King James Version 1611 - 1769





1 Corinthians 1: 1-31

1  Paul3972 called2822 to be an apostle652 of Jesus2424 Christ5547 through1223 the will2307 of God,2316 and2532 Sosthenes4988 our brother,80

2  Unto the3588 church1577 of God2316 which is5607 at1722 Corinth,2882 to them that are sanctified37 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus,2424 called2822 to be saints,40 with4862 all3956 that in1722 every3956 place5117 call upon1941 the3588 name3686 of Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Lord,2962 both5037 theirs848 and2532 ours:2257

3  Grace5485 be unto you,5213 and2532 peace,1515 from575 God2316 our2257 Father,3962 and2532 from the Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ.5547

4  I thank2168 my3450 God2316 always3842 on your behalf,4012 5216 for1909 the3588 grace5485 of God2316 which is given1325 you5213 by1722 Jesus2424 Christ;5547

5  That3754 in1722 every thing3956 ye are enriched4148 by1722 him,846 in1722 all3956 utterance,3056 and2532 in all3956 knowledge;1108

6  Even as2531 the3588 testimony3142 of Christ5547 was confirmed950 in1722 you:5213

7  So that5620 ye5209 3361 come behind5302 in1722 no3367 gift;5486 waiting for553 the3588 coming602 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ:5547

8  Who3739 shall also2532 confirm950 you5209 unto2193 the end,5056 that ye may be blameless410 in1722 the3588 day2250 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ.5547

9  God2316 is faithful,4103 by1223 whom3739 ye were called2564 unto1519 the fellowship2842 of his848 Son5207 Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Lord.2962

10  Now1161 I beseech3870 you,5209 brethren,80 by1223 the3588 name3686 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 that2443 ye all3956 speak3004 the3588 same thing,846 and2532 that there be5600 no3361 divisions4978 among1722 you;5213 but1161 that ye be5600 perfectly joined together2675 in1722 the3588 same846 mind3563 and2532 in1722 the3588 same846 judgment.1106

11  For1063 it hath been declared1213 unto me3427 of4012 you,5216 my3450 brethren,80 by5259 them3588 which are of the house of Chloe,5514 that3754 there are1526 contentions2054 among1722 you.5213

12  Now1161 this5124 I say,3004 that3754 every one1538 of you5216 saith,3004 I1473 3303 am1510 of Paul;3972 and1161 I1473 of Apollos;625 and1161 I1473 of Cephas;2786 and1161 I1473 of Christ.5547

13  Is Christ5547 divided?3307 was3361 Paul3972 crucified4717 for5228 you?5216 or2228 were ye baptized907 in1519 the3588 name3686 of Paul?3972

14  I thank2168 God2316 that3754 I baptized907 none3762 of you,5216 but1508 Crispus2921 and2532 Gaius;1050

15  Lest3363 any5100 should say2036 that3754 I had baptized907 in1519 mine own1699 name.3686

16  And1161 I baptized907 also2532 the3588 household3624 of Stephanas:4734 besides,3063 I know1492 not3756 whether I baptized any1536 907 other.243

17  For1063 Christ5547 sent649 me3165 not3756 to baptize,907 but235 to preach the gospel:2097 not3756 with1722 wisdom4678 of words,3056 lest3363 the3588 cross4716 of Christ5547 should be made of none effect.2758

18  For1063 the3588 preaching3056 of3588 the3588 cross4716 is2076 to them that perish622 3303 foolishness;3472 but1161 unto us2254 which3588 are saved4982 it is2076 the power1411 of God.2316

19  For1063 it is written,1125 I will destroy622 the3588 wisdom4678 of the3588 wise,4680 and2532 will bring to nothing114 the3588 understanding4907 of the3588 prudent.4908

20  Where4226 is the wise?4680 where4226 is the scribe?1122 where4226 is the disputer4804 of this5127 world?165 hath not3780 God2316 made foolish3471 the3588 wisdom4678 of this5127 world?2889

21  For1063 after that1894 in1722 the3588 wisdom4678 of God2316 the3588 world2889 by1223 wisdom4678 knew1097 not3756 God,2316 it pleased2106 God2316 by1223 the3588 foolishness3472 of preaching2782 to save4982 them that believe.4100

22  For1894 the2532 Jews2453 require154 a sign,4592 and2532 the Greeks1672 seek after2212 wisdom:4678

23  But1161 we2249 preach2784 Christ5547 crucified,4717 unto the Jews2453 a3303 stumblingblock,4625 and1161 unto the Greeks1672 foolishness;3472

24  But1161 unto them846 which are called,2822 both5037 Jews2453 and2532 Greeks,1672 Christ5547 the power1411 of God,2316 and2532 the wisdom4678 of God.2316

25  Because3754 the3588 foolishness3474 of God2316 is2076 wiser4680 than men;444 and2532 the3588 weakness772 of God2316 is2076 stronger2478 than men.444

26  For1063 ye see991 your5216 calling,2821 brethren,80 how that3754 not3756 many4183 wise men4680 after2596 the flesh,4561 not3756 many4183 mighty,1415 not3756 many4183 noble,2104 are called:

27  But235 God2316 hath chosen1586 the3588 foolish things3474 of the3588 world2889 to2443 confound2617 the3588 wise;4680 and2532 God2316 hath chosen1586 the3588 weak things772 of the3588 world2889 to2443 confound2617 the things which are mighty;2478

28  And2532 base things36 of the3588 world,2889 and2532 things which are despised,1848 hath God2316 chosen,1586 yea, and2532 things3588 which are5607 not,3361 to2443 bring to naught2673 things that are:5607

29  That3704 no3956 3361 flesh4561 should glory2744 in his presence.1799 846

30  But1161 of1537 him846 are2075 ye5210 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus,2424 who3739 of575 God2316 is made1096 unto us2254 wisdom,4678 and5037 righteousness,1343 and2532 sanctification,38 and2532 redemption:629

31  That,2443 according as2531 it is written,1125 He3588 that glorieth,2744 let him glory2744 in1722 the Lord.2962

1 Corinthians 2: 1-16

1  And I,2504 brethren,80 when I came2064 to4314 you,5209 came2064 not3756 with2596 excellency5247 of speech3056 or2228 of wisdom,4678 declaring2605 unto you5213 the3588 testimony3142 of God.2316

2  For1063 I determined2919 not3756 to know1492 any thing5100 among1722 you,5213 save1508 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 and2532 him5126 crucified.4717

3  And2532 I1473 was1096 with4314 you5209 in1722 weakness,769 and2532 in1722 fear,5401 and2532 in1722 much4183 trembling.5156

4  And2532 my3450 speech3056 and2532 my3450 preaching2782 was not3756 with1722 enticing3981 words3056 of man's442 wisdom,4678 but235 in1722 demonstration585 of the Spirit4151 and2532 of power:1411

5  That2443 your5216 faith4102 should not3361 stand5600 in1722 the wisdom4678 of men,444 but235 in1722 the power1411 of God.2316

6  Howbeit1161 we speak2980 wisdom4678 among1722 them that are perfect:5046 yet1161 not3756 the wisdom4678 of this5127 world,165 nor3761 of the3588 princes758 of this5127 world,165 that come to naught:2673

7  But235 we speak2980 the wisdom4678 of God2316 in1722 a mystery,3466 even the3588 hidden613 wisdom, which3739 God2316 ordained4309 before4253 the3588 world165 unto1519 our2257 glory:1391

8  Which3739 none3762 of the3588 princes758 of this5127 world165 knew:1097 for1063 had they1487 known1097 it, they would not3756 have302 crucified4717 the3588 Lord2962 of glory.1391

9  But235 as2531 it is written,1125 3739 Eye3788 hath not3756 seen,1492 nor3756 ear3775 heard,191 neither2532 3756 have entered305 into1909 the heart2588 of man,444 the things which3739 God2316 hath prepared2090 for them that love25 him.846

10  But1161 God2316 hath revealed601 them unto us2254 by1223 his848 Spirit:4151 for1063 the3588 Spirit4151 searcheth2045 all things,3956 yea,2532 the3588 deep things899 of God.2316

11  For1063 what5101 man444 knoweth1492 the things3588 of a man,444 save1508 the3588 spirit4151 of man444 which3588 is in1722 him?846 even2532 so3779 the things3588 of God2316 knoweth1492 no man,3762 but1508 the3588 Spirit4151 of God.2316

12  Now1161 we2249 have received,2983 not3756 the3588 spirit4151 of the3588 world,2889 but235 the3588 Spirit4151 which3588 is of1537 God;2316 that2443 we might know1492 the things3588 that are freely given5483 to us2254 of5259 God.2316

13  Which things3739 also2532 we speak,2980 not3756 in1722 the words3056 which man's442 wisdom4678 teacheth,1318 but235 which1722 the Holy40 Ghost4151 teacheth;1318 comparing4793 spiritual things4152 with spiritual.4152

14  But1161 the natural5591 man444 receiveth1209 not3756 the things3588 of the3588 Spirit4151 of God:2316 for1063 they are2076 foolishness3472 unto him:846 neither2532 3756 can1410 he know1097 them, because3754 they are spiritually4153 discerned.350

15  But1161 he that is spiritual4152 3303 judgeth350 all things,3956 yet1161 he846 himself is judged350 of5259 no man.3762

16  For1063 who5101 hath known1097 the mind3563 of the Lord,2962 that3739 he may instruct4822 him?846 But1161 we2249 have2192 the mind3563 of Christ.5547

1 Corinthians 3: 1-23

1  And2532 I,1473 brethren,80 could1410 not3756 speak2980 unto you5213 as5613 unto spiritual,4152 but235 as5613 unto carnal,4559 even as5613 unto babes3516 in1722 Christ.5547

2  I have fed4222 you5209 with milk,1051 and2532 not3756 with meat:1033 for1063 hitherto ye were not able3768 1410 to bear it,235 neither3777 yet2089 now3568 are ye able.1410

3  For1063 ye are2075 yet2089 carnal:4559 for1063 whereas3699 there is among1722 you5213 envying,2205 and2532 strife,2054 and2532 divisions,1370 are2075 ye not3780 carnal,4559 and2532 walk4043 as2596 men?444

4  For1063 while3752 one5100 saith,3004 I1473 3303 am1510 of Paul;3972 and1161 another,2087 I1473 am of Apollos;625 are2075 ye not3780 carnal?4559

5  Who5101 then3767 is2076 Paul,3972 and1161 who5101 is Apollos,625 but235 2228 ministers1249 by1223 whom3739 ye believed,4100 even2532 as5613 the3588 Lord2962 gave1325 to every man?1538

6  I1473 have planted,5452 Apollos625 watered;4222 but235 God2316 gave the increase.837

7  So then5620 neither3777 is2076 he that planteth5452 any thing,5100 neither3777 he that watereth;4222 but235 God2316 that giveth the increase.837

