King James Version 1611 - 1769





James 1: 1-27

1  James,2385 a servant1401 of God2316 and2532 of the Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 to the3588 twelve1427 tribes5443 which3588 are scattered abroad,1722 1290 greeting.5463

2  My3450 brethren,80 count2233 it all3956 joy5479 when3752 ye fall into4045 divers4164 temptations;3986

3  Knowing1097 this, that3754 the3588 trying1383 of your5216 faith4102 worketh2716 patience.5281

4  But1161 let patience5281 have2192 her perfect5046 work,2041 that2443 ye may be5600 perfect5046 and2532 entire,3648 wanting3007 nothing.3367

1161 If1487 any5100 of you5216 lack3007 wisdom,4678 let him ask154 of3844 God,2316 that giveth1325 to all3956 men liberally,574 and2532 upbraideth3679 not;3361 and2532 it shall be given1325 him.846

6  But1161 let him ask154 in1722 faith,4102 nothing3367 wavering.1252 For1063 he that wavereth1252 is like1503 a wave2830 of the sea2281 driven with the wind416 and2532 tossed.4494

7  For1063 let not3361 that1565 man444 think3633 that3754 he shall receive2983 any thing5100 of3844 the3588 Lord.2962

8  A double minded1374 man435 is unstable182 in1722 all3956 his848 ways.3598

1161 Let the3588 brother80 of low degree5011 rejoice2744 in1722 that he848 is exalted:5311

10  But1161 the3588 rich,4145 in1722 that he848 is made low:5014 because3754 as5613 the flower438 of the grass5528 he shall pass away.3928

11  For1063 the3588 sun2246 is no sooner risen393 with4862 a burning heat,2742 but2532 it withereth3583 the3588 grass,5528 and2532 the3588 flower438 thereof846 falleth,1601 and2532 the3588 grace2143 of the3588 fashion4383 of it846 perisheth:622 so3779 also2532 shall the3588 rich man4145 fade away3133 in1722 his848 ways.4197

12  Blessed3107 is the man435 that3739 endureth5278 temptation:3986 for3754 when he is1096 tried,1384 he shall receive2983 the3588 crown4735 of life,2222 which3739 the3588 Lord2962 hath promised1861 to them that love25 him.846

13  Let no man3367 say3004 when he is tempted,3985 I am tempted3985 of575 God:2316 for1063 God2316 cannot be tempted2076 551 with evil,2556 neither1161 tempteth3985 he848 any man:3762

14  But1161 every man1538 is tempted,3985 when he is drawn away1828 of5259 his own2398 lust,1939 and2532 enticed.1185

15  Then1534 when lust1939 hath conceived,4815 it bringeth forth5088 sin:266 and1161 sin,266 when it is finished,658 bringeth forth616 death.2288

16  Do not3361 err,4105 my3450 beloved27 brethren.80

17  Every3956 good18 gift1394 and2532 every3956 perfect5046 gift1434 is2076 from above,509 and cometh down2597 from575 the3588 Father3962 of lights,5457 with3844 whom3739 is1762 no3756 variableness,3883 neither2228 shadow644 of turning.5157

18  Of his own will1014 begat616 he us2248 with the word3056 of truth,225 that we2248 should be1511 a kind5100 of firstfruits536 of his848 creatures.2938

19  Wherefore,5620 my3450 beloved27 brethren,80 let every3956 man444 be2077 swift5036 to hear,191 slow1021 to speak,2980 slow1021 to1519 wrath:3709

20  For1063 the wrath3709 of man435 worketh2716 not3756 the righteousness1343 of God.2316

21  Wherefore1352 lay apart659 all3956 filthiness4507 and2532 superfluity4050 of naughtiness,2549 and receive1209 with1722 meekness4240 the3588 engrafted1721 word,3056 which is able1410 to save4982 your5216 souls.5590

22  But1161 be1096 ye doers4163 of the word,3056 and2532 not3361 hearers202 only,3440 deceiving3884 your own selves.1438

23  For3754 if any1536 be2076 a hearer202 of the word,3056 and2532 not3756 a doer,4163 he3778 is like unto1503 a man435 beholding2657 his846 natural1078 face4383 in1722 a glass:2072

24  For1063 he beholdeth2657 himself,1438 and2532 goeth his way,565 and2532 straightway2112 forgetteth1950 what manner of man3697 he was.2258

