King James Version 1611 - 1769





2 Samuel 1: 1-27

1  Now it came to pass1961 after310 the death4194 of Saul,7586 when David1732 was returned7725 from the slaughter4480 5221 of 853 the Amalekites,6002 and David1732 had abode3427 two8147 days3117 in Ziklag;6860

2  It came even to pass1961 on the third7992 day,3117 that, behold,2009 a man376 came935 out of4480 the camp4264 from4480 5973 Saul7586 with his clothes899 rent,7167 and earth127 upon5921 his head:7218 and so it was,1961 when he came935 to413 David,1732 that he fell5307 to the earth,776 and did obeisance.7812

3  And David1732 said559 unto him, From whence335 4480 2088 comest935 thou? And he said559 unto413 him, Out of the camp4480 4264 of Israel3478 am I escaped.4422

4  And David1732 said559 unto413 him, How4100 went1961 the matter?1697 I pray thee,4994 tell5046 me. And he answered,559 That834 the people5971 are fled5127 from4480 the battle,4421 and many7235 of4480 the people5971 also1571 are fallen5307 and dead;4191 and Saul7586 and Jonathan3083 his son1121 are dead4191 also.1571

5  And David1732 said559 unto413 the young man5288 that told5046 him, How349 knowest3045 thou that3588 Saul7586 and Jonathan3083 his son1121 be dead?4191

6  And the young man5288 that told5046 him said,559 As I happened7136 by chance7122 upon mount2022 Gilboa,1533 behold,2009 Saul7586 leaned8172 upon5921 his spear;2595 and, lo,2009 the chariots7393 and horsemen1167 6571 followed hard1692 after him.

7  And when he looked6437 behind310 him, he saw7200 me, and called7121 unto413 me. And I answered,559 Here2009 am I.

8  And he said559 unto me, Who4310 art thou?859 And I answered559 him,413 I595 am an Amalekite.6003

9  He said559 unto413 me again, Stand,5975 I pray thee,4994 upon5921 me, and slay4191 me: for3588 anguish7661 is come270 upon me, because3588 my life5315 is yet5750 whole3605 in me.

10  So I stood5975 upon5921 him, and slew4191 him, because3588 I was sure3045 that3588 he could not3808 live2421 after that310 he was fallen:5307 and I took3947 the crown5145 that834 was upon5921 his head,7218 and the bracelet685 that834 was on5921 his arm,2220 and have brought935 them hither2008 unto413 my lord.113

11  Then David1732 took hold2388 on his clothes,899 and rent7167 them; and likewise1571 all3605 the men376 that834 were with854 him:

12  And they mourned,5594 and wept,1058 and fasted6684 until5704 even,6153 for5921 Saul,7586 and for5921 Jonathan3083 his son,1121 and for5921 the people5971 of the LORD,3068 and for5921 the house1004 of Israel;3478 because3588 they were fallen5307 by the sword.2719

13  And David1732 said559 unto413 the young man5288 that told5046 him, Whence335 4480 4100 art thou?859 And he answered,559 I595 am the son1121 of a stranger,376 1616 an Amalekite.6003

14  And David1732 said559 unto413 him, How349 wast thou not3808 afraid3372 to stretch forth7971 thine hand3027 to destroy7843 853 the LORD's3068 anointed?4899

15  And David1732 called7121 one259 of the young men,4480 5288 and said,559 Go near,5066 and fall6293 upon him. And he smote5221 him that he died.4191

16  And David1732 said559 unto413 him, Thy blood1818 be upon5921 thy head;7218 for3588 thy mouth6310 hath testified6030 against thee, saying,559 I595 have slain4191 853 the LORD's3068 anointed.4899

17  And David1732 lamented6969 with854 this2063 lamentation7015 over5921 Saul7586 and over5921 Jonathan3083 his son:1121

18  (Also he bade559 them teach3925 the children1121 of Judah3063 the use of the bow:7198 behold,2009 it is written3789 in5921 the book5612 of Jasher.)3477

19  The beauty6643 of Israel3478 is slain2491 upon5921 thy high places:1116 how349 are the mighty1368 fallen!5307

20  Tell5046 it not408 in Gath,1661 publish1319 it not408 in the streets2351 of Askelon;831 lest6435 the daughters1323 of the Philistines6430 rejoice,8055 lest6435 the daughters1323 of the uncircumcised6189 triumph.5937

21  Ye mountains2022 of Gilboa,1533 let there be no408 dew,2919 neither408 let there be rain,4306 upon5921 you, nor fields7704 of offerings:8641 for3588 there8033 the shield4043 of the mighty1368 is vilely cast away,1602 the shield4043 of Saul,7586 as though he had not1097 been anointed4886 with oil.8081

22  From the blood4480 1818 of the slain,2491 from the fat4480 2459 of the mighty,1368 the bow7198 of Jonathan3083 turned7734 not3808 back,268 and the sword2719 of Saul7586 returned7725 not3808 empty.7387

23  Saul7586 and Jonathan3083 were lovely157 and pleasant5273 in their lives,2416 and in their death4194 they were not3808 divided:6504 they were swifter7043 than eagles,4480 5404 they were stronger1396 than lions.4480 738

24  Ye daughters1323 of Israel,3478 weep1058 over413 Saul,7586 who clothed3847 you in scarlet,8144 with5973 other delights,5730 who put on5927 ornaments5716 of gold2091 upon5921 your apparel.3830

25  How349 are the mighty1368 fallen5307 in the midst8432 of the battle!4421 O Jonathan,3083 thou wast slain2491 in5921 thine high places.1116

26  I am distressed6887 for5921 thee, my brother251 Jonathan:3083 very3966 pleasant5276 hast thou been unto me: thy love160 to me was wonderful,6381 passing the love4480 160 of women.802

27  How349 are the mighty1368 fallen,5307 and the weapons3627 of war4421 perished!6

2 Samuel 2: 1-32

1  And it came to pass1961 after310 this,3651 that David1732 inquired7592 of the LORD,3068 saying,559 Shall I go up5927 into any259 of the cities5892 of Judah?3063 And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 him, Go up.5927 And David1732 said,559 Whither575 shall I go up?5927 And he said,559 Unto Hebron.2275

2  So David1732 went up5927 thither,8033 and his two8147 wives802 also,1571 Ahinoam293 the Jezreelitess,3159 and Abigail26 Nabal's5037 wife802 the Carmelite.3761

3  And his men376 that834 were with5973 him did David1732 bring up,5927 every man376 with his household:1004 and they dwelt3427 in the cities5892 of Hebron.2275

4  And the men376 of Judah3063 came,935 and there8033 they anointed4886 853 David1732 king4428 over5921 the house1004 of Judah.3063 And they told5046 David,1732 saying,559 That the men376 of Jabesh-gilead3003 1568 were they that834 buried6912 853 Saul.7586

5  And David1732 sent7971 messengers4397 unto413 the men376 of Jabesh-gilead,3003 1568 and said559 unto413 them, Blessed1288 be ye859 of the LORD,3068 that834 ye have showed6213 this2088 kindness2617 unto5973 your lord,113 even unto5973 Saul,7586 and have buried6912 him.

6  And now6258 the LORD3068 show6213 kindness2617 and truth571 unto5973 you: and I595 also1571 will requite6213 you this2063 kindness,2896 because834 ye have done6213 this2088 thing.1697

7  Therefore now6258 let your hands3027 be strengthened,2388 and be1961 ye valiant:1121 2428 for3588 your master113 Saul7586 is dead,4191 and also1571 the house1004 of Judah3063 have anointed4886 me king4428 over5921 them.

8  But Abner74 the son1121 of Ner,5369 captain8269 of Saul's7586 host,6635 took3947 853 Ish-bosheth378 the son1121 of Saul,7586 and brought him over5674 to Mahanaim;4266

9  And made him king4427 over413 Gilead,1568 and over413 the Ashurites,843 and over413 Jezreel,3157 and over5921 Ephraim,669 and over5921 Benjamin,1144 and over5921 all3605 Israel.3478

10  Ish-bosheth378 Saul's7586 son1121 was forty705 years8141 old1121 when he began to reign4427 over5921 Israel,3478 and reigned4427 two8147 years.8141 But389 the house1004 of Judah3063 followed1961 310 David.1732

11  And the time4557 3117 that834 David1732 was1961 king4428 in Hebron2275 over5921 the house1004 of Judah3063 was1961 seven7651 years8141 and six8337 months.2320

12  And Abner74 the son1121 of Ner,5369 and the servants5650 of Ish-bosheth378 the son1121 of Saul,7586 went out3318 from Mahanaim4480 4266 to Gibeon.1391

13  And Joab3097 the son1121 of Zeruiah,6870 and the servants5650 of David,1732 went out,3318 and met6298 together3162 by5921 the pool1295 of Gibeon:1391 and they sat down,3427 the one428 on the one side4480 2088 of5921 the pool,1295 and the other428 on the other side4480 2088 of5921 the pool.1295

14  And Abner74 said559 to413 Joab,3097 Let the young men5288 now4994 arise,6965 and play7832 before6440 us. And Joab3097 said,559 Let them arise.6965

15  Then there arose6965 and went over5674 by number4557 twelve8147 6240 of Benjamin,1144 which pertained to Ish-bosheth378 the son1121 of Saul,7586 and twelve8147 6240 of the servants4480 5650 of David.1732

16  And they caught2388 every one376 his fellow7453 by the head,7218 and thrust his sword2719 in his fellow's7453 side;6654 so they fell down5307 together:3162 wherefore that1931 place4725 was called7121 Helkath-hazzurim,2521 which834 is in Gibeon.1391

17  And there was1961 a very5704 3966 sore7186 battle4421 that1931 day;3117 and Abner74 was beaten,5062 and the men376 of Israel,3478 before6440 the servants5650 of David.1732

18  And there8033 were1961 three7969 sons1121 of Zeruiah6870 there, Joab,3097 and Abishai,52 and Asahel:6214 and Asahel6214 was as light7031 of foot7272 as a259 wild834 7704 roe.6643

19  And Asahel6214 pursued7291 after310 Abner;74 and in going1980 he turned5186 not3808 to5921 the right3225 hand nor to5921 the left8040 from following4480 310 Abner.74

20  Then Abner74 looked6437 behind310 him, and said,559 Art thou859 Asahel?6214 And he answered,559 I595 am.

21  And Abner74 said559 to him, Turn thee aside5186 to5921 thy right3225 hand or176 to5921 thy left,8040 and lay thee hold270 on one259 of the young men,4480 5288 and take3947 thee 853 his armor.2488 But Asahel6214 would14 not3808 turn aside5493 from following4480 310 of him.

22  And Abner74 said559 again3254 to413 Asahel,6214 Turn thee aside5493 from following4480 310 me: wherefore4100 should I smite5221 thee to the ground?776 how349 then should I hold up5375 my face6440 to413 Joab3097 thy brother?251

23  Howbeit he refused3985 to turn aside:5493 wherefore Abner74 with the hinder end of310 the spear2595 smote5221 him under413 the fifth2570 rib, that the spear2595 came out3318 behind4480 310 him; and he fell down5307 there,8033 and died4191 in the same place:8478 and it came to pass,1961 that as many3605 as came935 to413 the place4725 where834 Asahel6214 fell down5307 and died4191 stood still.5975

24  Joab3097 also and Abishai52 pursued7291 after310 Abner:74 and the sun8121 went down935 when they1992 were come935 to5704 the hill1389 of Ammah,522 that834 lieth before5921 6440 Giah1520 by the way1870 of the wilderness4057 of Gibeon.1391

25  And the children1121 of Benjamin1144 gathered themselves together6908 after310 Abner,74 and became1961 one259 troop,92 and stood5975 on5921 the top7218 of a259 hill.1389

26  Then Abner74 called7121 to413 Joab,3097 and said,559 Shall the sword2719 devour398 forever?5331 knowest3045 thou not3808 that3588 it will be1961 bitterness4751 in the latter end?314 how long5704 shall it be then, ere3808 thou bid559 the people5971 return7725 from following4480 310 their brethren?251

27  And Joab3097 said,559 As God430 liveth,2416 unless3588 3884 thou hadst spoken,1696 surely3588 then227 in the morning1242 the people5971 had gone up5927 every one376 from following4480 310 his brother.251

28  So Joab3097 blew8628 a trumpet,7782 and all3605 the people5971 stood5975 still, and pursued7291 after310 Israel3478 no3808 more,5750 neither3808 fought3898 they any more.3254

29  And Abner74 and his men376 walked1980 all3605 that1931 night3915 through the plain,6160 and passed over5674 853 Jordan,3383 and went through1980 all3605 Bithron,1338 and they came935 to Mahanaim.4266

30  And Joab3097 returned7725 from following4480 310 Abner:74 and when he had gathered all the people together,6908 853 3605 5971 there lacked6485 of David's servants4480 5650 1732 nineteen8672 6240 men376 and Asahel.6214

31  But the servants5650 of David1732 had smitten5221 of Benjamin,4480 1144 and of Abner's74 men,4480 376 so that three7969 hundred3967 and threescore8346 men376 died.4191

32  And they took up5375 853 Asahel,6214 and buried6912 him in the sepulcher6913 of his father,1 which834 was in Bethlehem.1035 And Joab3097 and his men376 went1980 all3605 night,3915 and they came to Hebron2275 at break of day.215

2 Samuel 3: 1-39

1  Now there was1961 long752 war4421 between996 the house1004 of Saul7586 and the house1004 of David:1732 but David1732 waxed stronger and stronger,1980 2390 and the house1004 of Saul7586 waxed1980 weaker and weaker.1800

2  And unto David1732 were sons1121 born3205 in Hebron:2275 and his firstborn1060 was1961 Amnon,550 of Ahinoam293 the Jezreelitess;3159

3  And his second,4932 Chileab,3609 of Abigail26 the wife802 of Nabal5037 the Carmelite;3761 and the third,7992 Absalom53 the son1121 of Maacah4601 the daughter1323 of Talmai8526 king4428 of Geshur;1650

4  And the fourth,7243 Adonijah138 the son1121 of Haggith;2294 and the fifth,2549 Shephatiah8203 the son1121 of Abital;37

5  And the sixth,8345 Ithream,3507 by Eglah5698 David's1732 wife.802 These428 were born3205 to David1732 in Hebron.2275

6  And it came to pass,1961 while there was1961 war4421 between996 the house1004 of Saul7586 and the house1004 of David,1732 that Abner74 made himself strong2388 for the house1004 of Saul.7586

7  And Saul7586 had a concubine,6370 whose name8034 was Rizpah,7532 the daughter1323 of Aiah:345 and Ish-bosheth said559 to413 Abner,74 Wherefore4069 hast thou gone935 in unto413 my father's1 concubine?6370

8  Then was Abner74 very3966 wroth2734 for5921 the words1697 of Ish-bosheth,378 and said,559 Am I595 a dog's3611 head,7218 which834 against Judah3063 do show6213 kindness2617 this day3117 unto5973 the house1004 of Saul7586 thy father,1 to413 his brethren,251 and to413 his friends,4828 and have not3808 delivered4672 thee into the hand3027 of David,1732 that thou chargest6485 5921 me today3117 with a fault5771 concerning this woman?802

9  So3541 do6213 God430 to Abner,74 and more3254 also,3541 except,3588 as834 the LORD3068 hath sworn7650 to David,1732 even3588 so3651 I do6213 to him;

10  To translate5674 the kingdom4467 from the house4480 1004 of Saul,7586 and to set up6965 the 853 throne3678 of David1732 over5921 Israel3478 and over5921 Judah,3063 from Dan4480 1835 even to5704 Beer-sheba.884

11  And he could3201 not3808 answer7725 853 Abner74 a word1697 again,5750 because he feared4480 3372 him.

12  And Abner74 sent7971 messengers4397 to413 David1732 on his behalf,8478 saying,559 Whose4310 is the land?776 saying559 also, Make3772 thy league1285 with854 me, and, behold,2009 my hand3027 shall be with5973 thee, to bring about5437 853 all3605 Israel3478 unto413 thee.

