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Song of Solomon 1: 1-17

1  The song7892 of songs,7892 which834 is Solomon's.8010

2  Let him kiss5401 me with the kisses4480 5390 of his mouth:6310 for3588 thy love1730 is better2896 than wine.4480 3196

3  Because of the savor7381 of thy good2896 ointments8081 thy name8034 is as ointment8081 poured forth,7324 therefore5921 3651 do the virgins5959 love157 thee.

4  Draw4900 me, we will run7323 after310 thee: the king4428 hath brought935 me into his chambers:2315 we will be glad1523 and rejoice8055 in thee, we will remember2142 thy love1730 more than wine:4480 3196 the upright4339 love157 thee.

5  I589 am black,7838 but comely,5000 O ye daughters1323 of Jerusalem,3389 as the tents168 of Kedar,6938 as the curtains3407 of Solomon.8010

6  Look7200 not408 upon me, because I7945 589 am black,7840 because the sun8121 hath looked7945 7805 upon me: my mother's517 children1121 were angry2734 with me; they made7760 me the keeper5201 of 853 the vineyards;3754 but mine own7945 vineyard3754 have I not3808 kept.5201

7  Tell5046 me, O thou whom my soul5315 loveth,7945 157 where349 thou feedest,7462 where349 thou makest thyflock to rest7257 at noon:6672 for why7945 4100 should I be1961 as one that turneth aside5844 by5921 the flocks5739 of thy companions?2270

8  If518 thou know3045 not,3808 O thou fairest3303 among women,802 go thy way forth3318 by the footsteps6119 of the flock,6629 and feed7462 853 thy kids1429 beside5921 the shepherds'7462 tents.4908

9  I have compared1819 thee, O my love,7474 to a company of horses5484 in Pharaoh's6547 chariots.7393

10  Thy cheeks3895 are comely4998 with rows8447 of jewels, thy neck6677 with chains2737 of gold.

11  We will make6213 thee borders8447 of gold2091 with5973 studs5351 of silver.3701

12  While5704 the king7945 4428 sitteth at his table,4524 my spikenard5373 sendeth forth5414 the smell7381 thereof.

13  A bundle6872 of myrrh4753 is my well-beloved1730 unto me; he shall lie all night3885 between996 my breasts.7699

14  My beloved1730 is unto me as a cluster811 of camphire3724 in the vineyards3754 of En-gedi.5872

15  Behold,2009 thou art fair,3303 my love;7474 behold,2009 thou art fair;3303 thou hast doves'3123 eyes.5869

16  Behold,2009 thou art fair,3303 my beloved,1730 yea,637 pleasant:5273 also637 our bed6210 is green.7488

17  The beams6982 of our house1004 are cedar,730 and our rafters7351 of fir.1266

Song of Solomon 2: 1-17

1  I589 am the rose2261 of Sharon,8289 and the lily7799 of the valleys.6010

2  As the lily7799 among996 thorns,2336 so3651 is my love7474 among996 the daughters.1323

3  As the apple tree8598 among the trees6086 of the wood,3293 so3651 is my beloved1730 among996 the sons.1121 I sat down3427 under his shadow6738 with great delight,2530 and his fruit6529 was sweet4966 to my taste.2441

4  He brought935 me to413 the banqueting3196 house,1004 and his banner1714 over5921 me was love.160

5  Stay5564 me with flagons,809 comfort7502 me with apples:8598 for3588 I589 am sick2470 of love.160

6  His left hand8040 is under8478 my head,7218 and his right hand3225 doth embrace2263 me.

7  I charge7650 you, O ye daughters1323 of Jerusalem,3389 by the roes,6643 and176 by the hinds355 of the field,7704 that ye stir not up,518 5782 nor518 awake5782 853 my love,160 till he please.7945 2654

8  The voice6963 of my beloved!1730 behold,2009 he2088 cometh935 leaping1801 upon5921 the mountains,2022 skipping7092 upon5921 the hills.1389

9  My beloved1730 is like1819 a roe6643 or176 a young6082 hart:354 behold,2009 he2088 standeth5975 behind310 our wall,3796 he looketh forth7688 at4480 the windows,2474 showing himself6692 through4480 the lattice.2762

10  My beloved1730 spoke,6030 and said559 unto me, Rise up,6965 my love,7474 my fair one,3303 and come away.1980

11  For,3588 lo,2009 the winter5638 is past,5674 the rain1653 is over2498 and gone;1980

12  The flowers5339 appear7200 on the earth;776 the time6256 of the singing2158 of birds is come,5060 and the voice6963 of the turtle8449 is heard8085 in our land;776

