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Acts 1: 1-26

1  The3588 former4413 treatise3056 have3303 I made,4160 O5599 Theophilus,2321 of4012 all3956 that3739 Jesus2424 began756 both5037 to do4160 and2532 teach,1321

2  Until891 the day2250 in which3739 he was taken up,353 after that he through1223 the Holy40 Ghost4151 had given commandments1781 unto the3588 apostles652 whom3739 he had chosen:1586

3  To whom3739 also2532 he showed3936 himself1438 alive2198 after his846 passion3958 by1722 many4183 infallible proofs,5039 being seen3700 of them846 forty5062 days,2250 and2532 speaking3004 of the things3588 pertaining4012 to the3588 kingdom932 of God:2316

4  And,2532 being assembled together with4871 them, commanded3853 them846 that they should not3361 depart5563 from575 Jerusalem,2414 but235 wait for4037 the3588 promise1860 of the3588 Father,3962 which,3739 saith he, ye have heard191 of me.3450

5  For3754 John2491 truly3303 baptized907 with water;5204 but1161 ye5210 shall be baptized907 with1722 the Holy40 Ghost4151 not3756 many4183 days2250 hence.5025

6  When they3588 3303 therefore3767 were come together,4905 they asked1905 of him,846 saying,3004 Lord,2962 wilt thou1487 at1722 this5129 time5550 restore again600 the3588 kingdom932 to Israel?2474

7  And1161 he said2036 unto4314 them,846 It is2076 not3756 for you5216 to know1097 the times5550 or2228 the seasons,2540 which3739 the3588 Father3962 hath put5087 in1722 his own2398 power.1849

8  But235 ye shall receive2983 power,1411 after that the3588 Holy40 Ghost4151 is come1904 upon1909 you:5209 and2532 ye shall be2071 witnesses3144 unto me3427 both5037 in1722 Jerusalem,2419 and2532 in1722 all3956 Judea,2449 and2532 in Samaria,4540 and2532 unto2193 the uttermost part2078 of the3588 earth.1093

9  And2532 when he had spoken2036 these things,5023 while they846 beheld,991 he was taken up;1869 and2532 a cloud3507 received5274 him846 out of575 their846 sight.3788

10  And2532 while5613 they looked steadfastly2258 816 toward1519 heaven3772 as he846 went up,4198 behold,2400 two1417 men435 2532 stood by3936 them846 in1722 white3022 apparel;2066

11  Which3739 also2532 said,2036 Ye men435 of Galilee,1057 why5101 stand2476 ye gazing up1689 into1519 heaven?3772 this same3778 Jesus,2424 which is taken up353 from575 you5216 into1519 heaven,3772 shall so3779 come2064 in like manner3739 5158 as ye have seen2300 him846 go4198 into1519 heaven.3772

12  Then5119 returned5290 they unto1519 Jerusalem2419 from575 the mount3735 called2564 Olivet,1638 which is3603 from1451 Jerusalem2419 a2192 sabbath day's4521 journey.3598

13  And2532 when3753 they were come in,1525 they went up305 into1519 an upper room,5253 where3757 abode2258 2650 both5037 Peter,4074 and2532 James,2385 and2532 John,2491 and2532 Andrew,406 Philip,5376 and2532 Thomas,2381 Bartholomew,918 and2532 Matthew,3156 James2385 the son of Alphaeus,256 and2532 Simon4613 Zelotes,2208 and2532 Judas2455 the brother of James.2385

14  These3778 all3956 continued2258 4342 with one accord3661 in prayer4335 and2532 supplication,1162 with4862 the women,1135 and2532 Mary3137 the3588 mother3384 of Jesus,2424 and2532 with4862 his846 brethren.80

15  And2532 in1722 those5025 days2250 Peter4074 stood up450 in1722 the midst3319 of the3588 disciples,3101 and said,2036 (the5037 number3793 of names3686 together1909 846 were2258 about5613 a hundred and twenty,)1540 1501

16  Men435 and brethren,80 this5026 Scripture1124 must needs1163 have been fulfilled,4137 which3739 the3588 Holy40 Ghost4151 by1223 the mouth4750 of David1138 spake before4277 concerning4012 Judas,2455 which was1096 guide3595 to them that took4815 Jesus.2424

17  For3754 he was2258 numbered2674 with4862 us,2254 and2532 had obtained2975 part2819 of this5026 ministry.1248

18  Now3767 this man3778 3303 purchased2932 a field5564 with1537 the3588 reward3408 of iniquity;93 and2532 falling1096 headlong,4248 he burst asunder2997 in the midst,3319 and2532 all3956 his846 bowels4698 gushed out.1632

19  And2532 it was1096 known1110 unto all3956 the3588 dwellers2730 at Jerusalem;2419 insomuch as5620 that1565 field5564 is called2564 in their846 proper2398 tongue,1258 Aceldama,184 that is to say,5123 The field5564 of blood.129

20  For1063 it is written1125 in1722 the book976 of Psalms,5568 Let his846 habitation1886 be1096 desolate,2048 and2532 let no3361 man2077 dwell2730 therein:1722 846 and2532 his846 bishopric1984 let another2087 take.2983

21  Wherefore3767 of1163 these men435 which have companied4905 with us2254 all3956 the time5550 that1722 3739 the3588 Lord2962 Jesus2424 went in1525 and2532 out1831 among1909 us,2248

22  Beginning756 from575 the3588 baptism908 of John,2491 unto2193 that same day2250 that3739 he was taken up353 from575 us,2257 must one1520 be5130 ordained1096 to be a witness3144 with4862 us2254 of his846 resurrection.386

23  And2532 they appointed2476 two,1417 Joseph2501 called2564 Barsabas,923 who3739 was surnamed1941 Justus,2459 and2532 Matthias.3159

24  And2532 they prayed,4336 and said,2036 Thou,4771 Lord,2962 which knowest the hearts2589 of all3956 men, show322 whether3739 1520 of1537 these5130 two1417 thou hast chosen,1586

25  That he may take2983 part2819 of this5026 ministry1248 and2532 apostleship,651 from1537 which3739 Judas2455 by transgression fell,3845 that he might go4198 to1519 his own2398 place.5117

26  And2532 they gave forth1325 their846 lots;2819 and2532 the3588 lot2819 fell4098 upon1909 Matthias;3159 and2532 he was numbered4785 with3326 the3588 eleven1733 apostles.652


Acts 2: 1-47

1  And2532 when the3588 day2250 of Pentecost4005 was fully come,4845 they were2258 all537 with one accord3661 in1909 one place.846

2  And2532 suddenly869 there came1096 a sound2279 from1537 heaven3772 as5618 of a rushing5342 mighty972 wind,4157 and2532 it filled4137 all3650 the3588 house3624 where3757 they were2258 sitting.2521

3  And2532 there appeared3700 unto them846 cloven1266 tongues1100 like as5616 of fire,4442 and5037 it sat2523 upon1909 each1538 1520 of them.846

4  And2532 they were all537 filled4130 with the Holy40 Ghost,4151 and2532 began756 to speak2980 with other2087 tongues,1100 as2531 the3588 Spirit4151 gave1325 them846 utterance.669

5  And1161 there were2258 dwelling2730 at1722 Jerusalem2419 Jews,2453 devout2126 men,435 out of575 every3956 nation1484 under5259 heaven.3772

6  Now1161 when this5026 was noised abroad,1096 5456 the3588 multitude4128 came together,4905 and2532 were confounded,4797 because3754 that every man1538 1520 heard191 them846 speak2980 in his own2398 language.1258

7  And1161 they were all3956 amazed1839 and2532 marveled,2296 saying3004 one to another,240 4314 Behold,2400 are1526 not3756 all3956 these3778 which speak2980 Galilaeans?1057

8  And2532 how4459 hear191 we2249 every man1538 in our2257 own2398 tongue,1258 wherein1722 3739 we were born?1080

9  Parthians,3934 and2532 Medes,3370 and2532 Elamites,1639 and2532 the3588 dwellers2730 in Mesopotamia,3318 and5037 in Judea,2449 and2532 Cappadocia,2587 in Pontus,4195 and2532 Asia,773

10  5037 Phrygia,5435 and2532 Pamphylia,3828 in Egypt,125 and2532 in the3588 parts3313 of Libya3033 about2596 Cyrene,2957 and2532 strangers1927 of Rome,4514 5037 Jews2453 and2532 proselytes,4339

11  Cretes2912 and2532 Arabians,690 we do hear191 them846 speak2980 in our2251 tongues1100 the3588 wonderful works3167 of God.2316

12  And1161 they were all3956 amazed,1839 and2532 were in doubt,1280 saying3004 one to another,243 4314 243 What5101 meaneth2309 302 1511 this?5124

13  1161 Others2087 mocking5512 said,3004 These men are1526 full3325 of new wine.1098

14  But1161 Peter,4074 standing up2476 with4862 the3588 eleven,1733 lifted up1869 his848 voice,5456 and2532 said669 unto them,846 Ye men435 of Judea,2453 and2532 all537 ye that dwell2730 at Jerusalem,2419 be2077 this5124 known1110 unto you,5213 and2532 hearken1801 to my3450 words:4487

15  For1063 these3778 are not3756 drunken,3184 as5613 ye5210 suppose,5274 seeing1063 it is2076 but the third5154 hour5610 of the3588 day.2250

16  But235 this5124 is2076 that which was spoken2046 by1223 the3588 prophet4396 Joel;2493

17  And2532 it shall come to pass2071 in1722 the3588 last2078 days,2250 saith3004 God,2316 I will pour out1632 of575 my3450 Spirit4151 upon1909 all3956 flesh:4561 and2532 your5216 sons5207 and2532 your5216 daughters2364 shall prophesy,4395 and2532 your5216 young men3495 shall see3700 visions,3706 and2532 your5216 old men4245 shall dream1797 dreams:1798

18  And2532 1065 on1909 my3450 servants1401 and2532 on1909 my3450 handmaidens1399 I will pour out1632 in1722 those1565 days2250 of575 my3450 Spirit;4151 and2532 they shall prophesy:4395

19  And2532 I will show1325 wonders5059 in1722 heaven3772 above,507 and2532 signs4592 in1909 the3588 earth1093 beneath;2736 blood,129 and2532 fire,4442 and2532 vapor822 of smoke:2586

20  The3588 sun2246 shall be turned3344 into1519 darkness,4655 and2532 the3588 moon4582 into1519 blood,129 before4250 that2228 great3173 and2532 notable2016 day2250 of the Lord2962 come:2064

21  And2532 it shall come to pass,2071 that whosoever3956 3739 302 shall call on1941 the3588 name3686 of the Lord2962 shall be saved.4982

22  Ye men435 of Israel,2475 hear191 these5128 words;3056 Jesus2424 of Nazareth,3480 a man435 approved584 of575 God2316 among1519 you5209 by miracles1411 and2532 wonders5059 and2532 signs,4592 which3739 God2316 did4160 by1223 him846 in1722 the midst3319 of you,5216 as2531 ye846 yourselves also2532 know:1492

23  Him,5126 being delivered1560 by the3588 determinate3724 counsel1012 and2532 foreknowledge4268 of God,2316 ye have taken,2983 and by1223 wicked459 hands5495 have crucified4362 and slain:337

24  Whom3739 God2316 hath raised up,450 having loosed3089 the3588 pains5604 of death:2288 because2530 it was2258 not3756 possible1415 that he846 should be holden2902 of5259 it.846

25  For1063 David1138 speaketh3004 concerning1519 him,846 I foresaw4308 the3588 Lord2962 always1223 3956 before1799 my face,3450 for3754 he is2076 on1537 my3450 right hand,1188 that2443 I should not3361 be moved:4531

26  Therefore1223 5124 did my3450 heart2588 rejoice,2165 and2532 my3450 tongue1100 was glad;21 moreover1161 2089 also2532 my3450 flesh4561 shall rest2681 in1909 hope:1680

27  Because3754 thou wilt not3756 leave1459 my3450 soul5590 in1519 hell,86 neither3761 wilt thou suffer1325 thine4675 Holy One3741 to see1492 corruption.1312

28  Thou hast made known1107 to me3427 the ways3598 of life;2222 thou shalt make me full4137 3165 of joy2167 with3326 thy4675 countenance.4383

29  Men435 and brethren,80 let1832 me freely3326 3954 speak2036 unto4314 you5209 of4012 the3588 patriarch3966 David,1138 that3754 he is both dead5053 2532 and2532 buried,2290 and2532 his846 sepulcher3418 is2076 with1722 us2254 unto891 this5026 day.2250

30  Therefore3767 being5225 a prophet,4396 and2532 knowing1492 that3754 God2316 had sworn3660 with an oath3727 to him,846 that of1537 the fruit2590 of his846 loins,3751 according to2596 the flesh,4561 he would raise up450 Christ5547 to sit2523 on1909 his846 throne;2362

31  He seeing this before4275 spake2980 of4012 the3588 resurrection386 of Christ,5547 that3754 his846 soul5590 was not3756 left2641 in1519 hell,86 neither3761 his846 flesh4561 did see1492 corruption.1312

32  This5126 Jesus2424 hath God2316 raised up,450 whereof3739 we2249 all3956 are2070 witnesses.3144

33  Therefore3767 being by the3588 right hand1188 of God2316 exalted,5312 and5037 having received2983 of3844 the3588 Father3962 the3588 promise1860 of the3588 Holy40 Ghost,4151 he hath shed forth1632 this,5124 which3739 ye5210 now3568 see991 and2532 hear.191

34  For1063 David1138 is not3756 ascended305 into1519 the3588 heavens:3772 but1161 he846 saith3004 himself, The3588 Lord2962 said2036 unto my3450 Lord,2962 Sit2521 thou on1537 my3450 right hand,1188

35  Until2193 I make5087 302 thy4675 foes2190 thy footstool.5286 4675 4228

36  Therefore3767 let all3956 the house3624 of Israel2474 know1097 assuredly,806 that3754 God2316 hath made4160 that same5126 Jesus,2424 whom3739 ye5210 have crucified,4717 both2532 Lord2962 and2532 Christ.5547

37  Now1161 when they heard191 this, they were pricked2660 in their heart,2588 and5037 said2036 unto4314 Peter4074 and2532 to the3588 rest3062 of the apostles,652 Men435 and brethren,80 what5101 shall we do?4160

38  Then1161 Peter4074 said5346 unto4314 them,846 Repent,3340 and2532 be baptized907 every one1538 of you5216 in1909 the3588 name3686 of Jesus2424 Christ5547 for1519 the remission859 of sins,266 and2532 ye shall receive2983 the3588 gift1431 of the3588 Holy40 Ghost.4151

39  For1063 the3588 promise1860 is2076 unto you,5213 and2532 to your5216 children,5043 and2532 to all3956 that3588 are afar off,1519 3112 even as many as3745 302 the Lord2962 our2257 God2316 shall call.4341

40  And5037 with many4119 other2087 words3056 did he testify1263 and2532 exhort,3870 saying,3004 Save4982 yourselves from575 this5026 untoward4646 generation.1074

41  Then3767 they that gladly received588 780 3303 his846 word3056 were baptized:907 and2532 the3588 same1565 day2250 there were added4369 unto them about5616 three thousand5153 souls.5590

42  And1161 they continued steadfastly2258 4342 in the3588 apostles'652 doctrine1322 and2532 fellowship,2842 and2532 in breaking2800 of bread,740 and2532 in prayers.4335

43  And1161 fear5401 came1096 upon every3956 soul:5590 and5037 many4183 wonders5059 and2532 signs4592 were done1096 by1223 the3588 apostles.652

44  And1161 all3956 that believed4100 were2258 together,1909 846 and2532 had2192 all things537 common;2839

45  And2532 sold4097 their possessions2933 and2532 goods,5223 and2532 parted1266 them846 to all3956 men, as2530 every man5100 302 had2192 need.5532

46  And5037 they, continuing4342 daily2596 2250 with one accord3661 in1722 the3588 temple,2411 and5037 breaking2806 bread740 from house to house,2596 3624 did eat3335 their meat5160 with1722 gladness20 and2532 singleness858 of heart,2588

47  Praising134 God,2316 and2532 having2192 favor5485 with4314 all3650 the3588 people.2992 And1161 the3588 Lord2962 added4369 to the3588 church1577 daily2596 2250 such as should be saved.4982


Acts 3: 1-26

1  Now1161 Peter4074 and2532 John2491 went up305 together1909 846 into1519 the3588 temple2411 at1909 the3588 hour5610 of prayer,4335 being the3588 ninth1766 hour.

