King James Version 1611 - 1769





1 Timothy 1: 1-20

1  Paul,3972 an apostle652 of Jesus2424 Christ5547 by2596 the commandment2003 of God2316 our2257 Savior,4990 and2532 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 which is our2257 hope;1680

2  Unto Timothy,5095 my own1103 son5043 in1722 the faith:4102 Grace,5485 mercy,1656 and peace,1515 from575 God2316 our2257 Father3962 and2532 Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Lord.2962

3  As2531 I besought3870 thee4571 to abide still4357 at1722 Ephesus,2181 when I went4198 into1519 Macedonia,3109 that2443 thou mightest charge3853 some5100 that they teach no other doctrine,2085 3361

4  Neither3366 give heed4337 to fables3454 and2532 endless562 genealogies,1076 which3748 minister3930 questions,2214 rather3123 than2228 godly2316 edifying3622 which3588 is in1722 faith:4102 so do.

5  Now1161 the3588 end5056 of the3588 commandment3852 is2076 charity26 out of1537 a pure2513 heart,2588 and2532 of a good18 conscience,4893 and2532 of faith4102 unfeigned:505

6  From which3739 some5100 having swerved795 have turned aside1624 unto1519 vain jangling;3150

7  Desiring2309 to be1511 teachers of the law;3547 understanding3539 neither3383 what3739 they say,3004 nor3383 whereof4012 5101 they affirm.1226

8  But1161 we know1492 that3754 the3588 law3551 is good,2570 if1437 a man5100 use5530 it846 lawfully;3545

9  Knowing1492 this,5124 that3754 the law3551 is not3756 made2749 for a righteous man,1342 but1161 for the lawless459 and2532 disobedient,506 for the ungodly765 and2532 for sinners,268 for unholy462 and2532 profane,952 for murderers of fathers3964 and2532 murderers of mothers,3389 for manslayers,409

10  For whoremongers,4205 for them that defile themselves with mankind,733 for menstealers,405 for liars,5583 for perjured persons,1965 and2532 if there be any1536 other thing2087 that is contrary480 to sound5198 doctrine;1319

11  According2596 to the3588 glorious1391 gospel2098 of the3588 blessed3107 God,2316 which3739 was committed4100 to my trust.1473

12  And2532 I thank2192 5485 Christ5547 Jesus2424 our2257 Lord,2962 who hath enabled1743 me,3165 for that3754 he counted2233 me3165 faithful,4103 putting5087 me into1519 the ministry;1248

13  Who was5607 before4386 a blasphemer,989 and2532 a persecutor,1376 and2532 injurious:5197 but235 I obtained mercy,1653 because3754 I did4160 it ignorantly50 in1722 unbelief.570

14  And1161 the3588 grace5485 of our2257 Lord2962 was exceeding abundant5250 with3326 faith4102 and2532 love26 which3588 is in1722 Christ5547 Jesus.2424

15  This is a faithful4103 saying,3056 and2532 worthy514 of all3956 acceptation,594 that3754 Christ5547 Jesus2424 came2064 into1519 the3588 world2889 to save4982 sinners;268 of whom3739 I1473 am1510 chief.4413

16  Howbeit235 for this cause1223 5124 I obtained mercy,1653 that2443 in1722 me1698 first4413 Jesus2424 Christ5547 might show forth1731 all3956 longsuffering,3115 for4314 a pattern5296 to them which should hereafter3195 believe4100 on1909 him846 to1519 life2222 everlasting.166

17  Now1161 unto the3588 King935 eternal,165 immortal,862 invisible,517 the only3441 wise4680 God,2316 be honor5092 and2532 glory1391 forever and ever.1519 165 165 Amen.281

18  This5026 charge3852 I commit3908 unto thee,4671 son5043 Timothy,5095 according2596 to the3588 prophecies4394 which went before4254 on1909 thee,4571 that2443 thou by1722 them846 mightest war4754 a good2570 warfare;4752

19  Holding2192 faith,4102 and2532 a good18 conscience;4893 which3739 some5100 having put away683 concerning4012 faith4102 have made shipwreck:3489

20  Of whom3739 is2076 Hymenaeus5211 and2532 Alexander;223 whom3739 I have delivered3860 unto Satan,4567 that2443 they may learn3811 not3361 to blaspheme.987

