King James Version 1611 - 1769





Mark 1: 1-45

1  The beginning746 of the3588 gospel2098 of Jesus2424 Christ,5547 the Son5207 of God;2316

2  As5613 it is written1125 in1722 the3588 prophets,4396 Behold,2400 I1473 send649 my3450 messenger32 before4253 thy4675 face,4383 which3739 shall prepare2680 thy4675 way3598 before1715 thee.4675

3  The voice5456 of one crying994 in1722 the3588 wilderness,2048 Prepare2090 ye the3588 way3598 of the Lord,2962 make4160 his846 paths5147 straight.2117

4  John2491 did1096 baptize907 in1722 the3588 wilderness,2048 and2532 preach2784 the baptism908 of repentance3341 for1519 the remission859 of sins.266

5  And2532 there went out1607 unto4314 him846 all3956 the3588 land5561 of Judea,2449 and2532 they of Jerusalem,2415 and2532 were all3956 baptized907 of5259 him846 in1722 the3588 river4215 of Jordan,2446 confessing1843 their848 sins.266

6  And1161 John2491 was2258 clothed with1746 camel's2574 hair,2359 and2532 with a girdle2223 of a skin1193 about4012 his848 loins;3751 and2532 he did eat2068 locusts200 and2532 wild66 honey;3192

7  And2532 preached,2784 saying,3004 There cometh2064 one3588 mightier2478 than I3450 after3694 me,3450 the3588 latchet2438 of whose848 shoes5266 I3739 am1510 not3756 worthy2425 to stoop down2955 and unloose.3089

8  I1473 indeed3303 have baptized907 you5209 with1722 water:5204 but1161 he846 shall baptize907 you5209 with1722 the Holy40 Ghost.4151

9  And2532 it came to pass1096 in1722 those1565 days,2250 that Jesus2424 came2064 from575 Nazareth3478 of Galilee,1056 and2532 was baptized907 of5259 John2491 in1519 Jordan.2446

10  And2532 straightway2112 coming up305 out of575 the3588 water,5204 he saw1492 the3588 heavens3772 opened,4977 and2532 the3588 Spirit4151 like5616 a dove4058 descending2597 upon1909 him:846

11  And2532 there came1096 a voice5456 from1537 heaven,3772 saying, Thou4771 art1488 my3450 beloved27 Son,5207 in1722 whom3739 I am well pleased.2106

12  And2532 immediately2117 the3588 Spirit4151 driveth1544 him846 into1519 the3588 wilderness.2048

13  And2532 he was2258 there1563 in1722 the3588 wilderness2048 forty5062 days,2250 tempted3985 of5259 Satan;4567 and2532 was2258 with3326 the3588 wild beasts;2342 and2532 the3588 angels32 ministered1247 unto him.846

14  Now1161 after3326 that John2491 was put in prison,3860 Jesus2424 came2064 into1519 Galilee,1056 preaching2784 the3588 gospel2098 of the3588 kingdom932 of God,2316

15  And2532 saying,3004 The3588 time2540 is fulfilled,4137 and2532 the3588 kingdom932 of God2316 is at hand:1448 repent3340 ye, and2532 believe4100 the3588 gospel.2098

16  Now1161 as he walked4043 by3844 the3588 sea2281 of Galilee,1056 he saw1492 Simon4613 and2532 Andrew406 his846 brother80 casting906 a net293 into1722 the3588 sea:2281 for1063 they were2258 fishers.231

17  And2532 Jesus2424 said2036 unto them,846 Come1205 ye after3694 me,3450 and2532 I will make4160 you5209 to become1096 fishers231 of men.444

18  And2532 straightway2112 they forsook863 their848 nets,1350 and2532 followed190 him.846

19  And2532 when he had gone4260 a little farther3641 thence,1564 he saw1492 James2385 the3588 son of Zebedee,2199 and2532 John2491 his846 brother,80 who846 also2532 were in1722 the3588 ship4143 mending2675 their nets.1350

20  And2532 straightway2112 he called2564 them:846 and2532 they left863 their848 father3962 Zebedee2199 in1722 the3588 ship4143 with3326 the3588 hired servants,3411 and2532 went565 after3694 him.846

21  And2532 they went1531 into1519 Capernaum;2584 and2532 straightway2112 on the3588 sabbath day4521 he entered1525 into1519 the3588 synagogue,4864 and taught.1321

22  And2532 they were astonished1605 at1909 his846 doctrine:1322 for1063 he taught2258 1321 them846 as5613 one that had2192 authority,1849 and2532 not3756 as5613 the3588 scribes.1122

23  And2532 there was2258 in1722 their846 synagogue4864 a man444 with1722 an unclean169 spirit;4151 and2532 he cried out,349

24  Saying,3004 Let us alone;1436 what have we to do with thee,5101 2254 2532 4671 thou Jesus2424 of Nazareth?3479 art thou come2064 to destroy622 us?2248 I know1492 thee4571 who5101 thou art,1488 the3588 Holy One40 of God.2316

25  And2532 Jesus2424 rebuked2008 him,846 saying,3004 Hold thy peace,5392 and2532 come1831 out of1537 him.846

26  And2532 when the3588 unclean169 spirit4151 had torn4682 him,846 and2532 cried2896 with a loud3173 voice,5456 he came1831 out of1537 him.846

27  And2532 they were all3956 amazed,2284 insomuch that5620 they questioned4802 among4314 themselves848 saying,3004 What thing5101 is2076 this?5124 what5101 new2537 doctrine1322 is this?3778 for3754 with2596 authority1849 commandeth2004 he even2532 the3588 unclean169 spirits,4151 and2532 they do obey5219 him.846

28  And1161 immediately2117 his846 fame189 spread abroad1831 throughout1519 all3650 the3588 region round about4066 Galilee.1056

29  And2532 forthwith,2112 when they were come1831 out of1537 the3588 synagogue,4864 they entered2064 into1519 the3588 house3614 of Simon4613 and2532 Andrew,406 with3326 James2385 and2532 John.2491

30  But1161 Simon's4613 wife's mother3994 lay2621 sick of a fever,4445 and2532 anon2112 they tell3004 him846 of4012 her.846

31  And2532 he came4334 and took2902 her846 by the3588 hand,5495 and lifted her up;1453 846 and2532 immediately2112 the3588 fever4446 left863 her,846 and2532 she ministered1247 unto them.846

32  And1161 at even,3798 1096 when3753 the3588 sun2246 did set,1416 they brought5342 unto4314 him846 all3956 that were diseased,2192 2560 and2532 them that were possessed with devils.1139

33  And2532 all3650 the3588 city4172 was2258 gathered together1996 at4314 the3588 door.2374

34  And2532 he healed2323 many4183 that were sick2192 2560 of divers4164 diseases,3554 and2532 cast out1544 many4183 devils;1140 and2532 suffered863 not3756 the3588 devils1140 to speak,2980 because3754 they knew1492 him.846

35  And2532 in the morning,1773 rising up450 a great while before day,3029 4404 he went out,1831 and2532 departed565 into1519 a solitary2048 place,5117 and there2546 prayed.4336

36  And2532 Simon4613 and2532 they3588 that were with3326 him846 followed after2614 him.846

37  And2532 when they had found2147 him,846 they said3004 unto him,846 All3956 men seek for2212 thee.4571

38  And2532 he said3004 unto them,846 Let us go71 into1519 the3588 next2192 towns,2969 that2443 I may preach2784 there also:2546 for1063 therefore1519 5124 came I forth.1831

39  And2532 he preached2258 2784 in1722 their846 synagogues4864 throughout1519 all3650 Galilee,1056 and2532 cast out1544 devils.1140

40  And2532 there came2064 a leper3015 to4314 him,846 beseeching3870 him,846 and2532 kneeling down1120 to him,846 and2532 saying3004 unto him,846 If1437 thou wilt,2309 thou canst1410 make me clean.2511 3165

41  And1161 Jesus,2424 moved with compassion,4697 put forth1614 his hand,5495 and touched680 him,846 and2532 saith3004 unto him,846 I will;2309 be thou clean.2511

42  And,2532 as soon as he846 had spoken,2036 immediately2112 the3588 leprosy3014 departed565 from575 him,846 and2532 he was cleansed.2511

43  And2532 he straitly charged1690 him,846 and forthwith2112 sent him away;1544 846

44  And2532 saith3004 unto him,846 See3708 thou say2036 nothing3367 to any man:3367 but235 go thy way,5217 show1166 thyself4572 to the3588 priest,2409 and2532 offer4374 for4012 thy4675 cleansing2512 those things which3739 Moses3475 commanded,4367 for1519 a testimony3142 unto them.846

45  But1161 he3588 went out,1831 and began756 to publish2784 it much,4183 and2532 to blaze abroad1310 the3588 matter,3056 insomuch that5620 Jesus846 could1410 no more3371 openly5320 enter1525 into1519 the city,4172 but235 was2258 without1854 in1722 desert2048 places:5117 and2532 they came2064 to4314 him846 from every quarter.3836

Mark 2: 1-28

1  And2532 again3825 he entered1525 into1519 Capernaum2584 after1223 some days;2250 and2532 it was noised191 that3754 he was2076 in1519 the house.3624

2  And2532 straightway2112 many4183 were gathered together,4863 insomuch that5620 there was no room to receive3371 5562 them, no, not so much as3366 about4314 the3588 door:2374 and2532 he preached2980 the3588 word3056 unto them.846

3  And2532 they come2064 unto4314 him,846 bringing5342 one sick of the palsy,3885 which was borne142 of5259 four.5064

4  And2532 when they could1410 not3361 come nigh4331 unto him846 for1223 the3588 press,3793 they uncovered648 the3588 roof4721 where3699 he was:2258 and2532 when they had broken it up,1846 they let down5465 the3588 bed2895 wherein1909 3739 the3588 sick of the palsy3885 lay.2621

5  When1161 Jesus2424 saw1492 their846 faith,4102 he said3004 unto the3588 sick of the palsy,3885 Son,5043 thy4675 sins266 be forgiven863 thee.4671

6  But1161 there were2258 certain5100 of the3588 scribes1122 sitting2521 there,1563 and2532 reasoning1260 in1722 their848 hearts,2588

7  Why5101 doth this3778 man thus3779 speak2980 blasphemies?988 who5101 can1410 forgive863 sins266 but1508 God2316 only?1520

8  And2532 immediately2112 when Jesus2424 perceived1921 in his848 spirit4151 that3754 they so3779 reasoned1260 within1722 themselves,1438 he said2036 unto them,846 Why5101 reason1260 ye these things5023 in1722 your5216 hearts?2588

9  Whether5101 is2076 it easier2123 to say2036 to the3588 sick of the palsy,3885 Thy sins266 be forgiven863 thee;4671 or2228 to say,2036 Arise,1453 and2532 take up142 thy4675 bed,2895 and2532 walk?4043

10  But1161 that2443 ye may know1492 that3754 the3588 Son5207 of man444 hath2192 power1849 on1909 earth1093 to forgive863 sins,266 (he saith3004 to the3588 sick of the palsy,)3885

11  I say3004 unto thee,4671 Arise,1453 and2532 take up142 thy4675 bed,2895 and2532 go thy way5217 into1519 thine4675 house.3624

12  And2532 immediately2112 he arose,1453 took up142 the3588 bed,2895 and2532 went forth1831 before1726 them all;3956 insomuch that5620 they were all3956 amazed,1839 and2532 glorified1392 God,2316 saying,3004 We never3763 saw1492 it on this fashion.3779

13  And2532 he went forth1831 again3825 by3844 the3588 sea side;2281 and2532 all3956 the3588 multitude3793 resorted2064 unto4314 him,846 and2532 he taught1321 them.846

14  And2532 as he passed by,3855 he saw1492 Levi3018 the3588 son of Alphaeus256 sitting2521 at1909 the3588 receipt of custom,5058 and2532 said3004 unto him,846 Follow190 me.3427 And2532 he arose450 and followed190 him.846

15  And2532 it came to pass,1096 that, as1722 Jesus846 sat at meat2621 in1722 his846 house,3614 many4183 publicans5057 and2532 sinners268 sat also together with4873 2532 Jesus2424 and2532 his846 disciples:3101 for1063 there were2258 many,4183 and2532 they followed190 him.846

16  And2532 when the3588 scribes1122 and2532 Pharisees5330 saw1492 him846 eat2068 with3326 publicans5057 and2532 sinners,268 they said3004 unto his846 disciples,3101 How is it5101 that3754 he eateth2068 and2532 drinketh4095 with3326 publicans5057 and2532 sinners?268

17  When2532 Jesus2424 heard191 it, he saith3004 unto them,846 They that are whole2480 have2192 no3756 need5532 of the physician,2395 but235 they that are sick:2192 2560 I came2064 not3756 to call2564 the righteous,1342 but235 sinners268 to1519 repentance.3341

18  And2532 the3588 disciples3101 of John2491 and2532 of3588 the3588 Pharisees5330 used to fast:2258 3522 and2532 they come2064 and2532 say3004 unto him,846 Why1302 do the3588 disciples3101 of John2491 and2532 of3588 the3588 Pharisees5330 fast,3522 but1161 thy4671 disciples3101 fast3522 not?3756

19  And2532 Jesus2424 said2036 unto them,846 Can1410 3361 the3588 children5207 of the3588 bridechamber3567 fast,3522 while1722 3739 the3588 bridegroom3566 is2076 with3326 them?846 as long as3745 they5550 have2192 the3588 bridegroom3566 with3326 them,1438 they cannot1410 3756 fast.3522

20  But1161 the days2250 will come,2064 when3752 the3588 bridegroom3566 shall be taken away522 from575 them,846 and2532 then5119 shall they fast3522 in1722 those1565 days.2250

21  No man3762 also2532 seweth1976 a piece1915 of new46 cloth4470 on1909 an old3820 garment:2440 else1490 the3588 new piece2537 that filled it up4138 846 taketh away142 from the3588 old,3820 and2532 the rent4978 is made1096 worse.5501

22  And2532 no man3762 putteth906 new3501 wine3631 into1519 old3820 bottles:779 else1490 the3588 new3501 wine3631 doth burst4486 the3588 bottles,779 and2532 the3588 wine3631 is spilled,1632 and2532 the3588 bottles779 will be marred:622 but235 new3501 wine3631 must be put992 into1519 new2537 bottles.779

23  And2532 it came to pass,1096 that he846 went3899 through1223 the3588 corn fields4702 on1722 the3588 sabbath day;4521 and2532 his846 disciples3101 began,756 as they went,4160 3598 to pluck5089 the3588 ears of corn.4719

24  And2532 the3588 Pharisees5330 said3004 unto him,846 Behold,2396 why5101 do4160 they on1722 the3588 sabbath4521 day that which3739 is not lawful?1832 3756

