King James Version 1611 - 1769





Nehemiah 1: 1-11

1  The words1697 of Nehemiah5166 the son1121 of Hachaliah.2446 And it came to pass1961 in the month2320 Chisleu,3691 in the twentieth6242 year,8141 as I589 was1961 in Shushan7800 the palace,1002

2  That Hanani,2607 one259 of my brethren,4480 251 came,935 he1931 and certain men376 of Judah;4480 3063 and I asked7592 them concerning5921 the Jews3064 that had escaped,6413 which834 were left7604 of4480 the captivity,7628 and concerning5921 Jerusalem.3389

3  And they said559 unto me, The remnant7604 that834 are left7604 of4480 the captivity7628 there8033 in the province4082 are in great1419 affliction7451 and reproach:2781 the wall2346 of Jerusalem3389 also is broken down,6555 and the gates8179 thereof are burned3341 with fire.784

4  And it came to pass,1961 when I heard8085 853 these428 words,1697 that I sat down3427 and wept,1058 and mourned56 certain days,3117 and fasted,1961 6684 and prayed6419 before6440 the God430 of heaven,8064

5  And said,559 I beseech577 thee, O LORD3068 God430 of heaven,8064 the great1419 and terrible3372 God,410 that keepeth8104 covenant1285 and mercy2617 for them that love157 him and observe8104 his commandments:4687

6  Let thine ear241 now4994 be1961 attentive,7183 and thine eyes5869 open,6605 that thou mayest hear8085 413 the prayer8605 of thy servant,5650 which834 I595 pray6419 before6440 thee now,3117 day3119 and night,3915 for5921 the children1121 of Israel3478 thy servants,5650 and confess3034 5921 the sins2403 of the children1121 of Israel,3478 which834 we have sinned2398 against thee: both I589 and my father's1 house1004 have sinned.2398

7  We have dealt very corruptly2254 2254 against thee, and have not3808 kept8104 853 the commandments,4687 nor the statutes,2706 nor the judgments,4941 which834 thou commandedst6680 853 thy servant5650 Moses.4872

8  Remember,2142 I beseech4994 thee, 853 the word1697 that834 thou commandedst6680 853 thy servant5650 Moses,4872 saying,559 If ye859 transgress,4603 I589 will scatter you abroad6327 853 among the nations:5971

9  But if ye turn7725 unto413 me, and keep8104 my commandments,4687 and do6213 them; though518 there were1961 of you cast out5080 unto the uttermost part7097 of the heaven,8064 yet will I gather6908 them from thence,4480 8033 and will bring935 them unto413 the place4725 that834 I have chosen977 to set7931 853 my name8034 there.8033

10  Now these1992 are thy servants5650 and thy people,5971 whom834 thou hast redeemed6299 by thy great1419 power,3581 and by thy strong2389 hand.3027

11  O Lord,136 I beseech577 thee, let now4994 thine ear241 be1961 attentive7183 to413 the prayer8605 of thy servant,5650 and to413 the prayer8605 of thy servants,5650 who desire2655 to fear3372 853 thy name:8034 and prosper,6743 I pray4994 thee, thy servant5650 this day,3117 and grant5414 him mercy7356 in the sight6440 of this2088 man.376 For I589 was1961 the king's4428 cupbearer.4945

Nehemiah 2: 1-20

1  And it came to pass1961 in the month2320 Nisan,5212 in the twentieth6242 year8141 of Artaxerxes783 the king,4428 that wine3196 was before6440 him: and I took up5375 853 the wine,3196 and gave5414 it unto the king.4428 Now I had not3808 been1961 formerly sad7451 in his presence.6440

2  Wherefore the king4428 said559 unto me, Why4069 is thy countenance6440 sad,7451 seeing thou859 art not369 sick?2470 this2088 is nothing369 else but3588 518 sorrow7455 of heart.3820 Then I was very3966 sore7235 afraid,3372

3  And said559 unto the king,4428 Let the king4428 live2421 forever:5769 why4069 should not3808 my countenance6440 be sad,7489 when834 the city,5892 the place1004 of my fathers'1 sepulchers,6913 lieth waste,2720 and the gates8179 thereof are consumed398 with fire?784

4  Then the king4428 said559 unto me, For5921 what4100 2088 dost thou859 make request?1245 So I prayed6419 to413 the God430 of heaven.8064

5  And I said559 unto the king,4428 If518 it please2895 5921 the king,4428 and if518 thy servant5650 have found favor3190 in thy sight,6440 that834 thou wouldest send7971 me unto413 Judah,3063 unto413 the city5892 of my fathers'1 sepulchers,6913 that I may build1129 it.

6  And the king4428 said559 unto me, (the queen7694 also sitting3427 by681 him,) For5704 how long4970 shall thy journey4109 be?1961 and when4970 wilt thou return?7725 So it pleased3190 6440 the king4428 to send7971 me; and I set5414 him a time.2165

7  Moreover I said559 unto the king,4428 If518 it please2895 5921 the king,4428 let letters107 be given5414 me to5921 the governors6346 beyond5676 the river,5104 that834 they may convey me over5674 till5704 834 I come935 into413 Judah;3063

8  And a letter107 unto413 Asaph623 the keeper8104 of the king's4428 forest,6508 that834 he may give5414 me timber6086 to make beams7136 for 853 the gates8179 of the palace1002 which834 appertained to the house,1004 and for the wall2346 of the city,5892 and for the house1004 that834 I shall enter935 into.413 And the king4428 granted5414 me, according to the good2896 hand3027 of my God430 upon5921 me.

9  Then I came935 to413 the governors6346 beyond5676 the river,5104 and gave5414 them 853 the king's4428 letters.107 Now the king4428 had sent7971 captains8269 of the army2428 and horsemen6571 with5973 me.

10  When Sanballat5571 the Horonite,2772 and Tobiah2900 the servant,5650 the Ammonite,5984 heard8085 of it, it grieved7489 them exceedingly1419 7451 that834 there was come935 a man120 to seek1245 the welfare2896 of the children1121 of Israel.3478

11  So I came935 to413 Jerusalem,3389 and was1961 there8033 three7969 days.3117

12  And I arose6965 in the night,3915 I589 and some few4592 men376 with5973 me; neither3808 told5046 I any man120 what4100 my God430 had put5414 in413 my heart3820 to do6213 at Jerusalem:3389 neither369 was there any beast929 with5973 me, save3588 518 the beast929 that834 I589 rode7392 upon.

13  And I went out3318 by night3915 by the gate8179 of the valley,1516 even before413 6440 the dragon8577 well,5869 and to413 the dung830 port,8179 and viewed1961 7663 the walls2346 of Jerusalem,3389 which834 were broken down,6555 and the gates8179 thereof were consumed398 with fire.784

14  Then I went on5674 to413 the gate8179 of the fountain,5869 and to413 the king's4428 pool:1295 but there was no369 place4725 for the beast929 that was under8478 me to pass.5674

15  Then went I up1961 5927 in the night3915 by the brook,5158 and viewed1961 7663 the wall,2346 and turned back,7725 and entered935 by the gate8179 of the valley,1516 and so returned.7725

16  And the rulers5461 knew3045 not3808 whither575 I went,1980 or what4100 I589 did;6213 neither3808 had I as5704 yet3651 told5046 it to the Jews,3064 nor to the priests,3548 nor to the nobles,2715 nor to the rulers,5461 nor to the rest3499 that did6213 the work.4399

17  Then said559 I unto413 them, Ye859 see7200 the distress7451 that834 we587 are in, how834 Jerusalem3389 lieth waste,2720 and the gates8179 thereof are burned3341 with fire:784 come,1980 and let us build up1129 853 the wall2346 of Jerusalem,3389 that we be1961 no3808 more5750 a reproach.2781

18  Then I told5046 them of 853 the hand3027 of my God430 which834 1931 was good2896 upon5921 me; as also637 the king's4428 words1697 that834 he had spoken559 unto me. And they said,559 Let us rise up6965 and build.1129 So they strengthened2388 their hands3027 for this good2896 work.

19  But when Sanballat5571 the Horonite,2772 and Tobiah2900 the servant,5650 the Ammonite,5984 and Geshem1654 the Arabian,6163 heard8085 it, they laughed us to scorn,3932 and despised959 5921 us, and said,559 What4100 is this2088 thing1697 that834 ye859 do?6213 will ye859 rebel4775 against5921 the king?4428

20  Then answered7725 1697 I them, and said559 unto them, The God430 of heaven,8064 he1931 will prosper6743 us; therefore we587 his servants5650 will arise6965 and build:1129 but ye have no369 portion,2506 nor right,6666 nor memorial,2146 in Jerusalem.3389

Nehemiah 3: 1-32

1  Then Eliashib475 the high1419 priest3548 rose up6965 with his brethren251 the priests,3548 and they built1129 853 the sheep6629 gate;8179 they1992 sanctified6942 it, and set up5975 the doors1817 of it; even unto5704 the tower4026 of Meah3968 they sanctified6942 it, unto5704 the tower4026 of Hananeel.2606

2  And next3027 unto5921 him built1129 the men376 of Jericho.3405 And next3027 to5921 them built1129 Zaccur2139 the son1121 of Imri.566

3  But the fish1709 gate8179 did the sons1121 of Hassenaah5570 build,1129 who1992 also laid the beams7136 thereof, and set up5975 the doors1817 thereof, the locks4514 thereof, and the bars1280 thereof.

4  And next3027 unto5921 them repaired2388 Meremoth4822 the son1121 of Urijah,223 the son1121 of Koz.6976 And next3027 unto5921 them repaired2388 Meshullam4918 the son1121 of Berechiah,1296 the son1121 of Meshezabeel.4898 And next3027 unto5921 them repaired2388 Zadok6659 the son1121 of Baana.1196

5  And next3027 unto5921 them the Tekoites8621 repaired;2388 but their nobles117 put935 not3808 their necks6677 to the work5656 of their Lord.113

6  Moreover the old3465 gate8179 repaired2388 Jehoiada3111 the son1121 of Paseah,6454 and Meshullam4918 the son1121 of Besodeiah;1152 they1992 laid the beams7136 thereof, and set up5975 the doors1817 thereof, and the locks4514 thereof, and the bars1280 thereof.

