King James Version 1611 - 1769





1 Peter 1: 1-25

1  Peter,4074 an apostle652 of Jesus2424 Christ,5547 to the strangers3927 scattered throughout1290 Pontus,4195 Galatia,1053 Cappadocia,2587 Asia,773 and2532 Bithynia,978

2  Elect1588 according2596 to the foreknowledge4268 of God2316 the Father,3962 through1722 sanctification38 of the Spirit,4151 unto1519 obedience5218 and2532 sprinkling4473 of the blood129 of Jesus2424 Christ:5547 Grace5485 unto you,5213 and2532 peace,1515 be multiplied.4129

3  Blessed2128 be the3588 God2316 and2532 Father3962 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 which according2596 to his848 abundant4183 mercy1656 hath begotten us again313 2248 unto1519 a lively2198 hope1680 by1223 the resurrection386 of Jesus2424 Christ5547 from1537 the dead,3498

4  To1519 an inheritance2817 incorruptible,862 and2532 undefiled,283 and2532 that fadeth not away,263 reserved5083 in1722 heaven3772 for1519 you,2248

5  Who are kept5432 by1722 the power1411 of God2316 through1223 faith4102 unto1519 salvation4991 ready2092 to be revealed601 in1722 the last2078 time.2540

6  Wherein1722 3739 ye greatly rejoice,21 though now737 for a season,3641 if1487 need be,1163 2076 ye are in heaviness3076 through1722 manifold4164 temptations:3986

7  That2443 the3588 trial1383 of your5216 faith,4102 being much4183 more precious5093 than of gold5553 that perisheth,622 though1161 it be tried1381 with1223 fire,4442 might be found2147 unto1519 praise1868 and2532 honor5092 and2532 glory1391 at1722 the appearing602 of Jesus2424 Christ:5547

8  Whom3739 having not3756 seen,1492 ye love;25 in1519 whom,3739 though now737 ye see3708 him not,3361 yet1161 believing,4100 ye rejoice21 with joy5479 unspeakable412 and2532 full of glory:1392

9  Receiving2865 the3588 end5056 of your5216 faith,4102 even the salvation4991 of your souls.5590

10  Of4012 which3739 salvation4991 the prophets4396 have inquired1567 and2532 searched diligently,1830 who prophesied4395 of4012 the3588 grace5485 that should come unto1519 you:5209

11  Searching2045 what,5101 or2228 what manner4169 of time2540 the3588 Spirit4151 of Christ5547 which was in1722 them846 did signify,1213 when it testified beforehand4303 the3588 sufferings3804 of1519 Christ,5547 and2532 the3588 glory1391 that should follow.3326 5023

12  Unto whom3739 it was revealed,601 that3754 not3756 unto themselves,1438 but1161 unto us2254 they did minister1247 the things,846 which3739 are now3568 reported312 unto you5213 by1223 them that have preached the gospel2097 unto you5209 with1722 the Holy40 Ghost4151 sent down649 from575 heaven;3772 which things3739 the angels32 desire1937 to look3879 into.1519

13  Wherefore1352 gird up328 the3588 loins3751 of your5216 mind,1271 be sober,3525 and hope1679 to the end5049 for1909 the3588 grace5485 that is to be brought5342 unto you5213 at1722 the revelation602 of Jesus2424 Christ;5547

14  As5613 obedient5218 children,5043 not3361 fashioning yourselves4964 according to the3588 former4386 lusts1939 in1722 your5216 ignorance:52

15  But235 as2596 he which hath called2564 you5209 is holy,40 so2532 be1096 ye846 holy40 in1722 all manner3956 of conversation;391

16  Because1360 it is written,1125 Be1096 ye holy;40 for3754 I1473 am1510 holy.40

17  And2532 if1487 ye call on1941 the Father,3962 who without respect of persons judgeth2919 678 according2596 to every man's1538 work,2041 pass390 the3588 time5550 of your5216 sojourning3940 here in1722 fear:5401

18  Forasmuch as ye know1492 that3754 ye were not3756 redeemed3084 with corruptible things,5349 as silver694 and2228 gold,5553 from1537 your5216 vain3152 conversation391 received by tradition from your fathers;3970

19  But235 with the precious5093 blood129 of Christ,5547 as5613 of a lamb286 without blemish299 and2532 without spot:784

20  Who verily3303 was foreordained4267 before4253 the foundation2602 of the world,2889 but1161 was manifest5319 in1909 these last2078 times5550 for1223 you,5209

21  Who by1223 him846 do believe4100 in1519 God,2316 that raised him up1453 846 from1537 the dead,3498 and2532 gave1325 him846 glory;1391 that5620 your5216 faith4102 and2532 hope1680 might be1511 in1519 God.2316