13  And he said,559 Well;2896 I589 will make3772 a league1285 with854 thee: but389 one259 thing1697 I595 require7592 of4480 854 thee, that is,559 Thou shalt not3808 see7200 853 my face,6440 except3588 518 thou first6440 bring935 853 Michal4324 Saul's7586 daughter,1323 when thou comest935 to see7200 853 my face.6440

14  And David1732 sent7971 messengers4397 to413 Ish-bosheth378 Saul's7586 son,1121 saying,559 Deliver5414 me 853 my wife802 853 Michal,4324 which834 I espoused781 to me for a hundred3967 foreskins6190 of the Philistines.6430

15  And Ish-bosheth378 sent,7971 and took3947 her from4480 5973 her husband,376 even from4480 5973 Phaltiel6409 the son1121 of Laish.3919

16  And her husband376 went1980 with854 her along1980 weeping1058 behind310 her to5704 Bahurim.980 Then said559 Abner74 unto413 him, Go,1980 return.7725 And he returned.7725

17  And Abner74 had1961 communication1697 with5973 the elders2205 of Israel,3478 saying,559 Ye sought1961 1245 for 853 David1732 in times1571 8543 past1571 8032 to be king4428 over5921 you:

18  Now6258 then do6213 it: for3588 the LORD3068 hath spoken559 of413 David,1732 saying,559 By the hand3027 of my servant5650 David1732 I will save3467 853 my people5971 Israel3478 out of the hand4480 3027 of the Philistines,6430 and out of the hand4480 3027 of all3605 their enemies.341

19  And Abner74 also1571 spoke1696 in the ears241 of Benjamin:1144 and Abner74 went1980 also1571 to speak1696 in the ears241 of David1732 in Hebron2275 853 all3605 that834 seemed good2896 5869 to Israel,3478 and that seemed good5869 to the whole3605 house1004 of Benjamin.1144

20  So Abner74 came935 to413 David1732 to Hebron,2275 and twenty6242 men376 with854 him. And David1732 made6213 Abner74 and the men376 that834 were with854 him a feast.4960

21  And Abner74 said559 unto413 David,1732 I will arise6965 and go,1980 and will gather6908 853 all3605 Israel3478 unto413 my lord113 the king,4428 that they may make3772 a league1285 with854 thee, and that thou mayest reign4427 over all3605 that834 thine heart5315 desireth.183 And David1732 sent7971 853 Abner74 away; and he went1980 in peace.7965

22  And, behold,2009 the servants5650 of David1732 and Joab3097 came935 from pursuing a troop,4480 1416 and brought935 in a great7227 spoil7998 with5973 them: but Abner74 was not369 with5973 David1732 in Hebron;2275 for3588 he had sent him away,7971 and he was gone1980 in peace.7965

23  When Joab3097 and all3605 the host6635 that834 was with854 him were come,935 they told5046 Joab,3097 saying,559 Abner74 the son1121 of Ner5369 came935 to413 the king,4428 and he hath sent him away,7971 and he is gone1980 in peace.7965

24  Then Joab3097 came935 to413 the king,4428 and said,559 What4100 hast thou done?6213 behold,2009 Abner74 came935 unto413 thee; why4100 is it that thou hast sent him away,7971 and he is quite gone?1980

25  Thou knowest3045 853 Abner74 the son1121 of Ner,5369 that3588 he came935 to deceive6601 thee, and to know3045 853 thy going out4161 and thy coming in,4126 and to know3045 853 all3605 that834 thou859 doest.6213

26  And when Joab3097 was come out3318 from4480 5973 David,1732 he sent7971 messengers4397 after310 Abner,74 which brought him again7725 853 from the well4480 953 of Sirah:5626 but David1732 knew3045 it not.3808

27  And when Abner74 was returned7725 to Hebron,2275 Joab3097 took him aside5186 in413 8432 the gate8179 to speak1696 with854 him quietly,7987 and smote5221 him there8033 under the fifth2570 rib, that he died,4191 for the blood1818 of Asahel6214 his brother.251

28  And afterward4480 310 3651 when David1732 heard8085 it, he said,559 I595 and my kingdom4467 are guiltless5355 before4480 5973 the LORD3068 forever5704 5769 from the blood4480 1818 of Abner74 the son1121 of Ner:5369

29  Let it rest2342 on5921 the head7218 of Joab,3097 and on413 all3605 his father's1 house;1004 and let there not408 fail3772 from the house4480 1004 of Joab3097 one that hath an issue,2100 or that is a leper,6879 or that leaneth2388 on a staff,6418 or that falleth5307 on the sword,2719 or that lacketh2638 bread.3899

30  So Joab3097 and Abishai52 his brother251 slew2026 Abner,74 because5921 834 he had slain4191 their brother251 853 Asahel6214 at Gibeon1391 in the battle.4421

31  And David1732 said559 to413 Joab,3097 and to413 all3605 the people5971 that834 were with854 him, Rend7167 your clothes,899 and gird2296 you with sackcloth,8242 and mourn5594 before6440 Abner.74 And king4428 David1732 himself followed310 the bier.4296

32  And they buried6912 853 Abner74 in Hebron:2275 and the king4428 lifted up5375 853 his voice,6963 and wept1058 at413 the grave6913 of Abner;74 and all3605 the people5971 wept.1058

33  And the king4428 lamented6969 over413 Abner,74 and said,559 Died4191 Abner74 as a fool5036 dieth?4194

34  Thy hands3027 were not3808 bound,631 nor3808 thy feet7272 put5066 into fetters:5178 as a man1121 falleth5307 before6440 wicked5766 men,1121 so fellest5307 thou. And all3605 the people5971 wept1058 again3254 over5921 him.

35  And when all3605 the people5971 came935 to cause 853 David1732 to eat1262 meat3899 while it was yet5750 day,3117 David1732 swore,7650 saying,559 So3541 do6213 God430 to me, and more3254 also,3541 if3588 518 I taste2938 bread,3899 or176 aught else,3605 3972 till6440 the sun8121 be down.935

36  And all3605 the people5971 took notice5234 of it, and it pleased them:3190 5869 as whatsoever3605 834 the king4428 did6213 pleased2895 5869 all3605 the people.5971

37  For all3605 the people5971 and all3605 Israel3478 understood3045 that1931 day3117 that3588 it was1961 not3808 of the king4480 4428 to slay4191 Abner74 the son1121 of Ner.5369

38  And the king4428 said559 unto413 his servants,5650 Know3045 ye not3808 that3588 there is a prince8269 and a great man1419 fallen5307 this2088 day3117 in Israel?3478

39  And I595 am this day3117 weak,7390 though anointed4886 king;4428 and these428 men376 the sons1121 of Zeruiah6870 be too hard7186 for4480 me: the LORD3068 shall reward7999 the doer6213 of evil7451 according to his wickedness.7451

2 Samuel 4: 1-12

1  And when Saul's7586 son1121 heard8085 that3588 Abner74 was dead4191 in Hebron,2275 his hands3027 were feeble,7503 and all3605 the Israelites3478 were troubled.926

2  And Saul's7586 son1121 had1961 two8147 men376 that were captains8269 of bands:1416 the name8034 of the one259 was Baanah,1196 and the name8034 of the other8145 Rechab,7394 the sons1121 of Rimmon7417 a Beerothite,886 of the children4480 1121 of Benjamin:1144 (for3588 Beeroth881 also1571 was reckoned2803 to5921 Benjamin:1144

3  And the Beerothites886 fled1272 to Gittaim,1664 and were1961 sojourners1481 there8033 until5704 this2088 day.)3117

4  And Jonathan,3083 Saul's7586 son,1121 had a son1121 that was lame5223 of his feet.7272 He was1961 five2568 years8141 old1121 when the tidings8052 came935 of Saul7586 and Jonathan3083 out of Jezreel,4480 3157 and his nurse539 took him up,5375 and fled:5127 and it came to pass,1961 as she made haste2648 to flee,5127 that he fell,5307 and became lame.6452 And his name8034 was Mephibosheth.4648

5  And the sons1121 of Rimmon7417 the Beerothite,886 Rechab7394 and Baanah,1165 went,1980 and came935 about the heat2527 of the day3117 to413 the house1004 of Ish-bosheth,378 who1931 lay7901 on 853 a bed4904 at noon.6672

6  And they came935 thither2008 into5704 the midst8432 of the house,1004 as though they would have fetched3947 wheat;2406 and they smote5221 him under413 the fifth2570 rib: and Rechab7394 and Baanah1196 his brother251 escaped.4422

7  For when they came935 into the house,1004 he1931 lay7901 on5921 his bed4296 in his bedchamber,2315 4904 and they smote5221 him, and slew4191 him, and beheaded5493 853 7218 him, and took3947 853 his head,7218 and got them away1980 through1870 the plain6160 all3605 night.3915

8  And they brought935 853 the head7218 of Ish-bosheth378 unto413 David1732 to Hebron,2275 and said559 to413 the king,4428 Behold2009 the head7218 of Ish-bosheth378 the son1121 of Saul7586 thine enemy,341 which834 sought1245 853 thy life;5315 and the LORD3068 hath avenged5414 5360 my lord113 the king4428 this2088 day3117 of Saul,4480 7586 and of his seed.4480 2233

9  And David1732 answered6030 853 Rechab7394 and Baanah1196 his brother,251 the sons1121 of Rimmon7417 the Beerothite,886 and said559 unto them, As the LORD3068 liveth,2416 who834 hath redeemed6299 853 my soul5315 out of all4480 3605 adversity,6869

10  When3588 one told5046 me, saying,559 Behold,2009 Saul7586 is dead,4191 thinking5869 to have1961 brought good tidings,1319 I took hold270 of him, and slew2026 him in Ziklag,6860 who834 thought that I would have given5414 him a reward for his tidings:1309

11  How much more,637 when3588 wicked7563 men376 have slain2026 853 a righteous6662 person376 in his own house1004 upon5921 his bed?4904 shall I not3808 therefore now6258 require1245 853 his blood1818 of your hand,4480 3027 and take you away1197 853 from4480 the earth?776

12  And David1732 commanded6680 853 his young men,5288 and they slew2026 them, and cut off7112 853 their hands3027 and their feet,7272 and hanged them up8518 over5921 the pool1295 in Hebron.2275 But they took3947 the head7218 of Ish-bosheth,378 and buried6912 it in the sepulcher6913 of Abner74 in Hebron.2275

2 Samuel 5: 1-25

1  Then came935 all3605 the tribes7626 of Israel3478 to413 David1732 unto Hebron,2275 and spoke,559 saying,559 Behold,2009 we587 are thy bone6106 and thy flesh.1320

2  Also1571 in time past,865 8032 when Saul7586 was1961 king4428 over5921 us, thou859 wast1961 he that leddest out3318 and broughtest935 853 in Israel:3478 and the LORD3068 said559 to thee Thou859 shalt feed7462 853 my people5971 853 Israel,3478 and thou859 shalt be1961 a captain5057 over5921 Israel.3478

3  So all3605 the elders2205 of Israel3478 came935 to413 the king4428 to Hebron;2275 and king4428 David1732 made3772 a league1285 with them in Hebron2275 before6440 the LORD:3068 and they anointed4886 853 David1732 king4428 over5921 Israel.3478

4  David1732 was thirty7970 years8141 old1121 when he began to reign,4427 and he reigned4427 forty705 years.8141

5  In Hebron2275 he reigned4427 over5921 Judah3063 seven7651 years8141 and six8337 months:2320 and in Jerusalem3389 he reigned4427 thirty7970 and three7969 years8141 over5921 all3605 Israel3478 and Judah.3063

6  And the king4428 and his men376 went1980 to Jerusalem3389 unto413 the Jebusites,2983 the inhabitants3427 of the land:776 which spoke559 unto David,1732 saying,559 Except3588 518 thou take away5493 the blind5787 and the lame,6455 thou shalt not3808 come in935 hither:2008 thinking,559 David1732 cannot3808 come in935 hither.2008

7  Nevertheless David1732 took3920 853 the stronghold4686 of Zion:6726 the same1931 is the city5892 of David.1732

8  And David1732 said559 on that1931 day,3117 Whosoever3605 getteth up5060 to the gutter,6794 and smiteth5221 the Jebusites,2983 and the lame6455 and the blind,5787 that are hated8130 of David's1732 soul,5315 he shall be chief and captain. Wherefore5921 3651 they said,559 The blind5787 and the lame6455 shall not3808 come935 into413 the house.1004

9  So David1732 dwelt3427 in the fort,4686 and called7121 it the city5892 of David.1732 And David1732 built1129 round about5439 from4480 Millo4407 and inward.1004

10  And David1732 went on,1980 1980 and grew great,1419 and the LORD3068 God430 of hosts6635 was with5973 him.

11  And Hiram2438 king4428 of Tyre6865 sent7971 messengers4397 to413 David,1732 and cedar730 trees,6086 and carpenters,2796 6086 and masons:2796 18 7023 and they built1129 David1732 a house.1004

12  And David1732 perceived3045 that3588 the LORD3068 had established3559 him king4428 over5921 Israel,3478 and that3588 he had exalted5375 his kingdom4467 for his people5971 Israel's3478 sake.5668

13  And David1732 took3947 him more5750 concubines6370 and wives802 out of Jerusalem,4480 3389 after310 he was come935 from Hebron:4480 2275 and there were yet5750 sons1121 and daughters1323 born3205 to David.1732

14  And these428 be the names8034 of those that were born3209 unto him in Jerusalem;3389 Shammua,8051 and Shobab,7727 and Nathan,5416 and Solomon,8010

15  Ibhar2984 also, and Elishua,474 and Nepheg,5298 and Japhia,3309

16  And Elishama,476 and Eliada,450 and Eliphalet.467

17  But when the Philistines6430 heard8085 that3588 they had anointed4886 853 David1732 king4428 over5921 Israel,3478 all3605 the Philistines6430 came up5927 to seek1245 853 David;1732 and David1732 heard8085 of it, and went down3381 to413 the hold.4686

18  The Philistines6430 also came935 and spread themselves5203 in the valley6010 of Rephaim.7497

19  And David1732 inquired7592 of the LORD,3068 saying,559 Shall I go up5927 to413 the Philistines?6430 wilt thou deliver5414 them into mine hand?3027 And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 David,1732 Go up:5927 for3588 I will doubtless deliver5414 5414 853 the Philistines6430 into thine hand.3027

20  And David1732 came935 to Baal-perazim,1188 and David1732 smote5221 them there,8033 and said,559 The LORD3068 hath broken forth upon6555 853 mine enemies341 before6440 me, as the breach6556 of waters.4325 Therefore5921 3651 he called7121 the name8034 of that1931 place4725 Baal-perazim.1188

21  And there8033 they left5800 853 their images,6091 and David1732 and his men376 burned5375 them.

22  And the Philistines6430 came up5927 yet5750 again,3254 and spread themselves5203 in the valley6010 of Rephaim.7497

23  And when David1732 inquired7592 of the LORD,3068 he said,559 Thou shalt not3808 go up;5927 but fetch a compass5437 413 behind310 them, and come935 upon them over against4480 4136 the mulberry trees.1057

24  And let it be,1961 when thou hearest8085 853 the sound6963 of a going6807 in the tops7218 of the mulberry trees,1057 that then227 thou shalt bestir2782 thyself: for3588 then227 shall the LORD3068 go out3318 before6440 thee, to smite5221 the host4264 of the Philistines.6430

25  And David1732 did6213 so,3651 as834 the LORD3068 had commanded6680 him; and smote5221 853 the Philistines6430 from Geba4480 1387 until thou come935 to Gazer.1507

2 Samuel 6: 1-23

1  Again,5750 David1732 gathered together622 853 all3605 the chosen977 men of Israel,3478 thirty7970 thousand.505

2  And David1732 arose,6965 and went1980 with all3605 the people5971 that834 were with854 him from Baale4480 1184 of Judah,3063 to bring up5927 from thence4480 8033 853 the ark727 of God,430 whose834 name8034 is called7121 by the name8034 of the LORD3068 of hosts6635 that dwelleth3427 5921 between the cherubims.3742

3  And they set7392 853 the ark727 of God430 upon413 a new2319 cart,5699 and brought5375 it out of the house4480 1004 of Abinadab41 that834 was in Gibeah:1390 and Uzzah5798 and Ahio,283 the sons1121 of Abinadab,41 drove5090 853 the new2319 cart.5699

4  And they brought5375 it out of the house4480 1004 of Abinadab41 which834 was at Gibeah,1390 accompanying5973 the ark727 of God:430 and Ahio283 went1980 before6440 the ark.727

5  And David1732 and all3605 the house1004 of Israel3478 played7832 before6440 the LORD3068 on all3605 manner of instruments made of fir1265 wood,6086 even on harps,3658 and on psalteries,5035 and on timbrels,8596 and on cornets,4517 and on cymbals.6767

6  And when they came935 to5704 Nachon's5225 threshingfloor,1637 Uzzah5798 put forth7971 his hand to413 the ark727 of God,430 and took hold270 of it; for3588 the oxen1241 shook8058 it.