2  And2532 a certain5100 man435 lame5560 from1537 his848 mother's3384 womb2836 was carried,941 whom3739 they laid5087 daily2596 2250 at4314 the3588 gate2374 of the3588 temple2411 which is called3004 Beautiful,5611 to ask154 alms1654 of3844 them that entered1531 into1519 the3588 temple;2411

3  Who3739 seeing1492 Peter4074 and2532 John2491 about3195 to go1524 into1519 the3588 temple2411 asked2065 an2983 alms.1654

4  And1161 Peter,4074 fastening his eyes816 upon1519 him846 with4862 John,2491 said,2036 Look991 on1519 us.2248

5  And1161 he3588 gave heed1907 unto them,846 expecting4328 to receive2983 something5100 of3844 them.846

6  Then1161 Peter4074 said,2036 Silver694 and2532 gold5553 have5225 I3427 none;3756 but1161 such3739 as I have2192 give1325 I thee:4671 In1722 the3588 name3686 of Jesus2424 Christ5547 of Nazareth3480 rise up1453 and2532 walk.4043

7  And2532 he took4084 him846 by the3588 right1188 hand,5495 and lifted him up:1453 and1161 immediately3916 his846 feet939 and2532 ankle bones4974 received strength.4732

8  And2532 he leaping up1814 stood,2476 and2532 walked,4043 and2532 entered1525 with4862 them846 into1519 the3588 temple,2411 walking,4043 and2532 leaping,242 and2532 praising134 God.2316

9  And2532 all3956 the3588 people2992 saw1492 him846 walking4043 and2532 praising134 God:2316

10  And5037 they knew1921 that3754 it was2258 he3778 which sat2521 for4314 alms1654 at1909 the3588 Beautiful5611 gate4439 of the3588 temple:2411 and2532 they were filled4130 with wonder2285 and2532 amazement1611 at1909 that which had happened4819 unto him.846

11  And1161 as the3588 lame man5560 which was healed2390 held2902 Peter4074 and2532 John,2491 all3956 the3588 people2992 ran together4936 unto4314 them846 in1909 the3588 porch4745 that is called2564 Solomon's,4672 greatly wondering.1569

12  And1161 when Peter4074 saw1492 it, he answered611 unto4314 the3588 people,2992 Ye men435 of Israel,2475 why5101 marvel2296 ye1909 at this?5129 or2228 why5101 look ye so earnestly816 on us,2254 as though5613 by our own2398 power1411 or2228 holiness2150 we had made4160 this man846 to walk?4043

13  The3588 God2316 of Abraham,11 and2532 of Isaac,2464 and2532 of Jacob,2384 the3588 God2316 of our2257 fathers,3962 hath glorified1392 his848 Son3816 Jesus;2424 whom3739 ye5210 delivered up,3860 and2532 denied720 him846 in the presence2596 4383 of Pilate,4091 when he1565 was determined2919 to let him go.630

14  But1161 ye5210 denied720 the3588 Holy One40 and2532 the Just,1342 and2532 desired154 a435 murderer5406 to be granted5483 unto you;5213

15  And1161 killed615 the3588 Prince747 of life,2222 whom3739 God2316 hath raised1453 from1537 the dead;3498 whereof3739 we2249 are2070 witnesses.3144

16  And2532 his846 name3686 through1909 faith4102 in his846 name3686 hath made this man strong,4732 5126 whom3739 ye see2334 and2532 know:1492 yea,2532 the3588 faith4102 which3588 is by1223 him846 hath given1325 him846 this5026 perfect soundness3647 in the presence561 of you5216 all.3956

17  And2532 now,3568 brethren,80 I wot1492 that3754 through2596 ignorance52 ye did4238 it, as5618 did also2532 your5216 rulers.758

18  But1161 those things,3739 which God2316 before had showed4293 by1223 the mouth4750 of all3956 his846 prophets,4396 that Christ5547 should suffer,3958 he hath so3779 fulfilled.4137

19  Repent3340 ye therefore,3767 and2532 be converted,1994 that your5216 sins266 may be blotted out,1813 when3704 the times2540 of refreshing403 shall come2064 302 from575 the presence4383 of the3588 Lord;2962

20  And2532 he shall send649 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 which before was preached4296 unto you:5213

21  Whom3739 the heaven3772 must1163 3303 receive1209 until891 the times5550 of restitution605 of all things,3956 which3739 God2316 hath spoken2980 by1223 the mouth4750 of all3956 his848 holy40 prophets4396 since the world began.575 165

22  For1063 Moses3475 truly3303 said2036 unto4314 the3588 fathers,3962 A prophet4396 shall the Lord2962 your5216 God2316 raise up450 unto you5213 of1537 your5216 brethren,80 like unto5613 me;1691 him846 shall ye hear191 in2596 all things3956 whatsoever3745 302 he shall say2980 unto4314 you.5209

23  And1161 it shall come to pass,2071 that every3956 soul,5590 which3748 will not3361 hear191 302 that1565 prophet,4396 shall be destroyed1842 from1537 among the3588 people.2992

24  Yea,1161 and2532 all3956 the3588 prophets4396 from575 Samuel4545 and2532 those that follow after,2517 as many as3745 have spoken,2980 have likewise2532 foretold4293 of these5025 days.2250

25  Ye5210 are2075 the children5207 of the3588 prophets,4396 and2532 of the3588 covenant1242 which3739 God2316 made1303 with4314 our2257 fathers,3962 saying3004 unto4314 Abraham,11 And2532 in thy4675 seed4690 shall all3956 the3588 kindreds3965 of the3588 earth1093 be blessed.1757

26  Unto you5213 first4412 God,2316 having raised up450 his848 Son3816 Jesus,2424 sent649 him846 to bless2127 you,5209 in turning away654 every one1538 of you from575 his5216 iniquities.4189


Acts 4: 1-37

1  And1161 as they846 spake2980 unto4314 the3588 people,2992 the3588 priests,2409 and2532 the3588 captain4755 of the3588 temple,2411 and2532 the3588 Sadducees,4523 came upon2186 them,846

2  Being grieved1278 that they846 taught1321 the3588 people,2992 and2532 preached2605 through1722 Jesus2424 the3588 resurrection386 from1537 the dead.3498

3  And2532 they laid hands on1911 5495 them,846 and2532 put5087 them in1519 hold5084 unto1519 the3588 next day:839 for1063 it was2258 now2235 eventide.2073

4  Howbeit1161 many4183 of them which heard191 the3588 word3056 believed;4100 and2532 the3588 number706 of the3588 men435 was1096 about5616 five4002 thousand.5505

5  And1161 it came to pass1096 on1909 the3588 morrow,839 that their846 rulers,758 and2532 elders,4245 and2532 scribes,1122

6  And2532 Annas452 the3588 high priest,749 and2532 Caiaphas,2533 and2532 John,2491 and2532 Alexander,223 and2532 as many as3745 were2258 of1537 the kindred1085 of the high priest,748 were gathered together4863 at1519 Jerusalem.2419

7  And2532 when they had set2476 them846 in1722 the3588 midst,3319 they asked,4441 By1722 what4169 power,1411 or2228 by1722 what4169 name,3686 have ye5210 done4160 this?5124

8  Then5119 Peter,4074 filled4130 with the Holy40 Ghost,4151 said2036 unto4314 them,846 Ye rulers758 of the3588 people,2992 and2532 elders4245 of Israel,2474

9  If1487 we2249 this day4594 be examined350 of1909 the good deed done2108 to the impotent772 man,444 by1722 what means5101 he3778 is made whole;4982

10  Be2077 it known1110 unto you5213 all,3956 and2532 to all3956 the3588 people2992 of Israel,2474 that3754 by1722 the3588 name3686 of Jesus2424 Christ5547 of Nazareth,3480 whom3739 ye5210 crucified,4717 whom3739 God2316 raised1453 from1537 the dead,3498 even by1722 him5129 doth this man3778 stand3936 here before1799 you5216 whole.5199

11  This3778 is2076 the3588 stone3037 which was set at naught1848 of5259 you5216 builders,3618 which is become1096 the1519 head2776 of the corner.1137

12  Neither2532 3756 is2076 there salvation4991 in1722 any3762 other:243 for1063 there is2076 none3777 other2087 name3686 under5259 heaven3772 given1325 among1722 men,444 whereby1722 3739 we2248 must1163 be saved.4982

13  Now1161 when they saw2334 the3588 boldness3954 of Peter4074 and2532 John,2491 and2532 perceived2638 that3754 they were1526 unlearned62 and2532 ignorant2399 men,444 they marveled;2296 and5037 they took knowledge1921 of them,846 that3754 they had been2258 with4862 Jesus.2424

14  And1161 beholding991 the3588 man444 which was healed2323 standing2476 with4862 them,846 they could2192 say nothing against471 3762 it.

15  But1161 when they had commanded2753 them846 to go aside565 out1854 of the3588 council,4892 they conferred4820 among4314 themselves,240

16  Saying,3004 What5101 shall we do4160 to these5125 men?444 for1063 that3754 indeed3303 a notable1110 miracle4592 hath been done1096 by1223 them846 is manifest5318 to all3956 them that dwell2730 in Jerusalem;2419 and2532 we cannot1410 3756 deny720 it.

17  But235 that2443 it spread1268 no3361 further1909 4119 among1519 the3588 people,2992 let us straitly threaten546 547 them,846 that they speak2980 henceforth3371 to no3367 man444 in1909 this5127 name.3686

18  And2532 they called2564 them,846 and commanded3853 them846 not3361 to speak5350 at all2527 nor3366 teach1321 in1909 the3588 name3686 of Jesus.2424

19  But1161 Peter4074 and2532 John2491 answered611 and said2036 unto4314 them,846 Whether1487 it be2076 right1342 in the sight1799 of God2316 to hearken191 unto you5216 more3123 than2228 unto God,2316 judge2919 ye.

20  For1063 we2249 cannot1410 3756 but3361 speak2980 the things which3739 we have seen1492 and2532 heard.191

21  So1161 when they3588 had further threatened4324 them, they let them go,630 846 finding2147 nothing3367 how4459 they might punish2849 them,846 because1223 of the3588 people:2992 for3754 all3956 men glorified1392 God2316 for1909 that which was done.1096

22  For1063 the3588 man444 was2258 above4119 forty5062 years old,2094 on1909 whom3739 this5124 miracle4592 of healing2392 was showed.1096

23  And1161 being let go,630 they went2064 to4314 their own company,2398 and2532 reported518 all that3745 the3588 chief priests749 and2532 elders4245 had said2036 unto4314 them.846

24  And1161 when they3588 heard191 that, they lifted up142 their voice5456 to4314 God2316 with one accord,3661 and2532 said,2036 Lord,1203 thou4771 art God,2316 which hast made4160 heaven,3772 and2532 earth,1093 and2532 the3588 sea,2281 and2532 all3956 that3588 in1722 them846 is:

25  Who by1223 the mouth4750 of thy4675 servant3816 David1138 hast said,2036 Why2444 did the heathen1484 rage,5433 and2532 the people2992 imagine3191 vain things?2756

26  The3588 kings935 of the3588 earth1093 stood up,3936 and2532 the3588 rulers758 were gathered4863 together1909 846 against2596 the3588 Lord,2962 and2532 against2596 his846 Christ.5547

27  For1063 of1909 a truth225 against1909 thy4675 holy40 child3816 Jesus,2424 whom3739 thou hast anointed,5548 both5037 Herod,2264 and2532 Pontius4194 Pilate,4091 with4862 the Gentiles,1484 and2532 the people2992 of Israel,2474 were gathered together,4863

28  For to do4160 whatsoever3745 thy4675 hand5495 and2532 thy4675 counsel1012 determined before4309 to be done.1096

29  And2532 now,3569 Lord,2962 behold1896 1909 their846 threatenings:547 and2532 grant1325 unto thy4675 servants,1401 that with3326 all3956 boldness3954 they may speak2980 thy4675 word,3056

30  By4571 stretching forth1614 thine4675 hand5495 to1519 heal;2392 and2532 that signs4592 and2532 wonders5059 may be done1096 by1223 the3588 name3686 of thy4675 holy40 child3816 Jesus.2424

31  And2532 when they846 had prayed,1189 the3588 place5117 was shaken4531 where1722 3739 they were2258 assembled together;4863 and2532 they were all537 filled4130 with the Holy40 Ghost,4151 and2532 they spake2980 the3588 word3056 of God2316 with3326 boldness.3954

32  And1161 the3588 multitude4128 of them that believed4100 were2258 of one3391 heart2588 and2532 of one soul:5590 neither2532 3761 said3004 any1520 of them that aught5100 of the things which he possessed5224 846 was1511 his own;2398 but235 they846 had2258 all things537 common.2839

33  And2532 with great3173 power1411 gave591 the3588 apostles652 witness3142 of the3588 resurrection386 of the3588 Lord2962 Jesus:2424 and5037 great3173 grace5485 was2258 upon1909 them846 all.3956

34  1063 Neither3761 was5225 there any5100 among1722 them846 that lacked:1729 for1063 as many as3745 were5225 possessors2935 of lands5564 or2228 houses3614 sold4453 them, and brought5342 the3588 prices5092 of the things that were sold,4097

35  And2532 laid them down5087 at3844 the3588 apostles'652 feet:4228 and1161 distribution was made1239 unto every man1538 according as2530 302 he5100 had2192 need.5532

36  And1161 Joses,2500 who3588 by5259 the3588 apostles652 was surnamed1941 Barnabas,921 (which is,3603 being interpreted,3177 The son5207 of consolation,) a3874 Levite,3019 and of the country of Cyprus,1085 2953

37  Having5225 land,68 sold4453 it, and brought5342 the3588 money,5536 and2532 laid5087 it at3844 the3588 apostles'652 feet.4228