25  And2532 he846 said3004 unto them,846 Have ye never3763 read314 what5101 David1138 did,4160 when3753 he had2192 need,5532 and2532 was hungry,3983 he,846 and2532 they3588 that were with3326 him?846

26  How4459 he went1525 into1519 the3588 house3624 of God2316 in1909 the days of Abiathar8 the3588 high priest,749 and2532 did eat5315 the3588 shewbread,740 4286 which3739 is not lawful1832 3756 to eat5315 but1508 for the3588 priests,2409 and2532 gave1325 also2532 to them which were5607 with4862 him?846

27  And2532 he said3004 unto them,846 The3588 sabbath4521 was made1096 for1223 man,444 and not3756 man444 for1223 the3588 sabbath:4521

28  Therefore5620 the3588 Son5207 of man444 is2076 Lord2962 also2532 of the3588 sabbath.4521

Mark 3: 1-35

1  And2532 he entered1525 again3825 into1519 the3588 synagogue;4864 and2532 there was2258 a man444 there1563 which had2192 a withered3583 hand.5495

2  And2532 they watched3906 him,846 whether1487 he would heal2323 him846 on the3588 sabbath day;4521 that2443 they might accuse2723 him.846

3  And2532 he saith3004 unto the3588 man444 which had2192 the3588 withered3583 hand,5495 Stand1453 forth.1519 3319

4  And2532 he saith3004 unto them,846 Is it lawful1832 to do good15 on the3588 sabbath days,4521 or2228 to do evil?2554 to save4982 life,5590 or2228 to kill?615 But1161 they3588 held their peace.4623

5  And2532 when he had looked round about4017 on them846 with3326 anger,3709 being grieved4818 for1909 the3588 hardness4457 of their846 hearts,2588 he saith3004 unto the3588 man,444 Stretch forth1614 thine4675 hand.5495 And2532 he stretched it out:1614 and2532 his846 hand5495 was restored600 whole5199 as5613 the3588 other.243

6  And2532 the3588 Pharisees5330 went forth,1831 and straightway2112 took counsel4160 4824 with3326 the3588 Herodians2265 against2596 him,846 how3704 they might destroy622 him.846

7  But2532 Jesus2424 withdrew402 himself with3326 his848 disciples3101 to4314 the3588 sea:2281 and2532 a great4183 multitude4128 from575 Galilee1056 followed190 him,846 and2532 from575 Judea,2449

8  And2532 from575 Jerusalem,2414 and2532 from575 Idumea,2401 and2532 from beyond4008 Jordan;2446 and2532 they3588 about4012 Tyre5184 and2532 Sidon,4605 a great4183 multitude,4128 when they had heard191 what great things3745 he did,4160 came2064 unto4314 him.846

9  And2532 he spake2036 to his848 disciples,3101 that2443 a small ship4142 should wait on4342 him846 because1223 of the3588 multitude,3793 lest3363 they should throng2346 him.846

10  For1063 he had healed2323 many;4183 insomuch that5620 they pressed upon1968 him846 for to2443 touch680 him,846 as many as3745 had2192 plagues.3148

11  And2532 unclean169 spirits,4151 when3752 they saw2334 him,846 fell down before4363 him,846 and2532 cried,2896 saying,3004 Thou4771 art1488 the3588 Son5207 of God.2316

12  And2532 he straitly4183 charged2008 them846 that2443 they should not3361 make4160 him846 known.5318

13  And2532 he goeth up305 into1519 a mountain,3735 and2532 calleth4341 unto him whom3739 he846 would:2309 and2532 they came565 unto4314 him.846

14  And2532 he ordained4160 twelve,1427 that2443 they should be5600 with3326 him,846 and2532 that2443 he might send them forth649 846 to preach,2784

15  And2532 to have2192 power1849 to heal2323 sicknesses,3554 and2532 to cast out1544 devils:1140

16  And2532 Simon4613 he surnamed2007 3686 Peter;4074

17  And2532 James2385 the3588 son of Zebedee,2199 and2532 John2491 the3588 brother80 of James;2385 and2532 he surnamed2007 3686 them846 Boanerges,993 which is,3603 The sons5207 of thunder:1027

18  And2532 Andrew,406 and2532 Philip,5376 and2532 Bartholomew,918 and2532 Matthew,3156 and2532 Thomas,2381 and2532 James2385 the3588 son of Alphaeus,256 and2532 Thaddaeus,2280 and2532 Simon4613 the3588 Canaanite,2581

19  And2532 Judas2455 Iscariot,2469 which3739 also2532 betrayed3860 him:846 and2532 they went2064 into1519 a house.3624

20  And2532 the multitude3793 cometh together4905 again,3825 so that5620 they846 could1410 not3361 so much as3383 eat5315 bread.740

21  And2532 when his friends3844 846 heard191 of it, they went out1831 to lay hold on2902 him:846 for1063 they said,3004 He is beside himself.1839

22  And2532 the3588 scribes1122 which came down2597 from575 Jerusalem2414 said,3004 He hath2192 Beelzebub,954 and2532 by1722 the3588 prince758 of the3588 devils1140 casteth he out1544 devils.1140

23  And2532 he called4341 them846 unto him, and2532 said3004 unto them846 in1722 parables,3850 How4459 can1410 Satan4567 cast out1544 Satan?4567

24  And2532 if1437 a kingdom932 be divided3307 against1909 itself,1438 that1565 kingdom932 cannot1410 3756 stand.2476

25  And2532 if1437 a house3614 be divided3307 against1909 itself,1438 that1565 house3614 cannot1410 3756 stand.2476

26  And2532 if1487 Satan4567 rise up450 against1909 himself,1438 and2532 be divided,3307 he cannot1410 3756 stand,2476 but235 hath2192 an end.5056

27  No man3762 3756 can1410 enter1525 into1519 a strong man's2478 house,3614 and spoil1283 his846 goods,4632 except3362 he will first4412 bind1210 the3588 strong man;2478 and2532 then5119 he will spoil1283 his846 house.3614

28  Verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 All3956 sins265 shall be forgiven863 unto the3588 sons5207 of men,444 and2532 blasphemies988 wherewith soever3745 302 they shall blaspheme:987

29  But1161 he3739 302 that shall blaspheme987 against1519 the3588 Holy40 Ghost4151 hath2192 never forgiveness,3756 859 1519 165 but235 is2076 in danger1777 of eternal166 damnation:2920

30  Because3754 they said,3004 He hath2192 an unclean169 spirit.4151

31  There came2064 then3767 his brethren80 and2532 his846 mother,3384 and,2532 standing2476 without,1854 sent649 unto4314 him,846 calling5455 him.846

32  And2532 the multitude3793 sat2521 about4012 him,846 and1161 they said2036 unto him,846 Behold,2400 thy4675 mother3384 and2532 thy4675 brethren80 without1854 seek2212 for thee.4571

33  And2532 he answered611 them,846 saying,3004 Who5101 is2076 my3450 mother,3384 or2228 my3450 brethren?80

34  And2532 he looked4017 round about2945 on them which sat2521 about4012 him,846 and said,3004 Behold2396 my3450 mother3384 and2532 my3450 brethren!80

35  For1063 whosoever3739 302 shall do4160 the3588 will2307 of God,2316 the same3778 is2076 my3450 brother,80 and2532 my3450 sister,79 and2532 mother.3384

Mark 4: 1-41

1  And2532 he began756 again3825 to teach1321 by3844 the3588 sea side:2281 and2532 there was gathered4863 unto4314 him846 a great4183 multitude,3793 so that5620 he846 entered1684 into1519 a ship,4143 and sat2521 in1722 the3588 sea;2281 and2532 the3588 whole3956 multitude3793 was2258 by4314 the3588 sea2281 on1909 the3588 land.1093

2  And2532 he taught1321 them846 many things4183 by1722 parables,3850 and2532 said3004 unto them846 in1722 his848 doctrine,1322

3  Hearken;191 Behold,2400 there went out1831 a sower4687 to sow:4687

4  And2532 it came to pass,1096 as he sowed,4687 some3739 3303 fell4098 by3844 the3588 way side,3598 and2532 the3588 fowls4071 of the3588 air3772 came2064 and2532 devoured it up.2719 846

5  And1161 some243 fell4098 on1909 stony ground,4075 where3699 it had2192 not3756 much4183 earth;1093 and2532 immediately2112 it sprang up,1816 because it had2192 no3361 depth899 of earth:1093

6  But1161 when the sun2246 was up,393 it was scorched;2739 and2532 because it had2192 no3361 root,4491 it withered away.3583

7  And2532 some243 fell4098 among1519 thorns,173 and2532 the3588 thorns173 grew up,305 and2532 choked4846 it,846 and2532 it yielded1325 no3756 fruit.2590

8  And2532 other243 fell4098 on1519 good2570 ground,1093 and2532 did yield1325 fruit2590 that sprang up305 and2532 increased;837 and2532 brought forth,5342 some1520 thirty,5144 and2532 some1520 sixty,1835 and2532 some1520 a hundred.1540

9  And2532 he said3004 unto them,846 He that hath2192 ears3775 to hear,191 let him hear.191

10  And1161 when3753 he was1096 alone,2651 they3588 that were about4012 him846 with4862 the3588 twelve1427 asked2065 of him846 the3588 parable.3850

11  And2532 he said3004 unto them,846 Unto you5213 it is given1325 to know1097 the3588 mystery3466 of the3588 kingdom932 of God:2316 but1161 unto them1565 that3588 are without,1854 all these things3956 are done1096 in1722 parables:3850

12  That2443 seeing991 they may see,991 and2532 not3361 perceive;1492 and2532 hearing191 they may hear,191 and2532 not3361 understand;4920 lest at any time3379 they should be converted,1994 and2532 their sins265 should be forgiven863 them.846

13  And2532 he said3004 unto them,846 Know1492 ye not3756 this5026 parable?3850 and2532 how4459 then will ye know1097 all3956 parables?3850

14  The3588 sower4687 soweth4687 the3588 word.3056

15  And1161 these3778 are1526 they3588 by3844 the3588 way side,3598 where3699 the3588 word3056 is sown;4687 but2532 when3752 they have heard,191 Satan4567 cometh2064 immediately,2112 and2532 taketh away142 the3588 word3056 that was sown4687 in1722 their846 hearts.2588

16  And2532 these3778 are1526 they likewise which are sown4687 3668 on1909 stony ground;4075 who,3739 when3752 they have heard191 the3588 word,3056 immediately2112 receive2983 it846 with3326 gladness;5479

17  And2532 have2192 no3756 root4491 in1722 themselves,1438 and235 so1526 endure but for a time:4340 afterward,1534 when affliction2347 or2228 persecution1375 ariseth1096 for the word's sake,1223 3588 3056 immediately2112 they are offended.4624

18  And2532 these3778 are1526 they which are sown4687 among1519 thorns;173 such as hear191 the3588 word,3056

19  And2532 the3588 cares3308 of this5127 world,165 and2532 the3588 deceitfulness539 of riches,4149 and2532 the3588 lusts1939 of4012 other things3062 entering in,1531 choke4846 the3588 word,3056 and2532 it becometh1096 unfruitful.175

20  And2532 these3778 are1526 they which are sown4687 on1909 good2570 ground;1093 such as3748 hear191 the3588 word,3056 and2532 receive3858 it, and2532 bring forth fruit,2592 some1520 thirtyfold,5144 2532 some1520 sixty,1835 and2532 some1520 a hundred.1540

21  And2532 he said3004 unto them,846 Is a3385 candle3088 brought2064 to2443 be put5087 under5259 a bushel,3426 or2228 under5259 a bed?2825 and not3756 to2443 be set2007 on1909 a candlestick?3087

22  For1063 there is2076 nothing3756 5100 hid,2927 which3739 shall not3362 be manifested;5319 neither3761 was1096 any thing kept secret,614 but235 that2443 it should come2064 abroad.1519 5318

23  If any man1536 have2192 ears3775 to hear,191 let him hear.191

24  And2532 he said3004 unto them,846 Take heed991 what5101 ye hear:191 with1722 what3739 measure3358 ye mete,3354 it shall be measured3354 to you:5213 and2532 unto you5213 that hear191 shall more be given.4369

25  For1063 he3739 302 that hath,2192 to him846 shall be given:1325 and2532 he3739 that hath2192 not,3756 from575 him846 shall be taken142 even2532 that which3739 he hath.2192

26  And2532 he said,3004 So3779 is2076 the3588 kingdom932 of God,2316 as5613 if1437 a man444 should cast906 seed4703 into1909 the3588 ground;1093

27  And2532 should sleep,2518 and2532 rise1453 night3571 and2532 day,2250 and2532 the3588 seed4703 should spring985 and2532 grow up,3373 he846 knoweth1492 not3756 how.5613

28  For1063 the3588 earth1093 bringeth forth fruit2592 of herself;844 first4412 the blade,5528 then1534 the ear,4719 after1534 that the3588 full4134 corn4621 in1722 the3588 ear.4719

29  But1161 when3752 the3588 fruit2590 is brought forth,3860 immediately2112 he putteth in649 the3588 sickle,1407 because3754 the3588 harvest2326 is come.3936

30  And2532 he said,3004 Whereunto5101 shall we liken3666 the3588 kingdom932 of God?2316 or2228 with1722 what4169 comparison3850 shall we compare3846 it?846

31  It is like5613 a grain2848 of mustard seed,4615 which,3739 when3752 it is sown4687 in1909 the3588 earth,1093 is2076 less3398 than all3956 the3588 seeds4690 that3588 be2076 in1909 the3588 earth:1093

32  But2532 when3752 it is sown,4687 it groweth up,305 and2532 becometh1096 greater3187 than all3956 herbs,3001 and2532 shooteth out4160 great3173 branches;2798 so that5620 the3588 fowls4071 of the3588 air3772 may1410 lodge2681 under5259 the3588 shadow4639 of it.846

33  And2532 with many4183 such5108 parables3850 spake2980 he the3588 word3056 unto them,846 as2531 they were able1410 to hear191 it.

