereof.

3  They drive away5090 the ass2543 of the fatherless,3490 they take the widow's ox for a pledge.2254 7794 490

4  They turn5186 the needy34 out of the way:4480 1870 the poor6041 of the earth776 hide2244 themselves together.3162

5  Behold,2005 as wild asses6501 in the desert,4057 go they forth3318 to their work;6467 rising quickly7836 for a prey:2964 the wilderness6160 yieldeth food3899 for them and for their children.5288

6  They reap7114 every one his corn1098 in the field:7704 and they gather3953 the vintage3754 of the wicked.7563

7  They cause the naked6174 to lodge3885 without4480 1097 clothing,3830 that they have no369 covering3682 in the cold.7135

8  They are wet7372 with the showers4480 2230 of the mountains,2022 and embrace2263 the rock6697 for want4480 1097 of a shelter.4268

9  They pluck1497 the fatherless3490 from the breast,4480 7699 and take a pledge2254 of5921 the poor.6041

10  They cause him to go1980 naked6174 without1097 clothing,3830 and they take away5375 the sheaf6016 from the hungry;7457

11  Which make oil6671 within996 their walls,7791 and tread1869 their winepresses,3342 and suffer thirst.6770

12  Men4962 groan5008 from out of the city,4480 5892 and the soul5315 of the wounded2491 crieth out:7768 yet God433 layeth7760 not3808 folly8604 to them.

13  They1992 are1961 of those that rebel4775 against the light;216 they know5234 not3808 the ways1870 thereof, nor3808 abide3427 in the paths5410 thereof.

14  The murderer7523 rising6965 with the light216 killeth6991 the poor6041 and needy,34 and in the night3915 is1961 as a thief.1590

15  The eye5869 also of the adulterer5003 waiteth8104 for the twilight,5399 saying,559 No3808 eye5869 shall see7789 me: and disguiseth5643 7760 his face.6440

16  In the dark2822 they dig through2864 houses,1004 which they had marked2856 for themselves in the daytime:3119 they know3045 not3808 the light.216

17  For3588 the morning1242 is to them even as3162 the shadow of death:6757 if3588 one know5234 them, they are in the terrors1091 of the shadow of death.6757

18  He1931 is swift7031 as5921 6440 the waters;4325 their portion2513 is cursed7043 in the earth:776 he beholdeth6437 not3808 the way1870 of the vineyards.3754

19  Drought6723 and1571 heat2527 consume1497 the snow7950 waters:4325 so doth the grave7585 those which have sinned.2398

20  The womb7358 shall forget7911 him; the worm7415 shall feed sweetly4988 on him; he shall be no3808 more5750 remembered;2142 and wickedness5766 shall be broken7665 as a tree.6086

21  He evil entreateth7462 the barren6135 that beareth3205 not:3808 and doeth not3808 good3190 to the widow.490

22  He draweth4900 also the mighty47 with his power:3581 he riseth up,6965 and no3808 man is sure539 of life.2416

23  Though it be given5414 him to be in safety,983 whereon he resteth;8172 yet his eyes5869 are upon5921 their ways.1870

24  They are exalted7426 for a little while,4592 but are gone369 and brought low;4355 they are taken out of the way7092 as all3605 other, and cut off5243 as the tops7218 of the ears of corn.7641

25  And if518 it be not3808 so now,645 who4310 will make me a liar,3576 and make7760 my speech4405 nothing408 worth?

Job 25: 1-6

1  Then answered6030 Bildad1085 the Shuhite,7747 and said,559

2  Dominion4910 and fear6343 are with5973 him, he maketh6213 peace7965 in his high places.4791

3  Is there3426 any number4557 of his armies?1416 and upon5921 whom4310 doth not3808 his light216 arise?6965

4  How4100 then can man582 be justified6663 with5973 God?410 or how4100 can he be clean2135 that is born3205 of a woman?802

5  Behold2005 even5704 to the moon,3394 and it shineth166 not;3808 yea, the stars3556 are not pure2141 3808 in his sight.5869

6  How much less637 3588 man,582 that is a worm?7415 and the son1121 of man,120 which is a worm?8438

Job 26: 1-14

1  But Job347 answered6030 and said,559

2  How4100 hast thou helped5826 him that is without3808 power?3581 how savest3467 thou the arm2220 that hath no3808 strength?5797

3  How4100 hast thou counseled3289 him that hath no3808 wisdom?2451 and how hast thou plentifully7230 declared3045 the thing8454 as it is?

4  To854 whom4310 hast thou uttered5046 words?4405 and whose4310 spirit5397 came3318 from4480 thee?

5  Dead7496 things are formed2342 from under4480 8478 the waters,4325 and the inhabitants7931 thereof.

6  Hell7585 is naked6174 before5048 him, and destruction11 hath no369 covering.3682

7  He stretcheth out5186 the north6828 over5921 the empty place,8414 and hangeth8518 the earth776 upon5921 nothing.1099

8  He bindeth up6887 the waters4325 in his thick clouds;5645 and the cloud6051 is not rent1234 3808 under8478 them.

9  He holdeth back270 the face6440 of his throne,3678 and spreadeth6576 his cloud6051 upon5921 it.

10  He hath compassed2328 5921 the waters6440 4325 with bounds,2706 until5704 the day216 and night2822 come to an end.8503

11  The pillars5982 of heaven8064 tremble7322 and are astonished8539 at his reproof.4480 1606

12  He divideth7280 the sea3220 with his power,3581 and by his understanding8394 he smiteth through4272 the proud.7293

13  By his spirit7307 he hath garnished8235 the heavens;8064 his hand3027 hath formed2490 the crooked1281 serpent.5175

14  Lo,2005 these428 are parts7098 of his ways:1870 but how4100 little8102 a portion1697 is heard8085 of him? but the thunder7482 of his power1369 who4310 can understand?995

Job 27: 1-23

1  Moreover3254 Job347 continued5375 his parable,4912 and said,559

2  As God410 liveth,2416 who hath taken away5493 my judgment;4941 and the Almighty,7706 who hath vexed4843 my soul;5315

3  All3605 the while5750 my breath5397 is in me, and the spirit7307 of God433 is in my nostrils;639

4  My lips8193 shall not518 speak1696 wickedness,5766 nor518 my tongue3956 utter1897 deceit.7423

5  God forbid2486 that518 I should justify6663 you: till5704 I die1478 I will not3808 remove5493 mine integrity8538 from4480 me.

