King James Version 1611 - 1769



Luke 1

1  Forasmuch1895 as many4183 have taken in hand2021 to set forth in order392 a declaration1335 of4012 those things4229 which are most surely believed4135 among1722 us,2254

2  Even as2531 they delivered3860 them unto us,2254 which from the beginning were1096 575 746 eyewitnesses,845 and2532 ministers5257 of the3588 word;3056

3  It seemed good1380 to me also,2504 having had perfect199 understanding3877 of all things3956 from the very first,509 to write1125 unto thee4671 in order,2517 most excellent2903 Theophilus,2321

4  That2443 thou mightest know1921 the3588 certainty803 of those things,3056 wherein4012 3739 thou hast been instructed.2727

5  There was1096 in1722 the3588 days2250 of Herod,2264 the3588 king935 of Judea,2449 a certain5100 priest2409 named3686 Zacharias,2197 of1537 the course2183 of Abijah:7 and2532 his846 wife1135 was of1537 the3588 daughters2364 of Aaron,2 and2532 her846 name3686 was Elisabeth.1665

6  And1161 they were2258 both297 righteous1342 before1799 God,2316 walking4198 in1722 all3956 the3588 commandments1785 and2532 ordinances1345 of the3588 Lord2962 blameless.273

7  And2532 they had2258 846 no3756 child,5043 because that2530 Elisabeth1665 was2258 barren,4723 and2532 they both297 were2258 now well stricken4260 in1722 years.2250

8  And1161 it came to pass,1096 that while he846 executed the priest's office2407 before1725 God2316 in1722 the3588 order5010 of his848 course,2183

9  According2596 to the3588 custom1485 of the3588 priest's office,2405 his lot was2975 to burn incense2370 when he went1525 into1519 the3588 temple3485 of the3588 Lord.2962

10  And2532 the3588 whole3956 multitude4128 of the3588 people2992 were2258 praying4336 without1854 at the3588 time5610 of incense.2368

11  And1161 there appeared3700 unto him846 an angel32 of the Lord2962 standing2476 on1537 the right side1188 of the3588 altar2379 of incense.2368

12  And2532 when Zacharias2197 saw1492 him, he was troubled,5015 and2532 fear5401 fell1968 upon1909 him.846

13  But1161 the3588 angel32 said2036 unto4314 him,846 Fear5399 not,3361 Zacharias:2197 for1360 thy4675 prayer1162 is heard;1522 and2532 thy4675 wife1135 Elisabeth1665 shall bear1080 thee4671 a son,5207 and2532 thou shalt call2564 his846 name3686 John.2491

14  And2532 thou4671 shalt have2071 joy5479 and2532 gladness;20 and2532 many4183 shall rejoice5463 at1909 his846 birth.1083

15  For1063 he shall be2071 great3173 in the sight1799 of the3588 Lord,2962 and2532 shall drink4095 neither3364 wine3631 nor2532 strong drink;4608 and2532 he shall be filled4130 with the Holy40 Ghost,4151 even2089 from1537 his848 mother's3384 womb.2836

16  And2532 many4183 of the3588 children5207 of Israel2474 shall he turn1994 to1909 the Lord2962 their846 God.2316

17  And2532 he846 shall go4281 before1799 him846 in the spirit4151 and2532 power1411 of Elijah,2243 to turn1994 the hearts2588 of the fathers3962 to1909 the children,5043 and2532 the disobedient545 to1722 the wisdom5428 of the just;1342 to make ready2090 a people2992 prepared2680 for the Lord.2962

18  And2532 Zacharias2197 said2036 unto4314 the3588 angel,32 Whereby2596 5101 shall I know1097 this?5124 for1063 I1473 am1510 an old man4246 and2532 my3450 wife1135 well stricken4260 in1722 years.2250

19  And2532 the3588 angel32 answering611 said2036 unto him,846 I1473 am1510 Gabriel,1043 that stand3936 in the presence1799 of God;2316 and2532 am sent649 to speak2980 unto4314 thee,4571 and2532 to show thee these glad tidings.2097 4671 5023

20  And,2532 behold,2400 thou shalt be2071 dumb,4623 and2532 not3361 able1410 to speak,2980 until891 the3739 day2250 that these things5023 shall be performed,1096 because473 thou3739 believest4100 not3756 my3450 words,3056 which3748 shall be fulfilled4137 in1519 their848 season.2540

21  And2532 the3588 people2992 waited for2258 4328 Zacharias,2197 and2532 marveled2296 that he846 tarried so long5549 in1722 the3588 temple.3485

22  And1161 when he came out,1831 he could1410 not3756 speak2980 unto them:846 and2532 they perceived1921 that3754 he had seen3708 a vision3701 in1722 the3588 temple:3485 for2532 he846 beckoned2258 1269 unto them,846 and2532 remained1265 speechless.2974

23  And2532 it came to pass,1096 that, as soon as5613 the3588 days2250 of his846 ministration3009 were accomplished,4130 he departed565 to1519 his own848 house.3624

24  And1161 after3326 those5025 days2250 his846 wife1135 Elisabeth1665 conceived,4815 and2532 hid4032 herself1438 five4002 months,3376 saying,3004

25  Thus3779 hath the3588 Lord2962 dealt4160 with me3427 in1722 the3588 days2250 wherein3739 he looked on1896 me, to take away851 my3450 reproach3681 among1722 men.444

26  And1161 in1722 the3588 sixth1623 month3376 the3588 angel32 Gabriel1043 was sent649 from5259 God2316 unto1519 a city4172 of Galilee,1056 named3686 Nazareth,3478

27  To4314 a virgin3933 espoused3423 to a man435 whose3739 name3686 was Joseph,2501 of1537 the house3624 of David;1138 and2532 the3588 virgin's3933 name3686 was Mary.3137

28  And2532 the3588 angel32 came in1525 unto4314 her,846 and said,2036 Hail,5463 thou that art highly favored,5487 the3588 Lord2962 is with3326 thee:4675 blessed2127 art thou4771 among1722 women.1135

29  And1161 when she3588 saw1492 him, she was troubled1298 at1909 his846 saying,3056 and2532 cast in her mind1260 what manner4217 of salutation783 this3778 should be.1498

30  And2532 the3588 angel32 said2036 unto her,846 Fear5399 not,3361 Mary:3137 for1063 thou hast found2147 favor5485 with3844 God.2316

31  And,2532 behold,2400 thou shalt conceive4815 in1722 thy womb,1064 and2532 bring forth5088 a son,5207 and2532 shalt call2564 his846 name3686 JESUS.2424

32  He3778 shall be2071 great,3173 and2532 shall be called2564 the Son5207 of the Highest:5310 and2532 the Lord2962 God2316 shall give1325 unto him846 the3588 throne2362 of his846 father3962 David:1138

33  And2532 he shall reign936 over1909 the3588 house3624 of Jacob2384 forever;1519 165 and2532 of his846 kingdom932 there shall be2071 no3756 end.5056

34  Then1161 said2036 Mary3137 unto4314 the3588 angel,32 How4459 shall this5124 be,2071 seeing1893 I know1097 not3756 a man?435

35  And2532 the3588 angel32 answered611 and said2036 unto her,846 The Holy40 Ghost4151 shall come1904 upon1909 thee,4571 and2532 the power1411 of the Highest5310 shall overshadow1982 thee:4671 therefore1352 also2532 that holy thing40 which shall be born1080 of1537 thee4675 shall be called2564 the Son5207 of God.2316

36  And,2532 behold,2400 thy4675 cousin4773 Elisabeth,1665 she846 hath also2532 conceived4815 a son5207 in1722 her848 old age:1094 and2532 this3778 is2076 the sixth1623 month3376 with her,846 who was called2564 barren.4723

37  For3754 with3844 God2316 nothing3956 4487 3756 shall be impossible.101

38  And1161 Mary3137 said,2036 Behold2400 the3588 handmaid1399 of the Lord;2962 be1096 it unto me3427 according2596 to thy4675 word.4487 And2532 the3588 angel32 departed565 from575 her.846

39  And1161 Mary3137 arose450 in1722 those5025 days,2250 and went4198 into1519 the3588 hill country3714 with3326 haste,4710 into1519 a city4172 of Judah;2448

40  And2532 entered1525 into1519 the3588 house3624 of Zacharias,2197 and2532 saluted782 Elisabeth.1665

41  And2532 it came to pass,1096 that, when5613 Elisabeth1665 heard191 the3588 salutation783 of Mary,3137 the3588 babe1025 leaped4640 in1722 her846 womb;2836 and2532 Elisabeth1665 was filled4130 with the Holy40 Ghost:4151

42  And2532 she spake out400 with a loud3173 voice,5456 and2532 said,2036 Blessed2127 art thou4771 among1722 women,1135 and2532 blessed2127 is the3588 fruit2590 of thy4675 womb.2836

43  And2532 whence4159 is this5124 to me,3427 that2443 the3588 mother3384 of my3450 Lord2962 should come2064 to4314 me?3165

44  For,1063 lo,2400 as soon as5613 the3588 voice5456 of thy4675 salutation783 sounded1096 in1519 mine3450 ears,3775 the3588 babe1025 leaped4640 in1722 my3450 womb2836 for1722 joy.20

45  And2532 blessed3107 is she that believed4100 for3754 there shall be2071 a performance5050 of those things which were told2980 her846 from3844 the Lord.2962

46  And2532 Mary3137 said,2036 My3450 soul5590 doth magnify3170 the3588 Lord,2962

47  And2532 my3450 spirit4151 hath rejoiced21 in1909 God2316 my3450 Savior.4990

48  For3754 he hath regarded1914 the3588 low estate5014 of his848 handmaiden:1399 for,1063 behold,2400 from575 henceforth3568 all3956 generations1074 shall call me blessed.3106 3165

49  For3754 he that is mighty1415 hath done4160 to me3427 great things;3167 and2532 holy40 is his846 name.3686

50  And2532 his846 mercy1656 is on them that fear5399 him846 from1519 generation1074 to generation.1074

51  He hath showed4160 strength2904 with1722 his848 arm;1023 he hath scattered1287 the proud5244 in the imagination1271 of their846 hearts.2588

52  He hath put down2507 the mighty1413 from575 their seats,2362 and2532 exalted5312 them of low degree.5011

53  He hath filled1705 the hungry3983 with good things;18 and2532 the rich4147 he hath sent empty away.1821 2756

54  He hath helped482 his848 servant3816 Israel,2474 in remembrance3415 of his mercy;1656

55  As2531 he spake2980 to4314 our2257 fathers,3962 to Abraham,11 and2532 to his846 seed4690 forever.1519 165

56  And1161 Mary3137 abode3306 with4862 her846 about5616 three5140 months,3376 and2532 returned5290 to1519 her own848 house.3624

57  Now1161 Elisabeth's1665 full time5550 came4130 that she846 should be delivered;5088 and2532 she brought forth1080 a son.5207

58  And2532 her848 neighbors4040 and2532 her cousins4773 heard191 how3754 the Lord2962 had showed great mercy3170 848 1656 upon3326 her;846 and2532 they rejoiced with4796 her.846

59  And2532 it came to pass,1096 that on1722 the3588 eighth3590 day2250 they came2064 to circumcise4059 the3588 child;3813 and2532 they called2564 him846 Zacharias,2197 after1909 the3588 name3686 of his846 father.3962

60  And2532 his846 mother3384 answered611 and said,2036 Not3780 so; but235 he shall be called2564 John.2491

61  And2532 they said2036 unto4314 her,846 There is2076 none3762 of1722 thy4675 kindred4772 that3739 is called2564 by this5129 name.3686

62  And2532 they made signs1770 to his846 father,3962 how5101 he would have2309 302 him846 called.2564

63  And2532 he asked154 for a writing table,4093 and wrote,1125 saying,3004 His846 name3686 is2076 John.2491 And2532 they marveled2296 all.3956