7  And next3027 unto5921 them repaired2388 Melatiah4424 the Gibeonite,1393 and Jadon3036 the Meronothite,4824 the men376 of Gibeon,1391 and of Mizpah,4709 unto the throne3678 of the governor6346 on this side5676 the river.5104

8  Next3027 unto5921 him repaired2388 Uzziel5816 the son1121 of Harhaiah,2736 of the goldsmiths.6884 Next3027 unto5921 him also repaired2388 Hananiah2608 the son1121 of one of the apothecaries,7546 and they fortified5800 Jerusalem3389 unto5704 the broad7342 wall.2346

9  And next3027 unto5921 them repaired2388 Rephaiah7509 the son1121 of Hur,2354 the ruler8269 of the half2677 part6418 of Jerusalem.3389

10  And next3027 unto5921 them repaired2388 Jedaiah3042 the son1121 of Harumaph,2739 even over against5048 his house.1004 And next3027 unto5921 him repaired2388 Hattush2407 the son1121 of Hashabniah.2813

11  Malchijah4441 the son1121 of Harim,2766 and Hashub2815 the son1121 of Pahath-moab,6355 repaired2388 the other8145 piece,4060 and the tower4026 of the furnaces.8574

12  And next3027 unto5921 him repaired2388 Shallum7967 the son1121 of Halohesh,3873 the ruler8269 of the half2677 part6418 of Jerusalem,3389 he1931 and his daughters.1323

13  853 The valley1516 gate8179 repaired2388 Hanun,2586 and the inhabitants3427 of Zanoah;2182 they1992 built1129 it, and set up5975 the doors1817 thereof, the locks4514 thereof, and the bars1280 thereof, and a thousand505 cubits520 on the wall2346 unto5704 the dung830 gate.8179

14  But the dung830 gate8179 repaired2388 Malchiah4441 the son1121 of Rechab,7394 the ruler8269 of part6418 of Beth-haccerem;1021 he1931 built1129 it, and set up5975 the doors1817 thereof, the locks4514 thereof, and the bars1280 thereof.

15  But the gate8179 of the fountain5869 repaired2388 Shallun7968 the son1121 of Col-hozeh,3626 the ruler8269 of part6418 of Mizpah;4709 he1931 built1129 it, and covered2926 it, and set up5975 the doors1817 thereof, the locks4514 thereof, and the bars1280 thereof, and the wall2346 of the pool1295 of Siloah7975 by the king's4428 garden,1588 and unto5704 the stairs4609 that go down3381 from the city4480 5892 of David.1732

16  After310 him repaired2388 Nehemiah5166 the son1121 of Azbuk,5802 the ruler8269 of the half2677 part6418 of Beth-zur,1049 unto5704 the place over against5048 the sepulchers6913 of David,1732 and to5704 the pool1295 that was made,6213 and unto5704 the house1004 of the mighty.1368

17  After310 him repaired2388 the Levites,3881 Rehum7348 the son1121 of Bani.1137 Next3027 unto5921 him repaired2388 Hashabiah,2811 the ruler8269 of the half2677 part6418 of Keilah,7084 in his part.6418

18  After310 him repaired2388 their brethren,251 Bavai942 the son1121 of Henadad,2582 the ruler8269 of the half2677 part6418 of Keilah.7084

19  And next3027 to5921 him repaired2388 Ezer5829 the son1121 of Jeshua,3442 the ruler8269 of Mizpah,4709 another8145 piece4060 over against4480 5048 the going up5927 to the armory5402 at the turning4740 of the wall.

20  After310 him Baruch1263 the son1121 of Zabbai2079 earnestly2734 repaired2388 the other8145 piece,4060 from4480 the turning4740 of the wall unto5704 the door6607 of the house1004 of Eliashib475 the high1419 priest.3548

21  After310 him repaired2388 Meremoth4822 the son1121 of Urijah223 the son1121 of Koz6976 another8145 piece,4060 from the door4480 6607 of the house1004 of Eliashib475 even to5704 the end8503 of the house1004 of Eliashib.475

22  And after310 him repaired2388 the priests,3548 the men376 of the plain.3603

23  After310 him repaired2388 Benjamin1144 and Hashub2815 over against5048 their house.1004 After310 him repaired2388 Azariah5838 the son1121 of Maaseiah4641 the son1121 of Ananiah6055 by681 his house.1004

24  After310 him repaired2388 Binnui1131 the son1121 of Henadad2582 another8145 piece,4060 from the house4480 1004 of Azariah5838 unto5704 the turning4740 of the wall, even unto5704 the corner.6438

25  Palal6420 the son1121 of Uzai,186 over against4480 5048 the turning4740 of the wall, and the tower4026 which lieth out3318 from the king's4428 high5945 house,4480 1004 that834 was by the court2691 of the prison.4307 After310 him Pedaiah6305 the son1121 of Parosh.6551

26  Moreover the Nethinims5411 dwelt1961 3427 in Ophel,6077 unto5704 the place over against5048 the water4325 gate8179 toward the east,4217 and the tower4026 that lieth out.3318

27  After310 them the Tekoites8621 repaired2388 another8145 piece,4060 over against4480 5048 the great1419 tower4026 that lieth out,3318 even unto5704 the wall2346 of Ophel.6077

28  From above4480 5921 the horse5483 gate8179 repaired2388 the priests,3548 every one376 over against5048 his house.1004

29  After310 them repaired2388 Zadok6659 the son1121 of Immer564 over against5048 his house.1004 After310 him repaired2388 also Shemaiah8098 the son1121 of Shechaniah,7935 the keeper8104 of the east4217 gate.8179

30  After310 him repaired2388 Hananiah2608 the son1121 of Shelemiah,8018 and Hanun2586 the sixth8345 son1121 of Zalaph,6764 another8145 piece.4060 After310 him repaired2388 Meshullam4918 the son1121 of Berechiah1296 over against5048 his chamber.5393

31  After310 him repaired2388 Malchiah4441 the goldsmith's6885 son1121 unto5704 the place1004 of the Nethinims,5411 and of the merchants,7402 over against5048 the gate8179 Miphkad,4663 and to5704 the going up5944 of the corner.6438

32  And between996 the going up5944 of the corner6438 unto the sheep6629 gate8179 repaired2388 the goldsmiths6884 and the merchants.7402

Nehemiah 4: 1-23

1  But it came to pass,1961 that when834 Sanballat5571 heard8085 that3588 we587 built1129 853 the wall,2346 he was wroth,2734 and took great indignation,7235 3707 and mocked3932 5921 the Jews.3064

2  And he spoke559 before6440 his brethren251 and the army2428 of Samaria,8111 and said,559 What4100 do6213 these feeble537 Jews?3064 will they fortify5800 themselves? will they sacrifice?2076 will they make an end3615 in a day?3117 will they revive2421 853 the stones68 out of the heaps4480 6194 of the rubbish6083 which1992 are burned?8313

3  Now Tobiah2900 the Ammonite5984 was by681 him, and he said,559 Even1571 that which834 they1992 build,1129 if518 a fox7776 go up,5927 he shall even break down6555 their stone68 wall.2346

4  Hear,8085 O our God;430 for3588 we are1961 despised:939 and turn7725 their reproach2781 upon413 their own head,7218 and give5414 them for a prey961 in the land776 of captivity:7633

5  And cover3680 5921 not408 their iniquity,5771 and let not408 their sin2403 be blotted out4229 from before4480 6440 thee: for3588 they have provoked thee to anger3707 before5048 the builders.1129

6  So built1129 we 853 the wall;2346 and all3605 the wall2346 was joined together7194 unto5704 the half2677 thereof: for the people5971 had1961 a mind3820 to work.6213

7  But it came to pass,1961 that when834 Sanballat,5571 and Tobiah,2900 and the Arabians,6163 and the Ammonites,5984 and the Ashdodites,796 heard8085 that3588 the walls2346 of Jerusalem3389 were made up,5927 724 and that3588 the breaches6555 began2490 to be stopped,5640 then they were very3966 wroth,2734

8  And conspired7194 all3605 of them together3162 to come935 and to fight3898 against Jerusalem,3389 and to hinder6213 8442 it.

9  Nevertheless we made our prayer6419 unto413 our God,430 and set5975 a watch4929 against5921 them day3119 and night,3915 because of4480 6440 them.

10  And Judah3063 said,559 The strength3581 of the bearers of burdens5449 is decayed,3782 and there is much7235 rubbish;6083 so that we587 are not3808 able3201 to build1129 the wall.2346

11  And our adversaries6862 said,559 They shall not3808 know,3045 neither3808 see,7200 till5704 834 we come935 in413 the midst among8432 them, and slay2026 them, and cause 853 the work4399 to cease.7673

12  And it came to pass,1961 that when834 the Jews3064 which dwelt3427 by681 them came,935 they said559 unto us ten6235 times,6471 From all4480 3605 places4725 whence834 ye shall return7725 unto5921 us they will be upon you.

13  Therefore set5975 I in the lower4480 8482 places4725 behind4480 310 the wall,2346 and on the higher places,6706 I even set5975 853 the people5971 after their families4940 with5973 their swords,2719 their spears,7420 and their bows.7198

14  And I looked,7200 and rose up,6965 and said559 unto413 the nobles,2715 and to413 the rulers,5461 and to413 the rest3499 of the people,5971 Be not408 ye afraid3372 of4480 6440 them: remember2142 853 the Lord,136 which is great1419 and terrible,3372 and fight3898 for5921 your brethren,251 your sons,1121 and your daughters,1323 your wives,802 and your houses.1004

15  And it came to pass,1961 when834 our enemies341 heard8085 that3588 it was known3045 unto us, and God430 had brought their counsel to naught,6565 853 6098 that we returned7725 all3605 of us to413 the wall,2346 every one376 unto413 his work.4399

16  And it came to pass1961 from4480 that1931 time3117 forth, that the half2677 of my servants5288 wrought6213 in the work,4399 and the other half2677 of them held2388 both the spears,7420 the shields,4043 and the bows,7198 and the habergeons;8302 and the rulers8269 were behind310 all3605 the house1004 of Judah.3063

17  They which built1129 on the wall,2346 and they that bore5375 burdens,5447 with those that laded,6006 every one with one259 of his hands3027 wrought6213 in the work,4399 and with the other259 hand held2388 a weapon.7973

18  For the builders,1129 every one376 had his sword2719 girded631 by5921 his side,4975 and so built.1129 And he that sounded8628 the trumpet7782 was by681 me.

19  And I said559 unto413 the nobles,2715 and to413 the rulers,5461 and to413 the rest3499 of the people,5971 The work4399 is great7235 and large,7342 and we587 are separated6504 upon5921 the wall,2346 one376 far7350 from another.4480 251

20  In what834 place4725 therefore ye hear8085 853 the sound6963 of the trumpet,7782 resort6908 ye thither8033 unto413 us: our God430 shall fight3898 for us.

