King James Version 1611 - 1769





1 Kings 1: 1-53

1  Now king4428 David1732 was old2204 and stricken935 in years;3117 and they covered3680 him with clothes,899 but he got no heat.3808 3179

2  Wherefore his servants5650 said559 unto him, Let there be sought1245 for my lord113 the king4428 a young5291 virgin:1330 and let her stand5975 before6440 the king,4428 and let her cherish5532 him, and let her lie7901 in thy bosom,2436 that my lord113 the king4428 may get heat.2552

3  So they sought1245 for a fair3303 damsel5291 throughout all3605 the coasts1366 of Israel,3478 and found4672 853 Abishag49 a Shunammite,7767 and brought935 her to the king.4428

4  And the damsel5291 was very5704 3966 fair,3303 and cherished5532 the king,4428 and ministered8334 to him: but the king4428 knew3045 her not.3808

5  Then Adonijah138 the son1121 of Haggith2294 exalted himself,4984 saying,559 I589 will be king:4427 and he prepared6213 him chariots7393 and horsemen,6571 and fifty2572 men376 to run7323 before6440 him.

6  And his father1 had not3808 displeased6087 him at any time4480 3117 in saying,559 Why4069 hast thou done6213 so?3602 and he1931 also1571 was a very3966 goodly2896 8389 man; and his mother bore3205 him after310 Absalom.53

7  And he conferred1697 with5973 Joab3097 the son1121 of Zeruiah,6870 and with5973 Abiathar54 the priest:3548 and they following310 Adonijah138 helped5826 him.

8  But Zadok6659 the priest,3548 and Benaiah1141 the son1121 of Jehoiada,3077 and Nathan5416 the prophet,5030 and Shimei,8096 and Rei,7472 and the mighty men1368 which834 belonged to David,1732 were1961 not3808 with5973 Adonijah.138

9  And Adonijah138 slew2076 sheep6629 and oxen1241 and fat cattle4806 by5973 the stone68 of Zoheleth,2120 which834 is by681 En-rogel,5883 and called7121 853 all3605 his brethren251 the king's4428 sons,1121 and all3605 the men376 of Judah3063 the king's4428 servants:5650

10  But Nathan5416 the prophet,5030 and Benaiah,1141 and the mighty men,1368 and Solomon8010 his brother,251 he called7121 not.3808

11  Wherefore Nathan5416 spoke559 unto413 Bath-sheba1339 the mother517 of Solomon,8010 saying,559 Hast thou not3808 heard8085 that3588 Adonijah138 the son1121 of Haggith2294 doth reign,4427 and David1732 our lord113 knoweth3045 it not?3808

12  Now6258 therefore come,1980 let me, I pray thee,4994 give3289 thee counsel,6098 that thou mayest save4422 853 thine own life,5315 and the life5315 of thy son1121 Solomon.8010

13  Go1980 and get thee in935 unto413 king4428 David,1732 and say559 unto413 him, Didst not3808 thou,859 my lord,113 O king,4428 swear7650 unto thine handmaid,519 saying,559 Assuredly3588 Solomon8010 thy son1121 shall reign4427 after310 me, and he1931 shall sit3427 upon5921 my throne?3678 why4069 then doth Adonijah138 reign?4427

14  Behold,2009 while thou yet5750 talkest1696 there8033 with5973 the king,4428 I589 also will come in935 after310 thee, and confirm4390 853 thy words.1697

15  And Bath-sheba1339 went in935 unto413 the king4428 into the chamber:2315 and the king4428 was very3966 old;2204 and Abishag49 the Shunammite7767 ministered unto8334 853 the king.4428

16  And Bath-sheba1339 bowed,6915 and did obeisance7812 unto the king.4428 And the king4428 said,559 What4100 wouldest thou?

17  And she said559 unto him, My lord,113 thou859 swarest7650 by the LORD3068 thy God430 unto thine handmaid,519 saying, Assuredly3588 Solomon8010 thy son1121 shall reign4427 after310 me, and he1931 shall sit3427 upon5921 my throne.3678

18  And now,6258 behold,2009 Adonijah138 reigneth;4427 and now,6258 my lord113 the king,4428 thou knowest3045 it not:3808

19  And he hath slain2076 oxen7794 and fat cattle4806 and sheep6629 in abundance,7230 and hath called7121 all3605 the sons1121 of the king,4428 and Abiathar54 the priest,3548 and Joab3097 the captain8269 of the host:6635 but Solomon8010 thy servant5650 hath he not3808 called.7121

20  And thou,859 my lord,113 O king,4428 the eyes5869 of all3605 Israel3478 are upon5921 thee, that thou shouldest tell5046 them who4310 shall sit3427 on5921 the throne3678 of my lord113 the king4428 after310 him.

21  Otherwise it shall come to pass,1961 when my lord113 the king4428 shall sleep7901 with5973 his fathers,1 that I589 and my son1121 Solomon8010 shall be counted1961 offenders.2400

22  And, lo,2009 while she yet5750 talked1696 with5973 the king,4428 Nathan5416 the prophet5030 also came in.935

23  And they told5046 the king,4428 saying,559 Behold2009 Nathan5416 the prophet.5030 And when he was come in935 before6440 the king,4428 he bowed himself7812 before the king4428 with5921 his face639 to the ground.776

24  And Nathan5416 said,559 My lord,113 O king,4428 hast thou859 said,559 Adonijah138 shall reign4427 after310 me, and he1931 shall sit3427 upon5921 my throne?3678

25  For3588 he is gone down3381 this day,3117 and hath slain2076 oxen7794 and fat cattle4806 and sheep6629 in abundance,7230 and hath called7121 all3605 the king's4428 sons,1121 and the captains8269 of the host,6635 and Abiathar54 the priest;3548 and, behold,2009 they eat398 and drink8354 before6440 him, and say,559 God save2421 king4428 Adonijah.138

26  But me, even me589 thy servant,5650 and Zadok6659 the priest,3548 and Benaiah1141 the son1121 of Jehoiada,3077 and thy servant5650 Solomon,8010 hath he not3808 called.7121

27  Is this2088 thing1697 done1961 by4480 854 my lord113 the king,4428 and thou hast not3808 showed it unto3045 853 thy servant,5650 who4310 should sit3427 on5921 the throne3678 of my lord113 the king4428 after310 him?

28  Then king4428 David1732 answered6030 and said,559 Call7121 me Bath-sheba.1339 And she came into935 the king's4428 presence,6440 and stood5975 before6440 the king.4428

29  And the king4428 swore,7650 and said,559 As the LORD3068 liveth,2416 that834 hath redeemed6299 853 my soul5315 out of all4480 3605 distress,6869

30  Even3588 as834 I swore7650 unto thee by the LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 saying,559 Assuredly3588 Solomon8010 thy son1121 shall reign4427 after310 me, and he1931 shall sit3427 upon5921 my throne3678 in my stead;8478 even3588 so3651 will I certainly do6213 this2088 day.3117

31  Then Bath-sheba1339 bowed6915 with her face639 to the earth,776 and did reverence7812 to the king,4428 and said,559 Let my lord113 king4428 David1732 live2421 forever.5769

32  And king4428 David1732 said,559 Call7121 me Zadok6659 the priest,3548 and Nathan5416 the prophet,5030 and Benaiah1141 the son1121 of Jehoiada.3077 And they came935 before6440 the king.4428

33  The king4428 also said559 unto them, Take3947 with5973 you 853 the servants5650 of your lord,113 and cause 853 Solomon8010 my son1121 to ride7392 upon5921 mine own mule,6506 and bring him down3381 853 to413 Gihon:1521

34  And let Zadok6659 the priest3548 and Nathan5416 the prophet5030 anoint4886 him there8033 king4428 over5921 Israel:3478 and blow8628 ye with the trumpet,7782 and say,559 God save2421 king4428 Solomon.8010

35  Then ye shall come up5927 after310 him, that he may come935 and sit3427 upon5921 my throne;3678 for he1931 shall be king4427 in my stead:8478 and I have appointed6680 him to be1961 ruler5057 over5921 Israel3478 and over5921 Judah.3063

36  And Benaiah1141 the son1121 of Jehoiada3077 answered6030 853 the king,4428 and said,559 Amen:543 the LORD3068 God430 of my lord113 the king4428 say559 so3651 too.

37  As834 the LORD3068 hath been1961 with5973 my lord113 the king,4428 even so3651 be1961 he with5973 Solomon,8010 and make his throne greater1431 853 3678 than the throne4480 3678 of my lord113 king4428 David.1732

38  So Zadok6659 the priest,3548 and Nathan5416 the prophet,5030 and Benaiah1141 the son1121 of Jehoiada,3077 and the Cherethites,3774 and the Pelethites,6432 went down,3381 and caused 853 Solomon8010 to ride7392 upon5921 king4428 David's1732 mule,6506 and brought1980 him to5921 Gihon.1521

39  And Zadok6659 the priest3548 took3947 853 a horn7161 of oil8081 out of4480 the tabernacle,168 and anointed4886 853 Solomon.8010 And they blew8628 the trumpet;7782 and all3605 the people5971 said,559 God save2421 king4428 Solomon.8010

40  And all3605 the people5971 came up5927 after310 him, and the people5971 piped2490 with pipes,2485 and rejoiced8056 with great1419 joy,8057 so that the earth776 rent1234 with the sound6963 of them.

41  And Adonijah138 and all3605 the guests7121 that834 were with854 him heard8085 it as they1992 had made an end3615 of eating.398 And when Joab3097 heard8085 853 the sound6963 of the trumpet,7782 he said,559 Wherefore4069 is this noise6963 of the city7151 being in an uproar?1993

42  And while he yet5750 spoke,1696 behold,2009 Jonathan3129 the son1121 of Abiathar54 the priest3548 came:935 and Adonijah138 said559 unto him, Come in;935 for3588 thou859 art a valiant2428 man,376 and bringest good tidings.2896 1319

43  And Jonathan3129 answered6030 and said559 to Adonijah,138 Verily61 our lord113 king4428 David1732 hath made Solomon king.4427 853 8010

44  And the king4428 hath sent7971 with854 him 853 Zadok6659 the priest,3548 and Nathan5416 the prophet,5030 and Benaiah1141 the son1121 of Jehoiada,3077 and the Cherethites,3774 and the Pelethites,6432 and they have caused him to ride7392 853 upon5921 the king's4428 mule:6506

45  And Zadok6659 the priest3548 and Nathan5416 the prophet5030 have anointed4886 him king4428 in Gihon:1521 and they are come up5927 from thence4480 8033 rejoicing,8056 so that the city7151 rang1949 again. This1931 is the noise6963 that834 ye have heard.8085

46  And also1571 Solomon8010 sitteth3427 on5921 the throne3678 of the kingdom.4410

47  And moreover1571 the king's4428 servants5650 came935 to bless1288 853 our lord113 king4428 David,1732 saying,559 God430 make 853 the name8034 of Solomon8010 better3190 than thy name,4480 8034 and make 853 his throne3678 greater1431 than thy throne.4480 3678 And the king4428 bowed himself7812 upon5921 the bed.4904

48  And also1571 thus3602 said559 the king,4428 Blessed1288 be the LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 which834 hath given5414 one to sit3427 on5921 my throne3678 this day,3117 mine eyes5869 even seeing7200 it.

49  And all3605 the guests7121 that834 were with Adonijah138 were afraid,2729 and rose up,6965 and went1980 every man376 his way.1870

50  And Adonijah138 feared3372 because4480 6440 of Solomon,8010 and arose,6965 and went,1980 and caught hold2388 on the horns7161 of the altar.4196

51  And it was told5046 Solomon,8010 saying,559 Behold,2009 Adonijah138 feareth3372 853 king4428 Solomon:8010 for, lo,2009 he hath caught hold270 on the horns7161 of the altar,4196 saying,559 Let king4428 Solomon8010 swear7650 unto me today3117 that he will not518 slay4191 853 his servant5650 with the sword.2719

52  And Solomon8010 said,559 If518 he will show1961 himself a worthy2428 man,1121 there shall not3808 a hair of4480 8183 him fall5307 to the earth:776 but if518 wickedness7451 shall be found4672 in him, he shall die.4191

53  So king4428 Solomon8010 sent,7971 and they brought him down3381 from4480 5921 the altar.4196 And he came935 and bowed himself7812 to king4428 Solomon:8010 and Solomon8010 said559 unto him, Go1980 to thine house.1004

1 Kings 2: 1-46

1  Now the days3117 of David1732 drew nigh7126 that he should die;4191 and he charged6680 853 Solomon8010 his son,1121 saying,559

2  I595 go1980 the way1870 of all3605 the earth:776 be thou strong2388 therefore, and show1961 thyself a man;376

3  And keep8104 853 the charge4931 of the LORD3068 thy God,430 to walk1980 in his ways,1870 to keep8104 his statutes,2708 and his commandments,4687 and his judgments,4941 and his testimonies,5715 as it is written3789 in 853 the law8451 of Moses,4872 that4616 thou mayest prosper7919 in all3605 that834 thou doest,6213 and whithersoever3605 834 8033 thou turnest6437 thyself:

4  That4616 the LORD3068 may continue6965 853 his word1697 which834 he spoke1696 concerning5921 me, saying,559 If518 thy children1121 take heed8104 to 853 their way,1870 to walk1980 before6440 me in truth571 with all3605 their heart3824 and with all3605 their soul,5315 there shall not3808 fail3772 thee (said559 he) a man376 on4480 5921 the throne3678 of Israel.3478

5  Moreover1571 thou859 knowest3045 also 853 what834 Joab3097 the son1121 of Zeruiah6870 did6213 to me, and what834 he did6213 to the two8147 captains8269 of the hosts6635 of Israel,3478 unto Abner74 the son1121 of Ner,5369 and unto Amasa6021 the son1121 of Jether,3500 whom he slew,2026 and shed7760 the blood1818 of war4421 in peace,7965 and put5414 the blood1818 of war4421 upon his girdle2290 that834 was about his loins,4975 and in his shoes5275 that834 were on his feet.7272

6  Do6213 therefore according to thy wisdom,2451 and let not3808 his hoar head7872 go down3381 to the grave7585 in peace.7965

7  But show6213 kindness2617 unto the sons1121 of Barzillai1271 the Gileadite,1569 and let them be1961 of those that eat398 at thy table:7979 for3588 so3651 they came7126 to413 me when I fled1272 because4480 6440 of Absalom53 thy brother.251

8  And, behold,2009 thou hast with5973 thee Shimei8096 the son1121 of Gera,1617 a Benjamite1145 of Bahurim,4480 980 which1931 cursed7043 me with a grievous4834 curse7045 in the day3117 when I went1980 to Mahanaim:4266 but he1931 came down3381 to meet7125 me at Jordan,3383 and I swore7650 to him by the LORD,3068 saying,559 I will not518 put thee to death4191 with the sword.2719

9  Now6258 therefore hold him not guiltless:408 5352 for3588 thou859 art a wise2450 man,376 and knowest3045 853 what834 thou oughtest to do6213 unto him; but his 853 hoar head7872 bring thou down3381 to the grave7585 with blood.1818

10  So David1732 slept7901 with5973 his fathers,1 and was buried6912 in the city5892 of David.1732

11  And the days3117 that834 David1732 reigned4427 over5921 Israel3478 were forty705 years:8141 seven7651 years8141 reigned4427 he in Hebron,2275 and thirty7970 and three7969 years8141 reigned4427 he in Jerusalem.3389

12  Then sat3427 Solomon8010 upon5921 the throne3678 of David1732 his father;1 and his kingdom4438 was established3559 greatly.3966

13  And Adonijah138 the son1121 of Haggith2294 came935 to413 Bath-sheba1339 the mother517 of Solomon.8010 And she said,559 Comest935 thou peaceably?7965 And he said,559 Peaceably.7965

14  He said559 moreover, I have somewhat to say1697 unto413 thee. And she said,559 Say on.1696

15  And he said,559 Thou859 knowest3045 that3588 the kingdom4410 was1961 mine, and that all3605 Israel3478 set7760 their faces6440 on5921 me, that I should reign:4427 howbeit the kingdom4410 is turned about,5437 and is become1961 my brother's:251 for3588 it was1961 his from the LORD.4480 3068

