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Ruth 1: 1-22

1  Now it came to pass1961 in the days3117 when the judges8199 ruled,8199 that there was1961 a famine7458 in the land.776 And a certain man376 of Bethlehem-judah4480 1035 3063 went1980 to sojourn1481 in the country7704 of Moab,4124 he,1931 and his wife,802 and his two8147 sons.1121

2  And the name8034 of the man376 was Elimelech,458 and the name8034 of his wife802 Naomi,5281 and the name8034 of his two8147 sons1121 Mahlon4248 and Chilion,3630 Ephrathites673 of Bethlehem-judah.4480 1035 3063 And they came935 into the country7704 of Moab,4124 and continued1961 there.8033

3  And Elimelech458 Naomi's5281 husband376 died;4191 and she1931 was left,7604 and her two8147 sons.1121

4  And they took5375 them wives802 of the women of Moab;4125 the name8034 of the one259 was Orpah,6204 and the name8034 of the other8145 Ruth:7327 and they dwelled3427 there8033 about ten6235 years.8141

5  And Mahlon4248 and Chilion3630 died4191 also1571 both8147 of them; and the woman802 was left7604 of her two sons4480 8147 3206 and her husband.4480 376

6  Then she1931 arose6965 with her daughters-in-law,3618 that she might return7725 from the country4480 7704 of Moab:4124 for3588 she had heard8085 in the country7704 of Moab4124 how that3588 the LORD3068 had visited6485 853 his people5971 in giving5414 them bread.3899

7  Wherefore she went forth3318 out of4480 the place4725 where834 8033 she was,1961 and her two8147 daughters-in-law3618 with her;5973 and they went1980 on the way1870 to return7725 unto413 the land776 of Judah.3063

8  And Naomi5281 said559 unto her two8147 daughters-in-law,3618 Go,1980 return7725 each802 to her mother's517 house:1004 the LORD3068 deal6213 kindly2617 with5973 you, as834 ye have dealt6213 with5973 the dead,4191 and with5973 me.

9  The LORD3068 grant5414 you that ye may find4672 rest,4496 each802 of you in the house1004 of her husband.376 Then she kissed5401 them; and they lifted up5375 their voice,6963 and wept.1058

10  And they said559 unto her, Surely3588 we will return7725 with854 thee unto thy people.5971

11  And Naomi5281 said,559 Turn again,7725 my daughters:1323 why4100 will ye go1980 with5973 me? are there yet5750 any more sons1121 in my womb,4578 that they may be1961 your husbands?376

12  Turn again,7725 my daughters,1323 go1980 your way; for3588 I am too old2204 to have4480 1961 a husband.376 If3588 I should say,559 I have3426 hope,8615 if I should have1961 a husband376 also1571 tonight,3915 and should also1571 bear3205 sons;1121

13  Would ye tarry7663 for them2004 till5704 834 they were grown?1431 would ye stay5702 for them2004 from having1961 husbands?376 nay,408 my daughters;1323 for3588 it grieveth4843 me much3966 for4480 your sakes that3588 the hand3027 of the LORD3068 is gone out3318 against me.

14  And they lifted up5375 their voice,6963 and wept1058 again:5750 and Orpah6204 kissed5401 her mother-in-law;2545 but Ruth7327 cleaved1692 unto her.

15  And she said,559 Behold,2009 thy sister-in-law2994 is gone back7725 unto413 her people,5971 and unto413 her gods:430 return7725 thou after310 thy sister-in-law.2994

16  And Ruth7327 said,559 Entreat6293 me not408 to leave5800 thee, or to return7725 from following after4480 310 thee: for3588 whither413 834 thou goest,1980 I will go;1980 and where834 thou lodgest,3885 I will lodge:3885 thy people5971 shall be my people,5971 and thy God430 my God:430

17  Where834 thou diest,4191 will I die,4191 and there8033 will I be buried:6912 the LORD3068 do6213 so3541 to me, and more3254 also,3541 if aught but3588 death4194 part6504 thee996 and me.996

18  When she saw7200 that3588 she1931 was steadfastly minded553 to go1980 with854 her, then she left2308 speaking1696 unto413 her.

