King James Version 1611 - 1769





Hosea 1: 1-11

1  The word1697 of the LORD3068 that834 came1961 unto413 Hosea,1954 the son1121 of Beeri,882 in the days3117 of Uzziah,5818 Jotham,3147 Ahaz,271 and Hezekiah,3169 kings4428 of Judah,3063 and in the days3117 of Jeroboam3379 the son1121 of Joash,3101 king4428 of Israel.3478

2  The beginning8462 of the word1696 of the LORD3068 by Hosea.1954 And the LORD3068 said559 to413 Hosea,1954 Go,1980 take3947 unto thee a wife802 of whoredoms2183 and children3206 of whoredoms:2183 for3588 the land776 hath committed great whoredom,2181 2181 departing from4480 310 the LORD.3068

3  So he went1980 and took3947 853 Gomer1586 the daughter1323 of Diblaim;1691 which conceived,2029 and bore3205 him a son.1121

4  And the LORD3068 said559 unto413 him, Call7121 his name8034 Jezreel;3157 for3588 yet5750 a little4592 while, and I will avenge6485 853 the blood1818 of Jezreel3157 upon5921 the house1004 of Jehu,3058 and will cause to cease7673 the kingdom4468 of the house1004 of Israel.3478

5  And it shall come to pass1961 at that1931 day,3117 that I will break7665 853 the bow7198 of Israel3478 in the valley6010 of Jezreel.3157

6  And she conceived2029 again,5750 and bore3205 a daughter.1323 And God said559 unto him, Call7121 her name8034 Lo-ruhamah:3819 for3588 I will no3808 more5750 3254 have mercy upon7355 853 the house1004 of Israel;3478 but3588 I will utterly take them away.5375 5375

7  But I will have mercy upon7355 the house1004 of Judah,3063 and will save3467 them by the LORD3068 their God,430 and will not3808 save3467 them by bow,7198 nor by sword,2719 nor by battle,4421 by horses,5483 nor by horsemen.6571

8  Now when she had weaned1580 853 Lo-ruhamah,3819 she conceived,2029 and bore3205 a son.1121

9  Then said559 God, Call7121 his name8034 Lo-ammi:3818 for3588 ye859 are not3808 my people,5971 and I595 will not3808 be1961 your God.

10  Yet the number4557 of the children1121 of Israel3478 shall be1961 as the sand2344 of the sea,3220 which834 cannot3808 be measured4058 nor3808 numbered;5608 and it shall come to pass,1961 that in the place4725 where834 it was said559 unto them, Ye859 are not3808 my people,5971 there it shall be said559 unto them, Ye are the sons1121 of the living2416 God.410

11  Then shall the children1121 of Judah3063 and the children1121 of Israel3478 be gathered together,6908 3162 and appoint7760 themselves one259 head,7218 and they shall come up5927 out of4480 the land:776 for3588 great1419 shall be the day3117 of Jezreel.3157

Hosea 2: 1-23

1  Say559 ye unto your brethren,251 Ammi;5971 and to your sisters,269 Ruhamah.7355

2  Plead7378 with your mother,517 plead:7378 for3588 she1931 is not3808 my wife,802 neither3808 am I595 her husband:376 let her therefore put away5493 her whoredoms2183 out of her sight,4480 6440 and her adulteries5005 from between4480 996 her breasts;7699

3  Lest6435 I strip6584 her naked,6174 and set3322 her as in the day3117 that she was born,3205 and make7760 her as a wilderness,4057 and set7896 her like a dry6723 land,776 and slay4191 her with thirst.6772

4  And I will not3808 have mercy upon7355 her children;1121 for3588 they1992 be the children1121 of whoredoms.2183

5  For3588 their mother517 hath played the harlot:2181 she that conceived2029 them hath done shamefully:954 for3588 she said,559 I will go1980 after310 my lovers,157 that give5414 me my bread3899 and my water,4325 my wool6785 and my flax,6593 mine oil8081 and my drink.8250

6  Therefore,3651 behold,2009 I will hedge up7753 853 thy way1870 with thorns,5518 and make1443 853 a wall,1447 that she shall not3808 find4672 her paths.5410

7  And she shall follow after7291 853 her lovers,157 but she shall not3808 overtake5381 them; and she shall seek1245 them, but shall not3808 find4672 them: then shall she say,559 I will go1980 and return7725 to413 my first7223 husband;376 for3588 then227 was it better2896 with me than now.4480 6258

8  For she1931 did not3808 know3045 that3588 I595 gave5414 her corn,1715 and wine,8492 and oil,3323 and multiplied7235 her silver3701 and gold,2091 which they prepared6213 for Baal.1168

9  Therefore3651 will I return,7725 and take away3947 my corn1715 in the time6256 thereof, and my wine8492 in the season4150 thereof, and will recover5337 my wool6785 and my flax6593 given to cover3680 853 her nakedness.6172

10  And now6258 will I discover1540 853 her lewdness5040 in the sight5869 of her lovers,157 and none3808 376 shall deliver5337 her out of mine hand.4480 3027

11  I will also cause all3605 her mirth4885 to cease,7673 her feast days,2282 her new moons,2320 and her sabbaths,7676 and all3605 her solemn feasts.4150

12  And I will destroy8074 her vines1612 and her fig trees,8384 whereof834 she hath said,559 These1992 are my rewards866 that834 my lovers157 have given5414 me: and I will make7760 them a forest,3293 and the beasts2416 of the field7704 shall eat398 them.