22  Seeing ye have purified48 your5216 souls5590 in1722 obeying5218 the3588 truth225 through1223 the Spirit4151 unto1519 unfeigned505 love of the brethren,5360 see that ye love25 one another240 with1537 a pure2513 heart2588 fervently:1619

23  Being born again,313 not3756 of1537 corruptible5349 seed,4701 but235 of incorruptible,862 by1223 the word3056 of God,2316 which liveth2198 and2532 abideth3306 forever.1519 165

24  For1360 all3956 flesh4561 is as5613 grass,5528 and2532 all3956 the glory1391 of man444 as5613 the flower438 of grass.5528 The3588 grass5528 withereth,3583 and2532 the3588 flower438 thereof846 falleth away:1601

25  But1161 the3588 word4487 of the Lord2962 endureth3306 forever.1519 165 And1161 this5124 is2076 the3588 word4487 which by the gospel is preached2097 unto1519 you.5209

1 Peter 2: 1-25

1  Wherefore3767 laying aside659 all3956 malice,2549 and2532 all3956 guile,1388 and2532 hypocrisies,5272 and2532 envies,5355 and2532 all3956 evil speakings,2636

2  As5613 newborn738 babes,1025 desire1971 the3588 sincere97 milk1051 of the word,3050 that2443 ye may grow837 thereby:1722 846

3  If so be1512 ye have tasted1089 that3754 the3588 Lord2962 is gracious.5543

4  To4314 whom3739 coming,4334 as unto a living2198 stone,3037 disallowed593 indeed3303 of5259 men,444 but1161 chosen1588 of3844 God,2316 and precious,1784

5  Ye846 also,2532 as5613 lively2198 stones,3037 are built up3618 a spiritual4152 house,3624 an holy40 priesthood,2406 to offer up399 spiritual4152 sacrifices,2378 acceptable2144 to God2316 by1223 Jesus2424 Christ.5547

6  Wherefore1352 also2532 it is contained4023 in1722 the3588 scripture,1124 Behold,2400 I lay5087 in1722 Zion4622 a chief corner stone,204 3037 elect,1588 precious:1784 and2532 he that believeth4100 on1909 him846 shall not3364 be confounded.2617

7  Unto you5213 therefore3767 which believe4100 he is precious:5092 but1161 unto them which be disobedient,544 the stone3037 which3739 the3588 builders3618 disallowed,593 the same3778 is made1096 the1519 head2776 of the corner,1137

8  And2532 a stone3037 of stumbling,4348 and2532 a rock4073 of offense,4625 even to them which3739 stumble4350 at the3588 word,3056 being disobedient:544 whereunto1519 3739 also2532 they were appointed.5087

9  But1161 ye5210 are a chosen1588 generation,1085 a royal934 priesthood,2406 a holy40 nation,1484 a peculiar1519 4047 people;2992 that3704 ye should show forth1804 the3588 praises703 of him3588 who hath called2564 you5209 out of1537 darkness4655 into1519 his846 marvelous2298 light:5457

10  Which3588 in time past4218 were not3756 a people,2992 but1161 are now3568 the people2992 of God:2316 which had not obtained mercy,1653 3756 but1161 now3568 have obtained mercy.1653

11  Dearly beloved,27 I beseech3870 you as5613 strangers3941 and2532 pilgrims,3927 abstain567 from fleshly4559 lusts,1939 which3748 war4754 against2596 the3588 soul;5590

12  Having2192 your5216 conversation391 honest2570 among1722 the3588 Gentiles:1484 that,2443 whereas1722 3739 they speak against2635 you5216 as5613 evildoers,2555 they may by1537 your good2570 works,2041 which they shall behold,2029 glorify1392 God2316 in1722 the day2250 of visitation.1984

13  Submit yourselves5293 to3767 every3956 ordinance2937 of man442 for the Lord's sake:1223 3588 2962 whether1535 it be to the king,935 as5613 supreme;5242

14  Or1535 unto governors,2232 as5613 unto them that are sent3992 by1223 him846 for1519 the punishment1557 of3303 evildoers,2555 and1161 for the praise1868 of them that do well.17

15  For3754 so3779 is2076 the3588 will2307 of God,2316 that with well doing15 ye may put to silence5392 the3588 ignorance56 of foolish878 men:444

16  As5613 free,1658 and2532 not3361 using2192 your liberty1657 for5613 a cloak1942 of maliciousness,2549 but235 as5613 the servants1401 of God.2316