1 Timothy 2: 1-15

1  I exhort3870 therefore,3767 that, first4412 of all,3956 supplications,1162 prayers,4335 intercessions,1783 and giving of thanks,2169 be made4160 for5228 all3956 men;444

2  For5228 kings,935 and2532 for all3956 that are5607 in1722 authority;5247 that2443 we may lead1236 a quiet2263 and2532 peaceable2272 life979 in1722 all3956 godliness2150 and2532 honesty.4587

3  For1063 this5124 is good2570 and2532 acceptable587 in the sight1799 of God2316 our2257 Savior;4990

4  Who3739 will2309 have all3956 men444 to be saved,4982 and2532 to come2064 unto1519 the knowledge1922 of the truth.225

5  For1063 there is one1520 God,2316 and2532 one1520 mediator3316 between God2316 and2532 men,444 the man444 Christ5547 Jesus;2424

6  Who gave1325 himself1438 a ransom487 for5228 all,3956 to be testified3142 in due2398 time.2540

7  Whereunto1519 3739 I1473 am ordained5087 a preacher,2783 and2532 an apostle,652 (I speak3004 the truth225 in1722 Christ,5547 and lie5574 not;)3756 a teacher1320 of the Gentiles1484 in1722 faith4102 and2532 verity.225

8  I will1014 therefore3767 that men435 pray4336 every3956 where,5117 lifting up1869 holy3741 hands,5495 without5565 wrath3709 and2532 doubting.1261

9  In like manner5615 also,2532 that women1135 adorn2885 themselves1438 in1722 modest2887 apparel,2689 with3326 shamefacedness127 and2532 sobriety;4997 not3361 with1722 braided hair,4117 or2228 gold,5557 or2228 pearls,3135 or2228 costly4185 array.2441

10  But235 (which3739 becometh4241 women1135 professing1861 godliness)2317 with1223 good18 works.2041

11  Let the woman1135 learn3129 in1722 silence2271 with1722 all3956 subjection.5292

12  But1161 I suffer2010 not3756 a woman1135 to teach,1321 nor3761 to usurp authority over831 the man,435 but235 to be1511 in1722 silence.2271

13  For1063 Adam76 was first4413 formed,4111 then1534 Eve.2096

14  And2532 Adam76 was not3756 deceived,538 but1161 the3588 woman1135 being deceived538 was1096 in1722 the transgression.3847

15  Notwithstanding1161 she shall be saved4982 in1223 childbearing,5042 if1437 they continue3306 in1722 faith4102 and2532 charity26 and2532 holiness38 with3326 sobriety.4997

1 Timothy 3: 1-16

1  This is a true4103 saying,3056 If a man1536 desire3713 the office of a bishop,1984 he desireth1937 a good2570 work.2041

2  A bishop1985 then3767 must1163 be1511 blameless,423 the husband435 of one3391 wife,1135 vigilant,3524 sober,4998 of good behavior,2887 given to hospitality,5382 apt to teach;1317

3  Not3361 given to wine,3943 no3361 striker,4131 not3361 greedy of filthy lucre;146 but235 patient,1933 not a brawler,269 not covetous;866

4  One that ruleth4291 well2573 his own2398 house,3624 having2192 his children5043 in1722 subjection5292 with3326 all3956 gravity;4587

5  (For1161 if1487 a man5100 know1492 not3756 how to rule4291 his own2398 house,3624 how4459 shall he take care of1959 the church1577 of God?)2316

6  Not3361 a novice,3504 lest3363 being lifted up with pride5187 he fall1706 into1519 the condemnation2917 of the3588 devil.1228

7  Moreover1161 he846 must1163 2532 have2192 a good2570 report3141 of575 them which are without;1855 lest3363 he fall1706 into1519 reproach3680 and2532 the snare3803 of the3588 devil.1228

8  Likewise5615 must the deacons1249 be grave,4586 not3361 doubletongued,1351 not3361 given4337 to much4183 wine,3631 not3361 greedy of filthy lucre;146

9  Holding2192 the3588 mystery3466 of the3588 faith4102 in1722 a pure2513 conscience.4893

10  And2532 let these3778 also1161 first4412 be proved;1381 then1534 let them use the office of a deacon,1247 being5607 found blameless.410

11  Even so5615 must their wives1135 be grave,4586 not3361 slanderers,1228 sober,3524 faithful4103 in1722 all things.3956