13  And I will visit6485 upon5921 her 853 the days3117 of Baalim,1168 wherein834 she burned incense6999 to them, and she decked5710 herself with her earrings5141 and her jewels,2484 and she went1980 after310 her lovers,157 and forgot7911 me, saith5002 the LORD.3068

14  Therefore,3651 behold,2009 I595 will allure6601 her, and bring1980 her into the wilderness,4057 and speak1696 comfortably5921 3820 unto her.

15  And I will give5414 her 853 her vineyards3754 from thence,4480 8033 and the valley6010 of Achor5911 for a door6607 of hope:8615 and she shall sing6030 there,8033 as in the days3117 of her youth,5271 and as in the day3117 when she came up5927 out of the land4480 776 of Egypt.4714

16  And it shall be1961 at that1931 day,3117 saith5002 the LORD,3068 that thou shalt call7121 me Ishi;376 and shalt call7121 me no3808 more5750 Baali.1180

17  For I will take away5493 853 the names8034 of Baalim1168 out of her mouth,4480 6310 and they shall no3808 more5750 be remembered2142 by their name.8034

18  And in that1931 day3117 will I make3772 a covenant1285 for them with5973 the beasts2416 of the field,7704 and with5973 the fowls5775 of heaven,8064 and with the creeping things7431 of the ground:127 and I will break7665 the bow7198 and the sword2719 and the battle4421 out of4480 the earth,776 and will make them to lie down7901 safely.983

19  And I will betroth781 thee unto me forever;5769 yea, I will betroth781 thee unto me in righteousness,6664 and in judgment,4941 and in lovingkindness,2617 and in mercies.7356

20  I will even betroth781 thee unto me in faithfulness:530 and thou shalt know3045 853 the LORD.3068

21  And it shall come to pass1961 in that1931 day,3117 I will hear,6030 saith5002 the LORD,3068 I will hear6030 853 the heavens,8064 and they1992 shall hear6030 853 the earth;776

22  And the earth776 shall hear6030 853 the corn,1715 and the wine,8492 and the oil;3323 and they1992 shall hear6030 853 Jezreel.3157

23  And I will sow2232 her unto me in the earth;776 and I will have mercy upon7355 853 her that had not3808 obtained mercy;7355 and I will say559 to them which were not3808 my people,5971 Thou859 art my people;5971 and they1931 shall say,559 Thou art my God.430

Hosea 3: 1-5

1  Then said559 the LORD3068 unto413 me, Go1980 yet,5750 love157 a woman802 beloved157 of her friend,7453 yet an adulteress,5003 according to the love160 of the LORD3068 toward 853 the children1121 of Israel,3478 who1992 look6437 to413 other312 gods,430 and love157 flagons809 of wine.6025

2  So I bought3739 her to me for fifteen2568 6240 pieces of silver,3701 and for a homer2563 of barley,8184 and a half homer3963 of barley:8184

3  And I said559 unto413 her, Thou shalt abide3427 for me many7227 days;3117 thou shalt not3808 play the harlot,2181 and thou shalt not3808 be1961 for another man:376 so will I589 also1571 be for413 thee.

4  For3588 the children1121 of Israel3478 shall abide3427 many7227 days3117 without369 a king,4428 and without369 a prince,8269 and without369 a sacrifice,2077 and without369 an image,4676 and without369 an ephod,646 and without teraphim:8655

5  Afterward310 shall the children1121 of Israel3478 return,7725 and seek1245 853 the LORD3068 their God,430 and David1732 their king;4428 and shall fear6342 413 the LORD3068 and his goodness2898 in the latter319 days.3117

Hosea 4: 1-19

1  Hear8085 the word1697 of the LORD,3068 ye children1121 of Israel:3478 for3588 the LORD3068 hath a controversy7379 with5973 the inhabitants3427 of the land,776 because3588 there is no369 truth,571 nor369 mercy,2617 nor369 knowledge1847 of God430 in the land.776

2  By swearing,422 and lying,3584 and killing,7523 and stealing,1589 and committing adultery,5003 they break out,6555 and blood1818 toucheth5060 blood.1818

3  Therefore5921 3651 shall the land776 mourn,56 and every one3605 that dwelleth3427 therein shall languish,535 with the beasts2416 of the field,7704 and with the fowls5775 of heaven;8064 yea, the fishes1709 of the sea3220 also1571 shall be taken away.622

4  Yet389 let no408 man376 strive,7378 nor408 reprove3198 another:376 for thy people5971 are as they that strive7378 with the priest.3548

5  Therefore shalt thou fall3782 in the day,3117 and the prophet5030 also1571 shall fall3782 with5973 thee in the night,3915 and I will destroy1820 thy mother.517