34  But1161 without5565 a parable3850 spake2980 he not3756 unto them:846 and1161 when they were alone,2596 2398 he expounded1956 all things3956 to his848 disciples.3101

35  And2532 the1722 same1565 day,2250 when the even3798 was come,1096 he saith3004 unto them,846 Let us pass over1330 unto1519 the3588 other side.4008

36  And2532 when they had sent away863 the3588 multitude,3793 they took3880 him846 even as5613 he was2258 in1722 the3588 ship.4143 And1161 there were2258 also2532 with3326 him846 other243 little ships.4142

37  And2532 there arose1096 a great3173 storm2978 of wind,417 and1161 the3588 waves2949 beat1911 into1519 the3588 ship,4143 so that5620 it846 was now full.1072 2235

38  And2532 he846 was2258 in1909 the3588 hinder part of the ship,4403 asleep2518 on1909 a pillow:4344 and2532 they awake1326 him,846 and2532 say3004 unto him,846 Master,1320 carest3199 thou4671 not3756 that3754 we perish?622

39  And2532 he arose,1326 and rebuked2008 the3588 wind,417 and2532 said2036 unto the3588 sea,2281 Peace,4623 be still.5392 And2532 the3588 wind417 ceased,2869 and2532 there was1096 a great3173 calm.1055

40  And2532 he said2036 unto them,846 Why5101 are2075 ye so3779 fearful?1169 how4459 is it that ye have2192 no3756 faith?4102

41  And2532 they feared5399 exceedingly,3173 5401 and2532 said3004 one to another,240 4314 What manner of man5101 686 is2076 this,3778 that3754 even2532 the3588 wind417 and2532 the3588 sea2281 obey5219 him?846

Mark 5: 1-43

1  And2532 they came over2064 unto1519 the3588 other side4008 of the3588 sea,2281 into1519 the3588 country5561 of the3588 Gadarenes.1046

2  And2532 when he846 was come1831 out of1537 the3588 ship,4143 immediately2112 there met528 him846 out of1537 the3588 tombs3419 a man444 with1722 an unclean169 spirit,4151

3  Who3739 had2192 his dwelling2731 among1722 the3588 tombs;3419 and2532 no man3762 could1410 bind1210 him,846 no, not3777 with chains:254

4  Because that he846 had been often4178 bound1210 with fetters3976 and2532 chains,254 and2532 the3588 chains254 had been plucked asunder1288 by5259 him,846 and2532 the3588 fetters3976 broken in pieces:4937 neither2532 could2480 any3762 man tame1150 him.846

5  And2532 always,1275 night3571 and2532 day,2250 he was2258 in1722 the3588 mountains,3735 and2532 in1722 the3588 tombs,3418 crying,2896 and2532 cutting2629 himself1438 with stones.3037

6  But1161 when he saw1492 Jesus2424 afar off,575 3113 he ran5143 and2532 worshiped4352 him,846

7  And2532 cried2896 with a loud3173 voice,5456 and said,2036 What have I to do with thee,5101 1698 2532 4671 Jesus,2424 thou Son5207 of the3588 most high5310 God?2316 I adjure3726 thee4571 by God,2316 that thou torment928 me3165 not.3361

8  For1063 he said3004 unto him,846 Come1831 out of1537 the3588 man,444 thou unclean169 spirit.4151

9  And2532 he asked1905 him,846 What5101 is thy4671 name? And3686 2532 he answered,611 saying,3004 My3427 name3686 is Legion:3003 for3754 we are2070 many.4183

10  And2532 he besought3870 him846 much4183 that2443 he would not3361 send them away649 846 out1854 of the3588 country.5561

11  Now1161 there was2258 there1563 nigh unto4314 the3588 mountains3735 a great3173 herd34 of swine5519 feeding.1006

12  And2532 all3956 the3588 devils1142 besought3870 him,846 saying,3004 Send3992 us2248 into1519 the3588 swine,5519 that2443 we may enter1525 into1519 them.846

13  And2532 forthwith2112 Jesus2424 gave them leave.2010 846 And2532 the3588 unclean169 spirits4151 went out,1831 and2532 entered1525 into1519 the3588 swine:5519 and2532 the3588 herd34 ran violently3729 down2596 a steep place2911 into1519 the3588 sea,2281 (they1161 were2258 about5613 two thousand;)1367 and2532 were choked4155 in1722 the3588 sea.2281

14  And1161 they that fed1006 the3588 swine5519 fled,5343 and2532 told312 it in1519 the3588 city,4172 and2532 in1519 the3588 country.68 And2532 they went out1831 to see1492 what5101 it was2076 that was done.1096

15  And2532 they come2064 to4314 Jesus,2424 and2532 see2334 him that was possessed with the devil,1139 and had2192 the3588 legion,3003 sitting,2521 and2532 clothed,2439 and2532 in his right mind:4993 and2532 they were afraid.5399

16  And2532 they that saw1492 it told1334 them846 how4459 it befell1096 to him that was possessed with the devil,1139 and2532 also concerning4012 the3588 swine.5519

17  And2532 they began756 to pray3870 him846 to depart565 out of575 their846 coasts.3725

18  And2532 when he846 was come1684 into1519 the3588 ship,4143 he that had been possessed with the devil1139 prayed3870 him846 that2443 he might be5600 with3326 him.846

19  Howbeit1161 Jesus2424 suffered863 him846 not,3756 but235 saith3004 unto him,846 Go5217 home to thy friends,1519 4675 3624 4314 4674 and2532 tell312 them846 how great things3745 the3588 Lord2962 hath done4160 for thee,4671 and2532 hath had compassion1653 on thee.4571

20  And2532 he departed,565 and2532 began756 to publish2784 in1722 Decapolis1179 how great things3745 Jesus2424 had done4160 for him:846 and2532 all3956 men did marvel.2296

21  And2532 when Jesus2424 was passed over1276 again3825 by1722 ship4143 unto1519 the3588 other side,4008 much4183 people3793 gathered4863 unto1909 him:846 and2532 he was2258 nigh unto3844 the3588 sea.2281

22  And,2532 behold,2400 there cometh2064 one1520 of the3588 rulers of the synagogue,752 Jairus2383 by name;3686 and2532 when he saw1492 him,846 he fell4098 at4314 his846 feet,4228

23  And2532 besought3870 him846 greatly,4183 saying,3004 My3450 little daughter2365 lieth at the point of death:2192 2079 I pray2443 thee, come2064 and lay2007 thy hands5495 on her,846 that3704 she may be healed;4982 and2532 she shall live.2198

24  And2532 Jesus went565 with3326 him;846 and2532 much4183 people3793 followed190 him,846 and2532 thronged4918 him.846

25  And2532 a certain5100 woman,1135 which had5607 an1722 issue4511 of blood129 twelve1427 years,2094

26  And2532 had suffered3958 many things4183 of5259 many4183 physicians,2395 and2532 had spent1159 all that she had,3956 3844 1438 and2532 was nothing3367 bettered,5623 but235 rather3123 grew worse,2064 1519 5501

27  When she had heard191 of4012 Jesus,2424 came2064 in1722 the3588 press3793 behind,3693 and touched680 his846 garment.2440

28  For1063 she said,3004 If2579 I may touch680 but his846 clothes,2440 I shall be whole.4982

29  And2532 straightway2112 the3588 fountain4077 of her846 blood129 was dried up;3583 and2532 she felt1097 in her body4983 that3754 she was healed2390 of575 that plague.3148

30  And2532 Jesus,2424 immediately2112 knowing1921 in1722 himself1438 that virtue1411 had gone1831 out of1537 him,846 turned him about1994 in1722 the3588 press,3793 and2532 said,3004 Who5101 touched680 my3450 clothes?2440

31  And2532 his846 disciples3101 said3004 unto him,846 Thou seest991 the3588 multitude3793 thronging4918 thee,4571 and2532 sayest3004 thou, Who5101 touched680 me?3450

32  And2532 he looked round about4017 to see1492 her that had done4160 this thing.5124

33  But1161 the3588 woman1135 fearing5399 and2532 trembling,5141 knowing1492 what3739 was done1096 in1909 her,846 came2064 and2532 fell down before4363 him,846 and2532 told2036 him846 all3956 the3588 truth.225

34  And1161 he3588 said2036 unto her,846 Daughter,2364 thy4675 faith4102 hath made thee whole;4982 4571 go5217 in1519 peace,1515 and2532 be2468 whole5199 of575 thy4675 plague.3148

35  While he846 yet2089 spake,2980 there came2064 from575 the3588 ruler of the synagogue's752 house certain which said,3004 Thy4675 daughter2364 is dead:599 why5101 troublest4660 thou the3588 Master1320 any further?2089

36  1161 As soon as2112 Jesus2424 heard191 the3588 word3056 that was spoken,2980 he saith3004 unto the3588 ruler of the synagogue,752 Be not afraid,5399 3361 only3440 believe.4100

37  And2532 he suffered863 no man3762 to follow4870 him,846 save1508 Peter,4074 and2532 James,2385 and2532 John2491 the3588 brother80 of James.2385

38  And2532 he cometh2064 to1519 the3588 house3624 of the3588 ruler of the synagogue,752 and2532 seeth2334 the tumult,2351 and them that wept2799 and2532 wailed214 greatly.4183

39  And2532 when he was come in,1525 he saith3004 unto them,846 Why5101 make ye this ado,2350 and2532 weep?2799 the3588 damsel3813 is not dead,599 3756 but235 sleepeth.2518

40  And2532 they laughed him to scorn.2606 846 But1161 when he3588 had put them all out,1544 537 he taketh3880 the3588 father3962 and2532 the3588 mother3384 of the3588 damsel,3813 and2532 them3588 that were with3326 him,846 and2532 entereth in1531 where3699 the3588 damsel3813 was2258 lying.345

41  And2532 he took2902 the3588 damsel3813 by the3588 hand,5495 and said3004 unto her,846 Talitha5008 cumi;2891 which3739 is,2076 being interpreted,3177 Damsel,2877 I say3004 unto thee,4671 arise.1453

42  And2532 straightway2112 the3588 damsel2877 arose,450 and2532 walked;4043 for1063 she was2258 of the age of twelve1427 years.2094 And they were astonished1839 with a great3173 astonishment.1611

43  And2532 he charged1291 them846 straitly4183 that2443 no man3367 should know1097 it;5124 and2532 commanded2036 that something should be given1325 her846 to eat.5315

Mark 6: 1-56

1  And2532 he went out1831 from thence,1564 and2532 came2064 into1519 his own848 country;3968 and2532 his846 disciples3101 follow190 him.846

2  And2532 when the sabbath day4521 was come,1096 he began756 to teach1321 in1722 the3588 synagogue:4864 and2532 many4183 hearing191 him were astonished,1605 saying,3004 From whence4159 hath this5129 man these things?5023 and2532 what5101 wisdom4678 is this which is given1325 unto him,846 that3754 even2532 such5108 mighty works1411 are wrought1096 by1223 his846 hands?5495

3  Is2076 not3756 this3778 the3588 carpenter,5045 the3588 son5207 of Mary,3137 the1161 brother80 of James,2385 and2532 Joses,2500 and2532 of Juda,2455 and2532 Simon?4613 and2532 are1526 not3756 his846 sisters79 here5602 with4314 us?2248 And2532 they were offended4624 at1722 him.846

4  But1161 Jesus2424 said3004 unto them,846 A prophet4396 is2076 not3756 without honor,820 but1508 in1722 his own848 country,3968 and2532 among1722 his own kin,4773 and2532 in1722 his own848 house.3614

5  And2532 he could1410 there1563 do4160 no3756 mighty work,1411 save that1508 he laid his hands upon2007 5495 a few3641 sick folk,732 and healed2323 them.

6  And2532 he marveled2296 because1223 of their846 unbelief.570 And2532 he went4013 round about2945 the3588 villages,2968 teaching.1321

7  And2532 he called4341 unto him the3588 twelve,1427 and2532 began756 to send them forth649 846 by two and two;1417 1417 and2532 gave1325 them846 power1849 over unclean169 spirits;4151

8  And2532 commanded3853 them846 that2443 they should take142 nothing3367 for1519 their journey,3598 save1508 a staff4464 only;3440 no3361 scrip,4082 no3361 bread,740 no3361 money5475 in1519 their purse;2223

9  But235 be shod5265 with sandals;4547 and2532 not3361 put on1746 two1417 coats.5509

10  And2532 he said3004 unto them,846 In what place soever3699 1437 ye enter1525 into1519 a house,3614 there1563 abide3306 till2193 302 ye depart1831 from that place.1564

11  And2532 whosoever3745 302 shall not3361 receive1209 you,5209 nor3366 hear191 you,5216 when ye depart1607 thence,1564 shake off1621 the3588 dust5522 under5270 your5216 feet4228 for1519 a testimony3142 against them.846 Verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 It shall be2071 more tolerable414 for Sodom4670 and2228 Gomorrah1116 in1722 the day2250 of judgment,2920 than2228 for that1565 city.4172

12  And2532 they went out,1831 and preached2784 that2443 men should repent.3340

13  And2532 they cast out1544 many4183 devils,1140 and2532 anointed218 with oil1637 many4183 that were sick,732 and2532 healed2323 them.