Acts 5: 1-42

1  But1161 a certain5100 man435 named3686 Ananias,367 with4862 Sapphira4551 his848 wife,1135 sold4453 a possession,2933

2  And2532 kept back3557 part of575 the3588 price,5092 his846 wife1135 also2532 being privy4894 to it, and2532 brought5342 a certain5100 part,3313 and laid5087 it at3844 the3588 apostles'652 feet.4228

3  But1161 Peter4074 said,2036 Ananias,367 why1302 hath Satan4567 filled4137 thine4675 heart2588 to lie5574 to the3588 Holy40 Ghost,4151 and2532 to keep back3557 part of575 the3588 price5092 of the3588 land?5564

4  While it remained,3306 was it not thine own?3306 3780 4671 and2532 after it was sold,4097 was5225 it not in1722 thine own4674 power?1849 3754 why5101 hast thou conceived5087 this5124 thing4229 in1722 thine4675 heart?2588 thou hast not3756 lied5574 unto men,444 but235 unto God.2316

5  And1161 Ananias367 hearing191 these5128 words3056 fell down,4098 and gave up the ghost:1634 and2532 great3173 fear5401 came1096 on1909 all3956 them that heard191 these things.5023

6  And1161 the3588 young men3501 arose,450 wound him up,4958 846 and2532 carried him out,1627 and buried2290 him.

7  And1161 it was1096 about5613 the space1292 of three5140 hours5610 after, when2532 his846 wife,1135 not3361 knowing1492 what was done,1096 came in.1525

8  And1161 Peter4074 answered611 unto her,846 Tell2036 me3427 whether1487 ye sold591 the3588 land5564 for so much?5118 And1161 she3588 said,2036 Yea,3483 for so much.5118

9  Then1161 Peter4074 said2036 unto4314 her,846 How5101 is it that3754 ye5213 have agreed together4856 to tempt3985 the3588 Spirit4151 of the Lord?2962 behold,2400 the3588 feet4228 of them which have buried2290 thy4675 husband435 are at1909 the3588 door,2374 and2532 shall carry thee out.1627 4571

10  Then1161 fell she down4098 straightway3916 at3844 his846 feet,4228 and2532 yielded up the ghost:1634 and1161 the3588 young men3495 came in,1525 and found2147 her846 dead,3498 and,2532 carrying her forth,1627 buried2290 her by4314 her846 husband.435

11  And2532 great3173 fear5401 came1096 upon1909 all3650 the3588 church,1577 and2532 upon1909 as many as3956 heard191 these things.5023

12  And1161 by1223 the3588 hands5495 of the3588 apostles652 were many4183 signs4592 and2532 wonders5059 wrought1096 among1722 the3588 people;2992 (and2532 they were2258 all537 with one accord3661 in1722 Solomon's4672 porch.4745

13  And1161 of the3588 rest3062 durst5111 no man3762 join2853 himself to them:846 but235 the3588 people2992 magnified3170 them.846

14  And1161 believers4100 were the more3123 added4369 to the3588 Lord,2962 multitudes4128 both5037 of men435 and2532 women.)1135

15  Insomuch that5620 they brought forth1627 the3588 sick772 into2596 the3588 streets,4113 and2532 laid5087 them on1909 beds2825 and2532 couches,2895 that2443 at the least2579 the3588 shadow4639 of Peter4074 passing by2064 might overshadow1982 some5100 of them.846

16  1161 There came4905 also2532 a multitude4128 out of the3588 cities4172 round about4038 unto1519 Jerusalem,2419 bringing5342 sick folks,772 and2532 them which were vexed3791 with5259 unclean169 spirits:4151 and they3748 were healed2323 every one.537

17  Then1161 the3588 high priest749 rose up,450 and2532 all3956 they3588 that were with4862 him,846 (which is5607 the sect139 of the3588 Sadducees,)4523 and were filled4130 with indignation,2205

18  And2532 laid1911 their846 hands5495 on1909 the3588 apostles,652 and2532 put5087 them848 in1722 the common1219 prison.5084

19  But1161 the angel32 of the Lord2962 by1223 night3571 opened455 the3588 prison5438 doors,2374 and5037 brought them forth,1806 846 and said,2036

20  Go,4198 2532 stand2476 and speak2980 in1722 the3588 temple2411 to the3588 people2992 all3956 the3588 words4487 of this5026 life.2222

21  And1161 when they heard191 that, they entered1525 into1519 the3588 temple2411 early in the morning,5259 3722 and2532 taught.1321 But1161 the3588 high priest749 came,3854 and2532 they3588 that were with4862 him,846 and called the council together,4779 3588 4892 and2532 all3956 the3588 senate1087 of the3588 children5207 of Israel,2474 and2532 sent649 to1519 the3588 prison1201 to have them846 brought.71

22  But1161 when the3588 officers5257 came,3854 and found2147 them846 not3756 in1722 the3588 prison,5438 they1161 returned,390 and told,518

23  Saying,3004 The3588 prison1201 truly3303 found2147 we shut2808 with1722 all3956 safety,803 and2532 the3588 keepers5441 standing2476 without1854 before4253 the3588 doors:2374 but1161 when we had opened,455 we found2147 no man3762 within.2080

24  Now1161 when5613 the5037 3739 high priest2409 and2532 the3588 captain4755 of the3588 temple2411 and2532 the3588 chief priests749 heard191 these5128 things,3056 they doubted1280 of4012 them846 whereunto5101 this5124 would grow.1096 302

25  Then1161 came3854 one5100 and told518 them,846 saying,3004 Behold,2400 the3588 men435 whom3739 ye put5087 in1722 prison5438 are1526 standing2476 in1722 the3588 temple,2411 and2532 teaching1321 the3588 people.2992

26  Then5119 went565 the3588 captain4755 with4862 the3588 officers,5257 and brought71 them846 without3326 3756 violence:970 for1063 they feared5399 the3588 people,2992 lest3363 they should have been stoned.3034

27  And1161 when they had brought71 them,846 they set2476 them before1722 the3588 council:4892 and2532 the3588 high priest749 asked1905 them,846

28  Saying,3004 Did not3756 we straitly command3853 3852 you5213 that ye should not3361 teach1321 in1909 this5129 name?3686 and,2532 behold,2400 ye have filled4137 Jerusalem2419 with your5216 doctrine,1322 and2532 intend1014 to bring1863 this5127 man's444 blood129 upon1909 us.2248

29  Then1161 Peter4074 and2532 the3588 other apostles652 answered611 and said,2036 We ought1163 to obey3980 God2316 rather3123 than2228 men.444

30  The3588 God2316 of our2257 fathers3962 raised up1453 Jesus,2424 whom3739 ye5210 slew1315 and hanged2910 on1909 a tree.3586

31  Him5126 hath God2316 exalted5312 with his848 right hand1188 to be a Prince747 and2532 a Savior,4990 for to give1325 repentance3341 to Israel,2474 and2532 forgiveness859 of sins.266

32  And2532 we2249 are2070 his846 witnesses3144 of these5130 things;4487 and2532 so is also1161 the3588 Holy40 Ghost,4151 whom3739 God2316 hath given1325 to them that obey3980 him.846

33  When1161 they3588 heard191 that, they were cut1282 to the heart, and2532 took counsel1011 to slay337 them.846

34  Then1161 stood there up450 one5100 in1722 the3588 council,4892 a Pharisee,5330 named3686 Gamaliel,1059 a doctor of the law,3547 had in reputation5093 among all3956 the3588 people,2992 and commanded2753 to put4160 the3588 apostles652 forth1854 a little space;1024 5100

35  And5037 said2036 unto4314 them,846 Ye men435 of Israel,2475 take heed4337 to yourselves1438 what5101 ye intend3195 to do4238 as touching1909 these5125 men.444

36  For1063 before4253 these5130 days2250 rose up450 Theudas,2333 boasting3004 himself1438 to be1511 somebody;5100 to whom3739 a number706 of men,435 about5616 four hundred,5071 joined4347 themselves: who3739 was slain;337 and2532 all,3956 as many as3745 obeyed3982 him,846 were scattered,1262 and2532 brought1096 to1519 naught.3762

37  After3326 this man5126 rose up450 Judas2455 of Galilee1057 in1722 the3588 days2250 of the3588 taxing,582 and2532 drew away868 much2425 people2992 after3694 him:848 he also2548 perished;622 and2532 all,3956 even as many as3745 obeyed3982 him,846 were dispersed.1287

38  And2532 now3569 I say3004 unto you,5213 Refrain868 from575 these5130 men,444 and2532 let them alone:1439 846 for3754 if1437 this3778 counsel1012 or2228 this5124 work2041 be5600 of1537 men,444 it will come to nought:2647

39  But1161 if1487 it be2076 of1537 God,2316 ye cannot1410 3756 overthrow2647 it;846 lest haply3379 ye be found2147 even2532 to fight against God.2314

40  And1161 to him846 they agreed:3982 and2532 when they had called4341 the3588 apostles,652 and beaten1194 them, they commanded3853 that they should not3361 speak2980 in1909 the3588 name3686 of Jesus,2424 and2532 let them go.630 846

41  And3767 3303 they3588 departed4198 from575 the presence4383 of the3588 council,4892 rejoicing5463 that3754 they were counted worthy2661 to suffer shame818 for5228 his846 name.3686

42  And5037 daily3956 2250 in1722 the3588 temple,2411 and2532 in every house,2596 3624 they ceased3973 not3756 to teach1321 and2532 preach2097 Jesus2424 Christ.5547

Acts 6: 1-15

1  And1161 in1722 those5025 days,2250 when the number of the3588 disciples3101 were multiplied,4129 there arose1096 a murmuring1112 of the3588 Grecians1675 against4314 the3588 Hebrews,1445 because3754 their846 widows5503 were neglected3865 in1722 the3588 daily2522 ministration.1248

2  Then1161 the3588 twelve1427 called4341 the3588 multitude4128 of the3588 disciples3101 unto them, and said,2036 It is2076 not3756 reason701 that we2248 should leave2641 the3588 word3056 of God,2316 and serve1247 tables.5132

3  Wherefore,3767 brethren,80 look ye out1980 among1537 you5216 seven2033 men435 of honest report,3140 full4134 of the Holy40 Ghost4151 and2532 wisdom,4678 whom3739 we may appoint2525 over1909 this5026 business.5532

4  But1161 we2249 will give ourselves continually4342 to prayer,4335 and2532 to the3588 ministry1248 of the3588 word.3056

5  And2532 the3588 saying3056 pleased700 the1799 whole3956 multitude:4128 and2532 they chose1586 Stephen,4736 a man435 full4134 of faith4102 and2532 of the Holy40 Ghost,4151 and2532 Philip,5376 and2532 Prochorus,4402 and2532 Nicanor,3527 and2532 Timon,5096 and2532 Parmenas,3937 and2532 Nicolas3532 a proselyte4339 of Antioch:491

6  Whom3739 they set2476 before1799 the3588 apostles:652 and2532 when they had prayed,4336 they laid their hands on2007 5495 them.846

7  And2532 the3588 word3056 of God2316 increased;837 and2532 the3588 number706 of the3588 disciples3101 multiplied4129 in1722 Jerusalem2419 greatly;4970 and5037 a great4183 company3793 of the3588 priests2409 were obedient5219 to the3588 faith.4102

8  And1161 Stephen,4736 full4134 of faith4102 and2532 power,1411 did4160 great3173 wonders5059 and2532 miracles4592 among1722 the3588 people.2992

9  Then1161 there arose450 certain5100 of1537 the3588 synagogue,4864 which is called3004 the synagogue of the Libertines,3032 and2532 Cyrenians,2956 and2532 Alexandrians,221 and2532 of them3588 of575 Cilicia2791 and2532 of Asia,773 disputing with4802 Stephen.4736

10  And2532 they were not able2480 3756 to resist436 the3588 wisdom4678 and2532 the3588 spirit4151 by which3739 he spake.2980

11  Then5119 they suborned5260 men,435 which said,3004 We have heard191 him846 speak2980 blasphemous989 words4487 against1519 Moses,3475 and2532 against God.2316

12  And5037 they stirred up4787 the3588 people,2992 and2532 the3588 elders,4245 and2532 the3588 scribes,1122 and2532 came upon2186 him, and caught4884 him,846 and2532 brought71 him to1519 the3588 council,4892

13  And5037 set up2476 false5571 witnesses,3144 which said,3004 This3778 man444 ceaseth3973 not3756 to speak2980 blasphemous989 words4487 against2596 this5127 holy40 place,5117 and2532 the3588 law:3551

14  For1063 we have heard191 him846 say,3004 that3754 this3778 Jesus2424 of Nazareth3480 shall destroy2647 this5126 place,5117 and2532 shall change236 the3588 customs1485 which3739 Moses3475 delivered3860 us.2254

15  And2532 all537 that sat2516 in1722 the3588 council,4892 looking steadfastly816 on1519 him,846 saw1492 his846 face4383 as it had been5616 the face4383 of an angel.32

Acts 7: 1-60

1  Then1161 said2036 the3588 high priest,749 1487 686 Are2192 these5023 things so?3779

2  And1161 he3588 said,5346 Men,435 brethren,80 and2532 fathers,3962 hearken;191 The3588 God2316 of glory1391 appeared3700 unto our2257 father3962 Abraham,11 when he was5607 in1722 Mesopotamia,3318 before4250 2228 he846 dwelt2730 in1722 Haran,5488

3  And2532 said2036 unto4314 him,846 Get1831 thee out of1537 thy4675 country,1093 and2532 from1537 thy4675 kindred,4772 and2532 come1204 into1519 the land1093 which3739 302 I shall show1166 thee.4671

4  Then5119 came1831 he out of1537 the land1093 of the Chaldeans,5466 and dwelt2730 in1722 Haran:5488 and from thence,2547 when his846 father3962 was dead,599 he removed3351 him846 into1519 this5026 land,1093 wherein1519 3739 ye5210 now3568 dwell.2730

5  And2532 he gave1325 him846 none3756 inheritance2817 in1722 it, no,846 not3761 so much as to set his foot on:968 4228 yet2532 he promised1861 that he would give1325 it846 to him846 for1519 a possession,2697 and2532 to his846 seed4690 after3326 him,846 when as yet he846 had5607 no3756 child.5043

6  And1161 God2316 spake2980 on this wise,3779 That3754 his846 seed4690 should2071 sojourn3941 in1722 a strange245 land;1093 and2532 that they should bring them into bondage,1402 846 and2532 entreat them evil2559 four hundred5071 years.2094

7  And2532 the3588 nation1484 to whom3739 they shall1437 be in bondage1398 will I1473 judge,2919 said2036 God:2316 and2532 after3326 that5023 shall they come forth,1831 and2532 serve3000 me3427 in1722 this5129 place.5117

8  And2532 he gave1325 him846 the covenant1242 of circumcision:4061 and2532 so3779 Abraham begat1080 Isaac,2464 and2532 circumcised4059 him846 the3588 eighth3590 day;2250 and2532 Isaac2464 begat Jacob;2384 and2532 Jacob2384 begat the3588 twelve1427 patriarchs.3966