12  Let the deacons1249 be2077 the husbands435 of one3391 wife,1135 ruling4291 their children5043 and2532 their own2398 houses3624 well.2573

13  For1063 they that have used the office of a deacon1247 well2573 purchase4046 to themselves1438 a good2570 degree,898 and2532 great4183 boldness3954 in1722 the faith4102 which3588 is in1722 Christ5547 Jesus.2424

14  These things5023 write1125 I unto thee,4671 hoping1679 to come2064 unto4314 thee4571 shortly:5032

15  But1161 if1437 I tarry long,1019 that2443 thou mayest know1492 how4459 thou oughtest1163 to behave thyself390 in1722 the house3624 of God,2316 which3748 is2076 the church1577 of the living2198 God,2316 the pillar4769 and2532 ground1477 of the3588 truth.225

16  And2532 without controversy3672 great3173 is2076 the3588 mystery3466 of godliness:2150 God2316 was manifest5319 in1722 the flesh,4561 justified1344 in1722 the Spirit,4151 seen3700 of angels,32 preached2784 unto1722 the Gentiles,1484 believed on4100 in1722 the world,2889 received up353 into1722 glory.1391

1 Timothy 4: 1-16

1  Now1161 the3588 Spirit4151 speaketh3004 expressly,4490 that3754 in1722 the latter5306 times2540 some5100 shall depart868 from the3588 faith,4102 giving heed4337 to seducing4108 spirits,4151 and2532 doctrines1319 of devils;1140

2  Speaking lies5573 in1722 hypocrisy;5272 having their2398 conscience4893 seared with a hot iron;2743

3  Forbidding2967 to marry,1060 and commanding to abstain567 from meats,1033 which3739 God2316 hath created2936 to be received1519 3336 with3326 thanksgiving2169 of them which believe4103 and2532 know1921 the3588 truth.225

4  For3754 every3956 creature2938 of God2316 is good,2570 and2532 nothing3762 to be refused,579 if it be received2983 with3326 thanksgiving:2169

5  For1063 it is sanctified37 by1223 the word3056 of God2316 and2532 prayer.1783

6  If thou put the brethren in remembrance5294 3588 80 of these things,5023 thou shalt be2071 a good2570 minister1249 of Jesus2424 Christ,5547 nourished up1789 in the3588 words3056 of faith4102 and2532 of good2570 doctrine,1319 whereunto3739 thou hast attained.3877

7  But1161 refuse3868 profane952 and2532 old wives'1126 fables,3454 and1161 exercise1128 thyself4572 rather unto4314 godliness.2150

8  For1063 bodily4984 exercise1129 profiteth2076 5624 little:3641 but1161 godliness2150 is2076 profitable5624 unto4314 all things,3956 having2192 promise1860 of the life2222 that now is,3568 and2532 of that which is to come.3195

9  This is a faithful4103 saying3056 and2532 worthy514 of all3956 acceptation.594

10  For1063 therefore1519 5124 we both2532 labor2872 and2532 suffer reproach,3679 because3754 we trust1679 in1909 the living2198 God,2316 who3739 is2076 the Savior4990 of all3956 men,444 especially3122 of those that believe.4103

11  These things5023 command3853 and2532 teach.1321

12  Let no man3367 despise2706 thy4675 youth;3503 but235 be1096 thou an example5179 of the3588 believers,4103 in1722 word,3056 in1722 conversation,391 in1722 charity,26 in1722 spirit,4151 in1722 faith,4102 in1722 purity.47

13  Till2193 I come,2064 give attendance4337 to reading,320 to exhortation,3874 to doctrine.1319

14  Neglect272 not3361 the3588 gift5486 that is in1722 thee,4671 which3739 was given1325 thee4671 by1223 prophecy,4394 with3326 the laying on1936 of the3588 hands5495 of the3588 presbytery.4244

15  Meditate upon3191 these things;5023 give thyself wholly2468 to1722 them;5125 that2443 thy4675 profiting4297 may appear5600 5318 to1722 all.3956

16  Take heed1907 unto thyself,4572 and2532 unto the3588 doctrine;1319 continue1961 in them:846 for1063 in doing4160 this5124 thou shalt both2532 save4982 thyself,4572 and2532 them that hear191 thee.4675

1 Timothy 5: 1-25

1  Rebuke1969 not3361 an elder,4245 but235 entreat3870 him as5613 a father;3962 and the younger men3501 as5613 brethren;80