6  My righteousness6666 I hold fast,2388 and will not3808 let it go:7503 my heart3824 shall not3808 reproach2778 me so long as I live.4480 3117

7  Let mine enemy341 be1961 as the wicked,7563 and he that riseth up against6965 me as the unrighteous.5767

8  For3588 what4100 is the hope8615 of the hypocrite,2611 though3588 he hath gained,1214 when3588 God433 taketh away7953 his soul?5315

9  Will God410 hear8085 his cry6818 when3588 trouble6869 cometh935 upon5921 him?

10  Will he delight himself6026 in5921 the Almighty?7706 will he always3605 6256 call upon7121 God?433

11  I will teach3384 you by the hand3027 of God:410 that which834 is with5973 the Almighty7706 will I not3808 conceal.3582

12  Behold,2005 all3605 ye yourselves859 have seen2372 it; why4100 then are ye thus2088 altogether1892 vain?1891

13  This2088 is the portion2506 of a wicked7563 man120 with5973 God,410 and the heritage5159 of oppressors,6184 which they shall receive3947 of the Almighty.4480 7706

14  If518 his children1121 be multiplied,7235 it is for3926 the sword:2719 and his offspring6631 shall not3808 be satisfied7646 with bread.3899

15  Those that remain8300 of him shall be buried6912 in death:4194 and his widows490 shall not3808 weep.1058

16  Though518 he heap up6651 silver3701 as the dust,6083 and prepare3559 raiment4403 as the clay;2563

17  He may prepare3559 it, but the just6662 shall put it on,3847 and the innocent5355 shall divide2505 the silver.3701

18  He buildeth1129 his house1004 as a moth,6211 and as a booth5521 that the keeper5341 maketh.6213

19  The rich man6223 shall lie down,7901 but he shall not3808 be gathered:622 he openeth6491 his eyes,5869 and he is not.369

20  Terrors1091 take hold5381 on him as waters,4325 a tempest5492 stealeth him away1589 in the night.3915

21  The east wind6921 carrieth him away,5375 and he departeth:1980 and as a storm hurleth8175 him out of his place.4480 4725

22  For God shall cast7993 upon5921 him, and not3808 spare:2550 he would fain flee1272 1272 out of his hand.4480 3027

23  Men shall clap5606 their hands3709 at5921 him, and shall hiss8319 5921 him out of his place.4480 4725

Job 28: 1-28

1  Surely3588 there is3426 a vein4161 for the silver,3701 and a place4725 for gold2091 where they fine2212 it.

2  Iron1270 is taken3947 out of the earth,4480 6083 and brass5154 is molten6694 out of the stone.68

3  He setteth7760 an end7093 to darkness,2822 and searcheth out2713 1931 all3605 perfection:8503 the stones68 of darkness,652 and the shadow of death.6757

4  The flood5158 breaketh out6555 from4480 5973 the inhabitant;1481 even the waters forgotten7911 of4480 the foot:7272 they are dried up,1809 they are gone away5128 from men.4480 582

5  As for the earth,776 out of4480 it cometh3318 bread:3899 and under8478 it is turned up2015 as it were3644 fire.784

6  The stones68 of it are the place4725 of sapphires:5601 and it hath dust6083 of gold.2091

7  There is a path5410 which no3808 fowl5861 knoweth,3045 and which the vulture's344 eye5869 hath not3808 seen:7805

8  The lion's7830 whelps1121 have not3808 trodden1869 it, nor3808 the fierce lion7826 passed5710 by5921 it.

9  He putteth forth7971 his hand3027 upon the rock;2496 he overturneth2015 the mountains2022 by the roots.4480 8328

10  He cutteth out1234 rivers2975 among the rocks;6697 and his eye5869 seeth7200 every3605 precious thing.3366

11  He bindeth2280 the floods5104 from overflowing;4480 1065 and the thing that is hid8587 bringeth he forth3318 to light.216

12  But where4480 370 shall wisdom2451 be found?4672 and where335 2088 is the place4725 of understanding?998

13  Man582 knoweth3045 not3808 the price6187 thereof; neither3808 is it found4672 in the land776 of the living.2416

14  The depth8415 saith,559 It1931 is not3808 in me: and the sea3220 saith,559 It is not369 with5978 me.

15  It cannot3808 be gotten5414 for gold,2091 5462 8478 neither3808 shall silver3701 be weighed8254 for the price4242 thereof.

16  It cannot3808 be valued5541 with the gold3800 of Ophir,211 with the precious3368 onyx,7718 or the sapphire.5601

17  The gold2091 and the crystal2137 cannot3808 equal6186 it: and the exchange8545 of it shall not be for jewels3627 of fine gold.6337

18  No3808 mention shall be made2142 of coral,7215 or of pearls:1378 for the price4901 of wisdom2451 is above rubies.4480 6443

19  The topaz6357 of Ethiopia3568 shall not3808 equal6186 it, neither3808 shall it be valued5541 with pure2889 gold.3800

20  Whence4480 370 then cometh935 wisdom?2451 and where335 2088 is the place4725 of understanding?998

21  Seeing it is hid5956 from the eyes4480 5869 of all3605 living,2416 and kept close5641 from the fowls4480 5775 of the air.8064

22  Destruction11 and death4194 say,559 We have heard8085 the fame8088 thereof with our ears.241

23  God430 understandeth995 the way1870 thereof, and he1931 knoweth3045 853 the place4725 thereof.

24  For3588 he1931 looketh5027 to the ends7098 of the earth,776 and seeth7200 under8478 the whole3605 heaven;8064

25  To make6213 the weight4948 for the winds;7307 and he weigheth8505 the waters4325 by measure.4060

26  When he made6213 a decree2706 for the rain,4306 and a way1870 for the lightning2385 of the thunder:6963

27  Then227 did he see7200 it, and declare5608 it; he prepared3559 it, yea,1571 and searched it out.2713

28  And unto man120 he said,559 Behold,2005 the fear3374 of the Lord,136 that1931 is wisdom;2451 and to depart5493 from evil4480 7451 is understanding.998

Job 29: 1-25

1  Moreover3254 Job347 continued5375 his parable,4912 and said,559

2  Oh that4310 I were5414 as in months3391 past,6924 as in the days3117 when God433 preserved8104 me;

3  When his candle5216 shined1984 upon5921 my head,7218 and when by his light216 I walked1980 through darkness;2822

4  As834 I was1961 in the days3117 of my youth,2779 when the secret5475 of God433 was upon5921 my tabernacle;168

5  When the Almighty7706 was yet5750 with5978 me, when my children5288 were about5439 me;

6  When I washed7364 my steps1978 with butter,2529 and the rock6697 poured me out6694 5978 rivers6388 of oil;8081

7  When I went out3318 to the gate8179 through5921 the city,7176 when I prepared3559 my seat4186 in the street!7339

8  The young men5288 saw7200 me, and hid themselves:2244 and the aged3453 arose,6965 and stood up.5975

9  The princes8269 refrained6113 talking,4405 and laid7760 their hand3709 on their mouth.6310

10  The nobles5057 held2244 their peace,6963 and their tongue3956 cleaved1692 to the roof of their mouth.2441

11  When3588 the ear241 heard8085 me, then it blessed833 me; and when the eye5869 saw7200 me, it gave witness5749 to me:

12  Because3588 I delivered4422 the poor6041 that cried,7768 and the fatherless,3490 and him that had none3808 to help5826 him.

