King James Version 1611 - 1769





Ephesians 1: 1-23

1  Paul,3972 an apostle652 of Jesus2424 Christ5547 by1223 the will2307 of God,2316 to the3588 saints40 which are5607 at1722 Ephesus,2181 and2532 to the faithful4103 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus:2424

2  Grace5485 be to you,5213 and2532 peace,1515 from575 God2316 our2257 Father,3962 and2532 from the Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ.5547

3  Blessed2128 be the3588 God2316 and2532 Father3962 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 who hath blessed2127 us2248 with1722 all3956 spiritual4152 blessings2129 in1722 heavenly2032 places in1722 Christ:5547

4  According as2531 he hath chosen1586 us2248 in1722 him846 before4253 the foundation2602 of the world,2889 that we2248 should be1511 holy40 and2532 without blame299 before2714 him846 in1722 love:26

5  Having predestinated4309 us2248 unto1519 the adoption of children5206 by1223 Jesus2424 Christ5547 to1519 himself,848 according2596 to the3588 good pleasure2107 of his848 will,2307

6  To1519 the praise1868 of the glory1391 of his848 grace,5485 wherein1722 3739 he hath made us accepted5487 2248 in1722 the3588 beloved.25

7  In1722 whom3739 we have2192 redemption629 through1223 his846 blood,129 the3588 forgiveness859 of sins,3900 according2596 to the3588 riches4149 of his846 grace;5485

8  Wherein3739 he hath abounded4052 toward1519 us2248 in1722 all3956 wisdom4678 and2532 prudence;5428

9  Having made known1107 unto us2254 the3588 mystery3466 of his848 will,2307 according2596 to his848 good pleasure2107 which3739 he hath purposed4388 in1722 himself:848

10  That in1519 the dispensation3622 of the3588 fullness4138 of times2540 he might gather together in one346 all things3956 in1722 Christ,5547 both5037 which3588 are in1722 heaven,3772 and2532 which3588 are on1909 earth;1093 even in1722 him:846

11  In1722 whom3739 also2532 we have obtained an inheritance,2820 being predestinated4309 according2596 to the purpose4286 of him who worketh1754 all things3956 after2596 the3588 counsel1012 of his own848 will:2307

12  That we2248 should be1511 to1519 the praise1868 of his846 glory,1391 who first trusted4276 in1722 Christ.5547

13  In1722 whom3739 ye5210 also2532 trusted, after that ye heard191 the3588 word3056 of truth,225 the3588 gospel2098 of your5216 salvation:4991 in1722 whom3739 also2532 after that ye believed,4100 ye were sealed4972 with that Holy40 Spirit4151 of promise,1860

14  Which3739 is2076 the earnest728 of our2257 inheritance2817 until1519 the redemption629 of the3588 purchased possession,4047 unto1519 the praise1868 of his846 glory.1391

15  Wherefore1223 5124 I also,2504 after I heard191 of2596 your5209 faith4102 in1722 the3588 Lord2962 Jesus,2424 and2532 love26 unto1519 all3956 the3588 saints,40

16  Cease3973 not3756 to give thanks2168 for5228 you,5216 making4160 mention3417 of you5216 in1909 my3450 prayers,4335

17  That2443 the3588 God2316 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 the3588 Father3962 of glory,1391 may give1325 unto you5213 the spirit4151 of wisdom4678 and2532 revelation602 in1722 the knowledge1922 of him:848

18  The3588 eyes3788 of your5216 understanding1271 being enlightened;5461 that ye5209 may know1492 what5101 is2076 the3588 hope1680 of his846 calling,2821 and2532 what5101 the3588 riches4149 of the3588 glory1391 of his846 inheritance2817 in1722 the3588 saints,40

19  And2532 what5101 is the3588 exceeding5235 greatness3174 of his846 power1411 to1519 us-ward2248 who believe,4100 according2596 to the3588 working1753 of his846 mighty power,2904 2479

20  Which3739 he wrought1754 in1722 Christ,5547 when he raised1453 him846 from1537 the dead,3498 and2532 set2523 him at1722 his own848 right hand1188 in1722 the3588 heavenly2032 places,

