King James Version 1611 - 1769





Lamentations 1: 1-22

1  How349 doth the city5892 sit3427 solitary,910 that was full7227 of people!5971 how is she become1961 as a widow!490 she that was great7227 among the nations,1471 and princess8282 among the provinces,4082 how is she become1961 tributary!4522

2  She weepeth sore1058 1058 in the night,3915 and her tears1832 are on5921 her cheeks:3895 among all4480 3605 her lovers157 she hath none369 to comfort5162 her: all3605 her friends7453 have dealt treacherously898 with her, they are become1961 her enemies.341

3  Judah3063 is gone into captivity1540 because of affliction,4480 6040 and because of great4480 7230 servitude:5656 she1931 dwelleth3427 among the heathen,1471 she findeth4672 no3808 rest:4494 all3605 her persecutors7291 overtook5381 her between996 the straits.4712

4  The ways1870 of Zion6726 do mourn,57 because none4480 1097 come935 to the solemn feasts:4150 all3605 her gates8179 are desolate:8074 her priests3548 sigh,584 her virgins1330 are afflicted,3013 and she1931 is in bitterness.4843

5  Her adversaries6862 are1961 the chief,7218 her enemies341 prosper;7951 for3588 the LORD3068 hath afflicted3013 her for5921 the multitude7230 of her transgressions:6588 her children5768 are gone1980 into captivity7628 before6440 the enemy.6862

6  And from4480 the daughter1323 of Zion6726 all3605 her beauty1926 is departed:3318 her princes8269 are become1961 like harts354 that find4672 no3808 pasture,4829 and they are gone1980 without3808 strength3581 before6440 the pursuer.7291

7  Jerusalem3389 remembered2142 in the days3117 of her affliction6040 and of her miseries4788 all3605 her pleasant things4262 that834 she had1961 in the days4480 3117 of old,6924 when her people5971 fell5307 into the hand3027 of the enemy,6862 and none369 did help5826 her: the adversaries6862 saw7200 her, and did mock7832 at5921 her sabbaths.4868

8  Jerusalem3389 hath grievously sinned;2398 2399 therefore5921 3651 she is1961 removed:5206 all3605 that honored3513 her despise2151 her, because3588 they have seen7200 her nakedness:6172 yea,1571 she1931 sigheth,584 and turneth7725 backward.268

9  Her filthiness2932 is in her skirts;7757 she remembereth2142 not3808 her last end;319 therefore she came down3381 wonderfully:6382 she had no369 comforter.5162 O LORD,3068 behold7200 853 my affliction:6040 for3588 the enemy341 hath magnified1431 himself.

10  The adversary6862 hath spread out6566 his hand3027 upon5921 all3605 her pleasant things:4261 for3588 she hath seen7200 that the heathen1471 entered935 into her sanctuary,4720 whom834 thou didst command6680 that they should not3808 enter935 into thy congregation.6951

11  All3605 her people5971 sigh,584 they seek1245 bread;3899 they have given5414 their pleasant things4262 for meat400 to relieve7725 the soul:5315 see,7200 O LORD,3068 and consider;5027 for3588 I am become1961 vile.2151

12  Is it nothing3808 to413 you, all3605 ye that pass by?5674 1870 behold,5027 and see7200 if518 there be3426 any sorrow4341 like unto my sorrow,4341 which834 is done5953 unto me, wherewith834 the LORD3068 hath afflicted3013 me in the day3117 of his fierce2740 anger.639

13  From above4480 4791 hath he sent7971 fire784 into my bones,6106 and it prevaileth against7287 them: he hath spread6566 a net7568 for my feet,7272 he hath turned7725 me back:268 he hath made5414 me desolate8074 and faint1739 all3605 the day.3117

14  The yoke5923 of my transgressions6588 is bound8244 by his hand:3027 they are wreathed,8276 and come up5927 upon5921 my neck:6677 he hath made my strength3581 to fall,3782 the Lord136 hath delivered5414 me into their hands,3027 from whom I am not able3201 3808 to rise up.6965