9  And2532 the3588 patriarchs,3966 moved with envy,2206 sold591 Joseph2501 into1519 Egypt:125 but2532 God2316 was2258 with3326 him,846

10  And2532 delivered1807 him846 out of1537 all3956 his846 afflictions,2347 and2532 gave1325 him846 favor5485 and2532 wisdom4678 in the sight1726 of Pharaoh5328 king935 of Egypt;125 and2532 he made2525 him846 governor2233 over1909 Egypt125 and2532 all3650 his848 house.3624

11  Now1161 there came2064 a dearth3042 over1909 all3650 the3588 land1093 of Egypt125 and2532 Canaan,5477 and2532 great3173 affliction:2347 and2532 our2257 fathers3962 found2147 no3756 sustenance.5527

12  But1161 when Jacob2384 heard191 that there was5607 corn4621 in1722 Egypt,125 he sent out1821 our2257 fathers3962 first.4412

13  And2532 at1722 the3588 second1208 time Joseph2501 was made known319 to his848 brethren;80 and2532 Joseph's2501 kindred1085 was made1096 known5318 unto Pharaoh.5328

14  Then1161 sent649 Joseph,2501 and called3333 his848 father3962 Jacob2384 to him, and2532 all3956 his848 kindred,4772 threescore and fifteen1440 4002 souls.5590

15  So1161 Jacob2384 went down2597 into1519 Egypt,125 and2532 died,5053 he,846 and2532 our2257 fathers,3962

16  And2532 were carried over3346 into1519 Shechem,4966 and2532 laid5087 in1722 the3588 sepulcher3418 that3739 Abraham11 bought5608 for a sum5092 of money694 of3844 the3588 sons5207 of Hamor1697 the father of Shechem.4966

17  But1161 when2531 the3588 time5550 of the3588 promise1860 drew nigh,1448 which3739 God2316 had sworn3660 to Abraham,11 the3588 people2992 grew837 and2532 multiplied4129 in1722 Egypt,125

18  Till891 3757 another2087 king935 arose,450 which3739 knew1492 not3756 Joseph.2501

19  The same3778 dealt subtlely with2686 our2257 kindred,1085 and evil entreated2559 our2257 fathers,3962 so that they cast out4160 1570 their846 young children,1025 to the end they might not3361 live.2225

20  In1722 which3739 time2540 Moses3475 was born,1080 and2532 was2258 exceeding fair,791 and2532 nourished up397 in1722 his848 father's3962 house3624 three5140 months:3376

21  And1161 when he846 was cast out,1620 Pharaoh's5328 daughter2364 took him up,337 846 and2532 nourished397 him846 for1519 her own1438 son.5207

22  And2532 Moses3475 was learned3811 in all3956 the wisdom4678 of the Egyptians,124 and1161 was2258 mighty1415 in1722 words3056 and2532 in1722 deeds.2041

23  And1161 when5613 he846 was full4137 forty5063 years old,5550 it came305 into1909 his846 heart2588 to visit1980 his848 brethren80 the3588 children5207 of Israel.2474

24  And2532 seeing1492 one5100 of them suffer wrong,91 he defended292 him, and2532 avenged4160 1557 him that was oppressed,2669 and smote3960 the3588 Egyptian:124

25  For1161 he supposed3543 his848 brethren80 would have understood4920 how that3754 God2316 by1223 his846 hand5495 would deliver1325 4991 them:846 but1161 they3588 understood4920 not.3756

26  And5037 the3588 next1966 day2250 he showed himself3700 unto them846 as they strove,3164 and2532 would have set them at one again,4900 846 1519 1515 saying,2036 Sirs,435 ye5210 are2075 brethren;80 why2444 do ye wrong91 one to another?240

27  But1161 he that did his neighbor wrong91 4139 thrust him away,683 846 saying,2036 Who5101 made2525 thee4571 a ruler758 and2532 a judge1348 over1909 us?2248

28  Wilt2309 3361 thou4771 kill337 me,3165 as thou didst3739 5158 337 the3588 Egyptian124 yesterday?5504

29  Then1161 fled5343 Moses3475 at1722 this5129 saying,3056 and2532 was1096 a stranger3941 in1722 the land1093 of Midian,3099 where3757 he begat1080 two1417 sons.5207

30  And2532 when forty5062 years2094 were expired,4137 there appeared3700 to him846 in1722 the3588 wilderness2048 of mount3735 Sinai4614 an angel32 of the Lord2962 in1722 a flame5395 of fire4442 in a bush.942

31  When1161 Moses3475 saw1492 it, he wondered2296 at the3588 sight:3705 and1161 as he846 drew near4334 to behold2657 it, the voice5456 of the Lord2962 came1096 unto4314 him,846

32  Saying, I1473 am the3588 God2316 of thy4675 fathers,3962 the3588 God2316 of Abraham,11 and2532 the3588 God2316 of Isaac,2464 and2532 the3588 God2316 of Jacob.2384 Then1161 Moses3475 trembled,1096 1790 and durst5111 not3756 behold.2657

33  Then1161 said2036 the3588 Lord2962 to him,846 Put off3089 thy shoes5266 from thy4675 feet:4228 for1063 the3588 place5117 where1722 3739 thou standest2476 is2076 holy40 ground.1093

34  I have seen,1492 I have seen1492 the3588 affliction2561 of my3450 people2992 which3588 is in1722 Egypt,125 and2532 I have heard191 their846 groaning,4726 and2532 am come down2597 to deliver1807 them.846 And2532 now3568 come,1204 I will send649 thee4571 into1519 Egypt.125

35  This5126 Moses3475 whom3739 they refused,720 saying,2036 Who5101 made2525 thee4571 a ruler758 and2532 a judge?1348 the same5126 did God2316 send649 to be a ruler758 and2532 a deliverer3086 by1722 the hand5495 of the angel32 which appeared3700 to him846 in1722 the3588 bush.942

36  He3778 brought them out,1806 846 after that he had showed4160 wonders5059 and2532 signs4592 in1722 the land1093 of Egypt,125 and2532 in1722 the Red2063 sea,2281 and2532 in1722 the3588 wilderness2048 forty5062 years.2094

37  This3778 is2076 that Moses,3475 which said2036 unto the3588 children5207 of Israel,2474 A prophet4396 shall the Lord2962 your5216 God2316 raise up450 unto you5213 of1537 your5216 brethren,80 like unto5613 me;1691 him846 shall ye hear.191

38  This3778 is2076 he, that was1096 in1722 the3588 church1577 in1722 the3588 wilderness2048 with3326 the3588 angel32 which spake2980 to him846 in1722 the3588 mount3735 Sinai,4614 and2532 with our2257 fathers:3962 who3739 received1209 the lively2198 oracles3051 to give1325 unto us:2254

39  To whom3739 our2257 fathers3962 would2309 not3756 obey,1096 5255 but235 thrust him from683 them, and2532 in their848 hearts2588 turned back again4762 into1519 Egypt,125

40  Saying2036 unto Aaron,2 Make4160 us2254 gods2316 to3739 go before4313 us:2257 for1063 as for this3778 Moses,3475 which3739 brought1806 us2248 out of1537 the land1093 of Egypt,125 we wot1492 not3756 what5101 is become1096 of him.846

41  And2532 they made a calf3447 in1722 those1565 days,2250 and2532 offered321 sacrifice2378 unto the3588 idol,1497 and2532 rejoiced2165 in1722 the3588 works2041 of their own848 hands.5495

42  Then1161 God2316 turned,4762 and2532 gave them up3860 846 to worship3000 the3588 host4756 of heaven;3772 as2531 it is written1125 in1722 the book976 of the3588 prophets,4396 O ye house3624 of Israel,2474 have ye3361 offered4374 to me3427 slain beasts4968 and2532 sacrifices2378 by the space of forty5062 years2094 in1722 the3588 wilderness?2048

43  Yea,2532 ye took up353 the3588 tabernacle4633 of Moloch,3434 and2532 the3588 star798 of your5216 god2316 Remphan,4481 figures5179 which3739 ye made4160 to worship4352 them:846 and2532 I will carry you away3351 5209 beyond1900 Babylon.897

44  Our2257 fathers3962 had2258 the3588 tabernacle4633 of witness3142 in1722 the3588 wilderness,2048 as he had appointed,1299 speaking2980 unto Moses,3475 that he should make4160 it846 according2596 to the3588 fashion5179 that3739 he had seen.3708

45  Which3739 also2532 our2257 fathers3962 that came after1237 brought in1521 with3326 Joshua2424 into1722 the3588 possession2697 of the3588 Gentiles,1484 whom3739 God2316 drove out1856 before575 the face4383 of our2257 fathers,3962 unto2193 the3588 days2250 of David;1138

46  Who3739 found2147 favor5485 before1799 God,2316 and2532 desired154 to find2147 a tabernacle4638 for the3588 God2316 of Jacob.2384

47  But1161 Solomon4672 built3618 him846 a house.3624

48  Howbeit235 the3588 most High5310 dwelleth2730 not3756 in1722 temples3485 made with hands;5499 as2531 saith3004 the3588 prophet,4396

49  Heaven3772 is my3427 throne,2362 and1161 earth1093 is my3450 footstool:5286 4228 what4169 house3624 will ye build3618 me?3427 saith3004 the Lord:2962 or2228 what5101 is the place5117 of my3450 rest?2663

50  Hath not3780 my3450 hand5495 made4160 all3956 these things?5023

51  Ye stiffnecked4644 and2532 uncircumcised564 in heart2588 and2532 ears,3775 ye5210 do always104 resist496 the3588 Holy40 Ghost:4151 as5613 your5216 fathers3962 did, so2532 do ye.5210

52  Which5101 of the3588 prophets4396 have not3756 your5216 fathers3962 persecuted?1377 and2532 they have slain615 them which showed before4293 of4012 the3588 coming1660 of the3588 Just One;1342 of whom3739 ye5210 have been1096 now3568 the betrayers4273 and2532 murderers:5406

53  Who3748 have received2983 the3588 law3551 by1519 the disposition1296 of angels,32 and2532 have not3756 kept5442 it.

54  When1161 they heard191 these things,5023 they were cut1282 to848 the3588 heart,2588 and2532 they gnashed1031 on1909 him846 with their teeth.3598

55  But1161 he, being5225 full4134 of the Holy40 Ghost,4151 looked up steadfastly816 into1519 heaven,3772 and saw1492 the glory1391 of God,2316 and2532 Jesus2424 standing2476 on1537 the right hand1188 of God,2316

56  And2532 said,2036 Behold,2400 I see2334 the3588 heavens3772 opened,455 and2532 the3588 Son5207 of man444 standing2476 on1537 the right hand1188 of God.2316

57  Then1161 they cried out2896 with a loud3173 voice,5456 and stopped4912 their848 ears,3775 and2532 ran3729 upon1909 him846 with one accord,3661

58  And2532 cast1544 him out1854 of the3588 city,4172 and stoned3036 him: and2532 the3588 witnesses3144 laid down659 their848 clothes2440 at3844 a young man's3494 feet,4228 whose name2564 was Saul.4569

59  And2532 they stoned3036 Stephen,4736 calling upon1941 God, and2532 saying,3004 Lord2962 Jesus,2424 receive1209 my3450 spirit.4151

60  And1161 he kneeled down,5087 1119 and cried2896 with a loud3173 voice,5456 Lord,2962 lay2476 not3361 this5026 sin266 to their charge.846 And2532 when he had said2036 this,5124 he fell asleep.2837


Acts 8: 1-40

1  And1161 Saul4569 was2258 consenting4909 unto his846 death.336 And1161 at1722 that1565 time2250 there was1096 a great3173 persecution1375 against1909 the3588 church1577 which3588 was at1722 Jerusalem;2414 and5037 they were all3956 scattered abroad1289 throughout2596 the3588 regions5561 of Judea2449 and2532 Samaria,4540 except4133 the3588 apostles.652

2  And1161 devout2126 men435 carried4792 Stephen4736 to his burial, and2532 made4160 great3173 lamentation2870 over1909 him.846

3  As for1161 Saul,4569 he made havoc3075 of the3588 church,1577 entering into1531 every house,2596 3624 and5037 haling4951 men435 and2532 women1135 committed3860 them to1519 prison.5438

4  Therefore3767 3303 they that were scattered abroad1289 went every where1330 preaching2097 the3588 word.3056

5  Then1161 Philip5376 went down2718 to1519 the city4172 of Samaria,4540 and preached2784 Christ5547 unto them.846

6  And5037 the3588 people3793 with one accord3661 gave heed4337 unto those things which5259 Philip5376 spake,3004 hearing191 and2532 seeing991 the3588 miracles4592 which3739 he did.4160

7  For1063 unclean169 spirits,4151 crying994 with loud3173 voice,5456 came out1831 of many4183 that were possessed2192 with them: and1161 many4183 taken with palsies,3886 and2532 that were lame,5560 were healed.2323

8  And2532 there was1096 great3173 joy5479 in1722 that1565 city.4172

9  But1161 there was a certain5100 man,435 called3686 Simon,4613 which beforetime4391 in1722 the3588 same city4172 used sorcery,3096 and2532 bewitched1839 the3588 people1484 of Samaria,4540 giving out3004 that himself1438 was1511 some5100 great one:3173

10  To whom3739 they all3956 gave heed,4337 from575 the least3398 to2193 the greatest,3173 saying,3004 This man3778 is2076 the3588 great3173 power1411 of God.2316

11  And1161 to him846 they had regard,4337 because that of long2425 time5550 he had bewitched1839 them846 with sorceries.3095

12  But1161 when3753 they believed4100 Philip5376 preaching2097 the things3588 concerning4012 the3588 kingdom932 of God,2316 and2532 the3588 name3686 of Jesus2424 Christ,5547 they were baptized,907 both5037 men435 and2532 women.1135

13  Then1161 Simon4613 himself846 believed4100 also:2532 and2532 when he was baptized,907 he continued2258 4342 with Philip,5376 and5037 wondered,1839 beholding2334 the3173 miracles1411 and2532 signs4592 which were done.1096

14  Now1161 when the3588 apostles652 which3588 were at1722 Jerusalem2414 heard191 that3754 Samaria4540 had received1209 the3588 word3056 of God,2316 they sent649 unto4314 them846 Peter4074 and2532 John:2491

15  Who,3748 when they were come down,2597 prayed4336 for4012 them,846 that3704 they might receive2983 the Holy40 Ghost:4151

16  (For1063 as yet3768 he was2258 fallen1968 upon1909 none3762 of them:846 1161 only3440 they were5225 baptized907 in1519 the3588 name3686 of the3588 Lord2962 Jesus.)2424

17  Then5119 laid2007 they their hands5495 on1909 them,846 and2532 they received2983 the Holy40 Ghost.4151

18  And1161 when Simon4613 saw2300 that3754 through1223 laying on1936 of the3588 apostles'652 hands5495 the3588 Holy40 Ghost4151 was given,1325 he offered4374 them846 money,5536

19  Saying,3004 Give1325 me also2504 this5026 power,1849 that2443 on whomsoever3739 302 I lay2007 hands,5495 he may receive2983 the Holy40 Ghost.4151