19  So they two8147 went1980 until5704 they came935 to Bethlehem.1035 And it came to pass,1961 when they were come935 to Bethlehem,1035 that all3605 the city5892 was moved1949 about5921 them, and they said,559 Is this2063 Naomi?5281

20  And she said559 unto413 them, Call7121 me not408 Naomi,5281 call7121 me Mara:4755 for3588 the Almighty7706 hath dealt very bitterly3966 4843 with me.

21  I589 went out1980 full,4392 and the LORD3068 hath brought me home again7725 empty:7387 why4100 then call7121 ye me Naomi,5281 seeing the LORD3068 hath testified6030 against me, and the Almighty7706 hath afflicted7489 me?

22  So Naomi5281 returned,7725 and Ruth7327 the Moabitess,4125 her daughter-in-law,3618 with her,5973 which returned7725 out of the country4480 7704 of Moab:4124 and they1992 came935 to Bethlehem1035 in the beginning8462 of barley8184 harvest.7105

Ruth 2: 1-23

1  And Naomi5281 had a kinsman4129 of her husband's,376 a mighty1368 man376 of wealth,2428 of the family4480 4940 of Elimelech;458 and his name8034 was Boaz.1162

2  And Ruth7327 the Moabitess4125 said559 unto413 Naomi,5281 Let me now4994 go1980 to the field,7704 and glean3950 ears of corn7641 after310 834 him in whose sight5869 I shall find4672 grace.2580 And she said559 unto her, Go,1980 my daughter.1323

3  And she went,1980 and came,935 and gleaned3950 in the field7704 after310 the reapers:7114 and her hap4745 was to light7136 on a part2513 of the field7704 belonging unto Boaz,1162 who834 was of the kindred4480 4940 of Elimelech.458

4  And, behold,2009 Boaz1162 came935 from Bethlehem,4480 1035 and said559 unto the reapers,7114 The LORD3068 be with5973 you. And they answered559 him, The LORD3068 bless1288 thee.

5  Then said559 Boaz1162 unto his servant5288 that was set5324 over5921 the reapers,7114 Whose4310 damsel5291 is this?2063

6  And the servant5288 that was set5324 over5921 the reapers7114 answered6030 and said,559 It1931 is the Moabitish4125 damsel5291 that came back7725 with5973 Naomi5281 out of the country4480 7704 of Moab:4124

7  And she said,559 I pray4994 you, let me glean3950 and gather622 after310 the reapers7114 among the sheaves:6016 so she came,935 and hath continued5975 even from4480 227 the morning1242 until5704 now,6258 that2088 she tarried3427 a little4592 in the house.1004

8  Then said559 Boaz1162 unto413 Ruth,7327 Hearest8085 thou not,3808 my daughter?1323 Go1980 not408 to glean3950 in another312 field,7704 neither1571 3808 go5674 from hence,4480 2088 but3541 abide1692 here fast by5973 my maidens:5291

9  Let thine eyes5869 be on the field7704 that834 they do reap,7114 and go1980 thou after310 them: have I not3808 charged6680 853 the young men5288 that they shall not1115 touch5060 thee? and when thou art athirst,6770 go1980 unto413 the vessels,3627 and drink8354 of that which4480 834 the young men5288 have drawn.7579

10  Then she fell5307 on5921 her face,6440 and bowed herself7812 to the ground,776 and said559 unto413 him, Why4069 have I found4672 grace2580 in thine eyes,5869 that thou shouldest take knowledge5234 of me, seeing I595 am a stranger?5237

11  And Boaz1162 answered6030 and said559 unto her, It hath fully5046 been showed5046 me, all3605 that834 thou hast done6213 unto 853 thy mother-in-law2545 since310 the death4194 of thine husband:376 and how thou hast left5800 thy father1 and thy mother,517 and the land776 of thy nativity,4138 and art come1980 unto413 a people5971 which834 thou knewest3045 not3808 heretofore.8032 8543

12  The LORD3068 recompense7999 thy work,6467 and a full8003 reward4909 be given1961 thee of4480 5973 the LORD3068 God430 of Israel,3478 under8478 whose834 wings3671 thou art come935 to trust.2620

