King James Version 1611 - 1769



2 Timothy 1: 1-18

1  Paul,3972 an apostle652 of Jesus2424 Christ5547 by1223 the will2307 of God,2316 according2596 to the promise1860 of life2222 which3588 is in1722 Christ5547 Jesus,2424

2  To Timothy,5095 my dearly beloved27 son:5043 Grace,5485 mercy,1656 and peace,1515 from575 God2316 the Father3962 and2532 Christ5547 Jesus2424 our2257 Lord.2962

3  I thank2192 5485 God,2316 whom3739 I serve3000 from575 my forefathers4269 with1722 pure2513 conscience,4893 that5613 without ceasing88 I have2192 remembrance3417 of4012 thee4675 in1722 my3450 prayers1162 night3571 and2532 day;2250

4  Greatly desiring1971 to see1492 thee,4571 being mindful3415 of thy4675 tears,1144 that2443 I may be filled4137 with joy;5479

5  When I call2983 to remembrance5280 the3588 unfeigned505 faith4102 that3588 is in1722 thee,4671 which3748 dwelt1774 first4412 in1722 thy4675 grandmother3125 Lois,3090 and2532 thy4675 mother3384 Eunice;2131 and1161 I am persuaded3982 that3754 in1722 thee4671 also.2532

6  Wherefore1223 3739 156 I put thee in remembrance363 4671 that thou stir up329 the3588 gift5486 of God,2316 which3739 is2076 in1722 thee4671 by1223 the3588 putting on1936 of my3450 hands.5495

7  For1063 God2316 hath not3756 given1325 us2254 the spirit4151 of fear;1167 but235 of power,1411 and2532 of love,26 and2532 of a sound mind.4995

8  Be not3361 thou therefore3767 ashamed1870 of the3588 testimony3142 of our2257 Lord,2962 nor3366 of me1691 his846 prisoner:1198 but235 be thou partaker of the afflictions4777 of the3588 gospel2098 according2596 to the power1411 of God;2316

9  Who hath saved4982 us,2248 and2532 called2564 us with a holy40 calling,2821 not3756 according2596 to our2257 works,2041 but235 according2596 to his own2398 purpose4286 and2532 grace,5485 which was given1325 us2254 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 before4253 the world began,5550 166

10  But1161 is now3568 made manifest5319 by1223 the3588 appearing2015 of our2257 Savior4990 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 who hath abolished2673 3303 death,2288 and1161 hath brought life and immortality to light5461 2222 2532 861 through1223 the3588 gospel:2098

11  Whereunto1519 3739 I1473 am appointed5087 a preacher,2783 and2532 an apostle,652 and2532 a teacher1320 of the Gentiles.1484

12  For1223 the which3739 cause156 I also2532 suffer3958 these things:5023 nevertheless235 I am not3756 ashamed:1870 for1063 I know1492 whom3739 I have believed,4100 and2532 am persuaded3982 that3754 he is2076 able1415 to keep5442 that which I have committed unto him3866 3450 against1519 that1565 day.2250

13  Hold fast2192 the form5296 of sound5198 words,3056 which3739 thou hast heard191 of3844 me,1700 in1722 faith4102 and2532 love26 which3588 is in1722 Christ5547 Jesus.2424

14  That good thing2570 which was committed unto thee3872 keep5442 by1223 the Holy40 Ghost4151 which dwelleth1774 in1722 us.2254

15  This5124 thou knowest,1492 that3754 all3956 they which3588 are in1722 Asia773 be turned away from654 me;3165 of whom3739 are2076 Phygellus5436 and2532 Hermogenes.2061

16  The3588 Lord2962 give1325 mercy1656 unto the3588 house3624 of Onesiphorus;3683 for3754 he oft4178 refreshed404 me,3165 and2532 was not3756 ashamed1870 of my3450 chain:254

17  But,235 when he was1096 in1722 Rome,4516 he sought me out2212 3165 very diligently,4706 and2532 found2147 me.

18  The3588 Lord2962 grant1325 unto him846 that he may find2147 mercy1656 of3844 the Lord2962 in1722 that1565 day:2250 and2532 in how many things3745 he ministered unto1247 me at1722 Ephesus,2181 thou4771 knowest1097 very well.957

