King James Version 1611 - 1769





Jonah 1: 1-17

1  Now the word1697 of the LORD3068 came1961 unto413 Jonah3124 the son1121 of Amittai,573 saying,559

2  Arise,6965 go1980 to413 Nineveh,5210 that great1419 city,5892 and cry7121 against5921 it; for3588 their wickedness7451 is come up5927 before6440 me.

3  But Jonah3124 rose up6965 to flee1272 unto Tarshish8659 from the presence4480 6440 of the LORD,3068 and went down3381 to Joppa;3305 and he found4672 a ship591 going935 to Tarshish:8659 so he paid5414 the fare7939 thereof, and went down3381 into it, to go935 with5973 them unto Tarshish8659 from the presence4480 6440 of the LORD.3068

4  But the LORD3068 sent out2904 a great1419 wind7307 into413 the sea,3220 and there was1961 a mighty1419 tempest5591 in the sea,3220 so that the ship591 was like2803 to be broken.7665

5  Then the mariners4419 were afraid,3372 and cried2199 every man376 unto413 his god,430 and cast forth2904 853 the wares3627 that834 were in the ship591 into413 the sea,3220 to lighten7043 it of4480 5921 them. But Jonah3124 was gone down3381 into413 the sides3411 of the ship;5600 and he lay,7901 and was fast asleep.7290

6  So the shipmaster7227 2259 came7126 to413 him, and said559 unto him, What4100 meanest thou, O sleeper?7290 arise,6965 call7121 upon413 thy God,430 if so be194 that God430 will think6245 upon us, that we perish6 not.3808

7  And they said559 every one376 to413 his fellow,7453 Come,1980 and let us cast5307 lots,1486 that we may know3045 for whose cause7945 4310 this2063 evil7451 is upon us. So they cast5307 lots,1486 and the lot1486 fell5307 upon5921 Jonah.3124

8  Then said559 they unto413 him, Tell5046 us, we pray thee,4994 for whose cause834 4310 this2063 evil7451 is upon us; What4100 is thine occupation?4399 and whence4480 370 comest935 thou? what4100 is thy country?776 and of what335 4480 2088 people5971 art thou?859

9  And he said559 unto413 them, I595 am a Hebrew;5680 and I589 fear3372 the LORD,3068 the God430 of heaven,8064 which834 hath made6213 853 the sea3220 and the dry3004 land.

10  Then were the men376 exceedingly1419 afraid,3372 3374 and said559 unto413 him, Why4100 hast thou done6213 this?2063 For3588 the men376 knew3045 that3588 he1931 fled1272 from the presence4480 6440 of the LORD,3068 because3588 he had told5046 them.

11  Then said559 they unto413 him, What4100 shall we do6213 unto thee, that the sea3220 may be calm8367 unto4480 5921 us? for3588 the sea3220 wrought,1980 and was tempestuous.5590

12  And he said559 unto413 them, Take me up,5375 and cast me forth2904 into413 the sea;3220 so shall the sea3220 be calm8367 unto4480 5921 you: for3588 I589 know3045 that3588 for my sake7945 this2088 great1419 tempest5591 is upon5921 you.

13  Nevertheless the men376 rowed2864 hard to bring7725 it to413 the land;3004 but they could3201 not:3808 for3588 the sea3220 wrought,1980 and was tempestuous5590 against5921 them.

14  Wherefore they cried7121 unto413 the LORD,3068 and said,559 We beseech thee,4994 O LORD,3068 we beseech thee,577 let us not408 perish6 for this2088 man's376 life,5315 and lay5414 not408 upon5921 us innocent5355 blood:1818 for3588 thou,859 O LORD,3068 hast done6213 as834 it pleased2654 thee.

15  So they took up5375 853 Jonah,3124 and cast him forth2904 into413 the sea:3220 and the sea3220 ceased5975 from her raging.4480 2197

16  Then the men376 feared3372 3374 853 the LORD3068 exceedingly,1419 and offered2076 a sacrifice2077 unto the LORD,3068 and made5087 vows.5088

17  Now the LORD3068 had prepared4487 a great1419 fish1709 to swallow up1104 853 Jonah.3124 And Jonah3124 was1961 in the belly4578 of the fish1709 three7969 days3117 and three7969 nights.3915

Jonah 2: 1-10

1  Then Jonah3124 prayed6419 unto413 the LORD3068 his God430 out of the fish's1710 belly,4480 4578

2  And said,559 I cried7121 by reason of mine affliction4480 6869 unto413 the LORD,3068 and he heard6030 me; out of the belly4480 990 of hell7585 cried7768 I, and thou heardest8085 my voice.6963

3  For thou hadst cast7993 me into the deep,4688 in the midst3824 of the seas;3220 and the floods5104 compassed me about:5437 all3605 thy billows4867 and thy waves1530 passed5674 over5921 me.