17  Honor5091 all3956 men. Love25 the3588 brotherhood.81 Fear5399 God.2316 Honor5091 the3588 king.935

18  Servants,3610 be subject to5293 your masters1203 with1722 all3956 fear;5401 not3756 only3440 to the3588 good18 and2532 gentle,1933 but235 also2532 to the3588 froward.4646

19  For1063 this5124 is thankworthy,5485 if1487 a man5100 for1223 conscience4893 toward God2316 endure5297 grief,3077 suffering3958 wrongfully.95

20  For1063 what4169 glory2811 is it, if,1487 when ye be buffeted2852 2532 for your faults,264 ye shall take it patiently?5278 but235 if,1487 when ye do well,15 and2532 suffer3958 for it, ye take it patiently,5278 this5124 is acceptable5485 with3844 God.2316

21  For1063 even hereunto1519 5124 were ye called:2564 because3754 Christ5547 also2532 suffered3958 for5228 us,2257 leaving5277 us2254 an example,5261 that2443 ye should follow1872 his846 steps:2487

22  Who3739 did4160 no3756 sin,266 neither3761 was guile1388 found2147 in1722 his846 mouth:4750

23  Who,3739 when he was reviled,3058 reviled not again;486 3756 when he suffered,3958 he threatened546 not;3756 but1161 committed3860 himself to him that judgeth2919 righteously:1346

24  Who3739 his own self848 bare399 our2257 sins266 in1722 his own848 body4983 on1909 the3588 tree,3586 that2443 we, being dead581 to sins,266 should live2198 unto righteousness:1343 by whose3739 stripes3468 ye were healed.2390

25  For1063 ye were2258 as5613 sheep4263 going astray;4105 but235 are now3568 returned1994 unto1909 the3588 Shepherd4166 and2532 Bishop1985 of your5216 souls.5590

1 Peter 3: 1-22

1  Likewise,3668 ye wives,1135 be in subjection5293 to your own2398 husbands;435 that,2443 if any1536 obey not544 the3588 word,3056 they also2532 may without427 the word3056 be won2770 by1223 the3588 conversation391 of the3588 wives;1135

2  While they behold2029 your5216 chaste53 conversation391 coupled with1722 fear.5401

3  Whose3739 adorning2889 let it not3756 be2077 that3588 outward1855 adorning of plaiting1708 the hair,2359 and2532 of wearing4025 of gold,5553 or2228 of putting on1745 of apparel;2440

4  But235 let it be the3588 hidden2927 man444 of the3588 heart,2588 in1722 that which is not corruptible,862 even the ornament of a meek4239 and2532 quiet2272 spirit,4151 which3739 is2076 in the sight1799 of God2316 of great price.4185

5  For1063 after this manner3779 in the old time4218 the3588 holy40 women1135 also,2532 who trusted1679 in1909 God,2316 adorned2885 themselves,1438 being in subjection5293 unto their own2398 husbands:435

6  Even as5613 Sarah4564 obeyed5219 Abraham,11 calling2564 him846 lord:2962 whose3739 daughters5043 ye are,1096 as long as ye do well,15 and2532 are not afraid5399 3361 with any3367 amazement.4423

7  Likewise,3668 ye husbands,435 dwell with4924 them according2596 to knowledge,1108 giving632 honor5092 unto the3588 wife,1134 as5613 unto the weaker772 vessel,4632 and2532 as5613 being heirs together4789 of the grace5485 of life;2222 that your5216 prayers4335 be not3361 hindered.1581

8  Finally,5056 be ye all3956 of one mind,3675 having compassion one of another,4835 love as brethren,5361 be pitiful,2155 be courteous:5391

9  Not3361 rendering591 evil2556 for473 evil,2556 or2228 railing3059 for473 railing:3059 but1161 contrariwise5121 blessing;2127 knowing1492 that3754 ye are thereunto1519 5124 called,2564 that2443 ye should inherit2816 a blessing.2129

10  For1063 he that will2309 love25 life,2222 and2532 see1492 good18 days,2250 let him refrain3973 his848 tongue1100 from575 evil,2556 and2532 his848 lips5491 that they speak2980 no3361 guile:1388

11  Let him eschew1578 evil,2556 and2532 do4160 good;18 let him seek2212 peace,1515 and2532 ensue1377 it.846

12  For3754 the3588 eyes3788 of the Lord2962 are over1909 the righteous,1342 and2532 his846 ears3775 are open unto1519 their846 prayers:1162 but1161 the face4383 of the Lord2962 is against1909 them that do4160 evil.2556