8  Now1161 he that planteth5452 and2532 he that watereth4222 are1526 one:1520 and1161 every man1538 shall receive2983 his own2398 reward3408 according2596 to his own2398 labor.2873

9  For1063 we are2070 laborers together with4904 God:2316 ye are2075 God's2316 husbandry,1091 ye are God's2316 building.3619

10  According2596 to the3588 grace5485 of God2316 which is given1325 unto me,3427 as5613 a wise4680 masterbuilder,753 I have laid5087 the foundation,2310 and1161 another243 buildeth thereon.2026 But1161 let every man1538 take heed991 how4459 he buildeth thereupon.2026

11  For1063 other243 foundation2310 can1410 no man3762 lay5087 than3844 that is laid,2749 which3739 is2076 Jesus2424 Christ.5547

12  Now1161 if any man1536 build2026 upon1909 this5126 foundation2310 gold,5557 silver,696 precious5093 stones,3037 wood,3586 hay,5528 stubble;2562

13  Every man's1538 work2041 shall be made1096 manifest:5318 for1063 the3588 day2250 shall declare1213 it, because3754 it shall be revealed601 by1722 fire;4442 and2532 the3588 fire4442 shall try1381 every man's1538 work2041 of what sort3697 it is.2076

14  If any man's1536 work2041 abide3306 which3739 he hath built thereupon,2026 he shall receive2983 a reward.3408

15  If any man's1536 work2041 shall be burned,2618 he shall suffer loss:2210 but1161 he848 himself shall be saved;4982 yet1161 so3779 as5613 by1223 fire.4442

16  Know1492 ye not3756 that3754 ye are2075 the temple3485 of God,2316 and2532 that the3588 Spirit4151 of God2316 dwelleth3611 in1722 you?5213

17  If any man1536 defile5351 the3588 temple3485 of God,2316 him5126 shall God2316 destroy;5351 for1063 the3588 temple3485 of God2316 is2076 holy,40 which3748 temple ye5210 are.2075

18  Let no man3367 deceive1818 himself.1438 If any man1536 among1722 you5213 seemeth1380 to be1511 wise4680 in1722 this5129 world,165 let him become1096 a fool,3474 that2443 he may be1096 wise.4680

19  For1063 the3588 wisdom4678 of this5127 world2889 is2076 foolishness3472 with3844 God.2316 For1063 it is written,1125 He taketh1405 the3588 wise4680 in1722 their own848 craftiness.3834

20  And2532 again,3825 The Lord2962 knoweth1097 the3588 thoughts1261 of the3588 wise,4680 that3754 they are1526 vain.3152

21  Therefore5620 let no man3367 glory2744 in1722 men.444 For1063 all things3956 are2076 yours;5216

22  Whether1535 Paul,3972 or1535 Apollos,625 or1535 Cephas,2786 or1535 the world,2889 or1535 life,2222 or1535 death,2288 or1535 things present,1764 or1535 things to come;3195 all3956 are2076 yours;5216

23  And1161 ye5210 are Christ's;5547 and1161 Christ5547 is God's.2316

1 Corinthians 4: 1-21

1  Let a man444 so3779 account3049 of us,2248 as5613 of the ministers5257 of Christ,5547 and2532 stewards3623 of the mysteries3466 of God.2316

1161 Moreover3063 3739 it is required2212 in1722 stewards,3623 that2443 a man5100 be found2147 faithful.4103

3  But1161 with me1698 it is2076 a1519 very small thing1646 that2443 I should be judged350 of5259 you,5216 or2228 of5259 man's442 judgment:2250 yea,235 I judge350 not3761 mine own self.1683

4  For1063 I know4894 nothing3762 by myself;1683 yet235 am I not3756 hereby1722 5129 justified:1344 but1161 he that judgeth350 me3165 is2076 the Lord.2962

5  Therefore5620 judge2919 nothing5100 3361 before4253 the time,2540 until2193 302 the3588 Lord2962 come,2064 who3739 both2532 will bring to light5461 the3588 hidden things2927 of darkness,4655 and2532 will make manifest5319 the3588 counsels1012 of the3588 hearts:2588 and2532 then5119 shall every man1538 have1096 praise1868 of575 God.2316

6  And1161 these things,5023 brethren,80 I have in a figure transferred3345 to1519 myself1683 and2532 to Apollos625 for your sakes;1223 5209 that2443 ye might learn3129 in1722 us2254 not3361 to think5426 of men above5228 that which3739 is written,1125 that2443 no3361 one1520 of you be puffed up5448 for5228 one1520 against2596 another.2087

7  For1063 who5101 maketh thee to differ1252 4571 from another? and1161 what5101 hast2192 thou that3739 thou didst not3756 receive?2983 now1161 if1487 thou didst2532 receive2983 it, why5101 dost thou glory,2744 as5613 if1487 thou hadst not3361 received2983 it?

8  Now2235 ye are2075 full,2880 now2235 ye are rich,4147 ye have reigned as kings936 without5565 us:2257 and2532 I would to God3785 1065 ye did reign,936 that2443 we2249 also2532 might reign with4821 you.5213

9  For1063 I think1380 that3754 God2316 hath set forth584 us2248 the3588 apostles652 last,2078 as it were5613 appointed to death:1935 for3754 we are made1096 a spectacle2302 unto the3588 world,2889 and2532 to angels,32 and2532 to men.444

10  We2249 are fools3474 for Christ's sake,1223 5547 but1161 ye5210 are wise5429 in1722 Christ;5547 we2249 are weak,772 but1161 ye5210 are strong;2478 ye5210 are honorable,1741 but1161 we2249 are despised.820

11  Even unto891 this present737 hour5610 we both2532 hunger,3983 and2532 thirst,1372 and2532 are naked,1130 and2532 are buffeted,2852 and2532 have no certain dwelling place;790

12  And2532 labor,2872 working2038 with our own2398 hands:5495 being reviled,3058 we bless;2127 being persecuted,1377 we suffer430 it:

13  Being defamed,987 we entreat:3870 we are made1096 as5613 the filth4027 of the3588 world,2889 and are the offscouring4067 of all things3956 unto2193 this day.737

14  I write1125 not3756 these things5023 to shame1788 you,5209 but235 as5613 my3450 beloved27 sons5043 I warn3560 you.

15  For1063 though1437 ye have2192 ten thousand3463 instructors3807 in1722 Christ,5547 yet235 have ye not3756 many4183 fathers:3962 for1063 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 I1473 have begotten1080 you5209 through1223 the3588 gospel.2098

16  Wherefore3767 I beseech3870 you,5209 be1096 ye followers3402 of me.3450

17  For this cause1223 5124 have I sent3992 unto you5213 Timothy,5095 who3739 is2076 my3450 beloved27 son,5043 and2532 faithful4103 in1722 the Lord,2962 who3739 shall bring you into remembrance363 5209 of my3450 ways3598 which3588 be in1722 Christ,5547 as2531 I teach1321 every where3837 in1722 every3956 church.1577

18  Now1161 some5100 are puffed up,5448 as though5613 I3450 would not3361 come2064 to4314 you.5209

19  But1161 I will come2064 to4314 you5209 shortly,5030 if1437 the3588 Lord2962 will,2309 and2532 will know,1097 not3756 the3588 speech3056 of them which are puffed up,5448 but235 the3588 power.1411

20  For1063 the3588 kingdom932 of God2316 is not3756 in1722 word,3056 but235 in1722 power.1411

21  What5101 will2309 ye? shall I come2064 unto4314 you5209 with1722 a rod,4464 or2228 in1722 love,26 and5037 in the spirit4151 of meekness?4236

1 Corinthians 5: 1-13

1  It is reported191 commonly3654 that there is fornication4202 among1722 you,5213 and2532 such5108 fornication4202 as3748 is not so much as3761 named3687 among1722 the3588 Gentiles,1484 that5620 one5100 should have2192 his father's3962 wife.1135

2  And2532 ye5210 are2075 puffed up,5448 and2532 have not3780 rather3123 mourned,3996 that2443 he that hath done4160 this5124 deed2041 might be taken away1808 from1537 among3319 you.5216

3  For1063 I1473 verily,3303 as5613 absent548 in body,4983 but1161 present3918 in spirit,4151 have judged2919 already,2235 as though5613 I were present,3918 concerning him that hath so done2716 3779 this deed.5124

4  In1722 the3588 name3686 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 when ye5216 are gathered together,4863 and2532 my1699 spirit,4151 with4862 the3588 power1411 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547

5  To deliver3860 such a one5108 unto Satan4567 for1519 the destruction3639 of the3588 flesh,4561 that2443 the3588 spirit4151 may be saved4982 in1722 the3588 day2250 of the3588 Lord2962 Jesus.2424

6  Your5216 glorying2745 is not3756 good.2570 Know1492 ye not3756 that3754 a little3398 leaven2219 leaveneth2220 the3588 whole3650 lump?5445

7  Purge out1571 therefore3767 the3588 old3820 leaven,2219 that2443 ye may be5600 a new3501 lump,5445 as2531 ye are2075 unleavened.106 For1063 even2532 Christ5547 our2257 passover3957 is sacrificed2380 for5228 us:2257

8  Therefore5620 let us keep the feast,1858 not3361 with1722 old3820 leaven,2219 neither3366 with1722 the leaven2219 of malice2549 and2532 wickedness;4189 but235 with1722 the unleavened106 bread of sincerity1505 and2532 truth.225

9  I wrote1125 unto you5213 in1722 an epistle1992 not3361 to company with4874 fornicators:4205

10  Yet2532 not3756 altogether3843 the3588 fornicators4205 of this5127 world,2889 or2228 with the3588 covetous,4123 or2228 extortioners,727 or2228 with idolaters;1496 for1893 then686 must ye needs3784 go1831 out of1537 the3588 world.2889

11  But1161 now3570 I have written1125 unto you5213 not3361 to keep company,4874 if1437 any man5100 that is called3687 a brother80 be a fornicator,4205 or2228 covetous,4123 or2228 an idolater,1496 or2228 a railer,3060 or2228 a drunkard,3183 or2228 an extortioner;727 with such a one5108 no not3366 to eat.4906

12  For1063 what have I to do5101 3427 to judge2919 them also that are without?1854 2532 do not3780 ye5210 judge2919 them that are within?2080

13  But1161 them that are without1854 God2316 judgeth.2919 Therefore2532 put away1808 from1537 among yourselves5216 848 that wicked person.4190

1 Corinthians 6: 1-20

1  Dare5111 any5100 of you,5216 having2192 a matter4229 against4314 another,2087 go to law2919 before1909 the3588 unjust,94 and2532 not3780 before1909 the3588 saints?40

2  Do ye not3756 know1492 that3754 the3588 saints40 shall judge2919 the3588 world?2889 and2532 if1487 the3588 world2889 shall be judged2919 by1722 you,5213 are2075 ye unworthy370 to judge the smallest matters?2922 1646

