King James Version 1611 - 1769





Galatians 1: 1-24

1  Paul,3972 an apostle,652 (not3756 of575 men,444 neither3761 by1223 man,444 but235 by1223 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 and2532 God2316 the Father,3962 who raised1453 him846 from1537 the dead;)3498

2  And2532 all3956 the3588 brethren80 which are with4862 me,1698 unto the3588 churches1577 of Galatia:1053

3  Grace5485 be to you5213 and2532 peace1515 from575 God2316 the Father,3962 and2532 from our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547

4  Who gave1325 himself1438 for5228 our2257 sins,266 that3704 he might deliver1807 us2248 from1537 this present1764 evil4190 world,165 according2596 to the3588 will2307 of God2316 and2532 our2257 Father:3962

5  To whom3739 be glory1391 forever and ever.1519 165 165 Amen.281

6  I marvel2296 that3754 ye are so3779 soon5030 removed3346 from575 him that called2564 you5209 into1722 the grace5485 of Christ5547 unto1519 another2087 gospel:2098

7  Which3739 is2076 not3756 another;243 but1508 there be1526 some5100 that trouble5015 you,5209 and2532 would2309 pervert3344 the3588 gospel2098 of Christ.5547

8  But235 though2532 1437 we,2249 or2228 an angel32 from1537 heaven,3772 preach any other gospel2097 unto you5213 than3844 that3739 which we have preached2097 unto you,5213 let him be2077 accursed.331

9  As5613 we said before,4280 so2532 say3004 I now737 again,3825 if any1536 man preach any other gospel2097 unto you5209 than3844 that3739 ye have received,3880 let him be2077 accursed.331

10  For1063 do I now737 persuade3982 men,444 or2228 God?2316 or2228 do I seek2212 to please700 men?444 for1063 if1487 I yet2089 pleased700 men,444 I should not3756 be2252 302 the servant1401 of Christ.5547

11  But1161 I certify1107 you,5213 brethren,80 that the3588 gospel2098 which was preached2097 of5259 me1700 is2076 not3756 after2596 man.444

12  For1063 I1473 neither3761 received3880 it846 of3844 man,444 neither3777 was I taught1321 it, but235 by1223 the revelation602 of Jesus2424 Christ.5547

13  For1063 ye have heard191 of my1699 conversation391 in time past4218 in1722 the3588 Jews' religion,2454 how that3754 beyond measure2596 5236 I persecuted1377 the3588 church1577 of God,2316 and2532 wasted4199 it:846

14  And2532 profited4298 in1722 the3588 Jews' religion2454 above5228 many4183 my equals4915 in1722 mine own3450 nation,1085 being5225 more exceedingly4056 zealous2207 of the traditions3862 of my3450 fathers.3967

15  But1161 when3753 it pleased2106 God,2316 who separated873 me3165 from1537 my3450 mother's3384 womb,2836 and2532 called2564 me by1223 his848 grace,5485

16  To reveal601 his848 Son5207 in1722 me,1698 that2443 I might preach2097 him846 among1722 the3588 heathen;1484 immediately2112 I conferred4323 not3756 with flesh4561 and2532 blood:129

17  Neither3761 went I up424 to1519 Jerusalem2414 to4314 them which were apostles652 before4253 me;1700 but235 I went565 into1519 Arabia,688 and2532 returned5290 again3825 unto1519 Damascus.1154

18  Then1899 after3326 three5140 years2094 I went up424 to1519 Jerusalem2414 to see2477 Peter,4074 and2532 abode1961 with4314 him846 fifteen1178 days.2250

19  But1161 other2087 of the3588 apostles652 saw1492 I none,3756 save1508 James2385 the3588 Lord's2962 brother.80

20  Now1161 the things which3739 I write1125 unto you,5213 behold,2400 before1799 God, I2316 3754 lie5574 not.3756

21  Afterwards1899 I came2064 into1519 the3588 regions2824 of Syria4947 and2532 Cilicia;2791

22  And1161 was2252 unknown50 by face4383 unto the3588 churches1577 of Judea2449 which3588 were in1722 Christ:5547

23  But1161 they had2258 heard191 only,3440 That3754 he which persecuted1377 us2248 in times past4218 now3568 preacheth2097 the3588 faith4102 which3739 once4218 he destroyed.4199