21  So we587 labored6213 in the work:4399 and half2677 of them held2388 the spears7420 from the rising4480 5927 of the morning7837 till5704 the stars3556 appeared.3318

22  Likewise1571 at the same1931 time6256 said559 I unto the people,5971 Let every one376 with his servant5288 lodge3885 within8432 Jerusalem,3389 that in the night3915 they may be1961 a guard4929 to us, and labor4399 on the day.3117

23  So neither369 I,589 nor my brethren,251 nor my servants,5288 nor the men376 of the guard4929 which834 followed310 me, none369 of us587 put off6584 our clothes,899 saving that every one376 put them off7971 for washing.4325

Nehemiah 5: 1-19

1  And there was1961 a great1419 cry6818 of the people5971 and of their wives802 against413 their brethren251 the Jews.3064

2  For there were3426 that834 said,559 We,587 our sons,1121 and our daughters,1323 are many:7227 therefore we take up3947 corn1715 for them, that we may eat,398 and live.2421

3  Some also there were3426 that834 said,559 We587 have mortgaged6148 our lands,7704 vineyards,3754 and houses,1004 that we might buy3947 corn,1715 because of the dearth.7458

4  There were3426 also that834 said,559 We have borrowed3867 money3701 for the king's4428 tribute,4060 and that upon our lands7704 and vineyards.3754

5  Yet now6258 our flesh1320 is as the flesh1320 of our brethren,251 our children1121 as their children:1121 and, lo,2009 we587 bring into bondage3533 853 our sons1121 and our daughters1323 to be servants,5650 and some of our daughters4480 1323 are3426 brought unto bondage3533 already: neither369 is it in our power410 3027 to redeem them; for other312 men have our lands7704 and vineyards.3754

6  And I was very3966 angry2734 when834 I heard8085 853 their cry2201 and these428 words.1697

7  Then I consulted4427 with5921 myself,3820 and I rebuked7378 853 the nobles,2715 and the rulers,5461 and said559 unto them, Ye859 exact5378 usury,4855 every one376 of his brother.251 And I set5414 a great1419 assembly6952 against5921 them.

8  And I said559 unto them, We587 after our ability1767 have redeemed7069 853 our brethren251 the Jews,3064 which were sold4376 unto the heathen;1471 and will ye859 even1571 sell4376 853 your brethren?251 or shall they be sold4376 unto us? Then held they their peace,2790 and found4672 nothing3808 1697 to answer.

9  Also I said,559 It is not3808 good2896 1697 that834 ye859 do:6213 ought ye not3808 to walk1980 in the fear3374 of our God430 because of the reproach4480 2781 of the heathen1471 our enemies?341

10  I589 likewise,1571 and my brethren,251 and my servants,5288 might exact5383 of them money3701 and corn:1715 I pray4994 you, let us leave off5800 853 this2088 usury.4855

11  Restore,7725 I pray4994 you, to them, even this day,3117 their lands,7704 their vineyards,3754 their oliveyards,2132 and their houses,1004 also the hundredth3967 part of the money,3701 and of the corn,1715 the wine,8492 and the oil,3323 that834 ye859 exact5383 of them.

12  Then said559 they, We will restore7725 them, and will require1245 nothing3808 of4480 them; so3651 will we do6213 as834 thou859 sayest.559 Then I called7121 853 the priests,3548 and took an oath7650 of them, that they should do6213 according to this2088 promise.1697

13  Also1571 I shook5287 my lap,2684 and said,559 So3602 God430 shake out5287 853 every3605 man376 from his house,4480 1004 and from his labor,4480 3018 that834 performeth6965 not3808 853 this2088 promise,1697 even thus3602 be1961 he shaken out,5287 and emptied.7386 And all3605 the congregation6951 said,559 Amen,543 and praised1984 853 the LORD.3068 And the people5971 did6213 according to this2088 promise.1697

14  Moreover1571 from the time4480 3117 that834 I was appointed6680 to be1961 their governor6346 in the land776 of Judah,3063 from the twentieth6242 year4480 8141 even unto5704 the two8147 and thirtieth7970 year8141 of Artaxerxes783 the king,4428 that is, twelve8147 6240 years,8141 I589 and my brethren251 have not3808 eaten398 the bread3899 of the governor.6346

15  But the former7223 governors6346 that834 had been before6440 me were chargeable3513 unto5921 the people,5971 and had taken3947 of4480 them bread3899 and wine,3196 beside310 forty705 shekels8255 of silver;3701 yea,1571 even their servants5288 bore rule7980 over5921 the people:5971 but so3651 did6213 not3808 I,589 because4480 6440 of the fear3374 of God.430

16  Yea, also1571 I continued2388 in the work4399 of this2063 wall,2346 neither3808 bought7069 we any land:7704 and all3605 my servants5288 were gathered6908 thither8033 unto5921 the work.4399

17  Moreover there were at5921 my table7979 a hundred3967 and fifty2572 376 of the Jews3064 and rulers,5461 beside those that came935 unto413 us from among4480 the heathen1471 that834 are about5439 us.

18  Now that which834 was1961 prepared6213 for me daily3117 259 was one259 ox7794 and six8337 choice1305 sheep;6629 also fowls6833 were prepared6213 for me, and once996 in ten6235 days3117 store7235 of all3605 sorts of wine:3196 yet for all5973 this2088 required1245 not3808 I the bread3899 of the governor,6346 because3588 the bondage5656 was heavy3513 upon5921 this2088 people.5971

19  Think2142 upon me, my God,430 for good,2896 according to all3605 that834 I have done6213 for5921 this2088 people.5971

Nehemiah 6: 1-19

1  Now it came to pass,1961 when834 Sanballat,5571 and Tobiah,2900 and Geshem1654 the Arabian,6163 and the rest3499 of our enemies,341 heard8085 that3588 I had built1129 853 the wall,2346 and that there was no3808 breach6556 left3498 therein; (though1571 at5704 that1931 time6256 I had not3808 set up5975 the doors1817 upon the gates;)8179

2  That Sanballat5571 and Geshem1654 sent7971 unto413 me, saying,559 Come,1980 let us meet3259 together3162 in some one of the villages3715 in the plain1237 of Ono.207 But they1992 thought2803 to do6213 me mischief.7451

3  And I sent7971 messengers4397 unto5921 them, saying,559 I589 am doing6213 a great1419 work,4399 so that I cannot3808 3201 come down:3381 why4100 should the work4399 cease,7673 whilst834 I leave7503 it, and come down3381 to413 you?

4  Yet they sent7971 unto413 me four702 times6471 after this2088 sort;1697 and I answered7725 them after the same2088 manner.1697

5  Then sent7971 Sanballat5571 853 his servant5288 unto413 me in like2088 manner1697 the fifth2549 time6471 with an open6605 letter107 in his hand;3027

6  Wherein was written,3789 It is reported8085 among the heathen,1471 and Gashmu1654 saith559 it, that thou859 and the Jews3064 think2803 to rebel:4775 for5921 which cause3651 thou859 buildest1129 the wall,2346 that thou859 mayest be1933 their king,4428 according to these428 words.1697

7  And thou hast also1571 appointed5975 prophets5030 to preach7121 of5921 thee at Jerusalem,3389 saying,559 There is a king4428 in Judah:3063 and now6258 shall it be reported8085 to the king4428 according to these428 words.1697 Come1980 now6258 therefore, and let us take counsel3289 together.3162

8  Then I sent7971 unto413 him, saying,559 There are1961 no3808 such428 things1697 done as834 thou859 sayest,559 but3588 thou859 feignest908 them out of thine own heart.4480 3820

9  For3588 they all3605 made us afraid,3372 853 saying,559 Their hands3027 shall be weakened7503 from4480 the work,4399 that it be not3808 done.6213 Now6258 therefore, O God, strengthen2388 853 my hands.3027

10  Afterward I589 came935 unto the house1004 of Shemaiah8098 the son1121 of Delaiah1806 the son1121 of Mehetabeel,4105 who1931 was shut up;6113 and he said,559 Let us meet together3259 in413 the house1004 of God,430 within413 8432 the temple,1964 and let us shut5462 the doors1817 of the temple:1964 for3588 they will come935 to slay2026 thee; yea, in the night3915 will they come935 to slay2026 thee.

11  And I said,559 Should such a man as I3644 376 flee?1272 and who4310 is there, that,834 being as I3644 am, would go935 into413 the temple1964 to save his life?2425 I will not3808 go in.935

12  And, lo,2009 I perceived5234 that God430 had not3808 sent7971 him; but3588 that he pronounced1696 this prophecy5016 against5921 me: for Tobiah2900 and Sanballat5571 had hired7936 him.

13  Therefore4616 was he1931 hired,7936 that4616 I should be afraid,3372 and do6213 so,3651 and sin,2398 and that they might have1961 matter for an evil7451 report,8034 that4616 they might reproach2778 me.

14  My God,430 think2142 thou upon Tobiah2900 and Sanballat5571 according to these428 their works,4639 and1571 on the prophetess5031 Noadiah,5129 and the rest3499 of the prophets,5030 that834 would have1961 put me in fear.3372

15  So the wall2346 was finished7999 in the twenty6242 and fifth2568 day of the month Elul,435 in fifty2572 and two8147 days.3117

16  And it came to pass,1961 that when834 all3605 our enemies341 heard8085 thereof, and all3605 the heathen1471 that834 were about5439 us saw7200 these things, they were much3966 cast down5307 in their own eyes:5869 for they perceived3045 that3588 this2063 work4399 was wrought6213 of4480 854 our God.430

17  Moreover1571 in those1992 days3117 the nobles2715 of Judah3063 sent1980 many7235 letters107 unto5921 Tobiah,2900 and the letters of Tobiah2900 came935 unto413 them.

18  For3588 there were many7227 in Judah3063 sworn1167 7621 unto him, because3588 he1931 was the son in law2860 of Shechaniah7935 the son1121 of Arah;733 and his son1121 Johanan3076 had taken3947 853 the daughter1323 of Meshullam4918 the son1121 of Berechiah.1296

19  Also1571 they reported1961 559 his good deeds2896 before6440 me, and uttered1961 3318 my words1697 to him. And Tobiah2900 sent7971 letters107 to put me in fear.3372

Nehemiah 7: 1-73

1  Now it came to pass,1961 when834 the wall2346 was built,1129 and I had set up5975 the doors,1817 and the porters7778 and the singers7891 and the Levites3881 were appointed,6485

2  That I gave 853 my brother251 Hanani,2607 and Hananiah2608 the ruler8269 of the palace,1002 charge6680 over5921 Jerusalem:3389 for3588 he1931 was a faithful571 man,376 and feared3372 853 God430 above many.4480 7227

3  And I said559 unto them, Let not3808 the gates8179 of Jerusalem3389 be opened6605 until5704 the sun8121 be hot;2552 and while5704 they1992 stand5975 by, let them shut1479 the doors,1817 and bar270 them: and appoint5975 watches4931 of the inhabitants3427 of Jerusalem,3389 every one376 in his watch,4929 and every one376 to be over against5048 his house.1004

4  Now the city5892 was large7342 3027 and great:1419 but the people5971 were few4592 therein,8432 and the houses1004 were not369 built.1129

5  And my God430 put5414 into413 mine heart3820 to gather together6908 853 the nobles,2715 and the rulers,5461 and the people,5971 that they might be reckoned by genealogy.3187 And I found4672 a register5612 of the genealogy3188 of them which came up5927 at the first,7223 and found4672 written3789 therein,

6  These428 are the children1121 of the province,4082 that went up5927 out of the captivity,4480 7628 of those that had been carried awa,1473 whom834 Nebuchadnezzar5019 the king4428 of Babylon894 had carried away,1540 and came again7725 to Jerusalem3389 and to Judah,3063 every one376 unto his city;5892