21  Far above5231 all3956 principality,746 and2532 power,1849 and2532 might,1411 and2532 dominion,2963 and2532 every3956 name3686 that is named,3687 not3756 only3440 in1722 this5129 world,165 but235 also2532 in1722 that which is to come:3195

22  And2532 hath put5293 all3956 things under5259 his846 feet,4228 and2532 gave1325 him846 to be the head2776 over5228 all3956 things to the3588 church,1577

23  Which3748 is2076 his846 body,4983 the3588 fullness4138 of him that filleth4137 all3956 in1722 all.3956

Ephesians 2: 1-22

1  And2532 you5209 hath he quickened, who were5607 dead3498 in trespasses3900 and2532 sins266

2  Wherein1722 3739 in time past4218 ye walked4043 according2596 to the3588 course165 of this5127 world,2889 according2596 to the3588 prince758 of the3588 power1849 of the3588 air,109 the3588 spirit4151 that now worketh1754 3568 in1722 the3588 children5207 of disobedience:543

3  Among1722 whom3739 also2532 we2249 all3956 had our conversation390 in times past4218 in1722 the3588 lusts1939 of our2257 flesh,4561 fulfilling4160 the3588 desires2307 of the3588 flesh4561 and2532 of the3588 mind;1271 and2532 were2258 by nature5449 the children5043 of wrath,3709 even2532 as5613 others.3062

4  But1161 God,2316 who is5607 rich4145 in1722 mercy,1656 for1223 his848 great4183 love26 wherewith3739 he loved25 us,2248

5  Even2532 when we2248 were5607 dead3498 in sins,3900 hath quickened us together4806 with Christ, by5547 (grace5485 ye are2075 saved;)4982

6  And2532 hath raised us up together,4891 and2532 made us sit together4776 in1722 heavenly2032 places in1722 Christ5547 Jesus:2424

7  That2443 in1722 the3588 ages165 to come1904 he might show1731 the3588 exceeding5235 riches4149 of his848 grace5485 in1722 his kindness5544 toward1909 us2248 through1722 Christ5547 Jesus.2424

8  For1063 by grace5485 are2075 ye saved4982 through1223 faith;4102 and2532 that5124 not3756 of1537 yourselves:5216 it is the3588 gift1435 of God:2316

9  Not3756 of1537 works,2041 lest3363 any man5100 should boast.2744

10  For1063 we are2070 his846 workmanship,4161 created2936 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 unto1909 good18 works,2041 which3739 God2316 hath before ordained4282 that2443 we should walk4043 in1722 them.846

11  Wherefore1352 remember,3421 that3754 ye5210 being in time past4218 Gentiles1484 in1722 the flesh,4561 who3588 are called3004 Uncircumcision203 by5259 that which is called3004 the Circumcision4061 in1722 the flesh4561 made by hands;5499

12  That3754 at1722 that1565 time2540 ye were2258 without5565 Christ,5547 being aliens526 from the3588 commonwealth4174 of Israel,2474 and2532 strangers3581 from the3588 covenants1242 of promise,1860 having2192 no3361 hope,1680 and2532 without God112 in1722 the3588 world:2889

13  But1161 now3570 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 ye5210 who sometimes were5607 4218 far off3112 are made1096 nigh1451 by1722 the3588 blood129 of Christ.5547

14  For1063 he846 is2076 our2257 peace,1515 who hath made4160 both297 one,1520 and2532 hath broken down3089 the3588 middle wall3320 of partition5418 between us;

15  Having abolished2673 in1722 his848 flesh4561 the3588 enmity,2189 even the3588 law3551 of commandments1785 contained in1722 ordinances;1378 for to2243 make2936 in1722 himself1438 of twain1417 1519 one1520 new2537 man,444 so making4160 peace;1515

16  And2532 that he might reconcile604 both297 unto God2316 in1722 one1520 body4983 by1223 the3588 cross,4716 having slain615 the3588 enmity2189 thereby:1722 846

17  And2532 came2064 and preached2097 peace1515 to you5213 which were afar off,3112 and2532 to them that were nigh.1451

18  For3754 through1223 him846 we both297 have2192 access4318 by1722 one1520 Spirit4151 unto4314 the3588 Father.3962

19  Now686 therefore3767 ye are2075 no more3765 strangers3581 and2532 foreigners,3941 but235 fellow citizens4847 with the3588 saints,40 and2532 of the household3609 of God;2316