6  My people5971 are destroyed1820 for lack4480 1097 of knowledge:1847 because3588 thou859 hast rejected3988 knowledge,1847 I will also reject3988 thee, that thou shalt be no priest4480 3547 to me: seeing thou hast forgotten7911 the law8451 of thy God,430 I589 will also1571 forget7911 thy children.1121

7  As they were increased,7231 so3651 they sinned2398 against me: therefore will I change4171 their glory3519 into shame.7036

8  They eat up398 the sin2403 of my people,5971 and they set5375 their heart5315 on413 their iniquity.5771

9  And there shall be,1961 like people,5971 like priest:3548 and I will punish6485 5921 them for their ways,1870 and reward7725 them their doings.4611

10  For they shall eat,398 and not3808 have enough:7646 they shall commit whoredom,2181 and shall not3808 increase:6555 because3588 they have left off5800 to take heed8104 853 to the LORD.3068

11  Whoredom2184 and wine3196 and new wine8492 take away3947 the heart.3820

12  My people5971 ask counsel7592 at their stocks,6086 and their staff4731 declareth5046 unto them: for3588 the spirit7307 of whoredoms2183 hath caused them to err,8582 and they have gone a whoring2181 from under4480 8478 their God.430

13  They sacrifice2076 upon5921 the tops7218 of the mountains,2022 and burn incense6999 upon5921 the hills,1389 under8478 oaks437 and poplars3839 and elms,424 because3588 the shadow6738 thereof is good:2896 therefore5921 3651 your daughters1323 shall commit whoredom,2181 and your spouses3618 shall commit adultery.5003

14  I will not3808 punish6485 5921 your daughters1323 when3588 they commit whoredom,2181 nor your spouses3618 when3588 they commit adultery:5003 for3588 themselves1992 are separated6504 with5973 whores,2181 and they sacrifice2076 with5973 harlots:6948 therefore the people5971 that doth not3808 understand995 shall fall.3832

15  Though518 thou,859 Israel,3478 play the harlot,2181 yet let not408 Judah3063 offend;816 and come935 not408 ye unto Gilgal,1537 neither408 go ye up5927 to Beth-aven,1007 nor408 swear,7650 The LORD3068 liveth.2416

16  For3588 Israel3478 slideth back5637 as a backsliding5637 heifer:6510 now6258 the LORD3068 will feed7462 them as a lamb3532 in a large place.4800

17  Ephraim669 is joined2266 to idols:6091 let him alone.5117

18  Their drink5435 is sour:5493 they have committed whoredom continually:2181 2181 her rulers4043 with shame7036 do love,157 Give3051 ye.

19  The wind7307 hath bound her up6887 853 in her wings,3671 and they shall be ashamed954 because of their sacrifices.4480 2077

Hosea 5: 1-15

1  Hear8085 ye this,2063 O priests;3548 and hearken,7181 ye house1004 of Israel;3478 and give ye ear,238 O house1004 of the king;4428 for3588 judgment4941 is toward you, because3588 ye have been1961 a snare6341 on Mizpah,4709 and a net7568 spread6566 upon5921 Tabor.8396

2  And the revolters7846 are profound6009 to make slaughter,7819 though I589 have been a rebuker4148 of them all.3605

3  I589 know3045 Ephraim,669 and Israel3478 is not3808 hid3582 from4480 me: for3588 now,6258 O Ephraim,669 thou committest whoredom,2181 and Israel3478 is defiled.2930

4  They will not3808 frame5414 their doings4611 to turn7725 unto413 their God:430 for3588 the spirit7307 of whoredoms2183 is in the midst7130 of them, and they have not3808 known3045 the LORD.3068

5  And the pride1347 of Israel3478 doth testify6030 to his face:6440 therefore shall Israel3478 and Ephraim669 fall3782 in their iniquity;5771 Judah3063 also1571 shall fall3782 with5973 them.

6  They shall go1980 with their flocks6629 and with their herds1241 to seek1245 853 the LORD;3068 but they shall not3808 find4672 him; he hath withdrawn2502 himself from4480 them.

7  They have dealt treacherously898 against the LORD:3068 for3588 they have begotten3205 strange2114 children:1121 now6258 shall a month2320 devour398 them with854 their portions.2506

8  Blow8628 ye the cornet7782 in Gibeah,1390 and the trumpet2689 in Ramah:7414 cry aloud7321 at Beth-aven,1007 after310 thee, O Benjamin.1144

9  Ephraim669 shall be1961 desolate8047 in the day3117 of rebuke:8433 among the tribes7626 of Israel3478 have I made known3045 that which shall surely be.539

10  The princes8269 of Judah3063 were1961 like them that remove5253 the bound:1366 therefore I will pour out8210 my wrath5678 upon5921 them like water.4325

11  Ephraim669 is oppressed6231 and broken7533 in judgment,4941 because3588 he willingly2974 walked1980 after310 the commandment.6673

12  Therefore will I589 be unto Ephraim669 as a moth,6211 and to the house1004 of Judah3063 as rottenness.7538

13  When Ephraim669 saw7200 853 his sickness,2483 and Judah3063 saw 853 his wound,4205 then went1980 Ephraim669 to413 the Assyrian,804 and sent7971 to413 king4428 Jareb:3377 yet could3201 he1931 not3808 heal7495 you, nor3808 cure1455 4480 you of your wound.4205

14  For3588 I595 will be unto Ephraim669 as a lion,7826 and as a young lion3715 to the house1004 of Judah:3063 I,589 even I,589 will tear2963 and go away;1980 I will take away,5375 and none369 shall rescue5337 him.