7  And the anger639 of the LORD3068 was kindled2734 against Uzzah;5798 and God430 smote5221 him there8033 for5921 his error;7944 and there8033 he died4191 by5973 the ark727 of God.430

8  And David1732 was displeased,2734 because5921 834 the LORD3068 had made6555 a breach6556 upon Uzzah:5798 and he called the name7121 of the1931 place4725 Perez-uzzah6560 to5704 this2088 day.3117

9  And David1732 was afraid3372 of 853 the LORD3068 that1931 day,3117 and said,559 How349 shall the ark727 of the LORD3068 come935 to413 me?

10  So David1732 would14 not3808 remove5493 853 the ark727 of the LORD3068 unto413 him into5921 the city5892 of David:1732 but David1732 carried it aside5186 into the house1004 of Obed-edom5654 the Gittite.1663

11  And the ark727 of the LORD3068 continued3427 in the house1004 of Obed-edom5654 the Gittite1663 three7969 months:2320 and the LORD3068 blessed1288 853 Obed-edom,5654 and all3605 his household.1004

12  And it was told5046 king4428 David,1732 saying,559 The LORD3068 hath blessed1288 853 the house1004 of Obed-edom,5654 and all3605 that834 pertaineth unto him, because5668 of the ark727 of God.430 So David1732 went1980 and brought up5927 853 the ark727 of God430 from the house4480 1004 of Obed-edom5654 into the city5892 of David1732 with gladness.8057

13  And it was1961 so, that when3588 they that bore5375 the ark727 of the LORD3068 had gone6805 six8337 paces,6806 he sacrificed2076 oxen7794 and fatlings.4806

14  And David1732 danced3769 before6440 the LORD3068 with all3605 his might;5797 and David1732 was girded2296 with a linen906 ephod.646

15  So David1732 and all3605 the house1004 of Israel3478 brought up5927 853 the ark727 of the LORD3068 with shouting,8643 and with the sound6963 of the trumpet.7782

16  And as1961 the ark727 of the LORD3068 came935 into the city5892 of David,1732 Michal4324 Saul's7586 daughter1323 looked8259 through1157 a window,2474 and saw7200 853 king4428 David1732 leaping6339 and dancing3769 before6440 the LORD;3068 and she despised959 him in her heart.3820

17  And they brought in935 853 the ark727 of the LORD,3068 and set3322 it in his place,4725 in the midst8432 of the tabernacle168 that834 David1732 had pitched5186 for it: and David1732 offered5927 burnt offerings5930 and peace offerings8002 before6440 the LORD.3068

18  And as soon as David1732 had made an end3615 of offering4480 5927 burnt offerings5930 and peace offerings,8002 he blessed1288 853 the people5971 in the name8034 of the LORD3068 of hosts.6635

19  And he dealt2505 among all3605 the people,5971 even among the whole3605 multitude1995 of Israel,3478 as well to5704 the women802 as men,4480 376 to every one376 a259 cake2471 of bread,3899 and a259 good piece829 of flesh, and a259 flagon809 of wine. So all3605 the people5971 departed1980 every one376 to his house.1004

20  Then David1732 returned7725 to bless1288 853 his household.1004 And Michal4324 the daughter1323 of Saul7586 came out3318 to meet7125 David,1732 and said,559 How4100 glorious3513 was the king4428 of Israel3478 today,3117 who834 uncovered himself1540 today3117 in the eyes5869 of the handmaids519 of his servants,5650 as one259 of the vain fellows7386 shamelessly uncovereth himself!1540 1540

21  And David1732 said559 unto413 Michal,4324 It was before6440 the LORD,3068 which834 chose977 me before thy father,4480 1 and before all4480 3605 his house,1004 to appoint6680 me ruler5057 over5921 the people5971 of the LORD,3068 over5921 Israel:3478 therefore will I play7832 before6440 the LORD.3068

22  And I will yet5750 be more vile7043 than thus,4480 2063 and will be1961 base8217 in mine own sight:5869 and of5973 the maidservants519 which834 thou hast spoken559 of, of them shall I be had in honor.3513

23  Therefore Michal4324 the daughter1323 of Saul7586 had1961 no3808 child3206 unto5704 the day3117 of her death.4194

2 Samuel 7: 1-29

1  And it came to pass,1961 when3588 the king4428 sat3427 in his house,1004 and the LORD3068 had given him rest5117 round about4480 5439 from all4480 3605 his enemies;341

2  That the king4428 said559 unto413 Nathan5416 the prophet,5030 See7200 now,4994 I595 dwell3427 in a house1004 of cedar,730 but the ark727 of God430 dwelleth3427 within8432 curtains.3407

3  And Nathan5416 said559 to413 the king,4428 Go,1980 do6213 all3605 that834 is in thine heart;3824 for3588 the LORD3068 is with5973 thee.

4  And it came to pass1961 that1931 night,3915 that the word1697 of the LORD3068 came1961 unto413 Nathan,5416 saying,559

5  Go1980 and tell559 413 my servant5650 David,1732 Thus3541 saith559 the LORD,3068 Shalt thou859 build1129 me a house1004 for me to dwell3427 in?

6  Whereas3588 I have not3808 dwelt3427 in any house1004 since the time4480 3117 that I brought up5927 853 the children1121 of Israel3478 out of Egypt,4480 4714 even to5704 this2088 day,3117 but have1961 walked1980 in a tent168 and in a tabernacle.4908

7  In all3605 the places wherein834 I have walked1980 with all3605 the children1121 of Israel3478 spoke1696 I a word1697 with854 any259 of the tribes7626 of Israel,3478 whom834 I commanded6680 to feed7462 853 my people5971 853 Israel,3478 saying,559 Why4100 build1129 ye not3808 me a house1004 of cedar?730

8  Now6258 therefore3541 so shalt thou say559 unto my servant5650 David,1732 Thus3541 saith559 the LORD3068 of hosts,6635 I589 took3947 thee from4480 the sheepcote,5116 from following4480 310 the sheep,6629 to be1961 ruler5057 over5921 my people,5971 over5921 Israel:3478

9  And I was1961 with5973 thee whithersoever3605 834 thou wentest,1980 and have cut off3772 853 all3605 thine enemies341 out of thy sight,4480 6440 and have made6213 thee a great1419 name,8034 like unto the name8034 of the great1419 men that834 are in the earth.776

10  Moreover I will appoint7760 a place4725 for my people5971 Israel,3478 and will plant5193 them, that they may dwell7931 in a place8478 of their own, and move7264 no3808 more;5750 neither3808 shall the children1121 of wickedness5766 afflict6031 them any more,3254 as834 formerly,7223

11  And as since4480 the time3117 that834 I commanded6680 judges8199 to be over5921 my people5971 Israel,3478 and have caused thee to rest5117 from all4480 3605 thine enemies.341 Also the LORD3068 telleth5046 thee that3588 he will make6213 thee a house.1004

12  And when3588 thy days3117 be fulfilled,4390 and thou shalt sleep7901 with854 thy fathers,1 I will set up6965 853 thy seed2233 after310 thee, which834 shall proceed3318 out of thy bowels,4480 4578 and I will establish3559 853 his kingdom.4467

13  He1931 shall build1129 a house1004 for my name,8034 and I will establish3559 853 the throne3678 of his kingdom4467 forever.5704 5769

14  I589 will be1961 his father,1 and he1931 shall be1961 my son.1121 If834 he commit iniquity,5753 I will chasten3198 him with the rod7626 of men,376 and with the stripes5061 of the children1121 of men:120

15  But my mercy2617 shall not3808 depart away5493 from4480 him, as834 I took5493 it from4480 5973 Saul,7586 whom834 I put away5493 before4480 6440 thee.

16  And thine house1004 and thy kingdom4467 shall be established539 forever5704 5769 before6440 thee: thy throne3678 shall be1961 established3559 forever.5704 5769

17  According to all3605 these428 words,1697 and according to all3605 this2088 vision,2384 so3651 did Nathan5416 speak1696 unto413 David.1732

18  Then went935 king4428 David1732 in, and sat3427 before6440 the LORD,3069 and he said,559 Who4310 am I,595 O Lord136 GOD?3069 and what4310 is my house,1004 that3588 thou hast brought935 me hitherto?5704 1988

19  And this2063 was yet5750 a small6994 thing in thy sight,5869 O Lord136 GOD;3069 but thou hast spoken1696 also1571 of413 thy servant's5650 house1004 for a great while to come.4480 7350 And is this2063 the manner8452 of man,120 O Lord136 GOD?3069

20  And what4100 can David1732 say3254 1696 more5750 unto413 thee? for thou,859 Lord136 GOD,3069 knowest3045 853 thy servant.5650

21  For thy word's sake,5668 1697 and according to thine own heart,3820 hast thou done6213 853 all3605 these2063 great things,1420 to make 853 thy servant5650 know3045 them.

22  Wherefore5921 3651 thou art great,1431 O LORD3068 God:136 for3588 there is none369 like thee,3644 neither369 is there any God430 beside2108 thee, according to all3605 that834 we have heard8085 with our ears.241

23  And what4310 one259 nation1471 in the earth776 is like thy people,5971 even like Israel,3478 whom834 God430 went1980 to redeem6299 for a people5971 to himself, and to make7760 him a name,8034 and to do6213 for you great1420 things and terrible,3372 for thy land,776 before4480 6440 thy people,5971 which834 thou redeemedst6299 to thee from Egypt,4480 4714 from the nations1471 and their gods?430

24  For thou hast confirmed3559 to thyself 853 thy people5971 Israel3478 to be a people5971 unto thee forever:5704 5769 and thou,859 LORD,3068 art become1961 their God.430

25  And now,6258 O LORD3068 God,430 the word1697 that834 thou hast spoken1696 concerning5921 thy servant,5650 and concerning5921 his house,1004 establish6965 it, forever,5704 5769 and do6213 as834 thou hast said.1696

26  And let thy name8034 be magnified1431 forever,5704 5769 saying,559 The LORD3068 of hosts6635 is the God430 over5921 Israel:3478 and let the house1004 of thy servant5650 David1732 be1961 established3559 before6440 thee.

27  For3588 thou,859 O LORD3068 of hosts,6635 God430 of Israel,3478 hast revealed1540 241 to thy servant,5650 saying,559 I will build1129 thee a house:1004 therefore5921 3651 hath thy servant5650 found4672 in 853 his heart3820 to pray6419 853 this2063 prayer8605 unto413 thee.

28  And now,6258 O Lord136 GOD,3069 thou859 art that1931 God,430 and thy words1697 be1961 true,571 and thou hast promised1696 853 this2063 goodness2896 unto413 thy servant:5650

29  Therefore now6258 let it please2794 thee to bless1288 853 the house1004 of thy servant,5650 that it may continue1961 forever5769 before6440 thee: for3588 thou,859 O Lord136 GOD,3069 hast spoken1696 it: and with thy blessing4480 1293 let the house1004 of thy servant5650 be blessed1288 forever.5769

2 Samuel 8: 1-18

1  And after310 this3651 it came to pass,1961 that David1732 smote5221 853 the Philistines,6430 and subdued3665 them: and David1732 took3947 853 Metheg-ammah4965 out of the hand4480 3027 of the Philistines.6430

2  And he smote5221 853 Moab,4124 and measured4058 them with a line,2256 casting them down7901 853 to the ground;776 even with two8147 lines2256 measured4058 he to put to death,4191 and with one full4393 line2256 to keep alive.2421 And so the Moabites4124 became1961 David's1732 servants,5650 and brought5375 gifts.4503

3  David1732 smote5221 also 853 Hadadezer,1909 the son1121 of Rehob,7340 king4428 of Zobah,6678 as he went1980 to recover7725 his border3027 at the river5104 Euphrates.6578

4  And David1732 took3920 from4480 him a thousand505 chariots, and seven7651 hundred3967 horsemen,6571 and twenty6242 thousand505 footmen:376 7273 and David1732 hamstrung6131 853 all3605 the chariot7393 horses, but reserved3498 of4480 them for a hundred3967 chariots.7393

5  And when the Syrians758 of Damascus1834 came935 to succor5826 Hadadezer1909 king4428 of Zobah,6678 David1732 slew5221 of the Syrians758 two8147 and twenty6242 thousand505 men.376

6  Then David1732 put7760 garrisons5333 in Syria758 of Damascus:1834 and the Syrians758 became1961 servants5650 to David,1732 and brought5375 gifts.4503 And the LORD3068 preserved3467 853 David1732 whithersoever3605 834 he went.1980

7  And David1732 took3947 853 the shields7982 of gold2091 that834 were1961 on413 the servants5650 of Hadadezer,1909 and brought935 them to Jerusalem.3389

8  And from Betah,4480 984 and from Berothai,4480 1268 cities5892 of Hadadezer,1909 king4428 David1732 took3947 exceeding3966 much7235 brass.5178

9  When Toi8583 king4428 of Hamath2574 heard8085 that3588 David1732 had smitten5221 853 all3605 the host2428 of Hadadezer,1909

10  Then Toi8583 sent7971 853 Joram3141 his son1121 unto413 king4428 David,1732 to salute7592 7965 him, and to bless1288 him, because5921 834 he had fought3898 against Hadadezer,1909 and smitten5221 him: for3588 Hadadezer1909 had1961 wars4421 with Toi.8583 And Joram brought1961 with3027 him vessels3627 of silver,3701 and vessels3627 of gold,2091 and vessels3627 of brass:5178

11  Which also1571 king4428 David1732 did dedicate6942 unto the LORD,3068 with5973 the silver3701 and gold2091 that834 he had dedicated6942 of all4480 3605 nations1471 which834 he subdued;3533

12  Of Syria,4480 758 and of Moab,4480 4124 and of the children4480 1121 of Ammon,5983 and of the Philistines,4480 6430 and of Amalek,4480 6002 and of the spoil4480 7998 of Hadadezer,1909 son1121 of Rehob,7340 king4428 of Zobah.6678

13  And David1732 got6213 him a name8034 when he returned7725 from smiting4480 5221 of 853 the Syrians758 in the valley1516 of salt,4417 being eighteen8083 6240 thousand505 men.

14  And he put7760 garrisons5333 in Edom;123 throughout all3605 Edom123 put7760 he garrisons,5333 and all3605 they of Edom123 became1961 David's1732 servants.5650 And the LORD3068 preserved3467 853 David1732 whithersoever3605 834 he went.1980

15  And David1732 reigned4427 over5921 all3605 Israel;3478 and David1732 executed6213 judgment4941 and justice6666 unto all3605 his people.5971

16  And Joab3097 the son1121 of Zeruiah6870 was over5921 the host;6635 and Jehoshaphat3092 the son1121 of Ahilud286 was recorder;2142

17  And Zadok6659 the son1121 of Ahitub,285 and Ahimelech288 the son1121 of Abiathar,54 were the priests;3548 and Seraiah8304 was the scribe;5608

18  And Benaiah1141 the son1121 of Jehoiada3077 was over both the Cherethites3774 and the Pelethites;6432 and David's1732 sons1121 were1961 chief rulers.3548

2 Samuel 9: 1-13

1  And David1732 said,559 Is there3426 yet5750 any834 that is left3498 of the house1004 of Saul,7586 that I may show6213 5973 him kindness2617 for Jonathan's3129 sake?5668

2  And there was of the house1004 of Saul7586 a servant5650 whose name8034 was Ziba.6717 And when they had called7121 him unto413 David,1732 the king4428 said559 unto413 him, Art thou859 Ziba?6717 And he said,559 Thy servant5650 is he.