13  The fig tree8384 putteth forth2590 her green figs,6291 and the vines1612 with the tender grape5563 give5414 a good smell.7381 Arise,6965 my love,7474 my fair one,3303 and come away.1980

14  O my dove,3123 that art in the clefts2288 of the rock,5553 in the secret5643 places of the stairs,4095 let me see7200 853 thy countenance,4758 let me hear8085 853 thy voice;6963 for3588 sweet6156 is thy voice,6963 and thy countenance4758 is comely.5000

15  Take270 us the foxes,7776 the little6996 foxes,7776 that spoil2254 the vines:3754 for our vines3754 have tender grapes.5563

16  My beloved1730 is mine, and I589 am his: he feedeth7462 among the lilies.7799

17  Until5704 the day7945 3117 break,6315 and the shadows6752 flee away,5127 turn,5437 my beloved,1730 and be thou like1819 a roe6643 or176 a young6082 hart354 upon5921 the mountains2022 of Bether.1336

Song of Solomon 3: 1-11

1  By night3915 on5921 my bed4904 I sought1245 853 him whom my soul5315 loveth:7945 157 I sought1245 him, but I found4672 him not.3808

2  I will rise6965 now,4994 and go about5437 the city5892 in the streets,7784 and in the broad ways7339 I will seek1245 him whom my soul5315 loveth:7945 157 I sought1245 him, but I found4672 him not.3808

3  The watchmen8104 that go about5437 the city5892 found4672 me: to whom I said, Saw7200 ye 853 him whom my soul5315 loveth?7945 157

4  It was but a little4592 that I passed7945 5674 from4480 them, but5704 I found7945 4672 853 him whom my soul5315 loveth:7945 157 I held270 him, and would not3808 let him go,7503 until5704 I had brought7945 935 him into413 my mother's517 house,1004 and into413 the chamber2315 of her that conceived2029 me.

5  I charge7650 you, O ye daughters1323 of Jerusalem,3389 by the roes,6643 and176 by the hinds355 of the field,7704 that ye stir not up,5782 518 nor518 awake5782 853 my love,160 till5704 he please.7945 2654

6  Who4310 is this2063 that cometh5927 out of4480 the wilderness4057 like pillars8490 of smoke,6227 perfumed6999 with myrrh4753 and frankincense,3828 with all4480 3605 powders81 of the merchant?7402

7  Behold2009 his bed,4296 which is Solomon's;7945 8010 threescore8346 valiant men1368 are about5439 it, of the valiant4480 1368 of Israel.3478

8  They all3605 hold270 swords,2719 being expert3925 in war:4421 every man376 hath his sword2719 upon5921 his thigh3409 because of fear4480 6343 in the night.3915

9  King4428 Solomon8010 made6213 himself a chariot668 of the wood4480 6086 of Lebanon.3844

10  He made6213 the pillars5982 thereof of silver,3701 the bottom7507 thereof of gold,2091 the covering4817 of it of purple,713 the midst8432 thereof being paved7528 with love,160 for the daughters1323 of Jerusalem.3389

11  Go forth,3318 O ye daughters1323 of Zion,6726 and behold7200 king4428 Solomon8010 with the crown5850 wherewith his mother517 crowned7945 5849 him in the day3117 of his espousals,2861 and in the day3117 of the gladness8057 of his heart.3820

Song of Solomon 4: 1-16

1  Behold,2009 thou art fair,3303 my love;7474 behold,2009 thou art fair;3303 thou hast doves'3123 eyes5869 within4480 1157 thy locks:6777 thy hair8181 is as a flock5739 of goats,5795 that appear7945 1570 from mount4480 2022 Gilead.1568

2  Thy teeth8127 are like a flock5739 of sheep that are even shorn,7094 which came up7945 5927 from4480 the washing;7367 whereof every one7945 3605 bear twins,8382 and none369 is barren7909 among them.