25  But1161 whoso looketh3879 into1519 the perfect5046 law3551 of3588 liberty,1657 and2532 continueth3887 therein, he3778 being1096 not3756 a forgetful1953 hearer,202 but235 a doer4163 of the work,2041 this man3778 shall be2071 blessed3107 in1722 his848 deed.4162

26  If any man1536 among1722 you5213 seem1380 to be1511 religious,2357 and bridleth5468 not3361 his848 tongue,1100 but235 deceiveth538 his own848 heart,2588 this man's5127 religion2356 is vain.3152

27  Pure2513 religion2356 and2532 undefiled283 before3844 God2316 and2532 the Father3962 is2076 this,3778 To visit1980 the fatherless3737 and2532 widows5503 in1722 their846 affliction,2347 and to keep5083 himself1438 unspotted784 from575 the3588 world.2889

James 2: 1-26

1  My3450 brethren,80 have2192 not3361 the3588 faith4102 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 the Lord of glory,1391 with1722 respect of persons.4382

2  For1063 if1437 there come1525 unto1519 your5216 assembly4864 a man435 with a gold ring,5554 in1722 goodly2986 apparel,2066 and1161 there come in1525 also2532 a poor man4434 in1722 vile4508 raiment;2066

3  And2532 ye have respect1914 to1909 him that weareth5409 the3588 gay2986 clothing,2066 and2532 say2036 unto him,846 Sit2521 thou4771 here5602 in a good place;2573 and2532 say2036 to the3588 poor,4434 Stand2476 thou4771 there,1563 or2228 sit2521 here5602 under5259 my3450 footstool:5286

4  Are ye not then partial1252 3756 2532 in1722 yourselves,1438 and2532 are become1096 judges2923 of evil4190 thoughts?1261

5  Hearken,191 my3450 beloved27 brethren,80 Hath not3756 God2316 chosen1586 the3588 poor4434 of this5127 world2889 rich4145 in1722 faith,4102 and2532 heirs2818 of the3588 kingdom932 which3739 he hath promised1861 to them that love25 him?846

6  But1161 ye5210 have despised818 the3588 poor.4434 Do not3756 rich men4145 oppress2616 you,5216 and2532 draw1670 you5209 before1519 the judgment seats?2922

7  Do not3756 they846 blaspheme987 that worthy2570 name3686 by the which3588 1909 ye5209 are called?1941

8  If1487 ye3305 fulfill5055 the royal937 law3551 according2596 to the3588 Scripture,1124 Thou shalt love25 thy4675 neighbor4139 as5613 thyself,4572 ye do4160 well:2573

9  But1161 if1487 ye have respect to persons,4380 ye commit2038 sin,266 and are convinced1651 of5259 the3588 law3551 as5613 transgressors.3848

10  For1063 whosoever3748 shall keep5083 the3588 whole3650 law,3551 and1161 yet offend4417 in1722 one1520 point, he is1096 guilty1777 of all.3956

11  For1063 he that said,2036 Do not3361 commit adultery,3431 said2036 also,2532 Do not3361 kill.5407 Now1161 if1487 thou commit no adultery,3431 3756 yet1161 if thou kill,5407 thou art become1096 a transgressor3848 of the law.3551

12  So3779 speak2980 ye, and2532 so3779 do,4160 as5613 they that shall be3195 judged2919 by1223 the law3551 of liberty.1657

13  For1063 he shall have judgment2920 without mercy,448 that hath showed4160 no3361 mercy;1656 and2532 mercy1656 rejoiceth against2620 judgment.2920

14  What5101 doth it profit,3786 my3450 brethren,80 though1437 a man5100 say3004 he hath2192 faith,4102 and1161 have2192 not3361 works?2041 3361 can1410 faith4102 save4982 him?846

15  1161 If1437 a brother80 or2228 sister79 be5225 naked,1131 and2532 destitute5600 3007 of daily2184 food,5160

16  And1161 one5100 of1537 you5216 say2036 unto them,846 Depart5217 in1722 peace,1515 be ye warmed2328 and2532 filled;5526 notwithstanding1161 ye give1325 them846 not3361 those things which are needful2006 to the3588 body;4983 what5101 doth it profit?3786

17  Even2532 so3779 faith,4102 if1437 it hath2192 not3361 works,2041 is2076 dead,3498 being alone.2596 1438

18  Yea,235 a man5100 may say,2046 Thou4771 hast2192 faith,4102 and I2504 have2192 works:2041 show1166 me3427 thy4675 faith4102 without5565 thy4675 works,2041 and I2504 will show1166 thee4671 my3450 faith4102 by1537 my3450 works.2041

