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2 Peter 1: 1-21

1  Simon4826 Peter,4074 a servant1401 and2532 an apostle652 of Jesus2424 Christ,5547 to them that have obtained2975 like precious2472 faith4102 with us2254 through1722 the righteousness1343 of God2316 and2532 our2257 Savior4990 Jesus2424 Christ:5547

2  Grace5485 and2532 peace1515 be multiplied4129 unto you5213 through1722 the knowledge1922 of God,2316 and2532 of Jesus2424 our2257 Lord,2962

3  According as5613 his846 divine2304 power1411 hath given1433 unto us2254 all things3956 that3588 pertain unto4314 life2222 and2532 godliness,2150 through1223 the3588 knowledge1922 of him that hath called2564 us2248 to1223 glory1391 and2532 virtue:703

4  Whereby1223 3739 are given1433 unto us2254 exceeding great3176 and2532 precious5093 promises:1862 that2443 by1223 these5130 ye might be1096 partakers2844 of the divine2304 nature,5449 having escaped668 the3588 corruption5356 that is in1722 the world2889 through1722 lust.1939

5  And1161 beside this,846 5124 2532 giving3923 all3956 diligence,4710 add2023 to1722 your5216 faith4102 virtue;703 and1161 to1722 virtue703 knowledge;1108

6  And1161 to1722 knowledge1108 temperance;1466 and1161 to1722 temperance1466 patience;5281 and1161 to1722 patience5281 godliness;2150

7  And1161 to1722 godliness2150 brotherly kindness;5360 and1161 to1722 brotherly kindness5360 charity.26

8  For1063 if these things5023 be5225 in you,5213 and2532 abound,4121 they make2525 you that ye shall neither3756 be barren692 nor3761 unfruitful175 in1519 the3588 knowledge1922 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ.5547

9  But1063 he3739 that lacketh3918 3361 these things5023 is2076 blind,5185 and cannot see afar off,3467 and hath forgotten2983 3024 that he was purged2512 from his848 old3819 sins.266

10  Wherefore1352 the rather,3123 brethren,80 give diligence4704 to make4160 your5216 calling2821 and2532 election1589 sure:949 for1063 if ye do4160 these things,5023 ye shall never3364 4218 fall:4417

11  For1063 so3779 an entrance1529 shall be ministered unto2023 you5213 abundantly4146 into1519 the3588 everlasting166 kingdom932 of our2257 Lord2962 and2532 Savior4990 Jesus2424 Christ.5547

12  Wherefore1352 I will not3756 be negligent272 to put you always in remembrance5279 5209 104 of4012 these things,5130 though2539 ye know1492 them, and2532 be established4741 in1722 the3588 present3918 truth.225

13  Yea,1161 I think2233 it meet,1342 as long as1909 3745 I am1510 in1722 this5129 tabernacle,4638 to stir you up1326 5209 by putting you in remembrance;1722 5280

14  Knowing1492 that3754 shortly5031 I must2076 put off595 this my3450 tabernacle,4638 even2532 as2531 our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ5547 hath showed1213 me.3427

15  Moreover1161 I will endeavor4704 that2532 ye5209 may be able after3326 my1699 decease1841 to have2192 these things5130 always1539 in remembrance.4160 3420

16  For1063 we have not3756 followed1811 cunningly devised4679 fables,3454 when we made known1107 unto you5213 the3588 power1411 and2532 coming3952 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 but235 were1096 eyewitnesses2030 of his1565 majesty.3168

17  For1063 he received2983 from3844 God2316 the Father3962 honor5092 and2532 glory,1391 when there came5342 such5107 a voice5456 to him846 from5259 the3588 excellent3169 glory,1391 This3778 is2076 my3450 beloved27 Son,5207 in1519 whom3739 I1473 am well pleased.2106

18  And2532 this5026 voice5456 which came5342 from1537 heaven3772 we2249 heard,191 when we were5607 with4862 him846 in1722 the3588 holy40 mount.3735

19  We have2192 also2532 a more sure949 word3056 of prophecy;4397 whereunto3739 ye do4160 well2573 that ye take heed,4337 as5613 unto a light3088 that shineth5316 in1722 a dark850 place,5117 until2193 3757 the day2250 dawn,1306 and2532 the day star5459 arise393 in1722 your5216 hearts:2588

20  Knowing1097 this5124 first,4412 that3754 no3956 3756 prophecy4394 of the Scripture1124 is1096 of any private2398 interpretation.1955

21  For1063 the prophecy4394 came5342 not3756 in old time4218 by the will2307 of man:444 but235 holy40 men444 of God2316 spake2980 as they were moved5342 by5259 the Holy40 Ghost.4151

