King James Version 1611 - 1769





Romans 1: 1-32

1  Paul,3972 a servant1401 of Jesus2424 Christ,5547 called2822 to be an apostle,652 separated873 unto1519 the gospel2098 of God,2316

2  (Which3739 he had promised afore4279 by1223 his848 prophets4396 in1722 the Holy40 Scriptures,)1124

3  Concerning4012 his848 Son5207 Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Lord,2962 which3588 was made1096 of1537 the seed4690 of David1138 according2596 to the flesh;4561

4  And declared3724 to be the Son5207 of God2316 with1722 power,1411 according2596 to the spirit4151 of holiness,42 by1537 the resurrection386 from the dead:3498

5  By1223 whom3739 we have received2983 grace5485 and2532 apostleship,651 for1519 obedience5218 to the faith4102 among1722 all3956 nations,1484 for5228 his848 name;3686

6  Among1722 whom3739 are2075 ye5210 also2532 the called2822 of Jesus2424 Christ:5547

7  To all3956 that be5607 in1722 Rome,4516 beloved27 of God,2316 called2822 to be saints:40 Grace5485 to you5213 and2532 peace1515 from575 God2316 our2257 Father,3962 and2532 the Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ.5547

8  First,4412 I3303 thank2168 my3450 God2316 through1223 Jesus2424 Christ5547 for5228 you5216 all,3956 that3754 your5216 faith4102 is spoken of2605 1722 throughout the3588 whole3650 world.2889

9  For1063 God2316 is2076 my3450 witness,3144 whom3739 I serve3000 with1722 my3450 spirit4151 in1722 the3588 gospel2098 of his848 Son,5207 that5613 without ceasing89 I make4160 mention3417 of you5216 always3842 in1909 my3450 prayers;4335

10  Making request,1189 if by any means1513 now2235 at length4218 I might have a prosperous journey2137 by1722 the3588 will2307 of God2316 to come2064 unto4314 you.5209

11  For1063 I long1971 to see1492 you,5209 that2443 I may impart3330 unto you5213 some5100 spiritual4152 gift,5486 to the end ye5209 may be established;4741

12  1161 That5124 is,2076 that I may be comforted together4837 with1722 you5213 by1223 the3588 mutual1722 240 faith4102 both5037 of you5216 and2532 me.1700

13  Now1161 I would2309 not3756 have you ignorant,50 5209 brethren,80 that3754 oftentimes4178 I purposed4388 to come2064 unto4314 you,5209 (but2532 was let2967 hitherto,)891 1204 that2443 I might have2192 some5100 fruit2590 among1722 you5213 also,2532 even2532 as2531 among1722 other3062 Gentiles.1484

14  I am1510 debtor3781 both5037 to the Greeks,1672 and2532 to the Barbarians;915 both5037 to the wise,4680 and2532 to the unwise.453

15  So,3779 as much as in me is,2596 1691 I am ready4289 to preach the gospel2097 to you5213 that3588 are at1722 Rome4516 also.2532

16  For1063 I am not3756 ashamed1870 of the3588 gospel2098 of Christ:5547 for1063 it is2076 the power1411 of God2316 unto1519 salvation4991 to every one3956 that believeth;4100 to the Jew2453 first,4412 and2532 also5037 to the Greek.1672

17  For1063 therein1722 846 is the righteousness1343 of God2316 revealed601 from1537 faith4102 to1519 faith:4102 as2531 it is written.1125 1161 The3588 just1342 shall live2198 by1537 faith.4102

18  For1063 the wrath3709 of God2316 is revealed601 from575 heaven3772 against1909 all3956 ungodliness763 and2532 unrighteousness93 of men,444 who hold2722 the3588 truth225 in1722 unrighteousness;93

19  Because1360 that which may be known1110 of God2316 is2076 manifest5318 in1722 them;846 for1063 God2316 hath showed5319 it unto them.846

20  For1063 the3588 invisible things517 of him846 from575 the creation2937 of the world2889 are clearly seen,2529 being understood3539 by the3588 things that are4161 made, even5037 3739 his848 eternal126 power1411 and2532 Godhead;2305 so that they846 are1511 without excuse:379

21  Because that,1360 when they knew1097 God,2316 they glorified1392 him not3756 as5613 God,2316 neither2228 were thankful;2168 but235 became vain3154 in1722 their848 imaginations,1261 and2532 their848 foolish801 heart2588 was darkened.4654

22  Professing5335 themselves to be1511 wise,4680 they became fools,3471

23  And2532 changed236 the3588 glory1391 of the3588 incorruptible862 God2316 into1722 an image1504 made like to3667 corruptible5349 man,444 and2532 to birds,4071 and2532 fourfooted beasts,5074 and2532 creeping things.2062

24  Wherefore1352 God2316 also2532 gave them up3860 846 to1519 uncleanness167 through1722 the3588 lusts1939 of their own848 hearts,2588 to dishonor818 their own848 bodies4983 between1722 themselves:1438

25  Who3748 changed3337 the3588 truth225 of God2316 into1722 a lie,5579 and2532 worshiped4573 and2532 served3000 the3588 creature2937 more than3844 the3588 Creator,2936 who3739 is2076 blessed2128 forever.1519 165 Amen.281

26  For this cause1223 5124 God2316 gave them up3860 846 unto1519 vile819 affections:3806 for1063 even5037 3739 their848 women2338 did change3337 the3588 natural5446 use5540 into1519 that3588 which is against3844 nature:5449

27  And5037 likewise3668 also2532 the3588 men,730 leaving863 the3588 natural5446 use5540 of the3588 woman,2338 burned1572 in1722 their848 lust3715 one toward another;240 1519 men730 with1722 men730 working2716 that which is unseemly,808 and2532 receiving618 in1722 themselves1438 that recompense489 of their848 error4106 which3739 was meet.1163

28  And2532 even as2531 they did not3756 like1381 to retain2192 God2316 in1722 their knowledge,1922 God2316 gave them over3860 846 to1519 a reprobate96 mind,3563 to do4160 those things which are not convenient;2520 3361

29  Being filled4137 with all3956 unrighteousness,93 fornication,4202 wickedness,4189 covetousness,4124 maliciousness;2549 full3324 of envy,5355 murder,5408 debate,2054 deceit,1388 malignity;2550 whisperers,5588

30  Backbiters,2637 haters of God,2319 despiteful,5197 proud,5244 boasters,213 inventors2182 of evil things,2556 disobedient545 to parents,1118

31  Without understanding,801 covenant breakers,802 without natural affection,794 implacable,786 unmerciful:415

32  Who3748 knowing1921 the3588 judgment1345 of God,2316 that3754 they which commit4238 such things5108 are1526 worthy514 of death,2288 not3756 only3440 do4160 the same,846 but235 2532 have pleasure4909 in them that do4238 them.

Romans 2: 1-29

1  Therefore1352 thou art1488 inexcusable,379 O5599 man,444 whosoever3956 thou art that judgest:2919 for1063 wherein1722 3739 thou judgest2919 another,2087 thou condemnest2632 thyself;4572 for1063 thou that judgest2919 doest4238 the3588 same things.846

2  But1161 we are sure1492 that3754 the3588 judgment2917 of God2316 is2076 according2596 to truth225 against1909 them which commit4238 such things.5108

3  And1161 thinkest3049 thou this,5124 O5599 man,444 that judgest2919 them which do4238 such things,5108 and2532 doest4160 the same,846 that3754 thou4771 shalt escape1628 the3588 judgment2917 of God?2316

4  Or2228 despisest2706 thou the3588 riches4149 of his848 goodness5544 and2532 forbearance463 and2532 longsuffering;3115 not knowing50 that3754 the3588 goodness5543 of God2316 leadeth71 thee4571 to1519 repentance?3341

5  But1161 after2596 thy4675 hardness4643 and2532 impenitent279 heart2588 treasurest up2343 unto thyself4572 wrath3709 against1722 the day2250 of wrath3709 and2532 revelation602 of the righteous judgment1341 of God;2316

6  Who3739 will render591 to every man1538 according2596 to his846 deeds:2041

7  To them who3303 by2596 patient continuance5281 in well18 doing2041 seek for2212 glory1391 and2532 honor5092 and2532 immortality,861 eternal166 life:2222

8  But1161 unto them that are contentious,1537 2052 and2532 do not obey544 3303 the3588 truth,225 but1161 obey3982 unrighteousness,93 indignation2372 and2532 wrath,3709

9  Tribulation2347 and2532 anguish,4730 upon1909 every3956 soul5590 of man444 that doeth2716 evil,2556 of the5037 Jew2453 first,4412 and2532 also of the Gentile;1672

10  But1161 glory,1391 honor,5092 and2532 peace,1515 to every man3956 that worketh2038 good,18 to the5037 Jew2453 first,4412 and2532 also to the Gentile:1672

11  For1063 there is2076 no3756 respect of persons4382 with3844 God.2316

12  For1063 as many as3745 have sinned264 without law460 shall also2532 perish622 without law:460 and2532 as many as3745 have sinned264 in1722 the law3551 shall be judged2919 by1223 the law;3551

13  (For1063 not3756 the3588 hearers202 of the3588 law3551 are just1342 before3844 God,2316 but235 the3588 doers4163 of the3588 law3551 shall be justified.1344

14  For1063 when3752 the Gentiles,1484 which have2192 not3361 the law,3551 do4160 by nature5449 the things3588 contained in the3588 law,3551 these,3778 having2192 not3361 the law,3551 are1526 a law3551 unto themselves:1438

15  Which3748 show1731 the3588 work2041 of the3588 law3551 written1123 in1722 their848 hearts,2588 their848 conscience4893 also bearing witness,4828 and2532 their thoughts3053 the mean while3342 accusing2723 or2228 else2532 excusing626 one another;)240

16  In1722 the day2250 when3753 God2316 shall judge2919 the3588 secrets2927 of men444 by1223 Jesus2424 Christ5547 according2596 to my3450 gospel.2098

17  Behold,2396 thou4771 art called2028 a Jew,2453 and2532 restest in1879 the3588 law,3551 and2532 makest thy boast2744 of1722 God,2316

18  And2532 knowest1097 his will,2307 and2532 approvest1381 the things that are more excellent,1308 being instructed2727 out of1537 the3588 law;3551

19  And5037 art confident3982 that thou thyself4572 art1511 a guide3595 of the blind,5185 a light5457 of them3588 which are in1722 darkness,4655

20  An instructor3810 of the foolish,878 a teacher1320 of babes,3516 which hast2192 the3588 form3446 of knowledge1108 and2532 of the3588 truth225 in1722 the3588 law.3551

21  Thou therefore which teachest1321 3767 another,2087 teachest1321 thou not3756 thyself?4572 thou that preachest2784 a man should not3361 steal,2813 dost thou steal?2813

22  Thou that sayest3004 a man should not3361 commit adultery,3431 dost thou commit adultery?3431 thou that abhorrest948 idols,1497 dost thou commit sacrilege?2416