19  Thou4771 believest4100 that3754 there is2076 one1520 God;2316 thou doest4160 well:2573 the3588 devils1140 also2532 believe,4100 and2532 tremble.5425

20  But1161 wilt2309 thou know,1097 O5599 vain2756 man,444 that3754 faith4102 without5565 works2041 is2076 dead?3498

21  Was not3756 Abraham11 our2257 father3962 justified1344 by1537 works,2041 when he had offered399 Isaac2464 his848 son5207 upon1909 the3588 altar?2379

22  Seest991 thou how3754 faith4102 wrought with4903 his846 works,2041 and2532 by1537 works2041 was faith4102 made perfect?5048

23  And2532 the3588 Scripture1124 was fulfilled4137 which saith,3004 1161 Abraham11 believed4100 God,2316 and2532 it was imputed3049 unto him846 for1519 righteousness:1343 and2532 he was called2564 the Friend5384 of God.2316

24  Ye see3708 then5106 how3754 that by1537 works2041 a man444 is justified,1344 and2532 not3756 by1537 faith4102 only.3440

25  Likewise3668 also2532 was not3756 Rahab4460 the3588 harlot4204 justified1344 by1537 works,2041 when she had received5264 the3588 messengers,32 and2532 had sent them out1544 another2087 way?3598

26  For1063 as5618 the3588 body4983 without5565 the spirit4151 is2076 dead,3498 so3779 faith4102 without5565 works2041 is2076 dead3498 also.2532

James 3: 1-18

1  My3450 brethren,80 be1096 not3361 many4183 masters,1320 knowing1492 that3754 we shall receive2983 the greater3187 condemnation.2917

2  For1063 in many things4183 we offend4417 all.537 If any man1536 offend4417 not3756 in1722 word,3056 the same3778 is a perfect5046 man,435 and able1415 also2532 to bridle5468 the3588 whole3650 body.4983

3  Behold,2400 we put906 bits5469 in1519 the3588 horses'2462 mouths,4750 that they846 may obey3982 us;2254 and2532 we turn about3329 their846 whole3650 body.4983

4  Behold2400 also2532 the3588 ships,4143 which though they be5607 so great,5082 and2532 are driven1643 of5259 fierce4642 winds,417 yet are they turned about3329 with5259 a very small1646 helm,4079 whithersoever3699 302 the3588 governor3730 2116 listeth.1014

5  Even2532 so3779 the3588 tongue1100 is2076 a little3398 member,3196 and2532 boasteth great things.3166 Behold,2400 how great2245 a matter5208 a little3641 fire4442 kindleth!381

6  And2532 the3588 tongue1100 is a fire,4442 a world2889 of iniquity;93 so3779 is2525 the3588 tongue1100 among1722 our2257 members,3196 that it defileth4695 the3588 whole3650 body,4983 and2532 setteth on fire5394 the3588 course5164 of nature;1078 and2532 it is set on fire5394 of5259 hell.1067

7  For1063 every3956 kind5449 of beasts,2342 and2532 of birds,4071 and5037 of serpents,2062 and2532 of things in the sea,1724 is tamed,1150 and2532 hath been tamed1150 of mankind:442 5449

8  But1161 the3588 tongue1100 can1410 no3762 man444 tame;1150 it is an unruly183 evil,2556 full3324 of deadly2287 poison.2447

9  Therewith1722 846 bless2127 we God,2316 even2532 the Father;3962 and2532 therewith1722 846 curse2672 we men,444 which are made1096 after2596 the similitude3669 of God.2316

10  Out1537 of the3588 same846 mouth4750 proceedeth1831 blessing2129 and2532 cursing.2671 My3450 brethren,80 these things5023 ought5534 not3756 so3779 to be.1096

11  Doth3385 a fountain4077 send forth1032 at1537 the3588 same846 place3692 sweet1099 water and2532 bitter?4089

12  3361 Can1410 the fig tree,4808 my3450 brethren,80 bear4160 olive berries?1636 either2228 a vine,288 figs?4810 so3779 can no3762 fountain4077 both yield4160 salt252 water5204 and2532 fresh.1099

13  Who5101 is a wise man4680 and2532 endued with knowledge1990 among1722 you?5213 let him show1166 out of1537 a good2570 conversation391 his848 works2041 with1722 meekness4240 of wisdom.4678

14  But1161 if1487 ye have2192 bitter4089 envying2205 and2532 strife2052 in1722 your5216 hearts,2588 glory2620 not,3361 and2532 lie5574 not against2596 the3588 truth.225