64  And1161 his846 mouth4750 was opened455 immediately,3916 and2532 his846 tongue1100 loosed, and2532 he spake,2980 and praised2127 God.2316

65  And2532 fear5401 came1096 on1909 all3956 that dwelt round about4039 them:846 and2532 all3956 these5023 sayings4487 were noised abroad1255 throughout1722 all3650 the3588 hill country3714 of Judea.2449

66  And2532 all3956 they that heard191 them laid them up5087 in1722 their848 hearts,2588 saying,3004 What manner5101 of686 child3813 shall this5124 be!2071 And2532 the hand5495 of the Lord2962 was2258 with3326 him.846

67  And2532 his846 father3962 Zacharias2197 was filled4130 with the Holy40 Ghost,4151 and2532 prophesied,4395 saying,3004

68  Blessed2128 be the Lord2962 God2316 of Israel;2474 for3754 he hath visited1980 and2532 redeemed4160 3085 his848 people,2992

69  And2532 hath raised up1453 a horn2768 of salvation4991 for us2254 in1722 the3588 house3624 of his848 servant3816 David;1138

70  As2531 he spake2980 by1223 the mouth4750 of his848 holy40 prophets,4396 which3588 have been since the world began:575 165

71  That we should be saved4991 from1537 our2257 enemies,2190 and2532 from1537 the hand5495 of all3956 that hate3404 us;2248

72  To perform4160 the mercy1656 promised to3326 our2257 fathers,3962 and2532 to remember3415 his848 holy40 covenant;1242

73  The oath3727 which3739 he swore3660 to4314 our2257 father3962 Abraham,11

74  That he would grant1325 unto us,2254 that we being delivered4506 out of1537 the hand5495 of our2257 enemies2190 might serve3000 him846 without fear,870

75  In1722 holiness3742 and2532 righteousness1343 before1799 him,846 all3956 the3588 days2250 of our2257 life.2222

76  And2532 thou,4771 child,3813 shalt be called2564 the prophet4396 of the Highest:5310 for1063 thou shalt go4313 before4253 the face4383 of the Lord2962 to prepare2090 his846 ways;3598

77&nbsnbsp; To give1325 knowledge1108 of salvation4991 unto his846 people2992 by1722 the remission859 of their846 sins,266

78  Through1223 the tender mercy4698 1656 of our2257 God;2316 whereby1722 3739 the dayspring395 from1537 on high5311 hath visited1980 us,2248

79  To give light2014 to them that sit2521 in1722 darkness4655 and2532 in the shadow4639 of death,2288 to guide2720 our2257 feet4228 into1519 the way3598 of peace.1515

80  And1161 the3588 child3813 grew,837 and2532 waxed strong2901 in spirit,4151 and2532 was2258 in1722 the3588 deserts2048 till2193 the day2250 of his846 showing323 unto4314 Israel.2474

Luke 2

1  And1161 it came to pass1096 in1722 those1565 days,2250 that there went out1831 a decree1378 from3844 Caesar2541 Augustus,828 that all3956 the3588 world3625 should be taxed.583

2  (And this3778 taxing582 was first4413 made1096 when Cyrenius2958 was governor2230 of Syria.)4947

3  And2532 all3956 went4198 to be taxed,583 every one1538 into1519 his own2398 city.4172

4  And1161 Joseph2501 also2532 went up305 from575 Galilee,1056 out of1537 the city4172 of Nazareth,3478 into1519 Judea,2449 unto1519 the city4172 of David,1138 which3748 is called2564 Bethlehem;965 because1223 (he846 was1511 of1537 the house3624 and2532 lineage3965 of David:)1138

5  To be taxed583 with4862 Mary3137 his846 espoused3423 wife,1135 being5607 great with child.1471

6  And1161 so it was,1096 that, while they846 were1511 there,1563 the3588 days2250 were accomplished4130 that she846 should be delivered.5088

7  And2532 she brought forth5088 her848 firstborn4416 son,5207 and2532 wrapped him in swaddling clothes,4683 846 and2532 laid347 him846 in1722 a manger;5336 because1360 there was2258 no3756 room5117 for them846 in1722 the3588 inn.2646

8  And2532 there were2258 in1722 the3588 same846 country5561 shepherds4166 abiding in63 the field,2532 keeping5442 watch5438 over1909 their848 flock4167 by night.3571

9  And,2532 lo,2400 the angel32 of the Lord2962 came upon2186 them,846 and2532 the glory1391 of the Lord2962 shone round about4034 them:846 and2532 they were sore afraid.5399 3173 5401

10  And2532 the3588 angel32 said2036 unto them,846 Fear5399 not:3361 for,1063 behold,2400 I bring you good tidings2097 5213 of great3173 joy,5479 which3748 shall be2071 to all3956 people.2992

11  For3754 unto you5213 is born5088 this day4594 in1722 the city4172 of David1138 a Savior,4990 which3739 is2076 Christ5547 the Lord.2962

12  And2532 this5124 shall be a sign4592 unto you;5213 Ye shall find2147 the babe1025 wrapped in swaddling clothes,4683 lying2749 in1722 a manger.5336

13  And2532 suddenly1810 there was1096 with4862 the3588 angel32 a multitude4128 of the heavenly3770 host4756 praising134 God,2316 and2532 saying,3004

14  Glory1391 to God2316 in1722 the highest,5310 and2532 on1909 earth1093 peace,1515 good will2107 toward1722 men.444

15  And2532 it came to pass,1096 as5613 the3588 angels32 were gone away565 from575 them846 into1519 heaven,3772 444 the3588 shepherds4166 said2036 one to another,240 4314 Let us now go1330 even1211 unto2193 Bethlehem,965 and2532 see1492 this5124 thing4487 which is come to pass,1096 which3739 the3588 Lord2962 hath made known1107 unto us.2254

16  And2532 they came2064 with haste,4692 and2532 found429 5037 Mary,3137 and2532 Joseph,2501 and2532 the3588 babe1025 lying2749 in1722 a manger.5336

17  And1161 when they had seen1492 it, they made known1232 abroad4012 the3588 saying4487 which was told2980 them846 concerning4012 this5127 child.3813

18  And2532 all3956 they that heard191 it wondered2296 at4012 those things which were told2980 them846 by5259 the3588 shepherds.4166

19  But1161 Mary3137 kept4933 all3956 these5023 things,4487 and pondered4820 them in1722 her848 heart.2588

20  And2532 the3588 shepherds4166 returned,1994 glorifying1392 and2532 praising134 God2316 for1909 all3956 the things that3739 they had heard191 and2532 seen,1492 as2531 it was told2980 unto4314 them.846

21  And2532 when3753 eight3638 days2250 were accomplished4130 for the circumcising4059 of the3588 child,3813 2532 his846 name3686 was called2564 JESUS,2424 which was so named2564 of5259 the3588 angel32 before4253 he846 was conceived4815 in1722 the3588 womb.2836

22  And2532 when3753 the3588 days2250 of her846 purification2512 according2596 to the3588 law3551 of Moses3475 were accomplished,4130 they brought321 him846 to1519 Jerusalem,2414 to present3936 him to the3588 Lord;2962

23  (As2531 it is written1125 in1722 the law3551 of the Lord,2962 Every3956 male730 that openeth1272 the womb3388 shall be called2564 holy40 to the3588 Lord;)2962

24  And2532 to offer1325 a sacrifice2378 according2596 to that which is said2046 in1722 the law3551 of the Lord,2962 A pair2201 of turtledoves,5167 or2228 two1417 young3502 pigeons.4058

25  And,2532 behold,2400 there was2258 a man444 in1722 Jerusalem,2419 whose3739 name3686 was Simeon;4826 and2532 the same3778 man444 was just1342 and2532 devout,2126 waiting for4327 the consolation3874 of Israel:2474 and2532 the Holy40 Ghost4151 was2258 upon1909 him.846

26  And2532 it was2258 revealed5537 unto him846 by5259 the3588 Holy40 Ghost,4151 that he should not3361 see1492 death,2288 before4250 he had seen1492 the Lord's2962 Christ.5547

27  And2532 he came2064 by1722 the3588 Spirit4151 into1519 the3588 temple:2411 and2532 when the3588 parents1118 brought in1521 the3588 child3813 Jesus,2424 to do4160 for4012 him846 after2596 the3588 custom1480 of the3588 law,3551

28  Then2532 took he him up1209 846 846 in1519 his848 arms,43 and2532 blessed2127 God,2316 and2532 said,2036

29  Lord,1203 now3568 lettest thou thy4675 servant1401 depart630 in1722 peace,1515 according2596 to thy4675 word:4487

30  For3754 mine3450 eyes3778 have seen1492 thy4675 salvation,4992

31  Which3739 thou hast prepared2090 before2596 the face4383 of all3956 people;2992

32  A light5457 to1519 lighten602 the Gentiles,1484 and2532 the glory1391 of thy4675 people2992 Israel.2474

33  And2532 Joseph2501 and2532 his846 mother3384 marveled2258 2296 at1909 those things which were spoken2980 of4012 him.846

34  And2532 Simeon4826 blessed2127 them,846 and2532 said2036 unto4314 Mary3137 his846 mother,3384 Behold,2400 this3778 child is set2749 for1519 the fall4431 and2532 rising again386 of many4183 in1722 Israel;2474 and2532 for1519 a sign4592 which shall be spoken against;483

35  (Yea,1161 a846 sword4501 shall pierce through1330 thy own846 soul5590 also,)2532 that3704 the thoughts1261 of1537 many4183 hearts2588 may be revealed.601 302

36  And2532 there was2258 one Anna,451 a prophetess,4398 the daughter2364 of Phanuel,5323 of1537 the tribe5443 of Asher:768 she3778 was of a great age,4260 1722 4183 2250 and had lived2198 with3326 a husband435 seven2033 years2094 from575 her848 virginity;3932

37  And2532 she3778 was a widow5503 of about5613 fourscore and and four3589 5064 years,2094 which3739 departed868 not3756 from575 the3588 temple,2411 but served3000 God with fastings3521 and2532 prayers1162 night3571 and2532 day.2250

38  And2532 she3778 coming2186 in that instant846 5610 gave thanks437 likewise unto the3588 Lord,2962 and2532 spake2980 of4012 him846 to all3956 them that looked for4327 redemption3085 in1722 Jerusalem.2419

39  And2532 when5613 they had performed5055 all things537 according2596 to the3588 law3551 of the Lord,2962 they returned5290 into1519 Galilee,1056 to1519 their own848 city4172 Nazareth.3478

40  And1161 the3588 child3813 grew,837 and2532 waxed strong2901 in spirit,4151 filled4137 with wisdom:4678 and2532 the grace5485 of God2316 was2258 upon1909 him.846

41  Now2532 his846 parents1118 went4198 to1519 Jerusalem2419 every year2596 2094 at the3588 feast1859 of the3588 passover.3957

42  And2532 when3753 he was1096 twelve years old,1427 2094 they846 went up305 to1519 Jerusalem2414 after2596 the3588 custom1485 of the3588 feast.1859

43  And2532 when they had fulfilled5048 the3588 days,2250 as they846 returned,5290 the3588 child3816 Jesus2424 tarried behind5278 in1722 Jerusalem;2419 and2532 Joseph2501 and2532 his846 mother3384 knew1097 not3756 of it.