15  I will go1980 and return7725 to413 my place,4725 till5704 834 they acknowledge their offense,816 and seek1245 my face:6440 in their affliction6862 they will seek me early.7836

Hosea 6: 1-11

1  Come,1980 and let us return7725 unto413 the LORD:3068 for3588 he1931 hath torn,2963 and he will heal7495 us; he hath smitten,5221 and he will bind us up.2280

2  After two days4480 3117 will he revive2421 us: in the third7992 day3117 he will raise us up,6965 and we shall live2421 in his sight.6440

3  Then shall we know,3045 if we follow on7291 to know3045 853 the LORD:3068 his going forth4161 is prepared3559 as the morning;7837 and he shall come935 unto us as the rain,1653 as the latter4456 and former rain3138 unto the earth.776

4  O Ephraim,669 what4100 shall I do6213 unto thee? O Judah,3063 what4100 shall I do6213 unto thee? for your goodness2617 is as a morning1242 cloud,6051 and as the early7925 dew2919 it goeth away.1980

5  Therefore5921 3651 have I hewed2672 them by the prophets;5030 I have slain2026 them by the words561 of my mouth:6310 and thy judgments4941 are as the light216 that goeth forth.3318

6  For3588 I desired2654 mercy,2617 and not3808 sacrifice;2077 and the knowledge1847 of God430 more than burnt offerings.4480 5930

7  But they1992 like men120 have transgressed5674 the covenant:1285 there8033 have they dealt treacherously898 against me.

8  Gilead1568 is a city7151 of them that work6466 iniquity,205 and is polluted6121 with blood.4480 1818

9  And as troops of robbers1416 wait2442 for a man,376 so the company2267 of priests3548 murder7523 in the way1870 by consent:7926 for3588 they commit6213 lewdness.2154

10  I have seen7200 a horrible thing8186 in the house1004 of Israel:3478 there8033 is the whoredom2184 of Ephraim,669 Israel3478 is defiled.2930

11  Also,1571 O Judah,3063 he hath set7896 a harvest7105 for thee, when I returned7725 the captivity7622 of my people.5971

Hosea 7: 1-16

1  When I would have healed7495 Israel,3478 then the iniquity5771 of Ephraim669 was discovered,1540 and the wickedness7451 of Samaria:8111 for3588 they commit6466 falsehood;8267 and the thief1590 cometh in,935 and the troop of robbers1416 spoileth6584 without.2351

2  And they consider559 not1077 in their hearts3824 that I remember2142 all3605 their wickedness:7451 now6258 their own doings4611 have beset them about;5437 they are1961 before5048 my face.6440

3  They make the king glad8055 4428 with their wickedness,7451 and the princes8269 with their lies.3585

4  They are all3605 adulterers,5003 as3644 an oven8574 heated1197 by4480 the baker,644 who ceaseth7673 from raising4480 5782 after he hath kneaded4480 3888 the dough,1217 until5704 it be leavened.2556

5  In the day3117 of our king4428 the princes8269 have made him sick2470 with bottles2534 of wine;4480 3196 he stretched out4900 his hand3027 with854 scorners.3945

6  For3588 they have made ready7126 their heart3820 like an oven,8574 while they lie in wait:693 their baker644 sleepeth3463 all3605 the night;3915 in the morning1242 it1931 burneth1197 as a flaming3852 fire.784

7  They are all hot2552 3605 as an oven,8574 and have devoured398 853 their judges;8199 all3605 their kings4428 are fallen:5307 there is none369 among them that calleth7121 unto413 me.

8  Ephraim,669 he1931 hath mixed himself1101 among the people;5971 Ephraim669 is1961 a cake5692 not1097 turned.2015

9  Strangers2114 have devoured398 his strength,3581 and he1931 knoweth3045 it not:3808 yea,1571 gray hairs7872 are here and there2236 upon him, yet he1931 knoweth3045 not.3808

10  And the pride1347 of Israel3478 testifieth6030 to his face:6440 and they do not3808 return7725 to413 the LORD3068 their God,430 nor3808 seek1245 him for all3605 this.2063

11  Ephraim669 also is1961 like a silly6601 dove3123 without369 heart:3820 they call7121 to Egypt,4714 they go1980 to Assyria.804

12  When834 they shall go,1980 I will spread6566 my net7568 upon5921 them; I will bring them down3381 as the fowls5775 of the heaven;8064 I will chastise3256 them, as their congregation5712 hath heard.8088

13  Woe188 unto them! for3588 they have fled5074 from4480 me: destruction7701 unto them! because3588 they have transgressed6586 against me: though I595 have redeemed6299 them, yet they1992 have spoken1696 lies3577 against5921 me.