3  And the king4428 said,559 Is there not657 yet5750 any376 of the house1004 of Saul,7586 that I may show6213 the kindness2617 of God430 unto5973 him? And Ziba6717 said559 unto413 the king,4428 Jonathan3083 hath yet5750 a son,1121 which is lame5223 on his feet.7272

4  And the king4428 said559 unto him, Where375 is he?1931 And Ziba6717 said559 unto413 the king,4428 Behold,2009 he1931 is in the house1004 of Machir,4353 the son1121 of Ammiel,5988 in Lo-debar.3810

5  Then king4428 David1732 sent,7971 and fetched3947 him out of the house4480 1004 of Machir,4353 the son1121 of Ammiel,5988 from Lo-debar.4480 3810

6  Now when Mephibosheth,4648 the son1121 of Jonathan,3083 the son1121 of Saul,7586 was come935 unto413 David,1732 he fell5307 on5921 his face,6440 and did reverence.7812 And David1732 said,559 Mephibosheth.4648 And he answered,559 Behold2009 thy servant!5650

7  And David1732 said559 unto him, Fear3372 not:408 for3588 I will surely show6213 6213 5973 thee kindness2617 for Jonathan3083 thy father's1 sake,5668 and will restore7725 thee 853 all3605 the land7704 of Saul7586 thy father;1 and thou859 shalt eat398 bread3899 at5921 my table7979 continually.8548

8  And he bowed himself,7812 and said,559 What4100 is thy servant,5650 that3588 thou shouldest look6437 upon413 such834 a dead4191 dog3611 as I3644 am?

9  Then the king4428 called7121 to413 Ziba,6717 Saul's7586 servant,5288 and said559 unto413 him, I have given5414 unto thy master's113 son1121 all3605 that834 pertained1961 to Saul7586 and to all3605 his house.1004

10  Thou859 therefore, and thy sons,1121 and thy servants,5650 shall till5647 853 the land127 for him, and thou shalt bring935 in the fruits, that thy master's113 son1121 may have1961 food3899 to eat:398 but Mephibosheth4648 thy master's113 son1121 shall eat398 bread3899 always8548 at5921 my table.7979 Now Ziba6717 had fifteen2568 6240 sons1121 and twenty6242 servants.5650

11  Then said559 Ziba6717 unto413 the king,4428 According to all3605 that834 my lord113 the king4428 hath commanded6680 853 his servant,5650 so3651 shall thy servant5650 do.6213 As for Mephibosheth,4648 said the king, he shall eat398 at5921 my table,7979 as one259 of the king's sons.4480 1121 4428

12  And Mephibosheth4648 had a young6996 son,1121 whose name8034 was Micha.4316 And all3605 that dwelt4186 in the house1004 of Ziba6717 were servants5650 unto Mephibosheth.4648

13  So Mephibosheth4648 dwelt3427 in Jerusalem:3389 for3588 he1931 did eat398 continually8548 at5921 the king's4428 table;7979 and was lame6455 on both8147 his feet.7272

2 Samuel 10: 1-19

1  And it came to pass1961 after310 this,3651 that the king4428 of the children1121 of Ammon5983 died,4191 and Hanun2586 his son1121 reigned4427 in his stead.8478

2  Then said559 David,1732 I will show6213 kindness2617 unto5973 Hanun2586 the son1121 of Nahash,5176 as834 his father1 showed6213 kindness2617 unto5973 me. And David1732 sent7971 to comfort5162 him by the hand3027 of his servants5650 for413 his father.1 And David's1732 servants5650 came935 into the land776 of the children1121 of Ammon.5983

3  And the princes8269 of the children1121 of Ammon5983 said559 unto413 Hanun2586 their lord,113 Thinkest5869 thou that David1732 doth honor3513 853 thy father,1 that3588 he hath sent7971 comforters5162 unto thee? hath not3808 David1732 rather sent7971 853 his servants5650 unto413 thee, to5668 search2713 853 the city,5892 and to spy it out,7270 and to overthrow2015 it?

4  Wherefore Hanun2586 took3947 David's1732 853 servants,5650 and shaved off1548 the 853 one half2677 of their beards,2206 and cut off3772 853 their garments4063 in the middle,2677 even to5704 their buttocks,8357 and sent them away.7971

5  When they told5046 it unto David,1732 he sent7971 to meet7125 them, because3588 the men376 were1961 greatly3966 ashamed:3637 and the king4428 said,559 Tarry3427 at Jericho3405 until5704 your beards2206 be grown,6779 and then return.7725

6  And when the children1121 of Ammon5983 saw7200 that3588 they stank887 before David,1732 the children1121 of Ammon5983 sent7971 and hired7936 853 the Syrians758 of Beth-rehob,1050 and the Syrians758 of Zoba,6678 twenty6242 thousand505 footmen,7273 and of king4428 Maacah4601 a thousand505 men,376 and of Ish-tob382 twelve8147 6240 thousand505 men.376

7  And when David1732 heard8085 of it, he sent7971 853 Joab,3097 and all3605 the host6635 of the mighty men.1368

8  And the children1121 of Ammon5983 came out,3318 and put the battle4421 in array6186 at the entering6607 in of the gate:8179 and the Syrians758 of Zoba,6678 and of Rehob,7340 and Ishtob,382 and Maacah,4601 were by themselves905 in the field.7704

9  When Joab3097 saw7200 that3588 the front6440 of the battle4421 was1961 against413 him before4480 6440 and behind,4480 268 he chose977 of all4480 3605 the choice977 men of Israel,3478 and put them in array6186 against7125 the Syrians:758

10  And the rest3499 of the people5971 he delivered5414 into the hand3027 of Abishai52 his brother,251 that he might put them in array6186 against7125 the children1121 of Ammon.5983

11  And he said,559 If518 the Syrians758 be too strong2388 for4480 me, then thou shalt1961 help3444 me: but if518 the children1121 of Ammon5983 be too strong2388 for4480 thee, then I will come1980 and help3467 thee.

12  Be of good courage,2388 and let us play the men2388 for1157 our people,5971 and for1157 the cities5892 of our God:430 and the LORD3068 do6213 that which seemeth5869 him good.2896

13  And Joab3097 drew nigh,5066 and the people5971 that834 were with5973 him, unto the battle4421 against the Syrians:758 and they fled5127 before4480 6440 him.

14  And when the children1121 of Ammon5983 saw7200 that3588 the Syrians758 were fled,5127 then fled5127 they also before4480 6440 Abishai,52 and entered935 into the city.5892 So Joab3097 returned7725 from4480 5921 the children1121 of Ammon,5983 and came935 to Jerusalem.3389

15  And when the Syrians758 saw7200 that3588 they were smitten5062 before6440 Israel,3478 they gathered themselves622 together.3162

16  And Hadarezer1928 sent,7971 and brought out3318 853 the Syrians758 that834 were beyond4480 5676 the river:5104 and they came935 to Helam;2431 and Shobach7731 the captain8269 of the host6635 of Hadarezer1928 went before6440 them.

17  And when it was told5046 David,1732 he gathered all Israel together,622 853 3605 3478 and passed over5674 853 Jordan,3383 and came935 to Helam.2431 And the Syrians758 set themselves in array6186 against7125 David,1732 and fought3898 with5973 him.

18  And the Syrians758 fled5127 before4480 6440 Israel;3478 and David1732 slew2026 the men of seven7651 hundred3967 chariots7393 of the Syrians,4480 758 and forty705 thousand505 horsemen,6571 and smote5221 Shobach7731 the captain8269 of their host,6635 who died4191 there.8033

19  And when all3605 the kings4428 that were servants5650 to Hadarezer1928 saw7200 that3588 they were smitten5062 before6440 Israel,3478 they made peace7999 with854 Israel,3478 and served5647 them. So the Syrians758 feared3372 to help3467 853 the children1121 of Ammon5983 any more.5750

2 Samuel 11: 1-27

1  And it came to pass,1961 after the year8141 was expired,8666 at the time6256 when kings4428 go forth3318 to battle, that David1732 sent7971 853 Joab,3097 and his servants5650 with5973 him, and all3605 Israel;3478 and they destroyed7843 853 the children1121 of Ammon,5983 and besieged6696 5921 Rabbah.7237 But David1732 tarried3427 still at Jerusalem.3389

2  And it came to pass1961 in an eveningtide,6256 6153 that David1732 arose6965 from off4480 5921 his bed,4904 and walked1980 upon5921 the roof1406 of the king's4428 house:1004 and from4480 5921 the roof1406 he saw7200 a woman802 washing7364 herself; and the woman802 was very3966 beautiful2896 to look4758 upon.

3  And David1732 sent7971 and inquired1875 after the woman.802 And one said,559 Is not3808 this2063 Bath-sheba,1339 the daughter1323 of Eliam,463 the wife802 of Uriah223 the Hittite?2850

4  And David1732 sent7971 messengers,4397 and took3947 her; and she came935 in unto413 him, and he lay7901 with her;5973 for she1931 was purified6942 from her uncleanness:4480 2932 and she returned7725 unto413 her house.1004

5  And the woman802 conceived,2029 and sent7971 and told5046 David,1732 and said,559 I595 am with child.2030

6  And David1732 sent7971 to413 Joab,3097 saying, Send7971 413 me 853 Uriah223 the Hittite.2850 And Joab3097 sent7971 853 Uriah223 to413 David.1732

7  And when Uriah223 was come935 unto413 him, David1732 demanded7592 of him how Joab3097 did,7965 and how the people5971 did,7965 and how the war4421 prospered.7965

8  And David1732 said559 to Uriah,223 Go down3381 to thy house,1004 and wash7364 thy feet.7272 And Uriah223 departed3318 out of the king's house,4480 1004 4428 and there followed3318 310 him a mess4864 of meat from the king.4428

9  But Uriah223 slept7901 at the door6607 of the king's4428 house1004 with854 all3605 the servants5650 of his lord,113 and went3381 not3808 down to413 his house.1004

10  And when they had told5046 David,1732 saying,559 Uriah223 went not down3381 3808 unto413 his house,1004 David1732 said559 unto413 Uriah,223 Camest935 thou859 not3808 from thy journey?4480 1870 why4069 then didst thou not3808 go down3381 unto413 thine house?1004

11  And Uriah223 said559 unto413 David,1732 The ark,727 and Israel,3478 and Judah,3063 abide3427 in tents;5521 and my lord113 Joab,3097 and the servants5650 of my lord,113 are encamped2583 in5921 the open6440 fields;7704 shall I589 then go935 into413 mine house,1004 to eat398 and to drink,8354 and to lie7901 with5973 my wife?802 as thou livest,2416 and as thy soul5315 liveth,2416 I will not do6213 853 this2088 thing.1697

12  And David1732 said559 to413 Uriah,223 Tarry3427 here2088 today3117 also,1571 and tomorrow4279 I will let thee depart.7971 So Uriah223 abode3427 in Jerusalem3389 that1931 day,3117 and the morrow.4480 4283

13  And when David1732 had called7121 him, he did eat398 and drink8354 before6440 him; and he made him drunk:7937 and at even6153 he went out3318 to lie7901 on his bed4904 with5973 the servants5650 of his lord,113 but went3381 not3808 down to413 his house.1004

14  And it came to pass1961 in the morning,1242 that David1732 wrote3789 a letter5612 to413 Joab,3097 and sent7971 it by the hand3027 of Uriah.223

15  And he wrote3789 in the letter,5612 saying,559 Set3051 ye 853 Uriah223 in413 the forefront4136 6440 of the hottest2389 battle,4421 and retire7725 ye from4480 310 him, that he may be smitten,5221 and die.4191

16  And it came to pass,1961 when Joab3097 observed8104 413 the city,5892 that he assigned5414 853 Uriah223 unto413 a place4725 where834 8033 he knew3045 that3588 valiant2428 men376 were.

17  And the men376 of the city5892 went out,3318 and fought3898 with854 Joab:3097 and there fell5307 some of4480 the people5971 of the servants4480 5650 of David;1732 and Uriah223 the Hittite2850 died4191 also.1571

18  Then Joab3097 sent7971 and told5046 David1732 853 all3605 the things1697 concerning the war;4421

19  And charged6680 853 the messenger,4397 saying,559 When thou hast made an end3615 of telling1696 the matters1697 of the war4421 unto413 the king,4428

20  And if518 so be1961 that the king's4428 wrath2534 arise,5927 and he say559 unto thee, Wherefore4069 approached5066 ye so nigh unto413 the city5892 when ye did fight?3898 knew3045 ye not3808 that834 they would shoot3384 from4480 5921 the wall?2346

21  Who4310 smote5221 853 Abimelech40 the son1121 of Jerubbesheth?3380 did not3808 a woman802 cast7993 a piece6400 of a millstone7393 upon5921 him from4480 5921 the wall,2346 that he died4191 in Thebez?8405 why4100 went ye nigh5066 413 the wall?2346 then say559 thou, Thy servant5650 Uriah223 the Hittite2850 is dead4191 also.1571

22  So the messenger4397 went,1980 and came935 and showed5046 David1732 853 all3605 that834 Joab3097 had sent7971 him for.

23  And the messenger4397 said559 unto413 David,1732 Surely3588 the men376 prevailed1396 against5921 us, and came out3318 unto413 us into the field,7704 and we were1961 upon5921 them even unto5704 the entering6607 of the gate.8179

24  And the shooters3384 shot3384 from off4480 5921 the wall2346 upon413 thy servants;5650 and some of the king's servants4480 5650 4428 be dead,4191 and thy servant5650 Uriah223 the Hittite2850 is dead4191 also.1571

25  Then David1732 said559 unto413 the messenger,4397 Thus3541 shalt thou say559 unto413 Joab,3097 Let not408 853 this2088 thing1697 displease3415 5869 thee, for3588 the sword2719 devoureth398 one2088 as well as another:2090 make thy battle4421 more strong2388 against413 the city,5892 and overthrow2040 it: and encourage2388 thou him.

26  And when the wife802 of Uriah223 heard8085 that3588 Uriah223 her husband376 was dead,4191 she mourned5594 for5921 her husband.1167

27  And when the mourning60 was past,5674 David1732 sent7971 and fetched622 her to413 his house,1004 and she became1961 his wife,802 and bore3205 him a son.1121 But the thing1697 that834 David1732 had done6213 displeased3415 5869 the LORD.3068

2 Samuel 12: 1-31

1  And the LORD3068 sent7971 853 Nathan5416 unto413 David.1732 And he came935 unto413 him, and said559 unto him, There were1961 two8147 men376 in one259 city;5892 the one259 rich,6223 and the other259 poor.7326

2  The rich6223 man had1961 exceeding3966 many7235 flocks6629 and herds:1241

3  But the poor7326 man had nothing,369 3605 save3588 518 one259 little6996 ewe lamb,3535 which834 he had1961 bought7069 and nourished up:2421 and it grew up1431 together3162 with5973 him, and with5973 his children;1121 it did eat398 of his own meat,4480 6595 and drank8354 of his own cup,4480 3563 and lay7901 in his bosom,2436 and was1961 unto him as a daughter.1323

4  And there came935 a traveler1982 unto the rich6223 man,376 and he spared2550 to take3947 of his own flock4480 6629 and of his own herd,4480 1241 to dress6213 for the wayfaring man732 that was come935 unto him; but took3947 the poor7326 man's376 853 lamb,3535 and dressed6213 it for the man376 that was come935 to413 him.

5  And David's1732 anger639 was greatly3966 kindled2734 against the man;376 and he said559 to413 Nathan,5416 As the LORD3068 liveth,2416 the man376 that hath done6213 this2063 thing shall surely die:3588 1121 4194

6  And he shall restore7999 the lamb3535 fourfold,706 because6118 834 he did6213 853 this2088 thing,1697 and because5921 834 he had no3808 pity.2550

7  And Nathan5416 said559 to413 David,1732 Thou859 art the man.376 Thus3541 saith559 the LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 I595 anointed4886 thee king4428 over5921 Israel,3478 and I595 delivered5337 thee out of the hand4480 3027 of Saul;7586

8  And I gave5414 thee 853 thy master's113 house,1004 and thy master's113 wives802 into thy bosom,2436 and gave5414 thee 853 the house1004 of Israel3478 and of Judah;3063 and if518 that had been too little,4592 I would moreover have given3254 unto thee such2007 and such2007 things.