44  But1161 they, supposing3543 him846 to have been1511 in1722 the3588 company,4923 went2064 a day's2250 journey;3598 and2532 they sought327 him846 among1722 their kinsfolk4773 and2532 1722 acquaintance.1110

45  And2532 when they found2147 him846 not,3361 they turned back again5290 to1519 Jerusalem,2419 seeking2212 him.846

46  And2532 it came to pass,1096 that after3326 three5140 days2250 they found2147 him846 in1722 the3588 temple,2411 sitting2516 in1722 the midst3319 of the3588 doctors,1320 both2532 hearing191 them,846 and2532 asking them questions.1905 846

47  And1161 all3956 that heard191 him846 were astonished1839 at1909 his846 understanding4907 and2532 answers.612

48  And2532 when they saw1492 him,846 they were amazed:1605 and2532 his846 mother3384 said2036 unto4314 him,846 Son,5043 why5101 hast thou thus3779 dealt4160 with us?2254 behold,2400 thy4675 father3962 and I2504 have sought2212 thee4571 sorrowing.3600

49  And2532 he said2036 unto4314 them,846 How5101 is it that3754 ye sought2212 me?3165 wist1492 ye not3756 that3754 I3165 must1163 be1511 about1722 my3450 Father's business?3588 3962

50  And2532 they846 understood4920 not3756 the3588 saying4487 which3739 he spake2980 unto them.846

51  And2532 he went down2597 with3326 them,846 and2532 came2064 to1519 Nazareth,3478 and2532 was2258 subject unto5293 them:846 but2532 his846 mother3384 kept1301 all3956 these5023 sayings4487 in1722 her848 heart.2588

52  And2532 Jesus2424 increased4298 in wisdom4678 and2532 stature,2244 and2532 in favor5485 with3844 God2316 and2532 man.444

Luke 3

1  Now1161 in1722 the fifteenth4003 year2094 of the3588 reign2231 of Tiberius5086 Caesar,2541 Pontius4194 Pilate4091 being governor2230 of Judea,2449 and2532 Herod2264 being tetrarch5075 of Galilee,1056 and1161 his846 brother80 Philip5376 tetrarch5075 of Ituraea2484 and2532 of the region5561 of Trachonitis,5139 and2532 Lysanias3078 the tetrarch5075 of Abilene,9

2  Annas452 and2532 Caiaphas2533 being the high priests,1909 749 the word4487 of God2316 came1096 unto1909 John2491 the3588 son5207 of Zacharias2197 in2197 the3588 wilderness.2048

3  And2532 he came2064 into1519 all3956 the3588 country about4066 Jordan,2446 preaching2784 the baptism908 of repentance3341 for1519 the remission859 of sins;266

4  As5613 it is written1125 in1722 the book976 of the words3056 of Isaiah2268 the3588 prophet,4396 saying,3004 The voice5456 of one crying994 in1722 the3588 wilderness,2048 Prepare2090 ye the3588 way3598 of the Lord,2962 make4160 his846 paths5147 straight.2117

5  Every3956 valley5327 shall be filled,4137 and2532 every3956 mountain3735 and2532 hill1015 shall be brought low;5013 and2532 the3588 crooked4646 shall be made2071 straight,2117 and2532 the3588 rough ways5138 shall be1519 3598 made smooth;3006

6  And2532 all3956 flesh4561 shall see3700 the3588 salvation4992 of God.2316

7  Then3767 said3004 he to the multitude3793 that came forth1607 to be baptized907 of5259 him,846 O generation1081 of vipers,2191 who5101 hath warned5263 you5213 to flee5343 from575 the3588 wrath3709 to come?3195

8  Bring forth4160 therefore3767 fruits2590 worthy514 of repentance,3341 and2532 begin756 not3361 to say3004 within1722 yourselves,1438 We have2192 Abraham11 to our father:3962 for1063 I say3004 unto you,5213 That3754 God2316 is able1410 of1537 these5130 stones3037 to raise up1453 children5043 unto Abraham.11

9  And1161 now2235 also2532 the3588 axe513 is laid2749 unto4314 the3588 root4491 of the3588 trees:1186 every3956 tree1186 therefore3767 which bringeth not forth4160 3361 good2570 fruit2590 is hewn down,1581 and2532 cast906 into1519 the fire.4442

10  And2532 the3588 people3793 asked1905 him,846 saying,3004 What5101 shall we do4160 then?3767

11  He1161 answereth611 and saith3004 unto them,846 He that hath2192 two1417 coats,5509 let him impart3330 to him that hath2192 none;3361 and2532 he that hath2192 meat,1033 let him do4160 likewise.3668

12  Then1161 came2064 also2532 publicans5057 to be baptized,907 and2532 said2036 unto4314 him,846 Master,1320 what5101 shall we do?4160

13  And1161 he3588 said2036 unto4314 them,846 Exact4238 no3367 more4119 than3844 that which is appointed1299 you.5213

14  And1161 the soldiers4754 likewise2532 demanded1905 of him,846 saying,3004 And2532 what5101 shall we2248 do?4160 And2532 he said2036 unto4314 them,846 Do violence1286 to no man,3367 neither3366 accuse any falsely;4811 and2532 be content714 with your5216 wages.3800

15  And1161 as the3588 people2992 were in expectation,4328 and2532 all men3956 mused1260 in1722 their848 hearts2588 of4012 John,2491 whether he were the Christ, or not;3379 846 1498 3588 5547

16  John2491 answered,611 saying3004 unto them all,537 I1473 indeed3303 baptize907 you5209 with water;5204 but1161 one mightier2478 than I3450 cometh,2064 the3588 latchet2438 of whose3739 shoes5266 I am1510 not3756 worthy2425 to unloose:3089 he846 shall baptize907 you5209 with1722 the Holy40 Ghost4151 and2532 with fire:4442

17  Whose3739 fan4425 is in1722 his846 hand,5495 and2532 he will thoroughly purge1245 his848 floor,257 and2532 will gather4863 the3588 wheat4621 into1519 his848 garner;596 but1161 the3588 chaff892 he will burn2618 with fire4442 unquenchable.762

18  And2532 3767 3303 many4183 other things2087 in his exhortation3870 preached2097 he unto the3588 people.2992

19  But1161 Herod2264 the3588 tetrarch,5076 being reproved1651 by5259 him846 for4012 Herodias2266 his846 brother80 Philip's5376 wife,1135 and2532 for4012 all3956 the evils4190 which3739 Herod2264 had done,4160

20  Added4369 yet2532 this5124 above1909 all,3956 that2532 he shut up2623 John2491 in1722 prison.5438

21  Now1161 when all537 the3588 people2992 were baptized,907 it came to pass,1096 that Jesus2424 also2532 being baptized,907 and2532 praying,4336 the3588 heaven3772 was opened,455

22  And2532 the3588 Holy40 Ghost4151 descended2597 in a bodily4984 shape1491 like5616 a dove4058 upon1909 him,846 and2532 a voice5456 came1096 from1537 heaven,3772 which said,3004 Thou4771 art1488 my3450 beloved27 Son;5207 in1722 thee4671 I am well pleased.2106

23  And2532 Jesus2424 himself846 began756 to be2258 about5616 thirty years of age5144 2094 being5607 (as5613 was supposed)3543 the3588 son5207 of Joseph,2501 which was the son of Heli,2242

24  Which was the son of Matthat,3158 which was the son of Levi,3017 which was the son of Melchi,3197 which was the son of Janna,2388 which was the son of Joseph,2501

25  Which was the son of Mattathias,3161 which was the son of Amos,301 which was the son of Naum,3486 which was the son of Esli,2069 which was the son of Nagge,3477

26  Which was the son of Maath,3092 which was the son of Mattathias,3161 which was the son of Semei,4584 which was the son of Joseph,2501 which was the son of Judah,2455

27  Which was the son of Joanna,2490 which was the son of Rhesa,4488 which was the son of Zorobabel,2216 which was the son of Shealtiel,4528 which was the son of Neri,3518

28  Which was the son of Melchi,3197 which was the son of Addi,78 which was the son of Cosam,2973 which was the son of Elmodam,1678 which was the son of Er,2262

29  Which was the son of Jose,2499 which was the son of Eliezer,1663 which was the son of Jorim,2497 which was the son of Matthat,3158 which was the son of Levi,3017

30  Which was the son of Simeon,4826 which was the son of Judah,2455 which was the son of Joseph,2501 which was the son of Jonan,2494 which was the son of Eliakim,1662

31  Which was the son of Melea,3190 which was the son of Menan,3104 which was the son of Mattatha,3160 which was the son of Nathan,3481 which was the son of David,1138

32  Which was the son of Jesse,2421 which was the son of Obed,5601 which was the son of Boaz,1003 which was the son of Salmon,4533 which was the son of Naasson,3476

33  Which was the son of Aminadab,284 which was the son of Aram,689 which was the son of Esrom,2074 which was the son of Phares,5329 which was the son of Judah,2455

34  Which was the son of Jacob,2384 which was the son of Isaac,2464 which was the son of Abraham,11 which was the son of Terah,2291 which was the son of Nahor,3493

35  Which was the son of Serug,4562 which was the son of Reu,4466 which was the son of Phalec,5317 which was the son of Heber,1443 which was the son of Sala,4527

36  Which was the son of Cainan,2536 which was the son of Arphaxad,742 which was the son of Shem,4590 which was the son of Noah,3575 which was the son of Lamech,2984

37  Which was the son of Methuselah,3103 which was the son of Enoch,1802 which was the son of Jared,2391 which was the son of Maleleel,3121 which was the son of Cainan,2536

38  Which was the son of Enos,1800 which was the son of Seth,4589 which was the son of Adam,76 which was the son of God.2316

Luke 4

1  And1161 Jesus2424 being full4134 of the Holy40 Ghost4151 returned5290 from575 Jordan,2446 and2532 was led71 by1722 the3588 Spirit4151 into1519 the3588 wilderness,2048

2  Being forty5062 days2250 tempted3985 of5259 the3588 devil.1228 And2532 in1722 those1565 days2250 he did3756 eat5315 nothing:3762 and2532 when they846 were ended,4931 he afterward5305 hungered.3983

3  And2532 the3588 devil1228 said2036 unto him,846 If1487 thou be1488 the Son5207 of God,2316 command2036 this5129 stone3037 that2443 it be made1096 bread.740

4  And2532 Jesus2424 answered611 4314 him,846 saying,3004 It is written,1125 That3754 man444 shall not3756 live2198 by1909 bread740 alone,3441 but235 by1909 every3956 word4487 of God.2316

5  And2532 the3588 devil,1228 taking him up321 846 into1519 a high5308 mountain,3735 showed1166 unto him846 all3956 the3588 kingdoms932 of the3588 world3625 in1722 a moment4743 of time.5550

6  And2532 the3588 devil1228 said2036 unto him,846 All537 this5026 power1849 will I give1325 thee,4671 and2532 the3588 glory1391 of them:846 for3754 that is delivered3860 unto me;1698 and2532 to whomsoever3739 1437 I will2309 I give1325 it.846

7  If1437 thou4771 therefore3767 wilt worship4352 me,3450 all3956 shall be2071 thine.4675

8  And2532 Jesus2424 answered611 and said2036 unto him,846 Get5217 thee behind3694 me,3450 Satan:4567 for1063 it is written,1125 Thou shalt worship4352 the Lord2962 thy4675 God,2316 and2532 him846 only3441 shalt thou serve.3000

9  And2532 he brought71 him846 to1519 Jerusalem,2419 and2532 set2476 him846 on1909 a pinnacle4419 of the3588 temple,2411 and2532 said2036 unto him,846 If1487 thou be1488 the Son5207 of God,2316 cast906 thyself4572 down2736 from hence:1782

10  For1063 it is written,1125 He shall give his angels charge1781 848 32 over4012 thee,4675 to keep1314 thee:4571

11  And2532 in1909 their hands5495 they shall bear thee up,142 4571 lest at any time3379 thou dash4350 thy4675 foot4228 against4314 a stone.3037

12  And2532 Jesus2424 answering611 said2036 unto him,846 It is said,2046 Thou shalt not3756 tempt1598 the Lord2962 thy4675 God.2316

13  And2532 when the3588 devil1228 had ended4931 all3956 the temptation,3986 he departed868 from575 him846 for a season.891 2540

14  And2532 Jesus2424 returned5290 in1722 the3588 power1411 of the3588 Spirit4151 into1519 Galilee:1056 and2532 there went out1831 a fame5345 of4012 him846 through2596 all3650 the3588 region round about.4066