14  And2532 king935 Herod2264 heard191 of him; (for1063 his846 name3686 was spread abroad:)1096 5318 and2532 he said,3004 That3754 John2491 the3588 Baptist907 was risen1453 from1537 the dead,3498 and2532 therefore1223 5124 mighty works1411 do show forth1754 themselves in1722 him.846

15  Others243 said,3004 That3754 it is2076 Elijah.2243 And1161 others243 said,3004 That3754 it is2076 a prophet,4396 or2228 as5613 one1520 of the3588 prophets.4396

16  But1161 when Herod2264 heard191 thereof, he said,2036 It3778 is2076 John,2491 whom3739 I1473 beheaded:607 he846 is risen1453 from1537 the dead.3498

17  For1063 Herod2264 himself846 had sent forth649 and2532 laid hold upon2902 John,2491 and2532 bound1210 him846 in1722 prison5438 for Herodias' sake,1223 2266 his848 brother80 Philip's5376 wife:1135 for3754 he had married1060 her.846

18  For1063 John2491 had said3004 unto Herod,2264 It is not lawful1832 3756 for thee4671 to have2192 thy4675 brother's80 wife.1135

19  Therefore1161 Herodias2266 had a quarrel against1758 him,846 and2532 would2309 have killed615 him;846 but2532 she could1410 not:3756

20  For1063 Herod2264 feared5399 John,2491 knowing1492 that he846 was a just1342 man435 and2532 a holy,40 and2532 observed4933 him;846 and2532 when he heard191 him,846 he did4160 many things,4183 and2532 heard191 him846 gladly.2234

21  And2532 when a convenient2121 day2250 was come,2064 that3753 Herod2264 on his848 birthday1077 made4160 a supper1173 to his848 lords,3175 2532 high captains,5506 and2532 chief4413 estates of Galilee;1056

22  And2532 the3588 daughter2364 of the said846 Herodias2266 came in,1525 and2532 danced,3738 and2532 pleased700 Herod2264 and2532 them that sat with4873 him, the3588 king935 said2036 unto the3588 damsel,2877 Ask154 of me3165 whatsoever3739 1437 thou wilt,2309 and2532 I will give1325 it thee.4671

23  And2532 he swore3660 unto her,846 Whatsoever3739 1437 thou shalt ask154 of me,3165 I will give1325 it thee,4671 unto2193 the half2255 of my3450 kingdom.932

24  And1161 she3588 went forth,1831 and said2036 unto her848 mother,3384 What5101 shall I ask?154 And1161 she3588 said,2036 The3588 head2776 of John2491 the3588 Baptist.910

25  And2532 she came in1525 straightway2112 with3326 haste4710 unto4314 the3588 king,935 and asked,154 saying,3004 I will2309 that2443 thou give1325 me3427 by and by1824 in1909 a charger4094 the3588 head2776 of John2491 the3588 Baptist.910

26  And2532 the3588 king935 was1096 exceeding sorry;4036 yet for his oath's sake,1223 3727 and2532 for their sakes which sat with4873 him, he would2309 not3756 reject114 her.846

27  And2532 immediately2112 the3588 king935 sent649 an executioner,4688 and commanded2004 his846 head2776 to be brought:5342 and1161 he3588 went565 and beheaded607 him846 in1722 the3588 prison,5438

28  And2532 brought5342 his846 head2776 in1909 a charger,4094 and2532 gave1325 it846 to the3588 damsel:2877 and2532 the3588 damsel2877 gave1325 it846 to her848 mother.3384

29  And2532 when his846 disciples3101 heard191 of it, they came2064 and2532 took up142 his846 corpse,4430 and2532 laid5087 it846 in1722 a tomb.3419

30  And2532 the3588 apostles652 gathered themselves together4863 unto4314 Jesus,2424 and2532 told518 him846 all things,3956 both2532 what3745 they had done,4160 and2532 what3745 they had taught.1321

31  And2532 he said2036 unto them,846 Come1205 ye5210 yourselves846 apart2596 2398 into1519 a desert2048 place,5117 and2532 rest373 a while:3641 for1063 there were2258 many4183 coming2064 and2532 going,5217 and2532 they had no leisure so much as2119 3761 to eat.5315

32  And2532 they departed565 into1519 a desert2048 place5117 by ship4143 privately.2596 2398

33  And2532 the3588 people3793 saw1492 them846 departing,5217 and2532 many4183 knew1921 him,846 and2532 ran4936 afoot3979 thither1563 out of575 all3956 cities,4172 and2532 outwent4281 them,846 and2532 came together4905 unto4314 him.846

34  And2532 Jesus,2424 when he came out,1831 saw1492 much4183 people,3793 and2532 was moved with compassion4697 toward1909 them,846 because3754 they were2258 as5613 sheep4263 not3361 having2192 a shepherd:4166 and2532 he began756 to teach1321 them846 many things.4183

35  And2532 when the day was now far spent,2235 1096 4183 5610 his846 disciples3101 came4334 unto him,846 and said,3004 This is2076 a desert2048 place,5117 and2532 now2235 the time is far passed:4183 5610

36  Send them away,630 846 that2443 they may go565 into1519 the3588 country68 round about,2945 and2532 into the villages,2968 and buy59 themselves1438 bread:740 for1063 they have2192 nothing3756 5101 to eat.5315

37  1161 He3588 answered611 and said2036 unto them,846 Give1325 ye5210 them846 to eat. And5315 they2532 say3004 unto him,846 Shall we go565 and buy59 two hundred1250 pennyworth1220 of bread,740 and2532 give1325 them846 to eat?5315

38  1161 He3588 saith3004 unto them,846 How many4214 loaves740 have2192 ye? go5217 and2532 see.1492 And2532 when they knew,1097 they say,3004 Five,4002 and2532 two1417 fishes.2486

39  And2532 he commanded2004 them846 to make all sit down347 3956 by companies4849 4849 upon1909 the3588 green5515 grass.5528

40  And2532 they sat down377 in ranks,4237 4237 by hundreds,303 1540 and2532 by fifties.303 4004

41  And2532 when he had taken2983 the3588 five4002 loaves740 and2532 the3588 two1417 fishes,2486 he looked up308 to1519 heaven,3772 and blessed,2127 and2532 broke2622 the3588 loaves,740 and2532 gave1325 them to his848 disciples3101 to2443 set before3908 them;846 and2532 the3588 two1417 fishes2486 divided3307 he among them all.3956

42  And2532 they did all3956 eat,5315 and2532 were filled.5526

43  And2532 they took up142 twelve1427 baskets2894 full4134 of the fragments,2801 and2532 of575 the3588 fishes.2486

44  And2532 they that did eat5315 of the3588 loaves740 were2258 about5616 five thousand4000 men.435

45  And2532 straightway2112 he constrained315 his848 disciples3101 to get1684 into1519 the3588 ship,4143 and2532 to go to the other side4254 1519 4008 before4314 unto Bethsaida,966 while2193 he846 sent away630 the3588 people.3793

46  And2532 when he had sent them away,657 846 he departed565 into1519 a mountain3735 to pray.4336

47  And2532 when even3798 was come,1096 the3588 ship4143 was2258 in1722 the midst3319 of the3588 sea,2281 and2532 he846 alone3441 on1909 the3588 land.1093

48  And2532 he saw1492 them846 toiling928 in rowing;1643 for1063 the3588 wind417 was2258 contrary1727 unto them:846 and2532 about4012 the fourth5067 watch5438 of the3588 night3571 he cometh2064 unto4314 them,846 walking4043 upon1909 the3588 sea,2281 and2532 would2309 have passed by3928 them.846

49  But1161 when they3588 saw1492 him846 walking4043 upon1909 the3588 sea,2281 they supposed1380 it had been1511 a spirit,5326 and2532 cried out:349

50  For1063 they all3956 saw1492 him,846 and2532 were troubled.5015 And2532 immediately2112 he talked2980 with3326 them,846 and2532 saith3004 unto them,846 Be of good cheer:2293 it is1510 I;1473 be not afraid.5399 3361

51  And2532 he went up305 unto4314 them846 into1519 the3588 ship;4143 and2532 the3588 wind417 ceased:2869 and2532 they were sore3029 amazed1839 in1722 themselves1438 beyond1537 measure,4053 and2532 wondered.2296

52  For1063 they considered4920 not3756 the miracle of1909 the3588 loaves:740 for1063 their846 heart2588 was2258 hardened.4456

53  And2532 when they had passed over,1276 they came2064 into1909 the3588 land1093 of Gennesaret,1082 and2532 drew to the shore.4358

54  And2532 when they846 were come1831 out of1537 the3588 ship,4143 straightway2112 they knew1921 him,846

55  And ran through4063 that1565 whole3650 region round about,4066 and began756 to carry about4064 in1909 beds2895 those that were sick,2192 2560 where3699 they heard191 he3754 was.2076 1563

56  And2532 whithersoever3699 302 he entered,1531 into1519 villages,2968 or2228 cities,4172 or2228 country,68 they laid5087 the3588 sick770 in1722 the3588 streets,58 and2532 besought3870 him846 that2443 they might touch680 if it were but2579 the3588 border2899 of his846 garment:2440 and2532 as many as3745 302 touched680 him846 were made whole.4982

Mark 7: 1-37

1  Then2532 came together4863 unto4314 him846 the3588 Pharisees,5330 and2532 certain5100 of the3588 scribes,1122 which came2064 from575 Jerusalem.2414

2  And2532 when they saw1492 some5100 of his846 disciples3101 eat2068 bread740 with defiled,2839 that is to say,5123 with unwashen,449 hands,5495 they found fault.3201

3  For1063 the3588 Pharisees,5330 and2532 all3956 the3588 Jews,2453 except3362 they wash3538 their hands5495 oft,4435 eat2068 not,3756 holding2902 the3588 tradition3862 of the3588 elders.4245

4  And2532 when they come from575 the market,58 except3362 they wash,907 they eat2068 not.3756 And2532 many4183 other things243 there be,2076 which3739 they have received3880 to hold,2902 as the washing909 of cups,4221 and2532 pots,3582 2532 brazen vessels,5473 and2532 of tables.2825

5  Then1899 the3588 Pharisees5330 and2532 scribes1122 asked1905 him,846 Why1302 walk4043 not3756 thy4675 disciples3101 according2596 to the3588 tradition3862 of the3588 elders,4245 but235 eat2068 bread740 with unwashen449 hands?5495

1161 He3588 answered611 and said2036 unto them,846 Well2573 hath Isaiah2268 prophesied4395 of4012 you5216 hypocrites,5273 as5613 it is written,1125 This3778 people2992 honoreth5091 me3165 with their lips,5491 but1161 their846 heart2588 is far568 4206 from575 me.1700

7  Howbeit1161 in vain3155 do they worship4576 me,3165 teaching1321 for doctrines1319 the commandments1778 of men.444

8  For1063 laying aside863 the3588 commandment1785 of God,2316 ye hold2902 the3588 tradition3862 of men,444 as the washing909 of pots3582 and2532 cups:4221 and2532 many4183 other243 such5108 like things3946 ye do.4160

9  And2532 he said3004 unto them,846 Full well2573 ye reject114 the3588 commandment1785 of God,2316 that2443 ye may keep5083 your own5216 tradition.3862

10  For1063 Moses3475 said,2036 Honor5091 thy4675 father3962 and2532 thy4675 mother;3384 and, whoso curseth2551 father3962 or2228 mother,3384 let him die5053 the death:2288

11  But1161 ye5210 say,3004 If1437 a man444 shall say2036 to his father3962 or2228 mother,3384 It is Corban,2878 that is to say,3603 a gift,1435 by whatsoever3739 1437 thou mightest be profited5623 by1537 me;1700 he shall be free.

12  And2532 ye suffer863 him846 no more3765 to do4160 aught3762 for his848 father3962 or2228 his848 mother;3384

13  Making the word of God of none effect208 3588 3056 2316 through your5216 tradition,3862 which3739 ye have delivered:3860 and2532 many4183 such5108 like things3946 do4160 ye.

14  And2532 when he had called4341 all3956 the3588 people3793 unto him, he said3004 unto them,846 Hearken191 unto me3450 every one3956 of you, and2532 understand:4920

15  There is2076 nothing3762 from without1855 a man,444 that3739 entering1531 into1519 him846 can1410 defile2840 him:846 but235 the things which come1607 out of575 him,846 those1565 are2076 they that defile2840 the3588 man.444

16  If any man1536 have2192 ears3775 to hear,191 let him hear.191

17  And2532 when3753 he was entered1525 into1519 the house3624 from575 the3588 people,3793 his846 disciples3101 asked1905 him846 concerning4012 the3588 parable.3850

18  And2532 he saith3004 unto them,846 Are2075 ye5210 so3779 without understanding801 also?2532 Do ye not3756 perceive,3539 that3754 whatsoever thing3956 from without1855 entereth1531 into1519 the3588 man,444 it cannot1410 3756 defile2840 him;846

19  Because3754 it entereth1531 not3756 into1519 his846 heart,2588 but235 into1519 the3588 belly,2836 and2532 goeth out1607 into1519 the3588 draught,856 purging2511 all3956 meats?1033

20  And1161 he said,3004 3754 That which cometh1607 out of1537 the3588 man,444 that1565 defileth2840 the3588 man.444

21  For1063 from within,2081 out of1537 the3588 heart2588 of men,444 proceed1607 evil2556 thoughts,1261 adulteries,3430 fornications,4202 murders,5408

22  Thefts,2829 covetousness,4124 wickedness,4189 deceit,1388 lasciviousness,766 an evil4190 eye,3788 blasphemy,988 pride,5243 foolishness:877

23  All3956 these5023 evil things4190 come1607 from within,2081 and2532 defile2840 the3588 man.444

24  And2532 from thence1564 he arose,450 and went565 into1519 the3588 borders3181 of Tyre5184 and2532 Sidon,4605 and2532 entered1525 into1519 a house,3614 and would2309 have no man3762 know1097 it, but2532 he could1410 not3756 be hid.2990

25  For1063 a certain woman,1135 whose3739 young daughter2365 had2192 an unclean169 spirit,4151 heard191 of4012 him,846 and came2064 and fell4363 at4314 his846 feet:4228

26  1161 The3588 woman1135 was2258 a Greek,1674 a Syrophenician4949 by nation;1085 and2532 she besought2065 him846 that2443 he would cast forth1544 the3588 devil1140 out of1537 her848 daughter.2364

27  But1161 Jesus2424 said2036 unto her,846 Let863 the3588 children5043 first4412 be filled:5526 for1063 it is2076 not3756 meet2570 to take2983 the3588 children's5043 bread,740 and2532 to cast906 it unto the3588 dogs.2952

28  And1161 she3588 answered611 and2532 said3004 unto him,846 Yes,3483 Lord:2962 yet1063 2532 the3588 dogs2952 under5270 the3588 table5132 eat2068 of575 the3588 children's3813 crumbs.5589

29  And2532 he said2036 unto her,846 For1223 this5126 saying3056 go thy way;5217 the3588 devil1140 is gone1831 out of1537 thy4675 daughter.2364

30  And2532 when she was come565 to1519 her848 house,3624 she found2147 the3588 devil1140 gone out,1831 and2532 her daughter2364 laid906 upon1909 the3588 bed.2825

31  And2532 again,3825 departing1831 from1537 the3588 coasts3725 of Tyre5184 and2532 Sidon,4605 he came2064 unto4314 the3588 sea2281 of Galilee,1056 through303 the midst3319 of the3588 coasts3725 of Decapolis.1179

32  And2532 they bring5342 unto him846 one that was deaf,2974 and had an impediment in his speech;3424 and2532 they beseech3870 him846 to2443 put his hand upon2007 5495 him.846

33  And2532 he took618 him846 aside2596 2398 from575 the3588 multitude,3793 and put906 his848 fingers1147 into1519 his846 ears,3775 and2532 he spit,4429 and touched680 his846 tongue;1100

34  And2532 looking up308 to1519 heaven,3772 he sighed,4727 and2532 saith3004 unto him,846 Ephphatha,2188 that is,3603 Be opened.1272

35  And2532 straightway2112 his846 ears189 were opened,1272 and2532 the3588 string1199 of his846 tongue1100 was loosed,3089 and2532 he spake2980 plain.3723

36  And2532 he charged1291 them846 that2443 they should tell2036 no man:3367 but1161 the more3745 he846 charged1291 them,846 so much the more3123 a great deal4054 they published2784 it;

37  And2532 were beyond measure5249 astonished,1605 saying,3004 He hath done4160 all things3956 well:2573 he maketh4160 both2532 the3588 deaf2974 to hear,191 and2532 the3588 dumb216 to speak.2980

Mark 8: 1-38

1  In1722 those1565 days2250 the multitude3793 being5607 very great,3827 and2532 having2192 nothing3361 5101 to eat,5315 Jesus2424 called4341 his848 disciples3101 unto him, and2532 saith3004 unto them,846

2  I have compassion4697 on1909 the3588 multitude,3793 because3754 they have now2235 been4357 with me3427 three5140 days,2250 and2532 have2192 nothing3756 5101 to eat:5315

3  And2532 if1437 I send them away630 846 fasting3523 to1519 their own848 houses,3624 they will faint1590 by1722 the3588 way:3598 for1063 divers5100 of them846 came2240 from far.3113

4  And2532 his846 disciples3101 answered611 him,846 From whence4159 can1410 a man5100 satisfy5526 these5128 men with bread740 here5602 in1909 the wilderness?2047

5  And2532 he asked1905 them,846 How many4214 loaves740 have2192 ye? And1161 they3588 said,2036 Seven.2033

6  And2532 he commanded3853 the3588 people3793 to sit down377 on1909 the3588 ground:1093 and2532 he took2983 the3588 seven2033 loaves,740 and gave thanks,2168 and broke,2806 and2532 gave1325 to his848 disciples3101 to2443 set before3908 them; and2532 they did set them before3908 the3588 people.3793

7  And2532 they had2192 a few3641 small fishes:2485 and2532 he blessed,2127 and commanded2036 to set them also before3908 846 2532 them.