9  Wherefore4069 hast thou despised959 853 the commandment1697 of the LORD,3068 to do6213 evil7451 in his sight?5869 thou hast killed5221 853 Uriah223 the Hittite2850 with the sword,2719 and hast taken3947 his wife802 to be thy wife,802 and hast slain2026 him with the sword2719 of the children1121 of Ammon.5983

10  Now6258 therefore the sword2719 shall never3808 5704 5769 depart5493 from thine house;4480 1004 because6118 3588 thou hast despised959 me, and hast taken3947 853 the wife802 of Uriah223 the Hittite2850 to be1961 thy wife.802

11  Thus3541 saith559 the LORD,3068 Behold,2009 I will raise up6965 evil7451 against5921 thee out of thine own house,4480 1004 and I will take3947 853 thy wives802 before thine eyes,5869 and give5414 them unto thy neighbor,7453 and he shall lie7901 with5973 thy wives802 in the sight5869 of this2063 sun.8121

12  For3588 thou859 didst6213 it secretly:5643 but I589 will do6213 853 this2088 thing1697 before5048 all3605 Israel,3478 and before5048 the sun.8121

13  And David1732 said559 unto413 Nathan,5416 I have sinned2398 against the LORD.3068 And Nathan5416 said559 unto413 David,1732 The LORD3068 also1571 hath put away5674 thy sin;2403 thou shalt not3808 die.4191

14  Howbeit,657 because3588 by this2088 deed1697 thou hast given great occasion5006 853 to the enemies341 of the LORD3068 to blaspheme,5006 the child1121 also1571 that is born3209 unto thee shall surely die.4191 4191

15  And Nathan5416 departed1980 unto413 his house.1004 And the LORD3068 struck5062 853 the child3206 that834 Uriah's223 wife802 bore3205 unto David,1732 and it was very sick.605

16  David1732 therefore besought1245 853 God430 for1157 the child;5288 and David1732 fasted,6684 6685 and went935 in, and lay7901 all3605 night3885 upon the earth.776

17  And the elders2205 of his house1004 arose,6965 and went to5921 him, to raise him up6965 from4480 the earth:776 but he would14 not,3808 neither3808 did he eat1262 bread3899 with854 them.

18  And it came to pass1961 on the seventh7637 day,3117 that the child3206 died.4191 And the servants5650 of David1732 feared3372 to tell5046 him that3588 the child3206 was dead:4191 for3588 they said,559 Behold,2009 while the child3206 was1961 yet alive,2416 we spoke1696 unto413 him, and he would not3808 hearken8085 unto our voice:6963 how349 will he then vex6213 7451 himself, if we tell559 413 him that the child3206 is dead?4191

19  But when David1732 saw7200 that3588 his servants5650 whispered,3907 David1732 perceived995 that3588 the child3206 was dead:4191 therefore David1732 said559 unto413 his servants,5650 Is the child3206 dead?4191 And they said,559 He is dead.4191

20  Then David1732 arose6965 from the earth,4480 776 and washed,7364 and anointed5480 himself, and changed2498 his apparel,8071 and came935 into the house1004 of the LORD,3068 and worshiped:7812 then he came935 to413 his own house;1004 and when he required,7592 they set7760 bread3899 before him, and he did eat.398

21  Then said559 his servants5650 unto413 him, What4100 thing1697 is this2088 that834 thou hast done?6213 thou didst fast6684 and weep1058 for the child,3206 while5668 it was alive;2416 but when834 the child3206 was dead,4191 thou didst rise6965 and eat398 bread.3899

22  And he said,559 While the child3206 was yet5750 alive,2416 I fasted6684 and wept:1058 for3588 I said,559 Who4310 can tell3045 whether GOD3068 will be gracious2603 to me, that the child3206 may live?2416

23  But now6258 he is dead,4191 wherefore4100 2088 should I589 fast?6684 can3201 I bring him back7725 again?5750 I589 shall go1980 to413 him, but he1931 shall not3808 return7725 to413 me.

24  And David1732 comforted5162 853 Bath-sheba1339 his wife,802 and went935 in unto413 her, and lay7901 with5973 her: and she bore3205 a son,1121 and he called7121 853 his name8034 Solomon:8010 and the LORD3068 loved157 him.

25  And he sent7971 by the hand3027 of Nathan5416 the prophet;5030 and he called7121 853 his name8034 Jedidiah,3041 because5668 of the LORD.3068

26  And Joab3097 fought3898 against Rabbah7237 of the children1121 of Ammon,5983 and took3920 853 the royal4410 city.5892

27  And Joab3097 sent7971 messengers4397 to413 David,1732 and said,559 I have fought3898 against Rabbah,7237 and1571 have taken3920 853 the city5892 of waters.4325

28  Now6258 therefore gather622 853 the rest3499 of the people5971 together, and encamp2583 against5921 the city,5892 and take3920 it: lest6435 I589 take3920 853 the city,5892 and it be called7121 after5921 my name.8034

29  And David1732 gathered622 853 all3605 the people5971 together, and went1980 to Rabbah,7237 and fought3898 against it, and took3920 it.

30  And he took3947 853 their king's4428 crown5850 from off4480 5921 his head,7218 the weight4948 whereof was a talent3603 of gold2091 with the precious3368 stones:68 and it was1961 set on5921 David's1732 head.7218 And he brought forth3318 the spoil7998 of the city5892 in great3966 abundance.7235

31  And he brought forth3318 the people5971 that834 were therein, and put7760 them under saws,4050 and under harrows2757 of iron,1270 and under axes4037 of iron,1270 and made them pass through5674 853 the brickkiln:4404 and thus3651 did6213 he unto all3605 the cities5892 of the children1121 of Ammon.5983 So David1732 and all3605 the people5971 returned7725 unto Jerusalem.3389

2 Samuel 13: 1-39

1  And it came to pass1961 after310 this,3651 that Absalom53 the son1121 of David1732 had a fair3303 sister,269 whose name8034 was Tamar;8559 and Amnon550 the son1121 of David1732 loved157 her.

2  And Amnon550 was so vexed,6887 that he fell sick2470 for5668 his sister269 Tamar;8559 for3588 she1931 was a virgin;1330 and Amnon550 thought5869 it hard6381 for him to do6213 any thing3972 to her.

3  But Amnon550 had a friend,7453 whose name8034 was Jonadab,3122 the son1121 of Shimeah8093 David's1732 brother:251 and Jonadab3122 was a very3966 subtle2450 man.376

4  And he said559 unto him, Why4069 art thou,859 being the king's4428 son,1121 lean3602 1800 from day1242 to day?1242 wilt thou not3808 tell5046 me? And Amnon550 said559 unto him, I589 love157 853 Tamar,8559 my brother251 Absalom's53 sister.269

5  And Jonadab3122 said559 unto him, Lay thee down7901 on5921 thy bed,4904 and make thyself sick:2470 and when thy father1 cometh935 to see7200 thee, say559 unto413 him, I pray thee,4994 let my sister269 Tamar8559 come,935 and give1262 me meat,3899 and dress6213 853 the meat1279 in my sight,5869 that4616 834 I may see7200 it, and eat398 it at her hand.4480 3027

6  So Amnon550 lay down,7901 and made himself sick:2470 and when the king4428 was come935 to see7200 him, Amnon550 said559 unto413 the king,4428 I pray thee,4994 let Tamar8559 my sister269 come,935 and make3823 me a couple8147 of cakes3834 in my sight,5869 that I may eat1262 at her hand.4480 3027

7  Then David1732 sent7971 home1004 to413 Tamar,8559 saying,559 Go1980 now4994 to thy brother251 Amnon's550 house,1004 and dress6213 him meat.1279

8  So Tamar8559 went1980 to her brother251 Amnon's550 house;1004 and he1931 was laid down.7901 And she took3947 853 flour,1217 and kneaded3888 it, and made cakes3823 in his sight,5869 and did bake1310 853 the cakes.3834

9  And she took3947 853 a pan,4958 and poured them out3332 before6440 him; but he refused3985 to eat.398 And Amnon550 said,559 Have out3318 all3605 men376 from4480 5921 me. And they went out3318 every3605 man376 from4480 5921 him.

10  And Amnon550 said559 unto413 Tamar,8559 Bring935 the meat1279 into the chamber,2315 that I may eat1262 of thine hand.4480 3027 And Tamar8559 took3947 853 the cakes3834 which834 she had made,6213 and brought935 them into the chamber2315 to Amnon550 her brother.251

11  And when she had brought5066 them unto413 him to eat,398 he took hold2388 of her, and said559 unto her, Come935 lie7901 with5973 me, my sister.269

12  And she answered559 him, Nay,408 my brother,251 do not408 force6031 me; for3588 no3808 such thing3651 ought to be done6213 in Israel:3478 do6213 not408 thou 853 this2063 folly.5039

13  And I,589 whither575 shall I cause 853 my shame2781 to go?1980 and as for thee,859 thou shalt be1961 as one259 of the fools5036 in Israel.3478 Now6258 therefore, I pray thee,4994 speak1696 unto413 the king;4428 for3588 he will not3808 withhold4513 me from4480 thee.

14  Howbeit he would14 not3808 hearken8085 unto her voice:6963 but, being stronger2388 than she, forced6031 her, and lay with7901 her.

15  Then Amnon550 hated8130 her exceedingly;8135 1419 3966 so that3588 the hatred8135 wherewith834 he hated8130 her was greater1419 than the love4480 160 wherewith834 he had loved157 her. And Amnon550 said559 unto her, Arise,6965 be gone.1980

16  And she said559 unto him, There is no408 cause:182 this2063 evil7451 in sending me away7971 is greater1419 than the other4480 312 that834 thou didst6213 unto5973 me. But he would14 not3808 hearken8085 unto her.

17  Then he called7121 853 his servant5288 that ministered8334 unto him, and said,559 Put7971 now4994 853 this2063 woman out from me,4480 5921 2351 and bolt5274 the door1817 after310 her.

18  And she had a garment3801 of divers colors6446 upon5921 her: for3588 with such3651 robes4598 were the king's4428 daughters1323 that were virgins1330 appareled.3847 Then his servant8334 brought3318 her out,2351 and bolted5274 the door1817 after310 her.

19  And Tamar8559 put3947 ashes665 on5921 her head,7218 and rent7167 her garment3801 of divers colors6446 that834 was on5921 her, and laid7760 her hand3027 on5921 her head,7218 and went on1980 1980 crying.2199

20  And Absalom53 her brother251 said559 unto413 her, Hath Amnon550 thy brother251 been1961 with5973 thee? but hold2790 now6258 thy peace, my sister:269 he1931 is thy brother;251 regard7896 853 3820 not408 this2088 thing.1697 So Tamar8559 remained3427 desolate8074 in her brother251 Absalom's53 house.1004

21  But when king4428 David1732 heard8085 of 853 all3605 these428 things,1697 he was very3966 wroth.2734

22  And Absalom53 spoke1696 unto5973 his brother Amnon550 neither3808 good2896 nor5704 bad:4480 7451 for3588 Absalom53 hated8130 853 Amnon,550 because5921 1697 834 he had forced6031 853 his sister269 Tamar.8559

23  And it came to pass1961 after two full years,8141 3117 that Absalom53 had1961 sheepshearers1494 in Baal-hazor,1178 which834 is beside5973 Ephraim:669 and Absalom53 invited7121 all3605 the king's4428 sons.1121

24  And Absalom53 came935 to413 the king,4428 and said,559 Behold2009 now,4994 thy servant5650 hath sheepshearers;1494 let the king,4428 I beseech thee,4994 and his servants5650 go1980 with5973 thy servant.5650

25  And the king4428 said559 to413 Absalom,53 Nay,408 my son,1121 let us not408 all3605 now4994 go,1980 lest3808 we be chargeable3513 unto5921 thee. And he pressed6555 him: howbeit he would14 not3808 go,1980 but blessed1288 him.

26  Then said559 Absalom,53 If not,3808 I pray thee,4994 let my brother251 Amnon550 go1980 with854 us. And the king4428 said559 unto him, Why4100 should he go1980 with5973 thee?

27  But Absalom53 pressed6555 him, that he let 853 Amnon550 and all3605 the king's4428 sons1121 go7971 with854 him.

28  Now Absalom53 had commanded6680 853 his servants,5288 saying,559 Mark7200 ye now4994 when Amnon's550 heart3820 is merry2895 with wine,3196 and when I say559 unto413 you, Smite5221 853 Amnon;550 then kill4191 him, fear3372 not:408 have not3808 I595 commanded6680 you? be courageous,2388 and be1961 valiant.1121 2428

29  And the servants5288 of Absalom53 did6213 unto Amnon550 as834 Absalom53 had commanded.6680 Then all3605 the king's4428 sons1121 arose,6965 and every man376 got him up7392 upon5921 his mule,6505 and fled.5127

30  And it came to pass,1961 while they1992 were in the way,1870 that tidings8052 came935 to413 David,1732 saying,559 Absalom53 hath slain5221 853 all3605 the king's4428 sons,1121 and there is not3808 one259 of4480 them left.3498

31  Then the king4428 arose,6965 and tore7167 853 his garments,899 and lay7901 on the earth;776 and all3605 his servants5650 stood by5324 with their clothes899 rent.7167

32  And Jonadab,3122 the son1121 of Shimeah8093 David's1732 brother,251 answered6030 and said,559 Let not408 my lord113 suppose559 that they have slain4191 853 all3605 the young men5288 the king's4428 sons;1121 for3588 Amnon550 only905 is dead:4191 for3588 by5921 the appointment6310 of Absalom53 this hath been1961 determined7760 from the day4480 3117 that he forced6031 853 his sister269 Tamar.8559

33  Now6258 therefore let not408 my lord113 the king4428 take7760 the thing1697 to413 his heart,3820 to think559 that all3605 the king's4428 sons1121 are dead:4191 for3588 518 Amnon550 only905 is dead.4191

34  But Absalom53 fled.1272 And the young man5288 that kept the watch6822 lifted up5375 853 his eyes,5869 and looked,7200 and, behold,2009 there came1980 much7227 people5971 by the way4480 1870 of the hill side4480 6654 2022 behind310 him.

35  And Jonadab3122 said559 unto413 the king,4428 Behold,2009 the king's4428 sons1121 come:935 as thy servant5650 said,1697 so3651 it is.1961

36  And it came to pass,1961 as soon as he had made an end3615 of speaking,1696 that, behold,2009 the king's4428 sons1121 came,935 and lifted up5375 their voice6963 and wept:1058 and the king4428 also1571 and all3605 his servants5650 wept1058 very3966 sore.1419

37  But Absalom53 fled,1272 and went1980 to413 Talmai,8526 the son1121 of Ammihud,5989 king4428 of Geshur.1650 And David mourned56 for5921 his son1121 every3605 day.3117

38  So Absalom53 fled,1272 and went1980 to Geshur,1650 and was1961 there8033 three7969 years.8141

39  And the soul of king4428 David1732 longed3615 to go forth3318 unto413 Absalom:53 for3588 he was comforted5162 concerning5921 Amnon,550 seeing3588 he was dead.4191

2 Samuel 14: 1-33

1  Now Joab3097 the son1121 of Zeruiah6870 perceived3045 that3588 the king's4428 heart3820 was toward5921 Absalom.53

2  And Joab3097 sent7971 to Tekoah,8620 and fetched3947 thence4480 8033 a wise2450 woman,802 and said559 unto413 her, I pray thee,4994 feign thyself to be a mourner,56 and put on3847 now4994 mourning60 apparel,899 and anoint5480 not408 thyself with oil,8081 but be1961 as a woman802 that2088 had a long7227 time3117 mourned56 for5921 the dead:4191

3  And come935 to413 the king,4428 and speak1696 on413 this2088 manner1697 unto413 him. So Joab3097 put7760 853 the words1697 in her mouth.6310

4  And when the woman802 of Tekoah8621 spoke559 to413 the king,4428 she fell5307 on5921 her face639 to the ground,776 and did obeisance,7812 and said,559 Help,3467 O king.4428

5  And the king4428 said559 unto her, What4100 aileth thee? And she answered,559 I589 am indeed61 a widow490 woman,802 and mine husband376 is dead.4191

6  And thy handmaid8198 had two8147 sons,1121 and they two8147 strove together5327 in the field,7704 and there was none369 to part5337 996 them, but the one259 smote5221 853 the other,259 and slew4191 him.