16  And now6258 I595 ask7592 one259 petition7596 of4480 854 thee, deny7725 853 6440 me not.408 And she said559 unto413 him, Say on.1696

17  And he said,559 Speak,559 I pray thee,4994 unto Solomon8010 the king,4428 (for3588 he will not3808 say thee nay,)7725 853 6440 that he give5414 me 853 Abishag49 the Shunammite7767 to wife.802

18  And Bath-sheba1339 said,559 Well;2896 I595 will speak1696 for5921 thee unto413 the king.4428

19  Bath-sheba1339 therefore went935 unto413 king4428 Solomon,8010 to speak1696 unto him for5921 Adonijah.138 And the king4428 rose up6965 to meet7122 her, and bowed himself7812 unto her, and sat down3427 on5921 his throne,3678 and caused a seat3678 to be set7760 for the king's4428 mother;517 and she sat3427 on his right hand.3225

20  Then she said,559 I595 desire7592 one259 small6996 petition7596 of4480 thee; I pray thee, say me not nay.408 7725 853 6440 And the king4428 said559 unto her, Ask on,7592 my mother:517 for3588 I will not3808 say thee nay.7725 853 6440

21  And she said,559 Let 853 Abishag49 the Shunammite7767 be given5414 to Adonijah138 thy brother251 to wife.802

22  And king4428 Solomon8010 answered6030 and said559 unto his mother,517 And why4100 dost thou859 ask7592 853 Abishag49 the Shunammite7767 for Adonijah?138 ask7592 for him 853 the kingdom4410 also; for3588 he1931 is mine4480 elder1419 brother;251 even for him, and for Abiathar54 the priest,3548 and for Joab3097 the son1121 of Zeruiah.6870

23  Then king4428 Solomon8010 swore7650 by the LORD,3068 saying,559 God430 do6213 so3541 to me, and more3254 also,3541 if3588 Adonijah138 have not spoken1696 853 this2088 word1697 against his own life.5315

24  Now6258 therefore, as the LORD3068 liveth,2416 which834 hath established3559 me, and set3427 me on5921 the throne3678 of David1732 my father,1 and who834 hath made6213 me a house,1004 as834 he promised,1696 Adonijah138 shall be put to death4191 this day.3117

25  And king4428 Solomon8010 sent7971 by the hand3027 of Benaiah1141 the son1121 of Jehoiada;3077 and he fell6293 upon him that he died.4191

26  And unto Abiathar54 the priest3548 said559 the king,4428 Get1980 thee to Anathoth,6068 unto5921 thine own fields;7704 for3588 thou859 art worthy376 of death:4194 but I will not3808 at this2088 time3117 put thee to death,4191 because3588 thou didst bear5375 853 the ark727 of the Lord136 GOD3068 before6440 David1732 my father,1 and because3588 thou hast been afflicted6031 in all3605 wherein834 my father1 was afflicted.6031

27  So Solomon8010 thrust out1644 853 Abiathar54 from being4480 1961 priest3548 unto the LORD;3068 that he might fulfill4390 853 the word1697 of the LORD,3068 which834 he spoke1696 concerning5921 the house1004 of Eli5941 in Shiloh.7887

28  Then tidings8052 came935 to5704 Joab:3097 for3588 Joab3097 had turned5186 after310 Adonijah,138 though he turned5186 not3808 after310 Absalom.53 And Joab3097 fled5127 unto413 the tabernacle168 of the LORD,3068 and caught hold2388 on the horns7161 of the altar.4196

29  And it was told5046 king4428 Solomon8010 that3588 Joab3097 was fled5127 unto413 the tabernacle168 of the LORD;3068 and, behold,2009 he is by681 the altar.4196 Then Solomon8010 sent7971 853 Benaiah1141 the son1121 of Jehoiada,3077 saying,559 Go,1980 fall6293 upon him.

30  And Benaiah1141 came935 to413 the tabernacle168 of the LORD,3068 and said559 unto413 him, Thus3541 saith559 the king,4428 Come forth.3318 And he said,559 Nay;3808 but3588 I will die4191 here.6311 And Benaiah1141 brought7725 853 the king4428 word1697 again, saying,559 Thus3541 said1696 Joab,3097 and thus3541 he answered6030 me.

31  And the king4428 said559 unto him, Do6213 as834 he hath said,1696 and fall6293 upon him, and bury6912 him; that thou mayest take away5493 the innocent2600 blood,1818 which834 Joab3097 shed,8210 from4480 5921 me, and from4480 5921 the house1004 of my father.1

32  And the LORD3068 shall return7725 853 his blood1818 upon5921 his own head,7218 who834 fell6293 upon two8147 men376 more righteous6662 and better2896 than4480 he, and slew2026 them with the sword,2719 my father1 David1732 not3808 knowing3045 thereof, to wit, 853 Abner74 the son1121 of Ner,5369 captain8269 of the host6635 of Israel,3478 and Amasa6021 the son1121 of Jether,3500 captain8269 of the host6635 of Judah.3063

33  Their blood1818 shall therefore return7725 upon the head7218 of Joab,3097 and upon the head7218 of his seed2233 forever:5769 but upon David,1732 and upon his seed,2233 and upon his house,1004 and upon his throne,3678 shall there be1961 peace7965 forever5704 5769 from4480 5973 the LORD.3068

34  So Benaiah1141 the son1121 of Jehoiada3077 went up,5927 and fell6293 upon him, and slew4191 him: and he was buried6912 in his own house1004 in the wilderness.4057

35  And the king4428 put5414 853 Benaiah1141 the son1121 of Jehoiada3077 in his room8478 over5921 the host:6635 and Zadok6659 the priest3548 did the king4428 put5414 in the room8478 of Abiathar.54

36  And the king4428 sent7971 and called7121 for Shimei,8096 and said559 unto him, Build1129 thee a house1004 in Jerusalem,3389 and dwell3427 there,8033 and go not forth3808 3318 thence4480 8033 any575 whither.575

37  For it shall be,1961 that on the day3117 thou goest out,3318 and passest over5674 853 the brook5158 Kidron,6939 thou shalt know3045 for certain3045 that3588 thou shalt surely die:4191 4191 thy blood1818 shall be1961 upon thine own head.7218

38  And Shimei8096 said559 unto the king,4428 The saying1697 is good:2896 as834 my lord113 the king4428 hath said,1696 so3651 will thy servant5650 do.6213 And Shimei8096 dwelt3427 in Jerusalem3389 many7227 days.3117

39  And it came to pass1961 at the end4480 7093 of three7969 years,8141 that two8147 of the servants5650 of Shimei8096 ran away1272 unto413 Achish397 son1121 of Maachah4601 king4428 of Gath.1661 And they told5046 Shimei,8096 saying,559 Behold,2009 thy servants5650 be in Gath.1661

40  And Shimei8096 arose,6965 and saddled2280 853 his ass,2543 and went1980 to Gath1661 to413 Achish397 to seek1245 853 his servants:5650 and Shimei8096 went,1980 and brought935 853 his servants5650 from Gath.4480 1661

41  And it was told5046 Solomon8010 that3588 Shimei8096 had gone1980 from Jerusalem4480 3389 to Gath,1661 and was come again.7725

42  And the king4428 sent7971 and called7121 for Shimei,8096 and said559 unto413 him, Did I not3808 make thee to swear7650 by the LORD,3068 and protested5749 unto thee, saying,559 Know for a certain,3045 3045 on the day3117 thou goest out,3318 and walkest abroad1980 any575 whither,575 that3588 thou shalt surely die?4191 4191 and thou saidst559 unto413 me, The word1697 that I have heard8085 is good.2896

43  Why4069 then hast thou not3808 kept8104 853 the oath7621 of the LORD,3068 and the commandment4687 that834 I have charged6680 thee5921 with?

44  The king4428 said559 moreover to413 Shimei,8096 Thou859 knowest3045 853 all3605 the wickedness7451 which834 thine heart3824 is privy to,3045 that834 thou didst6213 to David1732 my father:1 therefore the LORD3068 shall return7725 853 thy wickedness7451 upon thine own head;7218

45  And king4428 Solomon8010 shall be blessed,1288 and the throne3678 of David1732 shall be1961 established3559 before6440 the LORD3068 forever.5704 5769

46  So the king4428 commanded6680 853 Benaiah1141 the son1121 of Jehoiada;3077 which went out,3318 and fell6293 upon him, that he died.4191 And the kingdom4467 was established3559 in the hand3027 of Solomon.8010

1 Kings 3: 1-28

1  And Solomon8010 made affinity2859 with854 Pharaoh6547 king4428 of Egypt,4714 and took3947 853 Pharaoh's6547 daughter,1323 and brought935 her into413 the city5892 of David,1732 until5704 he had made an end3615 of building1129 853 his own house,1004 and the house1004 of the LORD,3068 and the wall2346 of Jerusalem3389 round about.5439

2  Only7535 the people5971 sacrificed2076 in high places,1116 because3588 there was no3808 house1004 built1129 unto the name8034 of the LORD,3068 until5704 those1992 days.3117

3  And Solomon8010 loved157 853 the LORD,3068 walking1980 in the statutes2708 of David1732 his father:1 only7535 he1931 sacrificed2076 and burnt incense6999 in high places.1116

4  And the king4428 went1980 to Gibeon1391 to sacrifice2076 there;8033 for3588 that1931 was the great1419 high place:1116 a thousand505 burnt offerings5930 did Solomon8010 offer5927 upon5921 that1931 altar.4196

5  In Gibeon1391 the LORD3068 appeared7200 to413 Solomon8010 in a dream2472 by night:3915 and God430 said,559 Ask7592 what4100 I shall give5414 thee.

6  And Solomon8010 said,559 Thou859 hast showed6213 unto5973 thy servant5650 David1732 my father1 great1419 mercy,2617 according as834 he walked1980 before6440 thee in truth,571 and in righteousness,6666 and in uprightness3483 of heart3824 with5973 thee; and thou hast kept8104 for him 853 this2088 great1419 kindness,2617 that thou hast given5414 him a son1121 to sit3427 on5921 his throne,3678 as it is this2088 day.3117

7  And now,6258 O LORD3068 my God,430 thou859 hast made 853 thy servant5650 king4427 instead8478 of David1732 my father:1 and I595 am but a little6996 child:5288 I know3045 not3808 how to go out3318 or come in.935

8  And thy servant5650 is in the midst8432 of thy people5971 which834 thou hast chosen,977 a great7227 people,5971 that834 cannot3808 be numbered4487 nor3808 counted5608 for multitude.4480 7230

9  Give5414 therefore thy servant5650 an understanding8085 heart3820 to judge8199 853 thy people,5971 that I may discern995 between996 good2896 and bad:7451 for3588 who4310 is able3201 to judge8199 this2088 thy so great3515 853 a people?5971

10  And the speech1697 pleased3190 5869 the Lord,136 that3588 Solomon8010 had asked7592 853 this2088 thing.1697

11  And God430 said559 unto413 him, Because3282 834 thou hast asked7592 853 this2088 thing,1697 and hast not3808 asked7592 for thyself long7227 life;3117 neither3808 hast asked7592 riches6239 for thyself, nor3808 hast asked7592 the life5315 of thine enemies;341 but hast asked7592 for thyself understanding995 to discern8085 judgment;4941

12  Behold,2009 I have done6213 according to thy words:1697 lo,2009 I have given5414 thee a wise2450 and an understanding995 heart;3820 so that834 there was1961 none3808 like thee3644 before6440 thee, neither3808 after310 thee shall any arise6965 like unto thee.3644

13  And I have also1571 given5414 thee that which834 thou hast not3808 asked,7592 both1571 riches,6239 and1571 honor:3519 so that834 there shall not3808 be1961 any376 among the kings4428 like unto thee3644 all3605 thy days.3117

14  And if518 thou wilt walk1980 in my ways,1870 to keep8104 my statutes2706 and my commandments,4687 as834 thy father1 David1732 did walk,1980 then I will lengthen748 853 thy days.3117

15  And Solomon8010 awoke;3364 and, behold,2009 it was a dream.2472 And he came935 to Jerusalem,3389 and stood5975 before6440 the ark727 of the covenant1285 of the LORD,136 and offered up5927 burnt offerings,5930 and offered6213 peace offerings,8002 and made6213 a feast4960 to all3605 his servants.5650

16  Then227 came935 there two8147 women,802 that were harlots,2181 unto413 the king,4428 and stood5975 before6440 him.

17  And the one259 woman802 said,559 O994 my lord,113 I589 and this2063 woman802 dwell3427 in one259 house;1004 and I was delivered of a child3205 with5973 her in the house.1004

18  And it came to pass1961 the third7992 day3117 after that I was delivered,3205 that this2063 woman802 was delivered3205 also:1571 and we587 were together;3162 there was no369 stranger2114 with854 us in the house,1004 save2108 we587 two8147 in the house.1004

19  And this2063 woman's802 child1121 died4191 in the night;3915 because834 she overlaid7901 5921 it.

20  And she arose6965 at midnight,8432 3915 and took3947 853 my son1121 from beside4480 681 me, while thine handmaid519 slept,3463 and laid7901 it in her bosom,2436 and laid7901 her dead4191 child1121 in my bosom.2436

21  And when I rose6965 in the morning1242 to give my child suck,3242 853 1121 behold,2009 it was dead:4191 but when I had considered995 413 it in the morning,1242 behold,2009 it was1961 not3808 my son,1121 which834 I did bear.3205

22  And the other312 woman802 said,559 Nay;3808 but3588 the living2416 is my son,1121 and the dead4191 is thy son.1121 And this2063 said,559 No;3808 but3588 the dead4191 is thy son,1121 and the living2416 is my son.1121 Thus they spoke1696 before6440 the king.4428

23  Then said559 the king,4428 The one2063 saith,559 This2088 is my son1121 that liveth,2416 and thy son1121 is the dead:4191 and the other2063 saith,559 Nay;3808 but3588 thy son1121 is the dead,4191 and my son1121 is the living.2416

24  And the king4428 said,559 Bring3947 me a sword.2719 And they brought935 a sword2719 before6440 the king.4428

25  And the king4428 said,559 Divide1504 853 the living2416 child3206 in two,8147 and give5414 853 half2677 to the one,259 and half2677 to the other.259

26  Then spoke559 the woman802 whose834 the living2416 child1121 was unto413 the king,4428 for3588 her bowels7356 yearned3648 upon5921 her son,1121 and she said,559 O994 my lord,113 give5414 her 853 the living2416 child,3205 and in no408 wise slay4191 4191 it. But the other2063 said,559 Let it be1961 neither1571 3808 mine nor1571 thine, but divide1504 it.

27  Then the king4428 answered6030 and said,559 Give5414 her 853 the living2416 child,3205 and in no3808 wise slay4191 4191 it: she1931 is the mother517 thereof.