15  And2532 he846 taught1321 in1722 their846 synagogues,4864 being glorified1392 of5259 all.3956

16  And2532 he came2064 to1519 Nazareth,3478 where3757 he had been2258 brought up:5142 and,2532 as2596 his846 custom1486 was, he went1525 into1519 the3588 synagogue4864 on1722 the3588 sabbath4521 day,2250 and2532 stood up450 for to read.314

17  And2532 there was delivered1929 unto him846 the book975 of the3588 prophet4396 Isaiah.2268 And2532 when he had opened380 the3588 book,975 he found2147 the3588 place5117 where3757 it was2258 written,1125

18  The Spirit4151 of the Lord2962 is upon1909 me,1691 because3739 1752 he hath anointed5548 me3165 to preach the gospel2097 to the poor;4434 he hath sent649 me3165 to heal2390 the3588 brokenhearted,4937 2588 to preach2784 deliverance859 to the captives,164 and2532 recovering of sight309 to the blind,5185 to set649 at1722 liberty859 them that are bruised,2352

19  To preach2784 the acceptable1184 year1763 of the Lord.2962

20  And2532 he closed4428 the3588 book,975 and he gave it again591 to the3588 minister,5257 and sat down.2523 And2532 the3588 eyes3788 of all3956 them that were in1722 the3588 synagogue4864 were2258 fastened on816 him.846

21  And1161 he began756 to say3004 unto4314 them,846 This day4594 is this3778 Scripture1124 fulfilled4137 in1722 your5216 ears.3775

22  And2532 all3956 bare him witness,3140 846 and2532 wondered2296 at1909 the3588 gracious5485 words3056 which proceeded1607 out of1537 his846 mouth.4750 And2532 they said,3004 Is2076 not3756 this3778 Joseph's2501 son?5207

23  And2532 he said2036 unto4314 them,846 Ye will surely3843 say2046 unto me3427 this5026 proverb,3850 Physician,2395 heal2323 thyself:4572 whatsoever3745 we have heard191 done1096 in1722 Capernaum,2584 do4160 also2532 here5602 in1722 thy4675 country.3968

24  And1161 he said,2036 Verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 No3762 prophet4396 is2076 accepted1184 in1722 his own848 country,3968

25  But1161 I tell3004 you5213 of1909 a truth,225 many4183 widows5503 were2258 in1722 Israel2474 in1722 the3588 days2250 of Elijah,2243 when3753 the3588 heaven3772 was shut up2808 three5140 years2094 and2532 six1803 months,3376 when5613 great3173 famine3042 was1096 throughout1909 all3956 the3588 land;1093

26  But2532 unto4314 none3762 of them846 was Elijah2243 sent,3992 save1508 unto1519 Sarepta,4558 a city of Sidon,4605 unto4314 a woman1135 that was a widow.5503

27  And2532 many4183 lepers3015 were2258 in1722 Israel2474 in the time1909 of Elisha1666 the3588 prophet;4396 and2532 none3762 of them846 was cleansed,2511 saving1508 Naaman3497 the3588 Syrian.4948

28  And2532 all3956 they in1722 the3588 synagogue,4864 when they heard191 these things,5023 were filled4130 with wrath,2372

29  And2532 rose up,450 and thrust1544 him846 out1854 of the3588 city,4172 and2532 led71 him846 unto2193 the3588 brow3790 of the3588 hill3735 whereon1909 3739 their846 city4172 was built,3618 that they might cast him down headlong.2630 846

30  But1161 he846 passing1330 through1223 the midst3319 of them846 went his way,4198

31  And2532 came down2718 to1519 Capernaum,2584 a city4172 of Galilee,1056 and2532 taught2258 1321 them846 on1722 the3588 sabbath days.4521

32  And2532 they were astonished1605 at1909 his846 doctrine:1322 for3754 his846 word3056 was2258 with1722 power.1849

33  And2532 in1722 the3588 synagogue4864 there was2258 a man,444 which had2192 a spirit4151 of an unclean169 devil,1140 and2532 cried out349 with a loud3173 voice,5456

34  Saying,3004 Let us alone;1436 what have we to do with thee,5101 2254 2532 4671 thou Jesus2424 of Nazareth?3479 art thou come2064 to destroy622 us?2248 I know1492 thee4571 who5101 thou art;1488 the3588 Holy One40 of God.2316

35  And2532 Jesus2424 rebuked2008 him,846 saying,3004 Hold thy peace,5392 and2532 come1831 out of1537 him.846 And2532 when the3588 devil1140 had thrown4496 him846 in1519 the3588 midst,3319 he came1831 out of575 him,846 and2532 hurt984 him846 not.3367

36  And2532 they were1909 all3956 amazed,2285 1096 and2532 spake4814 among4314 themselves,240 saying,3004 What5101 a word3056 is this!3778 for3754 with1722 authority1849 and2532 power1411 he commandeth2004 the3588 unclean169 spirits,4151 and2532 they come out.1831

37  And2532 the fame2279 of4012 him846 went out1607 into1519 every3956 place5117 of the3588 country round about.4066

38  And1161 he arose450 out of1537 the3588 synagogue,4864 and entered1525 into1519 Simon's4613 house.3614 And1161 Simon's4613 wife's mother3994 was2258 taken with4912 a great3173 fever;4446 and2532 they besought2065 him846 for4012 her.846

39  And2532 he stood2186 over1883 her,846 and rebuked2008 the3588 fever;4446 and2532 it left863 her:846 and1161 immediately3916 she arose450 and ministered1247 unto them.846

40  Now1161 when the3588 sun2246 was setting,1416 all3956 they3745 that had2192 any sick770 with divers4164 diseases3554 brought71 them846 unto4314 him;846 and1161 he3588 laid his hands on2007 5495 every1538 one1520 of them,846 and healed2323 them.846

41  And1161 devils1140 also2532 came1831 out of575 many,4183 crying out,2896 and2532 saying,3004 Thou4771 art1488 Christ5547 the3588 Son5207 of God.2316 And2532 he rebuking2008 them suffered1439 them846 not3756 to speak:2980 for3754 they knew1492 that he846 was1511 Christ.5547

42  And1161 when it was1096 day,2250 he departed1831 and went4198 into1519 a desert2048 place:5117 and2532 the3588 people3793 sought2212 him,846 and2532 came2064 unto2193 him,846 and2532 stayed2722 him,846 that he should not3361 depart4198 from575 them.846

43  And1161 he3588 said2036 unto4314 them,846 I3165 must1163 preach2097 the3588 kingdom932 of God2316 to other2087 cities4172 also:2532 for3754 therefore1519 5124 am I sent.649

44  And2532 he preached2258 2784 in1722 the3588 synagogues4864 of Galilee.1056

Luke 5

1  And1161 it came to pass,1096 that, as the3588 people3793 pressed upon1945 him846 to hear191 the3588 word3056 of God,2316 2532 he846 stood2258 2476 by3844 the3588 lake3041 of Gennesaret,1082

2  And2532 saw1492 two1417 ships4143 standing2476 by3844 the3588 lake:3041 but1161 the3588 fishermen231 were gone576 out of576 them,846 and were washing637 their nets.1350

3  And1161 he entered1684 into1519 one1520 of the3588 ships,4143 which3739 was2258 Simon's,4613 and prayed2065 him846 that he would thrust out1877 a little3641 from575 the3588 land.1093 And2532 he sat down,2523 and taught1321 the3588 people3793 out of1537 the3588 ship.4143

4  Now1161 when5613 he had left3973 speaking,2980 he said2036 unto4314 Simon,4613 Launch out1877 into1519 the3588 deep,899 and2532 let down5465 your5216 nets1350 for1519 a draught.61

5  And2532 Simon4613 answering611 said2036 unto him,846 Master,1988 we have toiled2872 1223 all3650 the3588 night,3571 and have taken2983 nothing:3762 nevertheless1161 at1909 thy4675 word4487 I will let down5465 the3588 net.1350

6  And2532 when they had this5124 done,4160 they enclosed4788 a great4183 multitude4128 of fishes:2486 and1161 their846 net1350 broke.1284

7  And2532 they beckoned2656 unto their partners,3353 which3588 were in1722 the3588 other2087 ship,4143 that they should come2064 and help4815 them.846 And2532 they came,2064 and2532 filled4130 both297 the3588 ships,4143 so that5620 they846 began to sink.1036

8  When1161 Simon4613 Peter4074 saw1492 it, he fell down4363 at Jesus'2424 knees,1119 saying,3004 Depart1831 from575 me;1700 for3754 I am1510 a sinful268 man,435 O Lord.2962

9  For1063 he846 was astonished,2285 4023 and2532 all3956 that3588 were with4862 him,846 at1909 the3588 draught61 of the3588 fishes2486 which3739 they had taken:4815

10  And1161 so3668 was also2532 James,2385 and2532 John,2491 the sons5207 of Zebedee,2199 which3739 were2258 partners2844 with Simon.4613 And2532 Jesus2424 said2036 unto4314 Simon,4613 Fear5399 not;3361 from575 henceforth3568 thou shalt2071 catch2221 men.444

11  And2532 when they had brought2609 their ships4143 to1909 land,1093 they forsook863 all,537 and followed190 him.846

12  And2532 it came to pass,1096 when he846 was1511 in1722 a certain3391 city,4172 2532 behold2400 a man435 full4134 of leprosy:3014 who2532 seeing1492 Jesus2424 fell4098 on1909 his face,4383 and besought1189 him,846 saying,3004 Lord,2962 if1437 thou wilt,2309 thou canst1410 make me clean.2511 3165

13  And2532 he put forth1614 his hand,5495 and touched680 him,846 saying,2036 I will:2309 be thou clean.2511 And2532 immediately2112 the3588 leprosy3014 departed565 from575 him.846

14  And2532 he846 charged3853 him846 to tell2036 no man:3367 but235 go,565 and show1166 thyself4572 to the3588 priest,2409 and2532 offer4374 for4012 thy4675 cleansing,2512 according as2531 Moses3475 commanded,4367 for1519 a testimony3142 unto them.846

15  But1161 so much the more3123 went there a fame abroad1330 3056 of4012 him:846 and2532 great4183 multitudes3793 came together4905 to hear,191 and2532 to be healed2323 by5259 him846 of575 their848 infirmities.769

16  And1161 he846 withdrew2258 5298 himself into1722 the3588 wilderness,2048 and2532 prayed.4336

17  And2532 it came to pass1096 on1722 a certain3391 day,2250 as2532 he846 was2258 teaching,1321 that2532 there were2258 Pharisees5330 and2532 doctors of the law3547 sitting by,2521 which3739 were2258 come2064 out of1537 every3956 town2968 of Galilee,1056 and2532 Judea,2449 and2532 Jerusalem:2419 and2532 the power1411 of the Lord2962 was2258 present to heal2390 them.846

18  And,2532 behold,2400 men435 brought5342 in1909 a bed2825 a man444 which3739 was2258 taken with a palsy:3886 and2532 they sought2212 means to bring him in,1533 846 and2532 to lay5087 him before1799 him.846

19  And2532 when they could not3361 find2147 by1223 what4169 way they might bring him in1533 846 because of1223 the3588 multitude,3793 they went305 upon1909 the3588 housetop,1430 and2532 let him down2524 846 through1223 the3588 tiling2766 with4862 his couch2826 into1519 the3588 midst3319 before1715 Jesus.2424

20  And2532 when he saw1492 their846 faith,4102 he said2036 unto him,846 Man,444 thy4675 sins266 are forgiven863 thee.4671

21  And2532 the3588 scribes1122 and2532 the3588 Pharisees5330 began756 to reason,1260 saying,3004 Who5101 is2076 this3778 which3739 speaketh2980 blasphemies?988 Who5101 can1410 forgive863 sins,266 but1508 God2316 alone?3441

22  But1161 when Jesus2424 perceived1921 their846 thoughts,1261 he answering611 said2036 unto4314 them,846 What5101 reason1260 ye in1722 your5216 hearts?2588

