King James Version 1611 - 1769





Micah 1: 1-16

1  The word1697 of the LORD3068 that834 came1961 to413 Micah4318 the Morasthite4183 in the days3117 of Jotham,3147 Ahaz,271 and Hezekiah,3169 kings4428 of Judah,3063 which834 he saw2372 concerning5921 Samaria8111 and Jerusalem.3389

2  Hear,8085 all3605 ye people;5971 hearken,7181 O earth,776 and all that therein is:4393 and let the Lord136 GOD3069 be1961 witness5707 against you, the Lord136 from his holy6944 temple.4480 1964

3  For,3588 behold,2009 the LORD3068 cometh forth3318 out of his place,4480 4725 and will come down,3381 and tread1869 upon5921 the high places1116 of the earth.776

4  And the mountains2022 shall be molten4549 under8478 him, and the valleys6010 shall be cleft,1234 as wax1749 before4480 6440 the fire,784 and as the waters4325 that are poured down5064 a steep place.4174

5  For the transgression6588 of Jacob3290 is all3605 this,2063 and for the sins2403 of the house1004 of Israel.3478 What4310 is the transgression6588 of Jacob?3290 is it not3808 Samaria?8111 and what4310 are the high places1116 of Judah?3063 are they not3808 Jerusalem?3389

6  Therefore I will make7760 Samaria8111 as a heap5856 of the field,7704 and as plantings4302 of a vineyard:3754 and I will pour down5064 the stones68 thereof into the valley,1516 and I will discover1540 the foundations3247 thereof.

7  And all3605 the graven images6456 thereof shall be beaten to pieces,3807 and all3605 the hires868 thereof shall be burned8313 with the fire,784 and all3605 the idols6091 thereof will I lay7760 desolate:8077 for3588 she gathered6908 it of the hire4480 868 of a harlot,2181 and they shall return7725 to5704 the hire868 of a harlot.2181

8  Therefore5921 2063 I will wail5594 and howl,3213 I will go1980 stripped7758 and naked:6174 I will make6213 a wailing4553 like the dragons,8568 and mourning60 as the owls.1323 3284

9  For3588 her wound4347 is incurable;605 for3588 it is come935 unto5704 Judah;3063 he is come5060 unto5704 the gate8179 of my people,5971 even to5704 Jerusalem.3389

10  Declare5046 ye it not408 at Gath,1661 weep ye not at all:1058 408 1058 in the house1004 of Aphrah1036 roll thyself6428 in the dust.6083

11  Pass ye away,5674 thou inhabitant3427 of Saphir,8208 having thy shame1322 naked:6181 the inhabitant3427 of Zaanan6630 came not forth3318 3808 in the mourning4553 of Beth-ezel;1018 he shall receive3947 of4480 you his standing.5979

12  For3588 the inhabitant3427 of Maroth4796 waited carefully2470 for good:2896 but3588 evil7451 came down3381 from4480 854 the LORD3068 unto the gate8179 of Jerusalem.3389

13  O thou inhabitant3427 of Lachish,3923 bind7573 the chariot4818 to the swift beast:7409 she1931 is the beginning7225 of the sin2403 to the daughter1323 of Zion:6726 for3588 the transgressions6588 of Israel3478 were found4672 in thee.

14  Therefore3651 shalt thou give5414 presents7964 to5921 Moresheth-gath:4182 the houses1004 of Achzib392 shall be a lie391 to the kings4428 of Israel.3478

15  Yet5750 will I bring935 an heir3423 unto thee, O inhabitant3427 of Mareshah:4762 he shall come935 unto5704 Adullam5725 the glory3519 of Israel.3478

16  Make thee bald,7139 and poll1494 thee for5921 thy delicate8588 children;1121 enlarge7337 thy baldness7144 as the eagle;5404 for3588 they are gone into captivity1540 from4480 thee.