13  Then she said,559 Let me find4672 favor2580 in thy sight,5869 my lord;113 for3588 that thou hast comforted5162 me, and for that3588 thou hast spoken1696 friendly5921 3820 unto thine handmaid,8198 though I595 be1961 not3808 like unto one259 of thine handmaidens.8198

14  And Boaz1162 said559 unto her, At mealtime6256 400 come5066 thou hither,1988 and eat398 of4480 the bread,3899 and dip2881 thy morsel6595 in the vinegar.2558 And she sat3427 beside4480 6654 the reapers:7114 and he reached6642 her parched7039 corn, and she did eat,398 and was sufficed,7646 and left.3498

15  And when she was risen up6965 to glean,3950 Boaz1162 commanded6680 853 his young men,5288 saying,559 Let her glean3950 even1571 among996 the sheaves,6016 and reproach3637 her not:3808

16  And let fall7997 also1571 some of4480 the handfuls6653 of purpose7997 for her, and leave5800 them, that she may glean3950 them, and rebuke1605 her not.3808

17  So she gleaned3950 in the field7704 until5704 even,6153 and beat out2251 853 that834 she had gleaned:3950 and it was1961 about an ephah374 of barley.8184

18  And she took it up,5375 and went935 into the city:5892 and her mother-in-law2545 saw7200 853 what834 she had gleaned:3950 and she brought forth,3318 and gave5414 to her 853 that834 she had reserved3498 after she was sufficed.4480 7648

19  And her mother-in-law2545 said559 unto her, Where375 hast thou gleaned3950 today?3117 and where375 wroughtest6213 thou? blessed1288 be1961 he that did take knowledge5234 of thee. And she showed5046 her mother-in-law2545 853 with5973 whom834 she had wrought,6213 and said,559 The man's376 name8034 with5973 whom834 I wrought6213 today3117 is Boaz.1162

20  And Naomi5281 said559 unto her daughter-in-law,3618 Blessed1288 be he1931 of the LORD,3068 who834 hath not3808 left off5800 his kindness2617 to854 the living2416 and to854 the dead.4191 And Naomi5281 said559 unto her, The man376 is near of kin7138 unto us, one1931 of our next kinsmen.4480 1350

21  And Ruth7327 the Moabitess4125 said,559 He said559 unto413 me also,1571 Thou shalt keep fast1692 by5973 my834 young men,5288 until5704 518 they have ended3615 853 all3605 my834 harvest.7105

22  And Naomi5281 said559 unto413 Ruth7327 her daughter-in-law,3618 It is good,2896 my daughter,1323 that3588 thou go out3318 with5973 his maidens,5291 that they meet6293 thee not3808 in any other312 field.7704

23  So she kept fast1692 by the maidens5291 of Boaz1162 to glean3950 unto5704 the end3615 of barley8184 harvest7105 and of wheat2406 harvest;7105 and dwelt3427 with854 her mother-in-law.2545

Ruth 3: 1-18

1  Then Naomi5281 her mother-in-law2545 said559 unto her, My daughter,1323 shall I not3808 seek1245 rest4494 for thee, that834 it may be well3190 with thee?

2  And now6258 is not3808 Boaz1162 of our kindred,4130 with854 whose834 maidens5291 thou wast?1961 Behold,2009 he1931 winnoweth2219 barley8184 tonight3915 in 853 the threshingfloor.1637

3  Wash7364 thyself therefore, and anoint5480 thee, and put7760 thy raiment8071 upon5921 thee, and get thee down3381 to the floor:1637 but make not thyself known3045 408 unto the man,376 until5704 he shall have done3615 eating398 and drinking.8354

4  And it shall be,1961 when he lieth down,7901 that thou shalt mark3045 853 the place4725 where834 8033 he shall lie,7901 and thou shalt go in,935 and uncover1540 his feet,4772 and lay thee down;7901 and he1931 will tell5046 thee 853 what834 thou shalt do.6213

5  And she said559 unto413 her, All3605 that834 thou sayest559 unto413 me I will do.6213

6  And she went down3381 unto the floor,1637 and did6213 according to all3605 that834 her mother-in-law2545 bade6680 her.