2  The elder women4245 as5613 mothers;3384 the younger3501 as5613 sisters,79 with1722 all3956 purity.47

3  Honor5091 widows5503 that are widows5503 indeed.3689

4  But1161 if1487 any5100 widow5503 have2192 children5043 or2228 nephews,1549 let them learn3129 first4412 to show piety2151 at2398 home,3624 and2532 to requite591 287 their parents:4269 for1063 that5124 is2076 good2570 and2532 acceptable587 before1799 God.2316

5  Now1161 she that is a widow5503 indeed,3689 and2532 desolate,3443 trusteth1679 in1909 God,2316 and2532 continueth4357 in supplications1162 and2532 prayers4335 night3571 and2532 day.2250

6  But1161 she that liveth in pleasure4684 is dead2348 while she liveth.2198

7  And2532 these things5023 give in charge,3853 that2443 they may be5600 blameless.423

8  But1161 if1487 any5100 provide not for4306 3756 his own,2398 and2532 especially3122 for those of his own house,3609 he hath denied720 the3588 faith,4102 and2532 is2076 worse5501 than an infidel.571

9  Let not3361 a widow5503 be taken into the number2639 under1640 threescore1835 years2094 old, having been1096 the wife1135 of one1520 man,435

10  Well reported of3140 for1722 good2570 works;2041 if1487 she have brought up children,5044 if1487 she have lodged strangers,3580 if1487 she have washed3538 the saints'40 feet,4228 if1487 she have relieved1884 the afflicted,2346 if1487 she have diligently followed1872 every3956 good18 work.2041

11  But1161 the younger3501 widows5503 refuse:3868 for1063 when3752 they have begun to wax wanton against2691 Christ,5547 they will2309 marry;1060

12  Having2192 damnation,2917 because3754 they have cast off114 their first4413 faith.4102

13  And1161 withal260 they learn3129 to be idle,692 wandering about from house to house;4022 3614 and1161 not3756 only3440 idle,692 but235 tattlers5397 also2532 and2532 busybodies,4021 speaking2980 things which they ought1163 not.3361

14  I will1014 therefore3767 that the younger women3501 marry,1060 bear children,5041 guide the house,3616 give1325 none3367 occasion874 to the3588 adversary480 to speak reproachfully.5484 3059

15  For1063 some5100 are already2235 turned aside1624 after3694 Satan.4567

16  If any1536 man4103 or2228 woman that believeth4103 have2192 widows,5503 let them relieve1884 them,846 and2532 let not3361 the3588 church1577 be charged;916 that2443 it may relieve1884 them that are widows5503 indeed.3689

17  Let the3588 elders4245 that rule4291 well2573 be counted worthy515 of double1362 honor,5092 especially3122 they who labor2872 in1722 the word3056 and2532 doctrine.1319

18  For1063 the3588 Scripture1124 saith,3004 Thou shalt not3756 muzzle5392 the ox1016 that treadeth out248 the corn. And,2532 The3588 laborer2040 is worthy514 of his848 reward.3408

19  Against2596 an elder4245 receive3858 not3361 an accusation,2724 but1622 1508 before1909 two1417 or2228 three5140 witnesses.3144

20  Them that sin264 rebuke1651 before1799 all,3956 that2443 others3062 also2532 may fear.2192 5401

21  I charge1263 thee before1799 God,2316 and2532 the Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 and2532 the3588 elect1588 angels,32 that2443 thou observe5442 these things5023 without5565 preferring one before another,4299 doing4160 nothing3367 by2596 partiality.4346

22  Lay2007 hands5495 suddenly5030 on no man,3367 neither3366 be partaker2841 of other men's245 sins:266 keep5083 thyself4572 pure.53

23  Drink no longer water,5202 3371 but235 use5530 a little3641 wine3631 for thy stomach's sake1223 4675 4751 and2532 thine4675 often4437 infirmities.769

24  Some5100 men's444 sins266 are1526 open beforehand,4271 going before4254 to1519 judgment;2920 and1161 some5100 men they2532 follow after.1872

25  Likewise5615 also2532 the3588 good2570 works2041 of some are2076 manifest beforehand;4271 and2532 they that are2192 otherwise247 cannot1410 3756 be hid.2928