14  And they have not3808 cried2199 unto413 me with their heart,3820 when3588 they howled3213 upon5921 their beds:4904 they assemble themselves1481 for5921 corn1715 and wine,8492 and they rebel5493 against me.

15  Though I589 have bound3256 and strengthened2388 their arms,2220 yet do they imagine2803 mischief7451 against413 me.

16  They return,7725 but not3808 to the most High:5920 they are1961 like a deceitful7423 bow:7198 their princes8269 shall fall5307 by the sword2719 for the rage4480 2195 of their tongue:3956 this2097 shall be their derision3933 in the land776 of Egypt.4714

Hosea 8: 1-14

1  Set the trumpet7782 to413 thy mouth.2441 He shall come as an eagle5404 against5921 the house1004 of the LORD,3068 because3282 they have transgressed5674 my covenant,1285 and trespassed6586 against5921 my law.8451

2  Israel3478 shall cry2199 unto me, My God,430 we know3045 thee.

3  Israel3478 hath cast off2186 the thing that is good:2896 the enemy341 shall pursue7291 him.

4  They1992 have set up kings,4427 but not3808 by4480 me: they have made princes,8323 and I knew3045 it not:3808 of their silver3701 and their gold2091 have they made6213 them idols,6091 that4616 they may be cut off.3772

5  Thy calf,5695 O Samaria,8111 hath cast thee off;2186 mine anger639 is kindled2734 against them: how long5704 4970 will it be ere3808 they attain3201 to innocency?5356

6  For3588 from Israel4480 3478 was it1931 also: the workman2796 made6213 it;1931 therefore it is not3808 God:430 but3588 the calf5695 of Samaria8111 shall be1961 broken in pieces.7616

7  For3588 they have sown2232 the wind,7307 and they shall reap7114 the whirlwind:5492 it hath no369 stalk:7054 the bud6780 shall yield6213 no1097 meal:7058 if so be194 it yield,6213 the strangers2114 shall swallow it up.1104

8  Israel3478 is swallowed up:1104 now6258 shall they be1961 among the Gentiles1471 as a vessel3627 wherein is no369 pleasure.2656

9  For3588 they1992 are gone up5927 to Assyria,804 a wild ass6501 alone909 by himself: Ephraim669 hath hired8566 lovers.158

10  Yea,1571 though3588 they have hired8566 among the nations,1471 now6258 will I gather6908 them, and they shall sorrow2490 a little4592 for the burden4480 4853 of the king4428 of princes.8269

11  Because3588 Ephraim669 hath made many7235 altars4196 to sin,2398 altars4196 shall be1961 unto him to sin.2398

12  I have written3789 to him the great things7230 of my law,8451 but they were counted2803 as3644 a strange thing.2114

13  They sacrifice2076 flesh1320 for the sacrifices2077 of mine offerings,1890 and eat398 it; but the LORD3068 accepteth7521 them not;3808 now6258 will he remember2142 their iniquity,5771 and visit6485 their sins:2403 they1992 shall return7725 to Egypt.4714

14  For Israel3478 hath forgotten7911 853 his Maker,6213 and buildeth1129 temples;1964 and Judah3063 hath multiplied7235 fenced1219 cities:5892 but I will send7971 a fire784 upon his cities,5892 and it shall devour398 the palaces759 thereof.

Hosea 9: 1-17

1  Rejoice8055 not,408 O Israel,3478 for413 joy,1524 as other people:5971 for3588 thou hast gone a whoring2181 from4480 5921 thy God,430 thou hast loved157 a reward868 upon5921 every3605 corn1715 floor.1637

2  The floor1637 and the winepress3342 shall not3808 feed7462 them, and the new wine8492 shall fail3584 in her.

3  They shall not3808 dwell3427 in the LORD's3068 land;776 but Ephraim669 shall return7725 to Egypt,4714 and they shall eat398 unclean2931 things in Assyria.804

4  They shall not3808 offer5258 wine3196 offerings to the LORD,3068 neither3808 shall they be pleasing6149 unto him: their sacrifices2077 shall be unto them as the bread3899 of mourners;205 all3605 that eat398 thereof shall be polluted:2930 for3588 their bread3899 for their soul5315 shall not3808 come into935 the house1004 of the LORD.3068

5  What4100 will ye do6213 in the solemn4150 day,3117 and in the day3117 of the feast2282 of the LORD?3068

6  For,3588 lo,2009 they are gone1980 because of destruction:4480 7701 Egypt4714 shall gather them up,6908 Memphis4644 shall bury6912 them: the pleasant4261 places for their silver,3701 nettles7057 shall possess3423 them: thorns2336 shall be in their tabernacles.168

7  The days3117 of visitation6486 are come,935 the days3117 of recompense7966 are come;935 Israel3478 shall know3045 it: the prophet5030 is a fool,191 the spiritual7307 man376 is mad,7696 for5921 the multitude7230 of thine iniquity,5771 and the great7227 hatred.4895

8  The watchman6822 of Ephraim669 was with5973 my God:430 but the prophet5030 is a snare6341 of a fowler3352 in5921 all3605 his ways,1870 and hatred4895 in the house1004 of his God.430