15  The Lord136 hath trodden under foot5541 all3605 my mighty47 men in the midst7130 of me: he hath called7121 an assembly4150 against5921 me to crush7665 my young men:970 the Lord136 hath trodden1869 the virgin,1330 the daughter1323 of Judah,3063 as in a winepress.1660

16  For5921 these428 things I589 weep;1058 mine eye,5869 mine eye5869 runneth down3381 with water,4325 because3588 the comforter5162 that should relieve7725 my soul5315 is far7368 from4480 me: my children1121 are1961 desolate,8074 because3588 the enemy341 prevailed.1396

17  Zion6726 spreadeth forth6566 her hands,3027 and there is none369 to comfort5162 her: the LORD3068 hath commanded6680 concerning Jacob,3290 that his adversaries6862 should be round about5439 him: Jerusalem3389 is1961 as a menstruous woman5079 among996 them.

18  The LORD3068 is righteous;6662 for3588 I have rebelled4784 against his commandment:6310 hear,8085 I pray you,4994 all3605 people,5971 and behold7200 my sorrow:4341 my virgins1330 and my young men970 are gone1980 into captivity.7628

19  I called7121 for my lovers,157 but they1992 deceived7411 me: my priests3548 and mine elders2205 gave up the ghost1478 in the city,5892 while3588 they sought1245 their meat400 to relieve7725 853 their souls.5315

20  Behold,7200 O LORD;3068 for3588 I am in distress:6862 my bowels4578 are troubled;2560 mine heart3820 is turned2015 within7130 me; for3588 I have grievously rebelled:4784 4784 abroad4480 2351 the sword2719 bereaveth,7921 at home1004 there is as death.4194

21  They have heard8085 that3588 I589 sigh:584 there is none369 to comfort5162 me: all3605 mine enemies341 have heard8085 of my trouble;7451 they are glad7797 that3588 thou859 hast done6213 it: thou wilt bring935 the day3117 that thou hast called,7121 and they shall be1961 like unto me.3644

22  Let all3605 their wickedness7451 come935 before6440 thee; and do5953 unto them, as834 thou hast done5953 unto me for5921 all3605 my transgressions:6588 for3588 my sighs585 are many,7227 and my heart3820 is faint.1742

Lamentations 2: 1-22

1  How349 hath the Lord136 covered5743 853 the daughter1323 of Zion6726 with a cloud in his anger,639 and cast down7993 from heaven4480 8064 unto the earth776 the beauty8597 of Israel,3478 and remembered2142 not3808 his footstool1916 7272 in the day3117 of his anger!639

2  The Lord136 hath swallowed up1104 853 all3605 the habitations4999 of Jacob,3290 and hath not3808 pitied:2550 he hath thrown down2040 in his wrath5678 the strongholds4013 of the daughter1323 of Judah;3063 he hath brought them down5060 to the ground:776 he hath polluted2490 the kingdom4467 and the princes8269 thereof.

3  He hath cut off1438 in his fierce2750 anger639 all3605 the horn7161 of Israel:3478 he hath drawn7725 back268 his right hand3225 from before4480 6440 the enemy,341 and he burned1197 against Jacob3290 like a flaming3852 fire,784 which devoureth398 round about.5439

4  He hath bent1869 his bow7198 like an enemy:341 he stood5324 with his right hand3225 as an adversary,6862 and slew2026 all3605 that were pleasant4261 to the eye5869 in the tabernacle168 of the daughter1323 of Zion:6726 he poured out8210 his fury2534 like fire.784

5  The Lord136 was1961 as an enemy:341 he hath swallowed up1104 Israel,3478 he hath swallowed up1104 all3605 her palaces:759 he hath destroyed7843 his strongholds,4013 and hath increased7235 in the daughter1323 of Judah3063 mourning8386 and lamentation.592