7  And, behold,2009 the whole3605 family4940 is risen6965 against5921 thine handmaid,8198 and they said,559 Deliver5414 853 him that smote5221 his brother,251 that we may kill4191 him, for the life5315 of his brother251 whom834 he slew;2026 and we will destroy8045 853 the heir3423 also:1571 and so they shall quench3518 853 my coal1513 which834 is left,7604 and shall not1115 leave7604 to my husband376 neither name8034 nor remainder7611 upon5921 6440 the earth.127

8  And the king4428 said559 unto413 the woman,802 Go1980 to thine house,1004 and I589 will give charge6680 concerning5921 thee.

9  And the woman802 of Tekoah8621 said559 unto413 the king,4428 My lord,113 O king,4428 the iniquity5771 be on5921 me, and on5921 my father's1 house:1004 and the king4428 and his throne3678 be guiltless.5355

10  And the king4428 said,559 Whosoever saith1696 aught unto413 thee, bring935 him to413 me, and he shall not3808 touch5060 thee any3254 more.5750

11  Then said559 she, I pray thee,4994 let the king4428 remember2142 853 the LORD3068 thy God,430 that thou wouldest not3808 suffer the revengers1350 of blood1818 to destroy7843 any more,7235 lest they destroy8045 853 my son.1121 And he said,559 As the LORD3068 liveth,2416 there shall not518 one hair4480 8185 of thy son1121 fall5307 to the earth.776

12  Then the woman802 said,559 Let thine handmaid,8198 I pray thee,4994 speak1696 one word1697 unto413 my lord113 the king.4428 And he said,559 Say on.1696

13  And the woman802 said,559 Wherefore4100 then hast thou thought2803 such2063 a thing against5921 the people5971 of God?430 for the king4428 doth speak4480 1696 this2088 thing1697 as one which is faulty,818 in that the king4428 doth not1115 fetch home again7725 853 his banished.5080

14  For3588 we must needs die,4191 4191 and are as water4325 spilt5064 on the ground,776 which834 cannot3808 be gathered up622 again; neither3808 doth God430 respect5375 any person:5315 yet doth he devise2803 means,4284 that his banished5080 be not expelled5080 from4480 him.

15  Now6258 therefore that834 I am come935 to speak1696 of 853 this2088 thing1697 unto413 my lord113 the king,4428 it is because3588 the people5971 have made me afraid:3372 and thy handmaid8198 said,559 I will now4994 speak1696 unto413 the king;4428 it may be194 that the king4428 will perform6213 853 the request1697 of his handmaid.519

16  For3588 the king4428 will hear,8085 to deliver5337 853 his handmaid519 out of the hand4480 3709 of the man376 that would destroy8045 me and my son1121 together3162 out of the inheritance4480 5159 of God.430

17  Then thine handmaid8198 said,559 The word1697 of my lord113 the king4428 shall now4994 be1961 comfortable:4496 for3588 as an angel4397 of God,430 so3651 is my lord113 the king4428 to discern8085 good2896 and bad:7451 therefore the LORD3068 thy God430 will be1961 with5973 thee.

18  Then the king4428 answered6030 and said559 unto413 the woman,802 Hide3582 not408 from4480 me, I pray thee,4994 the thing1697 that834 I595 shall ask7592 thee. And the woman802 said,559 Let my lord113 the king4428 now4994 speak.1696

19  And the king4428 said,559 Is not the hand3027 of Joab3097 with854 thee in all3605 this?2063 And the woman802 answered6030 and said,559 As thy soul5315 liveth,2416 my lord113 the king,4428 none can turn518 786 to the right3231 hand or to the left8041 from aught4480 3605 that834 my lord113 the king4428 hath spoken:1696 for3588 thy servant5650 Joab,3097 he1931 bade6680 me, and he1931 put7760 853 all3605 these428 words1697 in the mouth6310 of thine handmaid:8198

20  To5668 fetch about5437 853 this form6440 of speech1697 hath thy servant5650 Joab3097 done6213 853 this2088 thing:1697 and my lord113 is wise,2450 according to the wisdom2451 of an angel4397 of God,430 to know3045 853 all3605 things that834 are in the earth.776

21  And the king4428 said559 unto413 Joab,3097 Behold2009 now,4994 I have done6213 853 this2088 thing:1697 go1980 therefore, bring7725 853 the young man5288 Absalom53 again.

22  And Joab3097 fell5307 to the ground776 on413 his face,6440 and bowed himself,7812 and thanked1288 853 the king:4428 and Joab3097 said,559 Today3117 thy servant5650 knoweth3045 that3588 I have found4672 grace2580 in thy sight,5869 my lord,113 O king,4428 in that834 the king4428 hath fulfilled6213 853 the request1697 of his servant.5650

23  So Joab3097 arose6965 and went1980 to Geshur,1650 and brought935 853 Absalom53 to Jerusalem.3389

24  And the king4428 said,559 Let him turn5437 to413 his own house,1004 and let him not3808 see7200 my face.6440 So Absalom53 returned5437 to413 his own house,1004 and saw7200 not3808 the king's4428 face.6440

25  But in all3605 Israel3478 there was1961 none3808 376 to be so much3966 praised1984 as Absalom53 for his beauty:3303 from the sole4480 3709 of his foot7272 even to5704 the crown of his head6936 there was1961 no3808 blemish3971 in him.

26  And when he polled1548 853 his head,7218 (for it was1961 at every year's end4480 7093 3117 3117 that834 he polled1548 it: because3588 the hair was heavy3513 on5921 him, therefore he polled1548 it:) he weighed8254 853 the hair8181 of his head7218 at two hundred3967 shekels8255 after the king's4428 weight.68

27  And unto Absalom53 there were born3205 three7969 sons,1121 and one259 daughter,1323 whose name8034 was Tamar:8559 she1931 was1961 a woman802 of a fair3303 countenance.4758

28  So Absalom53 dwelt3427 two full years8141 3117 in Jerusalem,3389 and saw7200 not3808 the king's4428 face.6440

29  Therefore Absalom53 sent7971 for413 Joab,3097 to have sent7971 him to413 the king;4428 but he would14 not3808 come935 to413 him: and when he sent7971 again5750 the second time,8145 he would14 not3808 come.935

30  Therefore he said559 unto413 his servants,5650 See,7200 Joab's3097 field2513 is near413 mine,3027 and he hath barley8184 there;8033 go1980 and set3341 it on fire.784 And Absalom's53 servants5650 set3341 853 the field2513 on fire.784

31  Then Joab3097 arose,6965 and came935 to413 Absalom53 unto his house,1004 and said559 unto413 him, Wherefore4100 have thy servants5650 set3341 853 my field2513 on fire?784

32  And Absalom53 answered559 413 Joab,3097 Behold,2009 I sent7971 unto413 thee, saying,559 Come935 hither,2008 that I may send7971 thee to413 the king,4428 to say,559 Wherefore4100 am I589 come935 from Geshur?4480 1650 it had been good2896 for me to have been there8033 still:5750 now6258 therefore let me see7200 the king's4428 face;6440 and if518 there be3426 any iniquity5771 in me, let him kill4191 me.

33  So Joab3097 came935 to413 the king,4428 and told5046 him: and when he had called7121 for413 Absalom,53 he came935 to413 the king,4428 and bowed7812 himself on5921 his face639 to the ground776 before6440 the king:4428 and the king4428 kissed5401 Absalom.53

2 Samuel 15: 1-37

1  And it came to pass1961 after4480 310 this,3651 that Absalom53 prepared6213 him chariots4818 and horses,5483 and fifty2572 men376 to run7323 before6440 him.

2  And Absalom53 rose up early,7925 and stood5975 beside5921 3027 the way1870 of the gate:8179 and it was1961 so, that when any3605 man376 that834 had1961 a controversy7379 came935 to413 the king4428 for judgment,4941 then Absalom53 called7121 unto413 him, and said,559 Of4480 2088 what335 city5892 art thou?859 And he said,559 Thy servant5650 is of one4480 259 of the tribes7626 of Israel.3478

3  And Absalom53 said559 unto413 him, See,7200 thy matters1697 are good2896 and right;5228 but there is no369 man deputed of the king4428 to hear8085 thee.

4  Absalom53 said559 moreover, Oh that4310 I were made7760 judge8199 in the land,776 that every3605 man376 which834 hath1961 any suit7379 or cause4941 might come935 unto5921 me, and I would do him justice!6663

5  And it was1961 so, that when any man376 came nigh7126 to him to do him obeisance,7812 he put forth7971 853 his hand,3027 and took2388 him, and kissed5401 him.

6  And on this2088 manner1697 did6213 Absalom53 to all3605 Israel3478 that834 came935 to413 the king4428 for judgment:4941 so Absalom53 stole1589 853 the hearts3820 of the men376 of Israel.3478

7  And it came to pass1961 after4480 7093 forty705 years,8141 that Absalom53 said559 unto413 the king,4428 I pray thee,4994 let me go1980 and pay7999 853 my vow,5088 which834 I have vowed5087 unto the LORD,3068 in Hebron.2275

8  For3588 thy servant5650 vowed5087 a vow5088 while I abode3427 at Geshur1650 in Syria,758 saying,559 If518 the LORD3068 shall bring me again7725 indeed to Jerusalem,3389 then I will serve5647 853 the LORD.3068

9  And the king4428 said559 unto him, Go1980 in peace.7965 So he arose,6965 and went1980 to Hebron.2275

10  But Absalom53 sent7971 spies7270 throughout all3605 the tribes7626 of Israel,3478 saying,559 As soon as ye hear8085 853 the sound6963 of the trumpet,7782 then ye shall say,559 Absalom53 reigneth4427 in Hebron.2275

11  And with854 Absalom53 went1980 two hundred3967 men376 out of Jerusalem,4480 3389 that were called;7121 and they went1980 in their simplicity,8537 and they knew3045 not3808 any3605 thing.1697

12  And Absalom53 sent7971 for 853 Ahithophel302 the Gilonite,1526 David's1732 counselor,3289 from his city,5892 even from Giloh,4480 1542 while he offered2076 853 sacrifices.2077 And the conspiracy7195 was1961 strong;533 for the people5971 increased7227 continually1980 with854 Absalom.53

13  And there came935 a messenger5046 to413 David,1732 saying,559 The hearts3820 of the men376 of Israel3478 are1961 after310 Absalom.53

14  And David1732 said559 unto all3605 his servants5650 that834 were with854 him at Jerusalem,3389 Arise,6965 and let us flee;1227 for3588 we shall1961 not3808 else escape6413 from4480 6640 Absalom:53 make speed4116 to depart,1980 lest6435 he overtake5381 us suddenly,4116 and bring5080 853 evil7451 upon5921 us, and smite5221 the city5892 with the edge6310 of the sword.2719

15  And the king's4428 servants5650 said559 unto413 the king,4428 Behold,2009 thy servants5650 are ready to do whatsoever834 3605 my lord113 the king4428 shall appoint.977

16  And the king4428 went forth,3318 and all3605 his household1004 after7272 him. And the king4428 left5800 853 ten6235 women,802 which were concubines,6370 to keep8104 the house.1004

17  And the king4428 went forth,3318 and all3605 the people5971 after7272 him, and tarried5975 in a place1004 that was far off.4801

18  And all3605 his servants5650 passed on5674 beside5921 3027 him; and all3605 the Cherethites,3774 and all3605 the Pelethites,6432 and all3605 the Gittites,1663 six8337 hundred3967 men376 which834 came935 after7272 him from Gath,4480 1661 passed on5674 before5921 6440 the king.4428

19  Then said559 the king4428 to413 Ittai863 the Gittite,1663 Wherefore4100 goest1980 thou859 also1571 with854 us? return7725 to thy place,4725 and abide3427 with5973 the king:4428 for3588 thou859 art a stranger,5237 and also1571 an exile.1540

20  Whereas thou camest935 but yesterday,8543 should I this day3117 make thee go up1980 and down5128 with5973 us? seeing I589 go1980 whither5921 834 I589 may,1980 return7725 thou, and take back7725 853 thy brethren:251 mercy2617 and truth571 be with5973 thee.

21  And Ittai863 answered6030 853 the king,4428 and said,559 As the LORD3068 liveth,2416 and as my lord113 the king4428 liveth,2416 surely3588 518 in what834 place4725 my lord113 the king4428 shall be,1961 whether518 in death4194 or518 life,2416 even3588 there8033 also will thy servant5650 be.1961

22  And David1732 said559 to413 Ittai,863 Go1980 and pass over.5674 And Ittai863 the Gittite1663 passed over,5674 and all3605 his men,376 and all3605 the little ones2945 that834 were with854 him.

23  And all3605 the country776 wept1058 with a loud1419 voice,6963 and all3605 the people5971 passed over:5674 the king4428 also himself passed over5674 the brook5158 Kidron,6939 and all3605 the people5971 passed over,5674 toward5921 6440 the way1870 of 853 the wilderness.4057

24  And lo2009 Zadok6659 also,1571 and all3605 the Levites3881 were with854 him, bearing5375 853 the ark727 of the covenant1285 of God:430 and they set down3332 853 the ark727 of God;430 and Abiathar54 went up,5927 until5704 all3605 the people5971 had done8552 passing5674 out of4480 the city.5892

25  And the king4428 said559 unto Zadok,6659 Carry back7725 853 the ark727 of God430 into the city:5892 if518 I shall find4672 favor2580 in the eyes5869 of the LORD,3068 he will bring me again,7725 and show7200 me both it, and his habitation:5116

26  But if518 he thus3541 say,559 I have no3808 delight2654 in thee; behold,2009 here am I, let him do6213 to me as834 seemeth5869 good2896 unto him.

27  The king4428 said559 also unto413 Zadok6659 the priest,3548 Art not thou859 a seer?7200 return7725 into the city5892 in peace,7965 and your two8147 sons1121 with854 you, Ahimaaz290 thy son,1121 and Jonathan3083 the son1121 of Abiathar.54

28  See,7200 I595 will tarry4102 in the plain6160 of the wilderness,4057 until5704 there come935 word1697 from4480 5973 you to certify5046 me.