20  But1161 Peter4074 said2036 unto4314 him,846 Thy4675 money694 perish1498 1519 684 with4862 thee,4671 because3754 thou hast thought3543 that the3588 gift1431 of God2316 may be purchased2932 with1223 money.5536

21  Thou4671 hast2076 neither3756 part3310 nor3761 lot2819 in1722 this5129 matter:3056 for1063 thy4675 heart2588 is2076 not3756 right2117 in the sight1799 of God.2316

22  Repent3340 therefore3767 of575 this5026 thy4675 wickedness,2549 and2532 pray1189 God,2316 if1487 perhaps686 the3588 thought1963 of thine4675 heart2588 may be forgiven863 thee.4671

23  For1063 I perceive3708 that thou4571 art5607 in1519 the gall5521 of bitterness,4088 and2532 in the bond4886 of iniquity.93

24  Then1161 answered611 Simon,4613 and said,2036 Pray1189 ye5210 to4314 the3588 Lord2962 for5228 me,1700 that3704 none3367 of these things which3739 ye have spoken2046 come1904 upon1909 me.1691

25  And3767 they,3588 when they3303 3767 had testified1263 and2532 preached2980 the3588 word3056 of the3588 Lord,2962 returned5290 to1519 Jerusalem,2419 and5037 preached the gospel2097 in many4183 villages2968 of the3588 Samaritans.4541

26  And1161 the angel32 of the Lord2962 spake2980 unto4314 Philip,5376 saying,3004 Arise,450 and2532 go4198 toward2596 the south3314 unto1909 the3588 way3598 that goeth down2597 from575 Jerusalem2419 unto1519 Gaza,1048 which3778 is2076 desert.2048

27  And2532 he arose450 and2532 went:4198 and,2532 behold,2400 a man435 of Ethiopia,128 an eunuch2135 of great authority1413 under Candace2582 queen938 of the Ethiopians,128 who3739 had the charge2258 1909 of all3956 her848 treasure,1047 and2532 had3739 come2064 to1519 Jerusalem2419 for to worship,4352

28  5037 Was2258 returning,5290 and2532 sitting2521 in1909 his848 chariot716 2532 read314 Isaiah2268 the3588 prophet.4396

29  Then1161 the3588 Spirit4151 said2036 unto Philip,5376 Go near,4334 and2532 join thyself2853 to this5129 chariot.716

30  And1161 Philip5376 ran thither4370 to him, and heard191 him846 read314 the3588 prophet4396 Isaiah,2268 and2532 said,2036 687 1065 Understandest1097 thou what3739 thou readest?314

31  And1161 he3588 said,2036 1063 How4459 can1410 302 I, except3362 some man5100 should guide3594 me?3165 And5037 he desired3870 Philip5376 that he would come up305 and sit2523 with4862 him.846

32  1161 The3588 place4042 of the3588 Scripture1124 which3739 he read314 was2258 this,3778 He was led71 as5613 a sheep4263 to1909 the slaughter;4967 and2532 like5613 a lamb286 dumb880 before1726 his846 shearer,2751 so3779 opened455 he not3756 his848 mouth:4750

33  In1722 his846 humiliation5014 his846 judgment2920 was taken away:142 and1161 who5101 shall declare1334 his846 generation?1074 for3754 his846 life2222 is taken142 from575 the3588 earth.1093

34  And1161 the3588 eunuch2135 answered611 Philip,5376 and said,2036 I pray1189 thee,4675 of4012 whom5101 speaketh3004 the3588 prophet4396 this?5124 of4012 himself,1438 or2228 of4012 some other man?5101 2087

35  Then1161 Philip5376 opened455 his848 mouth,4750 and2532 began756 at575 the same5026 Scripture,1124 and preached2097 unto him846 Jesus.2424

36  And1161 as5613 they went4198 on2596 their way,3598 they came2064 unto1909 a certain5100 water:5204 and2532 the3588 eunuch2135 said,5346 See,2400 here is water;5204 what5101 doth hinder2967 me3165 to be baptized?907

37  And1161 Philip5376 said,2036 If1487 thou believest4100 with1537 all3650 thine heart,2588 thou mayest.1832 And1161 he answered611 and said,2036 I believe4100 that Jesus2424 Christ5547 is1511 the3588 Son5207 of God.2316

38  And2532 he commanded2753 the3588 chariot716 to stand still:2476 and2532 they went down2597 both297 into1519 the3588 water,5204 both5037 Philip5376 and2532 the3588 eunuch;2135 and2532 he baptized907 him.846

39  And1161 when3753 they were come up305 out of1537 the3588 water,5204 the Spirit4151 of the Lord2962 caught away726 Philip,5376 that2532 the3588 eunuch2135 3756 saw1492 him846 no more:3765 and1063 he went4198 on his848 way3598 rejoicing.5463

40  But1161 Philip5376 was found2147 at1519 Azotus:108 and2532 passing through1330 he preached2097 in all3956 the3588 cities,4172 till2193 he846 came2064 to1519 Caesarea.2542

Acts 9: 1-43

1  And1161 Saul,4569 yet2089 breathing out1709 threatenings547 and2532 slaughter5408 against1519 the3588 disciples3101 of the3588 Lord,2962 went4334 unto the3588 high priest,749

2  And desired154 of3844 him846 letters1992 to1519 Damascus1154 to4314 the3588 synagogues,4864 that3704 if1437 he found2147 any5100 of this5607 way,3598 whether5037 they were men435 or2532 women,1135 he might bring71 them bound1210 unto1519 Jerusalem.2419

3  And1161 as he journeyed,4198 he846 came near1448 Damascus:1154 and2532 suddenly1810 there shined round about4015 him846 a light5457 from575 heaven:3772

4  And2532 he fell4098 to1909 the3588 earth,1093 and heard191 a voice5456 saying3004 unto him,848 Saul,4549 Saul,4549 why5101 persecutest1377 thou me?3165

5  And1161 he said,2036 Who5101 art1488 thou, Lord?2962 And1161 the3588 Lord2962 said,2036 I1473 am1510 Jesus2424 whom3739 thou4771 persecutest:1377 it is hard4642 for thee4671 to kick2979 against4314 the pricks.2759

6  And5037 he trembling5141 and2532 astonished2284 said,2036 Lord,2962 what5101 wilt2309 thou have me3165 to do?4160 And2532 the3588 Lord2962 said unto4314 him,846 Arise,450 and2532 go1525 into1519 the3588 city,4172 and2532 it shall be told2980 thee4671 what5101 thou must1163 do.4160

7  And1161 the3588 men435 which journeyed with4922 him846 stood2476 speechless,1769 hearing191 a3303 voice,5456 but1161 seeing2334 no man.3367

8  And1161 Saul4569 arose1453 from575 the3588 earth;1093 and1161 when his848 eyes3788 were opened,455 he saw991 no man:3762 but1161 they led him by the hand,5496 846 and brought1521 him into1519 Damascus.1154

9  And2532 he was2258 three5140 days2250 without3361 sight,991 and2532 neither3756 did eat5315 nor3761 drink.4095

10  And1161 there was2258 a certain5100 disciple3101 at1722 Damascus1154 named3686 Ananias;367 and2532 to4314 him846 said2036 the3588 Lord2962 in1722 a vision,3705 Ananias.367 And1161 he3588 said,2036 Behold,2400 I1473 am here, Lord.2962

11  And1161 the3588 Lord2962 said unto4314 him,846 Arise,450 and go4198 into1909 the3588 street4505 which is called2564 Straight,2117 and2532 inquire2212 in1722 the house3614 of Judas2455 for one called3686 Saul4569 of Tarsus:5018 for,1063 behold,2400 he prayeth,4336

12  And2532 hath seen1492 in1722 a vision3705 a man435 named3686 Ananias367 coming in,1525 and2532 putting2007 his hand5495 on him,846 that3704 he might receive his sight.308

13  Then1161 Ananias367 answered,611 Lord,2962 I have heard191 by575 many4183 of4012 this5127 man,435 how much3745 evil2556 he hath done4160 to thy4675 saints40 at1722 Jerusalem:2419

14  And2532 here5602 he hath2192 authority1849 from3844 the3588 chief priests749 to bind1210 all3956 that call on1941 thy4675 name.3686

15  But1161 the3588 Lord2962 said2036 unto4314 him,846 Go thy way:4198 for3754 he3778 is2076 a chosen1589 vessel4632 unto me,3427 to bear941 my3450 name3686 before1799 the Gentiles,1484 and2532 kings,935 and5037 the children5207 of Israel:2474

16  For1063 I1473 will show5263 him846 how great things3745 he846 must1163 suffer3958 for5228 my name's sake.3450 3686

17  And1161 Ananias367 went his way,565 and2532 entered1525 into1519 the3588 house;3614 and2532 putting2007 his hands5495 on1909 him846 said,2036 Brother80 Saul,4549 the3588 Lord,2962 even Jesus,2424 that appeared3700 unto thee4671 in1722 the3588 way3598 as3739 thou camest,2064 hath sent649 me,3165 that3704 thou mightest receive thy sight,308 and2532 be filled4130 with the Holy40 Ghost.4151

18  And2532 immediately2112 there fell634 from575 his846 eyes3778 as it had been5616 scales:3013 and5037 he received sight308 forthwith,3916 and2532 arose,450 and was baptized.907

19  And2532 when he had received2983 meat,5160 he was strengthened.1765 Then1161 was1096 Saul4569 certain5100 days2250 with3326 the3588 disciples3101 which were at1722 Damascus.1154

20  And2532 straightway2112 he preached2784 Christ5547 in1722 the3588 synagogues,4864 that3754 he3778 is2076 the3588 Son5207 of God.2316

21  But1161 all3956 that heard191 him were amazed,1839 and2532 said;3004 Is2076 not3756 this3778 he that destroyed4199 them which called on1941 this5124 name3686 in1722 Jerusalem,2419 and2532 came2064 hither5602 for1519 that intent,5124 that2443 he might bring71 them846 bound1210 unto1909 the3588 chief priests?749

22  But1161 Saul4569 increased the more in strength,1743 3123 and2532 confounded4797 the3588 Jews2453 which dwelt2730 at1722 Damascus,1154 proving4822 that3754 this3778 is2076 very Christ.5547

23  And1161 after that5613 many2425 days2250 were fulfilled,4137 the3588 Jews2453 took counsel4823 to kill337 him:846

24  But1161 their846 laying await1917 was known1097 of Saul.4569 And5037 they watched3906 the3588 gates4439 5037 day2250 and2532 night3571 to3704 kill337 him.846

25  Then1161 the3588 disciples3101 took2983 him846 by night,3571 and let him down2524 5465 by1223 the3588 wall5038 in1722 a basket.4711

26  And1161 when Saul4569 was come3854 to1519 Jerusalem,2419 he attempted3987 to join himself2853 to the3588 disciples:3101 but2532 they were all afraid5399 3956 of him,846 and believed4100 not3361 that3754 he was2076 a disciple.3101

27  But1161 Barnabas921 took1949 him,846 and brought71 him to4314 the3588 apostles,652 and2532 declared1334 unto them846 how4459 he had seen1492 the3588 Lord2962 in1722 the3588 way,3598 and2532 that3754 he had spoken2980 to him,846 and2532 how4459 he had preached boldly3955 at1722 Damascus1154 in1722 the3588 name3686 of Jesus.2424

28  And2532 he was2258 with3326 them846 coming in1531 and2532 going out1607 at1722 Jerusalem.2419

29  And2532 he spake boldly3955 in1722 the3588 name3686 of the3588 Lord2962 Jesus,2424 and5037 disputed2980 4802 against4314 the3588 Grecians:1675 but1161 they3588 went about2021 to slay337 him.846

30  Which when1161 the3588 brethren80 knew,1921 they brought him down2609 846 to1519 Caesarea,2542 and2532 sent him forth1821 846 to1519 Tarsus.5019

31  Then3767 3303 had2192 the3588 churches1577 rest1515 throughout2596 all3650 Judea2449 and2532 Galilee1056 and2532 Samaria,4540 and were edified;3618 and2532 walking4198 in the3588 fear5401 of the3588 Lord,2962 and2532 in the3588 comfort3874 of the3588 Holy40 Ghost,4151 were multiplied.4129

32  And1161 it came to pass,1096 as Peter4074 passed1330 throughout1223 all3956 quarters, he came down2718 also2532 to4314 the3588 saints40 which dwelt2730 at Lydda.3069

33  And1161 there1563 he found2147 a certain5100 man444 named3686 Aeneas,132 which had kept his bed2621 1909 2895 1537 eight3638 years,2094 and3739 was2258 sick of the palsy.3886

34  And2532 Peter4074 said2036 unto him,846 Aeneas132 Jesus2424 Christ5547 maketh thee whole:2390 4571 arise,450 and2532 make thy bed.4766 4572 And2532 he arose450 immediately.2112

35  And2532 all3956 that dwelt2730 at Lydda3069 and2532 Sharon4565 saw1492 him,846 and3748 turned1994 to1909 the3588 Lord.2962

36  Now1161 there was2258 at1722 Joppa2445 a certain5100 disciple3102 named3686 Tabitha,5000 which3739 by interpretation1329 is called3004 Dorcas:1393 this woman3778 was2258 full4134 of good18 works2041 and2532 almsdeeds1654 which3739 she did.4160

37  And1161 it came to pass1096 in1722 those1565 days,2250 that she846 was sick,770 and died:599 whom when1161 they had washed,3068 they846 laid5087 her in1722 an upper chamber.5253

38  And1161 forasmuch as Lydda3069 was5607 nigh to1451 Joppa,2445 and the3588 disciples3101 had heard191 that3754 Peter4074 was2076 there,1722 846 they sent649 unto4314 him846 two1417 men,435 desiring3870 him that he would not3361 delay3635 to come1330 to2193 them.846

39  Then1161 Peter4074 arose450 and went with4905 them.846 When3739 he was come,3854 they brought321 him into1519 the3588 upper chamber:5253 and2532 all3956 the3588 widows5503 stood by3936 him846 weeping,2799 and2532 showing1925 the coats5509 and2532 garments2440 which3745 Dorcas1393 made,4160 while she was5607 with3326 them.846

40  But1161 Peter4074 put1544 them all3956 forth,1854 and kneeled down,5087 1119 and prayed;4336 and2532 turning1994 him to4314 the3588 body4983 said,2036 Tabitha,5000 arise.450 And1161 she3588 opened455 her848 eyes:3788 and2532 when she saw1492 Peter,4074 she sat up.339

41  And1161 he gave1325 her846 his hand,5495 and lifted her up,450 846 and1161 when he had called5455 the3588 saints40 and2532 widows,5503 presented3936 her846 alive.2198

42  And1161 it was1096 known1110 throughout2596 all3650 Joppa;2445 and2532 many4183 believed4100 in1909 the3588 Lord.2962

43  And1161 it came to pass,1096 that he846 tarried3306 many2425 days2250 in1722 Joppa2445 with3844 one5100 Simon4613 a tanner.1038