20  And are built2026 upon1909 the3588 foundation2310 of the3588 apostles652 and2532 prophets,4396 Jesus2424 Christ5547 himself846 being5607 the chief corner204 stone;

21  In1722 whom3739 all3956 the3588 building3619 fitly framed together4883 groweth837 unto1519 a holy40 temple3485 in1722 the Lord:2962

22  In1722 whom3739 ye5210 also2532 are builded together4925 for1519 a habitation2732 of God2316 through1722 the Spirit.4151

Ephesians 3: 1-21

1  For this cause5484 5127 I1473 Paul,3972 the3588 prisoner1198 of Jesus2424 Christ5547 for5228 you5216 Gentiles,1484

2  If1489 ye have heard191 of the3588 dispensation3622 of the3588 grace5485 of God2316 which is given1325 me3427 to1519 you-ward:5209

3  How that3754 by2596 revelation602 he made known1107 unto me3427 the3588 mystery;3466 (as2531 I wrote afore4270 in1722 few words,3641

4  Whereby,4314 3739 when ye read,314 ye may1410 understand3539 my3450 knowledge4907 in1722 the3588 mystery3466 of Christ)5547

5  Which3739 in1722 other2087 ages1074 was not3756 made known1107 unto the3588 sons5207 of men,444 as5613 it is now3568 revealed601 unto his846 holy40 apostles652 and2532 prophets4396 by1722 the Spirit;4151

6  That the3588 Gentiles1484 should be1511 fellow heirs,4789 and2532 of the same body,4954 and2532 partakers4830 of his846 promise1860 in1722 Christ5547 by1223 the3588 gospel:2098

7  Whereof3739 I was made1096 a minister,1249 according2596 to the3588 gift1431 of the3588 grace5485 of God2316 given1325 unto me3427 by2596 the3588 effectual working1753 of his846 power.1411

8  Unto me,1698 who am less than the least1647 of all3956 saints,40 is this3778 grace5485 given,1325 that I should preach2097 among1722 the3588 Gentiles1484 the3588 unsearchable421 riches4149 of Christ;5547

9  And2532 to make all men see5461 3956 what5101 is the3588 fellowship2842 of the3588 mystery,3466 which from575 the3588 beginning of the world165 hath been hid613 in1722 God,2316 who created2936 all things3956 by1223 Jesus2424 Christ:5547

10  To the intent that2443 now3568 unto the3588 principalities746 and2532 powers1849 in1722 heavenly2032 places might be known1107 by1223 the3588 church1577 the3588 manifold4182 wisdom4678 of God,2316

11  According2596 to the3588 eternal165 purpose4286 which3739 he purposed4160 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 our2257 Lord:2962

12  In1722 whom3739 we have2192 boldness3954 and2532 access4318 with1722 confidence4006 by1223 the3588 faith4102 of him.846

13  Wherefore1352 I desire154 that ye faint1573 not3361 at1722 my3450 tribulations2347 for5228 you,5216 which3748 is2076 your5216 glory.1391

14  For this cause5484 5127 I bow2578 my3450 knees1119 unto4314 the3588 Father3962 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547

15  Of1537 whom3739 the whole3956 family3965 in1722 heaven3772 and2532 earth1093 is named,3687

16  That2443 he would grant1325 you,5213 according2596 to the3588 riches4149 of his848 glory,1391 to be strengthened2901 with might1411 by1223 his848 Spirit4151 in1519 the3588 inner2080 man;444

17  That Christ5547 may dwell2730 in1722 your5216 hearts2588 by1223 faith;4102 that2443 ye, being rooted4492 and2532 grounded2311 in1722 love,26

18  May be able1840 to comprehend2638 with4862 all3956 saints40 what5101 is the3588 breadth,4114 and2532 length,3372 and2532 depth,899 and2532 height;5311

19  And5037 to know1097 the3588 love26 of Christ,5547 which passeth5235 knowledge,1108 that2443 ye might be filled4137 with1519 all3956 the3588 fullness4138 of God.2316

20  Now1161 unto him that is able1410 to do4160 exceeding abundantly5228 1537 4053 above5228 all3956 that3739 we ask154 or2228 think,3539 according2596 to the3588 power1411 that worketh1754 in1722 us,2254