7  Who came935 with5973 Zerubbabel,2216 Jeshua,3442 Nehemiah,5166 Azariah,5838 Raamiah,7485 Nahamani,5167 Mordecai,4782 Bilshan,1114 Mispereth,4559 Bigvai,902 Nehum,5149 Baanah.1196 The number,4557 I say, of the men376 of the people5971 of Israel3478 was this;

8  The children1121 of Parosh,6551 two thousand505 a hundred3967 seventy7657 and two.8147

9  The children1121 of Shephatiah,8203 three7969 hundred3967 seventy7657 and two.8147

10  The children1121 of Arah,733 six8337 hundred3967 fifty2572 and two.8147

11  The children1121 of Pahath-moab,6355 of the children1121 of Jeshua3442 and Joab,3097 two thousand505 and eight8083 hundred3967 and eighteen.8083 6240

12  The children1121 of Elam,5867 a thousand505 two hundred3967 fifty2572 and four.702

13  The children1121 of Zattu,2240 eight8083 hundred3967 forty705 and five.2568

14  The children1121 of Zaccai,2140 seven7651 hundred3967 and threescore.8346

15  The children1121 of Binnui,1131 six8337 hundred3967 forty705 and eight.8083

16  The children1121 of Bebai,893 six8337 hundred3967 twenty6242 and eight.8083

17  The children1121 of Azgad,5803 two thousand505 three7969 hundred3967 twenty6242 and two.8147

18  The children1121 of Adonikam,140 six8337 hundred3967 threescore8346 and seven.7651

19  The children1121 of Bigvai,902 two thousand505 threescore8346 and seven.7651

20  The children1121 of Adin,5720 six8337 hundred3967 fifty2572 and five.2568

21  The children1121 of Ater333 of Hezekiah,2396 ninety8673 and eight.8083

22  The children1121 of Hashum,2828 three7969 hundred3967 twenty6242 and eight.8083

23  The children1121 of Bezai,1209 three7969 hundred3967 twenty6242 and four.702

24  The children1121 of Hariph,2756 a hundred3967 and twelve.8147 6240

25  The children1121 of Gibeon,1391 ninety8673 and five.2568

26  The men376 of Bethlehem1035 and Netophah,5199 a hundred3967 fourscore8084 and eight.8083

27  The men376 of Anathoth,6068 a hundred3967 twenty6242 and eight.8083

28  The men376 of Beth-azmaveth,1041 forty705 and two.8147

29  The men376 of Kirjath-jearim,7157 Chephirah,3716 and Beeroth,881 seven7651 hundred3967 forty705 and three.7969

30  The men376 of Ramah7414 and Geba,1387 six8337 hundred3967 twenty6242 and one.259

31  The men376 of Michmas,4363 a hundred3967 and twenty6242 and two.8147

32  The men376 of Bethel1008 and Ai,5857 a hundred3967 twenty6242 and three.7969

33  The men376 of the other312 Nebo,5015 fifty2572 and two.8147

34  The children1121 of the other312 Elam,5867 a thousand505 two hundred3967 fifty2572 and four.702

35  The children1121 of Harim,2766 three7969 hundred3967 and twenty.6242

36  The children1121 of Jericho,3405 three7969 hundred3967 forty705 and five.2568

37  The children1121 of Lod,3850 Hadid,2307 and Ono,207 seven7651 hundred3967 twenty6242 and one.259

38  The children1121 of Senaah,5570 three7969 thousand505 nine8672 hundred3967 and thirty.7970

39  The priests:3548 the children1121 of Jedaiah,3048 of the house1004 of Jeshua,3442 nine8672 hundred3967 seventy7657 and three.7969

40  The children1121 of Immer,564 a thousand505 fifty2572 and two.8147

41  The children1121 of Pashur,6583 a thousand505 two hundred3967 forty705 and seven.7651

42  The children1121 of Harim,2766 a thousand505 and seventeen.7651 6240

43  The Levites:3881 the children1121 of Jeshua,3442 of Kadmiel,6934 and of the children1121 of Hodevah,1937 seventy7657 and four.702

44  The singers:7891 the children1121 of Asaph,623 a hundred3967 forty705 and eight.8083

45  The porters:7778 the children1121 of Shallum,7967 the children1121 of Ater,333 the children1121 of Talmon,2929 the children1121 of Akkub,6126 the children1121 of Hatita,2410 the children1121 of Shobai,7630 a hundred3967 thirty7970 and eight.8083

46  The Nethinims:5411 the children1121 of Ziha,6727 the children1121 of Hashupha,2817 the children1121 of Tabbaoth,2884

47  The children1121 of Keros,7026 the children1121 of Sia,5517 the children1121 of Padon,6303

48  The children1121 of Lebana,3838 the children1121 of Hagaba,2286 the children1121 of Shalmai,8014

49  The children1121 of Hanan,2605 the children1121 of Giddel,1435 the children1121 of Gahar,1515

50  The children1121 of Reaiah,7211 the children1121 of Rezin,7526 the children1121 of Nekoda,5353

51  The children1121 of Gazzam,1502 the children1121 of Uzza,5798 the children1121 of Phaseah,6454

52  The children1121 of Besai,1153 the children1121 of Meunim,4586 the children1121 of Nephishesim,5304

53  The children1121 of Bakbuk,1227 the children1121 of Hakupha,2709 the children1121 of Harhur,2744

54  The children1121 of Bazlith,1213 the children1121 of Mehida,4240 the children1121 of Harsha,2797

55  The children1121 of Barkos,1302 the children1121 of Sisera,5516 the children1121 of Tamah,8547

56  The children1121 of Neziah,5335 the children1121 of Hatipha.2412

57  The children1121 of Solomon's8010 servants:5650 the children1121 of Sotai,5479 the children1121 of Sophereth,5618 the children1121 of Perida,6514

58  The children1121 of Jaala,3279 the children1121 of Darkon,1874 the children1121 of Giddel,1435

59  The children1121 of Shephatiah,8203 the children1121 of Hattil,2411 the children1121 of Pochereth6380 of Zebaim,6380 the children1121 of Amon.526

60  All3605 the Nethinims,5411 and the children1121 of Solomon's8010 servants,5650 were three7969 hundred3967 ninety8673 and two.8147

61  And these428 were they which went up5927 also from Tel-melah,4480 8528 Tel-haresha,8521 Cherub,3743 Addon,114 and Immer:564 but they could3201 not3808 show5046 their father's1 house,1004 nor their seed,2233 whether518 they1992 were of Israel.4480 3478

62  The children1121 of Delaiah,1806 the children1121 of Tobiah,2900 the children1121 of Nekoda,5353 six8337 hundred3967 forty705 and two.8147

63  And of4480 the priests:3548 the children1121 of Habaiah,2252 the children1121 of Koz,6976 the children1121 of Barzillai,1271 which834 took3947 one of the daughters4480 1323 of Barzillai1271 the Gileadite1569 to wife,802 and was called7121 after5921 their name.8034

64  These428 sought1245 their register3791 among those that were reckoned by genealogy,3187 but it was not3808 found:4672 therefore were they, as polluted,1351 put from4480 the priesthood.3550

65  And the Tirshatha8660 said559 unto them, that834 they should not3808 eat398 of the most holy things,4480 6944 6944 till5704 there stood5975 up a priest3548 with Urim224 and Thummim.8550

66  The whole3605 congregation6951 together259 was forty702 7239 and two thousand505 three7969 hundred3967 and threescore,8346

67  Beside4480 905 their menservants5650 and their maidservants,519 of whom428 there were seven7651 thousand505 three7969 hundred3967 thirty7970 and seven:7651 and they had two hundred3967 forty705 and five2568 singing7891 men and singing7891 women.

68  Their horses,5483 seven7651 hundred3967 thirty7970 and six:8337 their mules,6505 two hundred3967 forty705 and five:2568

69  Their camels,1581 four702 hundred3967 thirty7970 and five:2568 six8337 thousand505 seven7651 hundred3967 and twenty6242 asses.2543

70  And some4480 7117 of the chief7218 of the fathers1 gave5414 unto the work.4399 The Tirshatha8660 gave5414 to the treasure214 a thousand505 drams1871 of gold,2091 fifty2572 basins,4219 five2568 hundred3967 and thirty7970 priests'3548 garments.3801

71  And some of the chief4480 7218 of the fathers1 gave5414 to the treasure214 of the work4399 twenty thousand8147 7239 drams1871 of gold,2091 and two thousand505 and two hundred3967 pound4488 of silver.3701

72  And that which834 the rest7611 of the people5971 gave5414 was twenty8147 thousand7239 drams1871 of gold,2091 and two thousand505 pound4488 of silver,3701 and threescore8346 and seven7651 priests'3548 garments.3801

73  So the priests,3548 and the Levites,3881 and the porters,7778 and the singers,7891 and some of4480 the people,5971 and the Nethinims,5411 and all3605 Israel,3478 dwelt3427 in their cities;5892 and when the seventh7637 month2320 came,5060 the children1121 of Israel3478 were in their cities.5892

Nehemiah 8: 1-18

1  And all3605 the people5971 gathered themselves together622 as one259 man376 into413 the street7339 that834 was before6440 the water4325 gate;8179 and they spoke559 unto Ezra5830 the scribe5608 to bring935 853 the book5612 of the law8451 of Moses,4872 which834 the LORD3068 had commanded6680 to 853 Israel.3478

2  And Ezra5830 the priest3548 brought935 853 the law8451 before6440 the congregation6951 both of men4480 376 and women,802 and all3605 that could hear8085 with understanding,995 upon the first259 day3117 of the seventh7637 month.2320

3  And he read7121 therein before6440 the street7339 that834 was before6440 the water4325 gate8179 from4480 the morning216 until5704 midday,4276 3117 before5048 the men376 and the women,802 and those that could understand;995 and the ears241 of all3605 the people5971 were attentive unto413 the book5612 of the law.8451

4  And Ezra5830 the scribe5608 stood5975 upon5921 a pulpit4026 of wood,6086 which834 they had made6213 for the purpose;1697 and beside681 him stood5975 Mattithiah,4993 and Shema,8087 and Anaiah,6043 and Urijah,223 and Hilkiah,2518 and Maaseiah,4641 on5921 his right hand;3225 and on his left hand,4480 8040 Pedaiah,6305 and Mishael,4332 and Malchiah,4441 and Hashum,2828 and Hashbadana,2806 Zechariah,2148 and Meshullam.4918

5  And Ezra5830 opened6605 the book5612 in the sight5869 of all3605 the people;5971 (for3588 he was1961 above4480 5921 all3605 the people;) 5971 and when he opened6605 it, all3605 the people5971 stood up:5975

6  And Ezra5830 blessed1288 853 the LORD,3068 the great1419 God.430 And all3605 the people5971 answered,6030 Amen,543 Amen,543 with lifting up4607 their hands:3027 and they bowed6915 their heads, and worshiped7812 the LORD3068 with their faces639 to the ground.776