Micah 2: 1-13

1  Woe1945 to them that devise2803 iniquity,205 and work6466 evil7451 upon5921 their beds!4904 when the morning1242 is light,216 they practice6213 it, because3588 it is3426 in the power410 of their hand.3027

2  And they covet2530 fields,7704 and take them by violence;1497 and houses,1004 and take them away:5375 so they oppress6231 a man1397 and his house1004 even a man376 and his heritage.5159

3  Therefore3651 thus3541 saith559 the LORD;3068 Behold,2009 against5921 this2063 family4940 do I devise2803 an evil,7451 from4480 8033 which834 ye shall not3808 remove4185 your necks;6677 neither3808 shall ye go1980 haughtily:7317 for3588 this1931 time6256 is evil.7451

4  In that1931 day3117 shall one take up5375 a parable4912 against5921 you, and lament5091 with a doleful5093 lamentation,5092 and say,559 We be1961 utterly spoiled:7703 7703 he hath changed4171 the portion2506 of my people:5971 how349 hath he removed4185 it from me! turning away7728 he hath divided2505 our fields.7704

5  Therefore3651 thou shalt have1961 none3808 that shall cast7993 a cord2256 by lot1486 in the congregation6951 of the LORD.3068

6  Prophesy5197 ye not,408 say they to them that prophesy:5197 they shall not3808 prophesy5197 to them,428 that they shall not3808 take5253 shame.3639

7  O thou that art named559 the house1004 of Jacob,3290 is the spirit7307 of the LORD3068 straitened?7114 are these428 his doings?4611 do not3808 my words1697 do good3190 to5973 him that walketh1980 uprightly?3477

8  Even of late865 my people5971 is risen up6965 as an enemy:341 ye pull off6584 the robe145 with4480 4136 the garment8008 from them that pass by4480 5674 securely983 as men averse7725 from war.4421

9  The women802 of my people5971 have ye cast out1644 from their pleasant8588 houses;4480 1004 from4480 5921 their children5768 have ye taken away3947 my glory1926 forever.5769

10  Arise6965 ye, and depart;1980 for3588 this2063 is not3808 your rest:4496 because5668 it is polluted,2930 it shall destroy2254 you, even with a sore4834 destruction.2256

11  If3863 a man376 walking1980 in the spirit7307 and falsehood8267 do lie,3576 saying, I will prophesy5197 unto thee of wine3196 and of strong drink;7941 he shall even be1961 the prophet5197 of this2088 people.5971

12  I will surely assemble,622 622 O Jacob,3290 all3605 of thee; I will surely gather6908 6908 the remnant7611 of Israel;3478 I will put7760 them together3162 as the sheep6629 of Bozrah,1223 as the flock5739 in the midst8432 of their fold:1699 they shall make great noise1949 by reason of the multitude of men.4480 120

13  The breaker6555 is come up5927 before6440 them: they have broken up,6555 and have passed through5674 the gate,8179 and are gone out3318 by it: and their king4428 shall pass5674 before6440 them, and the LORD3068 on the head7218 of them.

Micah 3: 1-12

1  And I said,559 Hear,8085 I pray you,4994 O heads7218 of Jacob,3290 and ye princes7101 of the house1004 of Israel;3478 Is it not3808 for you to know3045 853 judgment?4941

2  Who hate8130 the good,2896 and love157 the evil;7451 who pluck off1497 their skin5785 from off4480 5921 them, and their flesh7607 from off4480 5921 their bones;6106

3  Who834 also eat398 the flesh7607 of my people,5971 and flay6584 their skin5785 from off4480 5921 them; and they break6476 their bones,6106 and chop them in pieces,6566 as834 for the pot,5518 and as flesh1320 within8432 the caldron.7037

4  Then227 shall they cry2199 unto413 the LORD,3068 but he will not3808 hear6030 them: he will even hide5641 his face6440 from4480 them at that1931 time,6256 as834 they have behaved themselves ill7489 in their doings.4611

5  Thus3541 saith559 the LORD3068 concerning5921 the prophets5030 that make 853 my people5971 err,8582 that bite5391 with their teeth,8127 and cry,7121 Peace;7965 and he that834 putteth5414 not3808 into5921 their mouths,6310 they even prepare6942 war4421 against5921 him.

6  Therefore3651 night3915 shall be unto you, that ye shall not have a vision;4480 2377 and it shall be dark2821 unto you, that ye shall not divine;4480 7080 and the sun8121 shall go down935 over5921 the prophets,5030 and the day3117 shall be dark6937 over5921 them.