13  The blessing1293 of him that was ready to perish6 came935 upon5921 me: and I caused the widow's490 heart3820 to sing for joy.7442

14  I put on3847 righteousness,6664 and it clothed3847 me: my judgment4941 was as a robe4598 and a diadem.6797

15  I was1961 eyes5869 to the blind,5787 and feet7272 was I589 to the lame.6455

16  I595 was a father1 to the poor:34 and the cause7379 which I knew3045 not3808 I searched out.2713

17  And I broke7665 the jaws4973 of the wicked,5767 and plucked7993 the spoil2964 out of his teeth.4480 8127

18  Then I said,559 I shall die1478 in5973 my nest,7064 and I shall multiply7235 my days3117 as the sand.2344

19  My root8328 was spread out6605 by413 the waters,4325 and the dew2919 lay all night3885 upon my branch.7105

20  My glory3519 was fresh2319 in5978 me, and my bow7198 was renewed2498 in my hand.3027

21  Unto me men gave ear,8085 and waited,3176 and kept silence1826 at3926 my counsel.6098

22  After310 my words1697 they spoke not again8138 3808 and my speech4405 dropped5197 upon5921 them.

23  And they waited3176 for me as for the rain;4306 and they opened6473 their mouth6310 wide as for the latter rain.4456

24  If I laughed7832 on413 them, they believed539 it not;3808 and the light216 of my countenance6440 they cast not down.5307 3808

25  I chose out977 their way,1870 and sat3427 chief,7218 and dwelt7931 as a king4428 in the army,1416 as834 one that comforteth5162 the mourners.57

Job 30: 1-31

1  But now6258 they that are younger6810 3117 than4480 I have me in derision,7832 5921 whose834 fathers1 I would have disdained3988 to have set7896 with5973 the dogs3611 of my flock.6629

2  Yea,1571 whereto4100 might the strength3581 of their hands3027 profit me, in whom5921 old age3624 was perished?6

3  For want2639 and famine3720 they were solitary;1565 fleeing6207 into the wilderness6723 in former time570 desolate7722 and waste.4875

4  Who cut up6998 mallows4408 by5921 the bushes,7880 and juniper7574 roots8328 for their meat.3899

5  They were driven forth1644 from4480 among1460 men, (they cried7321 after5921 them as after a thief;)1590

6  To dwell7931 in the clefts6178 of the valleys,5158 in caves2356 of the earth,6083 and in the rocks.3710

7  Among996 the bushes7880 they brayed;5101 under8478 the nettles2738 they were gathered together.5596

8  They were children1121 of fools,5036 yea,1571 children1121 of base men:1097 8034 they were viler5217 than4480 the earth.776

9  And now6258 am1961 I their song,5058 yea, I am1961 their byword.4405

10  They abhor8581 me, they flee far7368 from4480 me, and spare2820 not3808 to spit7536 in my face.4480 6440

11  Because3588 he hath loosed6605 my cord,3499 and afflicted6031 me, they have also let loose7971 the bridle7448 before4480 6440 me.

12  Upon5921 my right3225 hand rise6965 the youth;6526 they push away7971 my feet,7272 and they raise up5549 against5921 me the ways734 of their destruction.343

13  They mar5420 my path,5410 they set forward3276 my calamity,1942 they have no3808 helper.5826

14  They came857 upon me as a wide7342 breaking in6556 of waters: in8478 the desolation7722 they rolled themselves1556 upon me.

15  Terrors1091 are turned2015 upon5921 me: they pursue7291 my soul5082 as the wind:7307 and my welfare3444 passeth away5674 as a cloud.5645

16  And now6258 my soul5315 is poured out8210 upon5921 me; the days3117 of affliction6040 have taken hold upon270 me.

17  My bones6106 are pierced5365 in4480 5921 me in the night season:3915 and my sinews6207 take no rest.7901 3808

18  By the great7230 force3581 of my disease is my garment3830 changed:2664 it bindeth me about247 as the collar6310 of my coat.3801

19  He hath cast3384 me into the mire,2563 and I am become4911 like dust6083 and ashes.665

20  I cry7768 unto413 thee, and thou dost not3808 hear6030 me: I stand up,5975 and thou regardest995 me not.

21  Thou art become2015 cruel393 to me: with thy strong6108 hand3027 thou opposest thyself against7852 me.

22  Thou liftest me up5375 to413 the wind;7307 thou causest me to ride7392 upon it, and dissolvest4127 my substance.7738

23  For3588 I know3045 that thou wilt bring7725 me to death,4194 and to the house1004 appointed4150 for all3605 living.2416

24  Howbeit389 he will not3808 stretch out7971 his hand3027 to the grave,1164 though518 they cry7769 in his destruction.6365

25  Did not3808 I weep1058 for him that was in trouble?7186 3117 was not my soul5315 grieved5701 for the poor?34

26  When3588 I looked for6960 good,2896 then evil7451 came935 unto me: and when I waited3176 for light,216 there came935 darkness.652

27  My bowels4578 boiled,7570 and rested1826 not:3808 the days3117 of affliction6040 prevented6923 me.

28  I went1980 mourning6937 without3808 the sun:2535 I stood up,6965 and I cried7768 in the congregation.6951

29  I am1961 a brother251 to dragons,8577 and a companion7453 to owls.1323 3284

30  My skin5785 is black7835 upon4480 5921 me, and my bones6106 are burned2787 with4480 heat.2721

31  My harp3658 also is1961 turned to mourning,60 and my organ5748 into the voice6963 of them that weep.1058

Job 31: 1-40

1  I made3772 a covenant1285 with mine eyes;5869 why4100 then should I think995 upon5921 a maid?1330

2  For what4100 portion2506 of God433 is there from above?4480 4605 and what inheritance5159 of the Almighty7706 from on high?4480 4791

3  Is not3808 destruction343 to the wicked?5767 and a strange5235 punishment to the workers6466 of iniquity?205

4  Doth not3808 he1931 see7200 my ways,1870 and count5608 all3605 my steps?6806

5  If518 I have walked1980 with5973 vanity,7723 or if my foot7272 hath hasted2363 to5921 deceit;4820

6  Let me be weighed8254 in an even6664 balance,3976 that God433 may know3045 mine integrity.8538

7  If518 my step838 hath turned5186 out of4480 the way,1870 and mine heart3820 walked1980 after310 mine eyes,5869 and if any blot3971 hath cleaved1692 to mine hands;3709

8  Then let me sow,2232 and let another312 eat;398 yea, let my offspring6631 be rooted out.8327

9  If518 mine heart3820 have been deceived6601 by5921 a woman,802 or if I have laid wait693 at5921 my neighbor's7453 door;6607

10  Then let my wife802 grind2912 unto another,312 and let others312 bow down3766 upon5921 her.

11  For3588 this1931 is a heinous crime;2154 yea, it1931 is an iniquity5771 to be punished by the judges.6414

12  For3588 it1931 is a fire784 that consumeth398 to5704 destruction,11 and would root out8327 all3605 mine increase.8393

13  If518 I did despise3988 the cause4941 of my manservant5650 or of my maidservant,519 when they contended7378 with5978 me;

14  What4100 then shall I do6213 when3588 God410 riseth up?6965 and when3588 he visiteth,6485 what4100 shall I answer7725 him?