29  Zadok6659 therefore and Abiathar54 carried7725 853 the ark727 of God430 again to Jerusalem:3389 and they tarried3427 there.8033

30  And David1732 went up5927 by the ascent4608 of mount Olivet,2132 and wept1058 as he went up,5927 and had his head7218 covered,2645 and he1931 went1980 barefoot:3182 and all3605 the people5971 that834 was with854 him covered2645 every man376 his head,7218 and they went up,5927 weeping1058 as they went up.5927

31  And one told5046 David,1732 saying,559 Ahithophel302 is among the conspirators7194 with5973 Absalom.53 And David1732 said,559 O LORD,3068 I pray thee,4994 turn 853 the counsel6098 of Ahithophel302 into foolishness.5528

32  And it came to pass,1961 that when David1732 was come935 to5704 the top7218 of the mount, where834 he worshiped7812 God,430 behold,2009 Hushai2365 the Archite757 came to meet7125 him with his coat3801 rent,7167 and earth127 upon5921 his head:7218

33  Unto whom David1732 said,559 If518 thou passest on5674 with854 me, then thou shalt be1961 a burden4853 unto5921 me:

34  But if518 thou return7725 to the city,5892 and say559 unto Absalom,53 I589 will be1961 thy servant,5650 O king;4428 as I589 have been thy father's1 servant5650 hitherto,4480 227 so will I589 now6258 also be thy servant:5650 then mayest thou for me defeat6565 853 the counsel6098 of Ahithophel.302

35  And hast thou not3808 there8033 with5973 thee Zadok6659 and Abiathar54 the priests?3548 therefore it shall be,1961 that what3605 thing1697 soever834 thou shalt hear8085 out of the king's house,4480 1004 4428 thou shalt tell5046 it to Zadok6659 and Abiathar54 the priests.3548

36  Behold,2009 they have there8033 with5973 them their two8147 sons,1121 Ahimaaz290 Zadok's6659 son, and Jonathan3083 Abiathar's54 son; and by3027 them ye shall send7971 unto413 me every3605 thing1697 that834 ye can hear.8085

37  So Hushai2365 David's1732 friend7463 came935 into the city,5892 and Absalom53 came935 into Jerusalem.3389

2 Samuel 16: 1-23

1  And when David1732 was a little4592 past5674 the top4480 7218 of the hill, behold,2009 Ziba6717 the servant5288 of Mephibosheth4648 met7125 him, with a couple6776 of asses2543 saddled,2280 and upon5921 them two hundred3967 loaves of bread,3899 and a hundred3967 bunches of raisins,6778 and a hundred3967 of summer fruits,7019 and a bottle5035 of wine.3196

2  And the king4428 said559 unto413 Ziba,6717 What4100 meanest thou by these?428 And Ziba6717 said,559 The asses2543 be for the king's4428 household1004 to ride on;7392 and the bread3899 and summer fruit7019 for the young men5288 to eat;398 and the wine,3196 that such as be faint3287 in the wilderness4057 may drink.8354

3  And the king4428 said,559 And where346 is thy master's113 son?1121 And Ziba6717 said559 unto413 the king,4428 Behold,2009 he abideth3427 at Jerusalem:3389 for3588 he said,559 Today3117 shall the house1004 of Israel3478 restore7725 me 853 the kingdom4468 of my father.1

4  Then said559 the king4428 to Ziba,6717 Behold,2009 thine are all3605 that834 pertained unto Mephibosheth.4648 And Ziba6717 said,559 I humbly beseech7812 thee that I may find4672 grace2580 in thy sight,5869 my lord,113 O king.4428

5  And when king4428 David1732 came935 to5704 Bahurim,980 behold,2009 thence4480 8033 came out3318 a man376 of the family4480 4940 of the house1004 of Saul,7586 whose name8034 was Shimei,8096 the son1121 of Gera:1617 he came forth,3318 and cursed7043 still as he came.3318

6  And he cast5619 stones68 at 853 David,1732 and at all3605 the servants5650 of king4428 David:1732 and all3605 the people5971 and all3605 the mighty men1368 were on his right hand4480 3225 and on his left.4480 8040

7  And thus3541 said559 Shimei8096 when he cursed,7043 Come out,3318 come out,3318 thou bloody1818 man,376 and thou man376 of Belial:1100

8  The LORD3068 hath returned7725 upon5921 thee all3605 the blood1818 of the house1004 of Saul,7586 in whose834 stead8478 thou hast reigned;4427 and the LORD3068 hath delivered5414 853 the kingdom4410 into the hand3027 of Absalom53 thy son:1121 and, behold,2009 thou art taken in thy mischief,7451 because3588 thou859 art a bloody1818 man.376

9  Then said559 Abishai52 the son1121 of Zeruiah6870 unto413 the king,4428 Why4100 should this2088 dead4191 dog3611 curse7043 853 my lord113 the king?4428 let me go over,5674 I pray thee,4994 and take off5493 853 his head.7218

10  And the king4428 said,559 What4100 have I to do with you, ye sons1121 of Zeruiah?6870 so3541 let him curse,7043 because3588 the LORD3068 hath said559 unto him, Curse7043 853 David.1732 Who4310 shall then say,559 Wherefore4069 hast thou done6213 so?3651

11  And David1732 said559 to413 Abishai,52 and to413 all3605 his servants,5650 Behold,2009 my son,1121 which834 came forth3318 of my bowels,4480 4578 seeketh1245 853 my life:5315 how much more637 3588 now6258 may this Benjamite1145 do it? let him alone,5117 and let him curse;7043 for3588 the LORD3068 hath bidden559 him.

12  It may be194 that the LORD3068 will look7200 on mine affliction,6040 and that the LORD3068 will requite7725 me good2896 for8478 his cursing7045 this2088 day.3117

13  And as David1732 and his men376 went1980 by the way,1870 Shimei8096 went along1980 on the hill's2022 side6763 over against5980 him, and cursed7043 as he went,1980 and threw5619 stones68 at5980 him, and cast6080 dust.6083

14  And the king,4428 and all3605 the people5971 that834 were with854 him, came935 weary,5889 and refreshed themselves5314 there.8033

15  And Absalom,53 and all3605 the people5971 the men376 of Israel,3478 came935 to Jerusalem,3389 and Ahithophel302 with854 him.

16  And it came to pass,1961 when834 Hushai2365 the Archite,757 David's1732 friend,7463 was come935 unto413 Absalom,53 that Hushai2365 said559 unto413 Absalom,53 God save2421 the king,4428 God save2421 the king.4428

17  And Absalom53 said559 to413 Hushai,2365 Is this2088 thy kindness2617 to 853 thy friend?7453 why4100 wentest1980 thou not3808 with854 thy friend?7453

18  And Hushai2365 said559 unto413 Absalom,53 Nay;3808 but3588 whom834 the LORD,3068 and this2088 people,5971 and all3605 the men376 of Israel,3478 choose,977 his will I be,1961 and with854 him will I abide.3427

19  And again,8145 whom4310 should I589 serve?5647 should I not3808 serve in the presence6440 of his son?1121 as834 I have served5647 in thy father's1 presence,6440 so3651 will I be1961 in thy presence.6440

20  Then said559 Absalom53 to413 Ahithophel,302 Give3051 counsel6098 among you what4100 we shall do.6213

21  And Ahithophel302 said559 unto413 Absalom,53 Go935 in unto413 thy father's1 concubines,6370 which834 he hath left5117 to keep8104 the house;1004 and all3605 Israel3478 shall hear8085 that3588 thou art abhorred887 of854 thy father:1 then shall the hands3027 of all3605 that834 are with854 thee be strong.2388

22  So they spread5186 Absalom53 a tent168 upon5921 the top1406 of the house; and Absalom53 went935 in unto413 his father's1 concubines6370 in the sight5869 of all3605 Israel.3478

23  And the counsel6098 of Ahithophel,302 which834 he counseled3289 in those1992 days,3117 was as834 if a man376 had inquired7592 at the oracle1697 of God:430 so3651 was all3605 the counsel6098 of Ahithophel302 both1571 with David1732 and1571 with Absalom.53

2 Samuel 17: 1-29

1  Moreover Ahithophel302 said559 unto413 Absalom,53 Let me now4994 choose out977 twelve8147 6240 thousand505 men,376 and I will arise6965 and pursue7291 after310 David1732 this night:3915

2  And I will come935 upon5921 him while he1931 is weary3023 and weak7504 handed,3027 and will make him afraid:2729 853 and all3605 the people5971 that834 are with854 him shall flee;5127 and I will smite5221 853 the king4428 only:905

3  And I will bring back7725 all3605 the people5971 unto413 thee: the man376 whom834 thou859 seekest1245 is as if all3605 returned:7725 so all3605 the people5971 shall be1961 in peace.7965

4  And the saying1697 pleased3474 Absalom53 well,5869 and all3605 the elders2205 of Israel.3478

5  Then said559 Absalom,53 Call7121 now4994 Hushai2365 the Archite757 also,1571 and let us hear8085 likewise1571 what4100 he1931 saith.6310

6  And when Hushai2365 was come935 to413 Absalom,53 Absalom53 spoke559 unto413 him, saying,559 Ahithophel302 hath spoken1696 after this2088 manner:1697 shall we do6213 after 853 his saying?1697 if518 not;369 speak1696 thou.859

7  And Hushai2365 said559 unto413 Absalom,53 The counsel6098 that834 Ahithophel302 hath given3289 is not3808 good2896 at this2063 time.6471

8  For, said559 Hushai,2365 thou859 knowest3045 853 thy father1 and his men,376 that3588 they1992 be mighty men,1368 and they1992 be chafed4751 in their minds,5315 as a bear1677 robbed of her whelps7909 in the field:7704 and thy father1 is a man376 of war,4421 and will not3808 lodge3885 with854 the people.5971

9  Behold,2009 he1931 is hid2244 now6258 in some259 pit,6354 or176 in some259 other place:4725 and it will come to pass,1961 when some of them be overthrown5307 at the first,8462 that whosoever heareth8085 8085 it will say,559 There is1961 a slaughter4046 among the people5971 that834 follow310 Absalom.53

10  And he1931 also1571 that is valiant,1121 2428 whose834 heart3820 is as the heart3820 of a lion,738 shall utterly melt:4549 4549 for3588 all3605 Israel3478 knoweth3045 that3588 thy father1 is a mighty man,1368 and they which834 be with854 him are valiant2428 men.1121

11  Therefore3588 I counsel3289 that all3605 Israel3478 be generally622 gathered622 unto5921 thee, from Dan4480 1835 even to5704 Beer-sheba,884 as the sand2344 that834 is by5921 the sea3220 for multitude;7230 and that thou go1980 to battle7128 in thine own person.6440

12  So shall we come935 upon413 him in some259 place4725 where834 8033 he shall be found,4672 and we will light5117 upon5921 him as834 the dew2919 falleth5307 on5921 the ground:127 and of him and of all3605 the men376 that834 are with854 him there shall not3808 be left3498 so much1571 as one.259

13  Moreover, if518 he be gotten622 into413 a city,5892 then shall all3605 Israel3478 bring5375 ropes2256 to413 that1931 city,5892 and we will draw5498 it into5704 the river,5158 until5704 834 there be not3808 one small1571 stone6872 found4672 there.8033

14  And Absalom53 and all3605 the men376 of Israel3478 said,559 The counsel6098 of Hushai2365 the Archite757 is better2896 than the counsel4480 6098 of Ahithophel.302 For the LORD3068 had appointed6680 to defeat6565 853 the good2896 counsel6098 of Ahithophel,302 to the intent5668 that the LORD3068 might bring935 evil7451 upon413 Absalom.53

15  Then said559 Hushai2365 unto413 Zadok6659 and to413 Abiathar54 the priests,3548 Thus2063 and thus2063 did Ahithophel302 counsel3289 853 Absalom53 and the elders2205 of Israel;3478 and thus2063 and thus2063 have I589 counseled.3289

16  Now6258 therefore send7971 quickly,4120 and tell5046 David,1732 saying,559 Lodge3885 not408 this night3915 in the plains6160 of the wilderness,4057 but1571 speedily5674 pass over;5674 lest6435 the king4428 be swallowed up,1104 and all3605 the people5971 that834 are with854 him.

17  Now Jonathan3083 and Ahimaaz290 stayed5975 by En-rogel;5883 for3588 they might3201 not3808 be seen7200 to come935 into the city:5892 and a wench8198 went1980 and told5046 them; and they1992 went1980 and told5046 king4428 David.1732

18  Nevertheless a lad5288 saw7200 them, and told5046 Absalom:53 but they went1980 both8147 of them away quickly,4120 and came935 to413 a man's376 house1004 in Bahurim,980 which had a well875 in his court;2691 whither8033 they went down.3381

19  And the woman802 took3947 and spread6566 853 a covering4539 over5921 the well's875 mouth,6440 and spread7849 ground corn7383 thereon;5921 and the thing1697 was not3808 known.3045

20  And when Absalom's53 servants5650 came935 to413 the woman802 to the house,1004 they said,559 Where346 is Ahimaaz290 and Jonathan?3083 And the woman802 said559 unto them, They be gone over5674 the brook4323 of water.4325 And when they had sought1245 and could not3808 find4672 them, they returned7725 to Jerusalem.3389

21  And it came to pass,1961 after310 they were departed,1980 that they came up5927 out of the well,4480 875 and went1980 and told5046 king4428 David,1732 and said559 unto413 David,1732 Arise,6965 and pass quickly over5674 4120 853 the water:4325 for3588 thus3602 hath Ahithophel302 counseled3289 against5921 you.

22  Then David1732 arose,6965 and all3605 the people5971 that834 were with854 him, and they passed over5674 853 Jordan:3383 by5704 the morning1242 light216 there lacked5737 not3808 one259 of them that834 was not3808 gone over5674 853 Jordan.3383

23  And when Ahithophel302 saw7200 that3588 his counsel6098 was not3808 followed,6213 he saddled2280 his 853 ass,2543 and arose,6965 and got1980 him home to413 his house,1004 to413 his city,5892 and put6680 413 his household1004 in order, and hanged himself,2614 and died,4191 and was buried6912 in the sepulcher6913 of his father.1

24  Then David1732 came935 to Mahanaim.4266 And Absalom53 passed over5674 853 Jordan,3383 he1931 and all3605 the men376 of Israel3478 with5973 him.

25  And Absalom53 made7760 Amasa6021 captain5921 of the host6635 instead8478 of Joab:3097 which Amasa6021 was a man's376 son,1121 whose name8034 was Ithra3501 an Israelite,3481 that834 went935 in to413 Abigail26 the daughter1323 of Nahash,5176 sister269 to Zeruiah6870 Joab's3097 mother.517

26  So Israel3478 and Absalom53 pitched2583 in the land776 of Gilead.1568

27  And it came to pass,1961 when David1732 was come935 to Mahanaim,4266 that Shobi7629 the son1121 of Nahash5176 of Rabbah4480 7237 of the children1121 of Ammon,5983 and Machir4353 the son1121 of Ammiel5988 of Lo-debar,4480 3810 and Barzillai1271 the Gileadite1569 of Rogelim,4480 7274

28  Brought5066 beds,4904 and basins,5592 and earthen3335 vessels,3627 and wheat,2406 and barley,8184 and flour,7058 and parched7039 corn, and beans,6321 and lentils,5742 and parched7039 pulse,

29  And honey,1706 and butter,2529 and sheep,6629 and cheese8194 of kine,1241 for David,1732 and for the people5971 that834 were with854 him, to eat:398 for3588 they said,559 The people5971 is hungry,7457 and weary,5889 and thirsty,6771 in the wilderness.4057

2 Samuel 18: 1-33

1  And David1732 numbered6485 853 the people5971 that834 were with854 him, and set7760 captains8269 of thousands505 and captains8269 of hundreds3967 over5921 them.

2  And David1732 sent forth7971 a third part7992 of 853 the people5971 under the hand3027 of Joab,3097 and a third part7992 under the hand3027 of Abishai52 the son1121 of Zeruiah,6870 Joab's3097 brother,251 and a third part7992 under the hand3027 of Ittai863 the Gittite.1663 And the king4428 said559 unto413 the people,5971 I will surely go forth3318 3318 with5973 you myself589 also.1571

3  But the people5971 answered,559 Thou shalt not3808 go forth:3318 for3588 if518 we flee away,5127 5127 they will not3808 care7760 3820 for413 us; neither3808 if518 half2677 of us die,4191 will they care7760 3820 for413 us: but3588 now6258 thou art worth3644 ten6235 thousand505 of us: therefore now6258 it is better2896 that3588 thou succor5826 us out of the city.4480 5892

4  And the king4428 said559 unto413 them, What834 seemeth5869 you best3190 I will do.6213 And the king4428 stood5975 by413 the gate8179 side,3027 and all3605 the people5971 came out3318 by hundreds3967 and by thousands.505

5  And the king4428 commanded6680 853 Joab3097 and Abishai52 and Ittai,863 saying,559 Deal gently328 for my sake with the young man,5288 even with Absalom.53 And all3605 the people5971 heard8085 when the king4428 gave 853 all3605 the captains8269 charge6680 concerning5921 1697 Absalom.53

6  So the people5971 went out3318 into the field7704 against7125 Israel:3478 and the battle4421 was1961 in the wood3293 of Ephraim;669

7  Where8033 the people5971 of Israel3478 were slain5062 before6440 the servants5650 of David,1732 and there was1961 there8033 a great1419 slaughter4046 that1931 day3117 of twenty6242 thousand505 men.