7  Then shall the seers2374 be ashamed,954 and the diviners7080 confounded:2659 yea, they shall all3605 cover5844 5921 their lips;8222 for3588 there is no369 answer4617 of God.430

8  But truly199 I595 am full4390 of power3581 by854 the spirit7307 of the LORD,3068 and of judgment,4941 and of might,1369 to declare5046 unto Jacob3290 his transgression,6588 and to Israel3478 his sin.2403

9  Hear8085 this,2063 I pray you,4994 ye heads7218 of the house1004 of Jacob,3290 and princes7101 of the house1004 of Israel,3478 that abhor8581 judgment,4941 and pervert6140 all3605 equity.3477

10  They build up1129 Zion6726 with blood,1818 and Jerusalem3389 with iniquity.5766

11  The heads7218 thereof judge8199 for reward,7810 and the priests3548 thereof teach3384 for hire,4242 and the prophets5030 thereof divine7080 for money:3701 yet will they lean8172 upon5921 the LORD,3068 and say,559 Is not3808 the LORD3068 among7130 us? none3808 evil7451 can come935 upon5921 us.

12  Therefore3651 shall Zion6726 for your sake1558 be plowed2790 as a field,7704 and Jerusalem3389 shall become1961 heaps,5856 and the mountain2022 of the house1004 as the high places1116 of the forest.3293

Micah 4: 1-13

1  But in the last319 days3117 it shall come to pass,1961 that the mountain2022 of the house1004 of the LORD3068 shall be1961 established3559 in the top7218 of the mountains,2022 and it1931 shall be exalted5375 above the hills;4480 1389 and people5971 shall flow5102 unto5921 it.

2  And many7227 nations1471 shall come,1980 and say,559 Come,1980 and let us go up5927 to413 the mountain2022 of the LORD,3068 and to413 the house1004 of the God430 of Jacob;3290 and he will teach3384 us of his ways,4480 1870 and we will walk1980 in his paths:734 for3588 the law8451 shall go forth3318 of Zion,4480 6726 and the word1697 of the LORD3068 from Jerusalem.4480 3389

3  And he shall judge8199 among996 many7227 people,5971 and rebuke3198 strong6099 nations1471 afar off;5704 7350 and they shall beat3807 their swords2719 into plowshares,855 and their spears2595 into pruning hooks:4211 nation1471 shall not3808 lift up5375 a sword2719 against413 nation,1471 neither3808 shall they learn3925 war4421 any more.5750

4  But they shall sit3427 every man376 under8478 his vine1612 and under8478 his fig tree;8384 and none369 shall make them afraid:2729 for3588 the mouth6310 of the LORD3068 of hosts6635 hath spoken1696 it.

5  For3588 all3605 people5971 will walk1980 every one376 in the name8034 of his god,430 and we587 will walk1980 in the name8034 of the LORD3068 our God430 forever5769 and ever.5703

6  In that1931 day,3117 saith5002 the LORD,3068 will I assemble622 her that halteth,6760 and I will gather6908 her that is driven out,5080 and her that834 I have afflicted;7489

7  And I will make7760 853 her that halted6760 a remnant,7611 and her that was cast far off1972 a strong6099 nation:1471 and the LORD3068 shall reign4427 over5921 them in mount2022 Zion6726 from henceforth,4480 6258 even forever.5704 5769

8  And thou,859 O tower4026 of the flock,5739 the stronghold6076 of the daughter1323 of Zion,6726 unto5704 thee shall it come,857 even the first7223 dominion;4475 the kingdom4467 shall come935 to the daughter1323 of Jerusalem.3389

9  Now6258 why4100 dost thou cry out7321 aloud?7452 is there no369 king4428 in thee? is thy counselor3289 perished?6 for3588 pangs2427 have taken2388 thee as a woman in travail.3205