7  And when Boaz1162 had eaten398 and drunk,8354 and his heart3820 was merry,3190 he went935 to lie down7901 at the end7097 of the heap of corn:6194 and she came935 softly,3909 and uncovered1540 his feet,4772 and laid her down.7901

8  And it came to pass1961 at midnight,2677 3915 that the man376 was afraid,2729 and turned himself:3943 and, behold,2009 a woman802 lay7901 at his feet.4772

9  And he said,559 Who4310 art thou?859 And she answered,559 I595 am Ruth7327 thine handmaid:519 spread6566 therefore thy skirt3671 over5921 thine handmaid;519 for3588 thou859 art a near kinsman.1350

10  And he said,559 Blessed1288 be thou859 of the LORD,3068 my daughter:1323 for thou hast showed more3190 kindness2617 in the latter end314 than4480 at the beginning,7223 inasmuch as thou followedst1980 310 not1115 young men,970 whether518 poor1800 or518 rich.6223

11  And now,6258 my daughter,1323 fear3372 not;408 I will do6213 to thee all3605 that834 thou requirest:559 for3588 all3605 the city8179 of my people5971 doth know3045 that3588 thou art a virtuous2428 woman.802

12  And now6258 3588 it is true551 that3588 518 I595 am thy near kinsman:1350 howbeit1571 there is3426 a kinsman1350 nearer7138 than4480 I.

13  Tarry3885 this night,3915 and it shall be1961 in the morning,1242 that if518 he will perform unto thee the part of a kinsman,1350 well;2896 let him do the kinsman's part:1350 but if518 he will2654 not3808 do the part of a kinsman1350 to thee, then will I595 do the part of a kinsman1350 to thee, as the LORD3068 liveth:2416 lie down7901 until5704 the morning.1242

14  And she lay7901 at his feet4772 until5704 the morning:1242 and she rose up6965 before2958 one376 could know5234 853 another.7453 And he said,559 Let it not408 be known3045 that3588 a woman802 came935 into the floor.1637

15  Also he said,559 Bring3051 the veil4304 that834 thou hast upon5921 thee, and hold270 it. And when she held270 it, he measured4058 six8337 measures of barley,8184 and laid7896 it on5921 her: and she went into935 the city.5892

16  And when she came935 to413 her mother-in-law,2545 she said,559 Who4310 art thou,859 my daughter?1323 And she told5046 her 853 all3605 that834 the man376 had done6213 to her.

17  And she said,559 These428 six8337 measures of barley8184 gave5414 he me; for3588 he said559 to413 me, Go935 not408 empty7387 unto413 thy mother-in-law.2545

18  Then said559 she, Sit still,3427 my daughter,1323 until5704 834 thou know3045 how349 the matter1697 will fall:5307 for3588 the man376 will not3808 be in rest,8252 until3588 518 he have finished3615 the thing1697 this day.3117

Ruth 4: 1-22

1  Then went Boaz up5927 1162 to the gate,8179 and sat him down3427 there:8033 and, behold,2009 the kinsman1350 of whom Boaz1162 spoke1696 came by;5674 unto whom834 he said,559 Ho, such6423 a one!492 turn aside,5493 sit down3427 here.6311 And he turned aside,5493 and sat down.3427

2  And he took3947 ten6235 men376 of the elders4480 2205 of the city,5892 and said,559 Sit ye down3427 here.6311 And they sat down.3427

3  And he said559 unto the kinsman,1350 Naomi,5281 that is come again7725 out of the country4480 7704 of Moab,4124 selleth4376 a parcel2513 of land,7704 which834 was our brother251 Elimelech's:458

4  And I589 thought559 to advertise1540 241 thee, saying,559 Buy7069 it before5048 the inhabitants,3427 and before5048 the elders2205 of my people.5971 If518 thou wilt redeem1350 it, redeem1350 it: but if518 thou wilt not3808 redeem1350 it, then tell5046 me, that I may know:3045 for3588 there is none369 to redeem1350 it beside2108 thee; and I595 am after310 thee. And he said,559 I595 will redeem1350 it.