Acts 10: 1-48

1  There1161 was2258 a certain5100 man435 in1722 Caesarea2542 called3686 Cornelius,2883 a centurion1543 of1537 the band4686 called2564 the Italian2483 band,

2  A devout2152 man, and2532 one that feared5399 God2316 with4862 all3956 his848 house,3624 which5037 gave4160 much4183 alms1654 to the3588 people,2992 and2532 prayed1189 to God2316 always.1275

3  He saw1492 in1722 a vision3705 evidently5320 about5616 the ninth1766 hour5610 of the3588 day2250 an angel32 of God2316 coming in1525 to4314 him,846 and2532 saying2036 unto him,846 Cornelius.2883

4  And1161 when he3588 looked816 on him,846 he2532 was1096 afraid,1719 and said,2036 What5101 is2076 it, Lord?2962 And1161 he said2036 unto him,846 Thy4675 prayers4335 and2532 thine4675 alms1654 are come up305 for1519 a memorial3422 before1799 God.2316

5  And2532 now3568 send3992 men435 to1519 Joppa,2445 and2532 call for3343 one Simon,4613 whose3739 surname is1941 Peter:4074

6  He3778 lodgeth3579 with3844 one5100 Simon4613 a tanner,1038 whose3739 house3614 is2076 by3844 the sea side:2281 he3778 shall tell2980 thee4671 what5101 thou4571 oughtest1163 to do.4160

7  And1161 when5613 the3588 angel32 which spake2980 unto Cornelius2883 was departed,565 he called5455 two1417 of his848 household servants,3610 and2532 a devout2152 soldier4757 of them that waited on him continually;4342 846

8  And2532 when he had declared1834 all537 these things unto them,846 he sent649 them846 to1519 Joppa.2445

9  On1161 the3588 morrow,1887 as they1565 went on their journey,3596 and2532 drew nigh1448 unto the3588 city,4172 Peter4074 went up305 upon1909 the3588 housetop1430 to pray4336 about4012 the sixth1623 hour:5610

10  And1161 he became1096 very hungry,4361 and2532 would2309 have eaten:1089 but1161 while they1565 made ready,3903 he fell1968 into1909 a846 trance,1611

11  And2532 saw2334 heaven3772 opened,455 and2532 a certain5100 vessel4632 descending2597 unto1909 him,846 as it had been5613 a great3173 sheet3607 knit1210 at the four5064 corners,746 and2532 let down2524 to1909 the3588 earth:1093

12  Wherein1722 3739 were5225 all manner3956 of fourfooted beasts5074 of the3588 earth,1093 and2532 wild beasts,2342 and2532 creeping things,2062 and2532 fowls4071 of the3588 air.3772

13  And2532 there came1096 a voice5456 to4314 him,846 Rise,450 Peter;4074 kill,2380 and2532 eat.5315

14  But1161 Peter4074 said,2036 Not so,3365 Lord;2962 for3754 I have never3763 eaten5315 any thing3956 that is common2839 or2228 unclean.169

15  And2532 the voice5456 spake unto4314 him846 again3825 the1537 second time,1208 What3739 God2316 hath cleansed,2511 that call not thou common.2840 3361 4771

16  1161 This5124 was1096 done1909 thrice:5151 and2532 the3588 vessel4632 was received up353 again3825 into1519 heaven.3772

17  Now1161 while5613 Peter4074 doubted1280 in1722 himself1438 what5101 this vision3705 which3739 he had seen1492 should mean,1498 302 2532 behold,2400 the3588 men435 which were sent649 from575 Cornelius2883 had made inquiry1331 for Simon's4613 house,3614 and stood2186 before1909 the3588 gate,4440

18  And2532 called,5455 and asked4441 whether1487 Simon,4613 which was surnamed1941 Peter,4074 were lodged3579 there.1759

19  While1161 Peter4074 thought1760 on4012 the3588 vision,3705 the3588 Spirit4151 said2036 unto him,846 Behold,2400 three5140 men435 seek2212 thee.4571

20  Arise450 therefore,235 and get thee down,2597 and2532 go4198 with4862 them,846 doubting1252 nothing:3367 for1360 I1473 have sent649 them.846

21  Then1161 Peter4074 went down2597 to4314 the3588 men435 which were sent649 unto4314 him846 from575 Cornelius;2883 and said,2036 Behold,2400 I1473 am1510 he whom3739 ye seek:2212 what5101 is the3588 cause156 wherefore1223 3739 ye are come?3918

22  And1161 they3588 said,2036 Cornelius2883 the centurion,1543 a just1342 man,435 and2532 one that feareth5399 God,2316 and5037 of good report3140 among5259 all3650 the3588 nation1484 of the3588 Jews,2453 was warned from God5537 by5259 a holy40 angel32 to send for3343 thee4571 into1519 his848 house,3624 and2532 to hear191 words4487 of3844 thee.4675

23  Then3767 called he them in,1528 846 and lodged3579 them. And1161 on the3588 morrow1887 Peter4074 went away1831 with4862 them,846 and2532 certain5100 brethren80 from575 Joppa2445 accompanied4905 him.846

24  And2532 the3588 morrow after1887 they entered1525 into1519 Caesarea.2542 And1161 Cornelius2883 waited for2258 4328 them,846 and had called together4779 his848 kinsmen4773 and2532 near316 friends.5384

25  And1161 as5613 Peter4074 was1096 coming in,1525 Cornelius2883 met4876 him,846 and fell down4098 at1909 his feet,4228 and worshipped4352 him.

26  But1161 Peter4074 took him up,1453 846 saying,3004 Stand up;450 I myself also2504 846 am1510 a man.444

27  And2532 as he talked with4926 him,846 he went in,1525 and2532 found2147 many4183 that were come together.4905

28  And5037 he said5346 unto4314 them,846 Ye5210 know1987 how5613 that it is2076 an unlawful thing111 for a man435 that is a Jew2453 to keep company,2853 or2228 come unto4334 one of another nation;246 but2532 God2316 hath showed1166 me1698 that I should not call3004 any3367 man444 common2839 or2228 unclean.169

29  Therefore1352 2532 came2064 I unto you without gainsaying,369 as soon as I was sent for:3343 I ask4441 therefore3767 for what5101 intent3056 ye have sent for3343 me?3165

30  And2532 Cornelius2883 said,5346 Four5067 days2250 ago575 I was2252 fasting3522 until3360 this5026 hour;5610 and2532 at the3588 ninth1766 hour5610 I prayed4336 in1722 my3450 house,3624 and,2532 behold,2400 a man435 stood2476 before1799 me3450 in1722 bright2986 clothing,2066

31  And2532 said,5346 Cornelius,2883 thy4675 prayer4335 is heard,1522 and2532 thine4675 alms1654 are had in remembrance3415 in the sight1799 of God.2316

32  Send3992 therefore3767 to1519 Joppa,2445 and2532 call hither3333 Simon,4613 whose3739 surname is1941 Peter;4074 he3778 is lodged3579 in1722 the house3614 of one Simon4613 a tanner1038 by3844 the sea side:2281 who,3739 when he cometh,3854 shall speak2980 unto thee.4671

33  Immediately1824 therefore3767 I sent3992 to4314 thee;4571 and5037 thou4771 hast well2573 done4160 that thou art come.3854 Now3568 therefore3767 are we all here present3918 2249 3956 before1799 God,2316 to hear191 all things3956 that are commanded4367 thee4671 of5259 God.2316

34  Then1161 Peter4074 opened455 his mouth,4750 and said,2036 Of1909 a truth225 I perceive2638 that3754 God2316 is2076 no3756 respecter of persons:4381

35  But235 in1722 every3956 nation1484 he that feareth5399 him,846 and2532 worketh2038 righteousness,1343 is2076 accepted1184 with him.846

36  The3588 word3056 which3739 God sent649 unto the3588 children5207 of Israel,2474 preaching2097 peace1515 by1223 Jesus2424 Christ:5547 (he3778 is2076 Lord2962 of all:)3956

37  That word,4487 I say, ye5210 know,1492 which was published1096 throughout2596 all3650 Judea,2449 and began756 from575 Galilee,1056 after3326 the3588 baptism908 which3739 John2491 preached;2784

38  How5613 God2316 anointed5548 Jesus2424 of575 Nazareth3478 with the Holy40 Ghost4151 and2532 with power:1411 who3739 went about1330 doing good,2109 and2532 healing2390 all3956 that were oppressed2616 of5259 the3588 devil;1228 for3754 God2316 was2258 with3326 him.846

39  And2532 we2249 are2070 witnesses3144 of all things3956 which3739 he did4160 both5037 in1722 the3588 land5561 of the3588 Jews,2453 and2532 in1722 Jerusalem;2419 whom3739 they slew337 and hanged2910 on1909 a tree:3586

40  Him5126 God2316 raised up1453 the3588 third5154 day,2250 and2532 showed him openly;1325 846 1096 1717

41  Not3756 to all3956 the3588 people,2992 but235 unto witnesses3144 chosen before4401 of5259 God,2316 even to us,2254 who3748 did eat4906 and2532 drink with4844 him846 after he846 rose450 from1537 the dead.3498

42  And2532 he commanded3853 us2254 to preach2784 unto the3588 people,2992 and2532 to testify1263 that3754 it is2076 he846 which was ordained3724 of5259 God2316 to be the Judge2923 of quick2198 and2532 dead.3498

43  To him5129 give all the prophets witness,3140 3956 3588 4396 that through1223 his846 name3686 whosoever3956 believeth4100 in1519 him846 shall receive2983 remission859 of sins.266

44  While Peter4074 yet2089 spake2980 these5023 words,4487 the3588 Holy40 Ghost4151 fell1968 on1909 all3956 them which heard191 the3588 word.3056

45  And2532 they of the circumcision which believed4103 1537 4061 were astonished,1839 as many as3745 came with4905 Peter,4074 because3754 that on1909 the3588 Gentiles1484 also2532 was poured out1632 the3588 gift1431 of the3588 Holy40 Ghost.4151

46  For1063 they heard191 them846 speak2980 with tongues,1100 and2532 magnify3170 God.2316 Then5119 answered611 Peter,4074

47  Can1410 any man5100 forbid2967 3385 water,5204 that these5128 should not3361 be baptized,907 which3748 have received2983 the3588 Holy40 Ghost4151 as well as2531 2532 we?2249

48  And5037 he commanded4367 them846 to be baptized907 in1722 the3588 name3686 of the3588 Lord.2962 Then5119 prayed2065 they him846 to tarry1961 certain5100 days.2250

Acts 11: 1-30

1  And1161 the3588 apostles652 and2532 brethren80 that were5607 in2596 Judea2449 heard191 that3754 the3588 Gentiles1484 had also2532 received1209 the3588 word3056 of God.2316

2  And2532 when3753 Peter4074 was come up305 to1519 Jerusalem,2414 they3588 that were of1537 the circumcision4061 contended1252 with4314 him,846

3  Saying,3004 Thou wentest in1525 to4314 men435 uncircumcised,203 and2532 didst eat with4906 them.846

4  But1161 Peter4074 rehearsed the matter from the beginning,756 and expounded1620 it by order2517 unto them,846 saying,3004

5  I1473 was2252 in1722 the city4172 of Joppa2445 praying:4336 and2532 in1722 a trance1611 I saw1492 a vision,3705 A certain5100 vessel4632 descend,2597 as it had been5613 a great3173 sheet,3607 let down2524 from1537 heaven3772 by four5064 corners;746 and2532 it came2064 even to891 me:1700

6  Upon1519 the which3739 when I had fastened mine eyes,816 I considered,2657 and2532 saw1492 fourfooted beasts5074 of the3588 earth,1093 and2532 wild beasts,2342 and2532 creeping things,2062 and2532 fowls4071 of the3588 air.3772

7  And1161 I heard191 a voice5456 saying3004 unto me,3427 Arise,450 Peter;4074 slay2380 and2532 eat.5315

8  But1161 I said,2036 Not so,3365 Lord:2962 for3754 nothing3956 common2839 or2228 unclean169 hath at any time3763 entered1525 into1519 my3450 mouth.4750

9  But1161 the voice5456 answered611 me3427 again1537 1208 from1537 heaven,3772 What3739 God2316 hath cleansed,2511 that call not thou common.2840 3361 4771

10  And1161 this5124 was done1096 three times:5151 and2532 all537 were drawn up385 again3825 into1519 heaven.3772

11  And,2532 behold,2400 immediately1824 there were three5140 men435 already come2186 unto1909 the3588 house3614 where1722 3739 I was,2252 sent649 from575 Caesarea2542 unto4314 me.3165

12  And1161 the3588 Spirit4151 bade2036 me3427 go with4905 them,846 nothing3367 doubting.1252 Moreover1161 these3778 six1803 brethren80 2532 accompanied2064 4862 me,1698 and2532 we entered1525 into1519 the3588 man's435 house:3624

13  And5037 he showed518 us2254 how4459 he had seen1492 an angel32 in1722 his846 house,3624 which stood2476 and2532 said2036 unto him,846 Send649 men435 to1519 Joppa,2445 and2532 call for3343 Simon,4613 whose surname is1941 Peter;4074

14  Who3739 shall tell2980 thee4571 words,4487 whereby1722 3739 thou4771 and2532 all3956 thy4675 house3624 shall be saved.4982

15  And1161 as I3165 began756 to speak,2980 the3588 Holy40 Ghost4151 fell1968 on1909 them,846 as5618 2532 on1909 us2248 at1722 the beginning.746

16  Then1161 remembered3415 I the3588 word4487 of the Lord,2962 how5613 that he said,3004 John2491 indeed3303 baptized907 with water;5204 but1161 ye5210 shall be baptized907 with1722 the Holy40 Ghost.4151

17  Forasmuch1487 then3767 as God2316 gave1325 them846 the3588 like2470 gift1431 as5613 he did2532 unto us,2254 who believed4100 on1909 the3588 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ;5547 what5101 was2252 I, that I could1415 withstand2967 God?2316

18  When1161 they heard191 these things,5023 they held their peace,2270 and2532 glorified1392 God,2316 saying,3004 Then686 hath1065 God2316 also2532 to the3588 Gentiles1484 granted1325 repentance3341 unto1519 life.2222

19  Now3767 they which were scattered abroad1289 3303 upon575 the3588 persecution2347 that arose1096 about1909 Stephen4736 traveled1330 as far as2193 Phoenicia,5403 and2532 Cyprus,2954 and2532 Antioch,490 preaching2980 the3588 word3056 to none3367 but1508 unto the Jews2453 only.3440

20  And1161 some5100 of1537 them846 were2258 men435 of Cyprus2953 and2532 Cyrene,2956 which,3748 when they were come1525 to1519 Antioch,490 spake2980 unto4314 the3588 Grecians,1675 preaching2097 the3588 Lord2962 Jesus.2424

21  And2532 the hand5495 of the Lord2962 was2258 with3326 them:846 and5037 a great4183 number706 believed,4100 and turned1994 unto1909 the3588 Lord.2962

22  Then1161 tidings of these things came3056 4012 846 191 unto1519 the3588 ears3775 of the3588 church1577 which3588 was in1722 Jerusalem:2414 and2532 they sent forth1821 Barnabas,921 that he should go1330 as far as2193 Antioch.490