23  Thou that3739 makest thy boast2744 of1722 the law,3551 through1223 breaking3847 the3588 law3551 dishonorest818 thou God?2316

24  For1063 the3588 name3686 of God2316 is blasphemed987 among1722 the3588 Gentiles1484 through1223 you,5209 as2531 it is written.1125

25  For1063 circumcision4061 verily3303 profiteth,5623 if1437 thou keep4238 the law:3551 but1161 if1437 thou be a breaker3848 of the law,3551 thy4675 circumcision4061 is made1096 uncircumcision.203

26  Therefore3767 if1437 the3588 uncircumcision203 keep5442 the3588 righteousness1345 of the3588 law,3551 shall not3780 his848 uncircumcision203 be counted3049 for1519 circumcision?4061

27  And2532 shall not uncircumcision203 which is by1537 nature,5449 if it fulfill5055 the3588 law,3551 judge2919 thee,4571 who by1223 the letter1121 and2532 circumcision4061 dost transgress3848 the law?3551

28  For1063 he is2076 not3756 a Jew,2453 which is one outwardly;1722 5318 neither3761 is that circumcision,4061 which is outward1722 5318 in1722 the flesh:4561

29  But235 he is a Jew,2453 which is one inwardly;1722 2927 and2532 circumcision4061 is that of the heart,2588 in1722 the spirit,4151 and not3756 in the letter;1121 whose3739 praise1868 is not3756 of1537 men,444 but235 of1537 God.2316

Romans 3: 1-31

1  What5101 advantage4053 then3767 hath the3588 Jew?2453 or2228 what5101 profit5622 is there of circumcision?4061

2  Much4183 every3956 way:5158 chiefly,4412 3303 because1063 that3754 unto them were committed4100 the3588 oracles3051 of God.2316

3  For1063 what5101 if1487 some5100 did not believe?569 shall their848 unbelief570 3361 make the faith of God without effect?2673 3588 4102 2316

4  God forbid:1096 3361 yea, let God2316 be1096 true,227 but1161 every3956 man444 a liar;5583 as2531 it is written,1125 That3704 thou mightest be justified1344 302 in1722 thy4675 sayings,3056 and2532 mightest overcome3528 when thou4571 art judged.2919

5  But1161 if1487 our2257 unrighteousness93 commend4921 the righteousness1343 of God,2316 what5101 shall we say?2046 Is God2316 unrighteous94 who taketh2018 vengeance? I3709 (speak3004 as2596 a man)444

6  God forbid:1096 3361 for then1893 how4459 shall God2316 judge2919 the3588 world?2889

7  For1063 if1487 the3588 truth225 of God2316 hath more abounded4052 through1722 my1699 lie5582 unto1519 his848 glory;1391 why5101 yet2089 am I also2504 judged2919 as5613 a sinner?268

8  And2532 not3361 rather, (as2531 we be slanderously reported,987 and2532 as2531 some5100 affirm5346 that we2248 say,) Let us3004 do4160 evil,2556 that2443 good18 may come?2064 whose3739 damnation2917 is2076 just.1738

9  What5101 then?3767 are we better4284 than they? No,3756 in no wise:3843 for1063 we have before proved4256 both5037 Jews2453 and2532 Gentiles,1672 that they are1511 all3956 under5259 sin;266

10  As2531 it is written,1125 There is2076 none3756 righteous,1342 no, not3761 one:1520

11  There is2076 none3756 that understandeth,4920 there is2076 none3756 that seeketh after1567 God.2316

12  They are all3956 gone out of the way,1578 they are together260 become unprofitable;889 there is2076 none3756 that doeth4160 good,5544 no,2076 not3756 2193 one.1520

13  Their848 throat2995 is an open455 sepulcher;5028 with their848 tongues1100 they have used deceit;1387 the poison2447 of asps785 is under5259 their848 lips:5491

14  Whose3739 mouth4750 is full1073 of cursing685 and2532 bitterness:4088

15  Their848 feet4228 are swift3691 to shed1632 blood:129

16  Destruction4938 and2532 misery5004 are in1722 their848 ways:3598

17  And2532 the way3598 of peace1515 have they not3756 known:1097

18  There is2076 no3756 fear5401 of God2316 before561 their848 eyes.3788

19  Now1161 we know1492 that3754 what things soever3745 the3588 law3551 saith,3004 it saith2980 to them3588 who are under1722 the3588 law:3551 that2443 every3956 mouth4750 may be stopped,5420 and2532 all3956 the3588 world2889 may become1096 guilty5267 before God.2316

20  Therefore1360 by1537 the deeds2041 of the law3551 there shall no3756 3956 flesh4561 be justified1344 in his sight:1799 846 for1063 by1223 the law3551 is the knowledge1922 of sin.266

21  But1161 now3570 the righteousness1343 of God2316 without5565 the law3551 is manifested,5319 being witnessed3140 by5259 the3588 law3551 and2532 the3588 prophets;4396

22  Even1161 the righteousness1343 of God2316 which is by1223 faith4102 of Jesus2424 Christ5547 unto1519 all3956 and2532 upon1909 all3956 them that believe:4100 for1063 there is2076 no3756 difference:1293

23  For1063 all3956 have sinned,264 and2532 come short5302 of the3588 glory1391 of God;2316

24  Being justified1344 freely1432 by his848 grace5485 through1223 the3588 redemption629 that3588 is in1722 Christ5547 Jesus:2424

25  Whom3739 God2316 hath set forth4388 to be a propitiation2435 through1223 faith4102 in1722 his848 blood,129 to declare1519 1732 his848 righteousness1343 for1223 the3588 remission3929 of sins265 that are past,4266 through1722 the3588 forbearance463 of God;2316

26  To4314 declare,1732 I say, at1722 this3568 time2540 his846 righteousness:1343 that he846 might be1511 just,1342 and2532 the justifier1344 of him3588 which believeth1537 4102 in Jesus.2424

27  Where4226 is boasting2746 then?3767 It is excluded.1576 By1223 what4169 law?3551 of works?2041 Nay:3780 but235 by1223 the law3551 of faith.4102

28  Therefore3767 we conclude3049 that a man444 is justified1344 by faith4102 without5565 the deeds2041 of the law.3551

29  Is he2228 the3588 God2316 of the Jews2453 only?3440 is he1161 not3780 also2532 of the Gentiles?1484 Yes,3483 of the Gentiles1484 also:2532

30  Seeing1897 it is one1520 God,2316 which3739 shall justify1344 the circumcision4061 by1537 faith,4102 and2532 uncircumcision203 through1223 faith.4102

31  Do we then3767 make void2673 the law3551 through1223 faith?4102 God forbid:1096 3361 yea,235 we establish2476 the law.3551

Romans 4: 1-25

1  What5101 shall we say2046 then3767 that Abraham11 our2257 father,3962 as pertaining2596 to the flesh,4561 hath found?2147

2  For1063 if1487 Abraham11 were justified1344 by1537 works,2041 he hath2192 whereof to glory;2745 but235 not3756 before4314 God.2316

3  For1063 what5101 saith3004 the3588 Scripture?1124 1161 Abraham11 believed4100 God,2316 and2532 it was counted3049 unto him846 for1519 righteousness.1343

4  Now1161 to him that worketh2038 is the3588 reward3408 not3756 reckoned3049 of2596 grace,5485 but235 of2596 debt.3783

5  But1161 to him that worketh2038 not,3361 but1161 believeth4100 on1909 him that justifieth1344 the3588 ungodly,765 his848 faith4102 is counted3049 for1519 righteousness.1343

6  Even as2509 David1138 also2532 describeth3004 the3588 blessedness3108 of the3588 man,444 unto whom3739 God2316 imputeth3049 righteousness1343 without5565 works,2041

7  Saying, Blessed3107 are they whose3739 iniquities458 are forgiven,863 and2532 whose3739 sins266 are covered.1943

8  Blessed3107 is the man435 to whom3739 the Lord2962 will not3364 impute3049 sin.266

9  Cometh this3778 blessedness3108 then3767 upon1909 the3588 circumcision4061 only, or2228 upon1909 the3588 uncircumcision203 also?2532 for1063 we say3004 that3754 faith4102 was reckoned3049 to Abraham11 for1519 righteousness.1343

10  How4459 was it then3767 reckoned?3049 when he was5607 in1722 circumcision,4061 or2228 in1722 uncircumcision?203 Not3756 in1722 circumcision,4061 but235 in1722 uncircumcision.203

11  And2532 he received2983 the sign4592 of circumcision,4061 a seal4973 of the3588 righteousness1343 of the3588 faith4102 which3588 he had yet being uncircumcised: that1722 203 he846 might be1511 the father3962 of all3956 them that believe,4100 though they be not circumcised;1223 203 that righteousness1343 might be imputed3049 unto them846 also:2532

12  And2532 the father3962 of circumcision4061 to them3588 who are not3756 of1537 the circumcision4061 only,3440 but235 who also walk4748 2532 in the3588 steps2487 of that faith4102 of our2257 father3962 Abraham,11 which he had being yet uncircumcised.1722 203

13  For1063 the3588 promise,1860 that he846 should be1511 the3588 heir2818 of the3588 world,2889 was not3756 to Abraham,11 or2228 to his848 seed,4690 through1223 the law,3551 but235 through1223 the righteousness1343 of faith.4102

14  For1063 if1487 they3588 which are of1537 the law3551 be heirs,2818 faith4102 is made void,2758 and2532 the3588 promise1860 made of none effect:2673

15  Because1063 the3588 law3551 worketh2716 wrath:3709 for1063 where3757 no3756 law3551 is,2076 there is no3761 transgression.3847

16  Therefore1223 5124 it is of1537 faith,4102 that2443 it might be by2596 grace;5485 to the end the3588 promise1860 might be1511 sure949 to all3956 the3588 seed;4690 not3756 to that3588 only3440 which is of1537 the3588 law,3551 but235 to that3588 also2532 which is of1537 the faith4102 of Abraham;11 who3739 is2076 the father3962 of us2257 all,3956

17  (As2531 it is written,1125 I have made5087 thee4571 a father3962 of many4183 nations,)1484 before2713 him whom3739 he believed,4100 even God,2316 who quickeneth2227 the3588 dead,3498 and2532 calleth2564 those things which be5607 not3361 as though5613 they were.5607

18  Who3739 against3844 hope1680 believed4100 in1909 hope,1680 that he846 might become1096 the father3962 of many4183 nations,1484 according2596 to that which was spoken,2046 So3779 shall thy4675 seed4690 be.2071

19  And2532 being not weak770 3361 in faith,4102 he considered2657 not3756 his own1438 body4983 now2235 dead,3499 when he was5225 about4225 a hundred years old,1541 neither2532 yet the3588 deadness3500 of Sarah's4564 womb:3388

20  He1161 staggered1252 not3756 at1519 the3588 promise1860 of God2316 through unbelief;570 but235 was strong1743 in faith,4102 giving1325 glory1391 to God;2316