7  Also Jeshua,3442 and Bani,1137 and Sherebiah,8274 Jamin,3226 Akkub,6126 Shabbethai,7678 Hodijah,1941 Maaseiah,4641 Kelita,7042 Azariah,5838 Jozabad,3107 Hanan,2605 Pelaiah,6411 and the Levites,3881 caused 853 the people5971 to understand995 the law:8451 and the people5971 stood in5921 their place.5977

8  So they read7121 in the book5612 in the law8451 of God430 distinctly,6567 and gave7760 the sense,7922 and caused them to understand995 the reading.4744

9  And Nehemiah,5166 which1931 is the Tirshatha,8660 and Ezra5830 the priest3548 the scribe,5608 and the Levites3881 that taught995 853 the people,5971 said559 unto all3605 the people,5971 This1931 day3117 is holy6918 unto the LORD3068 your God;430 mourn56 not,408 nor408 weep.1058 For3588 all3605 the people5971 wept,1058 when they heard8085 853 the words1697 of the law.8451

10  Then he said559 unto them, Go1980 your way, eat398 the fat,4924 and drink8354 the sweet,4477 and send7971 portions4490 unto them for whom nothing369 is prepared:3559 for3588 this day3117 is holy6918 unto our Lord:113 neither408 be ye sorry;6087 for3588 the joy2304 of the LORD3068 is your strength.4581

11  So the Levites3881 stilled2814 all3605 the people,5971 saying,559 Hold your peace,2013 for3588 the day3117 is holy;6918 neither408 be ye grieved.6087

12  And all3605 the people5971 went1980 their way to eat,398 and to drink,8354 and to send7971 portions,4490 and to make6213 great1419 mirth,8057 because3588 they had understood995 the words1697 that834 were declared3045 unto them.

13  And on the second8145 day3117 were gathered together622 the chief7218 of the fathers1 of all3605 the people,5971 the priests,3548 and the Levites,3881 unto413 Ezra5830 the scribe,5608 even to understand7919 413 the words1697 of the law.8451

14  And they found4672 written3789 in the law8451 which834 the LORD3068 had commanded6680 by3027 Moses,4872 that834 the children1121 of Israel3478 should dwell3427 in booths5521 in the feast2282 of the seventh7637 month:2320

15  And that834 they should publish8085 and proclaim5674 6963 in all3605 their cities,5892 and in Jerusalem,3389 saying,559 Go forth3318 unto the mount,2022 and fetch935 olive2132 branches,5929 and pine6086 8081 branches,5929 and myrtle1918 branches,5929 and palm8558 branches,5929 and branches5929 of thick5687 trees,6086 to make6213 booths,5521 as it is written.3789

16  So the people5971 went forth,3318 and brought935 them, and made6213 themselves booths,5521 every one376 upon5921 the roof of his house,1406 and in their courts,2691 and in the courts2691 of the house1004 of God,430 and in the street7339 of the water4325 gate,8179 and in the street7339 of the gate8179 of Ephraim.669

17  And all3605 the congregation6951 of them that were come again7725 out of4480 the captivity7628 made6213 booths,5521 and sat3427 under the booths:5521 for3588 since the days4480 3117 of Jeshua3442 the son1121 of Nun5126 unto5704 that1931 day3117 had not3808 the children1121 of Israel3478 done6213 so.3651 And there was1961 very3966 great1419 gladness.8057

18  Also day3117 by day,3117 from4480 the first7223 day3117 unto5704 the last314 day,3117 he read7121 in the book5612 of the law8451 of God.430 And they kept6213 the feast2282 seven7651 days;3117 and on the eighth8066 day3117 was a solemn assembly,6116 according unto the manner.4941

Nehemiah 9: 1-38

1  Now in the twenty6242 and fourth702 day3117 of this2088 month2320 the children1121 of Israel3478 were assembled622 with fasting,6685 and with sackclothes,8242 and earth127 upon5921 them.

2  And the seed2233 of Israel3478 separated themselves914 from all4480 3605 strangers,1121 5236 and stood5975 and confessed3034 5921 their sins,2403 and the iniquities5771 of their fathers.1

3  And they stood up6965 in5921 their place,5977 and read7121 in the book5612 of the law8451 of the LORD3068 their God430 one fourth7243 part of the day;3117 and another fourth7243 part they confessed,3034 and worshiped7812 the LORD3068 their God.430

4  Then stood up6965 upon5921 the stairs,4608 of the Levites,3881 Jeshua,3442 and Bani,1137 Kadmiel,6934 Shebaniah,7645 Bunni,1138 Sherebiah,8274 Bani,1137 and Chenani,3662 and cried2199 with a loud1419 voice6963 unto413 the LORD3068 their God.430

5  Then the Levites,3881 Jeshua,3442 and Kadmiel,6934 Bani,1137 Hashabniah,2813 Sherebiah,8274 Hodijah,1941 Shebaniah,7645 and Pethahiah,6611 said,559 Stand up6965 and bless1288 853 the LORD3068 your God430 forever4480 5769 and5704 ever:5769 and blessed1288 be thy glorious3519 name,8034 which is exalted7311 above5921 all3605 blessing1293 and praise.8416

6  Thou,859 even thou,1931 art LORD3068 alone;905 thou859 hast made6213 853 heaven,8064 the heaven8064 of heavens,8064 with all3605 their host,6635 the earth,776 and all3605 things that834 are therein,5921 the seas,3220 and all3605 that834 is therein, and thou859 preservest2421 853 them all;3605 and the host6635 of heaven8064 worshipeth7812 thee.

7  Thou859 art the LORD3068 the God,430 who834 didst choose977 Abram,87 and broughtest him forth3318 out of Ur4480 218 of the Chaldees,3778 and gavest7760 him the name8034 of Abraham;85

8  And foundest4672 853 his heart3824 faithful539 before6440 thee, and madest3772 a covenant1285 with5973 him to give5414 853 the land776 of the Canaanites,3669 the Hittites,2850 the Amorites,567 and the Perizzites,6522 and the Jebusites,2983 and the Girgashites,1622 to give5414 it, I say, to his seed,2233 and hast performed6965 853 thy words;1697 for3588 thou859 art righteous:6662

9  And didst see7200 853 the affliction6040 of our fathers1 in Egypt,4714 and heardest8085 their cry2201 by5921 the Red5488 sea;3220

10  And showedst5414 signs226 and wonders4159 upon Pharaoh,6547 and on all3605 his servants,5650 and on all3605 the people5971 of his land:776 for3588 thou knewest3045 that3588 they dealt proudly2102 against5921 them. So didst thou get6213 thee a name,8034 as it is this2088 day.3117

11  And thou didst divide1234 the sea3220 before6440 them, so that they went through5674 the midst8432 of the sea3220 on the dry land;3004 and their persecutors7291 thou threwest7993 into the deeps,4688 as3644 a stone68 into the mighty5794 waters.4325

12  Moreover thou leddest5148 them in the day3119 by a cloudy6051 pillar;5982 and in the night3915 by a pillar5982 of fire,784 to give them light215 in 853 the way1870 wherein834 they should go.1980

13  Thou camest down3381 also upon5921 mount2022 Sinai,5514 and spakest1696 with5973 them from heaven,4480 8064 and gavest5414 them right3477 judgments,4941 and true571 laws,8451 good2896 statutes2706 and commandments:4687

14  And madest known3045 unto them thy holy6944 sabbath,7676 and commandedst6680 them precepts,4687 statutes,2706 and laws,8451 by the hand3027 of Moses4872 thy servant:5650

15  And gavest5414 them bread3899 from heaven4480 8064 for their hunger,7458 and broughtest forth3318 water4325 for them out of the rock4480 5553 for their thirst,6772 and promisedst559 them that they should go in935 to possess3423 853 the land776 which834 thou hadst sworn5375 853 3027 to give5414 them.

16  But they1992 and our fathers1 dealt proudly,2102 and hardened7185 853 their necks,6203 and hearkened8085 not3808 to413 thy commandments,4687

17  And refused3985 to obey,8085 neither3808 were mindful2142 of thy wonders6381 that834 thou didst6213 among5973 them; but hardened7185 853 their necks,6203 and in their rebellion4805 appointed5414 a captain7218 to return7725 to their bondage:5659 but thou859 art a God433 ready to pardon,5547 gracious2587 and merciful,7349 slow750 to anger,639 and of great7227 kindness,2617 and forsookest5800 them not.3808

18  Yea,637 when3588 they had made6213 them a molten4541 calf,5695 and said,559 This2088 is thy God430 that834 brought thee up5927 out of Egypt,4480 4714 and had wrought6213 great1419 provocations;5007

19  Yet thou859 in thy manifold7227 mercies7356 forsookest5800 them not3808 in the wilderness:4057 853 the pillar5982 of the cloud6051 departed5493 not3808 from4480 5921 them by day,3119 to lead5148 them in the way;1870 neither the pillar5982 of fire784 by night,3915 to show them light,215 and the way1870 wherein834 they should go.1980

20  Thou gavest5414 also thy good2896 spirit7307 to instruct7919 them, and withheldest4513 not3808 thy manna4478 from their mouth,4480 6310 and gavest5414 them water4325 for their thirst.6772

21  Yea, forty705 years8141 didst thou sustain3557 them in the wilderness,4057 so that they lacked2637 nothing;3808 their clothes8008 waxed not old,1086 3808 and their feet7272 swelled1216 not.3808

22  Moreover thou gavest5414 them kingdoms4467 and nations,5971 and didst divide2505 them into corners:6285 so they possessed3423 853 the land776 of Sihon,5511 and the land776 of the king4428 of Heshbon,2809 and the land776 of Og5747 king4428 of Bashan.1316

23  Their children1121 also multipliedst7235 thou as the stars3556 of heaven,8064 and broughtest935 them into413 the land,776 concerning which834 thou hadst promised559 to their fathers,1 that they should go in935 to possess3423 it.