3  Know1492 ye not3756 that3754 we shall judge2919 angels?32 how much more3386 things that pertain to this life?982

4  If1437 then3767 ye3303 have2192 judgments2922 of things pertaining to this life,982 set2523 them5128 to judge who are least esteemed1848 in1722 the3588 church.1577

5  I speak3004 to4314 your5213 shame.1791 Is it so,3779 that there is2076 not3756 a wise man4680 among1722 you?5213 no, not3761 one1520 that3739 shall be able1410 to judge1252 between303 3319 his848 brethren?80

6  But235 brother80 goeth to law2919 with3326 brother,80 and2532 that5124 before1909 the unbelievers.571

7  Now2235 therefore there3767 3303 is2076 utterly3654 a fault2275 among1722 you,5213 because3754 ye go to law2192 2917 one with another.3326 1438 Why1302 do ye not3780 rather3123 take wrong?91 why1302 do ye not3780 rather3123 suffer yourselves to be defrauded?650

8  Nay,235 ye5210 do wrong,91 and2532 defraud,650 and2532 that5023 your brethren.80

2228 Know1492 ye not3756 that3754 the unrighteous94 shall not3756 inherit2816 the kingdom932 of God?2316 Be not3361 deceived:4105 neither3777 fornicators,4205 nor3777 idolaters,1496 nor3777 adulterers,3432 nor3777 effeminate,3120 nor3777 abusers of themselves with mankind,733

10  Nor3777 thieves,2812 nor3777 covetous,4123 nor3777 drunkards,3183 nor3756 revilers,3060 nor3756 extortioners,727 shall3756 inherit2816 the kingdom932 of God.2316

11  And2532 such5023 were2258 some5100 of you: but235 ye are washed,628 but235 ye are sanctified,37 but235 ye are justified1344 in1722 the3588 name3686 of the3588 Lord2962 Jesus,2424 and2532 by1722 the3588 Spirit4151 of our2257 God.2316

12  All things3956 are lawful1832 unto me,3427 but235 all things3956 are not expedient:4851 3756 all things3956 are lawful1832 for me,3427 but235 I1473 will not3756 be brought under the power1850 of5259 any.5100

13  Meats1033 for the3588 belly,2836 and2532 the3588 belly2836 for meats:1033 but1161 God2316 shall destroy2673 both2532 it5026 and2532 them.5023 Now1161 the3588 body4983 is not3756 for fornication,4202 but235 for the3588 Lord;2962 and2532 the3588 Lord2962 for the3588 body.4983

14  And1161 God2316 hath both2532 raised up1453 the3588 Lord,2962 and2532 will also raise up1825 us2248 by1223 his own848 power.1411

15  Know1492 ye not3756 that3754 your5216 bodies4983 are2076 the members3196 of Christ?5547 shall I then3767 take142 the3588 members3196 of Christ,5547 and make4160 them the members3196 of a harlot?4204 God forbid.1096 3361

16  What?2228 know1492 ye not3756 that3754 he which is joined2853 to a harlot4204 is2076 one1520 body?4983 for1063 two,1417 saith5346 he, shall be2071 one3391 flesh.4561

17  But1161 he that is joined2853 unto the3588 Lord2962 is2076 one1520 spirit.4151

18  Flee5343 fornication.4202 Every3956 sin265 that3739 a man444 doeth4160 1437 is2076 without1622 the3588 body;4983 but1161 he that committeth fornication4203 sinneth264 against1519 his own2398 body.4983

19  What?2228 know1492 ye not3756 that3754 your5216 body4983 is2076 the temple3485 of the3588 Holy40 Ghost4151 which is in1722 you,5213 which3739 ye have2192 of575 God,2316 and2532 ye are2075 not3756 your own?1438

20  For1063 ye are bought59 with a price:5092 therefore1211 glorify1392 God2316 in1722 your5216 body,4983 and2532 in1722 your5216 spirit,4151 which3748 are2076 God's.2316

1 Corinthians 7: 1-40

1  Now1161 concerning4012 the things whereof3739 ye wrote1125 unto me:3427 It is good2570 for a man444 not3361 to touch680 a woman.1135

2  Nevertheless,1161 to avoid1223 fornication,4202 let every man1538 have2192 his own1438 wife,1135 and2532 let every woman1538 have2192 her own2398 husband.435

3  Let the3588 husband435 render591 unto the3588 wife1135 due3784 benevolence:2133 and1161 likewise3668 also2532 the3588 wife1135 unto the3588 husband.435

4  The3588 wife1135 hath not power1850 3756 of her own2398 body,4983 but235 the3588 husband:435 and1161 likewise3668 also2532 the3588 husband435 hath not power1850 3756 of his own2398 body,4983 but235 the3588 wife.1135

5  Defraud650 ye not3361 one the other,240 except1509 302 it be with1537 consent4859 for4314 a time,2540 that2443 ye may give yourselves4980 to fasting3521 and2532 prayer;4335 and2532 come together4905 again,3825 that2443 Satan4567 tempt3985 you5209 not3361 for1223 your5216 incontinency.192

6  But1161 I speak3004 this5124 by2596 permission,4774 and not3756 of2596 commandment.2003

7  For1063 I would2309 that all3956 men444 were1511 even as5613 2532 I myself.1683 But235 every man1538 hath2192 his proper2398 gift5486 of1537 God,2316 one3739 3303 after this manner,3779 and1161 another3739 after that.3779

8  I say3004 therefore1161 to the3588 unmarried22 and2532 widows,5503 It is2076 good2570 for them846 if1437 they abide3306 even as I.2504 5613

9  But1161 if1487 they cannot contain,1467 3756 let them marry:1060 for1063 it is2076 better2909 to marry1060 than2228 to burn.4448

10  And1161 unto the3588 married1060 I command,3853 yet not3756 I,1473 but235 the3588 Lord,2962 Let not3361 the wife1135 depart5563 from575 her husband:435

11  But1161 and2532 if1437 she depart,5563 let her remain3306 unmarried,22 or2228 be reconciled2644 to her husband:435 and2532 let not3361 the husband435 put away863 his wife.1135

12  But1161 to the3588 rest3062 speak3004 I,1473 not3756 the3588 Lord:2962 If any1536 brother80 hath2192 a wife1135 that believeth not,571 and2532 she846 be pleased4909 to dwell3611 with3326 him,846 let him not3361 put her away.863 846

13  And2532 the woman1135 which3748 hath2192 a husband435 that believeth not,571 and2532 if he846 be pleased4909 to dwell3611 with3326 her,846 let her not3361 leave863 him.846

14  For1063 the3588 unbelieving571 husband435 is sanctified37 by1722 the3588 wife,1135 and2532 the3588 unbelieving571 wife1135 is sanctified37 by1722 the3588 husband:435 else1893 686 were2076 your5216 children5043 unclean;169 but1161 now3568 are2076 they holy.40

15  But1161 if1487 the3588 unbelieving571 depart,5563 let him depart.5563 A brother80 or2228 a sister79 is not3756 under bondage1402 in1722 such5108 cases: but1161 God2316 hath called2564 us2248 to1722 peace.1515

16  For1063 what5101 knowest1492 thou, O wife,1135 whether1487 thou shalt save4982 thy husband?435 or2228 how5101 knowest1492 thou, O man,435 whether1487 thou shalt save4982 thy wife?1135

17  But1508 as5613 God2316 hath distributed3307 to every man,1538 as5613 the3588 Lord2962 hath called2564 every one,1538 so3779 let him walk.4043 And2532 so3779 ordain1299 I in1722 all3956 churches.1577

18  Is any man5100 called2564 being circumcised?4059 let him not3361 become uncircumcised.1986 Is any5100 called2564 in1722 uncircumcision?203 let him not3361 be circumcised.4059

19  Circumcision4061 is2076 nothing,3762 and2532 uncircumcision203 is2076 nothing,3762 but235 the keeping5084 of the commandments1785 of God.2316

20  Let every man1538 1722 5026 abide3306 in1722 the same3588 calling2821 wherein3739 he was called.2564

21  Art thou called2564 being a servant?1401 care3199 not3361 for4671 it: but235 if1487 thou mayest1410 be made1096 free,1658 use5530 it rather.3123

22  For1063 he that is called2564 in1722 the Lord,2962 being a servant,1401 is2076 the Lord's2962 freeman:558 likewise3668 also2532 he that is called,2564 being free,1658 is2076 Christ's5547 servant.1401

23  Ye are bought59 with a price;5092 be1096 not3361 ye the servants1401 of men.444

24  Brethren,80 let every man,1538 wherein1722 3739 he is called,2564 therein1722 5129 abide3306 with3844 God.2316

25  Now1161 concerning4012 virgins3933 I have2192 no3756 commandment2003 of the Lord:2962 yet1161 I give1325 my judgment,1106 as5613 one that hath obtained mercy1653 of5259 the Lord2962 to be1511 faithful.4103

26  I suppose3543 therefore3767 that this5124 is5225 good2570 for1223 the3588 present1764 distress,318 I say, that3754 it is good2570 for a man444 so3779 to be.1511

27  Art thou bound1210 unto a wife?1135 seek2212 not3361 to be loosed.3080 Art thou loosed3089 from575 a wife?1135 seek2212 not3361 a wife.1135

28  But1161 and2532 if1437 thou marry,1060 thou hast not3756 sinned;264 and2532 if1437 a virgin3933 marry,1060 she hath not3756 sinned.264 Nevertheless1161 such5108 shall have2192 trouble2347 in the3588 flesh:4561 but1161 I1473 spare5339 you.5216

29  But1161 this5124 I say,5346 brethren,80 the3588 time2540 is short:4958 it remaineth,2076 3063 that2443 both2532 they that have2192 wives1135 be5600 as though5613 they had2192 none;3361

30  And2532 they that weep,2799 as though5613 they wept2799 not;3361 and2532 they that rejoice,5463 as though5613 they rejoiced5463 not;3361 and2532 they that buy,59 as though5613 they possessed2722 not;3361

31  And2532 they that use5530 this5129 world,2889 as5613 not3361 abusing2710 it: for1063 the3588 fashion4976 of this5127 world2889 passeth away.3855

32  But1161 I would2309 have1511 you5209 without carefulness.275 He that is unmarried22 careth for3309 the things3588 that belong to the3588 Lord,2962 how4459 he may please700 the3588 Lord:2962

33  But1161 he that is married1060 careth for3309 the things3588 that are of the3588 world,2889 how4459 he may please700 his wife.1135

34  There is difference also between3307 a wife1135 and2532 a virgin.3933 The3588 unmarried woman22 careth for3309 the things3588 of the3588 Lord,2962 that2443 she may be5600 holy40 both2532 in body4983 and2532 in spirit:4151 but1161 she that is married1060 careth for3309 the things3588 of the3588 world,2889 how4459 she may please700 her husband.435