10  Be in pain,2342 and labor to bring forth,1518 O daughter1323 of Zion,6726 like a woman in travail:3205 for3588 now6258 shalt thou go forth3318 out of the city,4480 7151 and thou shalt dwell7931 in the field,7704 and thou shalt go935 even to5704 Babylon;894 there8033 shalt thou be delivered;5337 there8033 the LORD3068 shall redeem1350 thee from the hand4480 3709 of thine enemies.341

11  Now6258 also many7227 nations1471 are gathered622 against5921 thee, that say,559 Let her be defiled,2610 and let our eye5869 look2372 upon Zion.6726

12  But they1992 know3045 not3808 the thoughts4284 of the LORD,3068 neither3808 understand995 they his counsel:6098 for3588 he shall gather6908 them as the sheaves5995 into the floor.1637

13  Arise6965 and thresh,1758 O daughter1323 of Zion:6726 for3588 I will make7760 thine horn7161 iron,1270 and I will make7760 thy hooves6541 brass:5154 and thou shalt beat in pieces1854 many7227 people:5971 and I will consecrate2763 their gain1215 unto the LORD,3068 and their substance2428 unto the Lord113 of the whole3605 earth.776

Micah 5: 1-15

1  Now6258 gather thyself in troops,1413 O daughter1323 of troops:1416 he hath laid7760 siege4692 against5921 us: they shall smite5221 853 the judge8199 of Israel3478 with a rod7626 upon5921 the cheek.3895

2  But thou,859 Bethlehem1035 Ephratah,672 though thou be1961 little6810 among the thousands505 of Judah,3063 yet out of4480 thee shall he come forth3318 unto me that is to be1961 ruler4910 in Israel;3478 whose goings forth4163 have been from of old,4480 6924 from everlasting.4480 3117 5769

3  Therefore3651 will he give them up,5414 until5704 the time6256 that she which travaileth3205 hath brought forth:3205 then the remnant3499 of his brethren251 shall return7725 unto5921 the children1121 of Israel.3478

4  And he shall stand5975 and feed7462 in the strength5797 of the LORD,3068 in the majesty1347 of the name8034 of the LORD3068 his God;430 and they shall abide:3427 for3588 now6258 shall he be great1431 unto5704 the ends657 of the earth.776

5  And this2088 man shall be1961 the peace,7965 when3588 the Assyrian804 shall come935 into our land:776 and when3588 he shall tread1869 in our palaces,759 then shall we raise6965 against5921 him seven7651 shepherds,7462 and eight8083 principal5257 men.120

6  And they shall waste7489 853 the land776 of Assyria804 with the sword,2719 and the land776 of Nimrod5248 in the entrances6607 thereof: thus shall he deliver5337 us from4480 the Assyrian,804 when3588 he cometh935 into our land,776 and when3588 he treadeth1869 within our borders.1366

7  And the remnant7611 of Jacob3290 shall be1961 in the midst7130 of many7227 people5971 as a dew2919 from4480 854 the LORD,3068 as the showers7241 upon5921 the grass,6212 that834 tarrieth6960 not3808 for man,376 nor3808 waiteth3176 for the sons1121 of men.120

8  And the remnant7611 of Jacob3290 shall be1961 among the Gentiles1471 in the midst7130 of many7227 people5971 as a lion738 among the beasts929 of the forest,3293 as a young lion3715 among the flocks5739 of sheep:6629 who,834 if518 he go through,5674 both treadeth down,7429 and teareth in pieces,2963 and none369 can deliver.5337

9  Thine hand3027 shall be lifted up7311 upon5921 thine adversaries,6862 and all3605 thine enemies341 shall be cut off.3772

10  And it shall come to pass1961 in that1931 day,3117 saith5002 the LORD,3068 that I will cut off3772 thy horses5483 out of the midst4480 7130 of thee, and I will destroy6 thy chariots:4818

11  And I will cut off3772 the cities5892 of thy land,776 and throw down2040 all3605 thy strongholds:4013

12  And I will cut off3772 witchcrafts3785 out of thine hand;4480 3027 and thou shalt have1961 no3808 more soothsayers:6049

13  Thy graven images6456 also will I cut off,3772 and thy standing images4676 out of the midst4480 7130 of thee; and thou shalt no3808 more5750 worship7812 the work4639 of thine hands.3027