21  Unto him846 be glory1391 in1722 the3588 church1577 by1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 throughout1519 all3956 ages,1074 world without end.165 165 Amen.281

Ephesians 4: 1-32

1  I1473 therefore,3767 the3588 prisoner1198 of1722 the Lord,2962 beseech3870 you5209 that ye walk4043 worthy516 of the3588 vocation2821 wherewith3739 ye are called,2564

2  With3326 all3956 lowliness5012 and2532 meekness,4236 with3326 longsuffering,3115 forbearing430 one another240 in1722 love;26

3  Endeavoring4704 to keep5083 the3588 unity1775 of the3588 Spirit4151 in1722 the3588 bond4886 of peace.1515

4  There is one1520 body,4983 and2532 one1520 Spirit,4151 even as2531 ye are called2564 in1722 one3391 hope1680 of your5216 calling;2821

5  One1520 Lord,2962 one3391 faith,4102 one1520 baptism,908

6  One1520 God2316 and2532 Father3962 of all,3956 who3588 is above1909 all,3956 and2532 through1223 all,3956 and2532 in1722 you5213 all.3956

7  But1161 unto every1538 one1520 of us2257 is given1325 grace5485 according2596 to the3588 measure3358 of the3588 gift1431 of Christ.5547

8  Wherefore1352 he saith,3004 When he ascended up305 on1519 high,5311 he led captivity captive,162 161 and2532 gave1325 gifts1390 unto men.444

9  (Now1161 that3588 he ascended,305 what5101 is2076 it but1508 that3754 he also2532 descended2597 first4412 into1519 the3588 lower2737 parts3313 of the3588 earth?1093

10  He that descended2597 is2076 the same846 also2532 that ascended up305 far above5231 all3956 heavens,3772 that2443 he might fill4137 all things.)3956

11  And2532 he846 gave1325 some,3588 3303 apostles;652 and1161 some,3588 prophets;4396 and1161 some,3588 evangelists;2099 and1161 some,3588 pastors4166 and2532 teachers;1320

12  For4314 the3588 perfecting2677 of the3588 saints,40 for1519 the work2041 of the ministry,1248 for1519 the edifying3619 of the3588 body4983 of Christ:5547

13  Till3360 we all3956 come2658 in1519 the3588 unity1775 of the3588 faith,4102 and2532 of the3588 knowledge1922 of the3588 Son5207 of God,2316 unto1519 a perfect5046 man,435 unto1519 the measure3358 of the stature2244 of the3588 fullness4138 of Christ:5547

14  That2443 we henceforth be5600 no more3371 children,3516 tossed to and fro,2831 and2532 carried about4064 with every3956 wind417 of doctrine,1319 by1722 the3588 sleight2940 of men,444 and1722 cunning craftiness,3834 whereby4314 they lie in wait to deceive;3180 4106

15  But1161 speaking the truth226 in1722 love,26 may grow up837 into1519 him846 in all things,3956 which3739 is2076 the3588 head,2776 even Christ:5547

16  From1537 whom3739 the3588 whole3956 body4983 fitly joined together4883 and2532 compacted4822 by1223 that which every3956 joint860 supplieth,2024 according2596 to the effectual working1753 in1722 the measure3358 of every1538 1520 part,3313 maketh4160 increase838 of the3588 body4983 unto1519 the edifying3619 of itself1438 in1722 love.26

17  This5124 I say3004 therefore,3767 and2532 testify3143 in1722 the Lord,2962 that ye5209 henceforth walk not3371 4043 as2531 2532 other3062 Gentiles1484 walk,4043 in1722 the vanity3153 of their848 mind,3563

18  Having the3588 understanding1271 darkened,4654 being5607 alienated526 from the3588 life2222 of God2316 through1223 the3588 ignorance52 that is5607 in1722 them,846 because1223 of the3588 blindness4457 of their846 heart:2588

19  Who3748 being past feeling524 have given themselves over3860 1438 unto lasciviousness,766 to1519 work2039 all3956 uncleanness167 with1722 greediness.4124