13  And2532 who5101 is he that will harm2559 you,5209 if1437 ye be1096 followers3402 of that which is good?18

14  But235 and2532 if1487 ye suffer3958 for righteousness' sake,1223 1343 happy3107 are ye: and1161 be not afraid5399 3361 of their846 terror,5401 neither3366 be troubled;5015

15  But1161 sanctify37 the Lord2962 God2316 in1722 your5216 hearts:2588 and1161 be ready2092 always104 to give an answer4314 627 to every man3956 that asketh154 you5209 a reason3056 of4012 the3588 hope1680 that is in1722 you5213 with3326 meekness4240 and2532 fear:5401

16  Having2192 a good18 conscience;4893 that,2443 whereas1722 3739 they speak evil of2635 you,5216 as5613 of evildoers,2555 they may be ashamed2617 that falsely accuse1908 your5216 good18 conversation391 in1722 Christ.5547

17  For1063 it is better,2909 if1487 the3588 will2307 of God2316 be2309 so, that ye suffer3958 for well doing,15 than2228 for evil doing.2554

18  For3754 Christ5547 also2532 hath once530 suffered3958 for4012 sins,266 the just1342 for5228 the unjust,94 that2443 he might bring4317 us2248 to God,2316 being put to death2289 in the3303 flesh,4561 but1161 quickened2227 by the3588 Spirit:4151

19  By1722 which3739 also2532 he went4198 and preached2784 unto the3588 spirits4151 in1722 prison;5438

20  Which sometime4218 were disobedient,544 when3753 once530 the3588 longsuffering3115 of God2316 waited1551 in1722 the days2250 of Noah,3575 while the ark2787 was a preparing,2680 wherein1519 3739 few,3641 that is,5123 eight3638 souls5590 were saved1295 by1223 water.5204

21  The like figure499 whereunto3739 even baptism908 doth also2532 now3568 save4982 us2248 (not3756 the putting away595 of the filth4509 of the flesh,4561 but235 the answer1906 of a good18 conscience4893 toward1519 God,)2316 by1223 the resurrection386 of Jesus2424 Christ:5547

22  Who3739 is gone4198 into1519 heaven,3772 and is2076 on1722 the right hand1188 of God;2316 angels32 and2532 authorities1849 and2532 powers1411 being made subject unto5293 him.846

1 Peter 4: 1-19

1  Forasmuch then3767 as Christ5547 hath suffered3958 for5228 us2257 in the flesh,4561 arm3695 yourselves5210 likewise2532 with the3588 same846 mind:1771 for3754 he that hath suffered3958 in1722 the flesh4561 hath ceased3973 from sin;266

2  That he no longer3371 should live980 the3588 rest1954 of his time5550 in1722 the flesh4561 to the lusts1939 of men,444 but235 to the will2307 of God.2316

3  For1063 the time5550 past3928 of our life979 may suffice713 us2254 to have wrought2716 the3588 will2307 of the3588 Gentiles,1484 when we walked4198 in1722 lasciviousness,766 lusts,1939 excess of wine,3632 revellings,2970 banquetings,4224 and2532 abominable111 idolatries:1495

4  Wherein1722 3739 they think it strange3579 that ye5216 run not with4936 3361 them to1519 the3588 same846 excess401 of riot,810 speaking evil of987 you:

5  Who3739 shall give591 account3056 to him that is2192 ready2093 to judge2919 the quick2198 and2532 the dead.3498

6  For1063 for1519 this cause5124 was the gospel preached2097 also2532 to them that are dead,3498 that2443 they might be judged2919 3303 according2596 to men444 in the flesh,4561 but1161 live2198 according2596 to God2316 in the spirit.4151

7  But1161 the3588 end5056 of all things3956 is at hand:1448 be ye therefore sober,4993 3767 and2532 watch3525 unto1519 prayer.4335

8  And1161 above4253 all things3956 have2192 fervent1618 charity26 among1519 yourselves:1438 for3754 charity26 shall cover2572 the multitude4128 of sins.266

9  Use hospitality5382 one to another240 1519 without427 grudging.1112

10  As2531 every man1538 hath received2983 the gift,5486 even so minister1247 the same846 one to another,1519 1438 as5613 good2570 stewards3623 of the manifold4164 grace5485 of God.2316

11  If any man1536 speak,2980 let him speak as5613 the oracles3051 of God;2316 if any man1536 minister,1247 let him do it as5613 of1537 the ability2479 which3739 God2316 giveth:5524 that2443 God2316 in1722 all things3956 may be glorified1392 through1223 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 to whom3739 be2076 praise1391 and2532 dominion2904 forever and ever.1519 165 165 Amen.281