21  And2532 being fully persuaded4135 that,3754 what3739 he had promised,1861 he was2076 able1415 also2532 to perform.4160

22  And2532 therefore1352 it was imputed3049 to him846 for1519 righteousness.1343

23  Now1161 it was not3756 written1125 for his sake1223 846 alone,3440 that3754 it was imputed3049 to him;846

24  But235 for1223 us2248 also,2532 to whom3739 it shall3195 be imputed,3049 if we3588 believe4100 on1909 him that raised up1453 Jesus2424 our2257 Lord2962 from1537 the dead;3498

25  Who3739 was delivered3860 for1223 our2257 offenses,3900 and2532 was raised again1453 for1223 our2257 justification.1347

Romans 5: 1-21

1  Therefore3767 being justified1344 by1537 faith,4102 we have2192 peace1515 with4314 God2316 through1223 our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ:5547

2  By1223 whom3739 also2532 we have2192 access4318 by faith4102 into1519 this5026 grace5485 wherein1722 3739 we stand,2476 and2532 rejoice2744 in1909 hope1680 of the3588 glory1391 of God.2316

3  And1161 not3756 only3440 so, but235 we glory2744 in1722 tribulations2347 also:2532 knowing1492 that3754 tribulation2347 worketh2716 patience;5281

4  And1161 patience,5281 experience;1382 and1161 experience,1382 hope:1680

5  And1161 hope1680 maketh not ashamed;2617 3756 because3754 the3588 love26 of God2316 is shed abroad1632 in1722 our2257 hearts2588 by1223 the Holy40 Ghost4151 which is given1325 unto us.2254

6  For1063 when we2257 were5607 yet2089 without strength,772 in2596 due time2540 Christ5547 died599 for5228 the ungodly.765

7  For1063 scarcely3433 for5228 a righteous man1342 will one5100 die:599 yet1063 peradventure5029 for5228 a good man18 some5100 would even2532 dare5111 to die.599

8  But1161 God2316 commendeth4921 his1438 love26 toward1519 us,2248 in that,3754 while we2257 were5607 yet2089 sinners,268 Christ5547 died599 for5228 us.2257

9  Much4183 more3123 then,3767 being now3568 justified1344 by1722 his848 blood,129 we shall be saved4982 from575 wrath3709 through1223 him.846

10  For1063 if,1487 when we were5607 enemies,2190 we were reconciled2644 to God2316 by1223 the3588 death2288 of his848 Son,5207 much4183 more,3123 being reconciled,2644 we shall be saved4982 by1722 his848 life.2222

11  And1161 not3756 only3440 so, but235 we also2532 joy2744 in1722 God2316 through1223 our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 by1223 whom3739 we have now3568 received2983 the3588 atonement.2643

12  Wherefore,1223 5124 as5618 by1223 one1520 man444 sin266 entered1525 into1519 the3588 world,2889 and2532 death2288 by1223 sin;266 and2532 so3779 death2288 passed1330 upon1519 all3956 men,444 for1909 that3739 all3956 have sinned:264

13  (For1063 until891 the law3551 sin266 was2258 in1722 the world:2889 but1161 sin266 is not3756 imputed1677 when there is5607 no3361 law.3551

14  Nevertheless235 death2288 reigned936 from575 Adam76 to3360 Moses,3475 even2532 over1909 them that had not sinned264 3361 after1909 the3588 similitude3667 of Adam's76 transgression,3847 who3739 is2076 the figure5179 of him3588 that was to come.3195

15  But235 not3756 as5613 the3588 offense,3900 so3779 also2532 is the3588 free gift.5486 For1063 if1487 through the3588 offense3900 of one1520 many4183 be dead,599 much4183 more3123 the3588 grace5485 of God,2316 and2532 the3588 gift1431 by1722 grace,5485 which3588 is by one1520 man,444 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 hath abounded4052 unto1519 many.4183

16  And2532 not3756 as5613 it was by1223 one1520 that sinned,264 so is the3588 gift:1434 for1063 the3588 3303 judgment2917 was by1537 one1520 to1519 condemnation,2631 but1161 the3588 free gift5486 is of1537 many4183 offenses3900 unto1519 justification.1345

17  For1063 if1487 by one man's1520 offense3900 death2288 reigned936 by1223 one;1520 much4183 more3123 they which receive2983 abundance4050 of grace5485 and2532 of the3588 gift1431 of righteousness1343 shall reign936 in1722 life2222 by1223 one,1520 Jesus2424 Christ.)5547

18  Therefore686 3767 as5613 by1223 the offense3900 of one1520 judgment came upon1519 all3956 men444 to1519 condemnation;2631 even2532 so3779 by1223 the righteousness1345 of one1520 the free gift came upon1519 all3956 men444 unto1519 justification1347 of life.2222

19  For1063 as5618 by1223 one1520 man's444 disobedience3876 many4183 were made2525 sinners,268 so3779 2532 by1223 the3588 obedience5218 of one1520 shall many4183 be made2525 righteous.1342

20  Moreover1161 the law3551 entered,3922 that2443 the3588 offense3900 might abound.4121 But1161 where3757 sin266 abounded,4121 grace5485 did much more abound:5248

21  That2443 as5618 sin266 hath reigned936 unto1722 death,2288 even2532 so3779 might grace5485 reign936 through1223 righteousness1343 unto1519 eternal166 life2222 by1223 Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Lord.2962

Romans 6: 1-23

1  What5101 shall we say2046 then?3767 Shall we continue1961 in sin,266 that2443 grace5485 may abound?4121

2  God forbid.1096 3361 How4459 shall we, that3748 are dead599 to sin,266 live2198 any longer2089 therein?1722 846

2228 Know ye not,50 that3754 so many of us as3745 were baptized907 into1519 Jesus2424 Christ5547 were baptized907 into1519 his848 death?2288

4  Therefore3767 we are buried4916 with him846 by1223 baptism908 into1519 death:2288 that2443 like as5618 Christ5547 was raised up1453 from1537 the dead3498 by1223 the3588 glory1391 of the3588 Father,3962 even2532 so3779 we2249 also2532 should walk4043 in1722 newness2538 of life.2222

5  For1063 if1487 we have been1096 planted together4854 in the3588 likeness3667 of his848 death,2288 we shall be2071 235 also2532 in the likeness of his resurrection:386

6  Knowing1097 this,5124 that3754 our2257 old3820 man444 is crucified with4957 him, that2443 the3588 body4983 of sin266 might be destroyed,2673 that henceforth3371 we2248 should not serve1398 sin.266

7  For1063 he that is dead599 is freed1344 from575 sin.266

8  Now1161 if1487 we be dead599 with4862 Christ,5547 we believe4100 that3754 we shall also2532 live with4800 him:846

9  Knowing1492 that3754 Christ5547 being raised1453 from1537 the dead3498 dieth599 no more;3765 death2288 hath no more dominion over2961 3765 him.846

10  For1063 in that3739 he died,599 he died599 unto sin266 once:2178 but1161 in that3739 he liveth,2198 he liveth2198 unto God.2316

11  Likewise3779 reckon3049 ye5210 also2532 yourselves1438 to be1511 dead3498 indeed3303 unto sin,266 but1161 alive2198 unto God2316 through1722 Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Lord.2962

12  Let not3361 sin266 therefore3767 reign936 in1722 your5216 mortal2349 body,4983 that ye should obey5219 it846 in1722 the3588 lusts1939 thereof.848

13  Neither3366 yield3936 ye your5216 members3196 as instruments3696 of unrighteousness93 unto sin:266 but235 yield3936 yourselves1438 unto God,2316 as5613 those that are alive2198 from1537 the dead,3498 and2532 your5216 members3196 as instruments3696 of righteousness1343 unto God.2316

14  For1063 sin266 shall not3756 have dominion over2961 you:5216 for1063 ye are2075 not3756 under5259 the law,3551 but235 under5259 grace.5485

15  What5101 then?3767 shall we sin,264 because3754 we are2070 not3756 under5259 the law,3551 but235 under5259 grace?5485 God forbid.1096 3361

16  Know1492 ye not,3756 that3754 to whom3739 ye yield3936 yourselves1438 servants1401 to1519 obey,5218 his servants1401 ye are2075 to whom3739 ye obey;5219 whether2273 of sin266 unto1519 death,2288 or2228 of obedience5218 unto1519 righteousness?1343

17  But1161 God be thanked,2316 5485 that3754 ye were2258 the servants1401 of sin,266 but1161 ye have obeyed5219 from1537 the heart2588 that form5179 of doctrine1322 1519 which3739 was delivered3860 you.

18  Being then1161 made free1659 from575 sin,266 ye became the servants1402 of righteousness.1343

19  I speak3004 after the manner of men442 because1223 of the3588 infirmity769 of your5216 flesh:4561 for1063 as5618 ye have yielded3936 your5216 members3196 servants1400 to uncleanness167 and2532 to iniquity458 unto1519 iniquity;458 even so3779 now3568 yield3936 your5216 members3196 servants1400 to righteousness1343 unto1519 holiness.38

20  For1063 when3753 ye were2258 the servants1401 of sin,266 ye were2258 free1658 from righteousness.1343

21  What5101 fruit2590 3767 had2192 ye then5119 in1909 those things whereof3739 ye are now ashamed?1870 3568 for1063 the3588 end5056 of those things1565 is death.2288

22  But1161 now3570 being made free1659 from575 sin,266 and1161 become servants1402 to God,2316 ye have2192 your5216 fruit2590 unto1519 holiness,38 and1161 the3588 end5056 everlasting166 life.2222

23  For1063 the3588 wages3800 of sin266 is death;2288 but1161 the3588 gift5486 of God2316 is eternal166 life2222 through1722 Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Lord.2962

Romans 7: 1-25

2228 Know ye not,50 brethren,80 (for1063 I speak2980 to them that know1097 the law,)3551 how that3754 the3588 law3551 hath dominion over2961 a man444 1909 as long as3745 5550 he liveth?2198

2  For1063 the3588 woman1135 which hath an husband5220 is bound1210 by the law3551 to her husband435 so long as he liveth;2198 but1161 if1437 the3588 husband435 be dead,599 she is loosed2673 from575 the3588 law3551 of her husband.435

3  So686 then3767 if,1437 while her husband435 liveth,2198 she be married1096 to another2087 man,435 she shall be called5537 an adulteress:3428 but1161 if1437 her husband435 be dead,599 she is2076 free1658 from575 that law;3551 so that she846 is1511 no3361 adulteress,3428 though she be married1096 to another2087 man.435

4  Wherefore,5620 my3450 brethren,80 ye5210 also2532 are become dead2289 to the3588 law3551 by1223 the3588 body4983 of Christ;5547 that ye5209 should be married1096 to another,2087 even to him who is raised1453 from1537 the dead,3498 that2443 we should bring forth fruit2592 unto God.2316

5  For1063 when3753 we were2258 in1722 the3588 flesh,4561 the3588 motions3804 of sins,266 which3588 were by1223 the3588 law,3551 did work1754 in1722 our2257 members3196 to bring forth fruit2592 unto death.2288

6  But1161 now3570 we are delivered2673 from575 the3588 law,3551 that being dead599 wherein1722 3739 we were held;2722 that5620 we2248 should serve1398 in1722 newness2538 of spirit,4151 and2532 not3756 in the oldness3821 of the letter.1121

7  What5101 shall we say2046 then?3767 Is the3588 law3551 sin?266 God forbid.1096 3361 Nay,235 I had not3756 known1097 sin,266 but1508 by1223 the law:3551 for1063 I had5037 not3756 known1492 lust,1939 except1508 the3588 law3551 had said,3004 Thou shalt not3756 covet.1937

8  But1161 sin,266 taking2983 occasion874 by1223 the3588 commandment,1785 wrought2716 in1722 me1698 all manner3956 of concupiscence.1939 For1063 without5565 the law3551 sin266 was dead.3498

9  For1161 I1473 was alive2198 without5565 the law3551 once:4218 but1161 when the3588 commandment1785 came,2064 sin266 revived,326 and1161 I1473 died.599

10  And2532 the3588 commandment,1785 which3588 was ordained to1519 life,2222 I3427 found2147 to be3778 unto1519 death.2288

11  For1063 sin,266 taking2983 occasion874 by1223 the3588 commandment,1785 deceived1818 me,3165 and2532 by1223 it846 slew615 me.