20  But1161 ye5210 have not3756 so3779 learned3129 Christ;5547

21  If so be1489 that ye have heard191 him,846 and2532 have been taught1321 by1722 him,846 as2531 the truth225 is2076 in1722 Jesus:2424

22  That ye5209 put off659 concerning2596 the3588 former4387 conversation391 the3588 old3820 man,444 which is corrupt5351 according2596 to the3588 deceitful539 lusts;1939

23  And1161 be renewed365 in the3588 spirit4151 of your5216 mind;3563

24  And2532 that ye put on1746 the3588 new2537 man,444 which after2596 God2316 is created2936 in1722 righteousness1343 and2532 true225 holiness.3742

25  Wherefore1352 putting away659 lying,5579 speak2980 every man1538 truth225 with3326 his848 neighbor:4139 for3754 we are2070 members3196 one of another.240

26  Be ye angry,3710 and2532 sin264 not: let3361 not3361 the3588 sun2246 go down1931 upon1909 your5216 wrath:3950

27  Neither3383 give1325 place5117 to the3588 devil.1228

28  Let him that stole2813 steal2813 no more:3371 but1161 rather3123 let him labor,2872 working2038 with his hands5495 the thing which is good,18 that2443 he may have2192 to give3330 to him that needeth.2192 5532

29  Let no3361 3956 corrupt4550 communication3056 proceed1607 out of1537 your5216 mouth,4750 but235 that1536 which is good18 to4314 the3588 use5532 of edifying,3619 that2443 it may minister1325 grace5485 unto the3588 hearers.191

30  And2532 grieve3076 not3361 the3588 Holy40 Spirit4151 of God,2316 whereby1722 3739 ye are sealed4972 unto1519 the day2250 of redemption.629

31  Let all3956 bitterness,4088 and2532 wrath,2372 and2532 anger,3709 and2532 clamor,2906 and2532 evil speaking,988 be put away142 from575 you,5216 with4862 all3956 malice:2549

32  And1161 be1096 ye kind5543 one to another,240 1519 tenderhearted,2155 forgiving5483 one another,1438 even2532 as2531 God2316 for Christ's sake1722 5547 hath forgiven5483 you.5213

Ephesians 5: 1-33

1  Be1096 ye therefore3767 followers3402 of God2316 as5613 dear27 children:5043

2  And2532 walk4043 in1722 love,26 as2531 Christ5547 also2532 hath loved25 us,2248 and2532 hath given3860 himself1438 for5228 us2257 an offering4376 and2532 a sacrifice2378 to God2316 for1519 a sweetsmelling2175 savor.3744

3  But1161 fornication,4202 and2532 all3956 uncleanness,167 or2228 covetousness,4124 let it not be once named3366 3687 among1722 you,5213 as2531 becometh4241 saints;40

4  Neither2532 filthiness,151 nor2532 foolish talking,3473 nor2228 jesting,2160 which are not convenient:433 3756 but235 rather3123 giving of thanks.2169

5  For1063 this5124 ye know,2075 1097 that3754 no3756 whoremonger,4205 nor2228 unclean person,169 nor2228 covetous man,4123 who3739 is2076 an idolater,1496 hath2192 any3956 inheritance2817 in1722 the3588 kingdom932 of Christ5547 and2532 of God.2316

6  Let no man3367 deceive538 you5209 with vain2756 words:3056 for1063 because1223 of these things5023 cometh2064 the3588 wrath3709 of God2316 upon1909 the3588 children5207 of disobedience.543

7  Be1096 not3361 ye therefore3767 partakers4830 with them.846

8  For1063 ye were2258 sometimes4218 darkness,4655 but1161 now3568 are ye light5457 in1722 the Lord:2962 walk4043 as5613 children5043 of light:5457

9  (For1063 the3588 fruit2590 of the3588 Spirit4151 is in1722 all3956 goodness19 and2532 righteousness1343 and2532 truth;)225

10  Proving1381 what5101 is2076 acceptable2101 unto the3588 Lord.2962

11  And2532 have no fellowship4790 3361 with the3588 unfruitful175 works2041 of darkness,4655 but1161 rather3123 2532 reprove1651 them.