2 Timothy 2: 1-26

1  Thou4771 therefore,3767 my3450 son,5043 be strong1743 in1722 the3588 grace5485 that3588 is in1722 Christ5547 Jesus.2424

2  And2532 the things that3739 thou hast heard191 of3844 me1700 among1223 many4183 witnesses,3144 the same5023 commit3908 thou to faithful4103 men,444 who3748 shall be2071 able2425 to teach1321 others2087 also.2532

3  Thou4771 therefore3767 endure hardness,2553 as5613 a good2570 soldier4757 of Jesus2424 Christ.5547

4  No man3762 that warreth4754 entangleth himself with1707 the3588 affairs4230 of this life;979 that2443 he may please700 him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.4758

5  And1161 if1437 a man5100 also2532 strive for masteries,118 yet is he not3756 crowned,4737 except3362 he strive118 lawfully.3545

6  The husbandman1092 that laboreth2872 must1163 be first partaker3335 4413 of the3588 fruits.2590

7  Consider3539 what3739 I say;3004 and1063 the3588 Lord2962 give1325 thee4671 understanding4907 in1722 all things.3956

8  Remember3421 that Jesus2424 Christ5547 of1537 the seed4690 of David1138 was raised1453 from1537 the dead3498 according2596 to my3450 gospel:2098

9  Wherein1722 3739 I suffer trouble,2553 as5613 an evil doer,2557 even unto3360 bonds;1199 but235 the3588 word3056 of God2316 is not3756 bound.1210

10  Therefore1223 5124 I endure5278 all things3956 for the elect's sakes,1223 3588 1588 that2443 they846 may also2532 obtain5177 the salvation4991 which3588 is in1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 with3326 eternal166 glory.1391

11  It is a faithful4103 saying:3056 For1063 if1487 we be dead with4880 him, we shall also2532 live with4800 him:

12  If1487 we suffer,5278 we shall also2532 reign with4821 him: if1487 we deny720 him, he also2548 will deny720 us:2248

13  If1487 we believe not,569 yet he1565 abideth3306 faithful:4103 he cannot1410 3756 deny720 himself.1438

14  Of these things5023 put them in remembrance,5279 charging1263 them before1799 the3588 Lord2962 that they strive not about words3054 3361 to no profit,1519 3762 5539 but to1909 the subverting2692 of the3588 hearers.191

15  Study4704 to show3936 thyself4572 approved1384 unto God,2316 a workman2040 that needeth not to be ashamed,422 rightly dividing3718 the3588 word3056 of truth.225

16  But1161 shun4026 profane952 and vain babblings:2757 for1063 they will increase4298 unto1909 more4119 ungodliness.763

17  And2532 their846 word3056 will eat2192 3542 as5613 doth a canker:1044 of whom3739 is2076 Hymenaeus5211 and2532 Philetus;5372

18  Who3748 concerning4012 the3588 truth225 have erred,795 saying3004 that the3588 resurrection386 is past1096 already;2235 and2532 overthrow396 the3588 faith4102 of some.5100

19  Nevertheless3305 the foundation2310 of God2316 standeth2476 sure,4731 having2192 this5026 seal,4973 The Lord2962 knoweth1097 them that are5607 his.848 And,2532 Let every one3956 that nameth3687 the3588 name3686 of Christ5547 depart868 from575 iniquity.93

20  But1161 in1722 a great3173 house3614 there are2076 not3756 only3440 vessels4632 of gold5552 and2532 of silver,693 but235 also2532 of wood3585 and2532 of earth;3749 and2532 some3739 3303 to1519 honor,5092 and1161 some3739 to1519 dishonor.819

21  If1437 a man5100 therefore3767 purge1571 himself1438 from575 these,5130 he shall be2071 a vessel4632 unto1519 honor,5092 sanctified,37 and2532 meet for the master's use,2173 3588 1203 and prepared2090 unto1519 every3956 good18 work.2041