12  Wherefore5620 the3588 law3551 is holy,40 and2532 the3588 commandment1785 holy,40 and2532 just,1342 and2532 good.18

13  Was then3767 that which is good18 made1096 death2288 unto me?1698 God forbid.1096 3361 But235 sin,266 that2443 it might appear5316 sin,266 working2716 death2288 in me3427 by1223 that which is good;18 that2443 sin266 by1223 the3588 commandment1785 might become1096 exceeding2596 5236 sinful.268

14  For1063 we know1492 that3754 the3588 law3551 is2076 spiritual:4152 but1161 I1473 am1510 carnal,4559 sold4097 under5259 sin.266

15  For1063 that which3739 I do2716 I allow1097 not:3756 for1063 what3739 I would,2309 that5124 do4238 I not;3756 but235 what3739 I hate,3404 that5124 do4160 I.

16  If1487 then1161 I do4160 that5124 which3739 I would2309 not,3756 I consent4852 unto the3588 law3551 that3754 it is good.2570

17  Now3570 then1161 it is no more3765 I1473 that do2716 it,846 but235 sin266 that dwelleth3611 in1722 me.1698

18  For1063 I know1492 that3754 in1722 me1698 (that is,5123 in1722 my3450 flesh,)4561 dwelleth3611 no3756 good thing:18 for1063 to will2309 is present3873 with me;3427 but1161 how to perform2716 that which is good2570 I find2147 not.3756

19  For1063 the good18 that3739 I would2309 I do4160 not:3756 but235 the evil2556 which3739 I would2309 not,3756 that5124 I do.4238

20  Now1161 if1487 I1473 do4160 that5124 I3739 would2309 not,3756 it is no more3765 I1473 that do2716 it,846 but235 sin266 that dwelleth3611 in1722 me.1698

21  I find2147 then686 a law,3551 that, when I1698 would2309 do4160 good,2570 3754 evil2556 is present3873 with me.1698

22  For1063 I delight4913 in the3588 law3551 of God2316 after2596 the3588 inward2080 man:444

23  But1161 I see991 another2087 law3551 in1722 my3450 members,3196 warring against497 the3588 law3551 of my3450 mind,3563 and2532 bringing me into captivity163 3165 to the3588 law3551 of sin266 which is5607 in1722 my3450 members.3196

24  O wretched5005 man444 that I1473 am! who5101 shall deliver4506 me3165 from1537 the3588 body4983 of this5127 death?2288

25  I thank2168 God2316 through1223 Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Lord.2962 So686 then3767 with the3588 mind3563 I1473 myself848 3303 serve1398 the law3551 of God;2316 but1161 with the3588 flesh4561 the law3551 of sin.266

Romans 8: 1-39

1  There is therefore686 now3568 no3762 condemnation2631 to them3588 which are in1722 Christ5547 Jesus,2424 who walk4043 not3361 after2596 the flesh,4561 but235 after2596 the Spirit.4151

2  For1063 the3588 law3551 of the3588 Spirit4151 of life2222 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 hath made me free1659 3165 from575 the3588 law3551 of sin266 and2532 death.2288

3  For1063 what the3588 law3551 could not do,102 in1722 that3739 it was weak770 through1223 the3588 flesh,4561 God2316 sending3992 his own1438 Son5207 in1722 the likeness3667 of sinful266 flesh,4561 and2532 for4012 sin,266 condemned2632 sin266 in1722 the3588 flesh:4561

4  That2443 the3588 righteousness1345 of the3588 law3551 might be fulfilled4137 in1722 us,2254 who walk4043 not3361 after2596 the flesh,4561 but235 after2596 the Spirit.4151

5  For1063 they that are5607 after2596 the flesh4561 do mind5426 the things3588 of the3588 flesh;4561 but1161 they3588 that are after2596 the Spirit4151 the things3588 of the3588 Spirit.4151

6  For1063 to be carnally4561 minded5427 is death;2288 but1161 to be spiritually4151 minded5427 is life2222 and2532 peace.1515

7  Because1360 the3588 carnal4561 mind5427 is enmity2189 against1519 God:2316 for1063 it is not subject5293 3756 to the3588 law3551 of God,2316 neither3761 indeed1063 can1410 be.

8  So1161 then they that are5607 in1722 the flesh4561 cannot1410 3756 please700 God.2316

9  But1161 ye5210 are2075 not3756 in1722 the flesh,4561 but235 in1722 the Spirit,4151 if so be that1512 the Spirit4151 of God2316 dwell3611 in1722 you.5213 Now1161 if any man1536 have2192 not3756 the Spirit4151 of Christ,5547 he3778 is2076 none3756 of his.848

10  And1161 if1487 Christ5547 be in1722 you,5213 the3588 body4983 is3303 dead3498 because1223 of sin;266 but1161 the3588 Spirit4151 is life2222 because1223 of righteousness.1343

11  But1161 if1487 the3588 Spirit4151 of him that raised up1453 Jesus2424 from1537 the dead3498 dwell3611 in1722 you,5213 he that raised up1453 Christ5547 from1537 the dead3498 shall also2532 quicken2227 your5216 mortal2349 bodies4983 by1223 his848 Spirit4151 that dwelleth1774 in1722 you.5213

12  Therefore,686 3767 brethren,80 we are2070 debtors,3781 not3756 to the3588 flesh,4561 to live2198 after2596 the3588 flesh.4561

13  For1063 if1487 ye live2198 after2596 the flesh,4561 ye shall3195 die:599 but1161 if1487 ye through the Spirit4151 do mortify2289 the3588 deeds4234 of the3588 body,4983 ye shall live.2198

14  For1063 as many as3745 are led71 by the Spirit4151 of God,2316 they3778 are1526 the sons5207 of God.2316

15  For1063 ye have not3756 received2983 the spirit4151 of bondage1397 again3825 to1519 fear;5401 but235 ye have received2983 the Spirit4151 of adoption,5206 whereby1722 3739 we cry,2896 Abba,5 Father.3962

16  The3588 Spirit4151 itself846 beareth witness with4828 our2257 spirit,4151 that3754 we are2070 the children5043 of God:2316

17  And1161 if1487 children,5043 then2532 heirs;2818 heirs2818 of3303 God,2316 and1161 joint-heirs4789 with Christ;5547 if so be that1512 we suffer with4841 him, that2443 we may be also2532 glorified together.4888

18  For1063 I reckon3049 that3754 the3588 sufferings3804 of this present3568 time2540 are not3756 worthy514 to be compared with4314 the3588 glory1391 which shall3195 be revealed601 in1519 us.2248

19  For1063 the3588 earnest expectation603 of the3588 creature2937 waiteth for553 the3588 manifestation602 of the3588 sons5207 of God.2316

20  For1063 the3588 creature2937 was made subject5293 to vanity,3153 not3756 willingly,1635 but235 by reason of1223 him who hath subjected5293 the same in1909 hope,1680

21  Because3754 the3588 creature2937 itself848 also2532 shall be delivered1659 from575 the3588 bondage1397 of corruption5356 into1519 the3588 glorious1391 liberty1657 of the3588 children5043 of God.2316

22  For1063 we know1492 that3754 the whole3956 creation2937 groaneth4959 and2532 travaileth in pain together4944 until891 now.3568

23  And1161 not3756 only3440 they, but235 ourselves848 also,2532 which have2192 the3588 firstfruits536 of the3588 Spirit,4151 even2532 we2249 ourselves848 groan4727 within1722 ourselves,1438 waiting for553 the adoption,5206 to wit, the3588 redemption629 of our2257 body.4983

24  For1063 we are saved4982 by hope:1680 but1161 hope1680 that is seen991 is2076 not3756 hope:1680 for1063 what3739 a man5100 seeth,991 why5101 doth he yet2532 hope for?1679

25  But1161 if1487 we hope for1679 that3739 we see991 not,3756 then do we with1223 patience5281 wait for553 it.

26  1161 Likewise5615 the3588 Spirit4151 also2532 helpeth4878 our2257 infirmities:769 for1063 we know1492 not3756 what5101 we should pray for4336 as2526 we ought:1163 but235 the3588 Spirit4151 itself848 maketh intercession5241 for5228 us2257 with groanings4726 which cannot be uttered.215

27  And1161 he that searcheth2045 the3588 hearts2588 knoweth1492 what5101 is the3588 mind5427 of the3588 Spirit,4151 because3754 he maketh intercession1793 for5228 the saints40 according2596 to the will of God.2316

28  And1161 we know1492 that3754 all things3956 work together4903 for1519 good18 to them that love25 God,2316 to them who are5607 the3588 called2822 according2596 to his purpose.4286

29  For3754 whom3739 he did foreknow,4267 he also2532 did predestinate4309 to be conformed to4832 the3588 image1504 of his848 Son,5207 that he846 might be1511 the firstborn4416 among1722 many4183 brethren.80

30  Moreover1161 whom3739 he did predestinate,4309 them5128 he also2532 called:2564 and2532 whom3739 he called,2564 them5128 he also2532 justified:1344 and1161 whom3739 he justified,1344 them5128 he also2532 glorified.1392

31  What5101 shall we then3767 say2046 to4314 these5023 things? If1487 God2316 be for5228 us,2257 who5101 can be against2596 us?2257

32  He that3739 1065 spared5339 not3756 his own2398 Son,5207 but235 delivered him up3860 846 for5228 us2257 all,3956 how4459 shall he not3780 with4862 him846 also2532 freely give5483 us2254 all things?3956