9  They have deeply6009 corrupted7843 themselves, as in the days3117 of Gibeah:1390 therefore he will remember2142 their iniquity,5771 he will visit6485 their sins.2403

10  I found4672 Israel3478 like grapes6025 in the wilderness;4057 I saw7200 your fathers1 as the firstripe1063 in the fig tree8384 at her first time:7225 but they1992 went935 to Baal-peor,1187 and separated themselves5144 unto that shame;1322 and their abominations8251 were1961 according as they loved.157

11  As for Ephraim,669 their glory3519 shall fly away5774 like a bird,5775 from the birth,4480 3205 and from the womb,4480 990 and from the conception.4480 2032

12  Though3588 518 they bring up1431 853 their children,1121 yet will I bereave7921 them, that there shall not be a man4480 120 left: yea,3588 woe188 also1571 to them when I depart5493 from4480 them!

13  Ephraim,669 as834 I saw7200 Tyrus,6865 is planted8362 in a pleasant place:5116 but Ephraim669 shall bring forth3318 his children1121 to413 the murderer.2026

14  Give5414 them, O LORD:3068 what4100 wilt thou give?5414 give5414 them a miscarrying7921 womb7358 and dry6784 breasts.7699

15  All3605 their wickedness7451 is in Gilgal:1537 for3588 there8033 I hated8130 them: for5921 the wickedness7455 of their doings4611 I will drive them out1644 of mine house,4480 1004 I will love157 them no3808 more:3254 all3605 their princes8269 are revolters.5637

16  Ephraim669 is smitten,5221 their root8328 is dried up,3001 they shall bear6213 no1077 fruit:6529 yea,1571 though3588 they bring forth,3205 yet will I slay4191 even the beloved4261 fruit of their womb.990

17  My God430 will cast them away,3988 because3588 they did not3808 hearken8085 unto him: and they shall be1961 wanderers5074 among the nations.1471

Hosea 10: 1-15

1  Israel3478 is an empty1238 vine,1612 he bringeth forth7737 fruit6529 unto himself: according to the multitude7230 of his fruit6529 he hath increased7235 the altars;4196 according to the goodness2896 of his land776 they have made goodly3190 images.4676

2  Their heart3820 is divided;2505 now6258 shall they be found faulty:816 he1931 shall break down6202 their altars,4196 he shall spoil7703 their images.4676

3  For3588 now6258 they shall say,559 We have no369 king,4428 because3588 we feared3372 not3808 853 the LORD;3068 what4100 then should a king4428 do6213 to us?

4  They have spoken1696 words,1697 swearing422 falsely7723 in making3772 a covenant:1285 thus judgment4941 springeth up6524 as hemlock7219 in5921 the furrows8525 of the field.7704

5  The inhabitants7934 of Samaria8111 shall fear1481 because of the calves5697 of Beth-aven:1007 for3588 the people5971 thereof shall mourn56 over5921 it, and the priests3649 thereof that rejoiced1523 on5921 it, for5921 the glory3519 thereof, because3588 it is departed1540 from4480 it.

6  It shall be also1571 carried2986 unto Assyria804 for a present4503 to king4428 Jareb:3377 Ephraim669 shall receive3947 shame,1317 and Israel3478 shall be ashamed954 of his own counsel.4480 6098

7  As for Samaria,8111 her king4428 is cut off1820 as the foam7110 upon5921 6440 the water.4325

8  The high places1116 also of Aven,206 the sin2403 of Israel,3478 shall be destroyed:8045 the thorn6975 and the thistle1863 shall come up5927 on5921 their altars;4196 and they shall say559 to the mountains,2022 Cover3680 us; and to the hills,1389 Fall5307 on5921 us.

9  O Israel,3478 thou hast sinned2398 from the days4480 3117 of Gibeah:1390 there8033 they stood:5975 the battle4421 in Gibeah1390 against5921 the children1121 of iniquity5932 did not3808 overtake5381 them.

10  It is in my desire185 that I should chastise3256 them; and the people5971 shall be gathered622 against5921 them, when they shall bind631 themselves in their two8147 furrows.5869

11  And Ephraim669 is as a heifer5697 that is taught,3925 and loveth157 to tread out1758 the corn; but I589 passed over5674 upon5921 her fair2898 neck:6677 I will make Ephraim669 to ride;7392 Judah3063 shall plow,2790 and Jacob3290 shall break his clods.7702

12  Sow2232 to yourselves in righteousness,6666 reap7114 in6310 mercy;2617 break up5214 your fallow ground:5215 for it is time6256 to seek1875 853 the LORD,3068 till5704 he come935 and rain3384 righteousness6664 upon you.