23  Who,3739 when he came,3854 and2532 had seen1492 the3588 grace5485 of God,2316 was glad,5463 and2532 exhorted3870 them all,3956 that with purpose4286 of heart2588 they would cleave unto4357 the3588 Lord.2962

24  For3754 he was2258 a good18 man,435 and2532 full4134 of the Holy40 Ghost4151 and2532 of faith:4102 and2532 much2425 people3793 was added4369 unto the3588 Lord.2962

25  Then1161 departed1831 Barnabas921 to1519 Tarsus,5019 for to seek327 Saul:4569

26  And2532 when he had found2147 him,846 he brought71 him846 unto1519 Antioch.490 And1161 it came to pass,1096 that a whole3650 year1763 they846 assembled themselves4863 with1722 the3588 church,1577 and2532 taught1321 much2425 people.3793 And5037 the3588 disciples3101 were called5537 Christians5546 first4412 in1722 Antioch.490

27  And1161 in1722 these5025 days2250 came2718 prophets4396 from575 Jerusalem2414 unto1519 Antioch.490

28  And1161 there stood up450 one1520 of1537 them846 named3686 Agabus,13 and signified4591 by1223 the3588 spirit4151 that there should3195 be1510 great3173 dearth3042 throughout1909 all3650 the3588 world:3625 which3748 2532 came to pass1096 in the days of1909 Claudius2804 Caesar.2541

29  Then1161 the3588 disciples,3101 every man1538 according to2531 his ability,5100 2141 determined3724 to send3992 relief1519 1248 unto the3588 brethren80 which dwelt2730 in1722 Judea:2449

30  Which3739 also2532 they did,4160 and sent649 it to4314 the3588 elders4245 by1223 the hands5495 of Barnabas921 and2532 Saul.4569


Acts 12: 1-25

1  Now1161 about2596 that1565 time2540 Herod2264 the3588 king935 stretched forth1911 his hands5495 to vex2559 certain5100 of575 the3588 church.1577

2  And1161 he killed337 James2385 the3588 brother80 of John2491 with the sword.3162

3  And2532 because he saw1492 it3754 pleased2076 701 the3588 Jews,2453 he proceeded further4369 to take4815 Peter4074 also.2532 (Then1161 were2258 the days2250 of unleavened bread.)106

4  And2532 when he3739 had apprehended4084 him, he put5087 him in1519 prison,5438 and delivered3860 him to four5064 quaternions5069 of soldiers4757 to keep5442 him;846 intending1014 after3326 Easter3957 to bring him forth321 846 to the3588 people.2992

5  Peter4074 therefore3767 was3303 kept5083 in1722 prison:5438 but1161 prayer4335 was2258 made1096 without ceasing1618 of5259 the3588 church1577 unto4314 God2316 for5228 him.846

6  And1161 when3753 Herod2264 would3195 have brought him forth,4254 846 the3588 same1565 night3571 Peter4074 was2258 sleeping2837 between3342 two1417 soldiers,4757 bound1210 with two1417 chains:254 and5037 the keepers5441 before4253 the3588 door2374 kept5083 the3588 prison.5438

7  And,2532 behold,2400 the angel32 of the Lord2962 came upon2186 him, and2532 a light5457 shined2989 in1722 the3588 prison:3612 and1161 he smote3960 Peter4074 on the3588 side,4125 and raised him up,1453 846 saying,3004 Arise up450 quickly.1722 5034 And2532 his846 chains254 fell off1601 from1537 his hands.5495

8  And5037 the3588 angel32 said2036 unto4314 him,846 Gird thyself,4024 and2532 bind5265 on thy4675 sandals.4547 And1161 so3779 he did.4160 And2532 he saith3004 unto him,846 Cast thy garment about4016 4675 2440 thee, and2532 follow190 me.3427

9  And2532 he went out,1831 and followed190 him;846 and2532 wist1492 not3756 that3754 it was2076 true227 which was done1096 by1223 the3588 angel;32 but1161 thought1380 he saw991 a vision.3705

10  When1161 they were past1330 the first4413 and2532 the second1208 ward,5438 they came2064 unto1909 the3588 iron4603 gate4439 that leadeth5342 unto1519 the3588 city;4172 which3748 opened455 to them846 of his own accord:844 and2532 they went out,1831 and passed on4281 through one3391 street;4505 and2532 forthwith2112 the3588 angel32 departed868 from575 him.846

11  And2532 when Peter4074 was come1096 to1722 himself,1438 he said,2036 Now3568 I know1492 of a surety,230 that3754 the Lord2962 hath sent1821 his848 angel,32 and2532 hath delivered1807 me3165 out of1537 the hand5495 of Herod,2264 and2532 from all3956 the3588 expectation4329 of the3588 people2992 of the3588 Jews.2453

12  And5037 when he had considered4894 the thing, he came2064 to1909 the3588 house3614 of Mary3137 the3588 mother3384 of John,2491 whose surname1941 was Mark;3138 where3757 many2425 were2258 gathered together4867 2532 praying.4336

13  And1161 as Peter4074 knocked2925 at the3588 door2374 of the3588 gate,4440 a damsel3814 came4334 to hearken,5219 named3686 Rhoda.4498

14  And2532 when she knew1921 Peter's4074 voice,5456 she opened455 not3756 the3588 gate4440 for575 gladness,5479 but1161 ran in,1532 and told518 how Peter4074 stood2476 before4253 the3588 gate.4440

15  And1161 they3588 said2036 unto4314 her,846 Thou art mad.3105 But1161 she3588 constantly affirmed1340 that it was2192 even so.3779 Then1161 said3004 they,3588 It is2076 his846 angel.32

16  But1161 Peter4074 continued1961 knocking:2925 and1161 when they had opened455 the door, and saw1492 him,846 they were2532 astonished.1839

17  But1161 he, beckoning2678 unto them846 with the3588 hand5495 to hold their peace,4601 declared1334 unto them846 how4459 the3588 Lord2962 had brought1806 him846 out of1537 the3588 prison.5438 And1161 he said,2036 Go show518 these things5023 unto James,2385 and2532 to the3588 brethren.80 And2532 he departed,1831 and went4198 into1519 another2087 place.5117

18  Now1161 as soon as it was1096 day,2250 there was2258 no3756 small3641 stir5017 among1722 the3588 soldiers,4757 what5101 was686 become1096 of Peter.4074

19  And1161 when Herod2264 had sought for1934 him,846 and2532 found2147 him not,3361 he examined350 the3588 keepers,5441 and commanded2753 that they should be put to death.520 And2532 he went down2718 from575 Judea2449 to1519 Caesarea,2542 and there abode.1304

20  And1161 Herod2264 was2258 highly displeased2371 with them of Tyre5183 and2532 Sidon:4606 but1161 they came3918 with one accord3661 to4314 him,846 and,2532 having made Blastus the king's chamberlain their friend,3982 986 3588 935 1909 2846 desired154 peace;1515 because their846 country5561 was nourished5142 by575 the3588 king's937 country.

21  And1161 upon a set5002 day2250 Herod,2264 arrayed1746 in royal937 apparel,2066 2532 sat2523 upon1909 his throne,968 and made an oration1215 unto4314 them.846

22  And1161 the3588 people1218 gave a shout,2019 saying, It is the voice5456 of a god,2316 and2532 not3756 of a man.444

23  And1161 immediately3916 the angel32 of the Lord2962 smote3960 him,846 because473 3739 he gave1325 not3756 God2316 the3588 glory:1391 and2532 he was1096 eaten of worms,4662 and gave up the ghost.1634

24  But1161 the3588 word3056 of God2316 grew837 and2532 multiplied.4129

25  And1161 Barnabas921 and2532 Saul4569 returned5290 from1537 Jerusalem,2419 when they had fulfilled4137 their ministry,1248 and2532 took with4838 them John,2491 whose surname was1941 Mark.3138


Acts 13: 1-52

1  Now1161 there were2258 in2596 the3588 church1577 that was5607 at1722 Antioch490 certain5100 prophets4396 and2532 teachers;1320 as5037 3739 Barnabas,921 and2532 Simeon4826 that was called2564 Niger,3526 and2532 Lucius3066 of Cyrene,2956 and5037 Manaen,3127 which had been brought up with4939 Herod2264 the3588 tetrarch,5076 and2532 Saul.4569

2  As1161 they846 ministered3008 to the3588 Lord,2962 and2532 fasted,3522 the3588 Holy40 Ghost4151 said,2036 Separate873 1211 me3427 5037 Barnabas921 and2532 Saul4569 for1519 the3588 work2041 whereunto3739 I have called4341 them.846

3  And when5119 they had fasted3522 and2532 prayed,4336 and2532 laid2007 their hands5495 on them,846 they sent them away.630

4  So3767 they,3778 being3303 sent forth1599 by5259 the3588 Holy40 Ghost,4151 departed2718 unto1519 Seleucia;4581 and5037 from thence1564 they sailed636 to1519 Cyprus.2954

5  And2532 when they were1096 at1722 Salamis,4529 they preached2605 the3588 word3056 of God2316 in1722 the3588 synagogues4864 of the3588 Jews:2453 and1161 they had2192 also2532 John2491 to their minister.5257

6  And1161 when they had gone through1330 the3588 isle3520 unto891 Paphos,3974 they found2147 a certain5100 sorcerer,3097 a false prophet,5578 a Jew,2453 whose3739 name3686 was Barjesus:919

7  Which3739 was2258 with4862 the3588 deputy of the country,446 Sergius4588 Paulus,3972 a prudent4908 man;435 who3778 called for4341 Barnabas921 and2532 Saul,4569 and desired1934 to hear191 the3588 word3056 of God.2316

8  But1161 Elymas1681 the3588 sorcerer3097 (for1063 so3779 is his name by interpretation)3177 846 3686 withstood436 them,846 seeking2212 to turn away1294 the3588 deputy446 from575 the3588 faith.4102

9  Then1161 Saul,4569 (who3588 also2532 is called Paul,)3972 filled4130 with the Holy40 Ghost,4151 2532 set his eyes816 on1519 him,846

10  And said,2036 O5599 full4134 of all3956 subtlety1388 and2532 all3956 mischief,4468 thou child5207 of the devil,1228 thou enemy2190 of all3956 righteousness,1343 wilt thou not3756 cease3973 to pervert1294 the3588 right2117 ways3598 of the Lord?2962

11  And2532 now,3568 behold,2400 the hand5495 of the3588 Lord2962 is upon1909 thee,4571 and2532 thou shalt be2071 blind,5185 not3361 seeing991 the3588 sun2246 for891 a season.2540 And1161 immediately3916 there fell1968 on1909 him846 a mist887 and2532 a darkness;4655 and2532 he went about4013 seeking2212 some to lead him by the hand.5497

12  Then5119 the3588 deputy,446 when he saw1492 what was done,1096 believed,4100 being astonished1605 at1909 the3588 doctrine1322 of the3588 Lord.2962

13  Now1161 when Paul3972 and his company4012 loosed321 from575 Paphos,3974 they came2064 to1519 Perga4011 in Pamphylia:3828 and1161 John2491 departing672 from575 them846 returned5290 to1519 Jerusalem.2414

14  But1161 when they846 departed1330 from575 Perga,4011 they came3854 to1519 Antioch490 in Pisidia,4099 and2532 went1525 into1519 the3588 synagogue4864 on the3588 sabbath4521 day,2250 and sat down.2523

15  And1161 after3326 the3588 reading320 of the3588 law3551 and2532 the3588 prophets4396 the3588 rulers of the synagogue752 sent649 unto4314 them,846 saying,3004 Ye men435 and brethren,80 if1487 ye have2076 1722 5213 any word3056 of exhortation3874 for4314 the3588 people,2992 say on.3004

16  Then1161 Paul3972 stood up,450 and2532 beckoning2678 with his hand5495 said,2036 Men435 of Israel,2475 and2532 ye that fear5399 God,2316 give audience.191

17  The3588 God2316 of this5127 people2992 of Israel2474 chose1586 our2257 fathers,3962 and2532 exalted5312 the3588 people2992 when1722 they dwelt as strangers3940 in1722 the land1093 of Egypt,125 and2532 with3326 a high5308 arm1023 brought1806 he them846 out of1537 it.846

18  And2532 about5613 the time5550 of forty years5063 suffered he their manners5159 846 in1722 the3588 wilderness.2048

19  And2532 when he had destroyed2507 seven2033 nations1484 in1722 the land1093 of Canaan,5477 he divided their land to them by lot.2624 846 1093 846

20  And2532 after3326 that5023 he gave1325 unto them judges2923 about the space of5613 four hundred5071 and2532 fifty4004 years,2094 until2193 Samuel4545 the3588 prophet.4396

21  And afterward2547 they desired154 a king:935 and2532 God2316 gave1325 unto them846 Saul4549 the son5207 of Kish,2797 a man435 of1537 the tribe5443 of Benjamin,958 by the space of forty5062 years.2094

22  And2532 when he had removed3179 him,846 he raised up1453 unto them846 David1138 to be their king;1519 935 to whom3739 also2532 he gave testimony,3140 and said,2036 I have found2147 David1138 the3588 son of Jesse,2421 a man435 after2596 mine own3450 heart,2588 which3739 shall fulfil4160 all3956 my3450 will.2307

23  Of575 this man's5127 seed4690 hath God2316 according2596 to his promise1860 raised1453 unto Israel2474 a Savior,4990 Jesus:2424

24  When John2491 had first preached4296 before4253 his846 coming1529 4383 the baptism908 of repentance3341 to all3956 the3588 people2992 of Israel.2474

25  And1161 as5613 John2491 fulfilled4137 his course,1408 he said,3004 Whom5101 think5282 ye that I3165 am?1511 I1473 am1510 not3756 he. But,235 behold,2400 there cometh2064 one after3326 me,1691 whose3739 shoes5266 of his feet4228 I am1510 not3756 worthy514 to loose.3089

26  Men435 and brethren,80 children5207 of the stock1085 of Abraham,11 and2532 whosoever among1722 you5213 feareth5399 God,2316 to you5213 is the3588 word3056 of this5026 salvation4991 sent.649

27  For1063 they that dwell2730 at1722 Jerusalem,2419 and2532 their846 rulers,758 because they knew him not,50 5126 nor2532 yet the3588 voices5456 of the3588 prophets4396 which are read314 every2596 3956 sabbath day,4521 they have fulfilled4137 them in condemning2919 him.