28  And all3605 Israel3478 heard8085 of 853 the judgment4941 which834 the king4428 had judged;8199 and they feared3372 4480 6440 the king:4428 for3588 they saw7200 that3588 the wisdom2451 of God430 was in him,7130 to do6213 judgment.4941

1 Kings 4: 1-34

1  So king4428 Solomon8010 was1961 king4428 over5921 all3605 Israel.3478

2  And these428 were the princes8269 which834 he had; Azariah5838 the son1121 of Zadok6659 the priest,3548

3  Elihoreph456 and Ahiah,281 the sons1121 of Shisha,7894 scribes;5608 Jehoshaphat3092 the son1121 of Ahilud,286 the recorder.2142

4  And Benaiah1141 the son1121 of Jehoiada3077 was over5921 the host:6635 and Zadok6659 and Abiathar54 were the priests:3548

5  And Azariah5838 the son1121 of Nathan5416 was over5921 the officers:5324 and Zabud2071 the son1121 of Nathan5416 was principal officer,3548 and the king's4428 friend:7463

6  And Ahishar301 was over5921 the household:1004 and Adoniram141 the son1121 of Abda5653 was over5921 the tribute.4522

7  And Solomon8010 had twelve8147 6240 officers5324 over5921 all3605 Israel,3478 which provided victuals3557 for 853 the king4428 and his household:1004 each man259 his month2320 in a year8141 made provision.3557

8  And these428 are their names:8034 The son of Hur,1133 in mount2022 Ephraim:669

9  The son of Dekar,1128 in Makaz,4739 and in Shaalbim,8169 and Beth-shemesh,1053 and Elon-beth-hanan:358

10  The son of Hesed,1136 in Aruboth;700 to him pertained Sochoh,7755 and all3605 the land776 of Hepher:2660

11  The son of Abinadab,1125 in all3605 the region5299 of Dor;1756 which had Taphath2955 the daughter1323 of Solomon8010 to wife:802

12  Baana1195 the son1121 of Ahilud;286 to him pertained Taanach8590 and Megiddo,4023 and all3605 Beth-shean,1052 which834 is by681 Zartanah6891 beneath4480 8478 Jezreel,3157 from Beth-shean4480 1052 to5704 Abel-meholah,65 even unto5704 the place that is beyond4480 5676 Jokneam:3361

13  The son of Geber,1127 in Ramoth-gilead;7433 to him pertained the towns2333 of Jair2971 the son1121 of Manasseh,4519 which834 are in Gilead;1568 to him also pertained the region2256 of Argob,709 which834 is in Bashan,1316 threescore8346 great1419 cities5892 with walls2346 and brazen5178 bars:1280

14  Ahinadab292 the son1121 of Iddo5714 had Mahanaim:4266

15  Ahimaaz290 was in Naphtali;5321 he1931 also1571 took3947 853 Basmath1315 the daughter1323 of Solomon8010 to wife:802

16  Baanah1195 the son1121 of Hushai2365 was in Asher836 and in Aloth:1175

17  Jehoshaphat3092 the son1121 of Paruah,6515 in Issachar:3485

18  Shimei8096 the son1121 of Elah,414 in Benjamin:1144

19  Geber1398 the son1121 of Uri221 was in the country776 of Gilead,1568 in the country776 of Sihon5511 king4428 of the Amorites,567 and of Og5747 king4428 of Bashan;1316 and he was the only259 officer5333 which834 was in the land.776

20  Judah3063 and Israel3478 were many,7227 as the sand2344 which834 is by5921 the sea3220 in multitude,7230 eating398 and drinking,8354 and making merry.8056

21  And Solomon8010 reigned4910 over all3605 kingdoms4467 from4480 the river5104 unto the land776 of the Philistines,6430 and unto5704 the border1366 of Egypt:4714 they brought5066 presents,4503 and served5647 853 Solomon8010 all3605 the days3117 of his life.2416

22  And Solomon's8010 provision3899 for one259 day3117 was1961 thirty7970 measures3734 of fine flour,5560 and threescore8346 measures3734 of meal,7058

23  Ten6235 fat1277 oxen,1241 and twenty6242 oxen1241 out of the pastures,7471 and a hundred3967 sheep,6629 beside905 harts,4480 354 and roebucks,6643 and fallow deer,3180 and fatted75 fowl.1257

24  For3588 he1931 had dominion7287 over all3605 the region on this side5676 the river,5104 from Tiphsah4480 8607 even to5704 Azzah,5804 over all3605 the kings4428 on this side5676 the river:5104 and he had1961 peace7965 on all4480 3605 sides5676 round about4480 5439 him.

25  And Judah3063 and Israel3478 dwelt3427 safely,983 every man376 under8478 his vine1612 and under8478 his fig tree,8384 from Dan4480 1835 even to5704 Beer-sheba,884 all3605 the days3117 of Solomon.8010

26  And Solomon8010 had1961 forty705 thousand505 stalls723 of horses5483 for his chariots,4817 and twelve8147 6240 thousand505 horsemen.6571

27  And those428 officers5324 provided victual3557 for 853 king4428 Solomon,8010 and for all3605 that came7131 unto413 king4428 Solomon's8010 table,7979 every man376 in his month:2320 they lacked5737 nothing.3808 1697

28  Barley8184 also and straw8401 for the horses5483 and dromedaries7409 brought935 they unto413 the place4725 where834 8033 the officers were,1961 every man376 according to his charge.4941

29  And God430 gave5414 Solomon8010 wisdom2451 and understanding8394 exceeding3966 much,7235 and largeness7341 of heart,3820 even as the sand2344 that834 is on5921 the sea3220 shore.8193

30  And Solomon's8010 wisdom2451 excelled the wisdom7235 4480 2451 of all3605 the children1121 of the east country,6924 and all4480 3605 the wisdom2451 of Egypt.4714

31  For he was wiser2449 than all4480 3605 men;120 than Ethan4480 387 the Ezrahite,250 and Heman,1968 and Chalcol,3633 and Darda,1862 the sons1121 of Mahol:4235 and his fame8034 was1961 in all3605 nations1471 round about.5439

32  And he spoke1696 three7969 thousand505 proverbs:4912 and his songs7892 were1961 a thousand505 and five.2568

33  And he spoke1696 of5921 trees,6086 from4480 the cedar tree730 that834 is in Lebanon3844 even unto5704 the hyssop231 that834 springeth out3318 of the wall:7023 he spoke1696 also of5921 beasts,929 and of5921 fowl,5775 and of5921 creeping things,7431 and of5921 fishes.1709

34  And there came935 of all4480 3605 people5971 to hear8085 853 the wisdom2451 of Solomon,8010 from4480 854 all3605 kings4428 of the earth,776 which834 had heard of8085 853 his wisdom.2451

1 Kings 5: 1-18

1  And Hiram2438 king4428 of Tyre6865 sent7971 853 his servants5650 unto413 Solomon;8010 for3588 he had heard8085 that3588 they had anointed4886 him king4428 in the room8478 of his father:1 for3588 Hiram2438 was1961 ever3605 3117 a lover157 of David.1732

2  And Solomon8010 sent7971 to413 Hiram,2438 saying,559

3  Thou859 knowest3045 how that3588 853 David1732 my father1 could3201 not3808 build1129 a house1004 unto the name8034 of the LORD3068 his God430 for4480 6440 the wars4421 which834 were about him on every side,5437 until5704 the LORD3068 put5414 them under8478 the soles3709 of his feet.7272

4  But now6258 the LORD3068 my God430 hath given me rest5117 on every side,4480 5439 so that there is neither369 adversary7854 nor369 evil7451 occurrent.6294

5  And, behold,2009 I purpose559 to build1129 a house1004 unto the name8034 of the LORD3068 my God,430 as834 the LORD3068 spoke1696 unto413 David1732 my father,1 saying,559 Thy son,1121 whom834 I will set5414 upon5921 thy throne3678 in thy room,8478 he1931 shall build1129 a house1004 unto my name.8034

6  Now6258 therefore command6680 thou that they hew3772 me cedar trees730 out of4480 Lebanon;3844 and my servants5650 shall be1961 with5973 thy servants:5650 and unto thee will I give5414 hire7939 for thy servants5650 according to all3605 that834 thou shalt appoint:559 for3588 thou859 knowest3045 that3588 there is not369 among us any376 that can skill3045 to hew3772 timber6086 like unto the Sidonians.6722

7  And it came to pass,1961 when Hiram2438 heard8085 853 the words1697 of Solomon,8010 that he rejoiced8055 greatly,3966 and said,559 Blessed1288 be the LORD3068 this day,3117 which834 hath given5414 unto David1732 a wise2450 son1121 over5921 this2088 great7227 people.5971

8  And Hiram2438 sent7971 to413 Solomon,8010 saying,559 I have considered8085 853 the things which834 thou sentest7971 to413 me for: and I589 will do6213 853 all3605 thy desire2656 concerning timber6086 of cedar,730 and concerning timber6086 of fir.1265

9  My servants5650 shall bring them down3381 from4480 Lebanon3844 unto the sea:3220 and I589 will convey7760 them by sea3220 in floats1702 unto5704 the place4725 that834 thou shalt appoint7971 413 me, and will cause them to be discharged5310 there,8033 and thou859 shalt receive5375 them: and thou859 shalt accomplish6213 853 my desire,2656 in giving5414 food3899 for my household.1004

10  So Hiram2438 gave5414 Solomon8010 cedar730 trees6086 and fir1265 trees6086 according to all3605 his desire.2656

11  And Solomon8010 gave5414 Hiram2438 twenty6242 thousand505 measures3734 of wheat2406 for food4361 to his household,1004 and twenty6242 measures3734 of pure3795 oil:8081 thus3541 gave5414 Solomon8010 to Hiram2438 year8141 by year.8141

12  And the LORD3068 gave5414 Solomon8010 wisdom,2451 as834 he promised1696 him: and there was1961 peace7965 between996 Hiram2438 and Solomon;8010 and they two8147 made a league together.3772 1285

13  And king4428 Solomon8010 raised5927 a levy4522 out of all4480 3605 Israel;3478 and the levy4522 was1961 thirty7970 thousand505 men.376

14  And he sent7971 them to Lebanon,3844 ten6235 thousand505 a month2320 by courses:2487 a month2320 they were1961 in Lebanon,3844 and two8147 months2320 at home:1004 and Adoniram141 was over5921 the levy.4522

15  And Solomon8010 had1961 threescore and ten7657 thousand505 that bore5375 burdens,5449 and fourscore8084 thousand505 hewers2672 in the mountains;2022

16  Beside the chief905 4480 8269 of Solomon's8010 officers5324 which834 were over5921 the work,4399 three7969 thousand505 and three7969 hundred,3967 which ruled7287 over the people5971 that wrought6213 in the work.4399

17  And the king4428 commanded,6680 and they brought5265 great1419 stones,68 costly3368 stones,68 and hewed1496 stones,68 to lay the foundation3245 of the house.1004

18  And Solomon's8010 builders1129 and Hiram's2438 builders1129 did hew6458 them, and the stonesquarers:1382 so they prepared3559 timber6086 and stones68 to build1129 the house.1004

1 Kings 6: 1-38

1  And it came to pass1961 in the four702 hundred3967 and eightieth8084 year8141 after the children1121 of Israel3478 were come out3318 of the land4480 776 of Egypt,4714 in the fourth7243 year8141 of Solomon's8010 reign4427 over5921 Israel,3478 in the month2320 Zif,2099 which1931 is the second8145 month,2320 that he began to build1129 the house1004 of the LORD.3068

2  And the house1004 which834 king4428 Solomon8010 built1129 for the LORD,3068 the length753 thereof was threescore8346 cubits,520 and the breadth7341 thereof twenty6242 cubits, and the height6967 thereof thirty7970 cubits.520

3  And the porch197 before5921 6440 the temple1964 of the house,1004 twenty6242 cubits520 was the length753 thereof, according5921 6440 to the breadth7341 of the house;1004 and ten6235 cubits520 was the breadth7341 thereof before5921 6440 the house.1004

4  And for the house1004 he made6213 windows2474 of narrow331 lights.8261

5  And against5921 the wall7023 of the house1004 he built1129 chambers3326 round about,5439 against 853 the walls7023 of the house1004 round about,5439 both of the temple1964 and of the oracle:1687 and he made6213 chambers6763 round about:5439

6  The nethermost8481 chamber3326 was five2568 cubits520 broad,7341 and the middle8484 was six8337 cubits520 broad,7341 and the third7992 was seven7651 cubits520 broad:7341 for3588 without2351 in the wall of the house1004 he made5414 narrowed rests4052 round about,5439 that the beams should not1115 be fastened270 in the walls7023 of the house.1004

7  And the house,1004 when it was in building,1129 was built1129 of stone68 made ready8003 before it was brought4551 thither: so that there was neither3808 hammer4718 nor axe1631 nor any3605 tool3627 of iron1270 heard8085 in the house,1004 while it was in building.1129

8  The door6607 for the middle8484 chamber6763 was in413 the right3233 side3802 of the house:1004 and they went up5927 with winding stairs3883 into5921 the middle8484 chamber, and out of4480 the middle8484 into413 the third.7992

9  So he built1129 853 the house,1004 and finished3615 it; and covered5603 853 the house1004 with beams1356 and boards7713 of cedar.730

10  And then he built1129 853 chambers3326 against5921 all3605 the house,1004 five2568 cubits520 high:6967 and they rested on270 853 the house1004 with timber6086 of cedar.730

11  And the word1697 of the LORD3068 came1961 to413 Solomon,8010 saying,559

12  Concerning this2088 house1004 which834 thou859 art in building,1129 if518 thou wilt walk1980 in my statutes,2708 and execute6213 my judgments,4941 and keep8104 853 all3605 my commandments4687 to walk1980 in them; then will I perform6965 853 my word1697 with thee,854 which834 I spoke1696 unto413 David1732 thy father:1

13  And I will dwell7931 among8432 the children1121 of Israel,3478 and will not3808 forsake5800 853 my people5971 Israel.3478

14  So Solomon8010 built1129 853 the house,1004 and finished3615 it.

15  And he built1129 853 the walls7023 of the house1004 within4480 1004 with boards6763 of cedar,730 both the floor4480 7172 of the house,1004 and the walls7023 of the ceiling:5604 and he covered6823 them on the inside4480 1004 with wood,6086 and covered6823 853 the floor7172 of the house1004 with planks6763 of fir.1265

16  And he built1129 853 twenty6242 cubits520 on the sides4480 3411 of the house,1004 both4480 the floor7172 and the walls7023 with boards6763 of cedar:730 he even built1129 them for it within,4480 1004 even for the oracle,1687 even for the most holy6944 6944 place.

17  And the house,1004 that1931 is, the temple1964 before3942 it, was1961 forty705 cubits520 long.

18  And the cedar730 of413 the house1004 within6441 was carved4734 with knops6497 and open6358 flowers:6731 all3605 was cedar;730 there was no369 stone68 seen.7200

19  And the oracle1687 he prepared3559 in the house8432 1004 within,4480 6441 to set5414 there8033 853 the ark727 of the covenant1285 of the LORD.3068

20  And the oracle1687 in the forepart6440 was twenty6242 cubits520 in length,753 and twenty6242 cubits520 in breadth,7341 and twenty6242 cubits520 in the height6967 thereof: and he overlaid6823 it with pure5462 gold;2091 and so covered6823 the altar4196 which was of cedar.730

21  So Solomon8010 overlaid6823 853 the house1004 within4480 6441 with pure5462 gold:2091 and he made a partition5674 by the chains7569 of gold2091 before6440 the oracle;1687 and he overlaid6823 it with gold.2091

22  And the whole3605 house1004 he overlaid6823 with gold,2091 until5704 he had finished8552 all3605 the house:1004 also the whole3605 altar4196 that834 was by the oracle1687 he overlaid6823 with gold.2091

23  And within the oracle1687 he made6213 two8147 cherubims3742 of olive8081 tree,6086 each ten6235 cubits520 high.6967

24  And five2568 cubits520 was the one259 wing3671 of the cherub,3742 and five2568 cubits520 the other8145 wing3671 of the cherub:3742 from the uttermost part4480 7098 of the one wing3671 unto5704 the uttermost part7098 of the other3671 were ten6235 cubits.520

25  And the other8145 cherub3742 was ten6235 cubits:520 both8147 the cherubims3742 were of one259 measure4060 and one259 size.7095

26  The height6967 of the one259 cherub3742 was ten6235 cubits,520 and so3651 was it of the other8145 cherub.3742

27  And he set5414 853 the cherubims3742 within8432 the inner6442 house:1004 and they stretched forth6566 853 the wings3671 of the cherubims,3742 so that the wing3671 of the one259 touched5060 the one wall,7023 and the wing3671 of the other8145 cherub3742 touched5060 the other8145 wall;7023 and their wings3671 touched5060 one3671 another413 3671 in413 the midst8432 of the house.1004

28  And he overlaid6823 853 the cherubims3742 with gold.2091

29  And he carved7049 all3605 the walls7023 of the house1004 round about4524 with carved6603 figures4734 of cherubims3742 and palm trees8561 and open6358 flowers,6731 within4480 6440 and without.2435

30  And the floor7172 of the house1004 he overlaid6823 with gold,2091 within6441 and without.2435

31  And for the entering6607 of the oracle1687 he made6213 doors1817 of olive8081 tree:6086 the lintel352 and side posts4201 were a fifth part2549 of the wall.

32  The two8147 doors1817 also were of olive8081 tree;6086 and he carved7049 upon5921 them carvings4734 of cherubims3742 and palm trees8561 and open6358 flowers,6731 and overlaid6823 them with gold,2091 and spread7286 853 gold2091 upon5921 the cherubims,3742 and upon5921 the palm trees.8561

33  So3651 also made6213 he for the door6607 of the temple1964 posts4201 of olive8081 tree,6086 a fourth part4480 854 7243 of the wall.