22  Flee5343 also1161 youthful3512 lusts:1939 but1161 follow1377 righteousness,1343 faith,4102 charity,26 peace,1515 with3326 them that call on1941 the3588 Lord2962 out of1537 a pure2513 heart.2588

23  But1161 foolish3474 and2532 unlearned521 questions2214 avoid,3868 knowing1492 that3754 they do engender1080 strifes.3163

24  And1161 the servant1401 of the Lord2962 must1163 not3756 strive;3164 but235 be1511 gentle2261 unto4314 all3956 men, apt to teach,1317 patient,420

25  In1722 meekness4236 instructing3811 those that oppose themselves;475 if God peradventure3379 2316 will give1325 them846 repentance3341 to1519 the acknowledging1922 of the truth;225

26  And2532 that they may recover themselves366 out of1537 the3588 snare3803 of the3588 devil,1228 who are taken captive2221 by5259 him846 at1519 his1565 will.2307

2 Timothy 3: 1-17

1  This5124 know1097 also,1161 that3754 in1722 the last2078 days2250 perilous5467 times2540 shall come.1764

2  For1063 men444 shall be2071 lovers of their own selves,5367 covetous,5366 boasters,213 proud,5244 blasphemers,989 disobedient545 to parents,1118 unthankful,884 unholy,462

3  Without natural affection,794 trucebreakers,786 false accusers,1228 incontinent,193 fierce,434 despisers of those that are good,865

4  Traitors,4273 heady,4312 highminded,5187 lovers of pleasures5369 more3123 than2228 lovers of God;5377

5  Having2192 a form3446 of godliness,2150 but1161 denying720 the3588 power1411 thereof:846 from such turn away.665 5128

6  For1063 of1537 this sort5130 are1526 they which creep1744 into1519 houses,3614 and2532 lead captive162 silly women1133 laden4987 with sins,266 led away71 with divers4164 lusts,1939

7  Ever3842 learning,3129 and2532 never3368 able1410 to come2064 to1519 the knowledge1922 of the truth.225

8  Now1161 as3739 5158 Jannes2389 and2532 Jambres2387 withstood436 Moses,3475 so3779 do these3778 also2532 resist436 the3588 truth:225 men444 of corrupt2704 minds,3563 reprobate96 concerning4012 the3588 faith.4102

9  But235 they shall proceed4298 no3756 further:1909 4119 for1063 their846 folly454 shall be2071 manifest1552 unto all3956 men, as5613 theirs1565 also2532 was.1096

10  But1161 thou4771 hast fully known3877 my3450 doctrine,1319 manner of life,72 purpose,4286 faith,4102 longsuffering,3115 charity,26 patience,5281

11  Persecutions,1375 afflictions,3804 which3634 came1096 unto me3427 at1722 Antioch,490 at1722 Iconium,2430 at1722 Lystra;3082 what3634 persecutions1375 I endured:5297 but2532 out of1537 them all3956 the3588 Lord2962 delivered4506 me.3165

12  Yea,1161 and2532 all3956 that will2309 live2198 godly2153 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 shall suffer persecution.1377

13  But1161 evil4190 men444 and2532 seducers1114 shall wax worse and worse,4298 1909 5501 deceiving,4105 and2532 being deceived.4105

14  But1161 continue3306 thou4771 in1722 the things which3739 thou hast learned3129 and2532 hast been assured of,4104 knowing1492 of3844 whom5101 thou hast learned3129 them;

15  And2532 that3754 from575 a child1025 thou hast known1492 the3588 holy2413 Scriptures,1121 which are able1410 to make thee wise4679 4571 unto1519 salvation4991 through1223 faith4102 which3588 is in1722 Christ5547 Jesus.2424

16  All3956 Scripture1124 is given by inspiration of God,2315 and2532 is profitable5624 for4314 doctrine,1319 for4314 reproof,1650 for4314 correction,1882 for4314 instruction3809 in1722 righteousness:1343

17  That2443 the3588 man444 of God2316 may be5600 perfect,739 thoroughly furnished1822 unto4314 all3956 good18 works.2041

2 Timothy 4: 1-22

1  I1473 charge1263 thee therefore3767 before1799 God,2316 and2532 the3588 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 who shall3195 judge2919 the quick2198 and2532 the dead3498 at2596 his848 appearing2015 and2532 his848 kingdom;932