13  Ye have plowed2790 wickedness,7562 ye have reaped7114 iniquity;5766 ye have eaten398 the fruit6529 of lies:3585 because3588 thou didst trust982 in thy way,1870 in the multitude7230 of thy mighty men.1368

14  Therefore shall a tumult7588 arise6965 among thy people,5971 and all3605 thy fortresses4013 shall be spoiled,7703 as Shalman8020 spoiled7701 Beth-arbel1009 in the day3117 of battle:4421 the mother517 was dashed in pieces7376 upon5921 her children.1121

15  So3602 shall Bethel1008 do6213 unto you because4480 6440 of your great wickedness:7451 7451 in a morning7837 shall the king4428 of Israel3478 utterly be cut off.1820 1820

Hosea 11: 1-12

1  When3588 Israel3478 was a child,5288 then I loved157 him, and called7121 my son1121 out of Egypt.4480 4714

2  As they called7121 them, so3651 they went1980 from4480 6440 them: they sacrificed2076 unto Baalim,1168 and burned incense6999 to graven images.6456

3  I595 taught Ephraim also to go,8637 669 taking3947 them by5921 their arms;2220 but they knew3045 not3808 that3588 I healed7495 them.

4  I drew4900 them with cords2256 of a man,120 with bands5688 of love:160 and I was1961 to them as they that take off7311 the yoke5923 on5921 their jaws,3895 and I laid5186 meat398 unto413 them.

5  He shall not3808 return7725 into413 the land776 of Egypt,4714 but the Assyrian804 shall be his king,4428 because3588 they refused3985 to return.7725

6  And the sword2719 shall abide2342 on his cities,5892 and shall consume3615 his branches,905 and devour398 them, because of their own counsels.4480 4156

7  And my people5971 are bent8511 to backsliding4878 from me: though they called7121 them to413 the most High,5920 none at all3808 3162 would exalt7311 him.

8  How349 shall I give thee up,5414 Ephraim?669 how shall I deliver4042 thee, Israel?3478 how349 shall I make5414 thee as Admah?126 how shall I set7760 thee as Zeboim?6636 mine heart3820 is turned2015 within5921 me, my repentings5150 are kindled3648 together.3162

9  I will not3808 execute6213 the fierceness2740 of mine anger,639 I will not3808 return7725 to destroy7843 Ephraim:669 for3588 I595 am God,410 and not3808 man;376 the Holy One6918 in the midst7130 of thee: and I will not3808 enter935 into the city.5892

10  They shall walk1980 after310 the LORD:3068 he shall roar7580 like a lion:738 when3588 he1931 shall roar,7580 then the children1121 shall tremble2729 from the west.4480 3220

11  They shall tremble2729 as a bird6833 out of Egypt,4480 4714 and as a dove3123 out of the land4480 776 of Assyria:804 and I will place3427 them in5921 their houses,1004 saith5002 the LORD.3068

12  Ephraim669 compasseth me about5437 with lies,3585 and the house1004 of Israel3478 with deceit:4820 but Judah3063 yet5750 ruleth7300 with5973 God,410 and is faithful539 with5973 the saints.6918

Hosea 12: 1-14

1  Ephraim669 feedeth7462 on wind,7307 and followeth after7291 the east wind:6921 he daily3605 3117 increaseth7235 lies3577 and desolation;7701 and they do make3772 a covenant1285 with5973 the Assyrians,804 and oil8081 is carried2986 into Egypt.4714

2  The LORD3068 hath also a controversy7379 with5973 Judah,3063 and will punish6485 5921 Jacob3290 according to his ways;1870 according to his doings4611 will he recompense7725 him.

3  He took his brother by the heel6117 853 251 in the womb,990 and by his strength202 he had power8280 with854 God:430

4  Yea, he had power8280 over413 the angel,4397 and prevailed:3201 he wept,1058 and made supplication2603 unto him: he found4672 him in Bethel,1008 and there8033 he spoke1696 with5973 us;

5  Even the LORD3068 God430 of hosts;6635 the LORD3068 is his memorial.2143

6  Therefore turn7725 thou859 to thy God:430 keep8104 mercy2617 and judgment,4941 and wait6960 on413 thy God430 continually.8548

7  He is a merchant,3667 the balances3976 of deceit4820 are in his hand:3027 he loveth157 to oppress.6231

8  And Ephraim669 said,559 Yet389 I am become rich,6238 I have found me out4672 substance:202 in all3605 my labors3018 they shall find4672 none3808 iniquity5771 in me that834 were sin.2399

9  And I595 that am the LORD3068 thy God430 from the land4480 776 of Egypt4714 will yet5750 make thee to dwell3427 in tabernacles,168 as in the days3117 of the solemn feast.4150

10  I have also spoken1696 by5921 the prophets,5030 and I595 have multiplied7235 visions,2377 and used similitudes,1819 by the ministry3027 of the prophets.5030

11  Is there iniquity205 in Gilead?1568 surely389 they are1961 vanity:7723 they sacrifice2076 bullocks7794 in Gilgal;1537 yea,1571 their altars4196 are as heaps1530 in5921 the furrows8525 of the fields.7704

12  And Jacob3290 fled1272 into the country7704 of Syria,758 and Israel3478 served5647 for a wife,802 and for a wife802 he kept8104 sheep.

13  And by a prophet5030 the LORD3068 brought5927 853 Israel3478 out of Egypt,4480 4714 and by a prophet5030 was he preserved.8104

14  Ephraim669 provoked him to anger3707 most bitterly:8563 therefore shall he leave5203 his blood1818 upon5921 him, and his reproach2781 shall his Lord113 return7725 unto him.