34  And the two8147 doors1817 were of fir1265 tree:6086 the two8147 leaves6763 of the one259 door1817 were folding,1550 and the two8147 leaves7050 of the other8145 door1817 were folding.1550

35  And he carved7049 thereon cherubims3742 and palm trees8561 and open6358 flowers:6731 and covered6823 them with gold2091 fitted3474 upon5921 the carved work.2707

36  And he built1129 the inner6442 853 court2691 with three7969 rows2905 of hewed stone,1496 and a row2905 of cedar730 beams.3773

37  In the fourth7243 year8141 was the foundation3245 of the house1004 of the LORD3068 laid, in the month3391 Zif:2099

38  And in the eleventh259 6240 year,8141 in the month3391 Bul,945 which1931 is the eighth8066 month,2320 was the house1004 finished3615 throughout all3605 the parts1697 thereof, and according to all3605 the fashion4941 of it. So was he seven7651 years8141 in building1129 it.

1 Kings 7: 1-51

1  But Solomon8010 was building1129 his own house1004 thirteen7969 6240 years,8141 and he finished3615 853 all3605 his house.1004

2  He built1129 also 853 the house1004 of the forest3293 of Lebanon;3844 the length753 thereof was a hundred3967 cubits,520 and the breadth7341 thereof fifty2572 cubits,520 and the height6967 thereof thirty7970 cubits,520 upon5921 four702 rows2905 of cedar730 pillars,5982 with cedar730 beams3773 upon5921 the pillars.5982

3  And it was covered5603 with cedar730 above4480 4605 upon5921 the beams,6763 that834 lay on5921 forty705 five2568 pillars,5982 fifteen2568 6240 in a row.2905

4  And there were windows8261 in three7969 rows,2905 and light4237 was against413 light4237 in three7969 ranks.6471

5  And all3605 the doors6607 and posts4201 were square,7251 with the windows:8260 and light4237 was against413 light4237 in three7969 ranks.6471

6  And he made6213 a porch197 of pillars;5982 the length753 thereof was fifty2572 cubits,520 and the breadth7341 thereof thirty7970 cubits:520 and the porch197 was before5921 6440 them: and the other pillars5982 and the thick beam5646 were before5921 6440 them.

7  Then he made6213 a porch197 for the throne3678 where834 8033 he might judge,8199 even the porch197 of judgment:4941 and it was covered5603 with cedar730 from one side of the floor4480 7172 to5704 the other.7172

8  And his house1004 where834 8033 he dwelt3427 had another312 court2691 within4480 1004 the porch,197 which was1961 of the like2088 work.4639 Solomon8010 made6213 also a house1004 for Pharaoh's6547 daughter,1323 whom834 he had taken3947 to wife, like unto this2088 porch.197

9  All3605 these428 were of costly3368 stones,68 according to the measures4060 of hewed stones,1496 sawed1641 with saws,4050 within4480 1004 and without,4480 2351 even from the foundation4480 4527 unto5704 the coping,2948 and so on the outside4480 2351 toward5704 the great1419 court.2691

10  And the foundation3245 was of costly3368 stones,68 even great1419 stones,68 stones68 of ten6235 cubits,520 and stones68 of eight8083 cubits.520

11  And above4480 4605 were costly3368 stones,68 after the measures4060 of hewed stones,1496 and cedars.730

12  And the great1419 court2691 round about5439 was with three7969 rows2905 of hewed stones,1496 and a row2905 of cedar730 beams,3773 both for the inner6442 court2691 of the house1004 of the LORD,3068 and for the porch197 of the house.1004

13  And king4428 Solomon8010 sent7971 and fetched3947 853 Hiram2438 out of Tyre.4480 6865

14  He1931 was a widow's490 son1121 of the tribe4480 4294 of Naphtali,5321 and his father1 was a man376 of Tyre,6876 a worker2790 in brass:5178 and he was filled4390 with854 wisdom,2451 and understanding,8394 and cunning1847 to work6213 all3605 works4399 in brass.5178 And he came935 to413 king4428 Solomon,8010 and wrought6213 853 all3605 his work.4399

15  For he cast6696 853 two8147 pillars5982 of brass,5178 of eighteen8083 6240 cubits520 high6967 apiece:5982 259 and a line2339 of twelve8147 6240 cubits520 did compass either of them about.5437 853 5982 8145

16  And he made6213 two8147 chapiters3805 of molten3332 brass,5178 to set5414 upon5921 the tops7218 of the pillars:5982 the height6967 of the one259 chapiter3805 was five2568 cubits,520 and the height6967 of the other8145 chapiter3805 was five2568 cubits:520

17  And nets7638 of checker7639 work,4639 and wreaths1434 of chain8333 work,4639 for the chapiters3805 which834 were upon5921 the top7218 of the pillars;5982 seven7651 for the one259 chapiter,3805 and seven7651 for the other8145 chapiter.3805

18  And he made6213 853 the pillars,5982 and two8147 rows2905 round about5439 upon5921 the one259 network,7639 to cover3680 853 the chapiters3805 that834 were upon5921 the top,7218 with pomegranates:7416 and so3651 did6213 he for the other8145 chapiter.3805

19  And the chapiters3805 that834 were upon5921 the top7218 of the pillars5982 were of lily7799 work4639 in the porch,197 four702 cubits.520

20  And the chapiters3805 upon5921 the two8147 pillars5982 had pomegranates also1571 above,4480 4605 over against4480 5980 the belly990 which834 was by5676 the network:7639 and the pomegranates7416 were two hundred3967 in rows2905 round about5439 upon5921 the other8145 chapiter.3805

21  And he set up6965 853 the pillars5982 in the porch197 of the temple:1964 and he set up6965 the right3233 853 pillar,5982 and called7121 853 the name8034 thereof Jachin:3199 and he set up6965 853 the left8042 pillar,5982 and called7121 853 the name8034 thereof Boaz.1162

22  And upon5921 the top7218 of the pillars5982 was lily7799 work:4639 so was the work4399 of the pillars5982 finished.8552

23  And he made6213 853 a molten3332 sea,3220 ten6235 cubits520 from the one brim4480 8193 to5704 the other:8193 it was round5696 all about,5439 and his height6967 was five2568 cubits:520 and a line6957 of thirty7970 cubits520 did compass5437 it round about.5439

24  And under4480 8478 the brim8193 of it round about5439 there were knops6497 compassing5437 it, ten6235 in a cubit,520 compassing5362 853 the sea3220 round about:5439 the knops6497 were cast3332 in two8147 rows,2905 when it was cast.3333

25  It stood5975 upon5921 twelve8147 6240 oxen,1241 three7969 looking6437 toward the north,6828 and three7969 looking6437 toward the west,3220 and three7969 looking6437 toward the south,5045 and three7969 looking6437 toward the east:4217 and the sea3220 was set above4480 4605 upon5921 them, and all3605 their hinder parts268 were inward.1004

26  And it was a handbreadth2947 thick,5672 and the brim8193 thereof was wrought4639 like the brim8193 of a cup,3563 with flowers6525 of lilies:7799 it contained3557 two thousand505 baths.1324

27  And he made6213 853 ten6235 bases4350 of brass;5178 four702 cubits520 was the length753 of one259 base,4350 and four702 cubits520 the breadth7341 thereof, and three7969 cubits520 the height6967 of it.

28  And the work4639 of the bases4350 was on this2088 manner: they had borders,4526 and the borders4526 were between996 the ledges:7948

29  And on5921 the borders4526 that834 were between996 the ledges7948 were lions,738 oxen,1241 and cherubims:3742 and upon5921 the ledges7948 there was a base3653 above:4480 4605 and beneath4480 8478 the lions738 and oxen1241 were certain additions3914 made of thin4174 work.4639

30  And every259 base4350 had four702 brazen5178 wheels,212 and plates5633 of brass:5178 and the four702 corners6471 thereof had undersetters:3802 under4480 8478 the laver3595 were undersetters3802 molten,3332 at the side4480 5676 of every376 addition.3914

31  And the mouth6310 of it within4480 1004 the chapiter3805 and above4605 was a cubit:520 but the mouth6310 thereof was round5696 after the work4639 of the base,3653 a cubit520 and a half:2677 520 and also1571 upon5921 the mouth6310 of it were gravings4734 with their borders,4526 foursquare,7251 not3808 round.5696

32  And under4480 8478 the borders4526 were four702 wheels;212 and the axletrees3027 of the wheels212 were joined to the base:4350 and the height6967 of a259 wheel212 was a cubit520 and half2677 a cubit.520

33  And the work4639 of the wheels212 was like the work4639 of a chariot4818 wheel:212 their axletrees,3027 and their naves,1354 and their felloes,2839 and their spokes,2840 were all3605 molten.3332

34  And there were four702 undersetters3802 to413 the four702 corners6438 of one259 base:4350 and the undersetters3802 were of4480 the very base4350 itself.

35  And in the top7218 of the base4350 was there a round5696 compass5439 of half2677 a cubit520 high:6967 and on5921 the top7218 of the base4350 the ledges3027 thereof and the borders4526 thereof were of4480 the same.

36  For on5921 the plates3871 of the ledges3027 thereof, and on5921 the borders4526 thereof, he graved6605 cherubims,3742 lions,738 and palm trees,8561 according to the proportion4626 of every one,376 and additions3914 round about.5439

37  After this2063 manner he made6213 853 the ten6235 bases:4350 all3605 of them had one259 casting,4165 one259 measure,4060 and one259 size.7095

38  Then made6213 he ten6235 lavers3595 of brass:5178 one259 laver3595 contained3557 forty705 baths:1324 and every259 laver3595 was four702 cubits:520 and upon5921 every one259 of the ten6235 bases4350 one259 laver.3595

39  And he put5414 853 five2568 bases4350 on5921 the right4480 3225 side3802 of the house,1004 and five2568 on5921 the left4480 8040 side3802 of the house:1004 and he set5414 the sea3220 on the right3233 side4480 3802 of the house1004 eastward6924 over against4480 4136 the south.5045

40  And Hiram2438 made6213 853 the lavers,3595 and the shovels,3257 and the basins.4219 So Hiram2438 made an end3615 of doing6213 853 all3605 the work4399 that834 he made6213 king4428 Solomon8010 for the house1004 of the LORD:3068

41  The two8147 pillars,5982 and the two bowls1543 of the chapiters3805 that834 were on5921 the top7218 of the two8147 pillars;5982 and the two8147 networks,7639 to cover3680 853 the two8147 bowls1543 of the chapiters3805 which834 were upon5921 the top7218 of the pillars;5982

42  And four702 hundred3967 pomegranates7416 for the two8147 networks,7639 even two8147 rows2905 of pomegranates7416 for one259 network,7639 to cover3680 853 the two8147 bowls1543 of the chapiters3805 that834 were upon5921 6440 the pillars;5982

43  And the ten6235 bases,4350 and ten6235 lavers3595 on5921 the bases;4350

44  And one259 sea,3220 and twelve8147 6240 oxen1241 under8478 the sea;3220

45  And the pots,5518 and the shovels,3257 and the basins:4219 and all3605 these428 vessels,3627 which834 Hiram2438 made6213 to king4428 Solomon8010 for the house1004 of the LORD,3068 were of bright4803 brass.5178

46  In the plain3603 of Jordan3383 did the king4428 cast3332 them, in the clay4568 ground127 between996 Succoth5523 and Zarthan.6891

47  And Solomon8010 left5117 853 all3605 the vessels3627 unweighed, because they were exceeding3966 3966 many:4480 7230 neither3808 was the weight4948 of the brass5178 found out.2713

48  And Solomon8010 made6213 853 all3605 the vessels3627 that834 pertained unto the house1004 of the LORD:3068 853 the altar4196 of gold,2091 and the table7979 of gold,2091 whereupon834 5921 the shewbread3899 6440 was,

49  And the candlesticks4501 of pure5462 gold,2091 five2568 on the right4480 3225 side, and five2568 on the left,4480 8040 before6440 the oracle,1687 with the flowers,6525 and the lamps,5216 and the tongs4457 of gold,2091

50  And the bowls,5592 and the snuffers,4212 and the basins,4219 and the spoons,3709 and the censers4289 of pure5462 gold;2091 and the hinges6596 of gold,2091 both for the doors1817 of the inner6442 house,1004 the most6944 holy6944 place, and for the doors1817 of the house,1004 to wit, of the temple.1964

51  So was ended7999 all3605 the work4399 that834 king4428 Solomon8010 made6213 for the house1004 of the LORD.3068 And Solomon8010 brought in935 853 the things which David1732 his father1 had dedicated;6944 even 853 the silver,3701 and the gold,2091 and the vessels,3627 did he put5414 among the treasures214 of the house1004 of the LORD.3068

1 Kings 8: 1-66

1  Then227 Solomon8010 assembled6950 853 the elders2205 of Israel,3478 and 853 all3605 the heads7218 of the tribes,4294 the chief5387 of the fathers1 of the children1121 of Israel,3478 unto413 king4428 Solomon8010 in Jerusalem,3389 that they might bring up5927 853 the ark727 of the covenant1285 of the LORD3068 out of the city4480 5892 of David,1732 which1931 is Zion.6726

2  And all3605 the men376 of Israel3478 assembled themselves6950 unto413 king4428 Solomon8010 at the feast2282 in the month3391 Ethanim,388 which1931 is the seventh7637 month.2320

3  And all3605 the elders2205 of Israel3478 came,935 and the priests3548 took up5375 853 the ark.727

4  And they brought up5927 853 the ark727 of the LORD,3068 and the tabernacle168 of the congregation,4150 and all3605 the holy6944 vessels3627 that834 were in the tabernacle,168 even those did the priests3548 and the Levites3881 bring up.5927

5  And king4428 Solomon,8010 and all3605 the congregation5712 of Israel,3478 that were assembled3259 unto5921 him, were with854 him before6440 the ark,727 sacrificing2076 sheep6629 and oxen,1241 that834 could not3808 be told5608 nor3808 numbered4487 for multitude.4480 7230

6  And the priests3548 brought in935 853 the ark727 of the covenant1285 of the LORD3068 unto413 his place,4725 into413 the oracle1687 of the house,1004 to413 the most6944 holy6944 place, even under413 8478 the wings3671 of the cherubims.3742

7  For3588 the cherubims3742 spread forth6566 their two wings3671 over413 the place4725 of the ark,727 and the cherubims3742 covered5526 5921 the ark727 and the staves905 thereof above.4480 4605

8  And they drew out748 the staves,905 that the ends7218 of the staves905 were seen7200 out4480 in the holy6944 place before5921 6440 the oracle,1687 and they were not3808 seen7200 without:2351 and there8033 they are1961 unto5704 this2088 day.3117

9  There was nothing369 in the ark727 save7535 the two8147 tables3871 of stone,68 which834 Moses4872 put5117 there8033 at Horeb,2722 when834 the LORD3068 made3772 a covenant with5973 the children1121 of Israel,3478 when they came out3318 of the land4480 776 of Egypt.4714

10  And it came to pass,1961 when the priests3548 were come out3318 of4480 the holy6944 place, that the cloud6051 filled4390 853 the house1004 of the LORD,3068

11  So that the priests3548 could3201 not3808 stand5975 to minister8334 because4480 6440 of the cloud:6051 for3588 the glory3519 of the LORD3068 had filled4390 853 the house1004 of the LORD.3068

12  Then227 spoke559 Solomon,8010 The LORD3068 said559 that he would dwell7931 in the thick darkness.6205

13  I have surely built1129 1129 thee a house1004 to dwell in,2073 a settled place4349 for thee to abide in3427 forever.5769

14  And the king4428 turned5437 853 his face6440 about, and blessed1288 853 all3605 the congregation6951 of Israel:3478 (and all3605 the congregation6951 of Israel3478 stood;)5975

15  And he said,559 Blessed1288 be the LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 which834 spoke1696 with his mouth6310 unto854 David1732 my father,1 and hath with his hand3027 fulfilled4390 it, saying,559