23  Whether5101 is2076 easier,2123 to say,2036 Thy4675 sins266 be forgiven863 thee;4671 or2228 to say,2036 Rise up1453 and2532 walk?4043

24  But1161 that2443 ye may know1492 that3754 the3588 Son5207 of man444 hath2192 power1849 upon1909 earth1093 to forgive863 sins,266 (he said2036 unto the3588 sick of the palsy,)3886 I say3004 unto thee,4671 Arise,1453 and2532 take up142 thy4675 couch,2826 and2532 go4198 into1519 thine4675 house.3624

25  And2532 immediately3916 he rose up450 before1799 them,846 and took up142 that whereon1909 3739 he lay,2621 and departed565 to1519 his own848 house,3624 glorifying1392 God.2316

26  And2532 they were all amazed,1611 2983 537 and2532 they glorified1392 God,2316 and2532 were filled4130 with fear,5401 saying,3004 We have seen1492 strange things3861 today.4594

27  And2532 after3326 these things5023 he went forth,1831 and2532 saw2300 a publican,5057 named3686 Levi,3018 sitting2521 at1909 the3588 receipt of custom:5058 and2532 he said2036 unto him,846 Follow190 me.3427

28  And2532 he left2641 all,537 rose up,450 and followed190 him.846

29  And2532 Levi3018 made4160 him846 a great3173 feast1403 in1722 his own848 house:3614 and2532 there was2258 a great4183 company3793 of publicans5057 and2532 of others243 that3739 sat down2258 2621 with3326 them.846

30  But2532 their846 scribes1122 and2532 Pharisees5330 murmured1111 against4314 his846 disciples,3101 saying,3004 Why1302 do ye eat2068 and2532 drink4095 with3326 publicans5057 and2532 sinners?268

31  And2532 Jesus2424 answering611 said2036 unto4314 them,846 They that are whole5198 need2192 5532 not3756 a physician:2395 but235 they that are sick2192 2560

32  I came2064 not3756 to call2564 the righteous,1342 but235 sinners268 to1519 repentance.3341

33  And1161 they3588 said2036 unto4314 him,846 Why1302 do the3588 disciples3101 of John2491 fast3522 often,4437 and2532 make4160 prayers,1162 and2532 likewise3668 the disciples3588 of the3588 Pharisees;5330 but1161 thine4674 eat2068 and2532 drink?4095

34  And1161 he3588 said2036 unto4314 them,846 Can1410 ye3361 make4160 the3588 children5207 of the3588 bridechamber3567 fast,3522 while1722 3739 the3588 bridegroom3566 is2076 with3326 them?846

35  But1161 the days2250 will come,2064 2532 when3752 the3588 bridegroom3566 shall be taken away522 from575 them,846 and then5119 shall they fast3522 in1722 those1565 days.2250

36  And1161 he spake3004 also2532 a parable3850 unto4314 them;846 No man3762 putteth1911 a piece1915 of a new2537 garment2440 upon1909 an old;3820 if otherwise,1490 then both2532 the3588 new2537 maketh a rent,4977 and2532 the3588 piece1915 that3588 was taken out of575 the3588 new2537 agreeth4856 not3756 with the3588 old.3820

37  And2532 no man3762 putteth906 new3501 wine3631 into1519 old3820 bottles;779 else1490 the3588 new3501 wine3631 will burst4486 the3588 bottles,779 and2532 be846 spilled,1632 and2532 the3588 bottles779 shall perish.622

38  But235 new3501 wine3631 must be put992 into1519 new2537 bottles;779 and2532 both297 are preserved.4933

39  No man3762 also2532 having drunk4095 old3820 wine straightway2112 desireth2309 new:3501 for1063 he saith,3004 The3588 old3820 is2076 better.5543

Luke 6

1  And1161 it came to pass1096 on1722 the second sabbath after the first,1207 4521 that he846 went1279 through1223 the3588 corn fields;4702 and2532 his846 disciples3101 plucked5089 the3588 ears of corn,4719 and2532 did eat,2068 rubbing5597 them in their hands.5495

2  And1161 certain5100 of the3588 Pharisees5330 said2036 unto them,846 Why5101 do4160 ye that which3739 is not lawful1832 3756 to do4160 on1722 the3588 sabbath days4521

3  And2532 Jesus2424 answering611 4314 them846 said,2036 Have ye not read so much as3761 314 this,5124 what3739 David1138 did,4160 when3698 himself846 was hungry,3983 and2532 they which were5607 with3326 him;846

4  How5613 he went1525 into1519 the3588 house3624 of God,2316 and2532 did take2983 and2532 eat5315 the3588 shewbread,740 4286 and2532 gave1325 also2532 to them3588 that were with3326 him;846 which3739 it is not lawful1832 3756 to eat5315 but1508 for the3588 priests2409 alone?3441

5  And2532 he said3004 unto them,846 That3754 the3588 Son5207 of man444 is2076 Lord2962 also2532 of the3588 sabbath.4521

6  And1161 it came to pass1096 also2532 on1722 another2087 sabbath,4521 that he846 entered1525 into1519 the3588 synagogue4864 and2532 taught:1321 and2532 there1563 was2258 a man444 2532 whose846 right1188 hand5495 was2258 withered.3584

7  And1161 the3588 scribes1122 and2532 Pharisees5330 watched3906 him,846 whether1487 he would heal2323 on1722 the3588 sabbath day;4521 that2443 they might find2147 an accusation2724 against him.846

8  But1161 he846 knew1492 their846 thoughts,1261 and2532 said2036 to the3588 man444 which had2192 the withered3584 hand,5495 Rise up,1453 and2532 stand forth2476 in1519 the3588 midst.3319 And1161 he3588 arose450 and stood forth.2476

9  Then3767 said2036 Jesus2424 unto4314 them,846 I will ask1905 you5209 one thing;5101 Is it lawful1832 on the3588 sabbath days4521 to do good,15 or2228 to do evil?2554 to save4982 life,5590 or2228 to destroy622 it?

10  And2532 looking round about upon4017 them846 all,3956 he said2036 unto the3588 man,444 Stretch forth1614 thy4675 hand.5495 And1161 he3588 did4160 so:3779 and2532 his846 hand5495 was restored600 whole5199 as5613 the3588 other.243

11  And1161 they846 were filled4130 with madness;454 and2532 communed1255 one with another240 4314 what5101 they might do4160 302 to Jesus.2424

12  And1161 it came to pass1096 in1722 those5025 days,2250 that he went out1831 into1519 a mountain3735 to pray,4336 and2532 continued all night2258 1273 in1722 prayer4335 to God.2316

13  And2532 when3753 it was1096 day,2250 he called4377 unto him his848 disciples:3101 and2532 of575 them846 he chose1586 twelve,1427 whom3739 also2532 he named3687 apostles;652

14  Simon,4613 (whom3739 he also2532 named3687 Peter,)4074 and2532 Andrew406 his846 brother,80 James2385 and2532 John,2491 Philip5376 and2532 Bartholomew,918

15  Matthew3156 and2532 Thomas,2381 James2385 the3588 son of Alphaeus,256 and2532 Simon4613 called2564 Zelotes,2208

16  And Judas2455 the brother of James,2385 and2532 Judas2455 Iscariot,2469 which3739 also2532 was1096 the traitor.4273

17  And2532 he came down2597 with3326 them,846 and stood2476 in1909 the plain,3977 5117 and2532 the company3793 of his846 disciples,3101 and2532 a great4183 multitude4128 of people2992 out of575 all3956 Judea2449 and2532 Jerusalem,2419 and2532 from the3588 sea coast3882 of Tyre5184 and2532 Sidon,4605 which3739 came2064 to hear191 him,846 and2532 to be healed2390 of575 their848 diseases;3554

18  And2532 they that were vexed3791 with5259 unclean169 spirits:4151 and2532 they were healed.2323

19  And2532 the3588 whole3956 multitude3793 sought2212 to touch680 him:846 for3754 there went virtue out1831 1411 of3844 him,846 and2532 healed2390 them all.3956

20  And2532 he846 lifted up1869 his848 eyes3788 on1519 his846 disciples,3101 and said,3004 Blessed3107 be ye poor:4434 for3754 yours5212 is2076 the3588 kingdom932 of God.2316

21  Blessed3107 are ye that hunger3983 now:3568 for3754 ye shall be filled.5526 Blessed3107 are ye that weep2799 now:3568 for3754 ye shall laugh.1070

22  Blessed3107 are2075 ye, when3752 men444 shall hate3404 you,5209 and2532 when3752 they shall separate873 you5209 from their company, and2532 shall reproach3679 you, and2532 cast out1544 your5216 name3686 as5613 evil,4190 for the Son of man's sake.1752 3588 5207 444

23  Rejoice5463 ye in1722 that1565 day,2250 and2532 leap for joy:4640 for,1063 behold,2400 your5216 reward3408 is great4183 in1722 heaven:3772 for1063 in the like manner2596 5024 did4160 their846 fathers3962 unto the3588 prophets.4396

24  But4133 woe3759 unto you5213 that are rich!4145 for3754 ye have received568 your5216 consolation.3874

25  Woe3759 unto you5213 that are full1705 for3754 ye shall hunger.3983 Woe3759 unto you5213 that laugh1070 now!3568 for3754 ye shall mourn3996 and2532 weep.2799

26  Woe3759 unto you,5213 when3752 all3956 men444 shall speak2036 well2573 of you!5209 for1063 so2596 5024 did4160 their846 fathers3962 to the3588 false prophets.5578

27  But235 I say3004 unto you5213 which hear,191 Love25 your5216 enemies,2190 do4160 good2573 to them which hate3404 you,5209

28  Bless2127 them that curse2672 you,5213 and2532 pray4336 for5228 them which despitefully use1908 you.5209

29  And unto him that smiteth5180 thee4571 on1909 the3588 one cheek4600 offer3930 also2532 the3588 other;243 and2532 him that taketh away142 thy4675 cloak2440 forbid2967 not3361 to take thy coat5509 also.2532

30  1161 Give1325 to every man3956 that asketh154 of thee;4571 and2532 of575 him that taketh away142 thy goods4674 ask them not again.523 3361

31  And2532 as2531 ye would2309 that2443 men444 should do4160 to you,5213 do4160 ye5210 also2532 to them846 likewise.3668

32  For2532 if1487 ye love25 them which love25 you,5209 what4169 thank5485 have2076 ye?5213 for1063 sinners268 also2532 love25 those that love25 them.846

33  And2532 if1437 ye do good15 to them which do good15 to you,5209 what4169 thank5485 have2076 ye?5213 for1063 sinners268 also2532 do4160 even2532 the3588 same.846

34  And2532 if1437 ye lend1155 to them of3844 whom3739 ye hope1679 to receive,618 what4169 thank5485 have2076 ye?5213 for1063 sinners268 also2532 lend1155 to sinners,268 to2443 receive618 as much again.2470

35  But4133 love25 ye your5216 enemies,2190 and2532 do good,15 and2532 lend,1155 hoping for nothing again;560 3367 and2532 your5216 reward3408 shall be2071 great,4183 and2532 ye shall be2071 the children5207 of the3588 Highest:5310 for3754 he846 is2076 kind5543 unto1909 the3588 unthankful884 and2532 to the evil.4190

36  Be1096 ye therefore3767 merciful,3629 as2531 your5216 Father3962 also2532 is2076 merciful.3629

37  Judge2919 not,3361 and2532 ye shall not3364 be judged:2919 condemn2613 not,3361 and2532 ye shall not3364 be condemned:2613 forgive,630 and2532 ye shall be forgiven:630

38  Give,1325 and2532 it shall be given1325 unto you,5213 good2570 measure,3358 pressed down,4085 and2532 shaken together,4531 and2532 running over,5240 shall men give1325 into1519 your5216 bosom.2859 For1063 with the3588 same846 measure3358 that3739 ye mete3354 withal it shall be measured to you again.488 5213