8  So1161 they did eat,5315 and2532 were filled:5526 and2532 they took up142 of the broken2801 meat that was left4051 seven2033 baskets.4711

9  And1161 they that had eaten5315 were2258 about5613 four thousand:5070 and2532 he sent them away.630 846

10  And2532 straightway2112 he entered1684 into1519 a ship4143 with3326 his848 disciples,3101 and came2064 into1519 the3588 parts3313 of Dalmanutha.1148

11  And2532 the3588 Pharisees5330 came forth,1831 and2532 began756 to question with4802 him,846 seeking2212 of3844 him846 a sign4592 from575 heaven,3772 tempting3985 him.846

12  And2532 he sighed deeply389 in his848 spirit,4151 and2532 saith,3004 Why5101 doth this3778 generation1074 seek after1934 a sign?4592 verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 There1487 shall no sign4592 be given1325 unto this5026 generation.1074

13  And2532 he left863 them,846 and entering1684 into1519 the3588 ship4143 again3825 departed565 to1519 the3588 other side.4008

14  Now2532 the disciples had forgotten1950 to take2983 bread,740 neither3756 had2192 they in1722 the3588 ship4143 with3326 them1438 more than1508 one1520 loaf.740

15  And2532 he charged1291 them,846 saying,3004 Take heed,3708 beware991 of575 the3588 leaven2219 of the3588 Pharisees,5330 and2532 of the3588 leaven2219 of Herod.2264

16  And2532 they reasoned1260 among themselves,4314 240 saying,3004 It is because3754 we have2192 no3756 bread.740

17  And2532 when Jesus2424 knew1097 it, he saith3004 unto them,846 Why5101 reason1260 ye, because3754 ye have2192 no3756 bread?740 perceive3539 ye not yet,3768 neither3761 understand?4920 have2192 ye your5216 heart2588 yet2089 hardened?4456

18  Having2192 eyes,3788 see991 ye not?3756 and2532 having2192 ears,3775 hear191 ye not?3756 and2532 do ye not3756 remember?3421

19  When3753 I broke2806 the3588 five4002 loaves740 among1519 five thousand,4000 how many4214 baskets2894 full4134 of fragments2801 took ye up?142 They say3004 unto him,846 Twelve.1427

20  And1161 when3753 the3588 seven2033 among1519 four thousand,5070 how many4214 baskets4711 full4138 of fragments2801 took ye up?142 And1161 they3588 said,2036 Seven.2033

21  And2532 he said3004 unto them,846 How4459 is it that ye do not3756 understand?4920

22  And2532 he cometh2064 to1519 Bethsaida:966 and2532 they bring5342 a blind man5185 unto him,846 and2532 besought3870 him846 to2443 touch680 him.846

23  And2532 he took1949 the3588 blind man5185 by the3588 hand,5495 and led1806 him846 out1854 of the3588 town;2968 and2532 when he had spit4429 on1519 his846 eyes,3659 and put his hands upon2007 5495 him,846 he asked1905 him846 if he saw aught.1536 991

24  And2532 he looked up,308 and said,3004 I see991 men444 as5613 trees,1186 walking.4043

25  After that1534 he put2007 his hands5495 again3825 upon1909 his846 eyes,3788 and2532 made4160 him846 look up:308 and2532 he was restored,600 and2532 saw1689 every man537 clearly.5081

26  And2532 he sent him away649 846 to1519 his846 house,3624 saying,3004 Neither3366 go1525 into1519 the3588 town,2968 nor3366 tell2036 it to any5100 in1722 the3588 town.2968

27  And2532 Jesus2424 went out,1831 and2532 his846 disciples,3101 into1519 the3588 towns2968 of Caesarea2542 Philippi:5376 and2532 by1722 the3588 way3598 he asked1905 his846 disciples,3101 saying3004 unto them,846 Whom5101 do men444 say3004 that I3165 am?1511

28  And1161 they3588 answered,611 John2491 the3588 Baptist:910 but2532 some243 say, Elijah;2243 and1161 others,243 One1520 of the3588 prophets.4396

29  And2532 he846 saith3004 unto them,846 But1161 whom5101 say3004 ye5210 that I3165 am? And1511 1161 Peter4074 answereth611 and saith3004 unto him,846 Thou4771 art1488 the3588 Christ.5547

30  And2532 he charged2008 them846 that2443 they should tell3004 no man3367 of4012 him.846

31  And2532 he began756 to teach1321 them,846 that3754 the3588 Son5207 of man444 must1163 suffer3958 many things,4183 and2532 be rejected593 of575 the3588 elders,4245 and2532 of the chief priests,749 and2532 scribes,1122 and2532 be killed,615 and2532 after3326 three5140 days2250 rise again.450

32  And2532 he spake2980 that saying3056 openly.3954 And2532 Peter4074 took4355 him,846 and began756 to rebuke2008 him.846

33  But1161 when he3588 had turned about1994 and2532 looked on1492 his848 disciples,3101 he rebuked2008 Peter,4074 saying,3004 Get5217 thee behind3694 me,3450 Satan:4567 for3754 thou savorest5426 not3756 the things3588 that be of God,2316 but235 the things3588 that be of men.444

34  And2532 when he had called4341 the3588 people3793 unto him with4862 his848 disciples3101 also, he said2036 unto them,846 Whosoever3748 will2309 come2064 after3694 me,3450 let him deny533 himself,1438 and2532 take up142 his846 cross,4716 and2532 follow190 me.3427

35  For1063 whosoever3739 302 will2309 save4982 his848 life5590 shall lose622 it;846 but1161 whosoever3739 302 shall lose622 his848 life5590 for my sake1752 1700 and2532 the3588 gospel's,2098 the same3778 shall save4982 it.846

36  For1063 what5101 shall it profit5623 a man,444 if1437 he shall gain2770 the3588 whole3650 world,2889 and2532 lose2210 his own848 soul?5590

37  Or2228 what5101 shall a man444 give1325 in exchange465 for his848 soul?5590

38  Whosoever3739 302 therefore1063 shall be ashamed1870 of me3165 and2532 of my1699 words3056 in1722 this5026 adulterous3428 and2532 sinful268 generation;1074 of him846 also2532 shall the3588 Son5207 of man444 be ashamed,1870 when3752 he cometh2064 in1722 the3588 glory1391 of his848 Father3962 with3326 the3588 holy40 angels.32

Mark 9: 1-50

1  And2532 he said3004 unto them,846 Verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 That3754 there be1526 some5100 of them that stand2476 here,5602 which3748 shall not3364 taste1089 of death,2288 till2193 302 they have seen1492 the3588 kingdom932 of God2316 come2064 with1722 power.1411

2  And2532 after3326 six1803 days2250 Jesus2424 taketh3880 with him Peter,4074 and2532 James,2385 and2532 John,2491 and2532 leadeth them up399 846 into1519 a high5308 mountain3735 apart by themselves:2596 2398 3441 and2532 he was transfigured3339 before1715 them.846

3  And2532 his846 raiment2440 became1096 shining,4744 exceeding3029 white3022 as5613 snow;5510 so as3634 no3756 fuller1102 on1909 earth1093 can1410 white3021 them.

4  And2532 there appeared3700 unto them846 Elijah2243 with4862 Moses:3475 and2532 they were2258 talking with4814 Jesus.2424

5  And2532 Peter4074 answered611 and said3004 to Jesus,2424 Master,4461 it is2076 good2570 for us2248 to be1511 here:5602 and2532 let us make4160 three5140 tabernacles;4633 one3391 for thee,4671 and2532 one3391 for Moses,3475 and2532 one3391 for Elijah.2243

6  For1063 he wist1492 not3756 what5101 to say;2980 for1063 they were2258 sore afraid.1630

7  And2532 there was1096 a cloud3507 that overshadowed1982 them:846 and2532 a voice5456 came2064 out of1537 the3588 cloud,3507 saying,3004 This3778 is2076 my3450 beloved27 Son:5207 hear191 him.846

8  And2532 suddenly,1819 when they had looked round about,4017 they saw1492 no man3762 any more,3765 save235 Jesus2424 only3440 with3326 themselves.1438

9  And1161 as they846 came down2597 from575 the3588 mountain,3735 he charged1291 them846 that2443 they should tell1334 no man3367 what things3739 they had seen,1492 till1508 3752 the3588 Son5207 of man444 were risen450 from1537 the dead.3498

10  And2532 they kept2902 that saying3056 with4314 themselves,1438 questioning one with another4802 what5101 the3588 rising450 from1537 the dead3498 should mean.2076

11  And2532 they asked1905 him,846 saying,3004 Why say3004 the3588 scribes1122 that3754 Elijah2243 must1163 first4412 come?2064

12  And1161 he3588 answered611 and told2036 them,846 Elijah2243 verily3303 cometh2064 first,4412 and restoreth600 all things;3956 and2532 how4459 it is written1125 of1909 the3588 Son5207 of man,444 that2443 he must suffer3958 many things,4183 and2532 be set at naught.1847

13  But235 I say3004 unto you,5213 That3754 Elijah2243 is indeed2532 come,2064 and2532 they have done4160 unto him846 whatsoever3745 they listed,2309 as2531 it is written1125 of1909 him.846

14  And2532 when he came2064 to4314 his disciples,3101 he saw1492 a great4183 multitude3793 about4012 them,846 and2532 the3588 scribes1122 questioning4802 with them.846

15  And2532 straightway2112 all3956 the3588 people,3793 when they beheld1492 him,846 were greatly amazed,1568 and2532 running to him4370 saluted782 him.846

16  And2532 he asked1905 the3588 scribes,1122 What5101 question4802 ye with4314 them?846

17  And2532 one1520 of1537 the3588 multitude3793 answered611 and said,2036 Master,1320 I have brought5342 unto4314 thee4571 my3450 son,5207 which hath2192 a dumb216 spirit;4151

18  And2532 wheresoever3699 302 he taketh2638 him,846 he teareth4486 him:846 and2532 he foameth,875 and2532 gnasheth5149 with his848 teeth,3599 and2532 pineth away:3583 and2532 I spake2036 to thy4675 disciples3101 that2443 they should cast him out;1544 846 and2532 they could2480 not.3756

19  1161 He3588 answereth611 him,846 and saith,3004 O5599 faithless571 generation,1074 how long2193 4219 shall I be2071 with4314 you?5209 how long2193 4219 shall I suffer430 you?5216 bring5342 him846 unto4314 me.3165

20  And2532 they brought5342 him846 unto4314 him:846 and2532 when he saw1492 him,846 straightway2112 the3588 spirit4151 tore4682 him;846 and he fell4098 on1909 the3588 ground,1093 and2532 wallowed2947 foaming.875

21  And2532 he asked1905 his846 father,3962 How long is it ago4214 5550 2076 since5613 this5124 came1096 unto him?846 And1161 he3588 said,2036 Of a child.3812

22  And2532 ofttimes4178 it hath cast906 him846 2532 into1519 the fire,4442 and2532 into1519 the waters,5204 to2443 destroy622 him:846 but235 if thou canst do any thing,1536 1410 have compassion4697 on1909 us,2248 and help997 us.2254

23  1161 Jesus2424 said2036 unto him,846 If1487 thou canst1410 believe,4100 all things3956 are possible1415 to him that believeth.4100

24  And2532 straightway2112 the3588 father3962 of the3588 child3813 cried out,2896 and said3004 with3326 tears,1144 Lord,2962 I believe;4100 help997 thou mine3450 unbelief.570

25  When1161 Jesus2424 saw1492 that3754 the people3793 came running together,1998 he rebuked2008 the3588 foul169 spirit,4151 saying3004 unto him,846 Thou dumb216 and2532 deaf2974 spirit,4151 I1473 charge2004 thee,4671 come1831 out of1537 him,846 and2532 enter1525 no more3371 into1519 him.846

26  And2532 the spirit cried,2896 and2532 rent4682 him846 sore,4183 and came out1831 of him: and2532 he was1096 as5616 one dead;3498 insomuch that5620 many4183 said,3004 He is dead.599

27  But1161 Jesus2424 took2902 him846 by the3588 hand,5495 and lifted him up;1453 846 and2532 he arose.450

28  And2532 when he846 was come1525 into1519 the house,3624 his846 disciples3101 asked1905 him846 privately,2596 2398 Why3754 could1410 not3756 we2249 cast him out?1544 846

29  And2532 he said2036 unto them,846 This5124 kind1085 can1410 come forth1831 by1722 nothing,3762 but1508 by1722 prayer4335 and2532 fasting.3521

30  And2532 they departed1831 thence,1564 and passed3899 through1223 Galilee;1056 and2532 he would2309 not3756 that2443 any man5100 should know1097 it.