15  Did not3808 he that made6213 me in the womb990 make6213 him? and did not one259 fashion3559 us in the womb?7358

16  If518 I have withheld4513 the poor1800 from their desire,4480 2656 or have caused the eyes5869 of the widow490 to fail;3615

17  Or have eaten398 my morsel6595 myself alone,905 and the fatherless3490 hath not3808 eaten398 thereof;4480

18  (For3588 from my youth4480 5271 he was brought up1431 with me, as with a father,1 and I have guided5148 her from my mother's517 womb;)4480 990

19  If518 I have seen7200 any perish6 for want4480 1097 of clothing,3830 or any poor34 without369 covering;3682

20  If518 his loins2504 have not3808 blessed1288 me, and if he were not warmed2552 with the fleece4480 1488 of my sheep;3532

21  If518 I have lifted up5130 my hand3027 against5921 the fatherless,3490 when3588 I saw7200 my help5833 in the gate:8179

22  Then let mine arm3802 fall5307 from my shoulder blade,4480 7929 and mine arm248 be broken7665 from the bone.4480 7070

23  For3588 destruction343 from God410 was a terror6343 to413 me, and by reason of his highness4480 7613 I could3201 not3808 endure.

24  If518 I have made7760 gold2091 my hope,3689 or have said559 to the fine gold,3800 Thou art my confidence;4009

25  If518 I rejoiced8055 because3588 my wealth2428 was great,7227 and because3588 mine hand3027 had gotten4672 much;3524

26  If518 I beheld7200 the sun216 when3588 it shined,1984 or the moon3394 walking1980 in brightness;3368

27  And my heart3820 hath been secretly5643 enticed,6601 or my mouth6310 hath kissed5401 my hand:3027

28  This1931 also1571 were an iniquity5771 to be punished by the judge:6416 for3588 I should have denied3584 the God410 that is above.4480 4605

29  If518 I rejoiced8055 at the destruction6365 of him that hated8130 me, or lifted up myself5782 when3588 evil7451 found4672 him:

30  Neither3808 have I suffered5414 my mouth2441 to sin2398 by wishing7592 a curse423 to his soul.5315

31  If518 the men4962 of my tabernacle168 said559 not,3808 Oh that4310 we had5414 of his flesh!4480 1320 we cannot3808 be satisfied.7646

32  The stranger1616 did not3808 lodge3885 in the street:2351 but I opened6605 my doors1817 to the traveler.734

33  If518 I covered3680 my transgressions6588 as Adam,121 by hiding2934 mine iniquity5771 in my bosom:2243

34  Did I fear6206 a great7227 multitude,1995 or did the contempt937 of families4940 terrify2865 me, that I kept silence,1826 and went not out3318 3808 of the door?6607

35  Oh that4310 one would5414 hear8085 me! behold,2005 my desire8420 is, that the Almighty7706 would answer6030 me, and that mine adversary376 7379 had written3789 a book.5612

36  Surely518 I would take5375 it upon5921 my shoulder,7926 and bind6029 it as a crown5850 to me.

37  I would declare5046 unto him the number4557 of my steps;6806 as3644 a prince5057 would I go near unto7126 him.

38  If518 my land127 cry2199 against5921 me, or that the furrows8525 likewise3162 thereof complain;1058

39  If518 I have eaten398 the fruits3581 thereof without1097 money,3701 or have caused the owners1167 thereof to lose5301 their life:5315

40  Let thistles2336 grow3318 instead8478 of wheat,2406 and cockle890 instead8478 of barley.8184 The words1697 of Job347 are ended.8552

Job 32: 1-22

1  So these428 three7969 men376 ceased7673 to answer4480 6030 853 Job,347 because3588 he1931 was righteous6662 in his own eyes.5869

2  Then was kindled2734 the wrath639 of Elihu453 the son1121 of Barachel1292 the Buzite,940 of the kindred4480 4940 of Ram:7410 against Job347 was his wrath639 kindled,2734 because5921 he justified6663 himself5315 rather than God.4480 430

3  Also against his three7969 friends7453 was his wrath639 kindled,2734 because5921 834 they had found4672 no3808 answer,4617 and yet had condemned7561 853 Job.347

4  Now Elihu453 had waited2442 till 853 Job347 had spoken,1697 because3588 they1992 were elder2205 3117 than4480 he.

5  When Elihu453 saw7200 that3588 there was no369 answer4617 in the mouth6310 of these three7969 men,376 then his wrath639 was kindled.2734

6  And Elihu453 the son1121 of Barachel1292 the Buzite940 answered6030 and said,559 I589 am young,6810 and ye859 are very old;3453 3117 wherefore5921 3651 I was afraid,2119 and durst3372 not show4480 2331 you mine opinion.1843

7  I said,559 Days3117 should speak,1696 and multitude7230 of years8141 should teach3045 wisdom.2451

8  But403 there is a spirit7307 in man:582 and the inspiration5397 of the Almighty7706 giveth them understanding.995

9  Great7227 men are not3808 always wise:2449 neither do the aged2205 understand995 judgment.4941

10  Therefore3651 I said,559 Hearken8085 to me; I589 also637 will show2331 mine opinion.1843

11  Behold,2005 I waited3176 for your words;1697 I gave ear238 to5704 your reasons,8394 whilst5704 ye searched out2713 what to say.4405

12  Yea, I attended995 unto5704 you, and, behold,2009 there was none369 of4480 you that convinced3198 Job,347 or that answered6030 his words:561

13  Lest6435 ye should say,559 We have found out4672 wisdom:2451 God410 thrusteth him down,5086 not3808 man.376

14  Now he hath not3808 directed6186 his words4405 against413 me: neither3808 will I answer7725 him with your speeches.561

15  They were amazed,2865 they answered6030 no3808 more:5750 they left off6275 4480 speaking.4405

16  When I had waited,3176 (for3588 they spoke1696 not,3808 but3588 stood still,5975 and answered6030 no3808 more;)5750

17  I said, I589 will answer6030 also637 my part,2506 I589 also637 will show2331 mine opinion.1843

18  For3588 I am full4390 of matter,4405 the spirit7307 within990 me constraineth6693 me.

19  Behold,2009 my belly990 is as wine3196 which hath no3808 vent;6605 it is ready to burst1234 like new2319 bottles.178

20  I will speak,1696 that I may be refreshed:7304 I will open6605 my lips8193 and answer.6030

21  Let me not,408 I pray you,4994 accept5375 any man's376 person,6440 neither3808 let me give flattering titles3655 unto413 man.120

22  For3588 I know3045 not3808 to give flattering titles;3655 in so doing my maker6213 would soon4592 take me away.5375

Job 33: 1-33

1  Wherefore,199 Job,347 I pray thee,4994 hear8085 my speeches,4405 and hearken238 to all3605 my words.1697

2  Behold,2009 now4994 I have opened6605 my mouth,6310 my tongue3956 hath spoken1696 in my mouth.2441

3  My words561 shall be of the uprightness3476 of my heart:3820 and my lips8193 shall utter4448 knowledge1847 clearly.1305

4  The Spirit7307 of God410 hath made6213 me, and the breath5397 of the Almighty7706 hath given me life.2421

5  If518 thou canst3201 answer7725 me, set thywords in order6186 before6440 me, stand up.3320

6  Behold,2005 I589 am according to thy wish6310 in God's410 stead: I589 also1571 am formed7169 out of the clay.4480 2563