33  Who5101 shall lay any thing to the charge1458 2596 of God's2316 elect?1588 It is God2316 that justifieth.1344

34  Who5101 is he that condemneth?2632 It is Christ5547 that died,599 yea1161 rather,3123 that2532 is risen again,1453 who3739 is2076 even2532 at1722 the right hand1188 of God,2316 who3739 also2532 maketh intercession1793 for5228 us.2257

35  Who5101 shall separate5563 us2248 from575 the3588 love26 of Christ?5547 shall tribulation,2347 or2228 distress,4730 or2228 persecution,1375 or2228 famine,3042 or2228 nakedness,1132 or2228 peril,2794 or2228 sword?3162

36  As2531 it is written,1125 For thy sake1752 4675 we are killed2289 all3650 the3588 day2250 long; we are accounted3049 as5613 sheep4263 for the slaughter.4967

37  Nay,235 in1722 all3956 these things5125 we are more than conquerors5245 through1223 him that loved25 us.2248

38  For1063 I am persuaded,3982 that3754 neither3777 death,2288 nor3777 life,2222 nor3777 angels,32 nor3777 principalities,746 nor3777 powers,1411 nor3777 things present,1764 nor3777 things to come,3195

39  Nor3777 height,5313 nor3777 depth,899 nor3777 any5100 other2087 creature,2937 shall be able1410 to separate5563 us2248 from575 the3588 love26 of God,2316 which3588 is in1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 our2257 Lord.2962

Romans 9: 1-33

1  I say3004 the truth225 in1722 Christ,5547 I lie5574 not,3756 my3450 conscience4893 also bearing me witness4828 3427 in1722 the Holy40 Ghost,4151

2  That3754 I3427 have2076 great3173 heaviness3077 and2532 continual88 sorrow3601 in my3450 heart.2588

3  For1063 I1473 could wish2172 that myself848 were1511 accursed331 from575 Christ5547 for5228 my3450 brethren,80 my3450 kinsmen4773 according2596 to the flesh:4561

4  Who3748 are1526 Israelites;2475 to whom3739 pertaineth the3588 adoption,5206 and2532 the3588 glory,1391 and2532 the3588 covenants,1242 and2532 the3588 giving of the law,3548 and2532 the3588 service2999 of God, and2532 the3588 promises;1860

5  Whose3739 are the3588 fathers,3962 and2532 of1537 whom3739 as concerning2596 the flesh4561 Christ5547 came, who is5607 over1909 all,3956 God2316 blessed2128 forever.1519 165 Amen.281

1161 Not3756 as though3754 3634 the3588 word3056 of God2316 hath taken none effect.1601 For1063 they3778 are not3756 all3956 Israel,2474 which3588 are of1537 Israel:2474

7  Neither,3761 because3754 they are1526 the seed4690 of Abraham,11 are they all3956 children:5043 but,235 In1722 Isaac2464 shall thy4671 seed4690 be called.2564

8  That is,5123 They which are the3588 children5043 of the3588 flesh,4561 these5023 are not3756 the children5043 of God:2316 but235 the3588 children5043 of the3588 promise1860 are counted3049 for1519 the seed.4690

9  For1063 this3778 is the3588 word3056 of promise,1860 At2596 this5126 time2540 will I come,2064 and2532 Sarah4564 shall have2071 a son.5207

10  And1161 not3756 only3440 this; but235 when Rebecca4479 also2532 had2192 conceived2845 by1537 one,1520 even by our2257 father3962 Isaac;2464

11  (For1063 the children being not yet3380 born,1080 neither3366 having done4238 any5100 good18 or2228 evil,2556 that2443 the3588 purpose4286 of God2316 according2596 to election1589 might stand,3306 not3756 of1537 works,2041 but235 of1537 him that calleth;)2564

12  It was said4483 unto her,846 The35883187 shall serve1398 the3588 younger.1640

13  As2531 it is written,1125 Jacob2384 have I loved,25 but1161 Esau2269 have I hated.3404

14  What5101 shall we say2046 then?3767 Is there3361 unrighteousness93 with3844 God?2316 God forbid.1096 3361

15  For1063 he saith3004 to Moses,3475 I will have mercy1653 on whom3739 302 I will have mercy,1653 and2532 I will have compassion3627 on whom3739 302 I will have compassion.3627

16  So686 then3767 it is not3756 of him that willeth,2309 nor3761 of him that runneth,5143 but235 of God2316 that showeth mercy.1653

17  For1063 the3588 Scripture1124 saith3004 unto Pharaoh,5328 Even for1519 this same purpose5124 846 have I raised thee up,1825 4571 that3704 I might show1731 my3450 power1411 in1722 thee,4671 and2532 that3704 my3450 name3686 might be declared1229 throughout1722 all3956 the3588 earth.1093

18  Therefore686 3767 hath he mercy1653 on whom3739 he will2309 have mercy, and1161 whom3739 he will2309 he hardeneth.4645

19  Thou wilt say2046 then3767 unto me,3427 Why5101 doth he yet2089 find fault?3201 For1063 who5101 hath resisted436 his846 will?1013

20  Nay but,3304 O5599 man,444 who5101 art1488 thou4771 that repliest against470 God?2316 Shall3361 the3588 thing formed4110 say2046 to him that formed4111 it, Why5101 hast thou made4160 me3165 thus?3779

21  2228 Hath2192 not3756 the3588 potter2763 power1849 over the3588 clay,4081 of1537 the3588 same846 lump5445 to make4160 one3739 3303 vessel4632 unto1519 honor,5092 and1161 another3739 unto1519 dishonor?819

22  What1161 if1487 God,2316 willing2309 to show1731 his wrath,3709 and2532 to make his power known,1107 848 1415 endured5342 with1722 much4183 longsuffering3115 the vessels4632 of wrath3709 fitted2675 to1519 destruction:684

23  And2532 that2443 he might make known1107 the3588 riches4149 of his848 glory1391 on1909 the vessels4632 of mercy,1656 which3739 he had afore prepared4282 unto1519 glory,1391

24  Even2532 us,2248 whom3739 he hath called,2564 not3756 of1537 the Jews2453 only,3440 but235 also2532 of1537 the Gentiles?1484

25  As5613 he saith3004 also2532 in1722 Hosea,5617 I will call2564 them my3450 people,2992 which3588 were not3756 my3450 people;2992 and2532 her beloved,25 which was not beloved.25 3756

26  And2532 it shall come to pass,2071 that in1722 the3588 place5117 where3757 it was said4483 unto them,846 Ye5210 are not3756 my3450 people;2992 there1563 shall they be called2564 the children5207 of the living2198 God.2316

27  Isaiah2268 also1161 crieth2896 concerning5228 Israel,2474 Though1437 the3588 number706 of the3588 children5207 of Israel2474 be5600 as5613 the3588 sand285 of the3588 sea,2281 a remnant2640 shall be saved:4982

28  For1063 he will finish4931 the work,3056 and2532 cut it short4932 in1722 righteousness:1343 because3754 a short4932 work3056 will the Lord2962 make4160 upon1909 the3588 earth.1093

29  And2532 as2531 Isaiah2268 said before,4280 Except1508 the Lord2962 of Sabaoth4519 had left1459 us2254 a seed,4690 we had been1096 302 as5613 Sodom,4670 and2532 been made like3666 302 unto5613 Gomorrah.1116

30  What5101 shall we say2046 then?3767 That3754 the Gentiles,1484 which3588 followed1377 not3361 after righteousness,1343 have attained2638 to righteousness,1343 even1161 the righteousness1343 which3588 is of1537 faith.4102

31  But1161 Israel,2474 which followed1377 after the law3551 of righteousness,1343 hath not3756 attained5348 to1519 the law3551 of righteousness.1343

32  Wherefore?1302 Because3754 they sought it not3756 by1537 faith,4102 but235 as it were5613 by1537 the works2041 of the law.3551 For1063 they stumbled4350 at that stumblingstone;4348 3037

33  As2531 it is written,1125 Behold,2400 I lay5087 in1722 Zion4622 a stumblingstone4348 3037 and2532 rock4073 of offense:4625 and2532 whosoever3956 believeth4100 on1909 him846 shall not3756 be ashamed.2617

Romans 10: 1-21

1  Brethren,80 my1699 heart's2588 desire2107 3303 and2532 prayer1162 to4314 God2316 for5228 Israel2474 is,2076 that they might be saved.1519 4991

2  For1063 I bear them record3140 846 that3754 they have2192 a zeal2205 of God,2316 but235 not3756 according2596 to knowledge.1922

3  For1063 they being ignorant50 of God's2316 righteousness,1343 and2532 going about2212 to establish2476 their own2398 righteousness,1343 have not3756 submitted themselves5293 unto the3588 righteousness1343 of God.2316

4  For1063 Christ5547 is the end5056 of the law3551 for1519 righteousness1343 to every one3956 that believeth.4100

5  For1063 Moses3475 describeth1125 the3588 righteousness1343 which3588 is of1537 the3588 law,3551 That3754 the3588 man444 which doeth4160 those things846 shall live2198 by1722 them.846

6  But1161 the3588 righteousness1343 which is of1537 faith4102 speaketh3004 on this wise,3779 Say2036 not3361 in1722 thine4675 heart,2588 Who5101 shall ascend305 into1519 heaven?3772 (that is,5123 to bring Christ down2609 5547 from above:)

7  Or,2228 Who5101 shall descend2597 into1519 the3588 deep?12 (that is,5123 to bring up Christ again321 5547 from1537 the dead.)3498

8  But235 what5101 saith3004 it? The3588 word4487 is2076 nigh1451 thee,4675 even in1722 thy4675 mouth,4750 and2532 in1722 thy4675 heart:2588 that is,5123 the3588 word4487 of faith,4102 which3739 we preach;2784

9  That3754 if1437 thou shalt confess3670 with1722 thy4675 mouth4750 the Lord2962 Jesus,2424 and2532 shalt believe4100 in1722 thine4675 heart2588 that3754 God2316 hath raised1453 him846 from1537 the dead,3498 thou shalt be saved.4982

10  For1063 with the heart2588 man believeth4100 unto1519 righteousness;1343 and1161 with the mouth4750 confession is made3670 unto1519 salvation.4991

11  For1063 the3588 Scripture1124 saith,3004 Whosoever3956 believeth4100 on1909 him846 shall not3756 be ashamed.2617

12  For1063 there is2076 no3756 difference1293 between5037 the Jew2453 and2532 the Greek:1672 for1063 the3588 same846 Lord2962 over all3956 is rich4147 unto1519 all3956 that call upon1941 him.846

13  For1063 whosoever3956 3739 302 shall call upon1941 the3588 name3686 of the Lord2962 shall be saved.4982

14  How4459 then3767 shall they call on1941 him in1519 whom3739 they have not3756 believed?4100 and1161 how4459 shall they believe4100 in him of whom3739 they have not3756 heard?191 and1161 how4459 shall they hear191 without5565 a preacher?2784