28  And2532 though they found2147 no3367 cause156 of death2288 in him, yet desired154 they Pilate4091 that he846 should be slain.337

29  And1161 when5613 they had fulfilled5055 all537 that was written1125 of4012 him,846 they took him down2507 from575 the3588 tree,3586 and laid5087 him in1519 a sepulcher.3419

30  But1161 God2316 raised1453 him846 from1537 the dead:3498

31  And he3739 was seen3700 many4119 days2250 of them which came up with4872 him846 from575 Galilee1056 to1519 Jerusalem,2419 who3748 are1526 his846 witnesses3144 unto4314 the3588 people.2992

32  And2532 we2249 declare unto you glad tidings,2097 5209 how that the3588 promise1860 which was made1096 unto4314 the3588 fathers,3962

33  3754 God2316 hath fulfilled1603 the same5026 unto us2254 their846 children,5043 in that he hath raised up Jesus again;450 2424 as5613 it is also2532 written1125 in1722 the3588 second1208 psalm,5568 Thou4771 art1488 my3450 Son,5207 this day4594 have I1473 begotten1080 thee.4571

34  And1161 as concerning that3754 he raised him up450 846 from1537 the dead,3498 now no more3371 to3195 return5290 to1519 corruption,1312 he said2046 on this wise,3779 I will give1325 you5213 the3588 sure4103 mercies3741 of David.1138

35  Wherefore1352 he saith3004 also2532 in1722 another2087 psalm, Thou shalt not3756 suffer1325 thine4675 Holy One3741 to see1492 corruption.1312

36  For1063 David,1138 after he3303 had served5256 his own2398 generation1074 by the3588 will1012 of God,2316 fell on sleep,2837 and2532 was laid4369 unto4314 his848 fathers,3962 and2532 saw1492 corruption:1312

37  But1161 he, whom3739 God2316 raised again,1453 saw1492 no3756 corruption.1312

38  Be2077 it known1110 unto you5213 therefore,3767 men435 and brethren,80 that3754 through1223 this man5127 is preached2605 unto you5213 the forgiveness859 of sins:266

39  And2532 by1722 him5129 all3956 that believe4100 are justified1344 from575 all things,3956 from which3739 ye could1410 not3756 be justified1344 by1722 the3588 law3551 of Moses.3475

40  Beware991 therefore,3767 lest3361 that come1904 upon1909 you,5209 which is spoken of2046 in1722 the3588 prophets;4396

41  Behold,1492 ye despisers,2707 and2532 wonder,2296 and2532 perish:853 for3754 I1473 work2038 a work2041 in1722 your5216 days,2250 a work2041 which3739 ye shall in no wise3364 believe,4100 though1437 a man5100 declare1555 it unto you.5213

42  And1161 when the3588 Jews2453 were gone1826 out of1537 the3588 synagogue,4864 the3588 Gentiles1484 besought3870 that these5023 words4487 might be preached2980 to them848 the3588 next3342 sabbath.4521

43  Now1161 when the3588 congregation4864 was broken up,3089 many4183 of the3588 Jews2453 and2532 religious4576 proselytes4339 followed190 Paul3972 and2532 Barnabas:921 who,3748 speaking to4354 them,846 persuaded3982 them846 to continue1961 in the3588 grace5485 of God.2316

44  And1161 the3588 next2064 sabbath day4521 came almost the whole city together4863 4975 3588 3956 4172 to hear191 the3588 word3056 of God.2316

45  But1161 when the3588 Jews2453 saw1492 the3588 multitudes,3793 they were filled4130 with envy,2205 and2532 spake against483 those things which were spoken3004 by5259 Paul,3972 contradicting483 and2532 blaspheming.987

46  Then1161 Paul3972 and2532 Barnabas921 waxed bold,3955 and said,2036 It was2258 necessary316 that the3588 word3056 of God2316 should first4412 have been spoken2980 to you:5213 but1161 seeing1894 ye put it from you,683 846 and2532 judge2919 yourselves1438 unworthy3756 514 of everlasting166 life,2222 lo,2400 we turn4762 to1519 the3588 Gentiles.1484

47  For1063 so3779 hath the3588 Lord2962 commanded1781 us,2254 saying, I have set5087 thee4571 to be a light1519 5457 of the Gentiles,1484 that thou4571 shouldest be1511 for1519 salvation4991 unto2193 the ends2078 of the3588 earth.1093

48  And1161 when the3588 Gentiles1484 heard191 this, they were glad,5463 and2532 glorified1392 the3588 word3056 of the3588 Lord:2962 and2532 as many as3745 were2258 ordained5021 to1519 eternal166 life2222 believed.4100

49  And1161 the3588 word3056 of the3588 Lord2962 was published1308 throughout1223 all3650 the3588 region.5561

50  But1161 the3588 Jews2453 stirred up3951 the3588 devout4576 and2532 honorable2158 women,1135 and2532 the3588 chief men4413 of the3588 city,4172 and2532 raised1892 persecution1375 against1909 Paul3972 and2532 Barnabas,921 and2532 expelled1544 them846 out of575 their848 coasts.3725

51  But1161 they3588 shook off1621 the3588 dust2868 of their848 feet4228 against1909 them,846 and came2064 unto1519 Iconium.2430

52  And1161 the3588 disciples3101 were filled4137 with joy,5479 and2532 with the Holy40 Ghost.4151

Acts 14: 1-28

1  And1161 it came to pass1096 in1722 Iconium,2430 that they846 went1525 both together2596 846 into1519 the3588 synagogue4864 of the3588 Jews,2453 and2532 so3779 spake,2980 that5620 a great4183 multitude4128 both5037 of the Jews2453 and2532 also of the Greeks1672 believed.4100

2  But1161 the3588 unbelieving544 Jews2453 stirred up1892 the3588 Gentiles,1484 and2532 made their minds evil affected2559 5590 against2596 the3588 brethren.80

3  Long2425 time5550 3303 therefore3767 abode1304 they speaking boldly3955 in1909 the3588 Lord,2962 which3588 gave testimony3140 unto the3588 word3056 of his848 grace,5485 and2532 granted1325 signs4592 and2532 wonders5059 to be done1096 by1223 their846 hands.5495

4  But1161 the3588 multitude4128 of the3588 city4172 was divided:4977 and2532 part3588 3303 held2258 with4862 the3588 Jews,2453 and1161 part3588 with4862 the3588 apostles.652

5  And1161 when5613 there was1096 an assault3730 made both5037 of the3588 Gentiles,1484 and2532 also of the Jews2453 with4862 their846 rulers,758 to use them despitefully,5195 and2532 to stone3036 them,846

6  They were aware of4894 it, and fled2703 unto1519 Lystra3082 and2532 Derbe,1191 cities4172 of Lycaonia,3071 and2532 into the3588 region that lieth round about:4066

7  And there2546 they preached the gospel.2258 2097

8  And2532 there sat2521 a certain5100 man435 at1722 Lystra,3082 impotent102 in his feet,4228 being5225 a cripple5560 from1537 his848 mother's3384 womb,2836 who3739 never3763 had walked:4043

9  The same3778 heard191 Paul3972 speak:2980 who3739 steadfastly beholding816 him,846 and2532 perceiving1492 that3754 he had2192 faith4102 to be healed,4982

10  Said2036 with a loud3173 voice,5456 Stand450 upright3717 on1909 thy4675 feet.4228 And he leaped242 and2532 walked.4043

11  And1161 when the3588 people3793 saw1492 what3739 Paul3972 had done,4160 they lifted up1869 their848 voices,5456 saying3004 in the speech of Lycaonia,3072 The3588 gods2316 are come down2597 to4314 us2248 in the likeness3666 of men.444

12  And5037 they called2564 Barnabas,921 3303 Jupiter;2203 and1161 Paul,3972 Mercurius,2060 because1894 he846 was2258 the3588 chief speaker.2233 3056

13  Then1161 the3588 priest2409 of Jupiter,2203 which was5607 before4253 their846 city,4172 brought5342 oxen5022 and2532 garlands4725 unto1909 the3588 gates,4440 and would2309 have done sacrifice2380 with4862 the3588 people.3793

14  Which when1161 the3588 apostles,652 Barnabas921 and2532 Paul,3972 heard191 of, they rent1284 their848 clothes,2440 and ran in1530 among1519 the3588 people,3793 crying out,2896

15  And2532 saying,3004 Sirs,435 why5101 do4160 ye these things?5023 We2249 also2532 are2070 men444 of like passions3663 with you,5213 and preach2097 unto you5209 that ye should turn1994 from575 these5130 vanities3152 unto1909 the3588 living2198 God,2316 which3739 made4160 heaven,3772 and2532 earth,1093 and2532 the3588 sea,2281 and2532 all things3956 that3588 are therein:1722 846

16  Who3739 in1722 times1074 past3944 suffered1439 all3956 nations1484 to walk4198 in their own848 ways.3598

17  Nevertheless2544 he left863 not3756 himself1438 without witness,267 in that he did good,15 and gave1325 us2254 rain5205 from heaven,3771 and2532 fruitful2593 seasons,2540 filling1705 our2257 hearts2588 with food5160 and2532 gladness.2167

18  And2532 with these5023 sayings3004 scarce3433 restrained2664 they the3588 people,3793 that they had not3361 done sacrifice2380 unto them.846

19  And1161 there came thither1904 certain Jews2453 from575 Antioch490 and2532 Iconium,2430 who2532 persuaded3982 the3588 people,3793 and,2532 having stoned3034 Paul,3972 drew4951 him out1854 of the3588 city,4172 supposing3543 he846 had been dead.2348

20  Howbeit,1161 as the3588 disciples3101 stood round about2944 him,846 he rose up,450 and came1525 into1519 the3588 city:4172 and2532 the3588 next day1887 he departed1831 with4862 Barnabas921 to1519 Derbe.1191

21  And5037 when they had preached the gospel2097 to that1565 city,4172 and2532 had taught3100 many,2425 they returned again5290 to1519 Lystra,3082 and2532 to Iconium,2430 and2532 Antioch,490

22  Confirming1991 the3588 souls5590 of the3588 disciples,3101 and exhorting3870 them to continue1696 in the3588 faith,4102 and2532 that3754 we2248 must1163 through1223 much4183 tribulation2347 enter1525 into1519 the3588 kingdom932 of God.2316

23  And1161 when they had ordained5500 them846 elders4245 in every church,2596 1577 and had prayed4336 with3326 fasting,3521 they commended3908 them846 to the3588 Lord,2962 on1519 whom3739 they believed.4100

24  And2532 after they had passed throughout1330 Pisidia,4099 they came2064 to1519 Pamphylia.3828

25  And2532 when they had preached2980 the3588 word3056 in1722 Perga,4011 they went down2597 into1519 Attalia:825

26  And thence2547 sailed636 to1519 Antioch,490 from whence3606 they had been2258 recommended3860 to the3588 grace5485 of God2316 for1519 the3588 work2041 which3739 they fulfilled.4137

27  And1161 when they were come,3854 and2532 had gathered the church together,4863 3588 1577 they rehearsed312 all that3745 God2316 had done4160 with3326 them,846 and2532 how3754 he had opened455 the door2374 of faith4102 unto the3588 Gentiles.1484

28  And1161 there1563 they abode1304 long3756 3641 time5550 with4862 the3588 disciples.3101

Acts 15: 1-41

1  And2532 certain men5100 which came down2718 from575 Judea2449 taught1321 the3588 brethren,80 and said, Except3362 ye be circumcised4059 after the3588 manner1485 of Moses,3475 ye cannot1410 3756 be saved.4982

2  When therefore3767 Paul3972 and2532 Barnabas921 had1096 no3756 small3641 dissension4714 and2532 disputation4803 with4314 them,846 they determined5021 that Paul3972 and2532 Barnabas,921 and2532 certain5100 other243 of1537 them,846 should go up305 to1519 Jerusalem2419 unto4314 the3588 apostles652 and2532 elders4245 about4012 this5127 question.2213

3  And3767 being3303 brought on their way4311 by5259 the3588 church,1577 they3588 passed through1330 Phoenicia5403 and2532 Samaria,4540 declaring1555 the3588 conversion1995 of the3588 Gentiles:1484 and2532 they caused4160 great3173 joy5479 unto all3956 the3588 brethren.80

4  And1161 when they were come3854 to1519 Jerusalem,2419 they were received588 of5259 the3588 church,1577 and2532 of the3588 apostles652 and2532 elders,4245 and5037 they declared312 all things that3745 God2316 had done4160 with3326 them.846

5  But1161 there rose up1817 certain5100 of575 the3588 sect139 of the3588 Pharisees5330 which believed,4100 saying,3004 That3754 it was needful1163 to circumcise4059 them,846 and5037 to command3853 them to keep5083 the3588 law3551 of Moses.3475

6  And1161 the3588 apostles652 and2532 elders4245 came together4863 for to consider1492 of4012 this5127 matter.3056

7  And1161 when there had been1096 much4183 disputing,4803 Peter4074 rose up,450 and said2036 unto4314 them,846 Men435 and brethren,80 ye5210 know1987 how that3754 a good while ago575 744 2250 God2316 made choice1586 among1722 us,2254 that the3588 Gentiles1484 by1223 my3450 mouth4750 should hear191 the3588 word3056 of the3588 gospel,2098 and2532 believe.4100

8  And2532 God,2316 which knoweth the hearts,2589 bare them witness,3140 846 giving1325 them846 the3588 Holy40 Ghost,4151 even as2531 he did2532 unto us;2254

9  And2532 put no difference1252 3762 between3342 5037 us2257 and2532 them,846 purifying2511 their846 hearts2588 by faith.4102

10  Now3568 therefore3767 why5101 tempt3985 ye God,2316 to put2007 a yoke2218 upon1909 the3588 neck5137 of the3588 disciples,3101 which3739 neither3777 our2257 fathers3962 nor3777 we2249 were able2480 to bear?941

11  But235 we believe4100 that through1223 the3588 grace5485 of the3588 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ5547 we shall be saved,4982 even as they.2596 3739 5158 2548

12  Then1161 all3956 the3588 multitude4128 kept silence,4601 and2532 gave audience191 to Barnabas921 and2532 Paul,3972 declaring1834 what3745 miracles4592 and2532 wonders5059 God2316 had wrought4160 among1722 the3588 Gentiles1484 by1223 them.846

13  And1161 after they846 had held their peace,4601 James2385 answered,611 saying,3004 Men435 and brethren,80 hearken191 unto me:3450

14  Simeon4826 hath declared1834 how2531 God2316 at the first4412 did visit1980 the Gentiles,1484 to take2983 out of1537 them a people2992 for1909 his848 name.3686

15  And2532 to this5129 agree4856 the3588 words3056 of the3588 prophets;4396 as2531 it is written,1125

16  After3326 this5023 I will return,390 and2532 will build again456 the3588 tabernacle4633 of David,1138 which is fallen down;4098 and2532 I will build again456 the3588 ruins2679 thereof,846 and2532 I will set it up:461 846

17  That3704 the3588 residue2645 of men444 might seek after1567 302 the3588 Lord,2962 and2532 all3956 the3588 Gentiles,1484 upon1909 whom3739 my3450 name3686 is called,1941 saith3004 846 the Lord,2962 who doeth4160 all3956 these things.5023

18  Known1110 unto God2316 are2076 all3956 his848 works2041 from575 the beginning of the world.165

19  Wherefore1352 my1473 sentence is,2919 that we trouble3926 not3361 them, which from575 among the3588 Gentiles1484 are turned1994 to1909 God:2316

20  But235 that we write1989 unto them,846 that they abstain567 from575 pollutions234 of idols,1497 and2532 from fornication,4202 and2532 from things strangled,4156 and2532 from blood.129

21  For1063 Moses3475 of old time1537 744 1074 hath2192 in every city2596