6  And he hath violently taken away2554 his tabernacle,7900 as if it were of a garden:1588 he hath destroyed7843 his places of the assembly:4150 the LORD3068 hath caused the solemn feasts4150 and sabbaths7676 to be forgotten7911 in Zion,6726 and hath despised5006 in the indignation2195 of his anger639 the king4428 and the priest.3548

7  The Lord136 hath cast off2186 his altar,4196 he hath abhorred5010 his sanctuary,4720 he hath given up5462 into the hand3027 of the enemy341 the walls2346 of her palaces;759 they have made5414 a noise6963 in the house1004 of the LORD,3068 as in the day3117 of a solemn feast.4150

8  The LORD3068 hath purposed2803 to destroy7843 the wall2346 of the daughter1323 of Zion:6726 he hath stretched out5186 a line,6957 he hath not3808 withdrawn7725 his hand3027 from destroying:4480 1104 therefore he made the rampart2426 and the wall2346 to lament;56 they languished535 together.3162

9  Her gates8179 are sunk2883 into the ground;776 he hath destroyed6 and broken7665 her bars:1280 her king4428 and her princes8269 are among the Gentiles:1471 the law8451 is no369 more; her prophets5030 also1571 find4672 no3808 vision2377 from the LORD.4480 3068

10  The elders2205 of the daughter1323 of Zion6726 sit3427 upon the ground,776 and keep silence:1826 they have cast up5927 dust6083 upon5921 their heads;7218 they have girded2296 themselves with sackcloth:8242 the virgins1330 of Jerusalem3389 hang down3381 their heads7218 to the ground.776

11  Mine eyes5869 do fail3615 with tears,1832 my bowels4578 are troubled,2560 my liver3516 is poured8210 upon the earth,776 for5921 the destruction7667 of the daughter1323 of my people;5971 because the children5768 and the sucklings3243 swoon5848 in the streets7339 of the city.7151

12  They say559 to their mothers,517 Where346 is corn1715 and wine?3196 when they swooned5848 as the wounded2491 in the streets7339 of the city,5892 when their soul5315 was poured out8210 into413 their mothers'517 bosom.2436

13  What thing4100 shall I take to witness5749 for thee? what thing4100 shall I liken1819 to thee, O daughter1323 of Jerusalem?3389 what4100 shall I equal7737 to thee, that I may comfort5162 thee, O virgin1330 daughter1323 of Zion?6726 for3588 thy breach7667 is great1419 like the sea:3220 who4310 can heal7495 thee?

14  Thy prophets5030 have seen2372 vain7723 and foolish things8602 for thee: and they have not3808 discovered1540 5921 thine iniquity,5771 to turn away7725 thy captivity;7622 but have seen2372 for thee false7723 burdens4864 and causes of banishment.4065

15  All3605 that pass by5674 1870 clap5606 their hands3709 at5921 thee; they hiss8319 and wag5128 their head7218 at5921 the daughter1323 of Jerusalem,3389 saying, Is this2063 the city5892 that men call7945 559 The perfection3632 of beauty,3308 The joy4885 of the whole3605 earth?776

16  All3605 thine enemies341 have opened6475 their mouth6310 against5921 thee: they hiss8319 and gnash2786 the teeth:8127 they say,559 We have swallowed her up:1104 certainly389 this2088 is the day3117 that we looked for;7945 6960 we have found,4672 we have seen7200 it.