15  This3778 wisdom4678 descendeth2718 not3756 from above,509 but235 is earthly,1919 sensual,5591 devilish.1141

16  For1063 where3699 envying2205 and2532 strife2052 is, there1563 is confusion181 and2532 every3956 evil5337 work.4229

17  But1161 the3588 wisdom4678 that is from above509 is2076 first4412 3303 pure,53 then1899 peaceable,1516 gentle,1933 and easy to be entreated,2138 full3324 of mercy1656 and2532 good18 fruits,2590 without partiality,87 and2532 without hypocrisy.505

18  And1161 the fruit2590 of righteousness1343 is sown4687 in1722 peace1515 of them3588 that make4160 peace.1515

James 4: 1-17

1  From whence4159 come wars4171 and2532 fightings3163 among1722 you?5213 come they not3756 hence,1782 even of1537 your5216 lusts2237 that war4754 in1722 your5216 members?3196

2  Ye lust,1937 and2532 have2192 not:3756 ye kill,5407 and2532 desire to have,2206 and2532 cannot1410 3756 obtain:2013 ye fight3164 and2532 war,4170 yet1161 ye have2192 not,3756 because ye5209 ask154 not.3361

3  Ye ask,154 and2532 receive2983 not,3756 because1360 ye ask154 amiss,2560 that2443 ye may consume1159 it upon1722 your5216 lusts.2237

4  Ye adulterers3432 and2532 adulteresses,3428 know1492 ye not3756 that3754 the3588 friendship5373 of the3588 world2889 is2076 enmity2189 with God?2316 whosoever3739 302 therefore3767 will1014 be1511 a friend5384 of the3588 world2889 is2525 the enemy2190 of God.2316

5  Do ye2228 think1380 that3754 the3588 Scripture1124 saith3004 in vain,2761 The3588 spirit4151 that3739 dwelleth2730 in1722 us2254 lusteth1971 to4314 envy?5355

6  But1161 he giveth1325 more3187 grace.5485 Wherefore1352 he saith,3004 God2316 resisteth498 the proud,5244 but1161 giveth1325 grace5485 unto the humble.5011

7  Submit5293 yourselves therefore3767 to God.2316 Resist436 the3588 devil,1228 and2532 he will flee5343 from575 you.5216

8  Draw nigh1448 to God,2316 and2532 he will draw nigh1448 to you.5213 Cleanse2511 your hands,5495 ye sinners;268 and2532 purify48 your hearts,2588 ye double minded.1374

9  Be afflicted,5003 and2532 mourn,3996 and2532 weep:2799 let your5216 laughter1071 be turned3344 to1519 mourning,3997 and2532 your joy5479 to1519 heaviness.2726

10  Humble yourselves5013 in the sight1799 of the3588 Lord,2962 and2532 he shall lift you up.5312 5209

11  Speak not evil2635 3361 one of another,240 brethren.80 He that speaketh evil2635 of his brother,80 and2532 judgeth2919 his848 brother,80 speaketh evil2635 of the law,3551 and2532 judgeth2919 the law:3551 but1161 if1487 thou judge2919 the law,3551 thou art1488 not3756 a doer4163 of the law,3551 but235 a judge.2923

12  There is2076 one1520 lawgiver,3550 who is able1410 to save4982 and2532 to destroy:622 who5101 art1488 thou4771 that3739 judgest2919 another?2087

13  Go to33 now,3568 ye that say,3004 Today4594 or2532 tomorrow839 we will go4198 into1519 such3592 a city,4172 and2532 continue4160 there1563 a1520 year,1763 and2532 buy and sell,1710 and2532 get gain:2770

14  Whereas3748 ye know1987 not3756 what3588 shall be on the3588 morrow.839 For1063 what4169 is your5216 life?2222 It is2076 even1063 a vapor,822 that appeareth5316 for4314 a little time,3641 and1161 then1899 vanisheth away.853

15  For473 that ye5209 ought to say,3004 If1437 the3588 Lord2962 will,2309 we shall2532 live,2198 and2532 do4160 this,5124 or2228 that.1565