24  And2532 they glorified1392 God2316 in1722 me.1698

Galatians 2: 1-21

1  Then1899 fourteen1180 years2094 after1223 I went up305 again3825 to1519 Jerusalem2414 with3326 Barnabas,921 and took Titus with4838 5103 me also.2532

2  And1161 I went up305 by2596 revelation,602 and2532 communicated394 unto them846 that gospel2098 which3739 I preach2784 among1722 the3588 Gentiles,1484 but1161 privately2596 2398 to them which were of reputation,1380 lest by any means3381 I should run,5143 or2228 had run,5143 in1519 vain.2756

3  But235 neither3761 Titus,5103 who3588 was with4862 me,1698 being5607 a Greek,1672 was compelled315 to be circumcised:4059

4  And1161 that because1223 of false brethren5569 unawares brought in,3920 who3748 came in privily3922 to spy out2684 our2257 liberty1657 which3739 we have2192 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus,2424 that2443 they might bring us into bondage:2615 2248

5  To whom3739 we gave place1502 by subjection,5292 no, not3761 for4314 an hour;5610 that2443 the3588 truth225 of the3588 gospel2098 might continue1265 with4314 you.5209

6  But1161 of575 these3588 who seemed1380 to be1511 somewhat,5100 (whatsoever3697 4218 they were,2258 it maketh no matter1308 3762 to me:3427 God2316 accepteth2983 no3756 man's444 person:)4383 for1063 they who seemed1380 to be somewhat in conference added4323 nothing3762 to me:1698

7  But235 contrariwise,5121 when they saw1492 that3754 the3588 gospel2098 of the3588 uncircumcision203 was committed4100 unto me, as2531 the gospel of the3588 circumcision4061 was unto Peter;4074

8  (For1063 he that wrought effectually1754 in Peter4074 to1519 the apostleship651 of the3588 circumcision,4061 the same was mighty1754 in2532 me1698 toward1519 the3588 Gentiles:)1484

9  And2532 when James,2385 2532 Cephas,2786 and2532 John,2491 who seemed1380 to be1511 pillars,4769 perceived1097 the3588 grace5485 that was given1325 unto me,3427 they gave1325 to me1698 and2532 Barnabas921 the right hands1188 of fellowship;2842 that2443 we2249 should go unto1519 the3588 heathen,1484 and1161 they846 unto1519 the3588 circumcision.4061

10  Only3440 they would that2443 we should remember3421 the3588 poor;4434 the same846 5124 which3739 I also2532 was forward4704 to do.4160

11  But1161 when3753 Peter4074 was come2064 to1519 Antioch,490 I withstood436 him846 to2596 the face,4383 because3754 he was2258 to be blamed.2607

12  For1063 before that certain5100 came2064 from575 James,2385 he did eat4906 with3326 the3588 Gentiles:1484 but1161 when3753 they were come,2064 he withdrew5288 and2532 separated873 himself,1438 fearing5399 them3588 which were of1537 the circumcision.4061

13  And2532 the3588 other3062 Jews2453 dissembled likewise with4942 2532 him;846 insomuch that5620 Barnabas921 also2532 was carried away with4879 their846 dissimulation.5272

14  But235 when3753 I saw1492 that3754 they walked not uprightly3716 3756 according4314 to the3588 truth225 of the3588 gospel,2098 I said2036 unto Peter4074 before1715 them all,3956 If1487 thou,4771 being5225 a Jew,2453 livest2198 after the manner of Gentiles,1483 and2532 not3756 as do the Jews,2452 why5101 compellest315 thou the3588 Gentiles1484 to live as do the Jews?2450

15  We2249 who are Jews2453 by nature,5449 and2532 not3756 sinners268 of1537 the Gentiles,1484

16  Knowing1492 that3754 a man444 is not3756 justified1344 by1537 the works2041 of the law,3551 but3362 by1223 the faith4102 of Jesus2424 Christ,5547 even2532 we2249 have believed4100 in1519 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 that2443 we might be justified1344 by1537 the faith4102 of Christ,5547 and2532 not3756 by1537 the works2041 of the law:3551 for1360 by1537 the works2041 of the law3551 shall no3756 flesh4561 be justified.1344