31  For1063 he taught1321 his848 disciples,3101 and2532 said3004 unto them,846 The3588 Son5207 of man444 is delivered3860 into1519 the hands5495 of men,444 and2532 they shall kill615 him;846 and2532 after that he is killed,615 he shall rise450 the3588 third5154 day.2250

32  But1161 they3588 understood50 not that saying,4487 and2532 were afraid5399 to ask1905 him.846

33  And2532 he came2064 to1519 Capernaum:2584 and2532 being1096 in1722 the3588 house3614 he asked1905 them,846 What5101 was it that ye disputed1260 among4314 yourselves1438 by1722 the3588 way?3598

34  But1161 they3588 held their peace:4623 for1063 by1722 the3588 way3598 they had disputed1256 among4314 themselves,240 who5101 should be the greatest.3187

35  And2532 he sat down,2523 and called5455 the3588 twelve,1427 and2532 saith3004 unto them,846 If any man1536 desire2309 to be1511 first,4413 the same shall be2071 last2078 of all,3956 and2532 servant1249 of all.3956

36  And2532 he took2983 a child,3813 and set2476 him846 in1722 the3588 midst3319 of them:846 and2532 when he had taken him in his arms,1723 846 he said2036 unto them,846

37  Whosoever3739 1437 shall receive1209 one1520 of such5108 children3813 in1909 my3450 name,3686 receiveth1209 me:1691 and2532 whosoever3739 1437 shall receive1209 me,1691 receiveth1209 not3756 me,1691 but235 him that sent649 me.3165

38  And1161 John2491 answered611 him,846 saying,3004 Master,1320 we saw1492 one5100 casting out1544 devils1140 in1722 thy4675 name,3686 and he3739 followeth190 not3756 us:2254 and2532 we forbade2967 him,846 because3754 he followeth190 not3756 us.2254

39  But1161 Jesus2424 said,2036 Forbid2967 him846 not:3361 for1063 there is2076 no man3762 which3739 shall do4160 a miracle1411 in1909 my3450 name,3686 that2532 can1410 lightly5035 speak evil2551 of me.3165

40  For1063 he3739 that is2076 not3756 against2596 us5216 is2076 on our part.5228 5216

41  For1063 whosoever3739 302 shall give you a cup of water to drink4222 5209 4221 5204 in1722 my3450 name,3686 because3754 ye belong to2075 Christ,5547 verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 he shall not3364 lose622 his848 reward.3408

42  And2532 whosoever3739 302 shall offend4624 one1520 of these little ones3398 that believe4100 in1519 me,1691 it is2076 better2570 3123 for him846 that1487 a millstone3037 3457 were hanged4029 about4012 his846 neck,5137 and2532 he were cast906 into1519 the3588 sea.2281

43  And2532 if1437 thy4675 hand5495 offend4624 thee,4571 cut it off:609 846 it is2076 better2570 for thee4671 to enter1525 into1519 life2222 maimed,2948 than2228 having2192 two1417 hands5495 to go565 into1519 hell,1067 into1519 the3588 fire4442 that never shall be quenched:762

44  Where3699 their846 worm4663 dieth5053 not,3756 and2532 the3588 fire4442 is not3756 quenched.4570

45  And2532 if1437 thy4675 foot4228 offend4624 thee,4571 cut it off:609 846 it is2076 better2570 for thee4671 to enter1525 halt5560 into1519 life,2222 than2228 having2192 two1417 feet4228 to be cast906 into1519 hell,1067 into1519 the3588 fire4442 that never shall be quenched:762

46  Where3699 their846 worm4663 dieth5053 not,3756 and2532 the3588 fire4442 is not3756 quenched.4570

47  And2532 if1437 thine4675 eye3788 offend4624 thee,4571 pluck it out:1544 846 it is2076 better2570 for thee4671 to enter1525 into1519 the3588 kingdom932 of God2316 with one eye,3442 than2228 having2192 two1417 eyes3788 to be cast906 into1519 hell1067 fire:4442

48  Where3699 their846 worm4663 dieth5053 not,3756 and2532 the3588 fire4442 is not3756 quenched.4570

49  For1063 every one3956 shall be salted233 with fire,4442 and2532 every3956 sacrifice2378 shall be salted233 with salt.251

50  Salt217 is good:2570 but1161 if1437 the3588 salt217 have lost his saltness,1096 358 wherewith1722 5101 will ye season741 it?846 Have2192 salt217 in1722 yourselves,1438 and2532 have peace1514 one with another.240 1722

Mark 10: 1-52

1  And he arose from thence,2547 450 and cometh2064 into1519 the3588 coasts3725 of Judea2449 by1223 the3588 farther side4008 of Jordan:2446 and2532 the people3793 resort4848 unto4314 him846 again;3825 and,2532 as5613 he was wont,1486 he taught1321 them846 again.3825

2  And2532 the3588 Pharisees5330 came to4334 him, and asked1905 him,846 1487 Is it lawful1832 for a man435 to put away630 his wife?1135 tempting3985 him.846

3  And1161 he3588 answered611 and said2036 unto them,846 What5101 did Moses3475 command1781 you?5213

4  And1161 they3588 said,2036 Moses3475 suffered2010 to write1125 a bill975 of divorcement,647 and2532 to put her away.630

5  And2532 Jesus2424 answered611 and said2036 unto them,846 For4314 the3588 hardness of your heart4641 5216 he wrote1125 you5213 this5026 precept.1785

6  But1161 from575 the beginning746 of the creation2937 God2316 made4160 them846 male730 and2532 female.2338

7  For this cause1752 5127 shall a man444 leave2641 his848 father3962 and2532 mother,3384 and2532 cleave4347 to4314 his848 wife;1135

8  And2532 they twain1417 shall be2071 one3391 flesh:4561 so then5620 they are1526 no more3765 twain,1417 but235 one3391 flesh.4561

9  What3739 therefore3767 God2316 hath joined together,4801 let not3361 man444 put asunder.5563

10  And2532 in1722 the3588 house3614 his846 disciples3101 asked1905 him846 again3825 of4012 the same846 matter.

11  And2532 he saith3004 unto them,846 Whosoever3739 1437 shall put away630 his848 wife,1135 and2532 marry1060 another,243 committeth adultery3429 against1909 her.846

12  And2532 if1437 a woman1135 shall put away630 her848 husband,435 and2532 be married1060 to another,243 she committeth adultery.3429

13  And2532 they brought4374 young children3813 to him,846 that2443 he should touch680 them:846 and1161 his disciples3101 rebuked2008 those that brought4374 them.

14  But1161 when Jesus2424 saw1492 it, he was much displeased,23 and2532 said2036 unto them,846 Suffer863 the3588 little children3813 to come2064 unto4314 me,3165 and2532 forbid2967 them846 not:3361 for1063 of such5108 is2076 the3588 kingdom932 of God.2316

15  Verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 Whosoever3739 1437 shall not3361 receive1209 the3588 kingdom932 of God2316 as5613 a little child,3813 he shall not3364 enter1525 therein.1519 846

16  And2532 he took them up in his arms,1723 846 put5087 his hands5495 upon1909 them,846 and blessed2127 them.846

17  And2532 when he846 was gone forth1607 into1519 the way,3598 there came one1520 running,4370 and2532 kneeled1120 to him,846 and asked1905 him,846 Good18 Master,1320 what5101 shall I do4160 that2443 I may inherit2816 eternal166 life?2222

18  And1161 Jesus2424 said2036 unto him,846 Why5101 callest3004 thou me3165 good?18 there is none3762 good18 but1508 one,1520 that is, God.2316

19  Thou knowest1492 the3588 commandments,1785 Do not3361 commit adultery,3431 Do not3361 kill,5407 Do not3361 steal,2813 Do not3361 bear false witness,5576 Defraud650 not,3361 Honor5091 thy4675 father3962 and2532 mother.3384

20  And1161 he3588 answered611 and said2036 unto him,846 Master,1320 all3956 these5023 have I observed5442 from1537 my3450 youth.3503

21  Then1161 Jesus2424 beholding1689 him846 loved25 him,846 and2532 said2036 unto him,846 One thing1520 thou4671 lackest:5302 go thy way,5217 sell4453 whatsoever3745 thou hast,2192 and2532 give1325 to the3588 poor,4434 and2532 thou shalt have2192 treasure2344 in1722 heaven:3772 and2532 come,1204 take up142 the3588 cross,4716 and follow190 me.3427

22  And1161 he3588 was sad4768 at1909 that saying,3056 and went away565 grieved:3076 for1063 he had2258 2192 great4183 possessions.2933

23  And2532 Jesus2424 looked round about,4017 and saith3004 unto his848 disciples,3101 How4459 hardly1423 shall they that have2192 riches5536 enter1525 into1519 the3588 kingdom932 of God!2316

24  And1161 the3588 disciples3101 were astonished2284 at1909 his846 words.3056 But1161 Jesus2424 answereth611 again,3825 and saith3004 unto them,846 Children,5043 how4459 hard1422 is2076 it for them that trust3982 in1909 riches5536 to enter1525 into1519 the3588 kingdom932 of God!2316

25  It is2076 easier2123 for a camel2574 to go1525 through1223 the3588 eye5168 of a needle,4476 than2228 for a rich man4145 to enter1525 into1519 the3588 kingdom932 of God.2316

26  And1161 they3588 were astonished1605 out of measure,4057 saying3004 among4314 themselves,1438 Who5101 then2532 can1410 be saved?4982

27  And1161 Jesus2424 looking upon1689 them846 saith,3004 With3844 men444 it is impossible,102 but235 not3756 with3844 God:2316 for1063 with3844 God2316 all things3956 are2076 possible.1415

28  Then2532 Peter4074 began756 to say3004 unto him,846 Lo,2400 we2249 have left863 all,3956 and2532 have followed190 thee.4671

29  And1161 Jesus2424 answered611 and said,2036 Verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 There is2076 no man3762 that hath left863 house,3614 or2228 brethren,80 or2228 sisters,79 or2228 father,3962 or2228 mother,3384 or2228 wife,1135 or2228 children,5043 or2228 lands,68 for my sake,1752 1700 and2532 the3588 gospel's,2098

30  But1437 3361 he shall receive2983 a hundredfold1542 now3568 in1722 this5129 time,2540 houses,3614 and2532 brethren,80 and2532 sisters,79 and2532 mothers,3384 and2532 children,5043 and2532 lands,68 with3326 persecutions;1375 and2532 in1722 the3588 world165 to come2064 eternal166 life.2222

31  But1161 many4183 that are first4413 shall be2071 last;2078 and2532 the3588 last2078 first.4413

32  And1161 they were2258 in1722 the3588 way3598 going up305 to1519 Jerusalem;2414 and2532 Jesus2424 went before2258 4254 them:846 and2532 they were amazed;2284 and2532 as they followed,190 they were afraid.5399 And2532 he took3880 again3825 the3588 twelve,1427 and began756 to tell3004 them846 what things should3195 happen4819 unto him,846

33  Saying, Behold,2400 we go up305 to1519 Jerusalem;2414 and2532 the3588 Son5207 of man444 shall be delivered3860 unto the3588 chief priests,749 and2532 unto the3588 scribes;1122 and2532 they shall condemn2632 him846 to death,2288 and2532 shall deliver3860 him846 to the3588 Gentiles:1484

34  And2532 they shall mock1702 him,846 and2532 shall scourge3146 him,846 and shall spit upon1716 him,846 and2532 shall kill615 him:846 and2532 the3588 third5154 day2250 he shall rise again.450

35  And2532 James2385 and2532 John,2491 the3588 sons5207 of Zebedee,2199 come4365 unto him,846 saying,3004 Master,1320 we would2309 that2443 thou shouldest do4160 for us2254 whatsoever3739 1437 we shall desire.154

36  And1161 he3588 said2036 unto them,846 What5101 would2309 ye that I3165 should do4160 for you?5213

37  1161 They3588 said2036 unto him,846 Grant1325 unto us2254 that2443 we may sit,2523 one1520 on1537 thy4675 right hand,1188 and2532 the other1520 on1537 thy4675 left hand,2176 in1722 thy4675 glory.1391

38  But1161 Jesus2424 said2036 unto them,846 Ye know1492 not3756 what5101 ye ask:154 can1410 ye drink4095 of the3588 cup4221 that3739 I1473 drink4095 of? and2532 be baptized907 with the3588 baptism908 that3739 I1473 am baptized907 with?

39  And1161 they3588 said2036 unto him,846 We can.1410 And1161 Jesus2424 said2036 unto them,846 Ye shall indeed3303 drink4095 of the3588 cup4221 that3739 I1473 drink4095 of; and2532 with the3588 baptism908 that3739 I1473 am baptized907 withal shall ye be baptized:907

40  But1161 to sit2523 on1537 my3450 right hand1188 and2532 on1537 my3450 left hand2176 is2076 not3756 mine1699 to give;1325 but235 it shall be given to them for whom3739 it is prepared.2090

41  And2532 when the3588 ten1176 heard191 it, they began756 to be much displeased23 with4012 James2385 and2532 John.2491

42  But1161 Jesus2424 called4341 them846 to him, and saith3004 unto them,846 Ye know1492 that3754 they which are accounted1380 to rule over757 the3588 Gentiles1484 exercise lordship2634 over them;846 and2532 their846 great ones3173 exercise authority2715 upon them.846

43  But1161 so3779 shall it not3756 be2071 among1722 you:5213 but235 whosoever3739 1437 will2309 be1096 great3173 among1722 you,5213 shall be2071 your5216 minister:1249

44  And2532 whosoever3739 302 of you5216 will2309 be1096 the chiefest4413 shall be2071 servant1401 of all.3956

45  For1063 even2532 the3588 Son5207 of man444 came2064 not3756 to be ministered unto,1247 but235 to minister,1247 and2532 to give1325 his848 life5590 a ransom3083 for473 many.4183

46  And2532 they came2064 to1519 Jericho:2410 and2532 as he846 went1607 out of575 Jericho2410 with2532 his846 disciples3101 and2532 a great number2425 of people,3793 blind5185 Bartimaeus,924 the son5207 of Timaeus,5090 sat2521 by3844 the3588 highway side3598 begging.4319

47  And2532 when he heard191 that3754 it was2076 Jesus2424 of Nazareth,3480 he began756 to cry out,2896 and2532 say,3004 Jesus,2424 thou son5207 of David,1138 have mercy1653 on me.3165

48  And2532 many4183 charged2008 him846 that2443 he should hold his peace:4623 but1161 he3588 cried2896 the more4183 a great deal,3123 Thou son5207 of David,1138 have mercy1653 on me.3165

49  And2532 Jesus2424 stood still,2476 and commanded2036 him846 to be called.5455 And2532 they call5455 the3588 blind man,5185 saying3004 unto him,846 Be of good comfort,2293 rise;1453 he calleth5455 thee.4571

50  And1161 he,3588 casting away577 his848 garment,2440 rose,450 and came2064 to4314 Jesus.2424

51  And2532 Jesus2424 answered611 and said3004 unto him,846 What5101 wilt2309 thou that I should do4160 unto thee?4671 1161 The3588 blind man5185 said2036 unto him,846 Lord,4462 that2443 I might receive my sight.308

52  And1161 Jesus2424 said2036 unto him,846 Go thy way;5217 thy4675 faith4102 hath made thee whole.4982 4571 And2532 immediately2112 he received his sight,308 and2532 followed190 Jesus2424 in1722 the3588 way.3598

Mark 11: 1-33

1  And2532 when3753 they came nigh1448 to1519 Jerusalem,2419 unto1519 Bethphage967 and2532 Bethany,963 at4314 the3588 mount3735 of Olives,1636 he sendeth forth649 two1417 of his848 disciples,3101

2  And2532 saith3004 unto them,846 Go your way5217 into1519 the3588 village2968 over against2713 you:5216 and2532 as soon as2112 ye be entered1531 into1519 it,846 ye shall find2147 a colt4454 tied,1210 whereon1909 3739 never3762 man444 sat;2523 loose3089 him,846 and bring71 him.