14  And I will pluck up5428 thy groves842 out of the midst4480 7130 of thee: so will I destroy8045 thy cities.5892

15  And I will execute6213 vengeance5359 in anger639 and fury2534 upon 853 the heathen,1471 such as834 they have not3808 heard.8085

Micah 6: 1-16

1  Hear8085 ye now4994 853 what834 the LORD3068 saith;559 Arise,6965 contend7378 thou before854 the mountains,2022 and let the hills1389 hear8085 thy voice.6963

2  Hear8085 ye, O mountains,2022 853 the LORD's3068 controversy,7379 and ye strong386 foundations4146 of the earth:776 for3588 the LORD3068 hath a controversy7379 with5973 his people,5971 and he will plead3198 with5973 Israel.3478

3  O my people,5971 what4100 have I done6213 unto thee? and wherein4100 have I wearied3811 thee? testify6030 against me.

4  For3588 I brought thee up5927 out of the land4480 776 of Egypt,4714 and redeemed6299 thee out of the house4480 1004 of servants;5650 and I sent7971 before6440 thee 853 Moses,4872 Aaron,175 and Miriam.4813

5  O my people,5971 remember2142 now4994 what4100 Balak1111 king4428 of Moab4124 consulted,3289 and what4100 Balaam1109 the son1121 of Beor1160 answered6030 him from4480 Shittim7851 unto5704 Gilgal;1537 that4616 ye may know3045 the righteousness6666 of the LORD.3068

6  Wherewith4100 shall I come before6923 the LORD,3068 and bow myself3721 before the high4791 God?430 shall I come before6923 him with burnt offerings,5930 with calves5695 of a year8141 old?1121

7  Will the LORD3068 be pleased7521 with thousands505 of rams,352 or with ten thousands7233 of rivers5158 of oil?8081 shall I give5414 my firstborn1060 for my transgression,6588 the fruit6529 of my body990 for the sin2403 of my soul?5315

8  He hath showed5046 thee, O man,120 what4100 is good;2896 and what4100 doth the LORD3068 require1875 of4480 thee, but3588 518 to do6213 justly,4941 and to love157 mercy,2617 and to walk1980 humbly6800 with5973 thy God?430

9  The LORD's3068 voice6963 crieth7121 unto the city,5892 and the man of wisdom8454 shall see7200 thy name:8034 hear8085 ye the rod,4294 and who4310 hath appointed3259 it.

10  Are there786 yet5750 the treasures214 of wickedness7562 in the house1004 of the wicked,7563 and the scant7332 measure374 that is abominable?2194

11  Shall I count them pure2135 with the wicked7562 balances,3976 and with the bag3599 of deceitful4820 weights?68

12  For834 the rich men6223 thereof are full4390 of violence,2555 and the inhabitants3427 thereof have spoken1696 lies,8267 and their tongue3956 is deceitful7423 in their mouth.6310

13  Therefore also1571 will I589 make thee sick2470 in smiting5221 thee, in making thee desolate8074 because of5921 thy sins.2403

14  Thou859 shalt eat,398 but not3808 be satisfied;7646 and thy casting down3445 shall be in the midst7130 of thee; and thou shalt take hold,5253 but shalt not3808 deliver;6403 and that which834 thou deliverest6403 will I give up5414 to the sword.2719

15  Thou859 shalt sow,2232 but thou shalt not3808 reap;7114 thou859 shalt tread1869 the olives,2132 but thou shalt not3808 anoint5480 thee with oil;8081 and sweet wine,8492 but shalt not3808 drink8354 wine.3196

16  For the statutes2708 of Omri6018 are kept,8104 and all3605 the works4639 of the house1004 of Ahab,256 and ye walk1980 in their counsels;4156 that4616 I should make5414 thee a desolation,8047 and the inhabitants3427 thereof a hissing:8322 therefore ye shall bear5375 the reproach2781 of my people.5971

Micah 7: 1-20

1  Woe480 is me! for3588 I am1961 as when they have gathered625 the summer fruits,7019 as the grape gleanings5955 of the vintage:1210 there is no369 cluster811 to eat:398 my soul5315 desired183 the firstripe fruit.1063