3  Thy lips8193 are like a thread2339 of scarlet,8144 and thy speech4057 is comely:5000 thy temples7451 are like a piece6400 of a pomegranate7416 within4480 1157 thy locks.6777

4  Thy neck6677 is like the tower4026 of David1732 built1129 for an armory,8530 whereon5921 there hang8518 a thousand505 bucklers,4043 all3605 shields7982 of mighty men.1368

5  Thy two8147 breasts7699 are like two8147 young6082 roes6646 that are twins,8380 which feed7462 among the lilies.7799

6  Until5704 the day3117 break,7945 6315 and the shadows6752 flee away,5127 I will get1980 me to413 the mountain2022 of myrrh,4753 and to413 the hill1389 of frankincense.3828

7  Thou art all3605 fair,3303 my love;7474 there is no369 spot3971 in thee.

8  Come935 with854 me from Lebanon,4480 3844 my spouse,3618 with854 me from Lebanon:4480 3844 look7789 from the top4480 7218 of Amana,549 from the top4480 7218 of Shenir8149 and Hermon,2768 from the lions'738 dens,4480 4585 from the mountains4480 2042 of the leopards.5246

9  Thou hast ravished my heart,3823 my sister,269 my spouse;3618 thou hast ravished my heart3823 with one259 of thine eyes,4480 5869 with one259 chain6060 of thy neck.4480 6677

10  How4100 fair3302 is thy love,1730 my sister,269 my spouse!3618 how4100 much better2895 is thy love1730 than wine!4480 3196 and the smell7381 of thine ointments8081 than all4480 3605 spices!1314

11  Thy lips,8193 O my spouse,3618 drop5197 as the honeycomb:5317 honey1706 and milk2461 are under8478 thy tongue;3956 and the smell7381 of thy garments8008 is like the smell7381 of Lebanon.3844

12  A garden1588 enclosed5274 is my sister,269 my spouse;3618 a spring1530 shut up,5274 a fountain4599 sealed.2856

13  Thy plants7973 are an orchard6508 of pomegranates,7416 with5973 pleasant4022 fruits;6529 camphire,3724 with5973 spikenard,5373

14  Spikenard5373 and saffron;3750 calamus7070 and cinnamon,7076 with5973 all3605 trees6086 of frankincense;3828 myrrh4753 and aloes,174 with5973 all3605 the chief7218 spices:1314

15  A fountain4599 of gardens,1588 a well875 of living2416 waters,4325 and streams5140 from4480 Lebanon.3844

16  Awake,5782 O north6828 wind; and come,935 thou south;8486 blow upon6315 my garden,1588 that the spices1314 thereof may flow out.5140 Let my beloved1730 come935 into his garden,1588 and eat398 his pleasant4022 fruits.6529

Song of Solomon 5: 1-16

1  I am come935 into my garden,1588 my sister,269 my spouse:3618 I have gathered717 my myrrh4753 with5973 my spice;1313 I have eaten398 my honeycomb3293 with5973 my honey;1706 I have drunk8354 my wine3196 with5973 my milk:2461 eat,398 O friends;7453 drink,8354 yea, drink abundantly,7937 O beloved.1730

2  I589 sleep,3463 but my heart3820 waketh:5782 it is the voice6963 of my beloved1730 that knocketh,1849 saying, Open6605 to me, my sister,269 my love,7474 my dove,3123 my undefiled:8535 for my head7945 7218 is filled4390 with dew,2919 and my locks6977 with the drops7447 of the night.3915

3  I have put off6584 853 my coat;3801 how349 shall I put it on?3847 I have washed7364 853 my feet;7272 how349 shall I defile2936 them?

4  My beloved1730 put in7971 his hand3027 by4480 the hole2356 of the door, and my bowels4578 were moved1993 for5921 him.

5  I589 rose up6965 to open6605 to my beloved;1730 and my hands3027 dropped5197 with myrrh,4753 and my fingers676 with sweet smelling5674 myrrh,4753 upon5921 the handles3709 of the lock.4514

6  I589 opened6605 to my beloved;1730 but my beloved1730 had withdrawn2559 himself, and was gone:5674 my soul5315 failed3318 when he spoke:1696 I sought1245 him, but I could not3808 find4672 him; I called7121 him, but he gave me no answer.3808 6030

7  The watchmen8104 that went about5437 the city5892 found4672 me, they smote5221 me, they wounded6481 me; the keepers8104 of the walls2346 took away5375 853 my veil7289 from4480 5921 me.

8  I charge7650 you, O daughters1323 of Jerusalem,3389 if518 ye find4672 853 my beloved,1730 that4100 ye tell5046 him, that I589 am sick7945 2470 of love.160

9  What4100 is thy beloved1730 more than another beloved,4480 1730 O thou fairest3303 among women?802 what4100 is thy beloved1730 more than another beloved,4480 1730 that thou dost so7945 3602 charge7650 us?