3  And2532 if1437 any man5100 say2036 unto you,5213 Why5101 do4160 ye this?5124 say2036 ye that3754 the3588 Lord2962 hath2192 need5532 of him;846 and2532 straightway2112 he will send649 him846 hither.5602

4  And1161 they went their way,565 and2532 found2147 the3588 colt4454 tied1210 by4314 the3588 door2374 without1854 in1909 a place where two ways met;296 and2532 they loose3089 him.846

5  And2532 certain5100 of them that stood2476 there1563 said3004 unto them,846 What5101 do4160 ye, loosing3089 the3588 colt?4454

6  And1161 they3588 said2036 unto them846 even as2531 Jesus2424 had commanded:1781 and2532 they let them go.863 846

7  And2532 they brought71 the3588 colt4454 to4314 Jesus,2424 and2532 cast1911 their848 garments2440 on him;846 and2532 he sat2523 upon1909 him.846

8  And1161 many4183 spread4766 their848 garments2440 in1519 the3588 way:3598 and1161 others243 cut down2875 branches4746 off1537 the3588 trees,1186 and2532 strewed4766 them in1519 the3588 way.3598

9  And2532 they that went before,4254 and2532 they that followed,190 cried,2896 saying,3004 Hosanna;5614 Blessed2127 is he that cometh2064 in1722 the name3686 of the Lord:2962

10  Blessed2127 be the3588 kingdom932 of our2257 father3962 David,1138 that cometh2064 in1722 the name3686 of the Lord:2962 Hosanna5614 in1722 the3588 highest.5310

11  And2532 Jesus2424 entered1525 into1519 Jerusalem,2414 and2532 into1519 the3588 temple:2411 and2532 when he had looked round about4017 upon all things,3956 and2532 now2235 the3588 eventide5610 was come,5607 3798 he went out1831 unto1519 Bethany963 with3326 the3588 twelve.1427

12  And2532 on the3588 morrow,1887 when they846 were come1831 from575 Bethany,963 he was hungry:3983

13  And2532 seeing1492 a fig tree4808 afar off3113 having2192 leaves,5444 he came,2064 if1487 haply686 he might find2147 anything5100 thereon:1722 846 and2532 when he came2064 to1909 it, he846 found2147 nothing3762 but1508 leaves;5444 for1063 the time2540 of figs4810 was2258 not3756 yet.

14  And2532 Jesus2424 answered611 and said2036 unto it,846 No man3367 eat5315 fruit2590 of1537 thee4675 hereafter3371 forever.1519 165 And2532 his846 disciples3101 heard191 it.

15  And2532 they come2064 to1519 Jerusalem:2414 and2532 Jesus2424 went1525 into1519 the3588 temple,2411 and began756 to cast out1544 them that sold4453 and2532 bought59 in1722 the3588 temple,2411 and2532 overthrew2690 the3588 tables5132 of the3588 moneychangers,2855 and2532 the3588 seats2515 of them that sold4453 doves;4058

16  And2532 would not3756 suffer863 that2443 any man5100 should carry1308 any vessel4632 through1223 the3588 temple.2411

17  And2532 he taught,1321 saying3004 unto them,846 Is it not3756 written,1125 My3450 house3624 shall be called2564 of all3956 nations1484 the house3624 of prayer?4335 but1161 ye5210 have made4160 it846 a den4693 of thieves.3027

18  And2532 the3588 scribes1122 and2532 chief priests749 heard191 it, and2532 sought2212 how4459 they might destroy622 him:846 for1063 they feared5399 him,846 because3754 all3956 the3588 people3793 was astonished1605 at1909 his846 doctrine.1322

19  And2532 when3753 even3796 was come,1096 he went1607 out1854 of the3588 city.4172

20  And2532 in the morning,4404 as they passed by,3899 they saw1492 the3588 fig tree4808 dried up3583 from1537 the roots.4491

21  And2532 Peter4074 calling to remembrance363 saith3004 unto him,846 Master,4461 behold,2396 the3588 fig tree4808 which3739 thou cursedst2672 is withered away.3583

22  And2532 Jesus2424 answering611 saith3004 unto them,846 Have2192 faith4102 in God.2316

23  For1063 verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 That3754 whosoever3739 302 shall say2036 unto this5129 mountain,3735 Be thou removed,142 and2532 be thou cast906 into1519 the3588 sea;2281 and2532 shall not3361 doubt1252 in1722 his848 heart,2588 but235 shall believe4100 that3754 those things which3739 he saith3004 shall come to pass;1096 he846 shall have2071 whatsoever3739 1437 he saith.2036

24  Therefore1223 5124 I say3004 unto you,5213 What things soever3956 3745 302 ye desire,154 when ye pray,4336 believe4100 that3754 ye receive2983 them, and2532 ye5213 shall have2071 them.

25  And2532 when3752 ye stand4739 praying,4336 forgive,863 if1487 ye have2192 aught5100 against2596 any:5100 that2443 your5216 Father3962 also2532 which3588 is in1722 heaven3772 may forgive863 you5213 your5216 trespasses.3900

26  But1161 if1487 ye5210 do not3756 forgive,863 neither3761 will your5216 Father3962 which3588 is in1722 heaven3772 forgive863 your5216 trespasses.3900

27  And2532 they come2064 again3825 to1519 Jerusalem:2414 and2532 as he846 was walking4043 in1722 the3588 temple,2411 there come2064 to4314 him846 the3588 chief priests,749 and2532 the3588 scribes,1122 and2532 the3588 elders,4245

28  And2532 say3004 unto him,846 By1722 what4169 authority1849 doest4160 thou these things?5023 and2532 who5101 gave1325 thee4671 this5026 authority1849 to2443 do4160 these things?5023

29  And1161 Jesus2424 answered611 and said2036 unto them,846 I will also ask2504 1905 of you5209 one1520 question,3056 and2532 answer611 me,3427 and2532 I will tell2046 you5213 by1722 what4169 authority1849 I do4160 these things.5023

30  The3588 baptism908 of John,2491 was2258 it from1537 heaven,3772 or2228 of1537 men?444 answer611 me.3427

31  And2532 they reasoned3049 with4314 themselves,1438 saying,3004 If1437 we shall say,2036 From1537 heaven;3772 he will say,2046 Why1302 then3767 did ye not3756 believe4100 him?846

32  But235 if1437 we shall say,2036 Of1537 men;444 they feared5399 the3588 people:2992 for1063 all537 men counted2192 John,2491 that3754 he was2258 a prophet4396 indeed.3689

33  And2532 they answered611 and said3004 unto Jesus.2424 We cannot tell.1492 3756 And2532 Jesus2424 answering611 saith3004 unto them,846 Neither3761 do I1473 tell3004 you5213 by1722 what4169 authority1849 I do4160 these things.5023

Mark 12: 1-44

1  And2532 he began756 to speak3004 unto them846 by1722 parables.3850 A certain man444 planted5452 a vineyard,290 and2532 set an hedge about4060 5418 it, and2532 digged3736 a place for the wine vat,5276 and2532 built3618 a tower,4444 and2532 let it out1554 846 to husbandmen,1092 and2532 went into a far country.589

2  And2532 at the3588 season2540 he sent649 to4314 the3588 husbandmen1092 a servant,1401 that2443 he might receive2983 from3844 the3588 husbandmen1092 of575 the3588 fruit2590 of the3588 vineyard.290

3  And1161 they3588 caught2983 him, and beat1194 him,846 and2532 sent him away649 empty.2756

4  And2532 again3825 he sent649 unto4314 them846 another243 servant;1401 and at him2548 they cast stones,3036 and wounded him in the head,2775 and2532 sent him away649 shamefully handled.821

5  And2532 again3825 he sent649 another;243 and him2548 they killed,615 and2532 many4183 others;243 beating1194 some,3588 3303 and1161 killing615 some.3588

6  Having2192 yet2089 therefore3767 one1520 son,5207 his848 well-beloved,27 he sent649 him846 also2532 last2078 unto4314 them,846 saying,3004 They will reverence1788 my3450 son.5207

7  But1161 those1565 husbandmen1092 said2036 among4314 themselves,1438 This3778 is2076 the3588 heir;2818 come,1205 let us kill615 him,846 and2532 the3588 inheritance2817 shall be2071 ours.2257

8  And2532 they took2983 him,846 and killed615 him, and2532 cast1544 him out1854 of the3588 vineyard.290

9  What5101 shall therefore3767 the3588 lord2962 of the3588 vineyard290 do?4160 he will come2064 and2532 destroy622 the3588 husbandmen,1092 and2532 will give1325 the3588 vineyard290 unto others.243

10  And have ye not3761 read314 this5026 Scripture;1124 The stone3037 which3739 the3588 builders3618 rejected593 is3778 become1096 the1519 head2776 of the corner:1137

11  This3778 was1096 the Lord's doing,3844 2962 and2532 it is2076 marvelous2298 in1722 our2254 eyes?3788

12  And2532 they sought2212 to lay hold on2902 him,846 but2532 feared5399 the3588 people:3793 for1063 they knew1097 that3754 he had spoken2036 the3588 parable3850 against4314 them:846 and2532 they left863 him,846 and went their way.565

13  And2532 they send649 unto4314 him846 certain5100 of the3588 Pharisees5330 and2532 of the3588 Herodians,2265 to2443 catch64 him846 in his words.3056

14  And1161 when they3588 were come,2064 they say3004 unto him,846 Master,1320 we know1492 that3754 thou art1488 true,227 and2532 3756 carest3199 4671 for4012 no man:3762 for1063 thou regardest991 not3756 the1519 person4383 of men,444 but235 teachest1321 the3588 way3598 of God2316 in1909 truth:225 Is it lawful1832 to give1325 tribute2778 to Caesar,2541 or2228 not?3756

15  Shall we give,1325 or2228 shall we not3361 give?1325 But1161 he,3588 knowing1492 their846 hypocrisy,5272 said2036 unto them,846 Why5101 tempt3985 ye me?3165 bring5342 me3427 a penny,1220 that2443 I may see1492 it.

16  And1161 they3588 brought5342 it. And2532 he saith3004 unto them,846 Whose5101 is this3778 image1504 and2532 superscription?1923 And1161 they3588 said2036 unto him,846 Caesar's.2541

17  And2532 Jesus2424 answering611 said2036 unto them,846 Render591 to Caesar2541 the things3588 that are Caesar's,2541 and2532 to God2316 the things3588 that are God's.2316 And2532 they marveled2296 at1909 him.846

18  Then2532 come2064 unto4314 him846 the Sadducees,4523 which3748 say3004 there is1511 no3361 resurrection;386 and2532 they asked1905 him,846 saying,3004

19  Master,1320 Moses3475 wrote1125 unto us,2254 If1437 a man's5100 brother80 die,599 and2532 leave2641 his wife1135 behind him, and2532 leave863 no3361 children,5043 that2443 his848 brother80 should take2983 his846 wife,1135 and2532 raise up1817 seed4690 unto his846 brother.80

20  Now there were2258 seven2033 brethren:80 and2532 the3588 first4413 took2983 a wife,1135 and2532 dying599 left863 no3756 seed.4690

21  And2532 the3588 second1208 took2983 her,846 and2532 died,599 neither3761 left863 he846 any seed:4690 and2532 the3588 third5154 likewise.5615

22  And2532 the3588 seven2033 had2983 her,846 and2532 left863 no3756 seed:4690 last2078 of all3956 the3588 woman1135 died599 also.2532

23  In1722 the3588 resurrection386 therefore,3767 when3752 they shall rise,450 whose5101 wife1135 shall she be2071 of them?846 for1063 the3588 seven2033 had2192 her846 to wife.1135

24  And2532 Jesus2424 answering611 said2036 unto them,846 Do ye not3756 therefore1223 5124 err,4105 because ye know1492 not3361 the3588 Scriptures,1124 neither3366 the3588 power1411 of God?2316

25  For1063 when3752 they shall rise450 from1537 the dead,3498 they neither3777 marry,1060 nor3777 are given in marriage;1061 but235 are1526 as5613 the angels32 which3588 are in1722 heaven.3772

26  And1161 as touching4012 the3588 dead,3498 that3754 they rise:1453 have ye not3756 read314 in1722 the3588 book976 of Moses,3475 how5613 in1909 the3588 bush942 God2316 spake2036 unto him,846 saying,3004 I1473 am the3588 God2316 of Abraham,11 and2532 the3588 God2316 of Isaac,2464 and2532 the3588 God2316 of Jacob?2384

27  He is2076 not3756 the3588 God2316 of the dead,3498 but235 the God2316 of the living:2198 ye5210 therefore3767 do greatly4183 err.4105

28  And2532 one1520 of the3588 scribes1122 came,4334 and having heard191 them846 reasoning together,4802 and perceiving1492 that3754 he had answered611 them846 well,2573 asked1905 him,846 Which4169 is2076 the first4413 commandment1785 of all?3956

29  And1161 Jesus2424 answered611 him,846 The first4413 of all3956 the3588 commandments1785 is, Hear,191 O Israel;2474 The Lord2962 our2257 God2316 is2076 one1520 Lord:2962

30  And2532 thou shalt love25 the Lord2962 thy4675 God2316 with1537 all3650 thy4675 heart,2588 and2532 with1537 all3650 thy4675 soul,5590 and2532 with1537 all3650 thy4675 mind,1271 and2532 with1537 all3650 thy4675 strength:2479 this3778 is the first4413 commandment.1785

31  And2532 the second1208 is like,3664 namely this,3778 Thou shalt love25 thy4675 neighbor4139 as5613 thyself.4572 There is2076 none3756 other243 commandment1785 greater3187 than these.5130

32  And2532 the3588 scribe1122 said2036 unto him,846 Well,2573 Master,1320 thou hast said2036 the1909 truth:225 for3754 there is2076 one1520 God;2316 and2532 there is2076 none3756 other243 but4133 he:846

33  And2532 to love25 him846 with1537 all3650 the3588 heart2588 and2532 with1537 all3650 the3588 understanding,4907 and2532 with1537 all3650 the3588 soul,5590 and2532 with1537 all3650 the3588 strength,2479 and2532 to love25 his neighbor4139 as5613 himself,1438 is2076 more4119 than all3956 whole burnt offerings3646 and2532 sacrifices.2378

34  And2532 when Jesus2424 saw1492 that3754 he answered611 discreetly3562 he said2036 unto him,846 Thou art1488 not3756 far3112 from575 the3588 kingdom932 of God.2316 And2532 no man3762 after that3765 durst5111 ask1905 him846 any question.