15  And1161 how4459 shall they preach,2784 except3362 they be sent?649 as it2531 is written,1125 How5613 beautiful5611 are the3588 feet4228 of them that preach the gospel2097 of peace,1515 and bring glad tidings2097 of good things!18

16  But235 they have not3756 all3956 obeyed5219 the3588 gospel.2098 For1063 Isaiah2268 saith,3004 Lord,2962 who5101 hath believed4100 our2257 report?189

17  So then686 faith4102 cometh by1537 hearing,189 and1161 hearing189 by1223 the word4487 of God.2316

18  But235 I say,3004 Have they not3378 heard?191 Yes verily,3304 their848 sound5353 went1831 into1519 all3956 the3588 earth,1093 and2532 their848 words4487 unto1519 the3588 ends4009 of the3588 world.3625

19  But235 I say,3004 Did not3378 Israel2474 know?1097 First4413 Moses3475 saith,3004 I1473 will provoke you to jealousy3863 5209 by1909 them that are no3756 people,1484 and by1909 a foolish801 nation1484 I will anger3949 you.5209

20  But1161 Isaiah2268 is very bold,662 and2532 saith,3004 I was found2147 of them that sought2212 me1691 not;3361 I was made1096 manifest1717 unto them that asked not after1905 3361 me.1691

21  But1161 to4314 Israel2474 he saith,3004 All3650 day2250 long I have stretched forth1600 my3450 hands5495 unto4314 a disobedient544 and2532 gainsaying483 people.2992

Romans 11: 1-36

1  I say3004 then,3767 Hath3361 God2316 cast away683 his848 people?2992 God forbid.1096 3361 For1063 I1473 also2532 am1510 an Israelite,2475 of1537 the seed4690 of Abraham,11 of the tribe5443 of Benjamin.958

2  God2316 hath not3756 cast away683 his848 people2992 which3739 he foreknew.4267 2228 Wot1492 ye not3756 what5101 the3588 Scripture1124 saith3004 of1722 Elijah?2243 how5613 he maketh intercession1793 to God2316 against2596 Israel,2474 saying,3004

3  Lord,2962 they have killed615 thy4675 prophets,4396 and2532 digged down2679 thine4675 altars;2379 and I2504 am left5275 alone,3441 and2532 they seek2212 my3450 life.5590

4  But235 what5101 saith3004 the3588 answer of God5538 unto him?846 I have reserved2641 to myself1683 seven thousand2035 men,435 who3748 have not3756 bowed2578 the knee1119 to the image of Baal.896

5  Even so3779 then3767 at1722 this present3568 time2540 also2532 there is1096 a remnant3005 according2596 to the election1589 of grace.5485

6  And1161 if1487 by grace,5485 then is it no more3765 of1537 works:2041 otherwise1893 grace5485 is1096 no more3765 grace.5485 But1161 if1487 it be of1537 works,2041 then is2076 it no more3765 grace:5485 otherwise1893 work2041 is2076 no more3765 work.2041

7  What5101 then?3767 Israel2474 hath5127 not3756 obtained2013 that which3739 he seeketh for;1934 but1161 the3588 election1589 hath obtained2013 it, and1161 the3588 rest3062 were blinded.4456

8  (According as2531 it is written,1125 God2316 hath given1325 them846 the spirit4151 of slumber,2659 eyes3788 that they should not3361 see,991 and2532 ears3775 that they should not3361 hear;)191 unto2193 this4594 day.2250

9  And2532 David1138 saith,3004 Let their848 table5132 be made1096 a1519 snare,3803 and2532 a1519 trap,2339 and2532 a1519 stumblingblock,4625 and2532 a1519 recompense468 unto them:846

10  Let their848 eyes3788 be darkened,4654 that they may not3361 see,991 and2532 bow down4781 their848 back3577 always.1275

11  I say3004 then,3767 Have they3361 stumbled4417 that2443 they should fall?4098 God forbid:1096 3361 but235 rather through their848 fall3900 salvation4991 is come unto the3588 Gentiles,1484 for to provoke them to jealousy.3863 846

12  Now1161 if1487 the3588 fall3900 of them848 be the riches4149 of the world,2889 and2532 the3588 diminishing2275 of them848 the riches4149 of the Gentiles;1484 how much4214 more3123 their848 fullness?4138

13  For1063 I speak3004 to you5213 Gentiles,1484 inasmuch as1909 3745 3303 I1473 am1510 the apostle652 of the Gentiles,1484 I magnify1392 mine3450 office:1248

14  If by any means1513 I may provoke to emulation3863 them which are my3450 flesh,4561 and2532 might save4982 some5100 of1537 them.846

15  For1063 if1487 the3588 casting away580 of them846 be the reconciling2643 of the world,2889 what5101 shall the3588 receiving4356 of them be, but1508 life2222 from1537 the dead?3498

16  For1161 if1487 the3588 firstfruit536 be holy,40 the3588 lump5445 is also2532 holy: and2532 if1487 the3588 root4491 be holy,40 so2532 are the3588 branches.2798

17  And1161 if1487 some5100 of the3588 branches2798 be broken off,1575 and1161 thou,4771 being5607 a wild olive tree,65 wert grafted in1461 among1722 them,846 and2532 with them1096 partakest4791 of the3588 root4491 and2532 fatness4096 of the3588 olive tree;1636

18  Boast not against2620 3361 the3588 branches.2798 But1161 if1487 thou boast,2620 thou4771 bearest941 not3756 the3588 root,4491 but235 the3588 root4491 thee.4571

19  Thou wilt say2046 then,3767 The3588 branches2798 were broken off,1575 that2443 I1473 might be grafted in.1461

20  Well;2573 because of unbelief570 they were broken off,1575 and1161 thou4771 standest2476 by faith.4102 Be not highminded,5309 3361 but235 fear:5399

21  For1063 if1487 God2316 spared5339 not3756 the3588 natural2596 5449 branches,2798 take heed lest3381 he also spare5339 not3761 thee.4675

22  Behold1492 therefore3767 the goodness5544 and2532 severity663 of God:2316 on1909 3303 them which fell,4098 severity;663 but1161 toward1909 thee,4571 goodness,5544 if1437 thou continue in1961 his goodness:5544 otherwise1893 thou4771 also2532 shalt be cut off.1581

23  And1161 they1565 also,2532 if they abide not3362 1961 still in unbelief,570 shall be grafted in:1461 for1063 God2316 is2076 able1415 to graft them in1461 846 again.3825

24  For1063 if1487 thou4771 wert cut1581 out1537 of the3588 olive tree which is wild65 by2596 nature,5449 and2532 wert grafted1461 contrary3844 to nature5449 into1519 a good olive tree:2565 how much4214 more3123 shall these,3778 which3588 be the natural2596 5449 branches, be grafted into1461 their own2398 olive tree?1636

25  For1063 I would2309 not,3756 brethren,80 that ye5209 should be ignorant50 of this5124 mystery,3466 lest3363 ye should be5600 wise5429 in3844 your own conceits;1438 that3754 blindness4457 in575 part3313 is happened1096 to Israel,2474 until891 3757 the3588 fullness4138 of the3588 Gentiles1484 be come in.1525

26  And2532 so3779 all3956 Israel2474 shall be saved:4982 as2531 it is written,1125 There shall come2240 out of1537 Zion4622 the3588 Deliverer,4506 and2532 shall turn away654 ungodliness763 from575 Jacob:2384

27  For2532 this3778 is3844 my1700 covenant1242 unto them,846 when3752 I shall take away851 their848 sins.266

28  As concerning2596 3303 the3588 gospel,2098 they are enemies2190 for your sakes:1223 5209 but1161 as touching2596 the3588 election,1589 they are beloved27 for the fathers' sakes.1223 3588 3962

29  For1063 the3588 gifts5486 and2532 calling2821 of God2316 are without repentance.278

30  For1063 as5618 ye5210 in times past4218 have2532 not believed544 God,2316 yet1161 have now3568 obtained mercy1653 through their5130 unbelief:543

31  Even so3779 have these3778 also2532 now3568 not believed,544 that2443 through your5212 mercy1656 they846 also2532 may obtain mercy.1653

32  For1063 God2316 hath concluded4788 them all3956 in1519 unbelief,543 that2443 he might have mercy1653 upon all.3956

33  O5599 the depth899 of the riches4149 both2532 of the wisdom4678 and2532 knowledge1108 of God!2316 how5613 unsearchable419 are his848 judgments,2917 and2532 his848 ways3598 past finding out!421

34  For1063 who5101 hath known1097 the mind3563 of the Lord?2962 or2228 who5101 hath been1096 his848 counselor?4825

35  Or2228 who5101 hath first given4272 to him,846 and2532 it shall be recompensed467 unto him846 again?

36  For3754 of1537 him,846 and2532 through1223 him,846 and2532 to1519 him,846 are all things:3956 to whom846 be glory1391 forever.1519 165 Amen.281

Romans 12: 1-21

1  I beseech3870 you5209 therefore,3767 brethren,80 by1223 the3588 mercies3628 of God,2316 that ye present3936 your5216 bodies4983 a living2198 sacrifice,2378 holy,40 acceptable2101 unto God,2316 which is your5216 reasonable3050 service.2999

2  And2532 be not3361 conformed4964 to this5129 world:165 but235 be ye transformed3339 by the3588 renewing342 of your5216 mind,3563 that ye5209 may prove1381 what5101 is that good,18 and2532 acceptable,2101 and2532 perfect,5046 will2307 of God.2316

3  For1063 I say,3004 through1223 the3588 grace5485 given1325 unto me,3427 to every man3956 that is5607 among1722 you,5213 not3361 to think of himself more highly than5252 3844 3739 he ought1163 to think;5426 but235 to think5426 soberly,4993 according as5613 God2316 hath dealt3307 to every man1538 the measure3358 of faith.4102

4  For1063 as2509 we have2192 many4183 members3196 in1722 one1520 body,4983 and1161 all3956 members3196 have2192 not3756 the3588 same846 office:4234

5  So3779 we, being many,4183 are2070 one1520 body4983 in1722 Christ,5547 and1161 every2596 one1520 members3196 one of another.240

6  Having2192 then1161 gifts5486 differing1313 according2596 to the3588 grace5485 that is given1325 to us,2254 whether1535 prophecy,4394 let us prophesy according2596 to the3588 proportion356 of faith;4102

7  Or1535 ministry,1248 let us wait on1722 our ministering:1248 or1535 he that teacheth,1321 on1722 teaching;1319

8  Or1535 he that exhorteth,3870 on1722 exhortation:3874 he that giveth,3330 let him do it with1722 simplicity;572 he that ruleth,4291 with1722 diligence;4710 he that showeth mercy,1653 with1722 cheerfulness.2432

9  Let love26 be without dissimulation.505 Abhor655 that which is evil;4190 cleave2853 to that which is good.18

10  Be kindly affectioned5387 one to another240 1519 with brotherly love;5360 in honor5092 preferring4285 one another;240