7  Behold,2009 my terror367 shall not3808 make thee afraid,1204 neither3808 shall my hand405 be heavy3513 upon5921 thee.

8  Surely389 thou hast spoken559 in mine hearing,241 and I have heard8085 the voice6963 of thy words,4405 saying,

9  I589 am clean2134 without1097 transgression,6588 I595 am innocent;2643 neither3808 is there iniquity5771 in me.

10  Behold,2005 he findeth4672 occasions8569 against5921 me, he counteth2803 me for his enemy,341

11  He putteth7760 my feet7272 in the stocks,5465 he marketh8104 all3605 my paths.734

12  Behold,2005 in this2063 thou art not3808 just:6663 I will answer6030 thee, that3588 God433 is greater7235 than man.4480 582

13  Why4069 dost thou strive7378 against413 him? for3588 he giveth not3808 account6030 of any3605 of his matters.1697

14  For3588 God410 speaketh1696 once,259 yea twice,8147 yet man perceiveth7789 it not.3808

15  In a dream,2472 in a vision2384 of the night,3915 when deep sleep8639 falleth5307 upon5921 men,376 in slumberings8572 upon5921 the bed;4904

16  Then227 he openeth1540 the ears241 of men,376 and sealeth2856 their instruction,4561

17  That he may withdraw5493 man120 from his purpose,4639 and hide3680 pride1466 from man.4480 1397

18  He keepeth back2820 his soul5315 from4480 the pit,7845 and his life2416 from perishing4480 5674 by the sword.7973

19  He is chastened3198 also with pain4341 upon5921 his bed,4904 and the multitude7230 of his bones6106 with strong386 pain:

20  So that his life2416 abhorreth2092 bread,3899 and his soul5315 dainty8378 meat.3978

21  His flesh1320 is consumed away,3615 that it cannot be seen;4480 7210 and his bones6106 that were not3808 seen7200 stick out.8192

22  Yea, his soul5315 draweth near7126 unto the grave,7845 and his life2416 to the destroyers.4191

23  If518 there be3426 a messenger4397 with5921 him, an interpreter,3887 one259 among4480 a thousand,505 to show5046 unto man120 his uprightness:3476

24  Then he is gracious2603 unto him, and saith,559 Deliver6308 him from going down4480 3381 to the pit:7845 I have found4672 a ransom.3724

25  His flesh1320 shall be fresher7375 than a child's:4480 5290 he shall return7725 to the days3117 of his youth:5934

26  He shall pray6279 unto413 God,433 and he will be favorable7521 unto him: and he shall see7200 his face6440 with joy:8643 for he will render7725 unto man582 his righteousness.6666

27  He looketh7789 upon5921 men,376 and if any say,559 I have sinned,2398 and perverted5753 that which was right,3477 and it profited7737 me not;3808

28  He will deliver6299 his soul5315 from going4480 5674 into the pit,7845 and his life2416 shall see7200 the light.216

29  Lo,2005 all3605 these428 things worketh6466 God410 oftentimes6471 7969 with5973 man,1397

30  To bring back7725 his soul5315 from4480 the pit,7845 to be enlightened215 with the light216 of the living.2416

31  Mark well,7181 O Job,347 hearken8085 unto me: hold thy peace,2790 and I595 will speak.1696

32  If518 thou hast3426 any thing to say,4405 answer7725 me: speak,1696 for3588 I desire2654 to justify6663 thee.

33  If518 not,369 hearken8085 unto me: hold thy peace,2790 and I shall teach502 thee wisdom.2451

Job 34: 1-37

1  Furthermore Elihu453 answered6030 and said,559

2  Hear8085 my words,4405 O ye wise2450 men; and give ear238 unto me, ye that have knowledge.3045

3  For3588 the ear241 trieth974 words,4405 as the mouth2441 tasteth2938 meat.398

4  Let us choose977 to us judgment:4941 let us know3045 among996 ourselves what4100 is good.2896

5  For3588 Job347 hath said,559 I am righteous:6663 and God410 hath taken away5493 my judgment.4941

6  Should I lie3576 against5921 my right?4941 my wound2671 is incurable605 without1097 transgression.6588

7  What4310 man1397 is like Job,347 who drinketh up8354 scorning3933 like water?4325

8  Which goeth732 in company2274 with5973 the workers6466 of iniquity,205 and walketh1980 with5973 wicked7562 men.376

9  For3588 he hath said,559 It profiteth5532 a man1397 nothing3808 that he should delight7521 himself with5973 God.430

10  Therefore3651 hearken8085 unto me, ye men376 of understanding:3824 far be it2486 from God,410 that he should do wickedness;4480 7562 and from the Almighty,7706 that he should commit iniquity.4480 5766

11  For3588 the work6467 of a man120 shall he render7999 unto him, and cause every man376 to find4672 according to his ways.734

12  Yea,637 surely551 God410 will not3808 do wickedly,7561 neither3808 will the Almighty7706 pervert5791 judgment.4941

13  Who4310 hath given him a charge6485 5921 over the earth?776 or who4310 hath disposed7760 the whole3605 world?8398

14  If518 he set7760 his heart3820 upon413 man, if he gather622 unto413 himself his spirit7307 and his breath;5397

15  All3605 flesh1320 shall perish1478 together,3162 and man120 shall turn again7725 unto5921 dust.6083

16  If518 now thou hast understanding,998 hear8085 this:2063 hearken238 to the voice6963 of my words.4405

17  Shall even637 he that hateth8130 right4941 govern?2280 and wilt thou condemn7561 him that is most3524 just?6662

18  Is it fit to say559 to a king,4428 Thou art wicked?1100 and to413 princes,5081 Ye are ungodly?7563

19  How much less to him that834 accepteth5375 not3808 the persons6440 of princes,8269 nor3808 regardeth5234 the rich7771 more than6440 the poor?1800 for3588 they all3605 are the work4639 of his hands.3027

20  In a moment7281 shall they die,4191 and the people5971 shall be troubled1607 at midnight,2676 3915 and pass away:5674 and the mighty47 shall be taken away5493 without3808 hand.3027

21  For3588 his eyes5869 are upon5921 the ways1870 of man,376 and he seeth7200 all3605 his goings.6806

22  There is no369 darkness,2822 nor369 shadow of death,6757 where8033 the workers6466 of iniquity205 may hide themselves.5641

23  For3588 he will not3808 lay7760 upon5921 man376 more5750 than right; that he should enter1980 into judgment4941 with413 God.410

24  He shall break in pieces7489 mighty men3524 without3808 number,2714 and set5975 others312 in their stead.8478

25  Therefore3651 he knoweth5234 their works,4566 and he overturneth2015 them in the night,3915 so that they are destroyed.1792

26  He striketh5606 them as8478 wicked men7563 in the open4725 sight7200 of others;

27  Because834 3651 5921 they turned back5493 from4480 310 him, and would not3808 consider7919 any3605 of his ways:1870

28  So that they cause the cry6818 of the poor1800 to come935 unto5921 him, and he heareth8085 the cry6818 of the afflicted.6041