17  But1161 if,1487 while we seek2212 to be justified1344 by1722 Christ,5547 we846 ourselves also2532 are found2147 sinners,268 is therefore687 Christ5547 the minister1249 of sin?266 God forbid.1096 3361

18  For1063 if1487 I build3618 again3825 the things5023 which3739 I destroyed,2647 I make4921 myself1683 a transgressor.3848

19  For1063 I1473 through1223 the law3551 am dead599 to the law,3551 that2443 I might live2198 unto God.2316

20  I am crucified with4957 Christ:5547 nevertheless1161 I live;2198 yet not3765 I,1473 but1161 Christ5547 liveth2198 in1722 me:1698 and1161 the life which3739 I now3568 live2198 in1722 the flesh4561 I live2198 by1722 the faith4102 of3588 the3588 Son5207 of God,2316 who loved25 me,3165 and2532 gave3860 himself1438 for5228 me.1700

21  I do not3756 frustrate114 the3588 grace5485 of God:2316 for1063 if1487 righteousness1343 come by1223 the law,3551 then686 Christ5547 is dead599 in vain.1432

Galatians 3: 1-29

1  O5599 foolish453 Galatians,1052 who5101 hath bewitched940 you,5209 that ye should not3361 obey3982 the3588 truth,225 before2596 whose3739 eyes3788 Jesus2424 Christ5547 hath been evidently set forth,4270 crucified4717 among1722 you?5213

2  This5124 only3440 would2309 I learn3129 of575 you,5216 Received2983 ye the3588 Spirit4151 by1537 the works2041 of the law,3551 or2228 by1537 the hearing189 of faith?4102

3  Are2075 ye so3779 foolish?453 having begun1728 in the Spirit,4151 are ye now3568 made perfect2005 by the flesh?4561

4  Have ye suffered3958 so many things5118 in vain?1500 if1489 it be yet2532 in vain.1500

5  He therefore that ministereth2023 3767 to you5213 the3588 Spirit,4151 and2532 worketh1754 miracles1411 among1722 you,5213 doeth he it by1537 the works2041 of the law,3551 or2228 by1537 the hearing189 of faith?4102

6  Even as2531 Abraham11 believed4100 God,2316 and2532 it was accounted3049 to him846 for1519 righteousness.1343

7  Know1097 ye therefore686 that3754 they3588 which are of1537 faith,4102 the same3778 are1526 the children5207 of Abraham.11

8  And1161 the3588 Scripture,1124 foreseeing4275 that3754 God2316 would justify1344 the3588 heathen1484 through1537 faith,4102 preached before the gospel4283 unto Abraham,11 saying, In1722 thee4671 shall all3956 nations1484 be blessed.1757

9  So then5620 they3588 which be of1537 faith4102 are blessed2127 with4862 faithful4103 Abraham.11

10  For1063 as many as3745 are1526 of1537 the works2041 of the law3551 are1526 under5259 the curse:2671 for1063 it is written,1125 Cursed1944 is every one3956 that3739 continueth1696 not3756 in1722 all things3956 which are written1125 in1722 the3588 book975 of the3588 law3551 to do4160 them.846

11  But1161 that3754 no man3762 is justified1344 by1722 the law3551 in the sight3844 of God,2316 it is evident:1212 for,3754 The3588 just1342 shall live2198 by1537 faith.4102

12  And1161 the3588 law3551 is2076 not3756 of1537 faith:4102 but,235 The3588 man444 that doeth4160 them846 shall live2198 in1722 them.846

13  Christ5547 hath redeemed1805 us2248 from1537 the3588 curse2671 of the3588 law,3551 being made1096 a curse2671 for5228 us:2257 for1063 it is written,1125 Cursed1944 is every one3956 that hangeth2910 on1909 a tree:3586

14  That2443 the3588 blessing2129 of Abraham11 might come1096 on1519 the3588 Gentiles1484 through1722 Jesus2424 Christ;5547 that2443 we might receive2983 the3588 promise1860 of the3588 Spirit4151 through1223 faith.4102