4  Then I589 said,559 I am cast out1644 of4480 5048 thy sight;5869 yet389 I will look5027 again3254 toward413 thy holy6944 temple.1964

5  The waters4325 compassed me about,661 even to5704 the soul:5315 the depth8415 closed me round about,5437 the weeds5488 were wrapped2280 about my head.7218

6  I went down3381 to the bottoms7095 of the mountains;2022 the earth776 with her bars1280 was about1157 me forever:5769 yet hast thou brought up5927 my life2416 from corruption,4480 7845 O LORD3068 my God.430

7  When my soul5315 fainted5848 within5921 me I remembered2142 853 the LORD:3068 and my prayer8605 came in935 unto413 thee, into413 thine holy6944 temple.1964

8  They that observe8104 lying7723 vanities1892 forsake5800 their own mercy.2617

9  But I589 will sacrifice2076 unto thee with the voice6963 of thanksgiving;8426 I will pay7999 that that834 I have vowed.5087 Salvation3444 is of the LORD.3068

10  And the LORD3068 spoke559 unto the fish,1709 and it vomited out6958 853 Jonah3124 upon413 the dry3004 land.

Jonah 3: 1-10

1  And the word1697 of the LORD3068 came1961 unto413 Jonah3124 the second time,8145 saying,559

2  Arise,6965 go1980 unto413 Nineveh,5210 that great1419 city,5892 and preach7121 unto413 it 853 the preaching7150 that834 I595 bid1696 413 thee.

3  So Jonah3124 arose,6965 and went1980 unto413 Nineveh,5210 according to the word1697 of the LORD.3068 Now Nineveh5210 was1961 an exceeding430 great1419 city5892 of three7969 days'3117 journey.4109

4  And Jonah3124 began2490 to enter935 into the city5892 a259 day's3117 journey,4109 and he cried,7121 and said,559 Yet5750 forty705 days,3117 and Nineveh5210 shall be overthrown.2015

5  So the people376 of Nineveh5210 believed539 God,430 and proclaimed7121 a fast,6685 and put on3847 sackcloth,8242 from the greatest4480 1419 of them even to5704 the least6996 of them.

6  For word1697 came5060 unto413 the king4428 of Nineveh,5210 and he arose6965 from his throne,4480 3678 and he laid5674 his robe155 from4480 5921 him, and covered3680 him with sackcloth,8242 and sat3427 in5921 ashes.665

7  And he caused it to be proclaimed2199 and published559 through Nineveh5210 by the decree4480 2940 of the king4428 and his nobles,1419 saying,559 Let neither408 man120 nor beast,929 herd1241 nor flock,6629 taste2938 any thing:3972 let them not408 feed,7462 nor408 drink8354 water:4325

8  But let man120 and beast929 be covered3680 with sackcloth,8242 and cry7121 mightily2394 unto413 God:430 yea, let them turn7725 every one376 from his evil7451 way,4480 1870 and from4480 the violence2555 that834 is in their hands.3709

9  Who4310 can tell3045 if God430 will turn7725 and repent,5162 and turn away7725 from his fierce4480 2740 anger,639 that we perish6 not?3808

10  And God430 saw7200 853 their works,4639 that3588 they turned7725 from their evil7451 way;4480 1870 and God430 repented5162 of5921 the evil,7451 that834 he had said1696 that he would do6213 unto them; and he did6213 it not.3808

Jonah 4: 1-11

1  But it displeased7489 413 Jonah3124 exceedingly,7451 1419 and he was very angry.2734

2  And he prayed6419 unto413 the LORD,3068 and said,559 I pray thee,577 O LORD,3068 was not3808 this2088 my saying,1697 when I was1961 yet5704 in5921 my country?127 Therefore5921 3651 I fled1272 before6923 unto Tarshish:8659 for3588 I knew3045 that3588 thou859 art a gracious2587 God,410 and merciful,7349 slow750 to anger,639 and of great7227 kindness,2617 and repentest5162 thee of5921 the evil.7451

3  Therefore now,6258 O LORD,3068 take,3947 I beseech thee,4994 853 my life5315 from4480 me; for3588 it is better2896 for me to die4194 than to live.4480 2416

4  Then said559 the LORD,3068 Doest thou well3190 to be angry?2734

5  So Jonah3124 went out3318 of4480 the city,5892 and sat3427 on the east side4480 6924 of the city,5892 and there8033 made6213 him a booth,5521 and sat3427 under8478 it in the shadow,6738 till5704 he might see7200 what4100 would become1961 of the city.5892

6  And the LORD3068 God430 prepared4487 a gourd,7021 and made it to come up5927 over4480 5921 Jonah,3124 that it might be1961 a shadow6738 over5921 his head,7218 to deliver5337 him from his grief.4480 7451 So Jonah3124 was8055 exceeding glad1419 8057 of5921 the gourd.7021

7  But God430 prepared4487 a worm8438 when the morning7837 rose5927 the next day,4283 and it smote5221 853 the gourd7021 that it withered.3001

8  And it came to pass,1961 when the sun8121 did arise,2224 that God430 prepared4487 a vehement2759 east6921 wind;7307 and the sun8121 beat5221 upon5921 the head7218 of Jonah,3124 that he fainted,5968 and wished7592 in854 himself5315 to die,4191 and said,559 It is better2896 for me to die4194 than to live.4480 2416

9  And God430 said559 to413 Jonah,3124 Doest thou well3190 to be angry2734 for5921 the gourd?7021 And he said,559 I do well3190 to be angry,2734 even unto5704 death.4194

10  Then said559 the LORD,3068 Thou859 hast had pity2347 on5921 the gourd,7021 for the which834 thou hast not3808 labored,5998 neither3808 madest it grow;1431 which came up1961 in7945 1121 a night,3915 and perished6 in1121 a night:3915

11  And should not3808 I589 spare2347 5921 Nineveh,5210 that great1419 city,5892 wherein834 are3426 more7235 than sixscore thousand4480 8147 6240 7239 persons120 that834 cannot3808 discern3045 between996 their right hand3225 and their left hand;8040 and also much7227 cattle?929


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