17  The LORD3068 hath done6213 that which834 he had devised;2161 he hath fulfilled1214 his word565 that834 he had commanded6680 in the days4480 3117 of old:6924 he hath thrown down,2040 and hath not3808 pitied:2550 and he hath caused thine enemy341 to rejoice8055 over5921 thee, he hath set up7311 the horn7161 of thine adversaries.6862

18  Their heart3820 cried6817 unto413 the Lord,136 O wall2346 of the daughter1323 of Zion,6726 let tears1832 run down3381 like a river5158 day3119 and night:3915 give5414 thyself no408 rest;6314 let not408 the apple1323 of thine eye5869 cease.1826

19  Arise,6965 cry out7442 in the night:3915 in the beginning7218 of the watches821 pour out8210 thine heart3820 like water4325 before5227 the face6440 of the Lord:136 lift up5375 thy hands3709 toward413 him for5921 the life5315 of thy young children,5768 that faint5848 for hunger7458 in the top7218 of every3605 street.2351

20  Behold,7200 O LORD,3068 and consider5027 to whom4310 thou hast done5953 this.3541 Shall the women802 eat398 their fruit,6529 and children5768 of a span long?2949 shall the priest3548 and the prophet5030 be slain2026 in the sanctuary4720 of the Lord?136

21  The young5288 and the old2205 lie7901 on the ground776 in the streets:2351 my virgins1330 and my young men970 are fallen5307 by the sword;2719 thou hast slain2026 them in the day3117 of thine anger;639 thou hast killed,2873 and not3808 pitied.2550

22  Thou hast called7121 as in a solemn4150 day3117 my terrors4032 round about,4480 5439 so that in the day3117 of the LORD's3068 anger639 none3808 escaped1961 6412 nor remained:8300 those that834 I have swaddled2946 and brought up7235 hath mine enemy341 consumed.3615

Lamentations 3: 1-66

1  I589 am the man1397 that hath seen7200 affliction6040 by the rod7626 of his wrath.5678

2  He hath led5090 me, and brought1980 me into darkness,2822 but not3808 into light.216

3  Surely389 against me is he turned;7725 he turneth2015 his hand3027 against me all3605 the day.3117

4  My flesh1320 and my skin5785 hath he made old;1086 he hath broken7665 my bones.6106

5  He hath built1129 against5921 me, and compassed5362 me with gall7219 and travail.8513

6  He hath set3427 me in dark places,4285 as they that be dead4191 of old.5769

7  He hath hedged1443 me about,1157 that I cannot3808 get out:3318 he hath made my chain heavy.3513 5178

8  Also1571 when3588 I cry2199 and shout,7768 he shutteth out5640 my prayer.8605

9  He hath enclosed1443 my ways1870 with hewn stone,1496 he hath made my paths crooked.5753 5410

10  He1931 was unto me as a bear1677 lying in wait,693 and as a lion738 in secret places.4565

11  He hath turned aside5493 my ways,1870 and pulled me in pieces:6582 he hath made7760 me desolate.8074

12  He hath bent1869 his bow,7198 and set5324 me as a mark4307 for the arrow.2671

13  He hath caused the arrows1121 of his quiver827 to enter935 into my reins.3629

14  I was1961 a derision7814 to all3605 my people;5971 and their song5058 all3605 the day.3117

15  He hath filled7646 me with bitterness,4844 he hath made me drunken7301 with wormwood.3939

16  He hath also broken1638 my teeth8127 with gravel stones,2687 he hath covered3728 me with ashes.665

17  And thou hast removed my soul far off2186 5315 from peace:4480 7965 I forgot5382 prosperity.2896

18  And I said,559 My strength5331 and my hope8431 is perished6 from the LORD:4480 3068

19  Remembering2142 mine affliction6040 and my misery,4788 the wormwood3939 and the gall.7219

20  My soul5315 hath them still in remembrance,2142 2142 and is humbled7743 in5921 me.

21  This2063 I recall7725 to413 my mind,3820 therefore5921 3651 have I hope.3176

22  It is of the LORD's3068 mercies2617 that3588 we are not3808 consumed,8552 because3588 his compassions7356 fail3615 not.3808