35  And1161 this5124 I speak3004 for4314 your own5216 846 profit;4851 not3756 that2443 I may cast1911 a snare1029 upon you,5213 but235 for4314 that which is comely,2158 and2532 that ye may attend upon2145 the3588 Lord2962 without distraction.563

36  But1161 if1487 any man5100 think3543 that he behaveth himself uncomely807 toward1909 his848 virgin,3933 if1437 she pass the flower of her age,5600 5230 and2532 need3784 so3779 require,1096 let him do4160 what3739 he will,2309 he sinneth264 not:3756 let them marry.1060

37  Nevertheless1161 he3739 that standeth2476 steadfast1476 in1722 his heart,2588 having2192 no3361 necessity,318 but1161 hath2192 power1849 over4012 his own2398 will,2307 and2532 hath so5124 decreed2919 in1722 his848 heart2588 that he will keep5083 his1438 virgin,3933 doeth4160 well.2573

38  So then5620 2532 he that giveth her in marriage1547 doeth4160 well;2573 but1161 he that giveth her not in marriage1547 3361 doeth4160 better.2908

39  The wife1135 is bound1210 by the law3551 as long as1909 3745 5550 her848 husband435 liveth;2198 but1161 if1437 her848 husband435 be dead,2837 she is2076 at liberty1658 to be married1060 to whom3739 she will;2309 only3440 in1722 the Lord.2962

40  But1161 she is2076 happier3107 if1437 she so3779 abide,3306 after2596 my1699 judgment:1106 and1161 I think1380 also that I2504 have2192 the Spirit4151 of God.2316

1 Corinthians 8: 1-13

1  Now1161 as touching4012 things offered unto idols,1494 we know1492 that3754 we all3956 have2192 knowledge.1108 Knowledge1108 puffeth up,5448 but1161 charity26 edifieth.3618

2  And1161 if1487 any man5100 think1380 that he knoweth1492 any thing,5100 he knoweth1097 nothing3762 yet3764 as2531 he ought1163 to know.1097

3  But1161 if1487 any man5100 love25 God,2316 the same3778 is known1097 of5259 him.846

4  As concerning4012 therefore3767 the3588 eating1035 of those things that are offered in sacrifice unto idols,1494 we know1492 that3754 an idol1497 is nothing3762 in1722 the world,2889 and2532 that3754 there is none3762 other2087 God2316 but1508 one.1520

5  For1063 though2532 1512 there be1526 that are called3004 gods,2316 whether1535 in1722 heaven3772 or1535 in1909 earth,1093 (as5618 there be1526 gods2316 many,4183 and2532 lords2962 many,)4183

6  But235 to us2254 there is but one1520 God,2316 the3588 Father,3962 of1537 whom3739 are all things,3956 and2532 we2249 in1519 him;846 and2532 one1520 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 by1223 whom3739 are all things,3956 and2532 we2249 by1223 him.846

7  Howbeit235 there is not3756 in1722 every man3956 that knowledge:1108 for1161 some5100 with conscience4893 of the3588 idol1497 unto2193 this hour737 eat2068 it as5613 a thing offered unto an idol;1494 and2532 their848 conscience4893 being5607 weak772 is defiled.3435

8  But1161 meat1033 commendeth3936 us2248 not3756 to God:2316 for1063 neither,3777 if1437 we eat,5315 are we the better;4052 neither,3777 if1437 we eat5315 not,3361 are we the worse.5302

9  But1161 take heed991 lest by any means3381 this3778 liberty1849 of yours5216 become1096 a stumblingblock4348 to them that are weak.770

10  For1063 if1437 any man5100 see1492 thee4571 which hast2192 knowledge1108 sit at meat2621 in1722 the idol's temple,1493 shall not3780 the3588 conscience4893 of him846 which is5607 weak772 be emboldened3618 to eat2068 those things which are offered to idols;1494

11  And2532 through1909 thy4674 knowledge1108 shall the3588 weak770 brother80 perish,622 for1223 whom3739 Christ5547 died?599

12  But1161 when ye sin264 so3779 against1519 the3588 brethren,80 and2532 wound5180 their848 weak770 conscience,4893 ye sin264 against1519 Christ.5547

13  Wherefore,1355 if1487 meat1033 make my brother to offend,4624 3450 80 I will eat5315 no3364 flesh2907 while the world standeth,1519 3588 165 lest3363 I make my brother to offend.4624 3450 80

1 Corinthians 9: 1-27

1  Am1510 I not3756 an apostle?652 am1510 I not3756 free?1658 have I not3780 seen3708 Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Lord?2962 are2075 not3756 ye5210 my3450 work2041 in1722 the Lord?2962

2  If1487 I be1510 not3756 an apostle652 unto others,243 yet235 doubtless1065 I am1510 to you:5213 for1063 the3588 seal4973 of mine1699 apostleship651 are2075 ye5210 in1722 the Lord.2962

3  Mine1699 answer627 to them that do examine350 me1691 is2076 this,3778

4  Have2192 we not3378 power1849 to eat5315 and2532 to drink?4095

5  Have2192 we not3378 power1849 to lead about4013 a sister,79 a wife,1135 as well as5613 2532 other3062 apostles,652 and2532 as the3588 brethren80 of the3588 Lord,2962 and2532 Cephas?2786

6  Or2228 I1473 only3441 and2532 Barnabas,921 have2192 not3756 we power1849 to forbear working?2038 3361

7  Who5101 goeth a warfare4754 any time4218 at his own2398 charges?3800 who5101 planteth5452 a vineyard,290 and2532 eateth2068 not3756 of1537 the3588 fruit2590 thereof?848 or2228 who5101 feedeth4165 a flock,4167 and2532 eateth2068 not3756 of1537 the3588 milk1051 of the3588 flock?4167

8  Say2980 I these things5023 3361 as2596 a man?444 or2228 saith3004 not3780 the3588 law3551 the same5023 also?2532

9  For1063 it is written1125 in1722 the3588 law3551 of Moses,3475 Thou shalt not3756 muzzle5392 the mouth of the ox1016 that treadeth out the corn.248 Doth3361 God2316 take care3199 for oxen?1016

10  Or2228 saith3004 he it altogether3843 for our sakes?1223 2248 For our sakes,1223 2248 no doubt,1063 this is written:1125 that3754 he that ploweth722 should3784 plow722 in1909 hope;1680 and2532 that he that thresheth248 in1909 hope1680 should be partaker3348 of his848 hope.1680

11  If1487 we2249 have sown4687 unto you5213 spiritual things,4152 is it a great thing3173 if1487 we2249 shall reap2325 your5216 carnal things?4559

12  If1487 others243 be partakers3348 of this power1849 over you,5216 are not3756 we2249 rather?3123 Nevertheless235 we have not3756 used5530 this5026 power;1849 but235 suffer4722 all things,3956 lest3363 we should hinder1325 5100 1464 the3588 gospel2098 of Christ.5547

13  Do ye not3756 know1492 that3754 they which minister2038 about holy things2413 live2068 of the things of1537 the3588 temple?2411 and they which wait4332 at the3588 altar2379 are partakers with4829 the3588 altar?2379

14  Even2532 so3779 hath the3588 Lord2962 ordained1299 that they which preach2605 the3588 gospel2098 should live2198 of1537 the3588 gospel.2098

15  But1161 I1473 have used5530 none3762 of these things:5130 neither1161 3756 have I written1125 these things,5023 that2443 it should be so3779 done1096 unto1722 me:1698 for1063 it were better2570 for me3427 to3123 die,599 than2228 that2443 any man5100 should make my glorying void.2758 3450 2745

16  For1063 though1437 I preach the gospel,2097 I3427 have2076 nothing3756 to glory of:2745 for1063 necessity318 is laid upon1945 me;3427 yea,1161 woe3759 is2076 unto me,3427 if1437 I preach not the gospel!2097 3361

17  For1063 if1487 I do4238 this thing5124 willingly,1635 I have2192 a reward:3408 but1161 if1487 against my will,210 a dispensation3622 of the gospel is committed4100 unto me.

18  What5101 is2076 my3427 reward3408 then?3767 Verily that,2443 when I preach the gospel,2097 I may make5087 the3588 gospel2098 of Christ5547 without charge,77 that I abuse2710 not3361 my3450 power1849 in1722 the3588 gospel.2098

19  For1063 though I be5607 free1658 from1537 all3956 men, yet have I made myself servant1402 1683 unto all,3956 that2443 I might gain2770 the3588 more.4119

20  And2532 unto the3588 Jews2453 I became1096 as5613 a Jew,2453 that2443 I might gain2770 the Jews;2453 to them3588 that are under5259 the law,3551 as5613 under5259 the law,3551 that2443 I might gain2770 them3588 that are under5259 the law;3551

21  To them that are without law,459 as5613 without law,459 (being5607 not3361 without law459 to God,2316 but235 under the law1772 to Christ,)5547 that2443 I might gain2770 them that are without law.459

22  To the3588 weak772 became1096 I as5613 weak,772 that2443 I might gain2770 the3588 weak:772 I am made1096 all things3956 to all3956 men, that2443 I might by all means3843 save4982 some.5100

23  And1161 this5124 I do4160 for the gospel's sake,1223 3588 2098 that2443 I might be1096 partaker thereof with4791 846 you.