16  Since4480 the day3117 that834 I brought forth3318 853 my people5971 853 Israel3478 out of Egypt,4480 4714 I chose977 no3808 city5892 out of all4480 3605 the tribes7626 of Israel3478 to build1129 a house,1004 that my name8034 might be1961 therein;8033 but I chose977 David1732 to be1961 over5921 my people5971 Israel.3478

17  And it was1961 in5973 the heart3824 of David1732 my father1 to build1129 a house1004 for the name8034 of the LORD3068 God430 of Israel.3478

18  And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 David1732 my father,1 Whereas3282 834 it was1961 in5973 thine heart3824 to build1129 a house1004 unto my name,8034 thou didst well2895 that3588 it was1961 in5973 thine heart.3824

19  Nevertheless7535 thou859 shalt not3808 build1129 the house;1004 but3588 518 thy son1121 that shall come forth3318 out of thy loins,4480 2504 he1931 shall build1129 the house1004 unto my name.8034

20  And the LORD3068 hath performed6965 853 his word1697 that834 he spoke,1696 and I am risen up6965 in the room8478 of David1732 my father,1 and sit3427 on5921 the throne3678 of Israel,3478 as834 the LORD3068 promised,1696 and have built1129 a house1004 for the name8034 of the LORD3068 God430 of Israel.3478

21  And I have set7760 there8033 a place4725 for the ark,727 wherein834 8033 is the covenant1285 of the LORD,3068 which834 he made3772 with5973 our fathers,1 when he brought them out3318 853 of the land4480 776 of Egypt.4714

22  And Solomon8010 stood5975 before6440 the altar4196 of the LORD3068 in the presence5048 of all3605 the congregation6951 of Israel,3478 and spread forth6566 his hands3709 toward heaven:8064

23  And he said,559 LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 there is no369 God430 like thee,3644 in heaven8064 above,4480 4605 or on5921 earth776 beneath,4480 8478 who keepest8104 covenant1285 and mercy2617 with thy servants5650 that walk1980 before6440 thee with all3605 their heart:3820

24  Who834 hast kept8104 with thy servant5650 David1732 my father1 853 that834 thou promisedst1696 him: thou spakest1696 also with thy mouth,6310 and hast fulfilled4390 it with thine hand,3027 as it is this2088 day.3117

25  Therefore now,6258 LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 keep8104 with thy servant5650 David1732 my father1 853 that834 thou promisedst1696 him, saying,559 There shall not3808 fail3772 thee a man376 in my sight4480 6440 to sit3427 on5921 the throne3678 of Israel;3478 so7535 that518 thy children1121 take heed to8104 853 their way,1870 that they walk1980 before6440 me as834 thou hast walked1980 before6440 me.

26  And now,6258 O God430 of Israel,3478 let thy word,1697 I pray thee,4994 be verified,539 which834 thou spakest1696 unto thy servant5650 David1732 my father.1

27  But3588 will God430 indeed552 dwell3427 on5921 the earth?776 behold,2009 the heaven8064 and heaven8064 of heavens8064 cannot3808 contain3557 thee; how much less637 3588 this2088 house1004 that834 I have built?1129

28  Yet have thou respect6437 unto413 the prayer8605 of thy servant,5650 and to413 his supplication,8467 O LORD3068 my God,430 to hearken8085 unto413 the cry7440 and to413 the prayer,8605 which834 thy servant5650 prayeth6419 before6440 thee today:3117

29  That thine eyes5869 may be1961 open6605 toward413 this2088 house1004 night3915 and day,3117 even toward413 the place4725 of which834 thou hast said,559 My name8034 shall be1961 there:8033 that thou mayest hearken8085 unto413 the prayer8605 which834 thy servant5650 shall make6419 toward413 this2088 place.4725

30  And hearken8085 thou to413 the supplication8467 of thy servant,5650 and of thy people5971 Israel,3478 when834 they shall pray6419 toward413 this2088 place:4725 and hear8085 thou859 in413 heaven8064 thy dwelling3427 place:4725 and when thou hearest,8085 forgive.5545

31  853 If834 any man376 trespass2398 against his neighbor,7453 and an oath423 be laid5377 upon him to cause him to swear,422 and the oath422 come935 before6440 thine altar4196 in this2088 house:1004

32  Then hear8085 thou859 in heaven,8064 and do,6213 and judge8199 853 thy servants,5650 condemning7561 the wicked,7563 to bring5414 his way1870 upon his head;7218 and justifying6663 the righteous,6662 to give5414 him according to his righteousness.6666

33  When thy people5971 Israel3478 be smitten down5062 before6440 the enemy,341 because834 they have sinned2398 against thee, and shall turn again7725 to413 thee, and confess3034 853 thy name,8034 and pray,6419 and make supplication2603 unto413 thee in this2088 house:1004

34  Then hear8085 thou859 in heaven,8064 and forgive5545 the sin2403 of thy people5971 Israel,3478 and bring them again7725 unto413 the land127 which834 thou gavest5414 unto their fathers.1

35  When heaven8064 is shut up,6113 and there is1961 no3808 rain,4306 because3588 they have sinned2398 against thee; if they pray6419 toward413 this2088 place,4725 and confess3034 853 thy name,8034 and turn7725 from their sin,4480 2403 when3588 thou afflictest6031 them:

36  Then hear8085 thou859 in heaven,8064 and forgive5545 the sin2403 of thy servants,5650 and of thy people5971 Israel,3478 that3588 thou teach3384 them 853 the834 good2896 way1870 wherein they should walk,1980 and give5414 rain4306 upon5921 thy land,776 which834 thou hast given5414 to thy people5971 for an inheritance.5159

37  If3588 there be1961 in the land776 famine,7458 if3588 there be1961 pestilence,1698 blasting,7711 mildew,3420 locust,697 or if3588 there be1961 caterpillar;2625 if3588 their enemy341 besiege6887 them in the land776 of their cities;8179 whatsoever3605 plague,5061 whatsoever3605 sickness4245 there be;

38  What3605 prayer8605 and supplication8467 soever3605 834 be1961 made by any3605 man,120 or by all3605 thy people5971 Israel,3478 which834 shall know3045 every man376 the plague5061 of his own heart,3824 and spread forth6566 his hands3709 toward413 this2088 house:1004

39  Then hear8085 thou859 in heaven8064 thy dwelling3427 place,4349 and forgive,5545 and do,6213 and give5414 to every man376 according to3605 his ways,1870 whose834 853 heart3824 thou knowest;3045 (for3588 thou,859 even thou only,905 knowest3045 853 the hearts3824 of all3605 the children1121 of men;)120

40  That4616 they may fear3372 thee all3605 the days3117 that834 they1992 live2416 in5921 6440 the land127 which834 thou gavest5414 unto our fathers.1

41  Moreover1571 concerning413 a stranger,5237 that834 is not3808 of thy people4480 5971 Israel,3478 but cometh935 out of a far country4480 776 7350 for thy name's sake;4616 8034

42  (For3588 they shall hear of8085 853 thy great1419 name,8034 and of thy strong2389 hand,3027 and of thy stretched out5186 arm;)2220 when he shall come935 and pray6419 toward413 this2088 house;1004

43  Hear8085 thou859 in heaven8064 thy dwelling3427 place,4349 and do6213 according to all3605 that834 the stranger5237 calleth7121 to413 thee for: that4616 all3605 people5971 of the earth776 may know3045 853 thy name,8034 to fear3372 thee, as do thy people5971 Israel;3478 and that they may know3045 that3588 this2088 house,1004 which834 I have built,1129 is called7121 by5921 thy name.8034

44  If3588 thy people5971 go out3318 to battle4421 against5921 their enemy,341 whithersoever1870 834 thou shalt send7971 them, and shall pray6419 unto413 the LORD3068 toward1870 the city5892 which834 thou hast chosen,977 and toward the house1004 that834 I have built1129 for thy name:8034

45  Then hear8085 thou in heaven8064 853 their prayer8605 and their supplication,8467 and maintain6213 their cause.4941

46  If3588 they sin2398 against thee, (for3588 there is no369 man120 that834 sinneth2398 not,)3808 and thou be angry599 with them, and deliver5414 them to6440 the enemy,341 so that they carry them away7617 captives7617 unto413 the land776 of the enemy,341 far7350 or176 near;7138

47  Yet if they shall bethink themselves7725 413 3820 in the land776 whither834 8033 they were carried captives,7617 and repent,7725 and make supplication2603 unto413 thee in the land776 of them that carried them captives,7617 saying,559 We have sinned,2398 and have done perversely,5753 we have committed wickedness;7561

48  And so return7725 unto413 thee with all3605 their heart,3824 and with all3605 their soul,5315 in the land776 of their enemies,341 which834 led them away captive,7617 853 and pray6419 unto413 thee toward1870 their land,776 which834 thou gavest5414 unto their fathers,1 the city5892 which834 thou hast chosen,977 and the house1004 which834 I have built1129 for thy name:8034

49  Then hear8085 thou 853 their prayer8605 and their supplication8467 in heaven8064 thy dwelling3427 place,4349 and maintain6213 their cause,4941

50  And forgive5545 thy people5971 that834 have sinned2398 against thee, and all3605 their transgressions6588 wherein834 they have transgressed6586 against thee, and give5414 them compassion7356 before6440 them who carried them captive,7617 that they may have compassion on7355 them:

51  For3588 they1992 be thy people,5971 and thine inheritance,5159 which834 thou broughtest forth3318 out of Egypt,4480 4714 from the midst4480 8432 of the furnace3564 of iron:1270

52  That thine eyes5869 may be1961 open6605 unto413 the supplication8467 of thy servant,5650 and unto413 the supplication8467 of thy people5971 Israel,3478 to hearken8085 unto413 them in all3605 that they call7121 for unto413 thee.

53  For3588 thou859 didst separate914 them from among all4480 3605 the people5971 of the earth,776 to be thine inheritance,5159 as834 thou spakest1696 by the hand3027 of Moses4872 thy servant,5650 when thou broughtest3318 853 our fathers1 out of Egypt,4480 4714 O Lord136 GOD.3068

54  And it was1961 so, that when Solomon8010 had made an end3615 of praying6419 853 all3605 this2063 prayer8605 and supplication8467 unto413 the LORD,3068 he arose6965 from before4480 6440 the altar4196 of the LORD,3068 from kneeling4480 3766 on5921 his knees1290 with his hands3709 spread up6566 to heaven.8064

55  And he stood,5975 and blessed1288 853 all3605 the congregation6951 of Israel3478 with a loud1419 voice,6963 saying,559

56  Blessed1288 be the LORD,3068 that834 hath given5414 rest4496 unto his people5971 Israel,3478 according to all3605 that834 he promised:1696 there hath not3808 failed5307 one259 word1697 of all4480 3605 his good2896 promise,1697 which834 he promised1696 by the hand3027 of Moses4872 his servant.5650

57  The LORD3068 our God430 be1961 with5973 us, as834 he was1961 with5973 our fathers:1 let him not408 leave5800 us, nor408 forsake5203 us:

58  That he may incline5186 our hearts3824 unto413 him, to walk1980 in all3605 his ways,1870 and to keep8104 his commandments,4687 and his statutes,2706 and his judgments,4941 which834 he commanded6680 853 our fathers.1

59  And let these428 my words,1697 wherewith834 I have made supplication2603 before6440 the LORD,3068 be1961 nigh7138 unto413 the LORD3068 our God430 day3119 and night,3915 that he maintain6213 the cause4941 of his servant,5650 and the cause4941 of his people5971 Israel3478 at all times,3117 as the matter1697 shall require:3117

60  That4616 all3605 the people5971 of the earth776 may know3045 that3588 the LORD3068 is God,430 and that there is none369 else.5750

61  Let your heart3824 therefore be1961 perfect8003 with5973 the LORD3068 our God,430 to walk1980 in his statutes,2706 and to keep8104 his commandments,4687 as at this2088 day.3117

62  And the king,4428 and all3605 Israel3478 with5973 him, offered2076 sacrifice2077 before6440 the LORD.3068

63  And Solomon8010 offered2076 853 a sacrifice2077 of peace offerings,8002 which834 he offered2076 unto the LORD,3068 two8147 and twenty6242 thousand505 oxen,1241 and a hundred3967 and twenty6242 thousand505 sheep.6629 So the king4428 and all3605 the children1121 of Israel3478 dedicated2596 853 the house1004 of the LORD.3068

64  The same1931 day3117 did the king4428 hallow6942 853 the middle8432 of the court2691 that834 was before6440 the house1004 of the LORD:3068 for3588 there8033 he offered6213 853 burnt offerings,5930 and meat offerings,4503 and the fat2459 of the peace offerings:8002 because3588 the brazen5178 altar4196 that834 was before6440 the LORD3068 was too little6996 to receive4480 3557 853 the burnt offerings,5930 and meat offerings,4503 and the fat2459 of the peace offerings.8002

65  And at that1931 time6256 Solomon8010 held6213 853 a feast,2282 and all3605 Israel3478 with5973 him, a great1419 congregation,6951 from the entering in4480 935 of Hamath2574 unto5704 the river5158 of Egypt,4714 before6440 the LORD3068 our God,430 seven7651 days3117 and seven7651 days,3117 even fourteen702 6240 days.3117

66  On the eighth8066 day3117 he sent7971 853 the people5971 away: and they blessed1288 853 the king,4428 and went1980 unto their tents168 joyful8056 and glad2896 of heart3820 for5921 all3605 the goodness2896 that834 the LORD3068 had done6213 for David1732 his servant,5650 and for Israel3478 his people.5971

1 Kings 9: 1-28

1  And it came to pass,1961 when Solomon8010 had finished3615 the building1129 of 853 the house1004 of the LORD,3068 and the king's4428 house,1004 and all3605 Solomon's8010 desire2837 which834 he was pleased2654 to do,6213

2  That the LORD3068 appeared7200 to413 Solomon8010 the second time,8145 as834 he had appeared7200 unto413 him at Gibeon.1391

3  And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 him, I have heard8085 853 thy prayer8605 and thy supplication,8467 that834 thou hast made2063 before6440 me: I have hallowed6942 853 this2088 house,1004 which834 thou hast built,1129 to put7760 my name8034 there8033 forever;5704 5769 and mine eyes5869 and mine heart3820 shall be1961 there8033 perpetually.3605 3117

4  And if518 thou859 wilt walk1980 before6440 me, as834 David1732 thy father1 walked,1980 in integrity8537 of heart,3824 and in uprightness,3476 to do6213 according to all3605 that834 I have commanded6680 thee, and wilt keep8104 my statutes2706 and my judgments:4941

5  Then I will establish6965 853 the throne3678 of thy kingdom4467 upon5921 Israel3478 forever,5769 as834 I promised1696 to5921 David1732 thy father,1 saying,559 There shall not3808 fail3772 thee a man376 upon4480 5921 the throne3678 of Israel.3478

6  But if518 ye shall at all turn7725 7725 from following4480 310 me, ye859 or your children,1121 and will not3808 keep8104 my commandments4687 and my statutes2708 which834 I have set5414 before6440 you, but go1980 and serve5647 other312 gods,430 and worship7812 them:

7  Then will I cut off3772 853 Israel3478 out of4480 5921 6440 the land127 which834 I have given5414 them; and this house,1004 which834 I have hallowed6942 for my name,8034 will I cast7971 out of4480 5921 my sight;6440 and Israel3478 shall be1961 a proverb4912 and a byword8148 among all3605 people:5971

8  And at this2088 house,1004 which is1961 high,5945 every one3605 that passeth5674 by5921 it shall be astonished,8074 and shall hiss;8319 and they shall say,559 Why4100 hath the LORD3068 done6213 thus3602 unto this2063 land,776 and to this2088 house?1004

9  And they shall answer,559 Because5921 834 they forsook5800 853 the LORD3068 their God,430 who834 brought forth3318 853 their fathers1 out of the land4480 776 of Egypt,4714 and have taken hold2388 upon other312 gods,430 and have worshiped7812 them, and served5647 them: therefore5921 3651 hath the LORD3068 brought935 upon5921 them 853 all3605 this2063 evil.7451

10  And it came to pass1961 at the end4480 7097 of twenty6242 years,8141 when834 Solomon8010 had built1129 853 the two8147 houses,1004 853 the house1004 of the LORD,3068 and the king's4428 house,1004