2 Peter 2: 1-22

1  But1161 there were1096 false prophets5578 also2532 among1722 the3588 people,2992 even2532 as5613 there shall be2071 false teachers5572 among1722 you,5213 who3748 privily shall bring in3919 damnable684 heresies,139 even2532 denying720 the3588 Lord1203 that bought59 them,846 and bring upon1863 themselves1438 swift5031 destruction.684

2  And2532 many4183 shall follow1811 their846 pernicious ways;684 by reason of1223 whom3739 the3588 way3598 of truth225 shall be evil spoken of.987

3  And2532 through1722 covetousness4124 shall they with feigned4112 words3056 make merchandise1710 of you:5209 whose3739 judgment2917 now of a long time1597 lingereth691 not,3756 and2532 their846 damnation684 slumbereth3573 not.3756

4  For1063 if1487 God2316 spared5339 not3756 the angels32 that sinned,264 but235 cast them down to hell,5020 and delivered3860 them into chains4577 of darkness,2217 to be reserved5083 unto1519 judgment;2920

5  And2532 spared5339 not3756 the old744 world,2889 but235 saved5442 Noah3575 the eighth3590 person, a preacher2783 of righteousness,1343 bringing in1863 the flood2627 upon the world2889 of the ungodly;765

6  And2532 turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes5077 4172 4670 2532 1116 condemned2632 them with an overthrow,2692 making5087 them an example5262 unto those that after should3195 live ungodly;764

7  And2532 delivered4506 just1342 Lot,3091 vexed2669 with5259 the3588 filthy conversation1722 766 391 of the3588 wicked:113

8  (For1063 that righteous man1342 dwelling1460 among1722 them,846 in seeing990 and2532 hearing,189 vexed928 his righteous1342 soul5590 from day2250 to1537 day2250 with their unlawful459 deeds);2041

9  The Lord2962 knoweth1492 how to deliver4506 the godly2152 out of1537 temptations,3986 and1161 to reserve5083 the unjust94 unto1519 the day2250 of judgment2920 to be punished:2849

10  But1161 chiefly3122 them that walk4198 after3694 the flesh4561 in1722 the lust1939 of uncleanness,3394 and2532 despise2706 government.2963 Presumptuous5113 are they, self-willed,829 they are not3756 afraid5141 to speak evil987 of dignities.1391

11  Whereas3699 angels,32 which are5607 greater3187 in power2479 and2532 might,1411 bring5342 not3756 railing989 accusation2920 against2596 them846 before3844 the Lord.2962

12  But1161 these,3778 as5613 natural5446 brute249 beasts,2226 made1080 to be taken1519 259 and2532 destroyed,5356 speak evil987 of1722 the things that3739 they understand not;50 and shall utterly perish2704 in1722 their own848 corruption;5356

13  And shall receive2865 the reward3408 of unrighteousness,93 as they that count2233 it pleasure2237 to riot5172 in1722 the day time.2250 Spots4695 they are and2532 blemishes,3470 sporting themselves1792 with1722 their own848 deceivings539 while they feast4910 with you;5213

14  Having2192 eyes3788 full3324 of adultery,3428 and2532 that cannot cease180 from sin;266 beguiling1185 unstable793 souls:5590 a heart2588 they have2192 exercised1128 with covetous practices;4124 cursed2671 children:5043

15  Which have forsaken2641 the3588 right2117 way,3598 and are gone astray,4105 following1811 the3588 way3598 of Balaam903 the son of Bosor,1007 who3739 loved25 the wages3408 of unrighteousness;93

16  But1161 was rebuked2192 1649 for his2398 iniquity:3892 the dumb880 ass5268 speaking5350 with1722 man's444 voice5456 forbade2967 the3588 madness3913 of the3588 prophet.4396

17  These3778 are1526 wells4077 without water,504 clouds3507 that are carried1643 with5259 a tempest:2978 to whom3739 the3588 mist2217 of darkness4655 is reserved5083 forever.1519 165

18  For1063 when they speak5350 great swelling5246 words of vanity,3153 they allure1185 through1722 the lusts1939 of the flesh,4561 through much wantonness,766 those that were clean escaped668 3689 from them who live390 in1722 error.4106

19  While they promise1861 them846 liberty,1657 they846 themselves are5225 the servants1401 of corruption:5356 for1063 of whom3739 a man5100 is overcome,2274 of the same5129 is he2532 brought in bondage.1402

20  For1063 if1487 after they have escaped668 the3588 pollutions3393 of the3588 world2889 through1722 the knowledge1922 of the3588 Lord2962 and2532 Savior4990 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 they are1161 again3825 entangled1707 therein,5125 and2532 overcome,2274 the3588 latter end2078 is1096 worse5501 with them846 than the3588 beginning.4413

21  For1063 it had been2258 better2909 for them846 not3361 to have known1921 the3588 way3598 of righteousness,1343 than,2228 after they have known1921 it, to turn1994 from1537 the3588 holy40 commandment1785 delivered3860 unto them.846