29  When he1931 giveth quietness,8252 who4310 then can make trouble?7561 and when he hideth5641 his face,6440 who4310 then can behold7789 him? whether it be done against5921 a nation,1471 or against5921 a man120 only:3162

30  That the hypocrite120 2611 reign not,4480 4427 lest the people5971 be ensnared.4480 4170

31  Surely it is meet3588 to be said559 unto413 God,410 I have borne5375 chastisement, I will not3808 offend2254 any more:

32  That which I see2372 not1107 teach3384 thou859 me: if518 I have done6466 iniquity,5766 I will do3254 no3808 more.

33  Should it be according to thy mind?4480 5973 he will recompense7999 it, whether3588 thou refuse,3988 or whether3588 thou859 choose;977 and not3808 I:589 therefore speak1696 what4100 thou knowest.3045

34  Let men376 of understanding3824 tell559 me, and let a wise2450 man1397 hearken8085 unto me.

35  Job347 hath spoken1696 without3808 knowledge,1847 and his words1697 were without3808 wisdom.7919

36  My desire15 is that Job347 may be tried974 unto5704 the end5331 because5921 of his answers8666 for wicked205 men.376

37  For3588 he addeth3254 rebellion6588 unto5921 his sin,2403 he clappeth5606 his hands among996 us, and multiplieth7235 his words561 against God.410

Job 35: 1-16

1  Elihu453 spoke6030 moreover, and said,559

2  Thinkest2803 thou this2063 to be right,4941 that thou saidst,559 My righteousness6664 is more than God's?4480 410

3  For3588 thou saidst,559 What4100 advantage5532 will it be unto thee? and, What4100 profit3276 shall I have, if I be cleansed from my sin?4480 2403

4  I589 will answer7725 4405 thee, and thy companions7453 with5973 thee.

5  Look5027 unto the heavens,8064 and see;7200 and behold7789 the clouds7834 which are higher1361 than4480 thou.

6  If518 thou sinnest,2398 what4100 doest6466 thou against him? or if thy transgressions6588 be multiplied,7231 what4100 doest6213 thou unto him?

7  If518 thou be righteous,6663 what4100 givest5414 thou him? or176 what4100 receiveth3947 he of thine hand?4480 3027

8  Thy wickedness7562 may hurt a man376 as thou3644 art; and thy righteousness6666 may profit the son1121 of man.120

9  By reason of the multitude4480 7230 of oppressions6217 they make the oppressed to cry:2199 they cry out7768 by reason of the arm4480 2220 of the mighty.7227

10  But none3808 saith,559 Where346 is God433 my maker,6213 who giveth5414 songs2158 in the night;3915

11  Who teacheth502 us more than the beasts4480 929 of the earth,776 and maketh us wiser2449 than the fowls4480 5775 of heaven?8064

12  There8033 they cry,6817 but none3808 giveth answer,6030 because4480 6440 of the pride1347 of evil men.7451

13  Surely389 God410 will not3808 hear8085 vanity,7723 neither3808 will the Almighty7706 regard7789 it.

14  Although637 3588 thou sayest559 thou shalt not3808 see7789 him, yet judgment1779 is before6440 him; therefore trust2342 thou in him.

15  But now,6258 because3588 it is not369 so, he hath visited6485 in his anger;639 yet he knoweth3045 it not3808 in great3966 extremity:6580

16  Therefore doth Job347 open6475 his mouth6310 in vain;1892 he multiplieth3527 words4405 without1097 knowledge.1847

Job 36: 1-33

1  Elihu453 also proceeded,3254 and said,559

2  Suffer3803 me a little,2191 and I will show2331 thee that3588 I have yet5750 to speak4405 on God's433 behalf.

3  I will fetch5375 my knowledge1843 from afar,4480 7350 and will ascribe5414 righteousness6664 to my Maker.6466

4  For3588 truly551 my words4405 shall not3808 be false:8267 he that is perfect8549 in knowledge1844 is with5973 thee.

5  Behold,2005 God410 is mighty,3524 and despiseth3988 not3808 any: he is mighty3524 in strength3581 and wisdom.3820

6  He preserveth not the life2421 3808 of the wicked:7563 but giveth5414 right4941 to the poor.6041

7  He withdraweth1639 not3808 his eyes5869 from the righteous:4480 6662 but with854 kings4428 are they on the throne;3678 yea, he doth establish3427 them forever,5331 and they are exalted.1361

8  And if518 they be bound631 in fetters,2131 and be holden3920 in cords2256 of affliction;6040

9  Then he showeth5046 them their work,6467 and their transgressions6588 that3588 they have exceeded.1396

10  He openeth1540 also their ear241 to discipline,4148 and commandeth559 that3588 they return7725 from iniquity.4480 205

11  If518 they obey8085 and serve5647 him, they shall spend3615 their days3117 in prosperity,2896 and their years8141 in pleasures.5273

12  But if518 they obey8085 not,3808 they shall perish5674 by the sword,7973 and they shall die1478 without1097 knowledge.1847

13  But the hypocrites2611 in heart3820 heap up7760 wrath:639 they cry7768 not3808 when3588 he bindeth631 them.

14  They5315 die4191 in youth,5290 and their life2416 is among the unclean.6945

15  He delivereth2502 the poor6041 in his affliction,6040 and openeth1540 their ears241 in oppression.3906

16  Even so637 would he have removed5496 thee out of the strait4480 6310 6862 into a broad place,7338 where8478 there is no3808 straitness;4164 and that which should be set5183 on thy table7979 should be full4390 of fatness.1880

17  But thou hast fulfilled4390 the judgment1779 of the wicked:7563 judgment1779 and justice4941 take hold8551 on thee.

18  Because3588 there is wrath,2534 beware lest6435 he take thee away5496 with his stroke:5607 then a great7227 ransom3724 cannot408 deliver5186 thee.

19  Will he esteem6186 thy riches?7769 no, not3808 gold,1222 nor all3605 the forces3981 of strength.3581

20  Desire7602 not408 the night,3915 when people5971 are cut off5927 in their place.8478

21  Take heed,8104 regard not6437 408 413 iniquity:205 for3588 5921 this2088 hast thou chosen977 rather than affliction.4480 6040

22  Behold,2005 God410 exalteth7682 by his power:3581 who4310 teacheth3384 like him?3644

23  Who4310 hath enjoined6485 5921 him his way?1870 or who4310 can say,559 Thou hast wrought6466 iniquity?5766

24  Remember2142 that3588 thou magnify7679 his work,6467 which834 men376 behold.7789

25  Every3605 man120 may see2372 it; man582 may behold5027 it afar off.4480 7350

26  Behold,2005 God410 is great,7689 and we know3045 him not3808 neither3808 can the number4557 of his years8141 be searched out.2714

27  For3588 he maketh small1639 the drops5198 of water:4325 they pour down2212 rain4306 according to the vapor108 thereof:

28  Which834 the clouds7834 do drop5140 and distill7491 upon5921 man120 abundantly.7227

29  Also637 518 can any understand995 the spreadings4666 of the clouds,5645 or the noise8663 of his tabernacle?5521

30  Behold,2005 he spreadeth6566 his light216 upon5921 it, and covereth3680 the bottom8328 of the sea.3220

31  For3588 by them judgeth1777 he the people;5971 he giveth5414 meat400 in abundance.4342

32  With5921 clouds3709 he covereth3680 the light;216 and commandeth6680 it not to shine by5921 the cloud that cometh between.6293

33  The noise7452 thereof showeth5046 concerning5921 it, the cattle4735 also637 concerning5921 the vapor.5927

Job 37: 1-24

1  At this2063 also637 my heart3820 trembleth,2729 and is moved5425 out of his place.4480 4725

2  Hear attentively8085 8085 the noise7267 of his voice,6963 and the sound1899 that goeth out3318 of his mouth.4480 6310

3  He directeth3474 it under8478 the whole3605 heaven,8064 and his lightning216 unto5921 the ends3671 of the earth.776

4  After310 it a voice6963 roareth:7580 he thundereth7481 with the voice6963 of his excellency;1347 and he will not3808 stay6117 them when3588 his voice6963 is heard.8085

5  God410 thundereth7481 marvelously6381 with his voice;6963 great things1419 doeth6213 he, which we cannot3808 comprehend.3045

6  For3588 he saith559 to the snow,7950 Be1933 thou on the earth;776 likewise to the small4306 rain,1653 and to the great4306 rain1653 of his strength.5797

7  He sealeth up2856 the hand3027 of every3605 man;120 that all3605 men376 may know3045 his work.4639

8  Then the beasts2416 go935 into1119 dens,695 and remain7931 in their places.4585

9  Out of4480 the south2315 cometh935 the whirlwind:5492 and cold7135 out of the north.4480 4215

10  By the breath4480 5397 of God410 frost7140 is given:5414 and the breadth7341 of the waters4325 is straitened.4164

11  Also637 by watering7377 he wearieth2959 the thick cloud:5645 he scattereth6327 his bright216 cloud:6051

12  And it1931 is turned2015 round about4524 by his counsels:8458 that they may do6466 whatsoever3605 834 he commandeth6680 them upon5921 the face6440 of the world8398 in the earth.776

13  He causeth it to come,4672 whether518 for correction,7626 or518 for his land,776 or518 for mercy.2617

14  Hearken238 unto this,2063 O Job:347 stand still,5975 and consider995 the wondrous6381 works of God.410

15  Dost thou know3045 when God433 disposed7760 5921 them, and caused the light216 of his cloud6051 to shine?3313

16  Dost thou know3045 5921 the balancings4657 of the clouds,5645 the wondrous works4652 of him which is perfect8549 in knowledge?1843

17  How834 thy garments899 are warm,2525 when he quieteth8252 the earth776 by the south4480 1864 wind?

18  Hast thou with5973 him spread out7554 the sky,7834 which is strong,2389 and as a molten3332 looking glass?7209

19  Teach3045 us what4100 we shall say559 unto him; for we cannot3808 order6186 our speech by reason4480 6440 of darkness.2822

20  Shall it be told5608 him that3588 I speak?1696 if518 a man376 speak,559 surely3588 he shall be swallowed up.1104

21  And now6258 men see7200 not3808 the bright925 light216 which1931 is in the clouds:7834 but the wind7307 passeth,5674 and cleanseth2891 them.

22  Fair weather2091 cometh857 out of the north:4480 6828 with5921 God433 is terrible3372 majesty.1935

23  Touching the Almighty,7706 we cannot3808 find him out:4672 he is excellent7689 in power,3581 and in judgment,4941 and in plenty7230 of justice:6666 he will not3808 afflict.6031

24  Men376 do therefore3651 fear3372 him: he respecteth7200 not3808 any3605 that are wise2450 of heart.3820

Job 38: 1-41

1  Then the LORD3068 answered6030 853 Job347 out of4480 the whirlwind,5591 and said,559

2  Who4310 is this2088 that darkeneth2821 counsel6098 by words4405 without1097 knowledge?1847

3  Gird up247 now4994 thy loins2504 like a man;1397 for I will demand7592 of thee, and answer3045 thou me.

4  Where375 wast1961 thou when I laid the foundations3245 of the earth?776 declare,5046 if518 thou hast understanding.3045 998

5  Who4310 hath laid7760 the measures4461 thereof, if3588 thou knowest?3045 or176 who4310 hath stretched5186 the line6957 upon5921 it?

6  Whereupon5921 4100 are the foundations134 thereof fastened?2883 or176 who4310 laid3384 the corner6438 stone68 thereof;

7  When the morning1242 stars3556 sang7442 together,3162 and all3605 the sons1121 of God430 shouted for joy?7321

8  Or who shut up5526 the sea3220 with doors,1817 when it broke forth,1518 as if it had issued out3318 of the womb?4480 7358

9  When I made7760 the cloud6051 the garment3830 thereof, and thick darkness6205 a swaddling band2854 for it,

10  And broke up7665 for5921 it my decreed2706 place, and set7760 bars1280 and doors,1817

11  And said,559 Hitherto5704 6311 shalt thou come,935 but no3808 further:3254 and here6311 shall thy proud1347 waves1530 be stayed?7896

12  Hast thou commanded6680 the morning1242 since thy days;4480 3117 and caused the dayspring7837 to know3045 his place;4725

13  That it might take hold270 of the ends3671 of the earth,776 that the wicked7563 might be shaken5287 out of4480 it?

14  It is turned2015 as clay2563 to the seal;2368 and they stand3320 as3644 a garment.3830

15  And from the wicked4480 7563 their light216 is withheld,4513 and the high7311 arm2220 shall be broken.7665

16  Hast thou entered935 into5704 the springs5033 of the sea?3220 or hast thou walked1980 in the search2714 of the depth?8415

17  Have the gates8179 of death4194 been opened1540 unto thee? or hast thou seen7200 the doors8179 of the shadow of death?6757

18  Hast thou perceived995 5704 the breadth7338 of the earth?776 declare5046 if518 thou knowest3045 it all.3605

19  Where335 2088 is the way1870 where light216 dwelleth?7931 and as for darkness,2822 where335 2088 is the place4725 thereof,

20  That3588 thou shouldest take3947 it to413 the bound1366 thereof, and that3588 thou shouldest know995 the paths5410 to the house1004 thereof?

21  Knowest3045 thou it, because3588 thou wast then227 born?3205 or because the number4557 of thy days3117 is great?7227

22  Hast thou entered935 into413 the treasures214 of the snow?7950 or hast thou seen7200 the treasures214 of the hail,1259

23  Which834 I have reserved2820 against the time6256 of trouble,6862 against the day3117 of battle7128 and war?4421

24  By what335 2088 way1870 is the light216 parted,2505 which scattereth6327 the east wind6921 upon5921 the earth?776

25  Who4310 hath divided6385 a watercourse8585 for the overflowing of waters,7858 or a way1870 for the lightning2385 of thunder;6963

26  To cause it to rain4305 on5921 the earth,776 where no3808 man376 is; on the wilderness,4057 wherein there is no3808 man;120

27  To satisfy7646 the desolate7722 and waste4875 ground; and to cause the bud4161 of the tender herb1877 to spring forth?6779

28  Hath3426 the rain4306 a father?1 or176 who4310 hath begotten3205 the drops96 of dew?2919

29  Out of whose womb4480 990 4310 came3318 the ice?7140 and the hoary frost3713 of heaven,8064 who4310 hath engendered3205 it?