8  For the battle4421 was1961 there8033 scattered6327 over5921 the face6440 of all3605 the country:776 and the wood3293 devoured398 more7235 people5971 that1931 day3117 than the sword2719 devoured.398

9  And Absalom53 met7122 the servants5650 of David.1732 And Absalom53 rode7392 upon5921 a mule,6505 and the mule6505 went935 under8478 the thick boughs7730 of a great1419 oak,424 and his head7218 caught hold2388 of the oak,424 and he was taken up5414 between996 the heaven8064 and the earth;776 and the mule6505 that834 was under8478 him went away.5674

10  And a certain259 man376 saw7200 it, and told5046 Joab,3097 and said,559 Behold,2009 I saw7200 853 Absalom53 hanged8518 in an oak.424

11  And Joab3097 said559 unto the man376 that told5046 him, And, behold,2009 thou sawest7200 him, and why4069 didst thou not3808 smite5221 him there8033 to the ground?776 and I would have given5414 thee ten6235 shekels of silver,3701 and a259 girdle.2290

12  And the man376 said559 unto413 Joab,3097 Though3863 I595 should receive8254 a thousand505 shekels of silver3701 in5921 mine hand,3709 yet would I not3808 put forth7971 mine hand3027 against413 the king's4428 son:1121 for3588 in our hearing241 the king4428 charged6680 thee and Abishai52 and Ittai,863 saying,559 Beware that none8104 4130 touch the young man5288 Absalom.53

13  Otherwise176 I should have wrought6213 falsehood8267 against mine own life:5315 for there is no matter3808 3605 1697 hid3582 from4480 the king,4428 and thou thyself859 wouldest have set thyself3320 against4480 5048 me.

14  Then said559 Joab,3097 I may not3808 tarry3176 thus3651 with6440 thee. And he took3947 three7969 darts7626 in his hand,3709 and thrust8628 them through the heart3820 of Absalom,53 while5750 he was yet alive2416 in the midst3820 of the oak.424

15  And ten6235 young men5288 that bore5375 Joab's3097 armor3627 compassed about5437 and smote5221 853 Absalom,53 and slew4191 him.

16  And Joab3097 blew8628 the trumpet,7782 and the people5971 returned7725 from pursuing4480 7291 after310 Israel:3478 for3588 Joab3097 held back2820 853 the people.5971

17  And they took3947 853 Absalom,53 and cast7993 him into413 a great1419 pit6354 in the wood,3293 and laid5324 a very3966 great1419 heap1530 of stones68 upon5921 him: and all3605 Israel3478 fled5127 every one376 to his tent.168

18  Now Absalom53 in his lifetime2416 had taken3947 and reared up5324 for himself 853 a pillar,4678 which834 is in the king's4428 dale:6010 for3588 he said,559 I have no369 son1121 to5668 keep my name in remembrance:2142 8034 and he called7121 the pillar4678 after5921 his own name:8034 and it is called7121 unto5704 this2088 day,3117 Absalom's53 place.3027

19  Then said559 Ahimaaz290 the son1121 of Zadok,6659 Let me now4994 run,7323 and bear1319 853 the king4428 tidings, how that3588 the LORD3068 hath avenged8199 him of his enemies.341

20  And Joab3097 said559 unto him, Thou859 shalt not3808 bear tidings376 1309 this2088 day,3117 but thou shalt bear tidings1319 another312 day:3117 but this2088 day3117 thou shalt bear no tidings,1319 3808 because3588 5921 the king's4428 son1121 is dead.4191

21  Then said559 Joab3097 to Cushi,3569 Go1980 tell5046 the king4428 what834 thou hast seen.7200 And Cushi3569 bowed himself7812 unto Joab,3097 and ran.7323

22  Then said559 Ahimaaz290 the son1121 of Zadok6659 yet5750 again3254 to413 Joab,3097 But howsoever,1961 4100 let me, I589 pray4994 thee, also1571 run7323 after310 Cushi.3569 And Joab3097 said,559 Wherefore4100 2088 wilt thou859 run,7323 my son,1121 seeing that thou hast no369 tidings1309 ready?4672

23  But howsoever,1961 4100 said he, let me run.7323 And he said559 unto him, Run.7323 Then Ahimaaz290 ran7323 by the way1870 of the plain,3603 and overran5674 853 Cushi.3569

24  And David1732 sat3427 between996 the two8147 gates:8179 and the watchman6822 went up1980 to413 the roof1406 over the gate8179 unto413 the wall,2346 and lifted up5375 853 his eyes,5869 and looked,7200 and behold2009 a man376 running7323 alone.905

25  And the watchman6822 cried,7121 and told5046 the king.4428 And the king4428 said,559 If518 he be alone,905 there is tidings1309 in his mouth.6310 And he came1980 apace,1980 and drew near.7131

26  And the watchman6822 saw7200 another312 man376 running:7323 and the watchman6822 called7121 unto413 the porter,7778 and said,559 Behold2009 another man376 running7323 alone.905 And the king4428 said,559 He2088 also1571 bringeth tidings.1319

27  And the watchman6822 said,559 Me589 thinketh7200 853 the running4794 of the foremost7223 is like the running4794 of Ahimaaz290 the son1121 of Zadok.6659 And the king4428 said,559 He2088 is a good2896 man,376 and cometh935 with good2896 tidings.1309

28  And Ahimaaz290 called,7121 and said559 unto413 the king,4428 All is well.7965 And he fell down7821 to the earth776 upon his face639 before the king,4428 and said,559 Blessed1288 be the LORD3068 thy God,430 which834 hath delivered up5462 853 the men376 that834 lifted up5375 853 their hand3027 against my lord113 the king.4428

29  And the king4428 said,559 Is the young man5288 Absalom53 safe?7965 And Ahimaaz290 answered,559 When Joab3097 sent7971 853 the king's4428 servant,5650 and me thy servant,5650 I saw7200 a great1419 tumult,1995 but I knew3045 not3808 what4100 it was.

30  And the king4428 said559 unto him, Turn aside,5437 and stand3320 here.3541 And he turned aside,5437 and stood still.5975

31  And, behold,2009 Cushi3569 came;935 and Cushi3569 said,559 Tidings,1319 my lord113 the king:4428 for3588 the LORD3068 hath avenged8199 thee this day3117 of4480 3027 all3605 them that rose up6965 against5921 thee.

32  And the king4428 said559 unto413 Cushi,3569 Is the young man5288 Absalom53 safe?7965 And Cushi3569 answered,559 The enemies341 of my lord113 the king,4428 and all3605 that834 rise6965 against5921 thee to do thee hurt,7451 be1961 as that young man5288 is.

33  And the king4428 was much moved,7264 and went up5927 to5921 the chamber5944 over the gate,8179 and wept:1058 and as he went,1980 thus3541 he said,559 O my son1121 Absalom,53 my son,1121 my son1121 Absalom!53 would God4310 5414 I589 had died4191 for8478 thee, O Absalom,53 my son,1121 my son!1121

2 Samuel 19: 1-43

1  And it was told5046 Joab,3097 Behold,2009 the king4428 weepeth1058 and mourneth56 for5921 Absalom.53

2  And the victory8668 that1961 day3117 was turned into mourning60 unto all3605 the people:5971 for3588 the people5971 heard8085 say559 that1931 day3117 how the king4428 was grieved6087 for5921 his son.1121

3  And the people5971 got935 them by stealth1589 that1931 day3117 into the city,5892 as834 people5971 being ashamed3637 steal away1589 when they flee5127 in battle.4421

4  But the king4428 covered3813 853 his face,6440 and the king4428 cried2199 with a loud1419 voice,6963 O my son1121 Absalom,53 O Absalom,53 my son,1121 my son!1121

5  And Joab3097 came935 into the house1004 to413 the king,4428 and said,559 Thou hast shamed3001 this day3117 853 the faces6440 of all3605 thy servants,5650 which this day3117 have saved4422 853 thy life,5315 and the lives5315 of thy sons1121 and of thy daughters,1323 and the lives5315 of thy wives,802 and the lives5315 of thy concubines;6370

6  In that thou lovest157 853 thine enemies,8130 and hatest8130 853 thy friends.157 For3588 thou hast declared5046 this day,3117 that3588 thou regardest neither369 princes8269 nor servants:5650 for3588 this day3117 I perceive,3045 that3588 if3863 Absalom53 had lived,2416 and all3605 we had died4191 this day,3117 then227 it had pleased thee well.5869 3477

7  Now6258 therefore arise,6965 go forth,3318 and speak1696 comfortably5921 3820 unto thy servants:5650 for3588 I swear7650 by the LORD,3068 if3588 thou go not forth,369 3318 there will not518 tarry3885 one376 with854 thee this night:3915 and that2063 will be worse7489 unto thee than all4480 3605 the evil7451 that834 befell935 5921 thee from thy youth4480 5271 until5704 now.6258

8  Then the king4428 arose,6965 and sat3427 in the gate.8179 And they told5046 unto all3605 the people,5971 saying,559 Behold,2009 the king4428 doth sit3427 in the gate.8179 And all3605 the people5971 came935 before6440 the king:4428 for Israel3478 had fled5127 every man376 to his tent.168

9  And all3605 the people5971 were1961 at strife1777 throughout all3605 the tribes7626 of Israel,3478 saying,559 The king4428 saved5337 us out of the hand4480 3709 of our enemies,341 and he1931 delivered4422 us out of the hand4480 3709 of the Philistines;6430 and now6258 he is fled1272 out of4480 the land776 for4480 5921 Absalom.53

10  And Absalom,53 whom834 we anointed4886 over5921 us, is dead4191 in battle.4421 Now6258 therefore why4100 speak2790 ye859 not a word of bringing7725 853 the king4428 back?

11  And king4428 David1732 sent7971 to413 Zadok6659 and to413 Abiathar54 the priests,3548 saying,559 Speak1696 unto413 the elders2205 of Judah,3063 saying,559 Why4100 are1961 ye the last314 to bring7725 853 the king4428 back to413 his house?1004 seeing the speech1697 of all3605 Israel3478 is come935 to413 the king,4428 even to413 his house.1004

12  Ye859 are my brethren,251 ye859 are my bones6106 and my flesh:1320 wherefore4100 then are1961 ye the last314 to bring back7725 853 the king?4428

13  And say559 ye to Amasa,6021 Art thou859 not3808 of my bone,6106 and of my flesh?1320 God430 do6213 so3541 to me, and more3254 also,3541 if518 thou be1961 not3808 captain8269 of the host6635 before6440 me continually3605 3117 in the room8478 of Joab.3097

14  And he bowed5186 853 the heart3824 of all3605 the men376 of Judah,3063 even as the heart of one259 man;376 so that they sent7971 this word unto413 the king,4428 Return7725 thou,859 and all3605 thy servants.5650

15  So the king4428 returned,7725 and came935 to5704 Jordan.3383 And Judah3063 came935 to Gilgal,1537 to go1980 to meet7125 the king,4428 to conduct the king over5674 853 4428 853 Jordan.3383

16  And Shimei8096 the son1121 of Gera,1617 a Benjamite,1145 which834 was of Bahurim,4480 980 hasted4116 and came down3381 with5973 the men376 of Judah3063 to meet7125 king4428 David.1732

17  And there were a thousand505 men376 of Benjamin4480 1144 with5973 him, and Ziba6717 the servant5288 of the house1004 of Saul,7586 and his fifteen2568 6240 sons1121 and his twenty6242 servants5650 with854 him; and they went over6743 Jordan3383 before6440 the king.4428

18  And there went over5674 a ferry boat5679 to carry over5674 853 the king's4428 household,1004 and to do6213 what he thought5869 good.2896 And Shimei8096 the son1121 of Gera1617 fell down5307 before6440 the king,4428 as he was come over5674 Jordan;3383

19  And said559 unto413 the king,4428 Let not408 my lord113 impute2803 iniquity5771 unto me, neither408 do thou remember2142 853 that which834 thy servant5650 did perversely5753 the day3117 that834 my lord113 the king4428 went out3318 of Jerusalem,4480 3389 that the king4428 should take7760 it to413 his heart.3820

20  For3588 thy servant5650 doth know3045 that3588 I589 have sinned:2398 therefore, behold,2009 I am come935 the first7223 this day3117 of all3605 the house1004 of Joseph3130 to go down3381 to meet7125 my lord113 the king.4428

21  But Abishai52 the son1121 of Zeruiah6870 answered6030 and said,559 Shall not3808 Shimei8096 be put to death4191 for8478 this,2063 because3588 he cursed7043 853 the LORD's3068 anointed?4899

22  And David1732 said,559 What4100 have I to do with you, ye sons1121 of Zeruiah,6870 that3588 ye should this day3117 be1961 adversaries7854 unto me? shall there any man376 be put to death4191 this day3117 in Israel?3478 for3588 do not3808 I know3045 that3588 I589 am this day3117 king4428 over5921 Israel?3478

23  Therefore the king4428 said559 unto413 Shimei,8096 Thou shalt not3808 die.4191 And the king4428 swore7650 unto him.

24  And Mephibosheth4648 the son1121 of Saul7586 came down3381 to meet7125 the king,4428 and had neither3808 dressed6213 his feet,7272 nor3808 trimmed6213 his beard,8222 nor3808 washed3526 his clothes,899 from4480 the day3117 the king4428 departed1980 until5704 the day3117 he came935 again in peace.7965

25  And it came to pass,1961 when3588 he was come935 to Jerusalem3389 to meet7125 the king,4428 that the king4428 said559 unto him, Wherefore4100 wentest1980 not3808 thou with5973 me, Mephibosheth?4648

26  And he answered,559 My lord,113 O king,4428 my servant5650 deceived7411 me: for3588 thy servant5650 said,559 I will saddle2280 me an ass,2543 that I may ride7392 thereon,5921 and go1980 to854 the king;4428 because3588 thy servant5650 is lame.6455

27  And he hath slandered7270 thy servant5650 unto413 my lord113 the king;4428 but my lord113 the king4428 is as an angel4397 of God:430 do6213 therefore what is good2896 in thine eyes.5869

28  For3588 all3605 of my father's1 house1004 were1961 but3588 518 dead4194 men376 before6440 my lord113 the king:4428 yet didst thou set7896 853 thy servant5650 among them that did eat398 at thine own table.7979 What4100 right6666 therefore have3426 I yet5759 to cry2199 any more5750 unto413 the king?4428

29  And the king4428 said559 unto him, Why4100 speakest1696 thou any more5750 of thy matters?1697 I have said,559 Thou859 and Ziba6717 divide2505 853 the land.7704

30  And Mephibosheth4648 said559 unto413 the king,4428 Yea,1571 let him take3947 853 all,3605 forasmuch310 834 as my lord113 the king4428 is come again935 in peace7965 unto413 his own house.1004

31  And Barzillai1271 the Gileadite1569 came down3381 from Rogelim,4480 7274 and went over5674 Jordan3383 with854 the king,4428 to conduct him over7971 853 Jordan.3383

32  Now Barzillai1271 was a very3966 aged2204 man, even fourscore8084 years8141 old:1121 and he1931 had provided 853 the king4428 of sustenance3557 while he lay7871 at Mahanaim;4266 for3588 he1931 was a very3966 great1419 man.376

33  And the king4428 said559 unto413 Barzillai,1271 Come5674 thou859 over with854 me, and I will feed3557 thee with5973 me in Jerusalem.3389

34  And Barzillai1271 said559 unto413 the king,4428 How4100 long3117 8141 have I to live,2416 that3588 I should go up5927 with854 the king4428 unto Jerusalem?3389

35  I595 am this day3117 fourscore8084 years8141 old:1121 and can I discern3045 between996 good2896 and evil?7451 can518 thy servant5650 taste2938 853 what834 I eat398 or what834 I drink?8354 can518 I hear8085 any more5750 the voice6963 of singing men7891 and singing women?7891 wherefore4100 then should thy servant5650 be1961 yet5750 a burden4853 unto413 my lord113 the king?4428

36  Thy servant5650 will go a little way over5674 4592 853 Jordan3383 with854 the king:4428 and why