15  Brethren,80 I speak3004 after the manner2596 of men;444 Though3676 it be but a man's444 covenant,1242 yet if it be confirmed,2964 no man3762 disannulleth,114 or2228 addeth thereto.1928

16  Now1161 to Abraham11 and2532 his846 seed4690 were the3588 promises1860 made.4483 He saith3004 not,3756 And2532 to seeds,4690 as5613 of1909 many;4183 but235 as5613 of1909 one,1520 And2532 to thy4675 seed,4690 which3739 is2076 Christ.5547

17  And1161 this5124 I say,3004 that the covenant,1242 that was confirmed before4300 of5259 God2316 in1519 Christ,5547 the3588 law,3551 which was1096 four hundred5071 and2532 thirty5144 years2094 after,3326 cannot disannul,208 3756 that it should make the promise of none effect.2673 3588 1860

18  For1063 if1487 the3588 inheritance2817 be of1537 the law,3551 it is no more3765 of1537 promise:1860 but1161 God2316 gave5483 it to Abraham11 by1223 promise.1860

19  Wherefore5101 then3767 serveth the3588 law?3551 It was added4369 because5484 of transgressions,3847 till891 3757 the3588 seed4690 should come2064 to whom3739 the promise was made;1861 and it was ordained1299 by1223 angels32 in1722 the hand5495 of a mediator.3316

20  Now1161 a mediator3316 is2076 not3756 a mediator of one,1520 but1161 God2316 is2076 one.1520

21  Is the3588 law3551 then3767 against2596 the3588 promises1860 of God?2316 God forbid:1096 3361 for1063 if1487 there had been a law3551 given1325 which could1410 have given life,2227 verily3689 302 righteousness1343 should have been2258 by1537 the law.3551

22  But235 the3588 Scripture1124 hath concluded4788 all3956 under5259 sin,266 that2443 the3588 promise1860 by1537 faith4102 of Jesus2424 Christ5547 might be given1325 to them that believe.4100

23  But1161 before faith4102 came,2064 we were kept5432 under5259 the law,3551 shut up4788 unto1519 the3588 faith4102 which should afterwards3195 be revealed.601

24  Wherefore5620 the3588 law3551 was1096 our2257 schoolmaster3807 to bring us unto1519 Christ,5547 that2443 we might be justified1344 by1537 faith.4102

25  But1161 after that faith4102 is come,2064 we are2070 no longer3765 under5259 a schoolmaster.3807

26  For1063 ye are2075 all3956 the children5207 of God2316 by1223 faith4102 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus.2424

27  For1063 as many3745 of you as have been baptized907 into1519 Christ5547 have put on1746 Christ.5547

28  There is1762 neither3756 Jew2453 nor3761 Greek,1672 there is1762 neither3756 bond1401 nor3761 free,1658 there is1762 neither3756 male730 nor2532 female:2338 for1063 ye5210 are2075 all3956 one1520 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus.2424

29  And1161 if1487 ye5210 be Christ's,5547 then686 are2075 ye Abraham's11 seed,4690 and2532 heirs2818 according2596 to the promise.1860

Galatians 4: 1-31

1  Now1161 I say,3004 That the3588 heir,2818 as long as3745 he5550 is2076 a child,3516 differeth1308 nothing3762 from a servant,1401 though he be5607 lord2962 of all;3956

2  But235 is2076 under5259 tutors2012 and2532 governors3623 until891 the3588 time appointed4287 of the3588 father.3962

3  Even2532 so3779 we,2249 when3753 we were2258 children,3516 were2258 in bondage1402 under5259 the3588 elements4747 of the3588 world:2889

4  But1161 when3753 the3588 fullness4138 of the3588 time5550 was come,2064 God2316 sent forth1821 his848 Son,5207 made1096 of1537 a woman,1135 made1096 under5259 the law,3551

5  To2443 redeem1805 them3588 that were under5259 the law,3551 that2443 we might receive618 the3588 adoption of sons.5206

6  And1161 because3754 ye are2075 sons,5207 God2316 hath sent forth1821 the3588 Spirit4151 of his848 Son5207 into1519 your5216 hearts,2588 crying,2896 Abba,5 Father.3962