12  For1063 it is2076 a shame149 even2532 to speak3004 of those things which are done1096 of5259 them846 in secret.2931

13  But1161 all things3956 that are reproved1651 are made manifest5319 by5259 the3588 light:5457 for1063 whatsoever3956 doth make manifest5319 is2076 light.5457

14  Wherefore1352 he saith,3004 Awake1453 thou that sleepest,2518 and2532 arise450 from1537 the3588 dead,3498 and2532 Christ5547 shall give thee light.2017 4671

15  See991 then3767 that4459 ye walk4043 circumspectly,199 not3361 as5613 fools,781 but235 as5613 wise,4680

16  Redeeming1805 the3588 time,2540 because3754 the3588 days2250 are1526 evil.4190

17  Wherefore1223 5124 be1096 ye not3361 unwise,878 but235 understanding4920 what5101 the3588 will2307 of the3588 Lord2962 is.

18  And2532 be not drunk3182 3361 with wine,3631 wherein1722 3739 is2076 excess;810 but235 be filled4137 with1722 the Spirit;4151

19  Speaking2980 to yourselves1438 in psalms5568 and2532 hymns5215 and2532 spiritual4152 songs,5603 singing103 and2532 making melody5567 in1722 your5216 heart2588 to the3588 Lord;2962

20  Giving thanks2168 always3842 for5228 all things3956 unto God2316 and2532 the Father3962 in1722 the name3686 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ;5547

21  Submitting yourselves5293 one to another240 in1722 the fear5401 of God.2316

22  Wives,1135 submit yourselves5293 unto your own2398 husbands,435 as5613 unto the3588 Lord.2962

23  For3754 the3588 husband435 is2076 the head2776 of the3588 wife,1135 even2532 as5613 Christ5547 is the head2776 of the3588 church:1577 and2532 he846 is2076 the savior4990 of the3588 body.4983

24  Therefore235 as5618 the3588 church1577 is subject unto5293 Christ,5547 so3779 let the3588 wives1135 be to their own2398 husbands435 in1722 every thing.3956

25  Husbands,435 love25 your1438 wives,1135 even as2531 Christ5547 also2532 loved25 the3588 church,1577 and2532 gave3860 himself1438 for5228 it;846

26  That2443 he might sanctify37 and cleanse2511 it846 with the3588 washing3067 of water5204 by1722 the word,4487

27  That2443 he might present3936 it846 to himself1438 a glorious1741 church,1577 not3361 having2192 spot,4695 or2228 wrinkle,4512 or2228 any5100 such thing;5108 but235 that2443 it should be5600 holy40 and2532 without blemish.299

28  So3779 ought3784 men435 to love25 their1438 wives1135 as5613 their own1438 bodies.4983 He that loveth25 his1438 wife1135 loveth25 himself.1438

29  For1063 no man3762 ever yet4218 hated3404 his own1438 flesh;4561 but235 nourisheth1625 and2532 cherisheth2282 it,846 even2532 as2531 the3588 Lord2962 the3588 church:1577

30  For3754 we are2070 members3196 of his846 body,4983 of1537 his846 flesh,4561 and2532 of1537 his846 bones.3747

31  For this cause473 5127 shall a man444 leave2641 his848 father3962 and2532 mother,3384 and2532 shall be joined4347 unto4314 his848 wife,1135 and2532 they two1417 shall be2071 one3391 flesh.4561

32  This5124 is2076 a great3173 mystery:3466 but1161 I1473 speak3004 concerning1519 Christ5547 and2532 the3588 church.1577

33  Nevertheless4133 let every one1538 of you5210 2532 in particular2596 1520 so3779 love25 his1438 wife1135 even as5613 himself;1438 and1161 the3588 wife1135 see that2443 she reverence5399 her husband.435

Ephesians 6: 1-24

1  Children,5043 obey5219 your5216 parents1118 in1722 the Lord:2962 for1063 this5124 is2076 right.1342

2  Honor5091 thy4675 father3962 and2532 mother;3384 which3748 is2076 the first4413 commandment1785 with1722 promise;1860

3  That2443 it may be1096 well2095 with thee,4671 and2532 thou mayest2071 live long3118 on1909 the3588 earth.1093

4  And,2532 ye fathers,3962 provoke not your children to wrath:3949 3361 5216 5043 but235 bring them up1625 846 in1722 the nurture3809 and2532 admonition3559 of the Lord.2962