24  So the children1121 went in935 and possessed3423 853 the land,776 and thou subduedst3665 before6440 them 853 the inhabitants3427 of the land,776 the Canaanites,3669 and gavest5414 them into their hands,3027 with their kings,4428 and the people5971 of the land,776 that they might do6213 with them as they would.7522

25  And they took3920 strong1219 cities,5892 and a fat8082 land,127 and possessed3423 houses1004 full4392 of all3605 goods,2898 wells953 digged,2672 vineyards,3754 and oliveyards,2132 and fruit3978 trees6086 in abundance:7230 so they did eat,398 and were filled,7646 and became fat,8080 and delighted themselves5727 in thy great1419 goodness.2898

26  Nevertheless they were disobedient,4784 and rebelled4775 against thee, and cast7993 853 thy law8451 behind310 their backs,1458 and slew2026 thy prophets5030 which834 testified5749 against them to turn7725 them to413 thee, and they wrought6213 great1419 provocations.5007

27  Therefore thou deliveredst5414 them into the hand3027 of their enemies,6862 who vexed6887 them: and in the time6256 of their trouble,6869 when they cried6817 unto413 thee, thou859 heardest8085 them from heaven;4480 8064 and according to thy manifold7227 mercies7356 thou gavest5414 them saviors,3467 who saved3467 them out of the hand4480 3027 of their enemies.6862

28  But after they had rest,5117 they did6213 evil7451 again7725 before6440 thee: therefore leftest5800 thou them in the hand3027 of their enemies,341 so that they had the dominion7287 over them: yet when they returned,7725 and cried2199 unto thee, thou859 heardest8085 them from heaven;4480 8064 and many7227 times6256 didst thou deliver5337 them according to thy mercies;7356

29  And testifiedst5749 against them, that thou mightest bring them again7725 unto413 thy law:8451 yet they1992 dealt proudly,2102 and hearkened8085 not3808 unto thy commandments,4687 but sinned2398 against thy judgments,4941 (which834 if a man120 do,6213 he shall live2421 in them;) and withdrew5414 5637 the shoulder,3802 and hardened7185 their neck,6203 and would not3808 hear.8085

30  Yet many7227 years8141 didst thou forbear4900 5921 them, and testifiedst5749 against them by thy spirit7307 in3027 thy prophets:5030 yet would they not3808 give ear:238 therefore gavest5414 thou them into the hand3027 of the people5971 of the lands.776

31  Nevertheless for thy great7227 mercies' 7356 sake thou didst not3808 utterly consume6213 3617 them, nor3808 forsake5800 them; for3588 thou859 art a gracious2587 and merciful7349 God.410

32  Now6258 therefore, our God,430 the great,1419 the mighty,1368 and the terrible3372 God,410 who keepest8104 covenant1285 and mercy,2617 let not408 853 all3605 the trouble8513 seem little4591 before6440 thee, that834 hath come upon4672 us, on our kings,4428 on our princes,8269 and on our priests,3548 and on our prophets,5030 and on our fathers,1 and on all3605 thy people,5971 since the time4480 3117 of the kings4428 of Assyria804 unto5704 this2088 day.3117

33  Howbeit thou859 art just6662 in5921 all3605 that is brought935 upon5921 us; for3588 thou hast done6213 right,571 but we587 have done wickedly:7561

34  Neither have our kings,4428 our princes,8269 our priests,3548 nor3808 our fathers,1 kept6213 thy law,8451 nor3808 hearkened7181 unto413 thy commandments4687 and thy testimonies,5715 wherewith834 thou didst testify5749 against them.

35  For they1992 have not3808 served5647 thee in their kingdom,4438 and in thy great7227 goodness2898 that834 thou gavest5414 them, and in the large7342 and fat8082 land776 which834 thou gavest5414 before6440 them, neither3808 turned7725 they from their wicked7451 works.4480 4611

36  Behold,2009 we587 are servants5650 this day,3117 and for the land776 that834 thou gavest5414 unto our fathers1 to eat398 853 the fruit6529 thereof and the good2898 thereof, behold,2009 we587 are servants5650 in5921 it:

37  And it yieldeth much7235 increase8393 unto the kings4428 whom834 thou hast set5414 over5921 us because of our sins:2403 also they have dominion4910 over5921 our bodies,1472 and over our cattle,929 at their pleasure,7522 and we587 are in great1419 distress.6869

38  And because of all3605 this2063 we587 make3772 a sure548 covenant, and write3789 it; and our princes,8269 Levites,3881 and priests,3548 seal2856 5921 unto it.

Nehemiah 10: 1-39

1  Now those that sealed2856 5921 were, Nehemiah,5166 the Tirshatha,8660 the son1121 of Hachaliah,2446 and Zidkijah,6667

2  Seraiah,8304 Azariah,5838 Jeremiah,3414

3  Pashur,6583 Amariah,568 Malchijah,4441

4  Hattush,2407 Shebaniah,7645 Malluch,4409

5  Harim,2766 Meremoth,4822 Obadiah,5662

6  Daniel,1840 Ginnethon,1599 Baruch,1263

7  Meshullam,4918 Abijah,29 Mijamin,4326

8  Maaziah,4590 Bilgai,1084 Shemaiah:8098 these428 were the priests.3548

9  And the Levites:3881 both Jeshua3442 the son1121 of Azaniah,245 Binnui1131 of the sons4480 1121 of Henadad,2582 Kadmiel;6934

10  And their brethren,251 Shebaniah,7645 Hodijah,1941 Kelita,7042 Pelaiah,6411 Hanan,2605

11  Micha,4316 Rehob,7340 Hashabiah,2811

12  Zaccur,2139 Sherebiah,8274 Shebaniah,7645

13  Hodijah,1941 Bani,1137 Beninu.1148

14  The chief7218 of the people;5971 Parosh,6551 Pahath-moab,6355 Elam,5867 Zatthu,2240 Bani,1137

15  Bunni,1138 Azgad,5803 Bebai,893

16  Adonijah,138 Bigvai,902 Adin,5720

17  Ater,333 Hizkijah,2396 Azzur,5809

18  Hodijah,1941 Hashum,2828 Bezai,1209

19  Hariph,2756 Anathoth,6068 Nebai,5109

20  Magpiash,4047 Meshullam,4918 Hezir,2387

21  Meshezabeel,4898 Zadok,6659 Jaddua,3037

22  Pelatiah,6410 Hanan,2605 Anaiah,6043

23  Hoshea,1954 Hananiah,2608 Hashub,2815

24  Hallohesh,3873 Pileha,6401 Shobek,7733

25  Rehum,7348 Hashabnah,2812 Maaseiah,4641

26  And Ahijah,281 Hanan,2605 Anan,6052

27  Malluch,4409 Harim,2766 Baanah.1196

28  And the rest7605 of the people,5971 the priests,3548 the Levites,3881 the porters,7778 the singers,7891 the Nethinims,5411 and all3605 they that had separated themselves914 from the people4480 5971 of the lands776 unto413 the law8451 of God,430 their wives,802 their sons,1121 and their daughters,1323 every3605 one having knowledge,3045 and having understanding;995

29  They cleaved2388 to5921 their brethren,251 their nobles,117 and entered935 into a curse,423 and into an oath,7621 to walk1980 in God's430 law,8451 which834 was given5414 by3027 Moses4872 the servant5650 of God,430 and to observe8104 and do6213 853 all3605 the commandments4687 of the LORD3068 our Lord,113 and his judgments4941 and his statutes;2706

30  And that834 we would not3808 give5414 our daughters1323 unto the people5971 of the land,776 nor3808 take3947 their daughters1323 for our sons:1121

31  And if the people5971 of the land776 bring935 853 ware4728 or any3605 victuals7668 on the sabbath7676 day3117 to sell,4376 that we would not3808 buy3947 it of4480 them on the sabbath,7676 or on the holy6944 day:3117 and that we would leave5203 853 the seventh7637 year,8141 and the exaction4855 of every3605 debt.3027

32  Also we made5975 ordinances4687 for5921 us, to charge5414 ourselves5921 yearly8141 with the third part7992 of a shekel8255 for the service5656 of the house1004 of our God;430

33  For the shewbread,3899 4635 and for the continual8548 meat offering,4503 and for the continual8548 burnt offering,5930 of the sabbaths,7676 of the new moons,2320 for the set feasts,4150 and for the holy6944 things, and for the sin offerings2403 to make an atonement3722 for5921 Israel,3478 and for all3605 the work4399 of the house1004 of our God.430

34  And we cast the lots among5307 1486 the priests,3548 the Levites,3881 and the people,5971 for5921 the wood6086 offering,7133 to bring935 it into the house1004 of our God,430 after the houses1004 of our fathers,1 at times6256 appointed2163 year8141 by year,8141 to burn1197 upon5921 the altar4196 of the LORD3068 our God,430 as it is written3789 in the law:8451

35  And to bring935 853 the firstfruits1061 of our ground,127 and the firstfruits1061 of all3605 fruit6529 of all3605 trees,6086 year8141 by year,8141 unto the house1004 of the LORD:3068

36  Also the firstborn1060 of our sons,1121 and of our cattle,929 as it is written3789 in the law,8451 and the firstlings1062 of our herds1241 and of our flocks,6629 to bring935 to the house1004 of our God,430 unto the priests3548 that minister8334 in the house1004 of our God:430

37  And that we should bring935 the firstfruits7225 of our dough,6182 and our offerings,8641 and the fruit6529 of all3605 manner of trees,6086 of wine8492 and of oil,3323 unto the priests,3548 to413 the chambers3957 of the house1004 of our God;430 and the tithes4643 of our ground127 unto the Levites,3881 that the same1992 Levites3881 might have the tithes6237 in all3605 the cities5892 of our tillage.5656

38  And the priest3548 the son1121 of Aaron175 shall be1961 with5973 the Levites,3881 when the Levites3881 take tithes:6237 and the Levites3881 shall bring up5927 853 the tithe4643 of the tithes4643 unto the house1004 of our God,430 to413 the chambers,3957 into the treasure214 house.1004

39  For3588 the children1121 of Israel3478 and the children1121 of Levi3878 shall bring935 853 the offering8641 of the corn,1715 of the new wine,8492 and the oil,3323 unto413 the chambers,3957 where8033 are the vessels3627 of the sanctuary,4720 and the priests3548 that minister,8334 and the porters,7778 and the singers:7891 and we will not3808 forsake5800 853 the house1004 of our God.430

Nehemiah 11: 1-36

1  And the rulers8269 of the people5971 dwelt3427 at Jerusalem:3389 the rest7605 of the people5971 also cast5307 lots,1486 to bring935 one259 of4480 ten6235 to dwell3427 in Jerusalem3389 the holy6944 city,5892 and nine8672 parts3027 to dwell in other cities.5892

2  And the people5971 blessed1288 all3605 the men,376 that willingly offered themselves5068 to dwell3427 at Jerusalem.3389

3  Now these428 are the chief7218 of the province4082 that834 dwelt3427 in Jerusalem:3389 but in the cities5892 of Judah3063 dwelt3427 every one376 in his possession272 in their cities,5892 to wit, Israel,3478 the priests,3548 and the Levites,3881 and the Nethinims,5411 and the children1121 of Solomon's8010 servants.5650

4  And at Jerusalem3389 dwelt3427 certain of the children4480 1121 of Judah,3063 and of the children4480 1121 of Benjamin.1144 Of the children4480 1121 of Judah;3063 Athaiah6265 the son1121 of Uzziah,5818 the son1121 of Zechariah,2148 the son1121 of Amariah,568 the son1121 of Shephatiah,8203 the son1121 of Mahalaleel,4111 of the children4480 1121 of Perez;6557

5  And Maaseiah4641 the son1121 of Baruch,1263 the son1121 of Col-hozeh,3626 the son1121 of Hazaiah,2382 the son1121 of Adaiah,5718 the son1121 of Joiarib,3114 the son1121 of Zechariah,2148 the son1121 of Shiloni.7888

6  All3605 the sons1121 of Perez6557 that dwelt3427 at Jerusalem3389 were four702 hundred3967 threescore8346 and eight8083 valiant2428 men.376