12  Beloved,27 think it not strange3579 3361 concerning the3588 fiery trial4451 which1722 5213 is1096 to try4314 3986 you,5213 as5613 though some strange thing3581 happened4819 unto you:5213

13  But235 rejoice,5463 inasmuch as2526 ye are partakers2841 of Christ's5547 sufferings;3804 that,2443 when1722 his846 glory1391 shall be revealed,602 ye may be glad5463 also2532 with exceeding joy.21

14  If1487 ye be reproached3679 for1722 the name3686 of Christ,5547 happy3107 are ye; for3754 the3588 Spirit4151 of glory1391 and2532 of God2316 resteth373 upon1909 you:5209 on their part2596 846 he3303 is evil spoken of,987 but1161 on your part2596 5209 he is glorified.1392

15  But1063 let none5100 3361 of you5216 suffer3958 as5613 a murderer,5406 or2228 as a thief,2812 or2228 as an evildoer,2555 or2228 as5613 a busybody in other men's matters.244

16  Yet1161 if1487 any man suffer as5613 a Christian,5546 let him not3361 be ashamed;153 but1161 let him glorify1392 God2316 on1722 this5129 behalf.3313

17  For3754 the3588 time2540 is come that judgment2917 must begin756 at575 the3588 house3624 of God:2316 and1161 if1487 it first4412 begin at575 us,2257 what5101 shall the3588 end5056 be of them that obey not544 the3588 gospel2098 of God?2316

18  And2532 if1487 the3588 righteous1342 scarcely3433 be saved,4982 where4226 shall the3588 ungodly765 and2532 the sinner268 appear?5316

19  Wherefore5620 let2532 them that suffer3958 according2596 to the3588 will2307 of God2316 commit the keeping of3908 their1438 souls5590 to him in1722 well doing,16 as5613 unto a faithful4103 Creator.2939

1 Peter 5: 1-14

1  The elders4245 which3588 are among1722 you5213 I exhort,3870 who am also an elder,4850 and2532 a witness3144 of the3588 sufferings3804 of Christ,5547 and2532 also a partaker2844 of the glory1391 that shall3195 be revealed:601

2  Feed4165 the3588 flock4168 of God2316 which is among1722 you,5213 taking the oversight1983 thereof, not3361 by constraint,317 but235 willingly;1596 not3366 for filthy lucre,147 but235 of a ready mind;4290

3  Neither3366 as5613 being lords over2634 God's heritage,2819 but235 being1096 examples5179 to the3588 flock.4168

4  And2532 when the3588 chief Shepherd750 shall appear,5319 ye shall receive2865 a crown4735 of glory1391 that fadeth not away.262

5  Likewise,3668 ye younger,3501 submit yourselves5293 unto the elder.4245 Yea,1161 all3956 of you be subject5293 one to another,240 and2532 be clothed with1463 humility:5012 for3754 God2316 resisteth498 the proud,5244 and1161 giveth1325 grace5485 to the humble.5011

6  Humble yourselves5013 therefore3767 under5259 the3588 mighty2900 hand5495 of God,2316 that2443 he may exalt5312 you5209 in1722 due time:2540

7  Casting1977 all3956 your5216 care3308 upon1909 him;846 for3754 he846 careth3199 for4012 you.5216

8  Be sober,3525 be vigilant;1127 because3754 your5216 adversary476 the devil,1228 as5613 a roaring5612 lion,3023 walketh about,4043 seeking2212 whom5101 he may devour:2666

9  Whom3739 resist436 steadfast4731 in the3588 faith,4102 knowing1492 that the3588 same846 afflictions3804 are accomplished2005 in your5216 brethren81 that are in1722 the world.2889

10  But1161 the3588 God2316 of all3956 grace,5485 who hath called2564 us2248 unto1519 his848 eternal166 glory1391 by1722 Christ5547 Jesus,2424 after that ye have suffered3958 a while,3641 make you perfect,2675 5209 establish,4741 strengthen,4599 settle2311 you.

11  To him846 be glory1391 and2532 dominion2904 forever and ever.1519 165 165 Amen.281

12  By1223 Silvanus,4610 a faithful4103 brother80 unto you,5213 as5613 I suppose,3049 I have written1125 briefly,1223 3641 exhorting,3870 and2532 testifying1957 that this5026 is1511 the true227 grace5485 of God2316 wherein1519 3739 ye stand.2476

13  The3588 church that is at1722 Babylon,897 elected together with4899 you, saluteth782 you;5209 and2532 so doth Mark3138 my3450 son.5207

14  Greet782 ye one another240 with1722 a kiss5370 of charity.26 Peace1515 be with you5213 all3956 that3588 are in1722 Christ5547 Jesus.2424 Amen.281


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