11  (Now Hiram2438 the king4428 of Tyre6865 had furnished5375 853 Solomon8010 with cedar730 trees6086 and fir1265 trees,6086 and with gold,2091 according to all3605 his desire,)2656 that then227 king4428 Solomon8010 gave5414 Hiram2438 twenty6242 cities5892 in the land776 of Galilee.1551

12  And Hiram2438 came out3318 from Tyre4480 6865 to see7200 853 the cities5892 which834 Solomon8010 had given5414 him; and they pleased3474 5869 him not.3808

13  And he said,559 What4100 cities5892 are these428 which834 thou hast given5414 me, my brother?251 And he called7121 them the land776 of Cabul3521 unto5704 this2088 day.3117

14  And Hiram2438 sent7971 to the king4428 sixscore3967 6242 talents3603 of gold.2091

15  And this2088 is the reason1697 of the levy4522 which834 king4428 Solomon8010 raised;5927 for to build1129 853 the house1004 of the LORD,3068 and his own house,1004 and Millo,4407 and the wall2346 of Jerusalem,3389 and Hazor,2674 and Megiddo,4023 and Gezer.1507

16  For Pharaoh6547 king4428 of Egypt4714 had gone up,5927 and taken3920 853 Gezer,1507 and burnt8313 it with fire,784 and slain2026 the Canaanites3669 that dwelt3427 in the city,5892 and given5414 it for a present7964 unto his daughter,1323 Solomon's8010 wife.802

17  And Solomon8010 built1129 853 Gezer,1507 and Beth-horon1032 the nether,8481

18  And Baalath,1191 and Tadmor8412 in the wilderness,4057 in the land,776

19  And all3605 the cities5892 of store4543 that834 Solomon8010 had,1961 and cities5892 for his chariots,7393 and cities5892 for his horsemen,6571 and that which834 Solomon8010 desired2836 to build1129 in Jerusalem,3389 and in Lebanon,3844 and in all3605 the land776 of his dominion.4475

20  And all3605 the people5971 that were left3498 of4480 the Amorites,567 Hittites,2850 Perizzites,6522 Hivites,2340 and Jebusites,2983 which834 were not3808 of the children4480 1121 of Israel,3478

21  Their children1121 that834 were left3498 after310 them in the land,776 whom834 the children1121 of Israel3478 also were not3808 able3201 utterly to destroy,2763 upon those did Solomon8010 levy5927 a tribute of bondservice4522 5647 unto5704 this2088 day.3117

22  But of the children4480 1121 of Israel3478 did Solomon8010 make5414 no3808 bondmen:5650 but3588 they1992 were men376 of war,4421 and his servants,5650 and his princes,8269 and his captains,7991 and rulers8269 of his chariots,7393 and his horsemen.6571

23  These428 were the chief8269 of the officers5324 that834 were over5921 Solomon's8010 work,4399 five2568 hundred3967 and fifty,2572 which bare rule7287 over the people5971 that wrought6213 in the work.4399

24  But389 Pharaoh's6547 daughter1323 came up5927 out of the city4480 5892 of David1732 unto413 her house1004 which834 Solomon had built1129 for her: then227 did he build1129 853 Millo.4407

25  And three7969 times6471 in a year8141 did Solomon8010 offer5927 burnt offerings5930 and peace offerings8002 upon5921 the altar4196 which834 he built1129 unto the LORD,3068 and he burnt incense6999 upon854 the altar that834 was before6440 the LORD.3068 So he finished7999 853 the house.1004

26  And king4428 Solomon8010 made6213 a navy of ships590 in Ezion-geber,6100 which834 is beside854 Eloth,359 on5921 the shore8193 of the Red5488 sea,3220 in the land776 of Edom.123

27  And Hiram2438 sent7971 in the navy590 853 his servants,5650 shipmen376 591 that had knowledge3045 of the sea,3220 with5973 the servants5650 of Solomon.8010

28  And they came935 to Ophir,211 and fetched3947 from thence4480 8033 gold,2091 four702 hundred3967 and twenty6242 talents,3603 and brought935 it to413 king4428 Solomon.8010

1 Kings 10: 1-29

1  And when the queen4436 of Sheba7614 heard8085 of 853 the fame8088 of Solomon8010 concerning the name8034 of the LORD,3068 she came935 to prove5254 him with hard questions.2420

2  And she came935 to Jerusalem3389 with a very3966 great3515 train,2428 with camels1581 that bore5375 spices,1314 and very3966 much7227 gold,2091 and precious3368 stones:68 and when she was come935 to413 Solomon,8010 she communed1696 with413 him of 853 all3605 that834 was1961 in5973 her heart.3824

3  And Solomon8010 told5046 her 853 all3605 her questions:1697 there was1961 not3808 any thing1697 hid5956 from4480 the king,4428 which834 he told5046 her not.3808

4  And when the queen4436 of Sheba7614 had seen7200 853 all3605 Solomon's8010 wisdom,2451 and the house1004 that834 he had built,1129

5  And the meat3978 of his table,7979 and the sitting4186 of his servants,5650 and the attendance4612 of his ministers,8334 and their apparel,4403 and his cupbearers,4945 and his ascent5930 by which834 he went up5927 unto the house1004 of the LORD;3068 there was1961 no3808 more5750 spirit7307 in her.

6  And she said559 to413 the king,4428 It was1961 a true571 report1697 that834 I heard8085 in mine own land776 of5921 thy acts1697 and of5921 thy wisdom.2451

7  Howbeit I believed539 not3808 the words,1697 until5704 834 I came,935 and mine eyes5869 had seen7200 it: and, behold,2009 the half2677 was not3808 told5046 me: thy wisdom2451 and prosperity2896 exceedeth3254 413 the fame8052 which834 I heard.8085

8  Happy835 are thy men,376 happy835 are these428 thy servants,5650 which stand5975 continually8548 before6440 thee, and that hear8085 853 thy wisdom.2451

9  Blessed1288 be1961 the LORD3068 thy God,430 which834 delighted2654 in thee, to set5414 thee on5921 the throne3678 of Israel:3478 because the LORD3068 loved157 853 Israel3478 forever,5769 therefore made7760 he thee king,4428 to do6213 judgment4941 and justice.6666

10  And she gave5414 the king4428 a hundred3967 and twenty6242 talents3603 of gold,2091 and of spices1314 very3966 great store,7235 and precious3368 stones:68 there came935 no3808 more5750 such1931 abundance7230 of spices1314 as these which834 the queen4436 of Sheba7614 gave5414 to king4428 Solomon.8010

11  And the navy590 also1571 of Hiram,2438 that834 brought5375 gold2091 from Ophir,4480 211 brought in935 from Ophir4480 211 great3966 plenty7235 of almug484 trees,6086 and precious3368 stones.68

12  And the king4428 made6213 of 853 the almug484 trees6086 pillars4552 for the house1004 of the LORD,3068 and for the king's4428 house,1004 harps3658 also and psalteries5035 for singers:7891 there came935 no3808 such3651 almug484 trees,6086 nor3808 were seen7200 unto5704 this2088 day.3117

13  And king4428 Solomon8010 gave5414 unto the queen4436 of Sheba7614 853 all3605 her desire,2656 whatsoever834 she asked,7592 beside4480 905 that which834 Solomon8010 gave5414 her of his royal bounty.3027 4428 So she turned6437 and went1980 to her own country,776 she1931 and her servants.5650

14  Now the weight4948 of gold2091 that834 came935 to Solomon8010 in one259 year8141 was1961 six8337 hundred3967 threescore8346 and six8337 talents3603 of gold,2091

15  Beside905 that he had of the merchantmen,4480 376 8446 and of the traffic4536 of the spice merchants,7402 and of all3605 the kings4428 of Arabia,6154 and of the governors6346 of the country.776

16  And king4428 Solomon8010 made6213 two hundred3967 targets6793 of beaten7820 gold:2091 six8337 hundred3967 shekels of gold2091 went5927 to5921 one259 target.6793

17  And he made three7969 hundred3967 shields4043 of beaten7820 gold;2091 three7969 pound4488 of gold2091 went5927 to5921 one259 shield:4043 and the king4428 put5414 them in the house1004 of the forest3293 of Lebanon.3844

18  Moreover the king4428 made6213 a great1419 throne3678 of ivory,8127 and overlaid6823 it with the best6338 gold.2091

19  The throne3678 had six8337 steps,4609 and the top7218 of the throne3678 was round5696 behind:4480 310 and there were stays3027 on either side4480 2088 4480 2088 on413 the place4725 of the seat,7675 and two8147 lions738 stood5975 beside681 the stays.3027

20  And twelve8147 6240 lions738 stood5975 there8033 on5921 the one side4480 2088 and on the other4480 2088 upon the six8337 steps:4609 there was not3808 the like3651 made6213 in any3605 kingdom.4467

21  And all3605 king4428 Solomon's8010 drinking4945 vessels3627 were of gold,2091 and all3605 the vessels3627 of the house1004 of the forest3293 of Lebanon3844 were of pure5462 gold;2091 none369 were of silver:3701 it was nothing3808 3972 accounted2803 of in the days3117 of Solomon.8010

22  For3588 the king4428 had at sea3220 a navy590 of Tharshish8659 with5973 the navy590 of Hiram:2438 once259 in three7969 years8141 came935 the navy590 of Tharshish,8659 bringing5375 gold,2091 and silver,3701 ivory,8143 and apes,6971 and peacocks.8500

23  So king4428 Solomon8010 exceeded all1431 4480 3605 the kings4428 of the earth776 for riches6239 and for wisdom.2451

24  And all3605 the earth776 sought1245 853 to6440 Solomon,8010 to hear8085 853 his wisdom,2451 which834 God430 had put5414 in his heart.3820

25  And they1992 brought935 every man376 his present,4503 vessels3627 of silver,3701 and vessels3627 of gold,2091 and garments,8008 and armor,5402 and spices,1314 horses,5483 and mules,6505 a rate1697 year8141 by year.8141

26  And Solomon8010 gathered together622 chariots7393 and horsemen:6571 and he had1961 a thousand505 and four702 hundred3967 chariots,7393 and twelve8147 6240 thousand505 horsemen,6571 whom he bestowed5148 in the cities5892 for chariots,7393 and with5973 the king4428 at Jerusalem.3389

27  And the king4428 made5414 853 silver3701 to be in Jerusalem3389 as stones,68 and cedars730 made5414 he to be as the sycamore trees8256 that834 are in the vale,8219 for abundance.7230

28  And Solomon8010 had horses5483 brought4161 out of Egypt,4480 4714 and linen yarn:4480 4723 the king's4428 merchants5503 received3947 the linen yarn4480 4723 at a price.4242

29  And a chariot4818 came up5927 and went out3318 of Egypt4480 4714 for six8337 hundred3967 shekels of silver,3701 and a horse5483 for a hundred3967 and fifty:2572 and so3651 for all3605 the kings4428 of the Hittites,2850 and for the kings4428 of Syria,758 did they bring them out3318 by their means.3027

1 Kings 11: 1-43

1  But king4428 Solomon8010 loved157 many7227 strange5237 women,802 together with854 the daughter1323 of Pharaoh,6547 women of the Moabites,4125 Ammonites,5984 Edomites,130 Zidonians,6722 and Hittites;2850

2  Of4480 the nations1471 concerning which834 the LORD3068 said559 unto413 the children1121 of Israel,3478 Ye shall not3808 go in935 to them, neither3808 shall they1992 come in935 unto you: for surely403 they will turn away5186 853 your heart3824 after310 their gods:430 Solomon8010 cleaved1692 unto these in love.157

3  And he had1961 seven7651 hundred3967 wives,802 princesses,8282 and three7969 hundred3967 concubines:6370 and his wives802 turned away5186 853 his heart.3820

4  For it came to pass,1961 when6256 Solomon8010 was old,2209 that his wives802 turned away5186 853 his heart3824 after310 other312 gods:430 and his heart3824 was1961 not3808 perfect8003 with5973 the LORD3068 his God,430 as was the heart3824 of David1732 his father.1

5  For Solomon8010 went1980 after310 Ashtoreth6253 the goddess430 of the Zidonians,6722 and after310 Milcom4445 the abomination8251 of the Ammonites.5984

6  And Solomon8010 did6213 evil7451 in the sight5869 of the LORD,3068 and went not fully3808 4390 after310 the LORD,3068 as did David1732 his father.1

7  Then227 did Solomon8010 build1129 a high place1116 for Chemosh,3645 the abomination8251 of Moab,4124 in the hill2022 that834 is before5921 6440 Jerusalem,3389 and for Molech,4432 the abomination8251 of the children1121 of Ammon.5983

8  And likewise3651 did6213 he for all3605 his strange5237 wives,802 which burnt incense6999 and sacrificed2076 unto their gods.430

9  And the LORD3068 was angry599 with Solomon,8010 because3588 his heart3824 was turned5186 from4480 5973 the LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 which had appeared7200 unto413 him twice,6471

10  And had commanded6680 413 him concerning5921 this2088 thing,1697 that he should not1115 go1980 after310 other312 gods:430 but he kept8104 not3808 853 that which834 the LORD3068 commanded.6680

11  Wherefore the LORD3068 said559 unto Solomon,8010 Forasmuch3282 as834 this2063 is1961 done of5973 thee, and thou hast not3808 kept8104 my covenant1285 and my statutes,2708 which834 I have commanded6680 5921 thee, I will surely rend7167 7167 853 the kingdom4467 from4480 5921 thee, and will give5414 it to thy servant.5650

12  Notwithstanding389 in thy days3117 I will not3808 do6213 it for David thy father's sake:4616 1732 1 but I will rend7167 it out of the hand4480 3027 of thy son.1121

13  Howbeit7535 I will not3808 rend away7167 853 all3605 the kingdom;4467 but will give5414 one259 tribe7626 to thy son1121 for David my servant's sake,4616 1732 5650 and for Jerusalem's sake4616 3389 which834 I have chosen.977

14  And the LORD3068 stirred up6965 an adversary7854 unto Solomon,8010 853 Hadad1908 the Edomite:130 he1931 was of the king's seed4480 2233 4428 in Edom.123

15  For it came to pass,1961 when David1732 was1961 in 853 Edom,123 and Joab3097 the captain8269 of the host6635 was gone up5927 to bury6912 853 the slain,2491 after he had smitten5221 every3605 male2145 in Edom;123

16  (For3588 six8337 months2320 did Joab3097 remain3427 there8033 with all3605 Israel,3478 until5704 he had cut off3772 every3605 male2145 in Edom:)123

17  That Hadad111 fled,1272 he1931 and certain376 Edomites129 of his father's servants4480 5650 1 with854 him, to go935 into Egypt;4714 Hadad1908 being yet a little6996 child.5288

18  And they arose6965 out of Midian,4480 4080 and came935 to Paran:6290 and they took3947 men376 with5973 them out of Paran,4480 6290 and they came935 to Egypt,4714 unto413 Pharaoh6547 king4428 of Egypt;4714 which gave5414 him a house,1004 and appointed559 him victuals,3899 and gave5414 him land.776

19  And Hadad1908 found4672 great3966 favor2580 in the sight5869 of Pharaoh,6547 so that he gave5414 him to wife802 853 the sister269 of his own wife,802 the sister269 of Tahpenes8472 the queen.1377

20  And the sister269 of Tahpenes8472 bore3205 him 853 Genubath1592 his son,1121 whom Tahpenes8472 weaned1580 in8432 Pharaoh's6547 house:1004 and Genubath1592 was1961 in Pharaoh's6547 household1004 among8432 the sons1121 of Pharaoh.6547

21  And when Hadad1908 heard8085 in Egypt4714 that3588 David1732 slept7901 with5973 his fathers,1 and that3588 Joab3097 the captain8269 of the host6635 was dead,4191 Hadad1908 said559 to413 Pharaoh,6547 Let me depart,7971 that I may go1980 to413 mine own country.776

22  Then Pharaoh6547 said559 unto him, But3588 what4100 hast thou859 lacked2638 with5973 me, that, behold,2009 thou seekest1245 to go1980 to413 thine own country?776 And he answered,559 Nothing:3808 howbeit3588 let me go in any wise.7971 7971