7  And these428 are the sons1121 of Benjamin;1144 Sallu5543 the son1121 of Meshullam,4918 the son1121 of Joed,3133 the son1121 of Pedaiah,6305 the son1121 of Kolaiah,6964 the son1121 of Maaseiah,4641 the son1121 of Ithiel,384 the son1121 of Jesaiah.3470

8  And after310 him Gabbai,1373 Sallai,5543 nine8672 hundred3967 twenty6242 and eight.8083

9  And Joel3100 the son1121 of Zichri2147 was their overseer:6496 5921 and Judah3063 the son1121 of Senuah5574 was second4932 over5921 the city.5892

10  Of4480 the priests:3548 Jedaiah3048 the son1121 of Joiarib,3114 Jachin.3199

11  Seraiah8304 the son1121 of Hilkiah,2518 the son1121 of Meshullam,4918 the son1121 of Zadok,6659 the son1121 of Meraioth,4812 the son1121 of Ahitub,285 was the ruler5057 of the house1004 of God.430

12  And their brethren251 that did6213 the work4399 of the house1004 were eight8083 hundred3967 twenty6242 and two:8147 and Adaiah5718 the son1121 of Jeroham,3395 the son1121 of Pelaliah,6421 the son1121 of Amzi,557 the son1121 of Zechariah,2148 the son1121 of Pashur,6583 the son1121 of Malchiah,4441

13  And his brethren,251 chief7218 of the fathers,1 two hundred3967 forty705 and two:8147 and Amashai6023 the son1121 of Azareel,5832 the son1121 of Ahasai,273 the son1121 of Meshillemoth,4919 the son1121 of Immer,564

14  And their brethren,251 mighty men1368 of valor,2428 a hundred3967 twenty6242 and eight:8083 and their overseer6496 5921 was Zabdiel,2068 the son1121 of one of the great1419 men.

15  Also of4480 the Levites:3881 Shemaiah8098 the son1121 of Hashub,2815 the son1121 of Azrikam,5840 the son1121 of Hashabiah,2811 the son1121 of Bunni;1138

16  And Shabbethai7678 and Jozabad,3107 of the chief4480 7218 of the Levites,3881 had the oversight5921 of the outward2435 business4399 of the house1004 of God.430

17  And Mattaniah4983 the son1121 of Micha,4318 the son1121 of Zabdi,2067 the son1121 of Asaph,623 was the principal7218 to begin8462 the thanksgiving3034 in prayer:8605 and Bakbukiah1229 the second4932 among his brethren,4480 251 and Abda5653 the son1121 of Shammua,8051 the son1121 of Galal,1559 the son1121 of Jeduthun.3038

18  All3605 the Levites3881 in the holy6944 city5892 were two hundred3967 fourscore8084 and four.702

19  Moreover the porters,7778 Akkub,6126 Talmon,2929 and their brethren251 that kept8104 the gates,8179 were a hundred3967 seventy7657 and two.8147

20  And the residue7605 of Israel,3478 of the priests,3548 and the Levites,3881 were in all3605 the cities5892 of Judah,3063 every one376 in his inheritance.5159

21  But the Nethinims5411 dwelt3427 in Ophel:6077 and Ziha6727 and Gispa1658 were over5921 the Nethinims.5411

22  The overseer6496 also of the Levites3881 at Jerusalem3389 was Uzzi5813 the son1121 of Bani,1137 the son1121 of Hashabiah,2811 the son1121 of Mattaniah,4983 the son1121 of Micha.4316 Of the sons4480 1121 of Asaph,623 the singers7891 were over5048 the business4399 of the house1004 of God.430

23  For3588 it was the king's4428 commandment4687 concerning5921 them, that a certain portion548 should be for5921 the singers,7891 due1697 for every day.3117 3117

24  And Pethahiah6611 the son1121 of Meshezabeel,4898 of the children4480 1121 of Zerah2226 the son1121 of Judah,3063 was at the king's4428 hand3027 in all3605 matters1697 concerning the people.5971

25  And for413 the villages,2691 with their fields,7704 some of the children4480 1121 of Judah3063 dwelt3427 at Kirjath-arba,7153 and in the villages2691 thereof, and at Dibon,1769 and in the villages1323 thereof, and at Jekabzeel,3343 and in the villages1323 thereof,

26  And at Jeshua,3442 and at Moladah,4137 and at Beth-phelet,1046

27  And at Hazar-shual,2705 and at Beer-sheba,884 and in the villages1323 thereof,

28  And at Ziklag,6860 and at Mekonah,4368 and in the villages1323 thereof,

29  And at En-rimmon,5884 and at Zareah,6881 and at Jarmuth,3412

30  Zanoah,2182 Adullam,5725 and in their villages,2691 at Lachish,3923 and the fields7704 thereof, at Azekah,5825 and in the villages1323 thereof. And they dwelt2583 from Beer-sheba4480 884 unto5704 the valley1516 of Hinnom.2011

31  The children1121 also of Benjamin1144 from Geba4480 1387 dwelt at Michmash,4363 and Aija,5857 and Bethel,1008 and in their villages,1323

32  And at Anathoth,6068 Nob,5011 Ananiah,6055

33  Hazor,2674 Ramah,7414 Gittaim,1664

34  Hadid,2307 Zeboim,6650 Neballat,5041

35  Lod,3850 and Ono,207 the valley1516 of craftsmen.2798

36  And of4480 the Levites3881 were divisions4256 in Judah,3063 and in Benjamin.1144

Nehemiah 12: 1-47

1  Now these428 are the priests3548 and the Levites3881 that834 went up5927 with5973 Zerubbabel2216 the son1121 of Shealtiel,7597 and Jeshua:3442 Seraiah,8304 Jeremiah,3414 Ezra,5830

2  Amariah,568 Malluch,4409 Hattush,2407

3  Shechaniah,7935 Rehum,7348 Meremoth,4822

4  Iddo,5714 Ginnetho,1599 Abijah,29

5  Miamin,4326 Maadiah,4573 Bilgah,1083

6  Shemaiah,8098 and Joiarib,3114 Jedaiah,3048

7  Sallu,5543 Amok,5987 Hilkiah,2518 Jedaiah.3048 These428 were the chief7218 of the priests3548 and of their brethren251 in the days3117 of Jeshua.3442

8  Moreover the Levites:3881 Jeshua,3442 Binnui,1131 Kadmiel,6934 Sherebiah,8274 Judah,3063 and Mattaniah,4983 which was over5921 the thanksgiving,1960 he1931 and his brethren.251

9  Also Bakbukiah1229 and Unni,6042 their brethren,251 were over against5048 them in the watches.4931

10  And Jeshua3442 begot3205 853 Joiakim,3113 Joiakim3113 also begot3205 853 Eliashib,475 and Eliashib475 begot3205 853 Joiada,3111

11  And Joiada3111 begot3205 853 Jonathan,3129 and Jonathan3129 begot3205 853 Jaddua.3037

12  And in the days3117 of Joiakim3113 were1961 priests,3548 the chief7218 of the fathers:1 of Seraiah,8304 Meraiah;4811 of Jeremiah,3414 Hananiah;2608

13  Of Ezra,5830 Meshullam;4918 of Amariah,568 Jehohanan;3076

14  Of Melicu,4409 Jonathan;3129 of Shebaniah,7645 Joseph;3130

15  Of Harim,2766 Adna;5733 of Meraioth,4812 Helkai;2517

16  Of Iddo,5714 Zechariah;2148 of Ginnethon,1599 Meshullam;4918

17  Of Abijah,29 Zichri;2147 of Miniamin,4509 of Moadiah,4153 Piltai;6408

18  Of Bilgah,1083 Shammua;8051 of Shemaiah,8098 Jehonathan;3083

19  And of Joiarib,3114 Mattenai;4982 of Jedaiah,3048 Uzzi;5813

20  Of Sallai,5543 Kallai;7040 of Amok,5987 Eber;5677

21  Of Hilkiah,2518 Hashabiah;2811 of Jedaiah,3048 Nethaneel.5417

22  The Levites3881 in the days3117 of Eliashib,475 Joiada,3111 and Johanan,3110 and Jaddua,3037 were recorded3789 chief7218 of the fathers:1 also the priests,3548 to5921 the reign4438 of Darius1867 the Persian.6542

23  The sons1121 of Levi,3878 the chief7218 of the fathers,1 were written3789 in5921 the book5612 of the chronicles,1697 even until5704 the days3117 of Johanan3110 the son1121 of Eliashib.475

24  And the chief7218 of the Levites:3881 Hashabiah,2811 Sherebiah,8274 and Jeshua3442 the son1121 of Kadmiel,6934 with their brethren251 over against5048 them, to praise1984 and to give thanks,3034 according to the commandment4687 of David1732 the man376 of God,430 ward4929 over against5980 ward.4929

25  Mattaniah,4983 and Bakbukiah,1229 Obadiah,5662 Meshullam,4918 Talmon,2929 Akkub,6126 were porters7778 keeping8104 the ward4929 at the thresholds624 of the gates.8179

26  These428 were in the days3117 of Joiakim3113 the son1121 of Jeshua,3442 the son1121 of Jozadak,3136 and in the days3117 of Nehemiah5166 the governor,6346 and of Ezra5830 the priest,3548 the scribe.5608

27  And at the dedication2598 of the wall2346 of Jerusalem3389 they sought1245 853 the Levites3881 out of all4480 3605 their places,4725 to bring935 them to Jerusalem,3389 to keep6213 the dedication2598 with gladness,8057 both with thanksgivings,8426 and with singing,7892 with cymbals,4700 psalteries,5035 and with harps.3658

28  And the sons1121 of the singers7891 gathered themselves together,622 both out of4480 the plain country3603 round about5439 Jerusalem,3389 and from4480 the villages2691 of Netophathi;5200

29  Also from the house4480 1004 of Gilgal,1537 and out of the fields4480 7704 of Geba1387 and Azmaveth:5820 for3588 the singers7891 had built1129 them villages2691 round about5439 Jerusalem.3389

30  And the priests3548 and the Levites3881 purified themselves,2891 and purified2891 853 the people,5971 and the gates,8179 and the wall.2346

31  Then I brought up5927 853 the princes8269 of Judah3063 upon4480 5921 the wall,2346 and appointed5975 two8147 great1419 companies of them that gave thanks,8426 whereof one259 went1980 on the right hand3225 upon4480 5921 the wall2346 toward the dung830 gate:8179

32  And after310 them went1980 Hoshaiah,1955 and half2677 of the princes8269 of Judah,3063

33  And Azariah,5838 Ezra,5830 and Meshullam,4918

34  Judah,3063 and Benjamin,1144 and Shemaiah,8098 and Jeremiah,3414

35  And certain of the priests' sons4480 1121 3548 with trumpets;2689 namely, Zechariah2148 the son1121 of Jonathan,3129 the son1121 of Shemaiah,8098 the son1121 of Mattaniah,4983 the son1121 of Michaiah,4320 the son1121 of Zaccur,2139 the son1121 of Asaph:623

36  And his brethren,251 Shemaiah,8098 and Azarael,5832 Milalai,4450 Gilalai,1562 Maai,4597 Nethaneel,5417 and Judah,3063 Hanani,2607 with the musical7892 instruments3627 of David1732 the man376 of God,430 and Ezra5830 the scribe5608 before6440 them.