2  The good2623 man is perished6 out of4480 the earth:776 and there is none369 upright3477 among men:120 they all3605 lie in wait693 for blood;1818 they hunt6679 every man376 853 his brother251 with a net.2764

3  That they may do evil5921 7451 with both hands3709 earnestly,3190 the prince8269 asketh,7592 and the judge8199 asketh for a reward;7966 and the great1419 man, he1931 uttereth1696 his mischievous1942 desire:5315 so they wrap it up.5686

4  The best2896 of them is as a brier:2312 the most upright3477 is sharper than a thorn hedge:4480 4534 the day3117 of thy watchmen6822 and thy visitation6486 cometh;935 now6258 shall be1961 their perplexity.3998

5  Trust539 ye not408 in a friend,7453 put ye not confidence982 408 in a guide:441 keep8104 the doors6607 of thy mouth6310 from her that lieth4480 7901 in thy bosom.2436

6  For3588 the son1121 dishonoreth5034 the father,1 the daughter1323 riseth up6965 against her mother,517 the daughter-in-law3618 against her mother-in-law;2545 a man's376 enemies341 are the men376 of his own house.1004

7  Therefore I589 will look6822 unto the LORD;3068 I will wait3176 for the God430 of my salvation:3468 my God430 will hear8085 me.

8  Rejoice8055 not408 against me, O mine enemy:341 when3588 I fall,5307 I shall arise;6965 when3588 I sit3427 in darkness,2822 the LORD3068 shall be a light216 unto me.

9  I will bear5375 the indignation2197 of the LORD,3068 because3588 I have sinned2398 against him, until5704 he plead7378 my cause,7379 and execute6213 judgment4941 for me: he will bring me forth3318 to the light,216 and I shall behold7200 his righteousness.6666

10  Then she that is mine enemy341 shall see7200 it, and shame955 shall cover3680 her which said559 unto413 me, Where346 is the LORD3068 thy God?430 mine eyes5869 shall behold7200 her: now6258 shall she be1961 trodden down4823 as the mire2916 of the streets.2351

11  In the day3117 that thy walls1447 are to be built,1129 in that1931 day3117 shall the decree2706 be far removed.7368

12  In that1931 day3117 also he shall come935 even to5704 thee from4480 Assyria,804 and from the fortified4693 cities,5892 and from4480 the fortress4693 even to5704 the river,5104 and from sea3220 to sea,4480 3220 and from mountain2022 to mountain.2022

13  Notwithstanding the land776 shall be1961 desolate8077 because of5921 them that dwell3427 therein, for the fruit4480 6529 of their doings.4611

14  Feed7462 thy people5971 with thy rod,7626 the flock6629 of thine heritage,5159 which dwell7931 solitarily910 in the wood,3293 in the midst8432 of Carmel:3760 let them feed7462 in Bashan1316 and Gilead,1568 as in the days3117 of old.5769

15  According to the days3117 of thy coming out3318 of the land4480 776 of Egypt4714 will I show7200 unto him marvelous6381 things.

16  The nations1471 shall see7200 and be confounded954 at all4480 3605 their might:1369 they shall lay7760 their hand3027 upon5921 their mouth,6310 their ears241 shall be deaf.2790

17  They shall lick3897 the dust6083 like a serpent,5175 they shall move7264 out of their holes4480 4526 like worms2119 of the earth:776 they shall be afraid6342 of413 the LORD3068 our God,430 and shall fear3372 because of4480 thee.

18  Who4310 is a God410 like unto thee,3644 that pardoneth5375 iniquity,5771 and passeth by5674 5921 the transgression6588 of the remnant7611 of his heritage?5159 he retaineth2388 not3808 his anger639 forever,5703 because3588 he1931 delighteth2654 in mercy.2617

19  He will turn again,7725 he will have compassion7355 upon us; he will subdue3533 our iniquities;5771 and thou wilt cast7993 all3605 their sins2403 into the depths4688 of the sea.3220

20  Thou wilt perform5414 the truth571 to Jacob,3290 and the mercy2617 to Abraham,85 which834 thou hast sworn7650 unto our fathers1 from the days4480 3117 of old.6924


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