Hosea 13: 1-16

1  When Ephraim669 spoke1696 trembling,7578 he1931 exalted5375 himself in Israel;3478 but when he offended816 in Baal,1168 he died.4191

2  And now6258 they sin2398 more and more,3254 and have made6213 them molten images4541 of their silver,4480 3701 and idols6091 according to their own understanding,8394 all3605 of it the work4639 of the craftsmen:2796 they1992 say559 of them, Let the men120 that sacrifice2076 kiss5401 the calves.5695

3  Therefore3651 they shall be1961 as the morning1242 cloud,6051 and as the early7925 dew2919 that passeth away,1980 as the chaff4671 that is driven with the whirlwind5590 out of the floor,4480 1637 and as the smoke6227 out of the chimney.4480 699

4  Yet I595 am the LORD3068 thy God430 from the land4480 776 of Egypt,4714 and thou shalt know3045 no3808 god430 but2108 me: for there is no369 savior3467 beside1115 me.

5  I589 did know3045 thee in the wilderness,4057 in the land776 of great drought.8514

6  According to their pasture,4830 so were they filled;7646 they were filled,7646 and their heart3820 was exalted;7311 therefore5921 3651 have they forgotten7911 me.

7  Therefore I will be1961 unto them as3644 a lion:7826 as a leopard5246 by5921 the way1870 will I observe7789 them:

8  I will meet6298 them as a bear1677 that is bereaved7909 of her whelps, and will rend7167 the caul5458 of their heart,3820 and there8033 will I devour398 them like a lion:3833 the wild7704 beast2416 shall tear1234 them.

9  O Israel,3478 thou hast destroyed7843 thyself; but3588 in me is thine help.5828

10  I will be165 thy king:4428 where645 is any other that may save3467 thee in all3605 thy cities?5892 and thy judges8199 of whom834 thou saidst,559 Give5414 me a king4428 and princes?8269

11  I gave5414 thee a king4428 in mine anger,639 and took him away3947 in my wrath.5678

12  The iniquity5771 of Ephraim669 is bound up;6887 his sin2403 is hid.6845

13  The sorrows2256 of a travailing woman3205 shall come935 upon him: he1931 is an unwise3808 2450 son;1121 for3588 he should not3808 stay5975 long6256 in the place of the breaking forth4866 of children.1121

14  I will ransom6299 them from the power4480 3027 of the grave;7585 I will redeem1350 them from death:4480 4194 O death,4194 I will be165 thy plagues;1698 O grave,7585 I will be165 thy destruction:6987 repentance5164 shall be hid5641 from mine eyes.4480 5869

15  Though3588 he1931 be fruitful6500 among996 his brethren,251 an east wind6921 shall come,935 the wind7307 of the LORD3068 shall come up5927 from the wilderness,4480 4057 and his spring4726 shall become dry,954 and his fountain4599 shall be dried up:2717 he1931 shall spoil8154 the treasure214 of all3605 pleasant2532 vessels.3627

16  Samaria8111 shall become desolate;816 for3588 she hath rebelled4784 against her God:430 they shall fall5307 by the sword:2719 their infants5768 shall be dashed in pieces,7376 and their women with child2030 shall be ripped up.1234

Hosea 14: 1-9

1  O Israel,3478 return7725 unto5704 the LORD3068 thy God;430 for3588 thou hast fallen3782 by thine iniquity.5771

2  Take3947 with5973 you words,1697 and turn7725 to413 the LORD:3068 say559 unto413 him, Take away5375 all3605 iniquity,5771 and receive3947 us graciously:2895 so will we render7999 the calves6499 of our lips.8193

3  Asshur804 shall not3808 save3467 us; we will not3808 ride7392 upon5921 horses:5483 neither3808 will we say559 any more5750 to the work4639 of our hands,3027 Ye are our gods:430 for834 in thee the fatherless3490 findeth mercy.7355

4  I will heal7495 their backsliding,4878 I will love157 them freely:5071 for3588 mine anger639 is turned away7725 from4480 him.

5  I will be1961 as the dew2919 unto Israel:3478 he shall grow6524 as the lily,7799 and cast forth5221 his roots8328 as Lebanon.3844

6  His branches3127 shall spread,1980 and his beauty1935 shall be1961 as the olive tree,2132 and his smell7381 as Lebanon.3844

7  They that dwell3427 under his shadow6738 shall return;7725 they shall revive2421 as the corn,1715 and grow6524 as the vine:1612 the scent2143 thereof shall be as the wine3196 of Lebanon.3844

8  Ephraim669 shall say, What4100 have I to do any more5750 with idols?6091 I589 have heard6030 him, and observed7789 him: I589 am like a green7488 fir tree.1265 From4480 me is thy fruit6529 found.4672

9  Who4310 is wise,2450 and he shall understand995 these428 things? prudent,995 and he shall know3045 them? for3588 the ways1870 of the LORD3068 are right,3477 and the just6662 shall walk1980 in them: but the transgressors6586 shall fall3782 therein.


À Christ seul soit la Gloire


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