30  The waters4325 are hid2244 as with a stone,68 and the face6440 of the deep8415 is frozen.3920

31  Canst thou bind7194 the sweet influences4575 of Pleiades,3598 or176 loose6605 the bands4189 of Orion?3685

32  Canst thou bring forth3318 Mazzaroth4216 in his season?6256 or canst thou guide5148 Arcturus5906 with5921 his sons?1121

33  Knowest3045 thou the ordinances2708 of heaven?8064 canst thou set7760 the dominion4896 thereof in the earth?776

34  Canst thou lift up7311 thy voice6963 to the clouds,5645 that abundance8229 of waters4325 may cover3680 thee?

35  Canst thou send7971 lightnings,1300 that they may go,1980 and say559 unto thee, Here2009 we are?

36  Who4310 hath put7896 wisdom2451 in the inward parts?2910 or176 who4310 hath given5414 understanding998 to the heart?7907

37  Who4310 can number5608 the clouds7834 in wisdom?2451 or who4310 can stay7901 the bottles5035 of heaven,8064

38  When the dust6083 groweth3332 into hardness,4165 and the clods7263 cleave fast together?1692

39  Wilt thou hunt6679 the prey2964 for the lion?3833 or fill4390 the appetite2416 of the young lions,3715

40  When3588 they couch7817 in their dens,4585 and abide3427 in the covert5521 to lie in wait?3926 695

41  Who4310 provideth3559 for the raven6158 his food?6718 when3588 his young ones3206 cry7768 unto413 God,410 they wander8582 for lack1097 of meat.400

Job 39: 1-30

1  Knowest3045 thou the time6256 when the wild goats3277 of the rock5553 bring forth?3205 or canst thou mark8104 when the hinds355 do calve?2342

2  Canst thou number5608 the months3391 that they fulfill?4390 or knowest3045 thou the time6256 when they bring forth?3205

3  They bow3766 themselves, they bring forth6398 their young ones,3206 they cast out7971 their sorrows.2256

4  Their young ones1121 are in good liking,2492 they grow up7235 with corn;1250 they go forth,3318 and return7725 not3808 unto them.

5  Who4310 hath sent out7971 the wild ass6501 free?2670 or who4310 hath loosed6605 the bands4147 of the wild ass?6171

6  Whose834 house1004 I have made7760 the wilderness,6160 and the barren land4420 his dwellings.4908

7  He scorneth7832 the multitude1995 of the city,7151 neither3808 regardeth8085 he the crying8663 of the driver.5065

8  The range3491 of the mountains2022 is his pasture,4829 and he searcheth1875 after310 every3605 green thing.3387

9  Will the unicorn7214 be willing14 to serve5647 thee, or518 abide3885 by5921 thy crib?18

10  Canst thou bind7194 the unicorn7214 with his band5688 in the furrow?8525 or518 will he harrow7702 the valleys6010 after310 thee?

11  Wilt thou trust982 him, because3588 his strength3581 is great?7227 or wilt thou leave5800 thy labor3018 to413 him?

12  Wilt thou believe539 him, that3588 he will bring home7725 thy seed,2233 and gather622 it into thy barn?1637

13  Gavest thou the goodly5965 wings3671 unto the peacocks?7443 or518 wings84 and feathers2624 unto the ostrich?5133

14  Which3588 leaveth5800 her eggs1000 in the earth,776 and warmeth2552 them in5921 dust,6083

15  And forgetteth7911 that3588 the foot7272 may crush2115 them, or that the wild7704 beast2416 may break1758 them.

16  She is hardened7188 against her young ones,1121 as though they were not3808 hers: her labor3018 is in vain7385 without1097 fear;6343

17  Because3588 God433 hath deprived5382 her of wisdom,2451 neither3808 hath he imparted2505 to her understanding.998

18  What time6256 she lifteth up herself4754 on high,4791 she scorneth7832 the horse5483 and his rider.7392

19  Hast thou given5414 the horse5483 strength?1369 hast thou clothed3847 his neck6677 with thunder?7483

20  Canst thou make him afraid7493 as a grasshopper?697 the glory1935 of his nostrils5170 is terrible.367

21  He paweth2658 in the valley,6010 and rejoiceth7797 in his strength:3581 he goeth on3318 to meet7125 the armed men.5402

22  He mocketh7832 at fear,6343 and is not3808 frightened;2865 neither3808 turneth he back7725 from4480 6440 the sword.2719

23  The quiver827 rattleth7439 against5921 him, the glittering3851 spear2595 and the shield.3591

24  He swalloweth1572 the ground776 with fierceness7494 and rage:7267 neither3808 believeth539 he that3588 it is the sound6963 of the trumpet.7782

25  He saith559 among1767 the trumpets,7782 Ha, ha;1889 and he smelleth7306 the battle4421 afar off,4480 7350 the thunder7482 of the captains,8269 and the shouting.8643

26  Doth the hawk5322 fly82 by thy wisdom,4480 998 and stretch6566 her wings3671 toward the south?8486

27  Doth the eagle5404 mount up1361 at5921 thy command,6310 and make her nest on high?7311 7064

28  She dwelleth7931 and abideth3885 on the rock,5553 upon5921 the crag8127 of the rock,5553 and the strong place.4686

29  From thence4480 8033 she seeketh2658 the prey,400 and her eyes5869 behold5027 afar off.4480 7350

30  Her young ones667 also suck up5966 blood:1818 and where834 the slain2491 are, there8033 is she.1931

Job 40: 1-24

1  Moreover the LORD3068 answered6030 853 Job,347 and said,559

2  Shall he that contendeth7378 with5973 the Almighty7706 instruct3250 him? he that reproveth3198 God,433 let him answer6030 it.

3  Then Job347 answered6030 853 the LORD,3068 and said,559

4  Behold,2005 I am vile;7043 what4100 shall I answer7725 thee? I will lay7760 mine hand3027 upon3926 my mouth.6310

5  Once259 have I spoken;1696 but I will not3808 answer:6030 yea, twice;8147 but I will proceed no further.3254 3808

6  Then answered6030 the LORD3068 unto 853 Job347 out of4480 the whirlwind,5591 and said,559

7  Gird up247 thy loins2504 now4994 like a man:1397 I will demand7592 of thee, and declare3045 thou unto me.

8  Wilt thou also637 disannul6565 my judgment?4941 wilt thou condemn7561 me, that4616 thou mayest be righteous?6663

9  Hast thou an arm2220 like God?410 or canst thou thunder7481 with a voice6963 like him?3644

10  Deck5710 thyself now4994 with majesty1347 and excellency;1363 and array3847 thyself with glory1935 and beauty.