37  And at5921 the fountain5869 gate,8179 which was over against5048 them, they went up5927 by5921 the stairs4609 of the city5892 of David,1732 at the going up4608 of the wall,2346 above4480 5921 the house1004 of David,1732 even unto5704 the water4325 gate8179 eastward.4217

38  And the other8145 company of them that gave thanks8426 went1980 over against4136 them, and I589 after310 them, and the half2677 of the people5971 upon4480 5921 the wall,2346 from beyond4480 5921 the tower4026 of the furnaces8574 even unto5704 the broad7342 wall;2346

39  And from above4480 5921 the gate8179 of Ephraim,669 and above5921 the old3465 gate,8179 and above5921 the fish1709 gate,8179 and the tower4026 of Hananeel,2606 and the tower4026 of Meah,3968 even unto5704 the sheep6629 gate:8179 and they stood still5975 in the prison4307 gate.8179

40  So stood5975 the two8147 companies of them that gave thanks8426 in the house1004 of God,430 and I,589 and the half2677 of the rulers5461 with5973 me:

41  And the priests;3548 Eliakim,471 Maaseiah,4641 Miniamin,4509 Michaiah,4320 Elioenai,454 Zechariah,2148 and Hananiah,2608 with trumpets;2689

42  And Maaseiah,4641 and Shemaiah,8098 and Eleazar,499 and Uzzi,5813 and Jehohanan,3076 and Malchijah,4441 and Elam,5867 and Ezer.5829 And the singers7891 sang loud,8085 with Jezrahiah3156 their overseer.6496

43  Also that1931 day3117 they offered2076 great1419 sacrifices,2077 and rejoiced:8055 for3588 God430 had made them rejoice8055 with great1419 joy:8057 the wives802 also1571 and the children3206 rejoiced:8055 so that the joy8057 of Jerusalem3389 was heard8085 even afar off.4480 7350

44  And at that1931 time3117 were some376 appointed6485 over5921 the chambers5393 for the treasures,214 for the offerings,8641 for the firstfruits,7225 and for the tithes,4643 to gather3664 into them out of the fields7704 of the cities5892 the portions4521 of the law8451 for the priests3548 and Levites:3881 for3588 Judah3063 rejoiced8057 for5921 the priests3548 and for5921 the Levites3881 that waited.5975

45  And both the singers7891 and the porters7778 kept8104 the ward4931 of their God,430 and the ward4931 of the purification,2893 according to the commandment4687 of David,1732 and of Solomon8010 his son.1121

46  For3588 in the days3117 of David1732 and Asaph623 of old4480 6924 there were chief7218 of the singers,7891 and songs7892 of praise8416 and thanksgiving3034 unto God.430

47  And all3605 Israel3478 in the days3117 of Zerubbabel,2216 and in the days3117 of Nehemiah,5166 gave5414 the portions4521 of the singers7891 and the porters,7778 every day3117 3117 his portion:1697 and they sanctified6942 holy things unto the Levites;3881 and the Levites3881 sanctified6942 them unto the children1121 of Aaron.175

Nehemiah 13: 1-31

1  On that1931 day3117 they read7121 in the book5612 of Moses4872 in the audience241 of the people;5971 and therein was found4672 written,3789 that834 the Ammonite5984 and the Moabite4125 should not3808 come935 into the congregation6951 of God430 forever;5704 5769

2  Because3588 they met6923 not3808 853 the children1121 of Israel3478 with bread3899 and with water,4325 but hired7936 853 Balaam1109 against5921 them, that he should curse7043 them: howbeit our God430 turned2015 the curse7045 into a blessing.1293

3  Now it came to pass,1961 when they had heard8085 853 the law,8451 that they separated914 from Israel4480 3478 all3605 the mixed multitude.6154

4  And before6440 this,4480 2088 Eliashib475 the priest,3548 having the oversight5414 of the chamber3957 of the house1004 of our God,430 was allied7138 unto Tobiah:2900

5  And he had prepared6213 for him a great1419 chamber,3957 where8033 formerly6440 1961 they laid5414 853 the meat offerings,4503 the frankincense,3828 and the vessels,3627 and the tithes4643 of the corn,1715 the new wine,8492 and the oil,3323 which was commanded4687 to be given to the Levites,3881 and the singers,7891 and the porters;7778 and the offerings8641 of the priests.3548

6  But in all3605 this2088 time was1961 not3808 I at Jerusalem:3389 for3588 in the two8147 and thirtieth7970 year8141 of Artaxerxes783 king4428 of Babylon894 came935 I unto413 the king,4428 and after7093 certain days3117 obtained I leave7592 of4480 the king:4428

7  And I came935 to Jerusalem,3389 and understood995 of the evil7451 that834 Eliashib475 did6213 for Tobiah,2900 in preparing6213 him a chamber5393 in the courts2691 of the house1004 of God.430

8  And it grieved7489 me sore:3966 therefore I cast forth7993 853 all3605 the household1004 stuff3627 of Tobiah2900 out2351 of4480 the chamber.3957

9  Then I commanded,559 and they cleansed2891 the chambers:3957 and thither8033 brought I again7725 the vessels3627 of the house1004 of God,430 with854 the meat offering4503 and the frankincense.3828

10  And I perceived3045 that3588 the portions4521 of the Levites3881 had not3808 been given5414 them: for the Levites3881 and the singers,7891 that did6213 the work,4399 were fled1272 every one376 to his field.7704

11  Then contended7378 I with854 the rulers,5461 and said,559 Why4069 is the house1004 of God430 forsaken?5800 And I gathered them together,6908 and set5975 them in5921 their place.5977

12  Then brought935 all3605 Judah3063 the tithe4643 of the corn1715 and the new wine8492 and the oil3323 unto the treasuries.214

13  And I made treasurers686 over5921 the treasuries,214 Shelemiah8018 the priest,3548 and Zadok6659 the scribe,5608 and of4480 the Levites,3881 Pedaiah:6305 and next to5921 3027 them was Hanan2605 the son1121 of Zaccur,2139 the son1121 of Mattaniah:4983 for3588 they were counted2803 faithful,539 and their office5921 was to distribute2505 unto their brethren.251

14  Remember2142 me, O my God,430 concerning5921 this,2063 and wipe not out4229 408 my good deeds2617 that834 I have done6213 for the house1004 of my God,430 and for the offices4929 thereof.

15  In those1992 days3117 saw7200 I in Judah3063 some treading1869 wine presses1660 on the sabbath,7676 and bringing in935 sheaves,6194 and lading6006 5921 asses;2543 as also637 wine,3196 grapes,6025 and figs,8384 and all3605 manner of burdens,4853 which they brought into935 Jerusalem3389 on the sabbath7676 day:3117 and I testified5749 against them in the day3117 wherein they sold4376 victuals.6718

16  There dwelt3427 men of Tyre6876 also therein, which brought935 fish,1709 and all3605 manner of ware,4377 and sold4376 on the sabbath7676 unto the children1121 of Judah,3063 and in Jerusalem.3389

17  Then I contended7378 with854 the nobles2715 of Judah,3063 and said559 unto them, What4100 evil7451 thing1697 is this2088 that834 ye859 do,6213 and profane2490 853 the sabbath7676 day?3117

18  Did6213 not3808 your fathers1 thus,3541 and did not our God430 bring935 853 all3605 this2063 evil7451 upon5921 us, and upon5921 this2063 city?5892 yet ye859 bring more3254 wrath2740 upon5921 Israel3478 by profaning2490 853 the sabbath.7676

19  And it came to pass,1961 that when834 the gates8179 of Jerusalem3389 began to be dark6751 before6440 the sabbath,7676 I commanded559 that the gates1817 should be shut,5462 and charged559 that834 they should not3808 be opened6605 till5704 after310 the sabbath:7676 and some of my servants4480 5288 set5975 I at5921 the gates,8179 that there should no3808 burden4853 be brought in935 on the sabbath7676 day.3117

20  So the merchants7402 and sellers4376 of all3605 kind of ware4465 lodged3885 without4480 2351 Jerusalem3389 once6471 or twice.8147

21  Then I testified5749 against them, and said559 unto413 them, Why4069 lodge3885 ye859 about5048 the wall?2346 if518 ye do so again,8138 I will lay7971 hands3027 on you. From4480 that1931 time6256 forth came935 they no3808 more on the sabbath.7676

22  And I commanded559 the Levites3881 that834 they should1961 cleanse themselves,2891 and that they should come935 and keep8104 the gates,8179 to sanctify6942 853 the sabbath7676 day.3117 Remember2142 me, O my God,430 concerning this2063 also,1571 and spare2347 5921 me according to the greatness7230 of thy mercy.2617

23  In those1992 days3117 also1571 saw7200 I 853 Jews3064 that had married3427 wives802 of Ashdod,796 of Ammon,5984 and of Moab:4125

24  And their children1121 spoke1696 half2677 in the speech of Ashdod,797 and could5234 not369 speak1696 in the Jews' language,3066 but according to the language3956 of each5971 people.5971

25  And I contended7378 with5973 them, and cursed7043 them, and smote5221 certain376 of4480 them, and plucked off their hair,4803 and made them swear7650 by God,430 saying, Ye shall not518 give5414 your daughters1323 unto their sons,1121 nor518 take5375 their daughters4480 1323 unto your sons,1121 or for yourselves.

26  Did not3808 Solomon8010 king4428 of Israel3478 sin2398 by5921 these things?428 yet among many7227 nations1471 was1961 there no3808 king4428 like him,3644 who was1961 beloved157 of his God,430 and God430 made5414 him king4428 over5921 all3605 Israel:3478 nevertheless1571 even him did outlandish5237 women802 cause to sin.2398

27  Shall we then hearken8085 unto you to do6213 853 all3605 this2063 great1419 evil,7451 to transgress4603 against our God430 in marrying3427 strange5237 wives?802

28  And one of the sons4480 1121 of Joiada,3111 the son1121 of Eliashib475 the high1419 priest,3548 was son in law2860 to Sanballat5571 the Horonite:2772 therefore I chased1272 him from4480 5921 me.

29  Remember2142 them, O my God,430 because5921 they have defiled1352 the priesthood,3550 and the covenant1285 of the priesthood,3550 and of the Levites.3881

30  Thus cleansed2891 I them from all4480 3605 strangers,5236 and appointed5975 the wards4931 of the priests3548 and the Levites,3881 every one376 in his business;4399

31  And for the wood6086 offering,7133 at times6256 appointed,2163 and for the firstfruits.1061 Remember2142 me, O my God,430 for good.2896


À Christ seul soit la Gloire


Source; - jean leDuc