24  Know1492 ye not3756 that3754 they which run5143 in1722 a race4712 run5143 all,3956 3303 but1161 one1520 receiveth2983 the3588 prize?1017 So3779 run,5143 that2443 ye may obtain.2638

25  And1161 every man3956 that striveth for the mastery75 is temperate1467 in all things.3956 Now3767 they1565 do it3303 to2443 obtain2983 a corruptible5349 crown;4735 but1161 we2249 an incorruptible.862

26  I1473 therefore5106 so3779 run,5143 not3756 as5613 uncertainly;84 so3779 fight4438 I, not3756 as5613 one that beateth1194 the air:109

27  But235 I keepunder5299 my3450 body,4983 and2532 bring it into subjection:1396 lest that by any means,3381 when I have preached2784 to others,243 I myself848 should be1096 a castaway.96

1 Corinthians 10: 1-33

1  Moreover,1161 brethren,80 I would2309 not3756 that ye5209 should be ignorant,50 how that3754 all3956 our2257 fathers3962 were2258 under5259 the3588 cloud,3507 and2532 all3956 passed1330 through1223 the3588 sea;2281

2  And2532 were all3956 baptized907 unto1519 Moses3475 in1722 the3588 cloud3507 and2532 in1722 the3588 sea;2281

3  And2532 did all3956 eat5315 the3588 same846 spiritual4152 meat;1033

4  And2532 did all3956 drink4095 the3588 same846 spiritual4152 drink:4188 for1063 they drank4095 of1537 that spiritual4152 Rock4073 that followed190 them: and1161 that Rock4073 was2258 Christ.5547

5  But235 with1722 many4119 of them846 God2316 was not well pleased:2106 3756 for1063 they were overthrown2693 in1722 the3588 wilderness.2048

6  Now1161 these things5023 were1096 our2257 examples,5179 to the intent we2248 should not lust after1511 3361 1938 evil things,2556 as2531 they also2548 lusted.1937

7  Neither3366 be1096 ye idolaters,1496 as2531 were some5100 of them;846 as5613 it is written,1125 The3588 people2992 sat down2523 to eat5315 and2532 drink,4095 and2532 rose up450 to play.3815

8  Neither3366 let us commit fornication,4203 as2531 some5100 of them846 committed,4203 and2532 fell4098 in1722 one3391 day2250 three and twenty thousand.5140 1501 5505

9  Neither3366 let us tempt1598 Christ,5547 as2531 some5100 of them846 also2532 tempted,3985 and2532 were destroyed622 of5259 serpents.3789

10  Neither3366 murmur1111 ye, as2531 some5100 of them846 also2532 murmured,1111 and2532 were destroyed622 of5259 the3588 destroyer.3644

11  Now1161 all3956 these things5023 happened4819 unto them1565 for examples:5179 and1161 they are written1125 for4314 our2257 admonition,3559 upon1519 whom3739 the3588 ends5056 of the3588 world165 are come.2658

12  Wherefore5620 let him that thinketh1380 he standeth2476 take heed991 lest3361 he fall.4098

13  There hath no3756 temptation3986 taken2983 you5209 but1508 such as is common to man:442 but1161 God2316 is faithful,4103 who3739 will not3756 suffer1439 you5209 to be tempted3985 above5228 that3739 ye are able;1410 but235 will with4862 the3588 temptation3986 also2532 make4160 a way to escape,1545 that ye5209 may be able1410 to bear5297 it.

14  Wherefore,1355 my3450 dearly beloved,27 flee5343 from575 idolatry.1495

15  I speak3004 as5613 to wise men;5429 judge2919 ye5210 what3739 I say.5346

16  The3588 cup4221 of blessing2129 which3739 we bless,2127 is2076 it not3780 the communion2842 of the3588 blood129 of Christ?5547 The3588 bread740 which3739 we break,2806 is2076 it not3780 the communion2842 of the3588 body4983 of Christ?5547

17  For3754 we being many4183 are2070 one1520 bread,740 and one1520 body:4983 for1063 we are all partakers3348 3956 of1537 that one1520 bread.740

18  Behold991 Israel2474 after2596 the flesh:4561 are1526 not3780 they which eat2068 of the3588 sacrifices2378 partakers2844 of the3588 altar?2379

19  What5101 say5346 I then?3767 that3754 the idol1497 is2076 any thing,5100 or2228 3754 that which is offered in sacrifice to idols1494 is2076 any thing?5100

20  But235 I say, that3754 the things which3739 the3588 Gentiles1484 sacrifice,2380 they sacrifice2380 to devils,1140 and2532 not3756 to God:2316 and1161 I would2309 not3756 that ye5209 should have1096 fellowship2844 with devils.1140

21  Ye cannot1410 3756 drink4095 the cup4221 of the Lord,2962 and2532 the cup4221 of devils:1140 ye cannot1410 3756 be partakers3348 of the Lord's2962 table,5132 and2532 of the table5132 of devils.1140

22  Do we2228 provoke the Lord to jealousy?3863 3588 2962 are2070 we3361 stronger2478 than he?846

23  All things3956 are lawful1832 for me,3427 but235 all things3956 are not expedient:4851 3756 all things3956 are lawful1832 for me,3427 but235 all things3956 edify3618 not.3756

24  Let no man3367 seek2212 his own,1438 but235 every man1538 another's2087 wealth.

25  Whatsoever3956 is sold4453 in1722 the meat market,3111 that eat,2068 asking no question350 3367 for conscience sake:1223 4893

26  For1063 the3588 earth1093 is the3588 Lord's,2962 and2532 the3588 fullness4138 thereof.848

27  1161 If1487 any5100 of them that believe not571 bid2564 you5209 to a feast, and2532 ye be disposed2309 to go;4198 whatsoever3956 is set before3908 you,5213 eat,2068 asking no question350 3367 for conscience sake.1223 4893

28  But1161 if1437 any man5100 say2036 unto you,5213 This5124 is2076 offered in sacrifice unto idols,1494 eat2068 not3361 for his sake1223 1565 that showed3377 it, and2532 for conscience4893 sake: for1063 the3588 earth1093 is the3588 Lord's,2962 and2532 the3588 fullness4138 thereof:848

29  1161 Conscience,4893 I say,3004 not3780 thine own,1438 but235 of3588 the3588 other:2087 for1063 why2444 is my3450 liberty1657 judged2919 of5259 another243 man's conscience?4893

30  For1161 if1487 I1473 by grace5485 be a partaker,3348 why5101 am I evil spoken of987 for5228 that3739 for which I1473 give thanks?2168

31  Whether1535 therefore3767 ye eat,2068 or1535 drink,4095 or1535 whatsoever5100 ye do,4160 do4160 all3956 to the1519 glory1391 of God.2316

32  Give none offense,1096 677 neither2532 to the Jews,2453 nor2532 to the Gentiles,1672 nor2532 to the3588 church1577 of God:2316

33  Even as I2504 2531 please700 all3956 men in all3956 things, not3361 seeking2212 mine own1683 profit,4851 but235 the3588 profit of many,4183 that2443 they may be saved.4982

1 Corinthians 11: 1-34

1  Be1096 ye followers3402 of me,3450 even as2531 I also2504 am of Christ.5547

2  Now1161 I praise1867 you,5209 brethren,80 that3754 ye remember3415 me3450 in all things,3956 and2532 keep2722 the3588 ordinances,3862 as2531 I delivered3860 them to you.5213

3  But1161 I would2309 have you5209 know,1492 that3754 the3588 head2776 of every3956 man435 is2076 Christ;5547 and1161 the head2776 of the woman1135 is the3588 man;435 and1161 the head2776 of Christ5547 is God.2316

4  Every3956 man435 praying4336 or2228 prophesying,4395 having2192 his head covered,2596 2776 dishonoreth2617 his848 head.2776

5  But1161 every3956 woman1135 that prayeth4336 or2228 prophesieth4395 with her head2776 uncovered177 dishonoreth2617 her1438 head:2776 for1063 that is2076 even all one1520 2532 848 as if she were shaven.3587

6  For1063 if1487 the3588 woman1135 be not3756 covered,2619 let her also2532 be shorn:2751 but1161 if1487 it be a shame149 for a woman1135 to be shorn2751 or2228 shaven,3587 let her be covered.2619

7  For1063 a man435 indeed3303 ought3784 not3756 to cover2619 his head,2776 forasmuch as he is5225 the image1504 and2532 glory1391 of God:2316 but1161 the woman1135 is2076 the glory1391 of the man.435

8  For1063 the man435 is2076 not3756 of1537 the woman;1135 but235 the woman1135 of1537 the man.435

1063 Neither2532 3756 was the man435 created2936 for1223 the3588 woman;1135 but235 the woman1135 for1223 the3588 man.435

10  For this cause1223 5124 ought3784 the3588 woman1135 to have2192 power1849 on1909 her head2776 because1223 of the3588 angels.32

11  Nevertheless4133 neither3777 is the man435 without5565 the woman,1135 neither3777 the woman1135 without5565 the man,435 in1722 the Lord.2962

12  For1063 as5618 the3588 woman1135 is of1537 the3588 man,435 even so3779 is the3588 man435 also2532 by1223 the3588 woman;1135 but1161 all things3956 of1537 God.2316

13  Judge2919 in1722 yourselves:5213 846 is2076 it comely4241 that a woman1135 pray4336 unto God2316 uncovered?177

14  Doth2228 not even3761 nature5449 itself846 teach1321 you,5209 that,3754 if1437 a man435 have long hair,2863 it is2076 a shame819 unto him?846

15  But1161 if1437 a woman1135 have long hair,2863 it is2076 a glory1391 to her:846 for3754 her hair2864 is given1325 her846 for473 a covering.4018

16  But1161 if1487 any man5100 seem1380 to be1511 contentious,5380 we2249 have2192 no3756 such5108 custom,4914 neither3761 the3588 churches1577 of God.2316

17  Now1161 in this5124 that I declare3853 unto you I praise1867 you not,3756 that3754 ye come together4905 not3756 for1519 the3588 better,2909 but235 for1519 the3588 worse.2276

18  For1063 first of all,4412 when3303 ye5216 come together4905 in1722 the3588 church,1577 I hear191 that there be5225 divisions4978 among1722 you;5213 and2532 I partly3313 5100 believe4100 it.

19  For1063 there must1163 be1511 also2532 heresies139 among1722 you,5213 that2443 they which are approved1384 may be made1096 manifest5318 among1722 you.5213

20  When ye5216 come together4905 therefore3767 into1909 one place,846 this is2076 not3756 to eat5315 the Lord's2960 supper.1173

21  For1063 in1722 eating5315 every one1538 taketh before4301 other his own2398 supper:1173 and2532 one3739 3303 is hungry,3983 and1161 another3739 is drunken.3184

22  What?1063 3361 have2192 ye not3756 houses3614 to eat2068 and2532 to drink4095 in? or2228 despise2706 ye the3588 church1577 of God,2316 and2532 shame2617 them that have2192 not?3361 What5101 shall I say2036 to you?5213 shall I praise1867 you5209 in1722 this?5129 I praise1867 you not.3756

23  For1063 I1473 have received3880 of575 the3588 Lord2962 that which3739 also2532 I delivered3860 unto you,5213 That3754 the3588 Lord2962 Jesus2424 the3588 same night3571 in which3739 he was betrayed3860 took2983 bread:740

24  And2532 when he had given thanks,2168 he broke2806 it, and2532 said, Take,2036 2983 eat:5315 this5124 is2076 my3450 body,4983 which is broken2806 for5228 you:5216 this5124 do4160 in1519 remembrance364 of me.1699

25  After3326 the same manner5615 also2532 he took the3588 cup,4221 when he had supped,1172 saying,3004 This5124 cup4221 is2076 the3588 new2537 testament1242 in1722 my1699 blood:129 this5124 do4160 ye, as oft as3740 ye drink4095 302 it, in1519 remembrance364 of me.1699

26  For1063 as often as3740 ye eat2068 302 this5126 bread,740 and2532 drink4095 302 this5124 cup,4221 ye do show2605 the3588 Lord's2962 death2288 till891 3757 he come.2064

27  Wherefore5620 whosoever3739 302 shall eat2068 this5126 bread,740 and2228 drink4095 this cup4221 of the3588 Lord,2962 unworthily,371 shall be2071 guilty1777 of the3588 body4983 and2532 blood129 of the3588 Lord.2962