23  They are new2319 every morning:1242 great7227 is thy faithfulness.530

24  The LORD3068 is my portion,2506 saith559 my soul;5315 therefore5921 3651 will I hope3176 in him.

25  The LORD3068 is good2896 unto them that wait for6960 him, to the soul5315 that seeketh1875 him.

26  It is good2896 that a man should both hope3175 and quietly wait1748 for the salvation8668 of the LORD.3068

27  It is good2896 for a man1397 that3588 he bear5375 the yoke5923 in his youth.5271

28  He sitteth3427 alone910 and keepeth silence,1826 because3588 he hath borne5190 it upon5921 him.

29  He putteth5414 his mouth6310 in the dust;6083 if so be194 there may be3426 hope.8615

30  He giveth5414 his cheek3895 to him that smiteth5221 him: he is filled full7646 with reproach.2781

31  For3588 the Lord136 will not3808 cast off2186 forever:5769

32  But3588 though518 he cause grief,3013 yet will he have compassion7355 according to the multitude7230 of his mercies.2617

33  For3588 he doth not3808 afflict6031 willingly4480 3820 nor grieve3013 the children1121 of men.376

34  To crush1792 under8478 his feet7272 all3605 the prisoners615 of the earth,776

35  To turn aside5186 the right4941 of a man1397 before5048 the face6440 of the most High,5945

36  To subvert5791 a man120 in his cause,7379 the Lord136 approveth7200 not.3808

37  Who4310 is he2088 that saith,559 and it cometh to pass,1961 when the Lord136 commandeth6680 it not?3808

38  Out of the mouth4480 6310 of the most High5945 proceedeth3318 not3808 evil7451 and good?2896

39  Wherefore4100 doth a living2416 man120 complain,596 a man1397 for5921 the punishment of his sins?2399

40  Let us search2664 and try2713 our ways,1870 and turn again7725 to5704 the LORD.3068

41  Let us lift up5375 our heart3824 with413 our hands3709 unto413 God410 in the heavens.8064

42  We5168 have transgressed6586 and have rebelled:4784 thou859 hast not3808 pardoned.5545

43  Thou hast covered5526 with anger,639 and persecuted7291 us: thou hast slain,2026 thou hast not3808 pitied.2550

44  Thou hast covered5526 thyself with a cloud,6051 that our prayer8605 should not pass through.4480 5674

45  Thou hast made7760 us as the offscouring5501 and refuse3973 in the midst7130 of the people.5971

46  All3605 our enemies341 have opened6475 their mouths6310 against5921 us.

47  Fear6343 and a snare6354 is come1961 upon us, desolation7612 and destruction.7667

48  Mine eye5869 runneth down3381 with rivers6388 of water4325 for5921 the destruction7667 of the daughter1323 of my people.5971