23  And God430 stirred him up6965 another adversary,7854 853 Rezon7331 the son1121 of Eliadah,450 which834 fled1272 from4480 854 his lord113 Hadadezer1909 king4428 of Zobah:6678

24  And he gathered6908 men376 unto5921 him, and became1961 captain8269 over a band,1416 when David1732 slew2026 them of Zobah: and they went1980 to Damascus,1834 and dwelt3427 therein, and reigned4427 in Damascus.1834

25  And he was1961 an adversary7854 to Israel3478 all3605 the days3117 of Solomon,8010 beside854 the mischief7451 that834 Hadad1908 did: and he abhorred6973 Israel,3478 and reigned4427 over5921 Syria.758

26  And Jeroboam3379 the son1121 of Nebat,5028 an Ephrathite673 of4480 Zereda,6868 Solomon's8010 servant,5650 whose mother's517 name8034 was Zeruah,6871 a widow490 woman,802 even he lifted up7311 his hand3027 against the king.4428

27  And this2088 was the cause1697 that834 he lifted up7311 his hand3027 against the king:4428 Solomon8010 built1129 853 Millo,4407 and repaired5462 853 the breaches6556 of the city5892 of David1732 his father.1

28  And the man376 Jeroboam3379 was a mighty1368 man of valor:2428 and Solomon8010 seeing7200 853 the young man5288 that3588 he1931 was industrious,6213 4399 he made him ruler6485 853 over all3605 the charge5447 of the house1004 of Joseph.3130

29  And it came to pass1961 at that1931 time6256 when Jeroboam3379 went out3318 of Jerusalem,4480 3389 that the prophet5030 Ahijah281 the Shilonite7888 found4672 him in the way;1870 and he1931 had clad himself3680 with a new2319 garment;8008 and they two8147 were alone905 in the field:7704

30  And Ahijah281 caught8610 the new2319 garment8008 that834 was on5921 him, and rent7167 it in twelve8147 6240 pieces:7168

31  And he said559 to Jeroboam,3379 Take3947 thee ten6235 pieces:7168 for3588 thus3541 saith559 the LORD,3068 the God430 of Israel,3478 Behold,2009 I will rend7167 853 the kingdom4467 out of the hand4480 3027 of Solomon,8010 and will give5414 853 ten6235 tribes7626 to thee:

32  (But he shall have1961 one259 tribe7626 for my servant David's sake,4616 1732 5650 and for Jerusalem's sake,4616 3389 the city5892 which834 I have chosen977 out of all4480 3605 the tribes7626 of Israel:)3478

33  Because3282 that834 they have forsaken5800 me, and have worshiped7812 Ashtoreth6253 the goddess430 of the Zidonians,6721 Chemosh3645 the god430 of the Moabites,4124 and Milcom4445 the god430 of the children1121 of Ammon,5983 and have not3808 walked1980 in my ways,1870 to do6213 that which is right3477 in mine eyes,5869 and to keep my statutes2708 and my judgments,4941 as did David1732 his father.1

34  Howbeit I will not3808 take3947 853 the whole3605 kingdom4467 out of his hand:4480 3027 but3588 I will make7896 him prince5387 all3605 the days3117 of his life2416 for David my servant's sake,4616 1732 5650 whom834 853 I chose,977 because834 he kept8104 my commandments4687 and my statutes:2708

35  But I will take3947 the kingdom4410 out of his son's hand,4480 3027 1121 and will give5414 it unto thee, even 853 ten6235 tribes.7626

36  And unto his son1121 will I give5414 one259 tribe,7626 that4616 David1732 my servant5650 may have1961 a light5216 always3605 3117 before6440 me in Jerusalem,3389 the city5892 which834 I have chosen977 me to put7760 my name8034 there.8033

37  And I will take3947 thee, and thou shalt reign4427 according to all3605 that834 thy soul5315 desireth,183 and shalt be1961 king4428 over5921 Israel.3478

38  And it shall be,1961 if518 thou wilt hearken unto8085 853 all3605 that834 I command6680 thee, and wilt walk1980 in my ways,1870 and do6213 that is right3477 in my sight,5869 to keep8104 my statutes2708 and my commandments,4687 as834 David1732 my servant5650 did;6213 that I will be1961 with5973 thee, and build1129 thee a sure539 house,1004 as834 I built1129 for David,1732 and will give5414 853 Israel3478 unto thee.

39  And I will for4616 this2063 afflict6031 853 the seed2233 of David,1732 but389 not3808 forever.3605 3117

40  Solomon8010 sought1245 therefore to kill4191 853 Jeroboam.3379 And Jeroboam3379 arose,6965 and fled1272 into Egypt,4714 unto413 Shishak7895 king4428 of Egypt,4714 and was1961 in Egypt4714 until5704 the death4194 of Solomon.8010

41  And the rest3499 of the acts1697 of Solomon,8010 and all3605 that834 he did,6213 and his wisdom,2451 are they1992 not3808 written3789 in5921 the book5612 of the acts1697 of Solomon?8010

42  And the time3117 that834 Solomon8010 reigned4427 in Jerusalem3389 over5921 all3605 Israel3478 was forty705 years.8141

43  And Solomon8010 slept7901 with5973 his fathers,1 and was buried6912 in the city5892 of David1732 his father:1 and Rehoboam7346 his son1121 reigned4427 in his stead.8478

1 Kings 12: 1-33

1  And Rehoboam7346 went1980 to Shechem:7927 for3588 all3605 Israel3478 were come935 to Shechem7927 to make him king.4427 853

2  And it came to pass,1961 when Jeroboam3379 the son1121 of Nebat,5028 who1931 was yet5750 in Egypt,4714 heard8085 of it, (for834 he was fled1272 from the presence4480 6440 of king4428 Solomon,8010 and Jeroboam3379 dwelt3427 in Egypt;)4714

3  That they sent7971 and called7121 him. And Jeroboam3379 and all3605 the congregation6951 of Israel3478 came,935 and spoke1696 unto413 Rehoboam,7346 saying,559

4  Thy father1 made 853 our yoke5923 grievous:7185 now6258 therefore make thou859 the grievous7186 service4480 5656 of thy father,1 and his heavy3515 yoke4480 5923 which834 he put5414 upon5921 us, lighter,7043 and we will serve5647 thee.

5  And he said559 unto413 them, Depart1980 yet5750 for three7969 days,3117 then come again7725 to413 me. And the people5971 departed.1980

6  And king4428 Rehoboam7346 consulted3289 with854 the old men,2205 that834 stood5975 853 before6440 Solomon8010 his father1 while1961 he yet lived,2416 and said,559 How349 do ye859 advise3289 that I may answer7725 1697 853 this2088 people?5971

7  And they spoke1696 unto413 him, saying,559 If518 thou wilt be1961 a servant5650 unto this2088 people5971 this day,3117 and wilt serve5647 them, and answer6030 them, and speak1696 good2896 words1697 to413 them, then they will be1961 thy servants5650 forever.3605 3117

8  But he forsook5800 853 the counsel6098 of the old men,2205 which834 they had given3289 him, and consulted3289 with854 the young men3206 that834 were grown up1431 with854 him, and which834 stood5975 before6440 him:

9  And he said559 unto413 them, What4100 counsel3289 give ye859 that we may answer7725 1697 853 this2088 people,5971 who834 have spoken1696 to413 me, saying,559 Make the yoke5923 which834 thy father1 did put5414 upon5921 us lighter?7043

10  And the young men3206 that834 were grown up1431 with854 him spoke1696 unto413 him, saying,559 Thus3541 shalt thou speak559 unto this2088 people5971 that834 spoke1696 unto413 thee, saying,559 Thy father1 made 853 our yoke5923 heavy,3513 but make thou859 it lighter7043 unto4480 5921 us; thus3541 shalt thou say1696 unto413 them, My little6995 finger shall be thicker5666 than my father's1 loins.4480 4975

11  And now6258 whereas my father1 did lade6006 5921 you with a heavy3515 yoke,5923 I589 will add3254 to5921 your yoke:5923 my father1 hath chastised3256 you with whips,7752 but I589 will chastise3256 you with scorpions.6137

12  So Jeroboam3379 and all3605 the people5971 came935 to413 Rehoboam7346 the third7992 day,3117 as834 the king4428 had appointed,1696 saying,559 Come7725 to413 me again the third7992 day.3117

13  And the king4428 answered6030 853 the people5971 roughly,7186 and forsook5800 853 the old men's2205 counsel6098 that834 they gave3289 him;

14  And spoke1696 to413 them after the counsel6098 of the young men,3206 saying,559 My father1 made 853 your yoke5923 heavy,3513 and I589 will add3254 to5921 your yoke:5923 my father1 also chastised3256 you with whips,7752 but I589 will chastise3256 you with scorpions.6137

15  Wherefore the king4428 hearkened8085 not3808 unto413 the people;5971 for3588 the cause5438 was1961 from4480 5973 the LORD,3068 that4616 he might perform6965 853 his saying,1697 which834 the LORD3068 spoke1696 by3027 Ahijah281 the Shilonite7888 unto413 Jeroboam3379 the son1121 of Nebat.5028

16  So when all3605 Israel3478 saw7200 that3588 the king4428 hearkened8085 not3808 unto413 them, the people5971 answered7725 1697 853 the king,4428 saying,559 What4100 portion2506 have we in David?1732 neither3808 have we inheritance5159 in the son1121 of Jesse:3448 to your tents,168 O Israel:3478 now6258 see7200 to thine own house,1004 David.1732 So Israel3478 departed1980 unto their tents.168

17  But as for the children1121 of Israel3478 which dwelt3427 in the cities5892 of Judah,3063 Rehoboam7346 reigned4427 over5921 them.

18  Then king4428 Rehoboam7346 sent7971 853 Adoram,151 who834 was over5921 the tribute;4522 and all3605 Israel3478 stoned7275 him with stones,68 that he died.4191 Therefore king4428 Rehoboam7346 made speed553 to get him up5927 to his chariot,4818 to flee5127 to Jerusalem.3389

19  So Israel3478 rebelled6586 against the house1004 of David1732 unto5704 this2088 day.3117

20  And it came to pass,1961 when all3605 Israel3478 heard8085 that3588 Jeroboam3379 was come again,7725 that they sent7971 and called7121 him unto413 the congregation,5712 and made him king4427 853 over5921 all3605 Israel:3478 there was1961 none3808 that followed310 the house1004 of David,1732 but2108 the tribe7626 of Judah3063 only.905

21  And when Rehoboam7346 was come935 to Jerusalem,3389 he assembled6950 853 all3605 the house1004 of Judah,3063 with854 the tribe7626 of Benjamin,1144 a hundred3967 and fourscore8084 thousand505 chosen977 men, which were warriors,6213 4421 to fight3898 against5973 the house1004 of Israel,3478 to bring7725 853 the kingdom4410 again to Rehoboam7346 the son1121 of Solomon.8010

22  But the word1697 of God430 came1961 unto413 Shemaiah8098 the man376 of God,430 saying,559

23  Speak559 unto413 Rehoboam,7346 the son1121 of Solomon,8010 king4428 of Judah,3063 and unto413 all3605 the house1004 of Judah3063 and Benjamin,1144 and to the remnant3499 of the people,5971 saying,559

24  Thus3541 saith559 the LORD,3068 Ye shall not3808 go up,5927 nor3808 fight3898 against5973 your brethren251 the children1121 of Israel:3478 return7725 every man376 to his house;1004 for3588 this2088 thing1697 is1961 from4480 854 me. They hearkened8085 therefore 853 to the word1697 of the LORD,3068 and returned7725 to depart,1980 according to the word1697 of the LORD.3068

25  Then Jeroboam3379 built1129 853 Shechem7927 in mount2022 Ephraim,669 and dwelt3427 therein; and went out3318 from thence,4480 8033 and built1129 853 Penuel.6439

26  And Jeroboam3379 said559 in his heart,3820 Now6258 shall the kingdom4467 return7725 to the house1004 of David:1732

27  If518 this2088 people5971 go up5927 to do6213 sacrifice2077 in the house1004 of the LORD3068 at Jerusalem,3389 then shall the heart3820 of this2088 people5971 turn again7725 unto413 their lord,113 even unto413 Rehoboam7346 king4428 of Judah,3063 and they shall kill2026 me, and go again7725 to413 Rehoboam7346 king4428 of Judah.3063

28  Whereupon the king4428 took counsel,3289 and made6213 two8147 calves5695 of gold,2091 and said559 unto413 them, It is too much7227 for you to go up4480 5927 to Jerusalem:3389 behold2009 thy gods,430 O Israel,3478 which834 brought5927 thee up out of the land4480 776 of Egypt.4714

29  And he set7760 853 the one259 in Bethel,1008 and the other259 put5414 he in Dan.1835

30  And this2088 thing1697 became1961 a sin:2403 for the people5971 went1980 to worship before6440 the one,259 even unto5704 Dan.1835

31  And he made6213 853 a house1004 of high places,1116 and made6213 priests3548 of the lowest4480 7098 of the people,5971 which834 were1961 not3808 of the sons4480 1121 of Levi.3878

32  And Jeroboam3379 ordained6213 a feast2282 in the eighth8066 month,2320 on the fifteenth2568 6240 day3117 of the month,2320 like unto the feast2282 that834 is in Judah,3063 and he offered5927 upon5921 the altar.4196 So3651 did6213 he in Bethel,1008 sacrificing2076 unto the calves5695 that834 he had made:6213 and he placed5975 in Bethel1008 853 the priests3548 of the high places1116 which834 he had made.6213

33  So he offered5927 upon5921 the altar4196 which834 he had made6213 in Bethel1008 the fifteenth2568 6240 day3117 of the eighth8066 month,2320 even in the month2320 which834 he had devised908 of his own heart;4480 3820 and ordained6213 a feast2282 unto the children1121 of Israel:3478 and he offered5927 upon5921 the altar,4196 and burnt incense.6999

1 Kings 13: 1-34

1  And, behold,2009 there came935 a man376 of God430 out of Judah4480 3063 by the word1697 of the LORD3068 unto413 Bethel:1008 and Jeroboam3379 stood5975 by5921 the altar4196 to burn incense.6999

2  And he cried7121 against5921 the altar4196 in the word1697 of the LORD,3068 and said,559 O altar,4196 altar,4196 thus3541 saith559 the LORD;3068 Behold,2009 a child1121 shall be born3205 unto the house1004 of David,1732 Josiah2977 by name;8034 and upon5921 thee shall he offer2076 853 the priests3548 of the high places1116 that burn incense6999 upon5921 thee, and men's120 bones6106 shall be burnt8313 upon5921 thee.

3  And he gave5414 a sign4159 the same1931 day,3117 saying,559 This2088 is the sign4159 which834 the LORD3068 hath spoken;1696 Behold,2009 the altar4196 shall be rent,7167 and the ashes1880 that834 are upon5921 it shall be poured out.8210

4  And it came to pass,1961 when king4428 Jeroboam3379 heard8085 853 the saying1697 of the man376 of God,430 which834 had cried7121 against5921 the altar4196 in Bethel,1008 that he put forth7971 853 his hand3027 from4480 5921 the altar,4196 saying,559 Lay hold8610 on him. And his hand,3027 which834 he put forth7971 against5921 him, dried up,3001 so that he could3201 not3808 pull it in again7725 to413 him.