28  But1161 let a man444 examine1381 himself,1438 and2532 so3779 let him eat2068 of1537 that bread,740 and2532 drink4095 of1537 that cup.4221

29  For1063 he that eateth2068 and2532 drinketh4095 unworthily,371 eateth2068 and2532 drinketh4095 damnation2917 to himself,1438 not3361 discerning1252 the3588 Lord's2962 body.4983

30  For this cause1223 5124 many4183 are weak772 and2532 sickly732 among1722 you,5213 and2532 many2425 sleep.2837

31  For1063 if1487 we would judge1252 ourselves,1438 we should not3756 be judged.2919

32  But1161 when we are judged,2919 we are chastened3811 of5259 the Lord,2962 that2443 we should not3361 be condemned2632 with4862 the3588 world.2889

33  Wherefore,5620 my3450 brethren,80 when ye come together4905 to eat,5315 tarry1551 one for another.240

34  And1161 if1487 any man5100 hunger,3983 let him eat2068 at1722 home;3624 that2443 ye come not together4905 3361 unto1519 condemnation.2917 And1161 the3588 rest3062 will I set in order1299 when5613 302 I come.2064

1 Corinthians 12: 1-31

1  Now1161 concerning4012 spiritual4152 gifts, brethren,80 I would2309 not3756 have you5209 ignorant.50

2  Ye know1492 that3754 ye were2258 Gentiles,1484 carried away520 unto4314 these dumb880 idols,1497 even as5613 ye were led.71 302

3  Wherefore1352 I give you to understand,1107 5213 that3754 no man3762 speaking2980 by1722 the Spirit4151 of God2316 calleth3004 Jesus2424 accursed:331 and2532 that no man3762 can1410 say2036 that Jesus2424 is the Lord,2962 but1508 by1722 the Holy40 Ghost.4151

4  Now1161 there are1526 diversities1243 of gifts,5486 but1161 the3588 same846 Spirit.4151

5  And2532 there are1526 differences1243 of administrations,1248 but2532 the3588 same846 Lord.2962

6  And2532 there are1526 diversities1243 of operations,1755 but1161 it is2076 the3588 same846 God2316 which worketh1754 all3956 in1722 all.3956

7  But1161 the3588 manifestation5321 of the3588 Spirit4151 is given1325 to every man1538 to4314 profit4851 withal.

8  For1063 to one3739 3303 is given1325 by1223 the3588 Spirit4151 the word3056 of wisdom;4678 to1161 another243 the word3056 of knowledge1108 by2596 the3588 same846 Spirit;4151

9  To1161 another2087 faith4102 by1722 the3588 same846 Spirit;4151 to1161 another243 the gifts5486 of healing2386 by1722 the3588 same846 Spirit;4151

10  To1161 another243 the working1755 of miracles;1411 to1161 another243 prophecy;4394 to1161 another243 discerning1253 of spirits;4151 to1161 another2087 divers kinds1085 of tongues;1100 to1161 another243 the interpretation2058 of tongues:1100

11  But1161 all3956 these5023 worketh1754 that one1520 and2532 the3588 selfsame846 Spirit,4151 dividing1244 to every man1538 severally2398 as2531 he will.1014

12  For1063 as2509 the3588 body4983 is2076 one,1520 and2532 hath2192 many4183 members,3196 and1161 all3956 the3588 members3196 of that one1520 body,4983 being5607 many,4183 are2076 one1520 body:4983 so3779 also2532 is Christ.5547

13  For1063 by1722 one1520 Spirit4151 are we2249 all3956 baptized907 into1519 one1520 body,4983 whether1535 we be Jews2453 or1535 Gentiles,1672 whether1535 we be bond1401 or1535 free;1658 and2532 have been all3956 made to drink4222 into1519 one1520 Spirit.4151

14  For1063 the2532 3588 body4983 is2076 not3756 one1520 member,3196 but235 many.4183

15  If1437 the3588 foot4228 shall say,2036 Because I am1510 not3756 the hand,5495 I am1510 not3756 of1537 the3588 body;4983 is2076 it3756 therefore3844 5124 not3756 of1537 the3588 body?4983

16  And2532 if1437 the3588 ear3775 shall say,2036 Because3754 I am1510 not3756 the eye,3788 I am1510 not3756 of1537 the3588 body;4983 is2076 it3756 therefore3844 5124 not3756 of1537 the3588 body?4983

17  If1487 the3588 whole3650 body4983 were an eye,3788 where4226 were the3588 hearing?189 If1487 the whole3650 were hearing,189 where4226 were the3588 smelling?3750

18  But1161 now3570 hath God2316 set5087 the3588 members3196 every1538 one1520 of them846 in1722 the3588 body,4983 as2531 it hath pleased2309 him.

19  And1161 if1487 they were2258 all3956 one1520 member,3196 where4226 were the3588 body?4983

20  But1161 now3568 are they many4183 members,3196 yet1161 but one1520 body.4983

21  And1161 the eye3788 cannot1410 3756 say2036 unto the3588 hand,5495 I have2192 no3756 need5532 of thee:4675 nor2228 again3825 the3588 head2776 to the3588 feet,4228 I have2192 no3756 need5532 of you.5216

22  Nay,235 much4183 more3123 those members3196 of the3588 body,4983 which seem1380 to be5225 more feeble,772 are2076 necessary:316

23  And2532 those members of the3588 body,4983 which3739 we think1380 to be1511 less honorable,820 upon these5125 we bestow4060 more abundant4055 honor;5092 and2532 our2257 uncomely809 parts have2192 more abundant4055 comeliness.2157

24  For1161 our2257 comely2158 parts have2192 no3756 need:5532 but235 God2316 hath tempered the body together,4786 3588 4983 having given1325 more abundant4055 honor5092 to that part which lacked:5302

25  That2443 there should be5600 no3361 schism4978 in1722 the3588 body;4983 but235 that the3588 members3196 should have the same care3309 3588 846 one for another.240 5228

26  And2532 whether1535 one1520 member3196 suffer,3958 all3956 the3588 members3196 suffer with4841 it; or1535 one1520 member3196 be honored,1392 all3956 the3588 members3196 rejoice with4796 it.

27  Now1161 ye5210 are2075 the body4983 of Christ,5547 and2532 members3196 in1537 particular.3313

28  And2532 God2316 hath set5087 some3739 3303 in1722 the3588 church,1577 first4412 apostles,652 secondarily1208 prophets,4396 thirdly5154 teachers,1320 after that1899 miracles,1411 then1534 gifts5486 of healings,2386 helps,484 governments,2941 diversities1085 of tongues.1100

29  Are3361 all3956 apostles?652 are3361 all3956 prophets?4396 are3361 all3956 teachers?1320 are3361 all3956 workers of miracles?1411

30  3361 Have2192 all3956 the gifts5486 of healing?2386 do3361 all3956 speak2980 with tongues?1100 do3361 all3956 interpret?1329

31  But1161 covet earnestly2206 the3588 best2909 gifts:5486 and2532 yet2089 show1166 I unto you5213 a more excellent2596 5236 way.3598

1 Corinthians 13: 1-13

1  Though1437 I speak2980 with the3588 tongues1100 of men444 and2532 of angels,32 and1161 have2192 not3361 charity,26 I am become1096 as sounding2278 brass,5475 or2228 a tinkling214 cymbal.2950

2  And2532 though1437 I have2192 the gift of prophecy,4394 and2532 understand1492 all3956 mysteries,3466 and2532 all3956 knowledge;1108 and2532 though1437 I have2192 all3956 faith,4102 so that5620 I could remove3179 mountains,3735 and1161 have2192 not3361 charity,26 I am1510 nothing.3762

3  And2532 though1437 I bestow all my goods to feed5595 3956 3450 5224 the poor, and2532 though1437 I give3860 my3450 body4983 to2443 be burned,2545 and2532 have2192 not3361 charity,26 it profiteth5623 me nothing.3762

4  Charity26 suffereth long,3114 and is kind;5541 charity26 envieth2206 not;3756 charity26 vaunteth not itself,4068 3756 is not3756 puffed up,5448

5  Doth not3756 behave itself unseemly,807 seeketh2212 not3756 her own,1438 is not3756 easily provoked,3947 thinketh3049 no3756 evil;2556

6  Rejoiceth5463 not3756 in1909 iniquity,93 but1161 rejoiceth4796 in the3588 truth;225

7  Beareth4722 all things,3956 believeth4100 all things,3956 hopeth1679 all things,3956 endureth5278 all things.3956

8  Charity26 never3763 faileth:1601 but1161 whether1535 there be prophecies,4394 they shall fail;2673 whether1535 there be tongues,1100 they shall cease;3973 whether1535 there be knowledge,1108 it shall vanish away.2673

9  For1063 we know1097 in1537 part,3313 and2532 we prophesy4395 in1537 part.3313

10  But1161 when3752 that which is perfect5046 is come,2064 then5119 that3588 which is in1537 part3313 shall be done away.2673

11  When3753 I was2252 a child,3516 I spake2980 as5613 a child,3516 I understood5426 as5613 a child,3516 I thought3049 as5613 a child:3516 but1161 when3753 I became1096 a man,435 I put away2673 childish things.3588 3516

12  For1063 now737 we see991 through1223 a glass,2072 darkly;1722 135 but1161 then5119 face4383 to4314 face:4383 now737 I know1097 in1537 part;3313 but1161 then5119 shall I know1921 even as2531 also2532 I am known.1921

13  And1161 now3570 abideth3306 faith,4102 hope,1680 charity,26 these5023 three;5140 but1161 the greatest3187 of these5130 is charity.26

1 Corinthians 14: 1-40

1  Follow after1377 charity,26 and1161 desire2206 spiritual4152 gifts, but1161 rather3123 that2443 ye may prophesy.4395

2  For1063 he that speaketh2980 in an unknown tongue1100 speaketh2980 not3756 unto men,444 but235 unto God:2316 for1063 no man3762 understandeth191 him; howbeit1161 in the spirit4151 he speaketh2980 mysteries.3466

3  But1161 he that prophesieth4395 speaketh2980 unto men444 to edification,3619 and2532 exhortation,3874 and2532 comfort.3889

4  He that speaketh2980 in an unknown tongue1100 edifieth3618 himself;1438 but1161 he that prophesieth4395 edifieth3618 the church.1577

5  I1161 would2309 that ye5209 all3956 spake2980 with tongues,1100 but1161 rather3123 that2443 ye prophesied:4395 for1063 greater3187 is he that prophesieth4395 than2228 he that speaketh,2980 with tongues,1100 except1622 1508 he interpret,1329 that2443 the3588 church1577 may receive2983 edifying.3619