5  Servants,1401 be obedient5219 to them that are your masters2962 according2596 to the flesh,4561 with3326 fear5401 and2532 trembling,5156 in1722 singleness572 of your5216 heart,2588 as5613 unto Christ;5547

6  Not3361 with2596 eyeservice,3787 as5613 menpleasers;441 but235 as5613 the servants1401 of Christ,5547 doing4160 the3588 will2307 of God2316 from1537 the heart;5590

7  With3326 good will2133 doing service,1398 as5613 to the3588 Lord,2962 and2532 not3756 to men:444

8  Knowing1492 that3754 whatsoever3739 5100 1437 good thing18 any man1538 doeth,4160 the same5124 shall he receive2865 of3844 the3588 Lord,2962 whether1535 he be bond1401 or1535 free.1658

9  And,2532 ye masters,2962 do4160 the3588 same things846 unto4314 them,846 forbearing447 threatening:547 knowing1492 that3754 your5216 Master2962 also2532 is2076 in1722 heaven;3772 neither2532 3756 is2076 there respect of persons4382 with3844 him.846

10  Finally,3063 my3450 brethren,80 be strong1743 in1722 the Lord,2962 and2532 in1722 the3588 power2904 of his846 might.2479

11  Put on1746 the3588 whole armor3833 of God,2316 that ye5209 may be able1410 to stand2476 against4314 the3588 wiles3180 of the3588 devil.1228

12  For3754 we2254 wrestle2076 3823 not3756 against4314 flesh4561 and2532 blood,129 but235 against4314 principalities,746 against4314 powers,1849 against4314 the3588 rulers2888 of the3588 darkness4655 of this5127 world,165 against4314 spiritual4152 wickedness4189 in1722 high2032 places.

13  Wherefore1223 5124 take unto353 you the3588 whole armor3833 of God,2316 that2443 ye may be able1410 to withstand436 in1722 the3588 evil4190 day,2250 and2532 having done2716 all,537 to stand.2476

14  Stand2476 therefore,3767 having your5216 loins3751 girt about4024 with1722 truth,225 and2532 having on1746 the3588 breastplate2382 of righteousness;1343

15  And2532 your feet4228 shod5265 with1722 the preparation2091 of the3588 gospel2098 of peace;1515

16  Above1909 all,3956 taking353 the3588 shield2375 of faith,4102 wherewith1722 3739 ye shall be able1410 to quench4570 all3956 the3588 fiery4448 darts956 of the3588 wicked.4190

17  And2532 take1209 the3588 helmet4030 of salvation,4992 and2532 the3588 sword3162 of the3588 Spirit,4151 which is3603 the word4487 of God:2316

18  Praying4336 always1223 3956 2540 with1722 all3956 prayer4335 and2532 supplication1162 in1722 the Spirit,4151 and2532 watching69 thereunto1519 846 5124 with1722 all3956 perseverance4343 and2532 supplication1162 for4012 all3956 saints;40

19  And2532 for5228 me,1700 that2443 utterance3056 may be given1325 unto me,3427 that I1722 may open457 my3450 mouth4750 boldly,1722 3954 to make known1107 the3588 mystery3466 of the3588 gospel,2098

20  For5228 which3739 I am an ambassador4243 in1722 bonds:254 that2443 therein1722 846 I may speak boldly,3955 as5613 I3165 ought1163 to speak.2980

21  But1161 that2443 ye5210 also2532 may know1492 my affairs,2596 1691 and how5101 I do,4238 Tychicus,5190 a beloved27 brother80 and2532 faithful4103 minister1249 in1722 the Lord,2962 shall make known1107 to you5213 all things:3956

22  Whom3739 I have sent3992 unto4314 you5209 for1519 the same purpose,846 5124 that2443 ye might know1097 our affairs,4012 2257 and2532 that he might comfort3870 your5216 hearts.2588

23  Peace1515 be to the3588 brethren,80 and2532 love26 with3326 faith,4102 from575 God2316 the Father3962 and2532 the Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ.5547

24  Grace5485 be with3326 all3956 them that love25 our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ5547 in1722 sincerity.861 Amen.281


À Christ seul soit la Gloire


Source; leVigilant.com - jean leDuc