5  The altar4196 also was rent,7167 and the ashes1880 poured out8210 from4480 the altar,4196 according to the sign4159 which834 the man376 of God430 had given5414 by the word1697 of the LORD.3068

6  And the king4428 answered6030 and said559 unto413 the man376 of God,430 Entreat2470 now4994 853 the face6440 of the LORD3068 thy God,430 and pray6419 for1157 me, that my hand3027 may be restored me again.7725 413 And the man376 of God430 besought2470 853 the LORD,6440 3068 and the king's4428 hand3027 was restored him again,7725 413 and became1961 as it was before.7223

7  And the king4428 said1696 unto413 the man376 of God,430 Come935 home1004 with854 me, and refresh5582 thyself, and I will give5414 thee a reward.4991

8  And the man376 of God430 said559 unto413 the king,4428 If518 thou wilt give5414 me 853 half2677 thine house,1004 I will not3808 go in935 with5973 thee, neither3808 will I eat398 bread3899 nor3808 drink8354 water4325 in this2088 place:4725

9  For3588 so3651 was it charged6680 me by the word1697 of the LORD,3068 saying,559 Eat398 no3808 bread,3899 nor3808 drink8354 water,4325 nor3808 turn again7725 by the same way1870 that834 thou camest.1980

10  So he went1980 another312 way,1870 and returned7725 not3808 by the way1870 that834 he came935 to413 Bethel.1008

11  Now there dwelt3427 an old259 2205 prophet5030 in Bethel;1008 and his sons1121 came935 and told5608 him 853 all3605 the works4639 that834 the man376 of God430 had done6213 that day3117 in Bethel:1008 853 the words1697 which834 he had spoken1696 unto413 the king,4428 them they told5608 also to their father.1

12  And their father1 said1696 unto413 them, What335 2088 way1870 went1980 he? For his sons1121 had seen7200 853 what834 way1870 the man376 of God430 went,1980 which834 came935 from Judah.4480 3063

13  And he said559 unto413 his sons,1121 Saddle2280 me the ass.2543 So they saddled2280 him the ass:2543 and he rode7392 thereon,5921

14  And went1980 after310 the man376 of God,430 and found4672 him sitting3427 under8478 an oak:424 and he said559 unto413 him, Art thou859 the man376 of God430 that834 camest935 from4480 Judah?3063 And he said,559 I589 am.

15  Then he said559 unto413 him, Come1980 home1004 with854 me, and eat398 bread.3899

16  And he said,559 I may3201 not3808 return7725 with854 thee, nor go in935 with854 thee: neither3808 will I eat398 bread3899 nor3808 drink8354 water4325 with854 thee in this2088 place:4725

17  For3588 it was said1697 to413 me by the word1697 of the LORD,3068 Thou shalt eat398 no3808 bread3899 nor3808 drink8354 water4325 there,8033 nor3808 turn again7725 to go1980 by the way1870 that834 thou camest.1980

18  He said559 unto him, I589 am a prophet5030 also1571 as thou art; and an angel4397 spoke1696 unto413 me by the word1697 of the LORD,3068 saying,559 Bring him back7725 with854 thee into413 thine house,1004 that he may eat398 bread3899 and drink8354 water.4325 But he lied3584 unto him.

19  So he went back7725 with854 him, and did eat398 bread3899 in his house,1004 and drank8354 water.4325

20  And it came to pass,1961 as they1992 sat3427 at413 the table,7979 that the word1697 of the LORD3068 came1961 unto413 the prophet5030 that834 brought him back:7725

21  And he cried7121 unto413 the man376 of God430 that834 came935 from4480 Judah,3063 saying,559 Thus3541 saith559 the LORD,3068 Forasmuch3282 3588 as thou hast disobeyed4784 the mouth6310 of the LORD,3068 and hast not3808 kept8104 853 the commandment4687 which834 the LORD3068 thy God430 commanded6680 thee,

22  But camest back,7725 and hast eaten398 bread3899 and drunk8354 water4325 in the place,4725 of the which834 the LORD did say1696 to413 thee, Eat398 no408 bread,3899 and drink8354 no408 water;4325 thy carcass5038 shall not3808 come935 unto413 the sepulcher6913 of thy fathers.1

23  And it came to pass,1961 after310 he had eaten398 bread,3899 and after310 he had drunk,8354 that he saddled2280 for him the ass,2543 to wit, for the prophet5030 whom834 he had brought back.7725

24  And when he was gone,1980 a lion738 met4672 him by the way,1870 and slew4191 him: and his carcass5038 was1961 cast7993 in the way,1870 and the ass2543 stood5975 by681 it, the lion738 also stood5975 by681 the carcass.5038

25  And, behold,2009 men376 passed by,5674 and saw7200 853 the carcass5038 cast7993 in the way,1870 and the lion738 standing5975 by681 the carcass:5038 and they came935 and told1696 it in the city5892 where834 the old2205 prophet5030 dwelt.3427

26  And when the prophet5030 that834 brought him back7725 from4480 the way1870 heard8085 thereof, he said,559 It1931 is the man376 of God,430 who834 was disobedient4784 unto 853 the word6310 of the LORD:3068 therefore the LORD3068 hath delivered5414 him unto the lion,738 which hath torn7665 him, and slain4191 him, according to the word1697 of the LORD,3068 which834 he spoke1696 unto him.

27  And he spoke1696 to413 his sons,1121 saying,559 Saddle2280 me 853 the ass.2543 And they saddled2280 him.

28  And he went1980 and found4672 853 his carcass5038 cast7993 in the way,1870 and the ass2543 and the lion738 standing5975 by681 the carcass:5038 the lion738 had not3808 eaten398 853 the carcass,5038 nor3808 torn7665 853 the ass.2543

29  And the prophet5030 took up5375 853 the carcass5038 of the man376 of God,430 and laid5117 it upon413 the ass,2543 and brought it back:7725 and the old2205 prophet5030 came935 to413 the city,5892 to mourn5594 and to bury6912 him.

30  And he laid5117 853 his carcass5038 in his own grave;6913 and they mourned5594 over5921 him, saying, Alas,1945 my brother!251

31  And it came to pass,1961 after310 he had buried6912 him, that he spoke559 to413 his sons,1121 saying,559 When I am dead,4191 then bury6912 me in the sepulcher6913 wherein834 the man376 of God430 is buried;6912 lay5117 853 my bones6106 beside681 his bones:6106

32  For3588 the saying1697 which834 he cried7121 by the word1697 of the LORD3068 against5921 the altar4196 in Bethel,1008 and against5921 all3605 the houses1004 of the high places1116 which834 are in the cities5892 of Samaria,8111 shall surely come to pass.1961 1961

33  After310 this2088 thing1697 Jeroboam3379 returned7725 not3808 from his evil way,4480 1870 7451 but made6213 again7725 of the lowest4480 7098 of the people5971 priests3548 of the high places:1116 whosoever would,2655 he consecrated4390 853 3027 him, and he became1961 one of the priests3548 of the high places.1116

34  And this2088 thing1697 became1961 sin2403 unto the house1004 of Jeroboam,3379 even to cut it off,3582 and to destroy8045 it from off4480 5921 the face6440 of the earth.127

1 Kings 14: 1-31

1  At that1931 time6256 Abijah29 the son1121 of Jeroboam3379 fell sick.2470

2  And Jeroboam3379 said559 to his wife,802 Arise,6965 I pray thee,4994 and disguise thyself,8138 that3588 thou859 be not3808 known3045 to be the wife802 of Jeroboam;3379 and get1980 thee to Shiloh:7887 behold,2009 there8033 is Ahijah281 the prophet,5030 which1931 told1696 5921 me that I should be king4428 over5921 this2088 people.5971

3  And take3947 with3027 thee ten6235 loaves,3899 and cracknels,5350 and a cruse1228 of honey,1706 and go935 to413 him: he1931 shall tell5046 thee what4100 shall become1961 of the child.5288

4  And Jeroboam's3379 wife802 did6213 so,3651 and arose,6965 and went1980 to Shiloh,7887 and came935 to the house1004 of Ahijah.281 But Ahijah281 could3201 not3808 see;7200 for3588 his eyes5869 were set6965 by reason of his age.4480 7869

5  And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 Ahijah,281 Behold,2009 the wife802 of Jeroboam3379 cometh935 to ask1875 a thing1697 of4480 5973 thee for413 her son;1121 for3588 he1931 is sick:2470 thus2090 and thus2088 shalt thou say1696 unto413 her: for it shall be,1961 when she cometh in,935 that she1931 shall feign herself to be another woman.5234

6  And it was1961 so, when Ahijah281 heard8085 853 the sound6963 of her feet,7272 as she came in935 at the door,6607 that he said,559 Come in,935 thou wife802 of Jeroboam;3379 why4100 2088 feignest thou thyself to be another?5234 859 for I595 am sent7971 to413 thee with heavy7186 tidings.

7  Go,1980 tell559 Jeroboam,3379 Thus3541 saith559 the LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 Forasmuch3282 834 as I exalted7311 thee from among4480 8432 the people,5971 and made5414 thee prince5057 over5921 my people5971 Israel,3478

8  And rent7167 853 the kingdom4467 away from the house4480 1004 of David,1732 and gave5414 it thee: and yet thou hast not3808 been1961 as my servant5650 David,1732 who834 kept8104 my commandments,4687 and who834 followed1980 310 me with all3605 his heart,3824 to do6213 that only7535 which was right3477 in mine eyes;5869

9  But hast done6213 evil7489 above all4480 3605 that834 were1961 before6440 thee: for thou hast gone1980 and made6213 thee other312 gods,430 and molten images,4541 to provoke me to anger,3707 and hast cast7993 me behind310 thy back:1458

10  Therefore3651 behold,2009 I will bring935 evil7451 upon413 the house1004 of Jeroboam,3379 and will cut off3772 from Jeroboam3379 him that pisseth8366 against the wall,7023 and him that is shut up6113 and left5800 in Israel,3478 and will take away1197 the remnant310 of the house1004 of Jeroboam,3379 as834 a man taketh away1197 dung,1557 till5704 it be all gone.8552

11  Him that dieth4191 of Jeroboam3379 in the city5892 shall the dogs3611 eat;398 and him that dieth4191 in the field7704 shall the fowls5775 of the air8064 eat:398 for3588 the LORD3068 hath spoken1696 it.

12  Arise6965 thou859 therefore, get1980 thee to thine own house:1004 and when thy feet7272 enter935 into the city,5892 the child3206 shall die.4191

13  And all3605 Israel3478 shall mourn5594 for him, and bury6912 him: for3588 2088 he only905 of Jeroboam3379 shall come935 to413 the grave,6913 because3282 in him there is found4672 some good2896 thing1697 toward413 the LORD3068 God430 of Israel3478 in the house1004 of Jeroboam.3379

14  Moreover the LORD3068 shall raise him up6965 a king4428 over5921 Israel,3478 who834 shall cut off3772 853 the house1004 of Jeroboam3379 that2088 day:3117 but what?4100 even1571 now.6258

15  For the LORD3068 shall smite5221 853 Israel,3478 as834 a reed7070 is shaken5110 in the water,4325 and he shall root up5428 853 Israel3478 out of4480 5921 this2063 good2896 land,127 which834 he gave5414 to their fathers,1 and shall scatter2219 them beyond4480 5676 the river,5104 because3282 834 they have made6213 853 their groves,842 provoking the LORD to anger.3707 853 3068

16  And he shall give Israel up5414 853 3478 because1558 of the sins2403 of Jeroboam,3379 who834 did sin,2398 and who834 made Israel to sin.2398 853 3478

17  And Jeroboam's3379 wife802 arose,6965 and departed,1980 and came935 to Tirzah:8656 and when she1931 came935 to the threshold5592 of the door,1004 the child5288 died;4191

18  And they buried6912 him; and all3605 Israel3478 mourned5594 for him, according to the word1697 of the LORD,3068 which834 he spoke1696 by the hand3027 of his servant5650 Ahijah281 the prophet.5030

19  And the rest3499 of the acts1697 of Jeroboam,3379 how834 he warred,3898 and how834 he reigned,4427 behold,2009 they are written3789 in5921 the book5612 of the chronicles1697 3117 of the kings4428 of Israel.3478

20  And the days3117 which834 Jeroboam3379 reigned4427 were two8147 and twenty6242 years:8141 and he slept7901 with5973 his fathers,1 and Nadab5070 his son1121 reigned4427 in his stead.8478

21  And Rehoboam7346 the son1121 of Solomon8010 reigned4427 in Judah.3063 Rehoboam7346 was forty705 and one259 years8141 old1121 when he began to reign,4427 and he reigned4427 seventeen7651 6240 years8141 in Jerusalem,3389 the city5892 which834 the LORD3068 did choose977 out of all4480 3605 the tribes7626 of Israel,3478 to put7760 853 his name8034 there.8033 And his mother's517 name8034 was Naamah5279 an Ammonitess.5984

22  And Judah3063 did6213 evil7451 in the sight5869 of the LORD,3068 and they provoked him to jealousy7065 853 with their sins2403 which834 they had committed,2398 above all4480 3605 that834 their fathers1 had done.6213

23  For they1992 also1571 built1129 them high places,1116 and images,4676 and groves,842 on5921 every3605 high1364 hill,1389 and under8478 every3605 green7488 tree.6086

24  And there were1961 also1571 sodomites6945 in the land:776 and they did6213 according to all3605 the abominations8441 of the nations1471 which834 the LORD3068 cast out3423 before4480 6440 the children1121 of Israel.3478

25  And it came to pass1961 in the fifth2549 year8141 of king4428 Rehoboam,7346 that Shishak7895 king4428 of Egypt4714 came up5927 against5921 Jerusalem:3389

26  And he took away3947 853 the treasures214 of the house1004 of the LORD,3068 and the treasures214 of the king's4428 house;1004 he even took away3947 all:3605 and he took away3947 853 all3605 the shields4043 of gold2091 which834 Solomon8010 had made.6213

27  And king4428 Rehoboam7346 made6213 in their stead8478 brazen5178 shields,4043 and committed6485 them unto5921 the hands3027 of the chief8269 of the guard,7323 which kept8104 the door6607 of the king's4428 house.1004

28  And it was1961 so, when4480 1767 the king4428 went935 into the house1004 of the LORD,3068 that the guard7323 bore5375 them, and brought them back7725 into413 the guard7323 chamber.8372

29  Now the rest3499 of the acts1697 of Rehoboam,7346 and all3605 that834 he did,6213 are they1992 not3808 written3789 in5921 the book5612 of the chronicles1697 3117 of the kings4428 of Judah?3063

30  And there was1961 war4421 between996 Rehoboam7346 and Jeroboam3379 all3605 their days.3117

31  And Rehoboam7346 slept7901 with5973 his fathers,1 and was buried6912 with5973 his fathers1 in the city5892 of David.1732 And his mother's517 name8034 was Naamah5279 an Ammonitess.5984 And Abijam38 his son1121 reigned4427 in his stead.8478

1 Kings 15: 1-34

1  Now in the eighteenth8083 6240 year8141 of king4428 Jeroboam3379 the son1121 of Nebat5028 reigned4427 Abijam38 over5921 Judah.3063

2  Three7969 years8141 reigned4427 he in Jerusalem.3389 And his mother's517 name8034 was Maachah,4601 the daughter1323 of Abishalom.53

3  And he walked1980 in all3605 the sins2403 of his father,1 which834 he had done6213 before6440 him: and his heart3824 was1961 not3808 perfect8003 with5973 the LORD3068 his God,430 as the heart3824 of David1732 his father.1

4  Nevertheless3588 for David's sake4616 1732 did the LORD3068 his God430 give5414 him a lamp5216 in Jerusalem,3389 to set up6965 853 his son1121 after310 him, and to establish5975 853 Jerusalem:3389

5  Because834 David1732 did6213 that which was 853 right3477 in the eyes5869 of the LORD,3068 and turned not aside3808 5493 from any4480 3605 thing that834 he commanded6680 him all3605 the days3117 of his life,2416 save only7535 in the matter1697 of Uriah223 the Hittite.2850

6  And there was1961 war4421 between996 Rehoboam7346 and Jeroboam3379 all3605 the days3117 of his life.2416

7  Now the rest3499 of the acts1697 of Abijam,38 and all3605 that834 he did,6213 are they1992 not3808 written3789 in5921 the book5612 of the chronicles1697 3117 of the kings4428 of Judah?3063 And there was1961 war4421 between996 Abijam38 and Jeroboam.3379

8  And Abijam38 slept7901 with5973 his fathers;1 and they buried6912 him in the city5892 of David:1732 and Asa609 his son1121 reigned4427 in his stead.8478

9  And in the twentieth6242 year8141 of Jeroboam3379 king4428 of Israel3478 reigned4427 4428 Asa609 over Judah.3063

10  And forty705 and one259 years8141 reigned4427 he in Jerusalem.3389 And his mother's517 name8034 was Maachah,4601 the daughter1323 of Abishalom.53

11  And Asa609 did6213 that which was right3477 in the eyes5869 of the LORD,3068 as did David1732 his father.1

12  And he took away5674 the sodomites6945 out of4480 the land,776 and removed5493 853 all3605 the idols1544 that834 his fathers