1161 Now,3570 brethren,80 if1437 I come2064 unto4314 you5209 speaking2980 with tongues,1100 what5101 shall I profit5623 you,5209 except3362 I shall speak2980 to you5213 either2228 by1722 revelation,602 or2228 by1722 knowledge,1108 or2228 by1722 prophesying,4394 or2228 by1722 doctrine?1322

7  And even3676 things without life895 giving1325 sound,5456 whether1535 pipe836 or1535 harp,2788 except1437 they give1325 a3361 distinction1293 in the3588 sounds,5353 how4459 shall it be known1097 what is piped832 or2228 harped?2789

8  For1063 2532 if1437 the trumpet4536 give1325 an uncertain82 sound,5456 who5101 shall prepare3903 himself to1519 the battle?4171

9  So3779 likewise2532 ye,5210 except3362 ye utter1325 by1223 the3588 tongue1100 words3056 easy to be understood,2154 how4459 shall it be known1097 what is spoken?2980 for1063 ye shall speak2071 2980 into1519 the air.109

10  There are,2076 it may be,1487 5177 so many5118 kinds1085 of voices5456 in1722 the world,2889 and2532 none3762 of them846 is without signification.880

11  Therefore3767 if1437 I know1492 not3361 the3588 meaning1411 of the3588 voice,5456 I shall be2071 unto him that speaketh2980 a barbarian,915 and2532 he that speaketh2980 shall be a barbarian915 unto1722 me.1698

12  Even2532 so3779 ye,5210 forasmuch as1893 ye are2075 zealous2207 of spiritual4151 gifts, seek2212 that2443 ye may excel4052 to4314 the3588 edifying3619 of the3588 church.1577

13  Wherefore1355 let him that speaketh2980 in an unknown tongue1100 pray4336 that2443 he may interpret.1329

14  For1063 if1437 I pray4336 in an unknown tongue,1100 my3450 spirit4151 prayeth,4336 but1161 my3450 understanding3563 is2076 unfruitful.175

15  What5101 is2076 it then?3767 I will pray4336 with the3588 spirit,4151 and1161 I will pray4336 with the3588 understanding3563 also:2532 I will sing5567 with the3588 spirit,4151 and1161 I will sing5567 with the3588 understanding3563 also.2532

16  Else1893 when1437 thou shalt bless2127 with the3588 spirit,4151 how4459 shall he that occupieth378 the3588 room5117 of the3588 unlearned2399 say2046 Amen281 at1909 thy4674 giving of thanks,2169 seeing1894 he understandeth1492 not3756 what5101 thou sayest?3004

17  For1063 thou4771 verily3303 givest thanks2168 well,2573 but235 the3588 other2087 is not3756 edified.3618

18  I thank2168 my3450 God,2316 I speak2980 with tongues1100 more3123 than ye5216 all:3956

19  Yet235 in1722 the church1577 I had2309 rather speak2980 five4002 words3056 with1223 my3450 understanding,3563 that2443 by my voice I might teach2727 others243 also,2532 than2228 ten thousand3463 words3056 in1722 an unknown tongue.1100

20  Brethren,80 be1096 not3361 children3813 in understanding:5424 howbeit235 in malice2549 be ye children,3515 but1161 in understanding5424 be1096 men.5046

21  In1722 the3588 law3551 it is written,1125 With1722 men of other tongues2084 and2532 other1722 2087 lips5491 will I speak2980 unto this5129 people;2992 and2532 yet for all that3779 will they not3761 hear1522 me,3450 saith3004 the Lord.2962

22  Wherefore5620 tongues1100 are1526 for1519 a sign,4592 not3756 to them that believe,4100 but235 to them that believe not:571 but1161 prophesying4394 serveth not3756 for them that believe not,571 but235 for them which believe.4100

23  If1437 therefore3767 the3588 whole3650 church1577 be come together4905 into1909 one place,846 and2532 all3956 speak2980 with tongues,1100 and1161 there come in1525 those that are unlearned,2399 or2228 unbelievers,571 will they not3756 say2046 that3754 ye are mad?3105

24  But1161 if1437 all3956 prophesy,4395 and1161 there come in1525 one5100 that believeth not,571 or2228 one unlearned,2399 he is convinced1651 of5259 all,3956 he is judged350 of5259 all:3956

25  And2532 thus3779 are the3588 secrets2927 of his848 heart2588 made1096 manifest;5318 and2532 so3779 falling down4098 on1909 his face4383 he will worship4352 God,2316 and report518 that3754 God2316 is2076 in1722 you5213 of a truth.3689

26  How5101 is2076 it then,3767 brethren?80 when3752 ye come together,4905 every one1538 of you5216 hath2192 a psalm,5568 hath2192 a doctrine,1322 hath2192 a tongue,1100 hath2192 a revelation,602 hath2192 an interpretation.2058 Let all things3956 be done1096 unto4314 edifying.3619

27  If1535 any man5100 speak2980 in an unknown tongue,1100 let it be by2596 two,1417 or2228 at the3588 most4118 by three,5140 and2532 that by303 course;3313 and2532 let one1520 interpret.1329

28  But1161 if1437 there be5600 no3361 interpreter,1328 let him keep silence4601 in1722 the church;1577 and1161 let him speak2980 to himself,1438 and2532 to God.2316

29  Let1161 the prophets4396 speak2980 two1417 or2228 three,5140 and2532 let the3588 other243 judge.1252

30  1161 If1437 any thing be revealed601 to another243 that sitteth by,2521 let the3588 first4413 hold his peace.4601

31  For1063 ye may1410 all3956 prophesy4395 one by one,2596 1520 that2443 all3956 may learn,3129 and2532 all3956 may be comforted.3870

32  And2532 the spirits4151 of the prophets4396 are subject5293 to the prophets.4396

33  For1063 God2316 is2076 not3756 the author of confusion,181 but235 of peace,1515 as5613 in1722 all3956 churches1577 of the3588 saints.40

34  Let your5216 women1135 keep silence4601 in1722 the3588 churches:1577 for1063 it is not3756 permitted2010 unto them846 to speak;2980 but235 they are commanded to be under obedience,5293 as2531 also2532 saith3004 the3588 law.3551

35  And1161 if1487 they will2309 learn3129 any thing,5100 let them ask1905 their2398 husbands435 at1722 home:3624 for1063 it is2076 a shame149 for women1135 to speak2980 in1722 the church.1577

36  What?2228 came1831 the3588 word3056 of God2316 out from575 you?5216 or2228 came2658 it unto1519 you5209 only?3441

37  If any man1536 think himself1380 to be1511 a prophet,4396 or2228 spiritual,4152 let him acknowledge1921 that3754 the things that3739 I write1125 unto you5213 are1526 the commandments1785 of the3588 Lord.2962

38  But1161 if1487 any man5100 be ignorant,50 let him be ignorant.50

39  Wherefore,5620 brethren,80 covet2206 to prophesy,4395 and2532 forbid2967 not3361 to speak2980 with tongues.1100

40  Let all things3956 be done1096 decently2156 and2532 in2596 order.5010

1 Corinthians 15: 1-58

1  Moreover,1161 brethren,80 I declare1107 unto you5213 the3588 gospel2098 which3739 I preached2097 unto you,5213 which3739 also2532 ye have received,3880 and2532 wherein1722 3739 ye stand;2476

2  By1223 which3739 also2532 ye are saved,4982 if1487 ye keep in memory2722 what5101 I3056 preached2097 unto you,5213 unless1622 1508 ye have believed4100 in vain.1500

3  For1063 I delivered3860 unto you5213 first of all1722 4413 that which3739 I also2532 received,3880 how that3754 Christ5547 died599 for5228 our2257 sins266 according2596 to the3588 Scriptures;1124

4  And2532 that3754 he was buried,2290 and2532 that3754 he rose again1453 the3588 third5154 day2250 according2596 to the3588 Scriptures:1124

5  And2532 that3754 he was seen3700 of Cephas,2786 then1534 of the3588 twelve:1427

6  After that,1899 he was seen3700 of above1883 five hundred4001 brethren80 at once;2178 of1537 whom3739 the3588 greater part4119 remain3306 unto2193 this present,737 but1161 some5100 are2532 fallen asleep.2837

7  After that,1899 he was seen3700 of James;2385 then1534 of all3956 the3588 apostles.652

8  And1161 last2078 of all3956 he was seen3700 of me also,2504 as5619 of one born out of due time.1626

9  For1063 I1473 am1510 the3588 least1646 of the3588 apostles,652 that3739 am1510 not3756 meet2425 to be called2564 an apostle,652 because1360 I persecuted1377 the3588 church1577 of God.2316

10  But1161 by the grace5485 of God2316 I am1510 what3739 I am:1510 and2532 his848 grace5485 which3588 was bestowed upon1519 me1691 was1096 not3756 in vain;2756 but235 I labored2872 more abundantly4054 than they846 all:3956 yet1161 not3756 I,1473 but235 the3588 grace5485 of God2316 which3588 was with4862 me.1698

11  Therefore3767 whether1535 it were I1473 or they,1565 so3779 we preach,2784 and2532 so3779 ye believed.4100

12  Now1161 if1487 Christ5547 be preached2784 that3754 he rose1453 from1537 the dead,3498 how4459 say3004 some5100 among1722 you5213 that3754 there is2076 no3756 resurrection386 of the dead?3498

13  But1161 if1487 there be2076 no3756 resurrection386 of the dead,3498 then is Christ5547 not3761 risen:1453

14  And1161 if1487 Christ5547 be not3756 risen,1453 then686 is our2257 preaching2782 vain,2756 and1161 your5216 faith4102 is also2532 vain.2756

15  Yea,1161 and2532 we are found2147 false witnesses5575 of God;2316 because3754 we have testified3140 of2596 God2316 that3754 he raised up1453 Christ:5547 whom3739 he raised not up,1453 3756 if so be that1512 686 the dead3498 rise1453 not.3756

16  For1063 if1487 the dead3498 rise1453 not,3756 then is not3761 Christ5547 raised:1453

17  And1161 if1487 Christ5547 be not3756 raised,1453 your5216 faith4102 is vain;3152 ye are2075 yet2089 in1722 your5216 sins.266

18  Then686 they also which are fallen asleep2837 2532 in1722 Christ5547 are perished.622

19  If1487 in1722 this5026 life2222 only3440 we have2070 hope1679 in1722 Christ,5547 we are2070 of all3956 men444 most miserable.1652

20  But1161 now3570 is Christ5547 risen1453 from1537 the dead,3498 and become1096 the firstfruits536 of them that slept.2837

21  For1063 since1894 by1223 man444 came death,2288 by1223 man444 came also2532 the resurrection386 of the dead.3498

22  For1063 as5618 in1722 Adam76 all3956 die,599 even2532 so3779 in1722 Christ5547 shall all3956 be made alive.2227

23  But1161 every man1538 in1722 his own2398 order:5001 Christ5547 the firstfruits;536 afterward1899 they3588 that are Christ's5547 at1722 his848 coming.3952