39  And1161 he spake2036 a parable3850 unto them,846 Can1410 3385 the blind5185 lead3594 the blind?5185 shall they not3780 both297 fall4098 into1519 the ditch?999

40  The disciple3101 is2076 not3756 above5228 his848 master:1320 but1161 every one3956 that is perfect2675 shall be2071 as5613 his846 master.1320

41  And1161 why5101 beholdest991 thou the3588 mote2595 that3588 is in1722 thy4675 brother's80 eye,3788 but1161 perceivest2657 not3756 the3588 beam1385 that3588 is in1722 thine own2398 eye?3788

42  Either2228 how4459 canst1410 thou say3004 to thy4675 brother,80 Brother,80 let863 me pull out1544 the3588 mote2595 that3588 is in1722 thine4675 eye,3788 when thou thyself846 beholdest991 not3756 the3588 beam1385 that3588 is in1722 thine own4675 eye?3788 Thou hypocrite,5273 cast out1544 first4412 the3588 beam1385 out of1537 thine own4675 eye,3788 and2532 then5119 shalt thou see clearly1227 to pull out1544 the3588 mote2595 that3588 is in1722 thy4675 brother's80 eye.3788

43  For1063 a good2570 tree1186 bringeth not forth2076 3756 4160 corrupt4550 fruit;2590 neither3761 doth a corrupt4550 tree1186 bring forth4160 good2570 fruit.2590

44  For1063 every1538 tree1186 is known1097 by1537 his own2398 fruit.2590 For1063 of1537 thorns173 men do not3756 gather4816 figs,4810 nor3761 of1537 a bramble bush942 gather5166 they grapes.4718

45  A good18 man444 out1537 of the3588 good18 treasure2344 of his848 heart2588 bringeth forth4393 that which is good;18 and2532 an evil4190 man444 out1537 of the3588 evil4190 treasure2344 of his848 heart2588 bringeth forth4393 that which is evil:4190 for1063 of1537 the3588 abundance4051 of the3588 heart2588 his846 mouth4750 speaketh.2980

46  And1161 why5101 call2564 ye me,3165 Lord,2962 Lord,2962 and2532 do4160 not3756 the things which3739 I say?3004

47  Whosoever3956 cometh2064 to4314 me,3165 and2532 heareth191 my3450 sayings,3056 and2532 doeth4160 them,846 I will show5263 you5213 to whom5101 he is2076 like:3664

48  He is2076 like3664 a man444 which built3618 a house,3614 and3739 digged4626 deep,900 and2532 laid5087 the foundation2310 on1909 a rock:4073 and1161 when the flood4132 arose,1096 the3588 stream4215 beat vehemently upon4366 that1565 house,3614 and2532 could2480 not3756 shake4531 it:846 for1063 it was founded2311 upon1909 a rock.4073

49  But1161 he that heareth,191 and2532 doeth4160 not,3361 is2076 like3664 a man444 that without5565 a foundation2310 built3618 a house3614 upon1909 the3588 earth;1093 against which the stream did beat vehemently,4366 3739 3588 4215 and2532 immediately2112 it fell;4098 and2532 the3588 ruin4485 of that1565 house3614 was1096 great.3173

Luke 7

1  Now1161 when1893 he had ended4137 all3956 his848 sayings4487 in1519 the3588 audience189 of the3588 people,2992 he entered1525 into1519 Capernaum.2584

2  And1161 a certain5100 centurion's1543 servant,1401 who3739 was2258 dear1784 unto him,846 was sick,2192 2560 and ready3195 to die.5053

3  And1161 when he heard191 of4012 Jesus,2424 he sent649 unto4314 him846 the elders4245 of the3588 Jews,2453 beseeching2065 him846 that3704 he would come2064 and2532 heal1295 his846 servant.1401

4  And1161 when they3588 came3854 to4314 Jesus,2424 they besought3870 him846 instantly,4709 saying,3004 That3754 he was2076 worthy514 for whom3739 he should do3930 this:5124

5  For1063 he loveth25 our2257 nation,1484 and2532 he846 hath built3618 us2254 a synagogue.4864

6  Then1161 Jesus2424 went4198 with4862 them.846 And1161 when he846 was568 now2235 not3756 far3112 from575 the3588 house,3614 the3588 centurion1543 sent3992 friends5384 to4314 him,846 saying3004 unto him,846 Lord,2962 trouble4660 not3361 thyself: for1063 I am1510 not3756 worthy2425 that2443 thou shouldest enter1525 under5259 my3450 roof:4721

7  Wherefore1352 neither3761 thought I myself worthy515 1683 to come2064 unto4314 thee:4571 but235 say2036 in a word,3056 and2532 my3450 servant3816 shall be healed.2390

8  For1063 I1473 also2532 am1510 a man444 set5021 under5259 authority,1849 having2192 under5259 me1683 soldiers,4757 and2532 I say3004 unto one,5129 Go,4198 and2532 he goeth;4198 and2532 to another,243 Come,2064 and2532 he cometh;2064 and2532 to my3450 servant,1401 Do4160 this,5124 and2532 he doeth4160 it.

9  When1161 Jesus2424 heard191 these things,5023 he marveled2296 at him,846 and2532 turned him about,4762 and said2036 unto the3588 people3793 that followed190 him,846 I say3004 unto you,5213 I have not found2147 so great5118 faith,4102 no, not3761 in1722 Israel.2474

10  And2532 they that were sent,3992 returning5290 to1519 the3588 house,3624 found2147 the3588 servant1401 whole5198 that had been sick.770

11  And2532 it came to pass1096 the3588 day after,1836 that he went4198 into1519 a city4172 called2564 Nain;3484 and2532 many2425 of his846 disciples3101 went with4848 him,846 and2532 much4183 people.3793

12  Now1161 when5613 he came nigh1448 to the3588 gate4439 of the3588 city,4172 2532 behold,2400 there was a dead man2348 carried out,1580 the only3439 son5207 of his848 mother,3384 and2532 she3778 was2258 a widow:5503 and2532 much2425 people3793 of the3588 city4172 was2258 with4862 her.846

13  And2532 when the3588 Lord2962 saw1492 her,846 he had compassion4697 on1909 her,846 and2532 said2036 unto her,846 Weep2799 not.3361

14  And2532 he came4334 and touched680 the3588 bier:4673 and1161 they that bare941 him stood still.2476 And2532 he said,2036 Young man,3495 I say3004 unto thee,4671 Arise.1453

15  And2532 he that was dead3498 sat up,339 and2532 began756 to speak.2980 And2532 he delivered1325 him846 to his846 mother.3384

16  And1161 there came a fear5401 2983 on all:537 and2532 they glorified1392 God,2316 saying,3004 That3754 a great3173 prophet4396 is risen up1453 among1722 us;2254 and,2532 That3754 God2316 hath visited1980 his848 people.2992

17  And2532 this3778 rumor3056 of4012 him846 went forth1831 throughout1722 all3650 Judea,2449 and2532 throughout1722 all3956 the3588 region round about.4066

18  And2532 the3588 disciples3101 of John2491 showed518 him846 of4012 all3956 these things.5130

19  And2532 John2491 calling4341 unto him5100 two1417 of his848 disciples3101 sent3992 them to4314 Jesus,2424 saying,3004 Art1488 thou4771 he that should come2064 or2228 look we for4328 another?243

20  When1161 the3588 men435 were come3854 unto4314 him,846 they said,2036 John2491 Baptist910 hath sent649 us2248 unto4314 thee,4571 saying,3004 Art1488 thou4771 he that should come2064 or2228 look we for4328 another?243

21  And1161 in1722 that same846 hour5610 he cured2323 many4183 of575 their infirmities3554 and2532 plagues,3148 and2532 of evil4190 spirits;4151 and2532 unto many4183 that were blind5185 he gave5483 sight.991

22  Then2532 Jesus2424 answering611 said2036 unto them,846 Go your way,4198 and tell518 John2491 what things3739 ye have seen1492 and2532 heard;191 how that3754 the blind5185 see,308 the lame5560 walk,4043 the lepers3015 are cleansed,2511 the deaf2974 hear,191 the dead3498 are raised,1453 to the poor4434 the gospel is preached.2097

23  And2532 blessed3107 is2076 he, whosoever3739 1437 shall not3361 be offended4624 in1722 me.1698

24  And1161 when the3588 messengers32 of John2491 were departed,565 he began756 to speak3004 unto4314 the3588 people3793 concerning4012 John,2491 What5101 went ye out1831 into1519 the3588 wilderness2048 for to see?2300 A reed2563 shaken4531 with5259 the wind?417

25  But235 what5101 went ye out1831 for to see?1492 A man444 clothed294 in1722 soft3120 raiment?2440 Behold,2400 they3588 which are gorgeously appareled,1722 1741 2441 and2532 live5225 delicately,5172 are1526 in1722 kings' courts.933

26  But235 what5101 went ye out1831 for to see?1492 A prophet?4396 Yea,3483 I say3004 unto you,5213 and2532 much more4055 than a prophet.4396

27  This3778 is2076 he, of4012 whom3739 it is written,1125 Behold,2400 I1473 send649 my3450 messenger32 before4253 thy4675 face,4383 which3739 shall prepare2680 thy4675 way3598 before1715 thee.4675

28  For1063 I say3004 unto you,5213 Among1722 those that are born1084 of women1135 there is2076 not3762 a greater3187 prophet4396 than John2491 the3588 Baptist:910 but1161 he that is least3398 in1722 the3588 kingdom932 of God2316 is2076 greater3187 than he.846

29  And2532 all3956 the3588 people2992 that heard191 him, and2532 the3588 publicans,5057 justified1344 God,2316 being baptized907 with the3588 baptism908 of John.2491

30  But1161 the3588 Pharisees5330 and2532 lawyers3544 rejected114 the3588 counsel1012 of God2316 against1519 themselves,1438 being not3361 baptized907 of5259 him.846

31  And1161 the3588 Lord2962 said,2036 Whereunto5101 then3767 shall I liken3666 the3588 men444 of this5026 generation?1074 and2532 to what5101 are1526 they like?3664

32  They are1526 like unto3664 children3813 sitting2521 in1722 the marketplace,58 and2532 calling4377 one to another,240 and2532 saying,3004 We have piped832 unto you,5213 and2532 ye have not3756 danced;3738 we have mourned2354 to you,5213 and2532 ye have not3756 wept.2799

33  For1063 John2491 the3588 Baptist910 came2064 neither3383 eating2068 bread740 nor3383 drinking4095 wine;3631 and2532 ye say,3004 He hath2192 a devil.1140

34  The3588 Son5207 of man444 is come2064 eating2068 and2532 drinking;4095 and2532 ye say,3004 Behold2400 a gluttonous5314 man,444 and2532 a winebibber,3630 a friend5384 of publicans5057 and2532 sinners!268

35  But2532 wisdom4678 is justified1344 of575 all3956 her848 children.5043

36  And1161 one5100 of the3588 Pharisees5330 desired2065 him846 that2443 he would eat5315 with3326 him.846 And2532 he went1525 into1519 the3588 Pharisee's5330 house,3614 and2532 sat down to meat.347

37  And,2532 behold,2400 a woman1135 in1722 the3588 city,4172 which3748 was2258 a sinner,268 when she knew1921 that3754 Jesus sat at meat345 in1722 the3588 Pharisee's5330 house,3614 brought2865 an alabaster box211 of ointment,3464

38  And2532 stood2476 at3844 his846 feet4228 behind3694 him weeping,2799 and began756 to wash1026 his846 feet4228 with tears,1144 and2532 did wipe1591 them with the3588 hairs2359 of her848 head,2776 and2532 kissed2705 his846 feet,4228 and2532 anointed218 them with the3588 ointment.3464