35  And2532 Jesus2424 answered611 and said,3004 while he taught1321 in1722 the3588 temple,2411 How4459 say3004 the3588 scribes1122 that3754 Christ5547 is2076 the son5207 of David?1138

36  For1063 David1138 himself846 said2036 by1722 the3588 Holy40 Ghost,4151 the3588 LORD2962 said2036 to my3450 LORD,2962 Sit2521 thou on1537 my3450 right hand,1188 till2193 302 I make5087 thine4675 enemies2190 thy footstool.5286 4675 4228

37  David1138 therefore3767 himself846 calleth3004 him846 Lord;2962 and2532 whence4159 is2076 he then his846 son?5207 And2532 the3588 common4183 people3793 heard191 him846 gladly.2234

38  And2532 he said3004 unto them846 in1722 his848 doctrine,1322 Beware991 of575 the3588 scribes,1122 which love2309 to go4043 in1722 long clothing,4749 and2532 love salutations783 in1722 the3588 marketplaces,58

39  And2532 the chief seats4410 in1722 the3588 synagogues,4864 and2532 the uppermost rooms4411 at1722 feasts:1173

40  Which devour2719 widows'5503 houses,3614 and2532 for a pretence4392 make long prayers:4336 3117 these3778 shall receive2983 greater4055 damnation.2917

41  And2532 Jesus2424 sat2523 over against2713 the3588 treasury,1049 and beheld2334 how4459 the3588 people3793 cast906 money5475 into1519 the3588 treasury:1049 and2532 many4183 that were rich4145 cast in906 much.4183

42  And2532 there came2064 a certain3391 poor4434 widow,5503 and she threw in906 two1417 mites,3016 which make3603 a farthing.2835

43  And2532 he called4341 unto him his848 disciples,3101 and saith3004 unto them,846 Verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 That3754 this3778 poor4434 widow5503 hath cast more in,906 4119 than all3956 they which have cast906 into1519 the3588 treasury:1049

44  For1063 all3956 they did cast in906 of1537 their846 abundance;4052 but1161 she3778 of1537 her848 want5304 did cast in906 all3956 that3745 she had,2192 even all3650 her848 living.979

Mark 13: 1-37

1  And2532 as he846 went1607 out of1537 the3588 temple,2411 one1520 of his846 disciples3101 saith3004 unto him,846 Master,1320 see2396 what manner4217 of stones3037 and2532 what4217 buildings3619 are here!

2  And2532 Jesus2424 answering611 said2036 unto him,846 Seest991 thou these5025 great3173 buildings?3619 there shall not3364 be left863 one stone upon another,3037 1909 3037 that3739 shall not3364 be thrown down.2647

3  And2532 as he846 sat2521 upon1519 the3588 mount3735 of Olives1636 over against2713 the3588 temple,2411 Peter4074 and2532 James2385 and2532 John2491 and2532 Andrew406 asked1905 him846 privately,2596 2398

4  Tell2036 us,2254 when4219 shall these things5023 be?2071 and2532 what5101 shall be the3588 sign4592 when3752 all3956 these things5023 shall3195 be fulfilled?4931

5  And1161 Jesus2424 answering611 them846 began756 to say,3004 Take heed991 lest3361 any5100 man deceive4105 you:5209

6  For1063 many4183 shall come2064 in1909 my3450 name,3686 saying,3004 I1473 am1510 Christ; and2532 shall deceive4105 many.4183

7  And1161 when3752 ye shall hear191 of wars4171 and2532 rumors189 of wars,4171 be ye not3361 troubled:2360 for1063 such things must needs1163 be;1096 but235 the3588 end5056 shall not be yet.3768

8  For1063 nation1484 shall rise1453 against1909 nation,1484 and2532 kingdom932 against1909 kingdom:932 and2532 there shall be2071 earthquakes4578 in divers places,2596 5117 and2532 there shall be2071 famines3042 and2532 troubles:5016 these5023 are the beginnings746 of sorrows.5604

9  But1161 take heed991 to yourselves:1438 for1063 they shall deliver you up3860 5209 to1519 councils;4892 and2532 in1519 the synagogues4864 ye shall be beaten:1194 and2532 ye shall be brought2476 before1909 rulers2232 and2532 kings935 for my sake,1752 1700 for1519 a testimony3142 against them.846

10  And2532 the3588 gospel2098 must1163 first4412 be published2784 among1519 all3956 nations.1484

11  But1161 when3752 they shall lead71 you,5209 and deliver you up,3860 take no thought beforehand4305 3361 what5101 ye shall speak,2980 neither3366 do ye premeditate:3191 but whatsoever3739 1437 shall be given1325 you5213 in1722 that1565 hour,5610 that5124 speak2980 ye: for1063 it is2075 not3756 ye5210 that speak,2980 but235 the3588 Holy40 Ghost.4151

12  Now1161 the brother80 shall betray3860 the brother80 to1519 death,2288 and2532 the father3962 the son;5043 and2532 children5043 shall rise up1881 against1909 their parents,1118 and2532 shall cause them to be put to death.2289 846

13  And2532 ye shall be2071 hated3404 of5259 all3956 men for my name's sake:1223 3450 3686 but1161 he that shall endure5278 unto1519 the end,5056 the same3778 shall be saved.4982

14  But1161 when3752 ye shall see1492 the3588 abomination946 of desolation,2050 spoken of4483 by5259 Daniel1158 the3588 prophet,4396 standing2476 where3699 it ought1163 not,3756 (let him that readeth314 understand,)3539 then5119 let them3588 that be in1722 Judea2449 flee5343 to1519 the3588 mountains:3735

15  And1161 let him3588 that is on1909 the3588 housetop1430 not3361 go down2597 into1519 the3588 house,3614 neither3366 enter1525 therein, to take142 any thing5100 out of1537 his848 house:3614

16  And2532 let him that is5607 in1519 the3588 field68 not3361 turn back1994 again1519 3694 for to take up142 his848 garment.2440

17  But1161 woe3759 to them that are with child,2192 1722 1064 and2532 to them that give suck2337 in1722 those1565 days!2250

18  And1161 pray4336 ye that2443 your5216 flight5437 be1096 not3361 in the winter.5494

19  For1063 in those1565 days2250 shall be2071 affliction,2347 such as3634 was1096 not3756 5108 from575 the beginning746 of the creation2937 which3739 God2316 created2936 unto2193 this time,3568 2532 neither3364 shall be.1096

20  And2532 except1508 that the Lord2962 had shortened2856 those days,2250 no3956 3756 flesh4561 should be saved:4982 302 but235 for the elect's sake,1223 3588 1588 whom3739 he hath chosen,1586 he hath shortened2856 the3588 days.2250

21  And2532 then5119 if1437 any man5100 shall say2036 to you,5213 Lo,2400 here5602 is Christ;5547 or,2228 lo,2400 he is there;1563 believe4100 him not:3361

22  For1063 false Christs5580 and2532 false prophets5578 shall rise,1453 and2532 shall show1325 signs4592 and2532 wonders,5059 to seduce,635 if1487 it were possible,1415 even2532 the3588 elect.1588

23  But1161 take ye heed:991 5210 behold,2400 I have foretold4280 you5213 all things.3956

24  But235 in1722 those1565 days,2250 after3326 that1565 tribulation,2347 the3588 sun2246 shall be darkened,4654 and2532 the3588 moon4582 shall not3756 give1325 her848 light,5338

25  And2532 the3588 stars792 of heaven3772 shall2071 fall,1601 and2532 the3588 powers1411 that3588 are in1722 heaven3772 shall be shaken.4531

26  And2532 then5119 shall they see3700 the3588 Son5207 of man444 coming2064 in1722 the clouds3507 with3326 great4183 power1411 and2532 glory.1391

27  And2532 then5119 shall he send649 his848 angels,32 and2532 shall gather together1996 his848 elect1588 from1537 the3588 four5064 winds,417 from575 the uttermost part206 of the earth1093 to2193 the uttermost part206 of heaven.3772

28  Now1161 learn3129 a parable3850 of575 the3588 fig tree;4808 When3752 her846 branch2798 is1096 yet2235 tender,527 and2532 putteth forth1631 leaves,5444 ye know1097 that3754 summer2330 is2076 near:1451

29  So3779 ye5210 in like manner,2532 when3752 ye shall see1492 these things5023 come to pass,1096 know1097 that3754 it is2076 nigh,1451 even at1909 the doors.2374

30  Verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 that3754 this3778 generation1074 shall not3364 pass,3928 till3360 all3956 these things5023 be done.1096

31  Heaven3772 and2532 earth1093 shall pass away:3928 but1161 my3450 words3056 shall not3364 pass away.3928

32  But1161 of4012 that1565 day2250 and2532 that hour5610 knoweth1492 no man,3762 no, not3761 the3588 angels32 which3588 are in1722 heaven,3772 neither3761 the3588 Son,5207 but1508 the3588 Father.3962

33  Take ye heed,991 watch69 and2532 pray:4336 for1063 ye know1492 not3756 when4219 the3588 time2540 is.2076

34  For the Son of man is as5613 a man444 taking a far journey,590 who left863 his848 house,3614 and2532 gave1325 authority1849 to his848 servants,1401 and2532 to every man1538 his848 work,2041 and2532 commanded1781 the3588 porter2377 to2443 watch.1127

35  Watch1127 ye therefore:3767 for1063 ye know1492 not3756 when4219 the3588 master2962 of the3588 house3614 cometh,2064 at even,3796 or2228 at midnight,3317 or2228 at the cockcrowing,219 or2228 in the morning:4404

36  Lest3361 coming2064 suddenly1810 he find2147 you5209 sleeping.2518

37  And1161 what3739 I say3004 unto you5213 I say3004 unto all,3956 Watch.1127

Mark 14: 1-72

1  After3326 two1417 days2250 was2258 the feast of the3588 passover,3957 and2532 of unleavened bread:106 and2532 the3588 chief priests749 and2532 the3588 scribes1122 sought2212 how4459 they might take2902 him846 by1722 craft,1388 and put him to death.615

2  But1161 they said,3004 Not3361 on1722 the3588 feast1859 day, lest3379 there be2071 an uproar2351 of the3588 people.2992

3  And2532 being5607 in1722 Bethany963 in1722 the3588 house3614 of Simon4613 the3588 leper,3015 as he846 sat at meat,2621 there came2064 a woman1135 having2192 an alabaster box211 of ointment3464 of spikenard4101 3487 very precious;4185 and2532 she broke4937 the3588 box,211 and poured2708 it on2596 his846 head.2776

4  And1161 there were2258 some5100 that had indignation23 within4314 themselves,1438 and2532 said,3004 Why5101 was this3778 waste684 of the3588 ointment3464 made?1096

5  For1063 it5124 might have been1410 sold4097 for more than1883 three hundred5145 pence,1220 and2532 have been given1325 to the3588 poor.4434 And2532 they murmured against1690 her.846

6  And1161 Jesus2424 said,2036 Let her alone;863 846 why5101 trouble3930 2873 ye her?846 she hath wrought2038 a good2570 work2041 on1519 me.1691

7  For1063 ye have2192 the3588 poor4434 with3326 you1438 always,3842 and2532 whensoever3752 ye will2309 ye may1410 do4160 them846 good:2095 but1161 me1691 ye have2192 not3756 always.3842

8  She hath done4160 what3739 she3778 could:2192 she is come aforehand4301 to anoint3462 my3450 body4983 to1519 the3588 burying.1780

9  Verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 Wheresoever3699 302 this5124 gospel2098 shall be preached2784 throughout1519 the3588 whole3650 world,2889 this also2532 that3739 she3778 hath done4160 shall be spoken of2980 for1519 a memorial3422 of her.846

10  And2532 Judas2455 Iscariot,2469 one1520 of the3588 twelve,1427 went565 unto4314 the3588 chief priests,749 to2443 betray3860 him846 unto them.846

11  And1161 when they3588 heard191 it, they were glad,5463 and2532 promised1861 to give1325 him846 money.694 And2532 he sought2212 how4459 he might conveniently2122 betray3860 him.846

12  And2532 the3588 first4413 day2250 of unleavened bread,106 when3753 they killed2380 the3588 passover,3957 his846 disciples3101 said3004 unto him,846 Where4226 wilt2309 thou that we go565 and prepare2090 that2443 thou mayest eat5315 the3588 passover?3957

13  And2532 he sendeth forth649 two1417 of his848 disciples,3101 and2532 saith3004 unto them,846 Go5217 ye into1519 the3588 city,4172 and2532 there shall meet528 you5213 a man444 bearing941 a pitcher2765 of water:5204 follow190 him.846

14  And2532 wheresoever3699 1437 he shall go1525 say2036 ye to the3588 goodman of the house,3617 The3588 Master1320 saith,3004 Where4226 is2076 the3588 guestchamber,2646 where3699 I shall eat5315 the3588 passover3957 with3326 my3450 disciples?3101

15  And2532 he846 will show1166 you5213 a large3173 upper room508 furnished4766 and prepared:2092 there1563 make ready2090 for us.2254

16  And2532 his846 disciples3101 went forth,1831 and2532 came2064 into1519 the3588 city,4172 and2532 found2147 as2531 he had said2036 unto them:846 and2532 they made ready2090 the3588 passover.3957

17  And2532 in the evening3798 he1096 cometh2064 with3326 the3588 twelve.1427

18  And2532 as they846 sat345 and2532 did eat,2068 Jesus2424 said,2036 Verily281 I say3004 unto you,5213 One1520 of1537 you5216 which eateth2068 with3326 me1700 shall betray3860 me.3165

19  And1161 they3588 began756 to be sorrowful,3076 and2532 to say3004 unto him846 one by one,1527 Is3385 it I?1473 and2532 another243 said, Is3385 it I?1473

20  And1161 he3588 answered611 and said2036 unto them,846 It is one1520 of1537 the3588 twelve,1427 that dippeth1686 with3326 me1700 in1519 the3588 dish.5165

21  The3588 Son5207 of man444 indeed3303 goeth,5217 as2531 it is written1125 of4012 him:846 but1161 woe3759 to that1565 man444 by1223 whom3739 the3588 Son5207 of man444 is betrayed!3860 good2570 were2258 it846 for that1565 man444 if1487 he had never3756 been born.1080

22  And2532 as they846 did eat,2068 Jesus2424 took2983 bread,740 and blessed,2127 and broke2806 it, and2532 gave1325 to them,846 and2532 said,2036 Take,2983 eat:5315 this5124 is2076 my3450 body.