7  Wherefore5620 thou art1488 no more3765 a servant,1401 but235 a son;5207 and1161 if1487 a son,5207 then2532 an heir2818 of God2316 through1223 Christ.5547

8  Howbeit235 then,5119 when3303 ye knew1492 not3756 God,2316 ye did service1398 unto them which by nature5449 are5607 no3361 gods.2316

9  But1161 now,3568 after that ye have known1097 God,2316 or1161 rather3123 are known1097 of5259 God,2316 how4459 turn1994 ye again3825 to1909 the3588 weak772 and2532 beggarly4434 elements,4747 whereunto3739 ye3825 desire2309 again509 to be in bondage?1398

10  Ye observe3906 days,2250 and2532 months,3376 and2532 times,2540 and2532 years.1763

11  I am afraid5399 of you,5209 lest3381 I have bestowed upon you labor2872 1519 5209 in vain.1500

12  Brethren,80 I beseech1189 you,5216 be1096 as5613 I1473 am; for3754 I2504 am as5613 ye5210 are: ye have not injured me at all.3762 91 3165

13  Ye1161 know1492 how3754 through1223 infirmity769 of the3588 flesh4561 I preached the gospel2097 unto you5213 at the first.4386

14  And2532 my3450 temptation3986 which3588 was in1722 my3450 flesh4561 ye despised1848 not,3756 nor3761 rejected;1609 but235 received1209 me3165 as5613 an angel32 of God,2316 even as5613 Christ5547 Jesus.2424

15  Where5101 is2258 then3767 the3588 blessedness3108 ye5216 spake of? for1063 I bear you record,3140 5213 that,3754 if1487 it had been possible,1415 ye would have plucked out1846 302 your own5216 eyes,3788 and have given1325 them to me.3427

16  Am I therefore5620 become1096 your5216 enemy,2190 because I tell you the truth?226 5213

17  They zealously affect2206 you,5209 but not3756 well;2573 yea,235 they would2309 exclude1576 you,5209 that2443 ye might affect2206 them.846

18  But1161 it is good2570 to be zealously affected2206 always3842 in1722 a good2570 thing, and2532 not3361 only3440 when I3165 am present3918 with4314 you.5209

19  My3450 little children,5040 of whom3739 I travail in birth5605 again3825 until891 3757 Christ5547 be formed3445 in1722 you,5213

20  I1161 desire2309 to be present3918 with4314 you5209 now,737 and2532 to change236 my3450 voice;5456 for3754 I stand in doubt639 of1722 you.5213

21  Tell3004 me,3427 ye that desire2309 to be1511 under5259 the law,3551 do ye not3756 hear191 the3588 law?3551

22  For1063 it is written,1125 that3754 Abraham11 had2192 two1417 sons,5207 the one1520 by1537 a bondmaid,3814 the2532 other1520 by1537 a freewoman.1658

23  But235 he3588 3303 who was of1537 the3588 bondwoman3814 was born1080 after2596 the flesh;4561 but1161 he3588 of1537 the3588 freewoman1658 was by1223 promise.1860

24  Which things3748 are2076 an allegory:238 for1063 these3778 are1526 the3588 two1417 covenants;1242 the one3391 3303 from575 the mount3735 Sinai,4614 which engendereth1080 to1519 bondage,1397 which3748 is2076 Hagar.28

25  For1063 this Hagar28 is2076 mount3735 Sinai4614 in1722 Arabia,688 and1161 answereth to4960 Jerusalem2419 which now3568 is, and1161 is in bondage1398 with3326 her848 children.5043

26  But1161 Jerusalem2419 which is above507 is2076 free,1658 which3748 is2076 the mother3384 of us2257 all.3956

27  For1063 it is written,1125 Rejoice,2165 thou barren4723 that bearest5088 not;3756 break forth4486 and2532 cry,994 thou that travailest5605 not;3756 for3754 the3588 desolate2048 hath2192 many4183 more3123 children5043 than2228 she which hath2192 a husband.435

28  Now1161 we,2249 brethren,80 as2596 Isaac2464 was, are2070 the children5043 of promise.1860

29  But235 as5618 then5119 he that was born1080 after2596 the flesh4561 persecuted1377 him3588 that was born after2596 the Spirit,4151 even2532 so3779 it is now.3568