24  Then1534 cometh the3588 end,5056 when3752 he shall have delivered up3860 the3588 kingdom932 to God,2316 even2532 the Father;3962 when3752 he shall have put down2673 all3956 rule746 and2532 all3956 authority1849 and2532 power.1411

25  For1063 he846 must1163 reign,936 till891 3757 he hath put5087 all3956 enemies2190 under5259 his848 feet.4228

26  The last2078 enemy2190 that shall be destroyed2673 is death.2288

27  For1063 he hath put5293 all things3956 under5259 his848 feet.4228 But1161 when3752 he saith2036 3754 all things3956 are put under5293 him, it is manifest1212 that3754 he is excepted,1622 which did put all things under5293 3956 him.846

28  And1161 when3752 all things3956 shall be subdued unto5293 him,846 then5119 shall the3588 Son5207 also2532 himself848 be subject5293 unto him that put all things under5293 3956 him,846 that2443 God2316 may be5600 all3956 in1722 all.3956

29  Else1893 what5101 shall they do4160 which are baptized907 for5228 the3588 dead,3498 if1487 the dead3498 rise1453 not3756 at all?3654 why5101 are they then2532 baptized907 for5228 the3588 dead?3498

30  And2532 why5101 stand we in jeopardy2793 2249 every3956 hour?5610

31  I protest3513 by your2251 rejoicing2746 which3739 I have2192 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 our2257 Lord,2962 I die599 daily.2596 2250

32  If1487 after the manner2596 of men444 I have fought with beasts2341 at1722 Ephesus,2181 what5101 advantageth3786 it me,3427 if1487 the dead3498 rise1453 not?3756 let us eat5315 and2532 drink;4095 for1063 tomorrow839 we die.599

33  Be not3361 deceived:4105 evil2556 communications3657 corrupt5351 good5543 manners.2239

34  Awake1594 to righteousness,1346 and2532 sin264 not;3361 for1063 some5100 have not the knowledge2192 56 of God:2316 I speak3004 this to4314 your5213 shame.1791

35  But235 some5100 man will say,2046 How4459 are the3588 dead3498 raised up?1453 and1161 with what4169 body4983 do they come?2064

36  Thou fool,878 that which3739 thou4771 sowest4687 is not3756 quickened,2227 except3362 it die:599

37  And2532 that which3739 thou sowest,4687 thou sowest4687 not3756 that body4983 that shall be,1096 but235 bare1131 grain,2848 1487 it may chance5177 of wheat,4621 or2228 of some5100 other3062 grain:

38  But1161 God2316 giveth1325 it846 a body4983 as2531 it hath pleased2309 him, and2532 to every1538 seed4690 his own2398 body.4983

39  All3956 flesh4561 is not3756 the3588 same846 flesh:4561 but235 there is one243 kind3303 of flesh4561 of men,444 1161 another243 flesh4561 of beasts,2934 1161 another243 of fishes,2486 and1161 another243 of birds.4421

40  There are also2532 celestial2032 bodies,4983 and2532 bodies4983 terrestrial:1919 but235 the3588 glory1391 of the3588 celestial2032 is3303 one,2087 and1161 the3588 glory of the3588 terrestrial1919 is another.2087

41  There is one243 glory1391 of the sun,2246 and2532 another243 glory1391 of the moon,4582 and2532 another243 glory1391 of the stars:792 for1063 one star792 differeth from1308 another star792 in1722 glory.1391

42  So3779 also2532 is the3588 resurrection386 of the3588 dead.3498 It is sown4687 in1722 corruption;5356 it is raised1453 in1722 incorruption:861

43  It is sown4687 in1722 dishonor;819 it is raised1453 in1722 glory:1391 it is sown4687 in1722 weakness;769 it is raised1453 in1722 power:1411

44  It is sown4687 a natural5591 body;4983 it is raised1453 a spiritual4152 body.4983 There is2076 a natural5591 body,4983 and2532 there is2076 a spiritual4152 body.4983

45  And2532 so3779 it is written,1125 The3588 first4413 man444 Adam76 was made1096 a1519 living2198 soul;5590 the3588 last2078 Adam76 was made1519 a quickening2227 spirit.4151

46  Howbeit235 that was not3756 first4412 which is spiritual,4152 but235 that which is natural;5591 and afterward1899 that which is spiritual.4152

47  The3588 first4413 man444 is of1537 the earth,1093 earthy:5517 the3588 second1208 man444 is the3588 Lord2962 from1537 heaven.3772

48  As3634 is the3588 earthy,5517 such5108 are they also that are earthy:5517 2532 and2532 as3634 is the3588 heavenly,2032 such5108 are they also that are heavenly.2032 2532

49  And2532 as2531 we have borne5409 the3588 image1504 of the3588 earthy,5517 we shall also2532 bear5409 the3588 image1504 of the3588 heavenly.2032

50  Now1161 this5124 I say,5346 brethren,80 that3754 flesh4561 and2532 blood129 cannot1410 3756 inherit2816 the kingdom932 of God;2316 neither3761 doth corruption5356 inherit2816 incorruption.861

51  Behold,2400 I show3004 you5213 a mystery;3466 We shall not3756 all3956 sleep,2837 but1161 we shall all3956 be changed,236

52  In1722 a moment,823 in1722 the twinkling4493 of an eye,3788 at1722 the3588 last2078 trump:4536 for1063 the trumpet shall sound,4537 and2532 the3588 dead3498 shall be raised1453 incorruptible,862 and2532 we2249 shall be changed.236

53  For1063 this5124 corruptible5349 must1163 put on1746 incorruption,861 and2532 this5124 mortal2349 must put on1746 immortality.110

54  So1161 when3752 this5124 corruptible5349 shall have put on1746 incorruption,861 and2532 this5124 mortal2349 shall have put on1746 immortality,110 then5119 shall be brought to pass1096 the3588 saying3056 that is written,1125 Death2288 is swallowed up2666 in1519 victory.3534

55  O death,2288 where4226 is thy4675 sting?2759 O grave,86 where4226 is thy4675 victory?3534

56  1161 The3588 sting2759 of death2288 is sin;266 and1161 the3588 strength1411 of sin266 is the3588 law.3551

57  But1161 thanks5485 be to God,2316 which giveth1325 us2254 the3588 victory3534 through1223 our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ.5547

58  Therefore,5620 my3450 beloved27 brethren,80 be1096 ye steadfast,1476 unmovable,277 always3842 abounding4052 in1722 the3588 work2041 of the3588 Lord,2962 forasmuch as ye know1492 that3754 your5216 labor2873 is2076 not3756 in vain2756 in1722 the Lord.2962

1 Corinthians 16: 1-24

1  Now1161 concerning4012 the3588 collection3048 for1519 the3588 saints,40 as5618 I have given order1299 to the3588 churches1577 of Galatia,1053 even2532 so3779 do4160 ye.5210

2  Upon the first2596 3391 day of the week4521 let every one1538 of you5216 lay5087 by3844 him1438 in store,2343 as3748 302 God hath prospered2137 him, that2443 there be1096 no3361 gatherings3048 when3752 I come.2064

3  And1161 when3752 I come,3854 whomsoever3739 1437 ye shall approve1381 by1223 your letters,1992 them5128 will I send3992 to bring667 your5216 liberality5485 unto1519 Jerusalem.2419

4  And1161 if1437 it be5600 meet514 that I go also,2504 4198 they shall go4198 with4862 me.1698

5  Now1161 I will come2064 unto4314 you,5209 when3752 I shall pass through1330 Macedonia:3109 for1063 I do pass through1330 Macedonia.3109

6  And1161 it may be5177 that I will abide,3887 yea,2228 and2532 winter3914 with4314 you,5209 that2443 ye5210 may bring me on my journey4311 3165 whithersoever3757 1437 I go.4198

7  For1063 I will2309 not3756 see1492 you5209 now737 by the way;1722 3938 but1161 I trust1679 to tarry1961 a while5100 5550 with4314 you,5209 if1437 the3588 Lord2962 permit.2010

8  But1161 I will tarry1961 at1722 Ephesus2181 until2193 Pentecost.4005

9  For1063 a great3173 door2374 and2532 effectual1756 is opened455 unto me,3427 and2532 there are many4183 adversaries.480

10  Now1161 if1437 Timothy5095 come,2064 see991 that2443 he may be1096 with4314 you5209 without fear:870 for1063 he worketh2038 the3588 work2041 of the Lord,2962 as5613 I1473 also2532 do.

11  Let no3361 man5100 therefore3767 despise1848 him:846 but1161 conduct him forth4311 846 in1722 peace,1515 that2443 he may come2064 unto4314 me:3165 for1063 I look for1551 him846 with3326 the3588 brethren.80

12  1161 As touching4012 our brother80 Apollos,625 I greatly4183 desired3870 him846 to2443 come2064 unto4314 you5209 with3326 the3588 brethren:80 but2532 his will2307 was2258 not at all3843 3756 to2443 come2064 at this time;3568 but1161 he will come2064 when3752 he shall have convenient time.2119

13  Watch1127 ye, stand fast4739 in1722 the3588 faith,4102 quit you like men,407 be strong.2901

14  Let all your things3956 5216 be done1096 with1722 charity.26

15  1161 I beseech3870 you,5209 brethren,80 ye (know1492 the3588 house3614 of Stephanas,4734 that3754 it is2076 the firstfruits536 of Achaia,882 and2532 that they have addicted5021 themselves1438 to1519 the ministry1248 of the3588 saints,)40

16  That2443 2532 ye5210 submit yourselves unto5293 such,5108 and2532 to every one3956 that helpeth with4903 us, and2532 laboreth.2872

17  1161 I am glad5463 of1909 the3588 coming3952 of Stephanas4734 and2532 Fortunatus5415 and2532 Achaicus:883 for3754 that which was lacking5303 on your part5216 they3778 have supplied.378

18  For1063 they have refreshed373 my1699 spirit4151 and2532 yours:5216 therefore3767 acknowledge1921 ye them that are such.5108

19  The3588 churches1577 of Asia773 salute782 you.5209 Aquila207 and2532 Priscilla4252 salute782 you5209 much4183 in1722 the Lord,2962 with4862 the3588 church1577 that is in2596 their848 house.3624

20  All3956 the3588 brethren80 greet782 you.5209 Greet782 ye one another240 with1722 a holy40 kiss.5370

21  The3588 salutation783 of me Paul3972 with mine own1699 hand.5495

22  If any man1536 love5368 not3756 the3588 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 let him be2277 Anathema331 Maranatha.3134

23  The3588 grace5485 of our Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ5547 be with3326 you.5216

24  My3450 love26 be with3326 you5216 all3956 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus.2424 Amen.281

À Christ seul soit la Gloire


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