11  Not3361 slothful3636 in business;4710 fervent2204 in spirit;4151 serving1398 the3588 Lord;2962

12  Rejoicing5463 in hope;1680 patient5278 in tribulation;2347 continuing instant4342 in prayer;4335

13  Distributing2841 to the3588 necessity5532 of saints;40 given to1377 hospitality.5381

14  Bless2127 them which persecute1377 you:5209 bless,2127 and2532 curse2672 not.3361

15  Rejoice5463 with3326 them that do rejoice,5463 and2532 weep2799 with3326 them that weep.2799

16  Be of the3588 same846 mind5426 one toward another.240 1519 Mind5426 not3361 high things,5308 but235 condescend4879 to men of low estate.5011 Be1096 not3361 wise5429 in3844 your own conceits.1438

17  Recompense591 to no man3367 evil2556 for473 evil.2556 Provide4306 things honest2570 in the sight1799 of all3956 men.444

18  If1487 it be possible,1415 as much as lieth in you,1537 5216 live peaceably1514 with3326 all3956 men.444

19  Dearly beloved,27 avenge1556 not3361 yourselves,1438 but235 rather give1325 place5117 unto wrath:3709 for1063 it is written,1125 Vengeance1557 is mine;1698 I1473 will repay,467 saith3004 the Lord.2962

20  Therefore3767 if1437 thine4675 enemy2190 hunger,3983 feed5595 him;846 if1437 he thirst,1372 give him drink:4222 846 for1063 in so5124 doing4160 thou shalt heap4987 coals440 of fire4442 on1909 his848 head.2776

21  Be not3361 overcome3528 of5259 evil,2556 but235 overcome3528 evil2556 with1722 good.18

Romans 13: 1-14

1  Let every3956 soul5590 be subject5293 unto the higher5242 powers.1849 For1063 there is2076 no3756 power1849 but1508 of575 God:2316 1161 the3588 powers1849 that be5607 are1526 ordained5021 of5259 God.2316

2  Whosoever therefore resisteth498 5620 the3588 power,1849 resisteth436 the3588 ordinance1296 of God:2316 and1161 they that resist436 shall receive2983 to themselves1438 damnation.2917

3  For1063 rulers758 are1526 not3756 a terror5401 to good18 works,2041 but235 to the3588 evil.2556 Wilt2309 thou then1161 not3361 be afraid5399 of the3588 power?1849 do4160 that which is good,18 and2532 thou shalt have2192 praise1868 of1537 the same:846

4  For1063 he is2076 the minister1249 of God2316 to thee4671 for1519 good.18 But1161 if1437 thou do4160 that which is evil,2556 be afraid;5399 for1063 he beareth5409 not3756 the3588 sword3162 in vain:1500 for1063 he is2076 the minister1249 of God,2316 a revenger1558 to1519 execute wrath3709 upon him that doeth4238 evil.2556

5  Wherefore1352 ye must needs318 be subject,5293 not3756 only3440 for1223 wrath,3709 but235 also2532 for conscience sake.1223 4893

6  For1063 for this cause1223 5124 pay5055 ye tribute5411 also:2532 for1063 they are1526 God's2316 ministers,3011 attending continually4342 upon1519 this very thing.5124 846

7  Render591 therefore3767 to all3956 their dues:3782 tribute5411 to whom3588 tribute5411 is due; custom5056 to whom3588 custom;5056 fear5401 to whom3588 fear;5401 honor5092 to whom3588 honor.5092

8  Owe3784 no man3367 any thing,3367 but1508 to love25 one another:240 for1063 he that loveth25 another2087 hath fulfilled4137 the law.3551

9  For1063 this,3588 Thou shalt not3756 commit adultery,3431 Thou shalt not3756 kill,5407 Thou shalt not3756 steal,2813 Thou shalt not3756 bear false witness,5576 Thou shalt not3756 covet;1937 and2532 if there be any1536 other2087 commandment,1785 it is briefly comprehended346 in1722 this5129 saying,3056 namely,1722 3588 Thou shalt love25 thy4675 neighbor4139 as5613 thyself.1438

10  Love26 worketh2038 no3756 ill2556 to his neighbor:4139 therefore3767 love26 is the fulfilling4138 of the law.3551

11  And2532 that,5124 knowing1492 the3588 time,2540 that3754 now2235 it is high time5610 to2248 awake1453 out of1537 sleep:5258 for1063 now3568 is our2257 salvation4991 nearer1452 than2228 when3753 we believed.4100

12  The3588 night3571 is far spent,4298 1161 the3588 day2250 is at hand:1448 let us therefore3767 cast off659 the3588 works2041 of darkness,4655 and2532 let us put on1746 the3588 armor3696 of light.5457

13  Let us walk4043 honestly,2156 as5613 in1722 the day;2250 not3361 in rioting2970 and2532 drunkenness,3178 not3361 in chambering2845 and2532 wantonness,766 not3361 in strife2054 and2532 envying.2205

14  But235 put ye on1746 the3588 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 and2532 make4160 not3361 provision4307 for the3588 flesh,4561 to fulfill the1519 lusts1939 thereof.

Romans 14: 1-23

1161 Him that is weak770 in the3588 faith4102 receive4355 ye, but not3361 to1519 doubtful1261 disputations.1253

2  For one3739 3303 believeth4100 that he may eat5315 all things:3956 1161 another,3588 who is weak,770 eateth2068 herbs.3001

3  Let not3361 him that eateth2068 despise1848 him that eateth not;2068 3361 and2532 let not3361 him which eateth not2068 3361 judge2919 him that eateth:2068 for1063 God2316 hath received4355 him.846

4  Who5101 art1488 thou4771 that judgest2919 another man's245 servant?3610 to his own2398 master2962 he standeth4739 or2228 falleth.4098 Yea,1161 he shall be holden up:2476 for1063 God2316 is2076 able1415 to make him stand.2476 846

5  One man3739 3303 esteemeth2919 one day above another:2250 3844 2250 1161 another3739 esteemeth2919 every3956 day2250 alike. Let every man1538 be fully persuaded4135 in1722 his own2398 mind.3563

6  He that regardeth5426 the3588 day,2250 regardeth5426 it unto the Lord;2962 and2532 he that regardeth not5426 3361 the3588 day,2250 to the Lord2962 he doth not3756 regard5426 it. He that eateth,2068 eateth2068 to the Lord,2962 for1063 he giveth God thanks;2168 2316 and2532 he that eateth not2068 3361 to the Lord2962 he eateth2068 not,3756 and2532 giveth God thanks.2168 2316

7  For1063 none3762 of us2257 liveth2198 to himself,1438 and2532 no man3762 dieth599 to himself.1438

8  For1063 whether1437 we5037 live,2198 we live2198 unto the3588 Lord;2962 and5037 whether1437 we die,599 we die599 unto the3588 Lord:2962 5037 whether1437 we live2198 therefore,3767 or5037 1437 die,599 we are2070 the3588 Lord's.2962

9  For1063 to1519 this end5124 Christ5547 both2532 died,599 and2532 rose,450 and2532 revived,326 that2443 he might be Lord2961 both2532 of the dead3498 and2532 living.2198

10  But1161 why5101 dost thou4771 judge2919 thy4675 brother?80 or2228 2532 why5101 dost thou4771 set at naught1848 thy4675 brother?80 for1063 we shall all3956 stand before3936 the3588 judgment seat968 of Christ.5547

11  For1063 it is written,1125 As I1473 live,2198 saith3004 the Lord,2962 3754 every3956 knee1119 shall bow2578 to me,1698 and2532 every3956 tongue1100 shall confess1843 to God.2316

12  So686 then3767 every one1538 of us2257 shall give1325 account3056 of4012 himself1438 to God.2316

13  Let us not therefore judge2919 3767 one another240 any more:3371 but235 judge2919 this5124 rather,3123 that no man3361 put5087 a stumblingblock4348 or2228 an occasion to fall4625 in his brother's80 way.

14  I know,1492 and2532 am persuaded3982 by1722 the Lord2962 Jesus,2424 that3754 there is nothing3762 unclean2839 of1223 itself:1438 but1508 to him that esteemeth3049 any thing5100 to be1511 unclean,2839 to him1565 it is unclean.2839

15  But1161 if1487 thy4675 brother80 be grieved3076 with1223 thy meat,1033 now walkest thou not3765 4043 charitably.2596 26 Destroy622 not3361 him1565 with thy4675 meat,1033 for5228 whom3739 Christ5547 died.599

16  Let not3361 then3767 your5216 good18 be evil spoken of:987

17  For1063 the3588 kingdom932 of God2316 is2076 not3756 meat1035 and2532 drink;4213 but235 righteousness,1343 and2532 peace,1515 and2532 joy5479 in1722 the Holy40 Ghost.4151

18  For1063 he that in1722 these things5125 serveth1398 Christ5547 is acceptable2101 to God,2316 and2532 approved1384 of men.444

19  686 Let us therefore follow after1377 3767 the things3588 which make for peace,1515 and2532 things3588 wherewith one may edify3619 1519 another.240

20  For1752 meat1033 destroy2647 not3361 the3588 work2041 of God.2316 All things3956 indeed3303 are pure;2513 but235 it is evil2556 for that man444 who eateth2068 with1223 offense.4348

21  It is good2570 neither3361 to eat5315 flesh,2907 nor3366 to drink4095 wine,3631 nor3366 any thing whereby1722 3739 thy4675 brother80 stumbleth,4350 or2228 is offended,4624 or2228 is made weak.770

22  Hast2192 thou4771 faith?4102 have2192 it to2596 thyself4572 before1799 God.2316 Happy3107 is he that condemneth2919 not3361 himself1438 in1722 that thing which3739 he alloweth.1381

23  And1161 he that doubteth1252 is damned2632 if1437 he eat,5315 because3754 he eateth not3756 of1537 faith:4102 for1161 whatsoever3956 3739 is not3756 of1537 faith4102 is2076 sin.266

Romans 15: 1-33

1  We2249 then1161 that are strong1415 ought3784 to bear941 the3588 infirmities771 of the3588 weak,102 and2532 not3361 to please700 ourselves.1438

2  Let1063 every one1538 of us2257 please700 his neighbor4139 for1519 his good18 to4314 edification.3619

3  For1063 even2532 Christ5547 pleased700 not3756 himself:1438 but,235 as2531 it is written,1125 The3588 reproaches3680 of them that reproached3679 thee4571 fell1968 on1909 me.1691

4  For1063 whatsoever things3745 were written aforetime4270 were written4270 for1519 our2251 learning,1319 that2443 we through1223 patience5281 and2532 comfort3874 of the3588 Scriptures1124 might have2192 hope.1680

5  Now1161 the3588 God2316 of patience5281 and2532 consolation3874 grant1325 you5213 to be likeminded5426 846 one toward another240 1722 according2596 to Christ5547 Jesus:2424

6  That2443 ye may with one mind3661 and1722 one1520 mouth4750 glorify1392 God,2316 even2532 the Father3962 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ.5547