16  But1161 now3568 ye rejoice2744 in1722 your5216 boastings:212 all3956 such5108 rejoicing2746 is2076 evil.4190

17  Therefore3767 to him that knoweth1492 to do4160 good,2570 and2532 doeth4160 it not,3361 to him846 it is2076 sin.266

James 5: 1-20

1  Go to33 now,3568 ye rich men,4145 weep2799 and howl3649 for1909 your5216 miseries5004 that shall come upon1904 you.

2  Your5216 riches4149 are corrupted,4595 and2532 your5216 garments2440 are1096 motheaten.4598

3  Your5216 gold5557 and2532 silver696 is cankered;2728 and2532 the3588 rust2447 of them846 shall be2071 a1519 witness3142 against you,5213 and2532 shall eat5315 your5216 flesh4561 as it were5613 fire.4442 Ye have heaped treasure together2343 for1722 the last2078 days.2250

4  Behold,2400 the3588 hire3408 of the3588 laborers2040 who have reaped down270 your5216 fields,5561 which is of575 you5216 kept back by fraud,650 crieth:2896 and2532 the3588 cries994 of them which have reaped2325 are entered1525 into1519 the3588 ears3775 of the Lord2962 of Sabaoth.4519

5  Ye have lived in pleasure5171 on1909 the3588 earth,1093 and2532 been wanton;4684 ye have nourished5142 your5216 hearts,2588 as in1722 a day2250 of slaughter.4967

6  Ye have condemned2613 and killed5407 the3588 just;1342 and he doth not3756 resist498 you.5213

7  Be patient3114 therefore,3767 brethren,80 unto2193 the3588 coming3952 of the3588 Lord.2962 Behold,2400 the3588 husbandman1092 waiteth for1551 the3588 precious5093 fruit2590 of the3588 earth,1093 and2532 hath long patience3114 for1909 it,846 until2193 302 he receive2983 the early4406 and2532 latter3797 rain.5205

8  Be ye also patient;3114 5210 2532 establish4741 your5216 hearts:2588 for3754 the3588 coming3952 of the3588 Lord2962 draweth nigh.1448

9  Grudge4727 not3361 one against another,240 2596 brethren,80 lest3363 ye be condemned:2632 behold,2400 the3588 judge2923 standeth2476 before4253 the3588 door.2374

10  Take,2983 my3450 brethren,80 the3588 prophets,4396 who3739 have spoken2980 in the3588 name3686 of the Lord,2962 for an example5262 of suffering affliction,2552 and2532 of patience.3115

11  Behold,2400 we count them happy3106 which endure.5278 Ye have heard191 of the3588 patience5281 of Job,2492 and2532 have seen1492 the3588 end5056 of the Lord;2962 that3754 the3588 Lord2962 is2076 very pitiful,4184 and2532 of tender mercy.3629

12  But1161 above4253 all things,3956 my3450 brethren,80 swear3660 not,3361 neither3383 by heaven,3772 neither3383 by the3588 earth,1093 neither3383 by any243 other5100 oath:3727 but1161 let your5216 yea3483 be2277 yea;3483 and2532 your3588 nay,3756 nay;3756 lest3363 ye fall4098 into1519 condemnation.5272

13  Is any among you afflicted?2553 5100 1722 5213 let him pray.4336 Is any merry?2114 5100 let him sing psalms.5567

14  Is any sick770 5100 among1722 you?5213 let him call for4341 the3588 elders4245 of the3588 church;1577 and2532 let them pray4336 over1909 him,846 anointing218 him846 with oil1637 in1722 the3588 name3686 of the3588 Lord:2962

15  And2532 the3588 prayer2171 of faith4102 shall save4982 the3588 sick,2577 and2532 the3588 Lord2962 shall raise him up;1453 846 and if2579 he have5600 committed4160 sins,266 they shall be forgiven863 him.846

16  Confess1843 your faults3900 one to another,240 and2532 pray2172 one for another,240 5228 that3704 ye may be healed.2390 The effectual fervent1754 prayer1162 of a righteous man1342 availeth2480 much.4183

17  Elijah2243 was2258 a man444 subject to like passions3663 as we2254 are, and2532 he prayed earnestly4336 4335 that it might not3361 rain:1026 and2532 it rained1026 not3756 on1909 the3588 earth1093 by the space of three5140 years1763 and2532 six1803 months.3376

18  And2532 he prayed4336 again,3825 and2532 the3588 heaven3772 gave1325 rain,5205 and2532 the3588 earth1093 brought forth985 her848 fruit.2590

19  Brethren,80 if1437 any5100 of1722 you5213 do err4105 from575 the3588 truth,225 and2532 one5100 convert1994 him;846

20  Let him know,1097 that3754 he which converteth1994 the sinner268 from1537 the error4106 of his846 way3598 shall save4982 a soul5590 from1537 death,2288 and2532 shall hide2572 a multitude4128 of sins.266


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