49  Mine eye5869 trickleth down,5064 and ceaseth1820 not,3808 without any4480 369 intermission,2014

50  Till5704 the LORD3068 look down,8259 and behold7200 from heaven.4480 8064

51  Mine eye5869 affecteth5953 mine heart5315 because of all4480 3605 the daughters1323 of my city.5892

52  Mine enemies341 chased me sore,6679 6679 like a bird,6833 without cause.2600

53  They have cut off6789 my life2416 in the dungeon,953 and cast3034 a stone68 upon me.

54  Waters4325 flowed6687 over5921 mine head;7218 then I said,559 I am cut off.1504

55  I called upon7121 thy name,8034 O LORD,3068 out of the low dungeon.4480 953 8482

56  Thou hast heard8085 my voice:6963 hide5956 not408 thine ear241 at my breathing,7309 at my cry.7775

57  Thou drewest near7126 in the day3117 that I called upon7121 thee: thou saidst,559 Fear3372 not.408

58  O Lord,136 thou hast pleaded7378 the causes7379 of my soul;5315 thou hast redeemed1350 my life.2416

59  O LORD,3068 thou hast seen7200 my wrong:5792 judge8199 thou my cause.4941

60  Thou hast seen7200 all3605 their vengeance5360 and all3605 their imaginations4284 against me.

61  Thou hast heard8085 their reproach,2781 O LORD,3068 and all3605 their imaginations4284 against5921 me;

62  The lips8193 of those that rose up against6965 me, and their device1902 against5921 me all3605 the day.3117

63  Behold5027 their sitting down,3427 and their rising up;7012 I589 am their music.4485

64  Render7725 unto them a recompense,1576 O LORD,3068 according to the work4639 of their hands.3027

65  Give5414 them sorrow4044 of heart,3820 thy curse8381 unto them.

66  Persecute7291 and destroy8045 them in anger639 from under4480 8478 the heavens8064 of the LORD.3068

Lamentations 4: 1-22

1  How349 is the gold2091 become dim!6004 how is the most2896 fine gold3800 changed!8132 the stones68 of the sanctuary6944 are poured out8210 in the top7218 of every3605 street.2351

2  The precious3368 sons1121 of Zion,6726 comparable5537 to fine gold,6337 how349 are they esteemed2803 as earthen2789 pitchers,5035 the work4639 of the hands3027 of the potter!3335

3  Even1571 the sea monsters8565 draw out2502 the breast,7699 they give suck3243 to their young ones:1482 the daughter1323 of my people5971 is become cruel,393 like the ostriches3283 in the wilderness.4057

4  The tongue3956 of the sucking child3243 cleaveth1692 to413 the roof of his mouth2441 for thirst:6772 the young children5768 ask7592 bread,3899 and no man369 breaketh6566 it unto them.

5  They that did feed398 delicately4574 are desolate8074 in the streets:2351 they that were brought up539 in5921 scarlet8438 embrace2263 dunghills.830

6  For the punishment of the iniquity5771 of the daughter1323 of my people5971 is greater1431 than the punishment of the sin4480 2403 of Sodom,5467 that was overthrown2015 as in3644 a moment,7281 and no3808 hands3027 stayed2342 on her.

7  Her Nazarites5139 were purer2141 than snow,4480 7950 they were whiter6705 than milk,4480 2461 they were more ruddy119 in body6106 than rubies,4480 6443 their polishing1508 was of sapphire:5601

8  Their visage8389 is blacker2821 than a coal;4480 7815 they are not3808 known5234 in the streets:2351 their skin5785 cleaveth6821 to5921 their bones;6106 it is withered,3001 it is become1961 like a stick.6086

9  They that be slain2491 with the sword2719 are1961 better2896 than they that be slain4480 2491 with hunger:7458 for these7945 1992 pine away,2100 stricken through1856 for want of the fruits4480 8570 of the field.7704

10  The hands3027 of the pitiful7362 women802 have sodden1310 their own children:3206 they were1961 their meat1262 in the destruction7667 of the daughter1323 of my people.5971

11  The LORD3068 hath accomplished3615 853 his fury;2534 he hath poured out8210 his fierce2740 anger,639 and hath kindled3341 a fire784 in Zion,6726 and it hath devoured398 the foundations3247 thereof.

12  The kings4428 of the earth,776 and all3605 the inhabitants3427 of the world,8398 would not3808 have believed539 that3588 the adversary6862 and the enemy341 should have entered935 into the gates8179 of Jerusalem.3389

13  For the sins4480 2403 of her prophets,5030 and the iniquities5771 of her priests,3548 that have shed8210 the blood1818 of the just6662 in the midst7130 of her,

14  They have wandered5128 as blind5787 men in the streets,2351 they have polluted1351 themselves with blood,1818 so that men could3201 not3808 touch5060 their garments.3830

15  They cried7121 unto them, Depart5493 ye; it is unclean;2931 depart,5493 depart,5493 touch5060 not:408 when3588 they fled away5132 and1571 wandered,5128 they said559 among the heathen,1471 They shall no3808 more3254 sojourn1481 there.