30  Nevertheless235 what5101 saith3004 the3588 Scripture?1124 Cast out1544 the3588 bondwoman3814 and2532 her846 son:5207 for1063 the3588 son5207 of the3588 bondwoman3814 shall not3364 be heir2816 with3326 the3588 son5207 of the3588 freewoman.1658

31  So then,686 brethren,80 we are2070 not3756 children5043 of the bondwoman,3814 but235 of the3588 free.1658

Galatians 5: 1-26

1  Stand fast4739 therefore3767 in the3588 liberty1657 wherewith3739 Christ5547 hath made us free,1659 2248 and2532 be not3361 entangled again with1758 3825 the yoke2218 of bondage.1397

2  Behold,2396 I1473 Paul3972 say3004 unto you,5213 that3754 if1437 ye be circumcised,4059 Christ5547 shall profit5623 you5209 nothing.3762

3  For1161 I testify3143 again3825 to every3956 man444 that is circumcised,4059 that3754 he is2076 a debtor3781 to do4160 the3588 whole3650 law.3551

4  Christ5547 is become of no effect2673 unto you, whosoever3748 of you are justified1344 by1722 the law;3551 ye are fallen1601 from grace.5485

5  For1063 we2249 through the Spirit4151 wait for553 the hope1680 of righteousness1343 by1537 faith.4102

6  For1063 in1722 Jesus2424 Christ5547 neither3777 circumcision4061 availeth2480 any thing,5100 nor3777 uncircumcision;203 but235 faith4102 which worketh1754 by1223 love.26

7  Ye did run5143 well;2573 who5101 did hinder348 you5209 that ye should not3361 obey3982 the3588 truth?225

8  This persuasion3988 cometh not3756 of1537 him that calleth2564 you.5209

9  A little3398 leaven2219 leaveneth2220 the3588 whole3650 lump.5445

10  I1473 have confidence3982 in1519 you5209 through1722 the Lord,2962 that3754 ye will be none otherwise minded:5426 3762 243 but1161 he that troubleth5015 you5209 shall bear941 his judgment,2917 whosoever3748 302 he be.5600

11  And1161 I,1473 brethren,80 if1487 I yet2089 preach2784 circumcision,4061 why5101 do I yet2089 suffer persecution?1377 then686 is the3588 offense4625 of the3588 cross4716 ceased.2673

12  I would3785 they were even2532 cut off609 which trouble387 you.5209

13  For,1063 brethren,80 ye5210 have been called2564 unto1909 liberty;1657 only3440 use not3361 liberty1657 for1519 an occasion874 to the3588 flesh,4561 but235 by1223 love26 serve1398 one another.240

14  For1063 all3956 the law3551 is fulfilled4137 in1722 one1520 word,3056 even in1722 this;3588 Thou shalt love25 thy4675 neighbor4139 as5613 thyself.1438

15  But1161 if1487 ye bite1143 and2532 devour2719 one another,240 take heed991 that ye be not3361 consumed355 one of another.240

16  This I say3004 then,1161 Walk4043 in the Spirit,4151 and2532 ye shall not3364 fulfill5055 the lust1939 of the flesh.4561

17  For1063 the3588 flesh4561 lusteth1937 against2596 the3588 Spirit,4151 and1161 the3588 Spirit4151 against2596 the3588 flesh:4561 and1161 these5023 are contrary480 the one to the other:240 so that2443 ye cannot3361 do4160 the things5023 that3739 302 ye would.2309

18  But1161 if1487 ye be led71 of the Spirit,4151 ye are2075 not3756 under5259 the law.3551

19  Now1161 the3588 works2041 of the3588 flesh4561 are2076 manifest,5318 which3748 are2076 these; adultery,3430 fornication,4202 uncleanness,167 lasciviousness,766

20  Idolatry,1495 witchcraft,5331 hatred,2189 variance,2054 emulations,2205 wrath,2372 strife,2052 seditions,1370 heresies,139

21  Envyings,5355 murders,5408 drunkenness,3178 revellings,2970 and2532 such5125 like:3664 of the which3739 I tell you before,4302 5213 as2531 I have also2532 told you in time past,4277 that3754 they which do4238 such things5108 shall not3756 inherit2816 the kingdom932 of God.2316