2  Preach2784 the3588 word;3056 be instant2186 in season,2122 out of season;171 reprove,1651 rebuke,2008 exhort3870 with1722 all3956 longsuffering3115 and2532 doctrine.1322

3  For1063 the time2540 will come2071 when3753 they will not3756 endure430 sound5198 doctrine;1319 but235 after2596 their own2398 lusts1939 shall they heap2002 to themselves1438 teachers,1320 having itching2833 ears;189

4  And2532 they shall turn away654 their ears189 from575 3303 the3588 truth,225 and1161 shall be turned1624 unto1909 fables.3454

5  But1161 watch3525 thou4771 in1722 all things,3956 endure afflictions,2553 do4160 the work2041 of an evangelist,2099 make full proof4135 of thy4675 ministry.1248

6  For1063 I1473 am now ready to be offered,4689 2235 and2532 the3588 time2540 of my1699 departure359 is at hand.2186

7  I have fought75 a good2570 fight,73 I have finished5055 my course,1408 I have kept5083 the3588 faith:4102

8  Henceforth3063 there is laid up606 for me3427 a crown4735 of righteousness,1343 which3739 the3588 Lord,2962 the3588 righteous1342 judge,2923 shall give591 me3427 at1722 that1565 day:2250 and1161 not3756 to me1698 only,3440 but235 unto all3956 them also that love25 2532 his846 appearing.2015

9  Do thy diligence4704 to come2064 shortly5030 unto4314 me:3165

10  For1063 Demas1214 hath forsaken1459 me,3165 having loved25 this present3568 world,165 and2532 is departed4198 unto1519 Thessalonica;2332 Crescens2913 to1519 Galatia,1053 Titus5103 unto1519 Dalmatia.1149

11  Only3441 Luke3065 is2076 with3326 me.1700 Take353 Mark,3138 and bring71 him with3326 thee:4572 for1063 he is2076 profitable2173 to me3427 for1519 the ministry.1248

12  And1161 Tychicus5190 have I sent649 to1519 Ephesus.2181

13  The3588 cloak5341 that3739 I left620 at1722 Troas5174 with3844 Carpus,2591 when thou comest,2064 bring5342 with thee, and2532 the3588 books,975 but especially3122 the3588 parchments.3200

14  Alexander223 the3588 coppersmith5471 did1731 me3427 much4183 evil:2556 the3588 Lord2962 reward591 him846 according2596 to his846 works:2041

15  Of whom3739 be thou ware5442 4771 also;2532 for1063 he hath greatly3029 withstood436 our2251 words.3056

16  At1722 my3450 first4413 answer627 no man3762 stood with4836 me,3427 but235 all3956 men forsook1459 me:3165 I pray God that it may not3361 be laid to their charge.3049 846

17  Notwithstanding1161 the3588 Lord2962 stood with3936 me,3427 and2532 strengthened1743 me;3165 that2443 by1223 me1700 the3588 preaching2782 might be fully known,4135 and2532 that all3956 the3588 Gentiles1484 might hear:191 and2532 I was delivered4506 out of1537 the mouth4750 of the lion.3023

18  And2532 the3588 Lord2962 shall deliver4506 me3165 from575 every3956 evil4190 work,2041 and2532 will preserve4982 me unto1519 his848 heavenly2032 kingdom:932 to whom3739 be glory1391 forever and ever.1519 165 165 Amen.281

19  Salute782 Prisca4251 and2532 Aquila,207 and2532 the3588 household3624 of Onesiphorus.3683

20  Erastus2037 abode3306 at1722 Corinth:2882 but1161 Trophimus5161 have I left620 at1722 Miletum3399 sick.770

21  Do thy diligence4704 to come2064 before4253 winter.5494 Eubulus2103 greeteth782 thee4571 and2532 Pudens,4227 and2532 Linus,3044 and2532 Claudia,2803 and2532 all3956 the3588 brethren.80

22  The3588 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ5547 be with3326 thy4675 spirit.4151 Grace5485 be with3326 you.5216 Amen.281


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