39  Now1161 when the3588 Pharisee5330 which had bidden2564 him846 saw1492 it, he spake2036 within1722 himself,1438 saying,3004 This man,3778 if1487 he were2258 a prophet,4396 would have known1097 302 who5101 and2532 what manner4217 of woman1135 this is that3748 toucheth680 him:846 for3754 she is2076 a sinner.268

40  And2532 Jesus2424 answering611 said2036 unto4314 him,846 Simon,4613 I have2192 somewhat5100 to say2036 unto thee.4671 And1161 he3588 saith,5346 Master,1320 say on.2036

41  There was a certain5100 creditor1157 which had2258 two1417 debtors:5533 the3588 one1520 owed3784 five hundred4001 pence,1220 and1161 the3588 other2087 fifty.4004

42  And1161 when they846 had2192 nothing3361 to pay,591 he frankly forgave5483 them both.297 Tell2036 me therefore,3767 which5101 of them846 will love25 him846 most?4119

43  1161 Simon4613 answered611 and said,2036 I suppose5274 that3754 he, to whom3739 he forgave5483 most.4119 And1161 he3588 said2036 unto him,846 Thou hast rightly3723 judged.2919

44  And2532 he turned4762 to4314 the3588 woman,1135 and said5346 unto Simon,4613 Seest991 thou this5026 woman?1135 I entered1525 into1519 thine4675 house,3614 thou gavest1325 me no3756 water5204 for1909 my3450 feet:4228 but1161 she3778 hath washed1026 my3450 feet4228 with tears,1144 and2532 wiped1591 them with the3588 hairs2359 of her848 head.2776

45  Thou gavest1325 me3427 no3756 kiss:5370 but1161 this woman3778 since575 the time3739 I came in1525 hath not3756 ceased1257 to kiss2705 my3450 feet.4228

46  My3450 head2776 with oil1637 thou didst not3756 anoint:218 but1161 this woman3778 hath anointed218 my3450 feet4228 with ointment.3464

47  Wherefore5484 3739 I say3004 unto thee,5213 Her846 sins,266 which are many,4183 are forgiven;863 for3754 she loved25 much:4183 but1161 to whom3739 little3641 is forgiven,863 the same loveth25 little.3641

48  And1161 he said2036 unto her,846 Thy4675 sins266 are forgiven.863

49  And2532 they that sat at meat with4873 him began756 to say3004 within1722 themselves,1438 Who5101 is2076 this3778 that3739 forgiveth863 sins266 also?2532

50  And1161 he said2036 to4314 the3588 woman,1135 Thy4675 faith4102 hath saved4982 thee;4571 go4198 in1519 peace.1515

Luke 8

1  And2532 it came to pass1096 afterward,1722 2517 that2532 he846 went throughout1353 every city2596 4172 and2532 village,2968 preaching2784 and2532 showing the glad tidings2097 of the3588 kingdom932 of God:2316 and2532 the3588 twelve1427 were with4862 him,846

2  And2532 certain5100 women,1135 which3739 had been2258 healed2323 of575 evil4190 spirits4151 and2532 infirmities,769 Mary3137 called2564 Magdalene,3094 out of575 whom3739 went1831 seven2033 devils,1140

3  And2532 Joanna2489 the wife1135 of Chuza5529 Herod's2264 steward,2012 and2532 Susanna,4677 and2532 many4183 others,2087 which3748 ministered1247 unto him846 of575 their846 substance.5224

4  And1161 when much4183 people3793 were gathered together,4896 and2532 were come1975 to4314 him846 out of every city,2596 4172 he spake2036 by1223 a parable:3850

5  A sower4687 went out1831 to sow4687 his848 seed:4703 and2532 as he846 sowed,4687 some3739 3303 fell4098 by3844 the3588 way side;3598 and2532 it was trodden down,2662 and2532 the3588 fowls4071 of the3588 air3772 devoured2719 it.846

6  And2532 some2087 fell4098 upon1909 a rock;4073 and2532 as soon as it was sprung up,5453 it withered away,3583 because it lacked2192 3361 moisture.2429

7  And2532 some2087 fell4098 among1722 3319 thorns;173 and2532 the3588 thorns173 sprang up with4855 it, and choked638 it.846

8  And2532 other2087 fell4098 on1909 good18 ground,1093 and2532 sprang up,5453 and bare4160 fruit2590 a hundredfold. And when he had1542 said3004 these things,5023 he cried,5455 He that hath2192 ears3775 to hear,191 let him hear.191

9  And1161 his846 disciples3101 asked1905 him,846 saying,3004 What5101 might this3778 parable3850 be?1498

10  And1161 he3588 said,2036 Unto you5213 it is given1325 to know1097 the3588 mysteries3466 of the3588 kingdom932 of God:2316 but1161 to others3062 in1722 parables;3850 that2443 seeing991 they might not3361 see,991 and2532 hearing191 they might not3361 understand.4920

11  Now1161 the3588 parable3850 is2076 this:3778 The3588 seed4703 is2076 the3588 word3056 of God.2316

12  1161 Those3588 by3844 the3588 way side3598 are1526 they that hear;191 then1534 cometh2064 the3588 devil,1228 and2532 taketh away142 the3588 word3056 out of575 their846 hearts,2588 lest3363 they should believe4100 and be saved.4982

13  1161 They3588 on1909 the3588 rock4073 are they, which,3739 when3752 they hear,191 receive1209 the3588 word3056 with3326 joy;5479 and2532 these3778 have2192 no3756 root,4491 which3739 for4314 a while2540 believe,4100 and2532 in1722 time2540 of temptation3986 fall away.868

14  And1161 that which fell4098 among1519 thorns173 are1526 they, which, when they have heard,191 go forth,4198 and2532 are choked4846 with5259 cares3308 and2532 riches4149 and2532 pleasures2237 of this life,979 and2532 bring no fruit to perfection.5052 3756

15  But1161 that3588 on1722 the3588 good2570 ground1093 are1526 they,3748 which in1722 an honest2570 and2532 good18 heart,2588 having heard191 the3588 word,3056 keep2722 it, and2532 bring forth fruit2592 with1722 patience.5281

16  No man,3762 when he hath lighted681 a candle,3088 covereth2572 it846 with a vessel,4632 or2228 putteth5087 it under5270 a bed;2825 but235 setteth2007 it on1909 a candlestick,3087 that2443 they which enter in1531 may see991 the3588 light.5457

17  For1063 nothing3756 is2076 secret,2927 that3739 shall not3756 be made1096 manifest;5318 neither3761 any thing hid,614 that3739 shall not3756 be known1097 and2532 come2064 abroad.1519 5318

18  Take heed991 therefore3767 how4459 ye hear:191 for1063 whosoever3739 302 hath,2192 to him846 shall be given;1325 and2532 whosoever3739 302 hath2192 not,3361 from575 him846 shall be taken142 even2532 that which3739 he seemeth1380 to have.2192

19  Then1161 came3854 to4314 him846 his mother3384 and2532 his846 brethren,80 and2532 could1410 not3756 come at4940 him846 for1223 the3588 press.3793

20  And2532 it was told518 him846 by certain which said,3004 Thy4675 mother3384 and2532 thy4675 brethren80 stand2476 without,1854 desiring2309 to see1492 thee.4571

21  And1161 he3588 answered611 and said2036 unto4314 them,846 My3450 mother3384 and2532 my3450 brethren80 are1526 these3778 which hear191 the3588 word3056 of God,2316 and2532 do4160 it.846

22  Now2532 it came to pass1096 on1722 a certain3391 day,2250 that2532 he846 went1684 into1519 a ship4143 with2532 his846 disciples:3101 and2532 he said2036 unto4314 them,846 Let us go over1330 unto1519 the3588 other side4008 of the3588 lake.3041 And2532 they launched forth.321

23  But1161 as they846 sailed4126 he fell asleep:879 and2532 there came down2597 a storm2978 of wind417 on1519 the3588 lake;3041 and2532 they were filled4845 with water, and2532 were in jeopardy.2793

24  And1161 they came4334 to him, and awoke1326 him,846 saying,3004 Master,1988 master,1988 we perish.622 Then1161 he3588 arose,1453 and rebuked2008 the3588 wind417 and2532 the3588 raging2830 of the3588 water:5204 and2532 they ceased,3973 and2532 there was1096 a calm.1055

25  And1161 he said2036 unto them,846 Where4226 is2076 your5216 faith?4102 And1161 they being afraid5399 wondered,2296 saying3004 one to another,240 4314 What manner of man5101 686 is2076 this!3778 for3754 he commandeth2004 even2532 the3588 winds417 and2532 water,5204 and2532 they obey5219 him.846

26  And2532 they arrived2668 at1519 the3588 country5561 of the3588 Gadarenes,1046 which3748 is2076 over against495 Galilee.1056

27  And1161 when he846 went forth1831 to1909 land,1093 there met5221 him846 out of1537 the3588 city4172 a certain5100 man,435 which3739 had2192 devils1140 1537 long time,2425 5550 and2532 wore1737 no3756 clothes,2440 neither2532 3756 abode3306 in1722 any house,3614 but235 in1722 the3588 tombs.3418

28  When1161 he saw1492 Jesus,2424 he cried out,349 and2532 fell down before4363 him,846 and2532 with a loud3173 voice5456 said,2036 What have I to do with thee,5101 1698 2532 4671 Jesus,2424 thou Son5207 of God2316 most high?5310 I beseech1189 thee,4675 torment928 me3165 not.3361

29  (For1063 he had commanded3853 the3588 unclean169 spirit4151 to come1831 out of575 the3588 man.444 For1063 oftentimes4183 5550 it had caught4884 him:846 and2532 he was kept5442 bound1196 with chains254 and2532 in fetters;3976 and2532 he broke1284 the3588 bands,1199 and was driven1643 of5259 the3588 devil1142 into1519 the3588 wilderness.)2048

30  And1161 Jesus2424 asked1905 him,846 saying,3004 What5101 is2076 thy4671 name?3686 And1161 he3588 said,2036 Legion:3003 because3754 many4183 devils1140 were entered1525 into1519 him.846

31  And2532 they besought3870 him846 that2443 he would not3361 command2004 them846 to go out565 into1519 the3588 deep.12

32  And1161 there was2258 there1563 an herd34 of many2425 swine5519 feeding1006 on1722 the3588 mountain:3735 and2532 they besought3870 him846 that2443 he would suffer2010 them846 to enter1525 into1519 them.1565 And2532 he suffered2010 them.846

33  Then1161 went1831 the3588 devils1140 out of575 the3588 man,444 and entered1525 into1519 the3588 swine:5519 and2532 the3588 herd34 ran violently3729 down2596 a steep place2911 into1519 the3588 lake,3041 and2532 were choked.638

34  When1161 they that fed1006 them saw1492 what was done,1096 they fled,5343 and2532 went565 and told518 it in1519 the3588 city4172 and2532 in1519 the3588 country.68

35  Then1161 they went out1831 to see1492 what was done;1096 and2532 came2064 to4314 Jesus,2424 and2532 found2147 the3588 man,444 out of575 whom3739 the3588 devils1140 were departed,1831 sitting2521 at3844 the3588 feet4228 of Jesus,2424 clothed,2439 and2532 in his right mind:4993 and2532 they were afraid.5399

36  1161 They also which saw1492 2532 it told518 them846 by what means4459 he that was possessed of the devils1139 was healed.4982

37  Then2532 the3588 whole537 multitude4128 of the3588 country of the Gadarenes round about4066 3588 1046 besought2065 him846 to depart565 from575 them;846 for3754 they were taken4912 with great3173 fear:5401 and1161 he846 went up1684 into1519 the3588 ship,4143 and returned back again.5290

38  Now1161 the3588 man435 out of575 whom3739 the3588 devils1140 were departed1831 besought1189 him846 that he might be1511 with4862 him:846 but1161 Jesus2424 sent him away,630 846 saying,3004