7  Wherefore1352 receive4355 ye one another,240 as2531 Christ5547 also2532 received4355 us2248 to1519 the glory1391 of God.2316

8  Now1161 I say3004 that Jesus2424 Christ5547 was1096 a minister1249 of the circumcision4061 for5228 the truth225 of God,2316 to confirm950 the3588 promises1860 made unto the3588 fathers:3962

9  And1161 that the3588 Gentiles1484 might glorify1392 God2316 for5228 his mercy;1656 as2531 it is written,1125 For this cause1223 5124 I will confess1843 to thee4671 among1722 the Gentiles,1484 and2532 sing5567 unto thy4675 name.3686

10  And2532 again3825 he saith,3004 Rejoice,2165 ye Gentiles,1484 with3326 his848 people.2992

11  And2532 again,3825 Praise134 the3588 Lord,2962 all3956 ye Gentiles;1484 and2532 laud1867 him,846 all3956 ye people.2992

12  And2532 again,3825 Isaiah2268 saith,3004 There shall be2071 a root4491 of Jesse,2421 and2532 he that shall rise450 to reign over757 the Gentiles;1484 in1909 him846 shall the Gentiles1484 trust.1679

13  Now1161 the3588 God2316 of hope1680 fill4137 you5209 with all3956 joy5479 and2532 peace1515 in believing,4100 that ye5209 may abound4052 in1722 hope,1680 through1722 the power1411 of the Holy40 Ghost.4151

14  And1161 I1473 myself848 also2532 am persuaded3982 of4012 you,5216 my3450 brethren,80 that3754 ye848 also2532 are2075 full3324 of goodness,19 filled4137 with all3956 knowledge,1108 able1410 also2532 to admonish3560 one another.240

15  Nevertheless,1161 brethren,80 I have written1125 the more boldly5112 unto you5213 in some sort,575 3313 as5613 putting you in mind,1878 5209 because1223 of the3588 grace5485 that is given1325 to me3427 of5259 God,2316

16  That I should3165 be1511 the minister3011 of Jesus2424 Christ5547 to1519 the3588 Gentiles,1484 ministering2418 the3588 gospel2098 of God,2316 that2443 the3588 offering up4376 of the3588 Gentiles1484 might be1096 acceptable,2144 being sanctified37 by1722 the Holy40 Ghost.4151

17  I have2192 therefore3767 whereof I may glory2746 through1722 Jesus2424 Christ5547 in those things which pertain4314 to God.2316

18  For1063 I will not3756 dare5111 to speak2980 of any5100 of those things3739 which Christ5547 hath not3756 wrought2716 by1223 me,1700 to1519 make the Gentiles obedient,5218 1484 by word3056 and2532 deed,2041

19  Through1722 mighty1411 signs4592 and2532 wonders,5059 by1722 the power1411 of the Spirit4151 of God;2316 so that5620 from575 Jerusalem,2419 and2532 round about2945 unto3360 Illyricum,2437 I3165 have fully preached4137 the3588 gospel2098 of Christ.5547

20  Yea,1161 so3779 have I strived5389 to preach the gospel,2097 not3756 where3699 Christ5547 was named,3687 lest3363 I should build3618 upon1909 another man's245 foundation:2310

21  But235 as2531 it is written,1125 To whom3739 he was not3756 spoken312 of,4012 they846 shall see:3700 and2532 they3739 that have not3756 heard191 shall understand.4920

22  For which cause1352 also2532 I have been much4183 hindered1465 from coming2064 to4314 you.5209

23  But1161 now3570 having2192 no more3371 place5117 in1722 these5125 parts,2824 and1161 having2192 a great desire1974 these575 many4183 years2094 to come2064 unto4314 you;5209

24  Whensoever5613 1437 I take my journey4198 into1519 Spain,4681 I will come2064 to4314 you:5209 for1063 I trust1679 to see2300 you5209 in my journey,1279 and2532 to be brought on my way4311 thitherward1563 by5259 you,5216 if1437 first4412 I be somewhat575 3313 filled1705 with your5216 company.

25  But1161 now3570 I go4198 unto1519 Jerusalem2419 to minister unto1247 the3588 saints.40

26  For1063 it hath pleased2106 them of Macedonia3109 and2532 Achaia882 to make4160 a certain5100 contribution2842 for1519 the3588 poor4434 saints40 which3588 are at1722 Jerusalem.2419

27  It hath pleased2106 them verily;1063 and2532 their848 debtors3781 they are.1526 For1063 if1487 the3588 Gentiles1484 have been made partakers2841 of their848 spiritual things,4152 their duty3784 is also2532 to minister3008 unto them846 in carnal things.4559

28  When therefore3767 I have performed2005 this,5124 and2532 have sealed4972 to them846 this5126 fruit,2590 I will come565 by1223 you5216 into1519 Spain.4681

29  And1161 I am sure1492 that,3754 when I come2064 unto4314 you,5209 I shall come2064 in1722 the fullness4138 of the blessing2129 of the3588 gospel2098 of Christ.5547

30  Now1161 I beseech3870 you,5209 brethren,80 for the Lord Jesus Christ's sake,1223 2257 2962 2424 5547 and2532 for1223 the3588 love26 of the3588 Spirit,4151 that ye strive together with4865 me3427 in1722 your prayers4335 to4314 God2316 for5228 me;1700

31  That2443 I may be delivered4506 from575 them that do not believe544 in1722 Judea;2449 and2532 that2443 my3450 service1248 which3588 I have for1519 Jerusalem2419 may be1096 accepted2144 of the3588 saints;40

32  That2443 I may come2064 unto4314 you5209 with1722 joy5479 by1223 the will2307 of God,2316 and2532 may with you5213 be refreshed.4875

33  Now1161 the3588 God2316 of peace1515 be with3326 you5216 all.3956 Amen.281

Romans 16: 1-27

1161 I commend4921 unto you5213 Phebe5402 our2257 sister,79 which is5607 a servant1249 of the3588 church1577 which3588 is at1722 Cenchrea:2747

2  That2443 ye receive4327 her846 in1722 the Lord,2962 as becometh516 saints,40 and2532 that ye assist3936 her846 in1722 whatsoever3739 302 business4229 she hath need5535 of you:5216 for1063 she3778 hath2532 been1096 a succorer4368 of many,4183 and2532 of1700 myself848 also.

3  Greet782 Priscilla4252 and2532 Aquila207 my3450 helpers4904 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus:2424

4  Who3748 have for5228 my3450 life5590 laid down5294 their own1438 necks:5137 unto whom3739 not3756 only3441 I1473 give thanks,2168 but235 also2532 all3956 the3588 churches1577 of the3588 Gentiles.1484

5  Likewise2532 greet the3588 church1577 that is in2596 their848 house.3624 Salute782 my3450 well-beloved27 Epaenetus,1866 who3739 is2076 the firstfruits536 of Achaia882 unto1519 Christ.5547

6  Greet782 Mary,3137 who3748 bestowed much labor2872 4183 on1519 us.2248

7  Salute782 Andronicus408 and2532 Junia,2458 my3450 kinsmen,4773 and2532 my3450 fellow prisoners,4869 who3748 are1526 of note1978 among1722 the3588 apostles,652 who3739 also2532 were1096 in1722 Christ5547 before4253 me.1700

8  Greet782 Amplias291 my3450 beloved27 in1722 the Lord.2962

9  Salute782 Urbane,3773 our2257 helper4904 in1722 Christ,5547 and2532 Stachys4720 my3450 beloved.27

10  Salute782 Apelles559 approved1384 in1722 Christ.5547 Salute782 them3588 which are of1537 Aristobulus'711 household.

11  Salute782 Herodion2267 my3450 kinsman.4773 Greet782 them3588 that be of1537 the3588 household of Narcissus,3488 which are5607 in1722 the Lord.2962

12  Salute782 Tryphena5170 and2532 Tryphosa,5173 who3588 labor2872 in1722 the Lord.2962 Salute782 the3588 beloved27 Persis,4069 which3748 labored2872 much4183 in1722 the Lord.2962

13  Salute782 Rufus4504 chosen1588 in1722 the Lord,2962 and2532 his848 mother3384 and2532 mine.1700

14  Salute782 Asyncritus,799 Phlegon,5393 Hermas,2057 Patrobas,3969 Hermes,2060 and2532 the3588 brethren80 which are with4862 them.846

15  Salute782 Philologus,5378 and2532 Julia,2456 Nereus,3517 and2532 his848 sister,79 and2532 Olympas,3652 and2532 all3956 the3588 saints40 which are with4862 them.846

16  Salute782 one another240 with1722 a holy40 kiss.5370 The3588 churches1577 of Christ5547 salute782 you.5209

17  Now1161 I beseech3870 you,5209 brethren,80 mark4648 them which cause4160 divisions1370 and2532 offenses4625 contrary3844 to the3588 doctrine1322 which3739 ye5210 have learned;3129 and2532 avoid1578 575 them.846

18  For1063 they that are such5108 serve1398 not3756 our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 but235 their own1438 belly;2836 and2532 by1223 good words5542 and2532 fair speeches2129 deceive1818 the3588 hearts2588 of the3588 simple.172

19  For1063 your5216 obedience5218 is come abroad864 unto1519 all3956 men. I am glad5463 therefore3767 on your behalf:1909 5213 but1161 yet I would2309 have you5209 wise1511 4680 unto1519 that which is good,18 and1161 simple185 concerning1519 evil.2556

20  And1161 the3588 God2316 of peace1515 shall bruise4937 Satan4567 under5259 your2257 feet4228 shortly.1722 5034 The3588 grace5485 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ5547 be with3326 you.5216 Amen.281

21  Timothy5095 my3450 workfellow,4904 and2532 Lucius,3066 and2532 Jason,2394 and2532 Sosipater,4989 my3450 kinsmen,4773 salute782 you.5209

22  I1473 Tertius,5060 who wrote1125 this epistle,1992 salute782 you5209 in1722 the Lord.2962

23  Gaius1050 mine3450 host,3581 and2532 of the3588 whole3650 church,1577 saluteth782 you.5209 Erastus2037 the3588 chamberlain3623 of the3588 city4172 saluteth782 you,5209 and2532 Quartus2890 a brother.80

24  The3588 grace5485 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ5547 be with3326 you5216 all.3956 Amen.281

25  Now1161 to him that is of power1410 to establish4741 you5209 according2596 to my3450 gospel,2098 and2532 the3588 preaching2782 of Jesus2424 Christ,5547 according2596 to the revelation602 of the mystery,3466 which was kept secret4601 since the world began,5550 166

26  But1161 now3568 is made manifest,5319 and5037 by1223 the Scriptures1124 of the prophets,4397 according2596 to the commandment2003 of the3588 everlasting166 God,2316 made known1107 to1519 all3956 nations1484 for1519 the obedience5218 of faith:4102

27  To God2316 only3441 wise,4680 be glory1391 through1223 Jesus2424 Christ5547 forever.1519 165 Amen.281

À Christ seul soit la Gloire


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