16  The anger6440 of the LORD3068 hath divided2505 them; he will no3808 more3254 regard5027 them: they respected5375 not3808 the persons6440 of the priests,3548 they favored2603 not3808 the elders.2205

17  As for us, our eyes5869 as yet5750 failed3615 for413 our vain1892 help:5833 in our watching6836 we have watched6822 for413 a nation1471 that could not3808 save3467 us.

18  They hunt6679 our steps,6806 that we cannot go4480 1980 in our streets:7339 our end7093 is near,7126 our days3117 are fulfilled;4390 for3588 our end7093 is come.935

19  Our persecutors7291 are1961 swifter7031 than the eagles4480 5404 of the heaven:8064 they pursued1814 us upon5921 the mountains,2022 they laid wait693 for us in the wilderness.4057

20  The breath7307 of our nostrils,639 the anointed4899 of the LORD,3068 was taken3920 in their pits,7825 of whom834 we said,559 Under his shadow6738 we shall live2421 among the heathen.1471

21  Rejoice7797 and be glad,8055 O daughter1323 of Edom,123 that dwellest3427 in the land776 of Uz;5780 the cup3563 also1571 shall pass through5674 unto5921 thee: thou shalt be drunken,7937 and shalt make thyself naked.6168

22  The punishment of thine iniquity5771 is accomplished,8552 O daughter1323 of Zion;6726 he will no3808 more3254 carry thee away into captivity:1540 he will visit6485 thine iniquity,5771 O daughter1323 of Edom;123 he will discover1540 5921 thy sins.2403

Lamentations 5: 1-22

1  Remember,2142 O LORD,3068 what4100 is come1961 upon us: consider,5027 and behold7200 853 our reproach.2781

2  Our inheritance5159 is turned2015 to strangers,2114 our houses1004 to aliens.5237

3  We are1961 orphans3490 and fatherless,369 1 our mothers517 are as widows.490

4  We have drunken8354 our water4325 for money;3701 our wood6086 is sold935 4242 unto us.

5  Our necks6677 are under5921 persecution:7291 we labor,3021 and have no rest.3808 5117

6  We have given5414 the hand3027 to the Egyptians,4714 and to the Assyrians,804 to be satisfied7646 with bread.3899

7  Our fathers1 have sinned,2398 and are not;369 and we587 have borne5445 their iniquities.5771

8  Servants5650 have ruled over4910 us: there is none369 that doth deliver6561 us out of their hand.4480 3027

9  We got935 our bread3899 with the peril of our lives5315 because of4480 6440 the sword2719 of the wilderness.4057

10  Our skin5785 was black3648 like an oven8574 because of4480 6440 the terrible2152 famine.7458

11  They ravished6031 the women802 in Zion,6726 and the maids1330 in the cities5892 of Judah.3063

12  Princes8269 are hanged up8518 by their hand:3027 the faces6440 of elders2205 were not3808 honored.1921

13  They took5375 the young men970 to grind,2911 and the children5288 fell3782 under the wood.6086

14  The elders2205 have ceased7673 from the gate,4480 8179 the young men970 from their music.4480 5058

15  The joy4885 of our heart3820 is ceased;7673 our dance4234 is turned2015 into mourning.60

16  The crown5850 is fallen5307 from our head:7218 woe188 unto us, that3588 we have sinned!2398

17  For5921 this2088 our heart3820 is1961 faint;1739 for5921 these428 things our eyes5869 are dim.2821

18  Because of5921 the mountain2022 of Zion,6726 which7945 is desolate,8074 the foxes7776 walk1980 upon it.

19  Thou,859 O LORD,3068 remainest3427 forever;5769 thy throne3678 from generation1755 to generation.1755

20  Wherefore4100 dost thou forget7911 us forever,5331 and forsake5800 us so long753 time?3117

21  Turn7725 thou us unto413 thee, O LORD,3068 and we shall be turned;7725 renew2318 our days3117 as of old.6924

22  But3588 518 thou hast utterly rejected3988 3988 us; thou art very wroth7107 5704 3966 against5921 us.


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