39  Return5290 to1519 thine own4675 house,3624 and2532 show1334 how great things3745 God2316 hath done4160 unto thee.4671 And2532 he went his way,565 and published2784 throughout2596 the3588 whole3650 city4172 how great things3745 Jesus2424 had done4160 unto him.846

40  And1161 it came to pass,1096 that, when Jesus2424 was returned,5290 the3588 people3793 gladly received588 him:846 for1063 they were2258 all3956 waiting for4328 him.846

41  And,2532 behold,2400 there came2064 a man435 named3686 Jairus,2383 and2532 he846 was5225 a ruler758 of the3588 synagogue:4864 and2532 he fell down4098 at3844 Jesus'2424 feet,4228 and besought3870 him846 that he would come1525 into1519 his848 house:3624

42  For3754 he846 had2258 one only3439 daughter,2364 about5613 twelve1427 years of age,2094 and2532 she3778 lay a dying.599 But1161 as he846 went5217 the3588 people3793 thronged4846 him.846

43  And2532 a woman1135 having5607 an1722 issue4511 of blood129 twelve1427 years,2094 which3748 had spent4321 all3650 her living979 upon1519 physicians,2395 neither3756 could2480 be healed2323 of5259 any,3762

44  Came4334 behind3693 him, and touched680 the3588 border2899 of his846 garment:2440 and2532 immediately3916 her846 issue4511 of blood129 staunched.2476

45  And2532 Jesus2424 said,2036 Who5101 touched680 me?3450 When1161 all3956 denied,720 Peter4074 and2532 they3588 that were with3326 him846 said,2036 Master,1988 the3588 multitude3793 throng4912 thee4571 and2532 press598 thee, and2532 sayest3004 thou, Who5101 touched680 me?3450

46  And1161 Jesus2424 said,2036 Somebody5100 hath touched680 me:3450 for1063 I1473 perceive1097 that virtue1411 is gone1831 out of575 me.1700

47  And1161 when the3588 woman1135 saw1492 that3754 she was not3756 hid,2990 she came2064 trembling,5141 and2532 falling down before4363 him,846 she declared518 unto him846 before1799 all3956 the3588 people2992 for1223 what3739 cause156 she had touched680 him,846 and2532 how5613 she was healed2390 immediately.3916

48  And1161 he3588 said2036 unto her,846 Daughter,2364 be of good comfort:2293 thy4675 faith4102 hath made thee whole;4982 4571 go4198 in1519 peace.1515

49  While he846 yet2089 spake,2980 there cometh2064 one5100 from3844 the3588 ruler of the synagogue's752 house, saying3004 to him,846 Thy4675 daughter2364 is dead;2348 trouble4660 not3361 the3588 Master.1320

50  But1161 when Jesus2424 heard191 it, he answered611 him,846 saying,3004 Fear5399 not:3361 believe4100 only,3440 and2532 she shall be made whole.4982

51  And1161 when he came1525 into1519 the3588 house,3614 he suffered863 no man3756 3762 to go in,1525 save1508 Peter,4074 and2532 James,2385 and2532 John,2491 and2532 the3588 father3962 and2532 the3588 mother3384 of the3588 maiden.3816

52  And1161 all3956 wept,2799 and2532 bewailed2875 her:846 but1161 he3588 said,2036 Weep2799 not;3361 she is not dead,599 3756 but235 sleepeth.2518

53  And2532 they laughed him to scorn,2606 846 knowing1492 that3754 she was dead.599

54  And1161 he846 put1544 them all3956 out,1854 and2532 took2902 her846 by the3588 hand,5495 and called,5455 saying,3004 Maid,3816 arise.1453

55  And2532 her846 spirit4151 came again,1994 and2532 she arose450 straightway:3916 and2532 he commanded1299 to give1325 her846 meat.5315

56  And2532 her846 parents1118 were astonished:1839 but1161 he3588 charged3853 them846 that they should tell2036 no man3367 what was done.1096

Luke 9

1  Then1161 he called his twelve disciples together,4779 848 1427 3101 and gave1325 them846 power1411 and2532 authority1849 over1909 all3956 devils,1140 and2532 to cure2323 diseases.3554

2  And2532 he sent649 them846 to preach2784 the3588 kingdom932 of God,2316 and2532 to heal2390 the3588 sick.770

3  And2532 he said2036 unto4314 them,846 Take142 nothing3367 for1519 your journey,3598 neither3383 staves,4464 nor3383 scrip,4082 neither3383 bread,740 neither3383 money;694 neither3383 have2192 two1417 coats5509 apiece.303

4  And2532 whatsoever3739 302 house3614 ye enter1525 into,1519 there1563 abide,3306 and2532 thence1564 depart.1831

5  And2532 whosoever3745 302 will not3361 receive1209 you,5209 when ye go1831 out of575 that1565 city,4172 shake off660 the3588 very2532 dust2868 from575 your5216 feet4228 for1519 a testimony3142 against1909 them.846

6  And1161 they departed,1831 and went1330 through2596 the3588 towns,2968 preaching the gospel,2097 and2532 healing2323 everywhere.3837

7  Now1161 Herod2264 the3588 tetrarch5076 heard191 of all3956 that was done1096 by5259 him:846 and2532 he was perplexed,1280 because that it was said3004 of5259 some,5100 that3754 John2491 was risen1453 from1537 the dead;3498

8  And1161 of5259 some,5100 that3754 Elijah2243 had appeared;5316 and1161 of others,243 that3754 one1520 of the3588 old744 prophets4396 was risen again.450

9  And2532 Herod2264 said,2036 John2491 have I1473 beheaded:607 but1161 who5101 is2076 this,3778 of4012 whom3739 I1473 hear191 such things?5108 And2532 he desired2212 to see1492 him.846

10  And2532 the3588 apostles,652 when they were returned,5290 told1334 him846 all that3745 they had done.4160 And2532 he took3880 them,846 and went aside5298 privately2596 2398 into1519 a desert2048 place5117 belonging to the city4172 called2564 Bethsaida.966

11  And1161 the3588 people,3793 when they knew1097 it, followed190 him:846 and2532 he received1209 them,846 and spake2980 unto them846 of4012 the3588 kingdom932 of God,2316 and2532 healed2390 them that had2192 need5532 of healing.2322

12  And1161 when the3588 day2250 began756 to wear away,2827 then1161 came4334 the3588 twelve,1427 and said2036 unto him,846 Send the multitude away,630 3588 3793 that2443 they may go565 into1519 the3588 towns2968 and2532 country68 round about,2945 and lodge,2647 and2532 get2147 victuals:1979 for3754 we are2070 here5602 in1722 a desert2048 place.5117

13  But1161 he said2036 unto4314 them,846 Give1325 ye5210 them846 to eat.5315 And1161 they3588 said,2036 We2254 have1526 no3756 more4119 but2228 five4002 loaves740 and2532 two1417 fishes;2486 except1509 we2249 should go4198 and buy59 meat1033 for1519 all3956 this5126 people.2992

14  For1063 they were2258 about5616 five thousand4000 men.435 And1161 he3588 said2036 to4314 his848 disciples,3101 Make them846 sit down2625 by303 fifties4004 in a company.2828

15  And2532 they did4160 so,3779 and2532 made them all537 sit down.347

16  Then1161 he took2983 the3588 five4002 loaves740 and2532 the3588 two1417 fishes,2486 and looking up308 to1519 heaven,3772 he blessed2127 them,846 and2532 broke,2622 and2532 gave1325 to the3588 disciples3101 to set before3908 the3588 multitude.3793

17  And2532 they did eat,5315 and2532 were all3956 filled:5526 and2532 there was taken up142 of fragments2801 that remained4052 to them846 twelve1427 baskets.2894

18  And2532 it came to pass,1096 as he846 was1511 alone2651 praying,4336 his disciples3101 were with4895 him:846 and2532 he asked1905 them,846 saying,3004 Whom5101 say3004 the3588 people3793 that I3165 am?1511

19  1161 They3588 answering611 said,2036 John2491 the3588 Baptist;910 but1161 some243 say, Elijah;2243 and1161 others243 say, that3754 one5100 of the3588 old744 prophets4396 is risen again.450

20  1161 He said2036 unto them,846 But1161 whom5101 say3004 ye5210 that I3165 am?1511 1161 Peter4074 answering611 said,2036 The3588 Christ5547 of God.2316

21  And1161 he3588 straitly charged2008 them,846 and commanded3853 them to tell2036 no man3367 that thing;5124

22  Saying,2036 The3588 Son5207 of man444 must1163 suffer3958 many things,4183 and2532 be rejected593 of575 the3588 elders4245 and2532 chief priests749 and2532 scribes,1122 and2532 be slain,615 and2532 be raised1453 the3588 third5154 day.2250

23  And1161 he said3004 to4314 them all,3956 If1487 any5100 man will2309 come2064 after3694 me,3450 let him deny533 himself,1438 and2532 take up142 his848 cross4716 daily,2596 2250 and2532 follow190 me.3427

24  For1063 whosoever3739 302 will2309 save4982 his848 life5590 shall lose622 it:846 but1161 whosoever3739 302 will lose622 his848 life5590 for my sake,1752 1700 the same3778 shall save4982 it.846

25  For1063 what5101 is a man444 advantaged,5623 if he gain2770 the3588 whole3650 world,2889 and1161 lose622 himself,1438 or2228 be cast away?2210

26  For1063 whosoever3739 302 shall be ashamed1870 of me3165 and2532 of my1699 words,3056 of him5126 shall the3588 Son5207 of man444 be ashamed,1870 when3752 he shall come2064 in1722 his own848 glory,1391 and2532 in his Father's,3962 and2532 of the3588 holy40 angels.32

27  But1161 I tell3004 you5213 of a truth,230 there be1526 some5100 standing2476 here,5602 which3739 shall not3364 taste1089 of death,2288 till2193 302 they see1492 the3588 kingdom932 of God.2316

28  And1161 it came to pass1096 about5616 eight3638 days2250 after3326 these5128 sayings,3056 he2532 took3880 Peter4074 and2532 John2491 and2532 James,2385 and went up305 into1519 a mountain3735 to pray.4336

29  And2532 as1096 he846 prayed,4336 the3588 fashion1491 of his846 countenance4383 was altered,2087 and2532 his846 raiment2441 was white3022 and glistering.1823

30  And,2532 behold,2400 there talked with4814 him846 two1417 men,444 which3748 were2258 Moses3475 and2532 Elijah:2243

31  Who3739 appeared3700 in1722 glory,1391 and spake3004 of his846 decease1841 which3739 he should3195 accomplish4137 at1722 Jerusalem.2419

32  But1161 Peter4074 and2532 they3588 that were with4862 him846 were2258 heavy916 with sleep:5258 and1161 when they were awake,1235 they saw1492 his846 glory,1391 and2532 the3588 two1417 men444 that stood with4921 him.846

33  And2532 it came to pass,1096 as they846 departed1316 from575 him,846 Peter4074 said2036 unto4314 Jesus,2424 Master,1988 it is2076 good2570 for us2248 to be1511 here:5602 and2532 let us make4160 three5140 tabernacles;4633 one3391 for thee,4671 and2532 one3391 for Moses,3475 and2532 one3391 for Elijah:2243 not3361 knowing1492 what3739 he said.3004

34  While1161 he846 thus5023 spake,3004 there came1096 a cloud,3507 and2532 overshadowed1982 them:846 and1161 they feared5399 as they1565 entered1525 into1519 the3588 cloud.3507

35  And2532 there came1096 a voice5456 out of1537 the3588 cloud,3507 saying,3004 This3778 is2076 my3450 beloved27 Son:5207 hear191 him.846

36  And2532 when the3588 voice5456 was past,1096 Jesus2424 was found2147 alone.3441 And2532 they846 kept it close,4601 and2532 told518 no man3762 in1722 those1565 days2250 any of those things3762 which3739 they had seen.3708

37  And1161 it came to pass,1096 that on1722 the3588 next1836 day,2250 when they846 were come down2718 from575 the