5  Then said559 Boaz,1162 What day3117 thou buyest7069 the field7704 of the hand4480 3027 of Naomi,5281 thou must buy7069 it also of4480 854 Ruth7327 the Moabitess,4125 the wife802 of the dead,4191 to raise up6965 the name8034 of the dead4191 upon5921 his inheritance.5159

6  And the kinsman1350 said,559 I cannot3808 3201 redeem1350 it for myself, lest6435 I mar7843 853 mine own inheritance:5159 redeem1350 thou859 853 my right1353 to thyself; for3588 I cannot3808 3201 redeem1350 it.

7  Now this2063 was the manner in former time6440 in Israel3478 concerning5921 redeeming1353 and concerning5921 changing,8545 for to confirm6965 all3605 things;1697 a man376 plucked off8025 his shoe,5275 and gave5414 it to his neighbor:7453 and this2063 was a testimony8584 in Israel.3478

8  Therefore the kinsman1350 said559 unto Boaz,1162 Buy7069 it for thee. So he drew off8025 his shoe.5275

9  And Boaz1162 said559 unto the elders,2205 and unto all3605 the people,5971 Ye859 are witnesses5707 this day,3117 that3588 I have bought7069 853 all3605 that834 was Elimelech's,458 and all3605 that834 was Chilion's3630 and Mahlon's,4248 of the hand4480 3027 of Naomi.5281

10  Moreover1571 853 Ruth7327 the Moabitess,4125 the wife802 of Mahlon,4248 have I purchased7069 to be my wife,802 to raise up6965 the name8034 of the dead4191 upon5921 his inheritance,5159 that the name8034 of the dead4191 be not3808 cut off3772 from among4480 5973 his brethren,251 and from the gate4480 8179 of his place:4725 ye859 are witnesses5707 this day.3117

11  And all3605 the people5971 that834 were in the gate,8179 and the elders,2205 said,559 We are witnesses.5707 The LORD3068 make5414 853 the woman802 that is come935 into413 thine house1004 like Rachel7354 and like Leah,3812 which834 two8147 did build1129 853 the house1004 of Israel:3478 and do6213 thou worthily2428 in Ephratah,672 and be famous7121 8034 in Bethlehem:1035

12  And let thy house1004 be1961 like the house1004 of Pharez,6557 whom834 Tamar8559 bore3205 unto Judah,3063 of4480 the seed2233 which834 the LORD3068 shall give5414 thee of4480 this2063 young woman.5291

13  So Boaz1162 took3947 853 Ruth,7327 and she was1961 his wife:802 and when he went935 in unto413 her, the LORD3068 gave5414 her conception,2032 and she bore3205 a son.1121

14  And the women802 said559 unto413 Naomi,5281 Blessed1288 be the LORD,3068 which834 hath not3808 left7673 thee this day3117 without a kinsman,1350 that his name8034 may be famous7121 in Israel.3478

15  And he shall be1961 unto thee a restorer7725 of thy life,5315 and a nourisher3557 of 853 thine old age:7872 for3588 thy daughter-in-law,3618 which834 loveth157 thee, which834 is better2896 to thee than seven4480 7651 sons,1121 hath born3205 him.

16  And Naomi5281 took3947 853 the child,3206 and laid7896 it in her bosom,2436 and became1961 nurse539 unto it.

17  And the women her neighbors7934 gave7121 it a name,8034 saying,559 There is a son1121 born3205 to Naomi;5281 and they called7121 his name8034 Obed:5744 he1931 is the father1 of Jesse,3448 the father1 of David.1732

18  Now these428 are the generations8435 of Pharez:6557 Pharez6557 begot3205 853 Hezron,2696

19  And Hezron2696 begot3205 853 Ram,7410 and Ram7410 853 begot3205 Amminadab,5992

20  And Amminadab5992 begot3205 853 Nahshon,5177 and Nahshon5177 begot3205 853 Salmon,8009

21  And Salmon8012 begot3205 853 Boaz,1162 and Boaz1162 begot3205 853 Obed,5744

22  And Obed5744 begot3205 853 Jesse,3448 and Jesse3448 begot3205 853 David.1732


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