22  But1161 the3588 fruit2590 of the3588 Spirit4151 is2076 love,26 joy,5479 peace,1515 longsuffering,3115 gentleness,5544 goodness,19 faith,4102

23  Meekness,4236 temperance:1466 against2596 such5108 there is2076 no3756 law.3551

24  And1161 they3588 that are Christ's5547 have crucified4717 the3588 flesh4561 with4862 the3588 affections3804 and2532 lusts.1939

25  If1487 we live2198 in the Spirit,4151 let us also2532 walk4748 in the Spirit.4151

26  Let us not3361 be1096 desirous of vain glory,2755 provoking4292 one another,240 envying5354 one another.240

Galatians 6: 1-18

1  Brethren,80 if1437 a man444 be2532 overtaken4301 in1722 a5100 fault,3900 ye5210 which are spiritual,4152 restore2675 such a one5108 in1722 the spirit4151 of meekness;4236 considering4648 thyself,4572 lest3361 thou4771 also2532 be tempted.3985

2  Bear941 ye one another's240 burdens,922 and2532 so3779 fulfill378 the3588 law3551 of Christ.5547

3  For1063 if1487 a man5100 think himself1380 to be1511 something,5100 when he is5607 nothing,3367 he deceiveth5422 himself.1438

4  But1161 let every man1538 prove1381 his own1438 work,2041 and2532 then5119 shall he have2192 rejoicing2745 in1519 himself1438 alone,3441 and2532 not3756 in1519 another.2087

5  For1063 every man1538 shall bear941 his own2398 burden.5413

1161 Let him that is taught2727 in the3588 word3056 communicate2841 unto him that teacheth2727 in1722 all3956 good things.18

7  Be not3361 deceived;4105 God2316 is not3756 mocked:3456 for1063 whatsoever3739 1437 a man444 soweth,4687 that5124 shall he also2532 reap.2325

8  For3754 he that soweth4687 to1519 his1438 flesh4561 shall of1537 the3588 flesh4561 reap2325 corruption;5356 but1161 he that soweth4687 to1519 the3588 Spirit4151 shall of1537 the3588 Spirit4151 reap2325 life2222 everlasting.166

9  And1161 let us not3361 be weary1573 in well2570 doing:4160 for1063 in due2398 season2540 we shall reap,2325 if we faint1590 not.3361

10  As5613 we have2192 therefore686 3767 opportunity,2540 let us do2038 good18 unto4314 all3956 men,1161 especially3122 unto4314 them who are of the household3609 of faith.4102

11  Ye see1492 how large4080 a letter1121 I have written1125 unto you5213 with mine own1699 hand.5495

12  As many as3745 desire2309 to make a fair show2146 in1722 the flesh,4561 they3778 constrain315 you5209 to be circumcised;4059 only3440 lest3363 they should suffer persecution1377 for the3588 cross4716 of Christ.5547

13  For1063 neither3761 they846 themselves who are circumcised4059 keep5442 the law;3551 but235 desire2309 to have you5209 circumcised,4059 that2443 they may glory2744 in1722 your5212 flesh.4561

14  But1161 God forbid1096 3361 that I1698 should glory,2744 save1508 in1722 the3588 cross4716 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 by1223 whom3739 the world2889 is crucified4717 unto me,1698 and I2504 unto the3588 world.2889

15  For1063 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 neither3777 circumcision4061 availeth2480 any thing,5100 nor3777 uncircumcision,203 but235 a new2537 creature.2937

16  And2532 as many as3745 walk4748 according to this5129 rule,2583 peace1515 be on1909 them,846 and2532 mercy,1656 and2532 upon1909 the3588 Israel2474 of God.2316

17  From henceforth3064 let no man3367 trouble3930 2873 me:3427 for1063 I1473 bear941 in1722 my3450 body4983 the3588 marks4742 of the3588 Lord2962 Jesus.2424

18  Brethren,80 the3588 grace5485 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ5547 be with3326 your5216 spirit.4151 Amen.281


À Christ seul soit la Gloire


Source; leVigilant.com - jean leDuc