10  My beloved1730 is white6703 and ruddy,122 the chiefest1713 among ten thousand.4480 7233

11  His head7218 is as the most3800 fine gold,6337 his locks6977 are bushy,8534 and black7838 as a raven.6158

12  His eyes5869 are as the eyes of doves3123 by5921 the rivers650 of waters,4325 washed7364 with milk,2461 and fitly set.4402 3427

13  His cheeks3895 are as a bed6170 of spices,1314 as sweet4840 flowers:4026 his lips8193 like lilies,7799 dropping5197 sweet smelling5674 myrrh.4753

14  His hands3027 are as gold2091 rings1550 set4390 with the beryl:8658 his belly4578 is as bright6247 ivory8127 overlaid5968 with sapphires.5601

15  His legs7785 are as pillars5982 of marble,8336 set3245 upon5921 sockets134 of fine gold:6337 his countenance4758 is as Lebanon,3844 excellent977 as the cedars.730

16  His mouth2441 is most sweet:4477 yea, he is altogether3605 lovely.4261 This2088 is my beloved,1730 and this2088 is my friend,7453 O daughters1323 of Jerusalem.3389

Song of Solomon 6: 1-13

1  Whither575 is thy beloved1730 gone,1980 O thou fairest3303 among women?802 whither575 is thy beloved1730 turned aside?6437 that we may seek1245 him with5973 thee.

2  My beloved1730 is gone down3381 into his garden,1588 to the beds6170 of spices,1314 to feed7462 in the gardens,1588 and to gather3950 lilies.7799

3  I589 am my beloved's,1730 and my beloved1730 is mine: he feedeth7462 among the lilies.7799

4  Thou859 art beautiful,3303 O my love,7474 as Tirzah,8656 comely5000 as Jerusalem,3389 terrible366 as an army with banners.1714

5  Turn away5437 thine eyes5869 from4480 5048 me, for they7945 1992 have overcome7292 me: thy hair8181 is as a flock5739 of goats5795 that appear7945 1570 from4480 Gilead.1568

6  Thy teeth8127 are as a flock5739 of sheep7353 which go up7945 5927 from4480 the washing,7367 whereof every one7945 3605 beareth twins,8382 and there is not369 one barren7909 among them.

7  As a piece6400 of a pomegranate7416 are thy temples7451 within4480 1157 thy locks.6777

8  There1992 are threescore8346 queens,4436 and fourscore8084 concubines,6370 and virgins5959 without369 number.4557

9  My dove,3123 my undefiled8535 is but one;259 she1931 is the only one259 of her mother,517 she1931 is the choice1249 one of her that bore3205 her. The daughters1323 saw7200 her, and blessed833 her; yea, the queens4436 and the concubines,6370 and they praised1984 her.

10  Who4310 is she2063 that looketh forth8259 as the morning,7837 fair3303 as the moon,3842 clear1249 as the sun,2535 and terrible366 as an army with banners?1713

11  I went down3381 into413 the garden1594 of nuts93 to see7200 the fruits3 of the valley,5158 and to see7200 whether the vine1612 flourished,6524 and the pomegranates7416 budded.5132

12  Or ever3808 I was aware,3045 my soul5315 made7760 me like the chariots4818 of Ammi-nadib.5971 5081

13  Return,7725 return,7725 O Shulamite;7759 return,7725 return,7725 that we may look2372 upon thee. What4100 will ye see2372 in the Shulamite?7759 As it were the company4246 of two armies.4264

Song of Solomon 7: 1-13

1  How4100 beautiful3302 are thy feet6471 with shoes,5275 O prince's5081 daughter!1323 the joints2542 of thy thighs3409 are like3644 jewels,2481 the work4639 of the hands3027 of a cunning workman.542

2  Thy navel8326 is like a round5469 goblet,101 which wanteth2637 not408 liquor:4197 thy belly990 is like a heap6194 of wheat2406 set about5473 with lilies.7799

3  Thy two8147 breasts7699 are like two8147 young6082 roes6646 that are twins.8380

4  Thy neck6677 is as a tower4026 of ivory;8127 thine eyes5869 like the fishpools1295 in Heshbon,2809 by5921 the gate8179 of Bathrabbim:1337 thy nose639 is as the tower4026 of Lebanon3844 which looketh6822 toward6440 Damascus.1834