22  But1161 it is happened4819 unto them846 according3588 to the3588 true227 proverb,3942 The dog2965 is turned to his own vomit again;1994 1909 2398 1829 and2532 the sow5300 that was washed3068 to1519 her wallowing2946 in the mire.1004

2 Peter 3: 1-18

1  This5026 second1208 epistle,1992 beloved,27 I now2235 write1125 unto you;5213 in1722 both which3739 I stir up1326 your5216 pure1506 minds1271 by way of1722 remembrance:5280

2  That ye may be mindful3415 of the3588 words4487 which were spoken before4280 by5259 the3588 holy40 prophets,4396 and2532 of the3588 commandment1785 of us2257 the3588 apostles652 of the3588 Lord2962 and2532 Savior:4990

3  Knowing1097 this5124 first,4412 that3754 there shall come2064 in1909 the last2078 days2250 scoffers,1703 walking4198 after2596 their848 own2398 lusts,1939

4  And2532 saying,3004 Where4226 is2076 the3588 promise1860 of his846 coming?3952 for1063 since575 3739 the3588 fathers3962 fell asleep,2837 all things3956 continue1265 as3779 they were from575 the beginning746 of the creation.2937

5  For1063 this5124 they846 willingly2309 are ignorant of,2990 that3754 by the3588 word3056 of God2316 the heavens3772 were2258 of old,1597 and2532 the earth1093 standing4921 out of1537 the water5204 and2532 in1223 the water:5204

6  Whereby1223 3739 the3588 world2889 that then5119 was, being overflowed2626 with water,5204 perished.622

7  But1161 the3588 heavens3772 and2532 the3588 earth,1093 which are now,3568 by the3588 same846 word3056 are1526 kept in store,2343 reserved5083 unto fire4442 against1519 the day2250 of judgment2920 and2532 perdition684 of ungodly765 men.444

8  But,1161 beloved,27 be not ignorant2990 3361 of this5124 one thing,1520 that3754 one3391 day2250 is with3844 the Lord2962 as5613 a thousand5507 years,2094 and2532 a thousand5507 years2094 as5613 one3391 day.2250

9  The3588 Lord2962 is not slack1019 3756 concerning his promise,1860 as5613 some men5100 count2233 slackness;1022 but235 is longsuffering3114 to1519 us-ward,2248 not3361 willing1014 that any5100 should perish,622 but235 that all3956 should come5562 to1519 repentance.3341

10  But1161 the3588 day2250 of the Lord2962 will come2240 as5613 a thief2812 in1722 the night;3571 in1722 the which3739 the3588 heavens3772 shall pass away3928 with a great noise,4500 and1161 the elements4747 shall melt3089 with fervent heat,2741 the earth1093 also2532 and2532 the3588 works2041 that are therein1722 846 shall be burned up.2618

11  Seeing then3767 that all3956 these things5130 shall be dissolved,3089 what manner4217 of persons ought1163 ye5209 to be5225 in1722 all holy40 conversation391 and2532 godliness,2150

12  Looking for4328 and2532 hasting4692 unto the3588 coming3952 of the3588 day2250 of God,2316 wherein1223 3739 the heavens3772 being on fire4448 shall be dissolved,3089 and2532 the elements4747 shall melt5080 with fervent heat?2741

13  Nevertheless1161 we, according2596 to his846 promise,1862 look for4328 new2537 heavens3772 and2532 a new2537 earth,1093 wherein1722 3739 dwelleth2730 righteousness.1343

14  Wherefore,1352 beloved,27 seeing that ye look for4328 such things,5023 be diligent4704 that ye may be found2147 of him846 in1722 peace,1515 without spot,784 and2532 blameless.298

15  And2532 account2233 that the3588 longsuffering3115 of our2257 Lord2962 is salvation;4991 even as2532 our2257 beloved27 brother80 Paul3972 also2532 according2596 to the3588 wisdom4678 given1325 unto him846 hath written1125 unto you;5213

16  As5613 also2532 in1722 all3956 his epistles,1992 speaking2980 in1722 them846 of4012 these things;5130 in1722 which3739 are2076 some things5100 hard to be understood,1425 which3739 they that are unlearned261 and2532 unstable793 wrest,4761 as5613 they do also2532 the3588 other3062 Scriptures,1124 unto4314 their848 own2398 destruction.684

17  Ye5210 therefore,3767 beloved,27 seeing ye know these things before,4267 beware5442 lest3363 ye also, being led away with4879 the3588 error4106 of the3588 wicked,113 fall from1601 your own2398 steadfastness.4740

18  But1161 grow837 in1722 grace,5485 and2532 in the knowledge1108 of our2257 Lord2962 and2532 Savior4990 Jesus2424 Christ.5547 To him846 be glory1391 both2532 now3568 and2532 forever.1519 2250 165 Amen.281


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