1 Timothy 6: 1-21

1  Let as many3745 servants1401 as are1526 under5259 the yoke2218 count2233 their own2398 masters1203 worthy514 of all3956 honor,5092 that2443 the3588 name3686 of God2316 and2532 his doctrine1319 be not3361 blasphemed.987

2  And1161 they that have2192 believing4103 masters,1203 let them not3361 despise2706 them, because3754 they are1526 brethren;80 but235 rather3123 do them service,1398 because3754 they are1526 faithful4103 and2532 beloved,27 partakers482 of the3588 benefit.2108 These things5023 teach1321 and2532 exhort.3870

3  If any man1536 teach otherwise,2085 and2532 consent4334 not3361 to wholesome5198 words,3056 even the words3588 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 and2532 to the3588 doctrine1319 which is according2596 to godliness;2150

4  He is proud,5187 knowing1987 nothing,3367 but235 doting3552 about4012 questions2214 and2532 strifes of words,3055 whereof1537 3739 cometh1096 envy,5355 strife,2054 railings,988 evil4190 surmisings.5283

5  Perverse disputings3859 of men444 of corrupt1311 minds,3563 and2532 destitute650 of the3588 truth,225 supposing3543 that gain4200 is1511 godliness:2150 from575 such5108 withdraw thyself.868

6  But1161 godliness2150 with3326 contentment841 is2076 great3173 gain.4200

7  For1063 we brought1533 nothing3762 into1519 this world,2889 and it is certain1212 3754 we3761 can1410 carry nothing out.1627 5100

8  And1161 having2192 food1305 and2532 raiment4629 let us be therewith content.714 5125

9  But1161 they that will1014 be rich4147 fall1706 into1519 temptation3986 and2532 a snare,3803 and2532 into many4183 foolish453 and2532 hurtful983 lusts,1939 which3748 drown1036 men444 in1519 destruction3639 and2532 perdition.684

10  For1063 the3588 love of money5365 is2076 the root4491 of all3956 evil:2556 which3739 while some5100 coveted after,3713 they have erred635 from575 the3588 faith,4102 and2532 pierced themselves through4044 1438 with many4183 sorrows.3601

11  But1161 thou,4771 O5599 man444 of God,2316 flee5343 these things;5023 and1161 follow after1377 righteousness,1343 godliness,2150 faith,4102 love,26 patience,5281 meekness.4236

12  Fight75 the3588 good2570 fight73 of faith,4102 lay hold on1949 eternal166 life,2222 whereunto1519 3739 thou art also2532 called,2564 and2532 hast professed3670 a good2570 profession3671 before1799 many4183 witnesses.3144

13  I give thee charge3853 4671 in the sight1799 of God,2316 who quickeneth2227 all things,3956 and2532 before Christ5547 Jesus,2424 who before1909 Pontius4194 Pilate4091 witnessed3140 a good2570 confession;3671

14  That thou4571 keep5083 this commandment1785 without spot,784 unrebukable,423 until3360 the3588 appearing2015 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ:5547

15  Which3739 in his2398 times2540 he shall show,1166 who is the3588 blessed3107 and2532 only3441 Potentate,1413 the3588 King935 of kings,936 and2532 Lord2962 of lords;2961

16  Who3588 only3441 hath2192 immortality,110 dwelling3611 in the light5457 which no man can approach unto;676 whom3739 no3762 man444 hath seen,1492 nor3761 can1410 see:1492 to whom3739 be honor5092 and2532 power2904 everlasting.166 Amen.281

17  Charge3853 them that are rich4145 in1722 this world,3568 165 that they be not highminded;5309 3361 nor3366 trust1679 in1909 uncertain83 riches,4149 but235 in1722 the3588 living2198 God,2316 who giveth3930 us2254 richly4146 all things3956 to1519 enjoy;619

18  That they do good,14 that they be rich4147 in1722 good2570 works,2041 1511 ready to distribute,2130 willing to communicate;2843

19  Laying up in store597 for themselves1438 a good2570 foundation2310 against1519 the3588 time to come,3195 that2443 they may lay hold on1949 eternal166 life.2222

20  O5599 Timothy,5095 keep5442 that which is committed to thy trust,3872 avoiding1624 profane952 and vain babblings,2757 and2532 oppositions477 of science1108 falsely so called:5581

21  Which3739 some5100 professing1861 have erred795 concerning4012 the3588 faith.4102 Grace5485 be with3326 thee.4675 Amen.281


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