5  Thine head7218 upon5921 thee is like Carmel,3760 and the hair1803 of thine head7218 like purple;713 the king4428 is held631 in the galleries.7298

6  How4100 fair3302 and how4100 pleasant5276 art thou, O love,160 for delights!8588

7  This2063 thy stature6967 is like1819 to a palm tree,8558 and thy breasts7699 to clusters811 of grapes.

8  I said,559 I will go up5927 to the palm tree,8558 I will take hold270 of the boughs5577 thereof: now4994 also thy breasts7699 shall be1961 as clusters811 of the vine,1612 and the smell7381 of thy nose639 like apples;8598

9  And the roof of thy mouth2441 like the best2896 wine3196 for my beloved,1730 that goeth1980 down sweetly,4339 causing the lips8193 of those that are asleep3463 to speak.1680

10  I589 am my beloved's,1730 and his desire8669 is toward5921 me.

11  Come,1980 my beloved,1730 let us go forth3318 into the field;7704 let us lodge3885 in the villages.3723

12  Let us get up early7925 to the vineyards;3754 let us see7200 if518 the vine1612 flourish,6524 whether the tender grape5563 appear,6524 and the pomegranates7416 bud forth:5132 there8033 will I give5414 thee 853 my loves.1730

13  The mandrakes1736 give5414 a smell,7381 and at5921 our gates6607 are all manner3605 of pleasant4022 fruits, new2319 and1571 old,3465 which I have laid up6845 for thee, O my beloved.1730

Song of Solomon 8: 1-14

1  O that4310 5414 thou wast as my brother,251 that sucked3243 the breasts7699 of my mother!517 when I should find4672 thee without,2351 I would kiss5401 thee; yea,1571 I should not3808 be despised.936

2  I would lead5090 thee, and bring935 thee into413 my mother's517 house,1004 who would instruct3925 me: I would cause thee to drink8248 of spiced7544 wine4480 3196 of the juice4480 6071 of my pomegranate.7416

3  His left hand8040 should be under8478 my head,7218 and his right hand3225 should embrace2263 me.

4  I charge7650 you, O daughters1323 of Jerusalem,3389 that4100 ye stir not up,5782 nor4100 awake5782 853 my love,160 until5704 he please.7945 2654

5  Who4310 is this2063 that cometh up5927 from4480 the wilderness,4057 leaning7514 upon5921 her beloved?1730 I raised thee up5782 under8478 the apple tree:8598 there8033 thy mother517 brought thee forth:2254 there8033 she brought thee forth2254 that bore3205 thee.

6  Set7760 me as a seal2368 upon5921 thine heart,3820 as a seal2368 upon5921 thine arm:2220 for3588 love160 is strong5794 as death;4194 jealousy7068 is cruel7186 as the grave:7585 the coals7565 thereof are coals7565 of fire,784 which hath a most vehement flame.7957

7  Many7227 waters4325 cannot3808 3201 853 quench3518 love,160 neither3808 can the floods5104 drown7857 it: if518 a man376 would give5414 853 all3605 the substance1952 of his house1004 for love,160 it would utterly be contemned.936 936

8  We have a little6996 sister,269 and she hath no369 breasts:7699 what4100 shall we do6213 for our sister269 in the day3117 when she shall be spoken for?7945 1696

9  If518 she1931 be a wall,2346 we will build1129 upon5921 her a palace2918 of silver:3701 and if518 she1931 be a door,1817 we will enclose6696 5921 her with boards3871 of cedar.730

10  I589 am a wall,2346 and my breasts7699 like towers:4026 then227 was1961 I in his eyes5869 as one that found4672 favor.7965

11  Solomon8010 had1961 a vineyard3754 at Baal-hamon;1174 he let out5414 853 the vineyard3754 unto keepers;5201 every one376 for the fruit6529 thereof was to bring935 a thousand505 pieces of silver.3701

12  My vineyard,3754 which is mine,7945 is before6440 me: thou, O Solomon,8010 must have a thousand,505 and those that keep5201 853 the fruit6529 thereof two hundred.3967

13  Thou that dwellest3427 in the gardens,1588 the companions2270 hearken7181 to thy voice:6963 cause me to hear8085 it.

14  Make haste,1272 my beloved,1730 and be thou like1819 to a roe6643 or176 to a young6082 hart354 upon5921 the mountains2022 of spices.1314


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