King James Version 1611 - 1769





1 Thessalonians 1: 1-10

1  Paul, 3972 and2532 Silvanus,4610 and2532 Timothy,5095 unto the3588 church1577 of the Thessalonians2331 which is in1722 God2316 the Father3962 and2532 in the Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ:5547 Grace5485 be unto you,5213 and2532 peace,1515 from575 God2316 our2257 Father,3962 and2532 the Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ.5547

2  We give thanks2168 to God2316 always3842 for4012 you5216 all,3956 making4160 mention3417 of you5216 in1909 our2257 prayers;4335

3  Remembering3421 without ceasing89 your5216 work2041 of faith,4102 and2532 labor2873 of love,26 and2532 patience5281 of hope1680 in our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 in the sight1715 of God2316 and2532 our2257 Father;3962

4  Knowing,1492 brethren80 beloved,25 your5216 election1589 of5259 God.2316

5  For3754 our2257 gospel2098 came1096 not3756 unto1519 you5209 in1722 word3056 only,3440 but235 also2532 in1722 power,1411 and2532 in1722 the Holy40 Ghost,4151 and2532 in1722 much4183 assurance;4136 as2531 ye know1492 what manner of men3634 we were1096 among1722 you5213 for your sake.1223 5209

6  And2532 ye5210 became1096 followers3402 of us,2257 and2532 of the3588 Lord,2962 having received1209 the3588 word3056 in1722 much4183 affliction,2347 with3326 joy5479 of the Holy40 Ghost:4151

7  So that5620 ye5209 were1096 examples5179 to all3956 that believe4100 in1722 Macedonia3109 and2532 Achaia.882

8  For1063 from575 you5216 sounded out1837 the3588 word3056 of the3588 Lord2962 not3756 only3440 in1722 Macedonia3109 and2532 Achaia,882 but235 also2532 in1722 every3956 place5117 your5216 faith4102 to4314 God-ward2316 is spread abroad;1831 so that5620 we2248 need2192 5532 not3361 to speak2980 any thing.5100

9  For1063 they846 themselves show518 of4012 us2257 what manner3697 of entering in1529 we had2192 unto4314 you,5209 and2532 how4459 ye turned1994 to4314 God2316 from575 idols1497 to serve1398 the living2198 and2532 true228 God;2316

10  And2532 to wait for362 his846 Son5207 from1537 heaven,3772 whom3739 he raised1453 from1537 the dead,3498 even Jesus,2424 which delivered4506 us2248 from575 the3588 wrath3709 to come.2064

1 Thessalonians 2: 1-20

1  For1063 yourselves,846 brethren,80 know1492 our2257 entrance in1529 unto4314 you,5209 that3754 it was1096 not3756 in vain:2756

2  But235 even2532 after that we had suffered before,4310 and2532 were shamefully entreated,5195 as2531 ye know,1492 at1722 Philippi,5375 we were bold3955 in1722 our2257 God2316 to speak2980 unto4314 you5209 the3588 gospel2098 of God2316 with1722 much4183 contention.73

3  For1063 our2257 exhortation3874 was not3756 of1537 deceit,4106 nor3761 of1537 uncleanness,167 nor3777 in1722 guile:1388

4  But235 as2531 we were allowed1381 of5259 God2316 to be put in trust4100 with the3588 gospel,2098 even so3779 we speak;2980 not3756 as5613 pleasing700 men,444 but235 God,2316 which trieth1381 our2257 hearts.2588

5  For1063 neither3777 at any time4218 used we flattering words,1096 1722 3056 2850 as2531 ye know,1492 nor3777 a cloak4392 of covetousness;4124 God2316 is witness:3144

6  Nor3777 of1537 men444 sought2212 we glory,1391 neither3777 of575 you,5216 nor3777 yet of575 others,243 when we might1410 have been1511 burdensome,1722 922 as5613 the apostles652 of Christ.5547

7  But235 we were1096 gentle2261 among1722 3319 you,5216 even as5613 302 a nurse5162 cherisheth2282 her1438 children:5043

8  So3779 being affectionately desirous2442 of you,5216 we were willing2106 to have imparted3330 unto you,5213 not3756 the3588 gospel2098 of God2316 only,3440 but235 also2532 our own1438 souls,5590 because1360 ye were1096 dear27 unto us.2254

9  For1063 ye remember,3421 brethren,80 our2257 labor2873 and2532 travail:3449 for1063 laboring2038 night3571 and2532 day,2250 because we would not3361 be chargable1912 unto any5100 of you,5216 we preached2784 unto1519 you5209 the3588 gospel2098 of God.2316

10  Ye5210 are witnesses,3144 and2532 God2316 also, how5613 holily3743 and2532 justly1346 and2532 unblamably274 we behaved ourselves1096 among you5213 that believe:4100

11  As2509 ye know1492 how5613 we exhorted3870 5209 and2532 comforted3888 and2532 charged3140 every1538 one1520 of you,5216 as5613 a father3962 doth his1438 children,5043

12  That ye5209 would walk4043 worthy516 of God,2316 who hath called2564 you5209 unto1519 his1438 kingdom932 and2532 glory.1391

13  For this cause1223 5124 also2532 thank2168 we2249 God2316 without ceasing,89 because,3754 when ye received3880 the word3056 of God2316 which ye heard189 of3844 us,2257 ye received1209 it not3756 as the word3056 of men,444 but235 as2531 it is2076 in truth,230 the word3056 of God,2316 which3739 effectually worketh1754 also2532 in1722 you5213 that believe.4100

14  For1063 ye,5210 brethren,80 became1096 followers3402 of the3588 churches1577 of God2316 which in1722 Judea2449 are5607 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus:2424 for3754 ye5210 also2532 have suffered3958 like things5024 of5259 your own2398 countrymen,4853 even as2531 they846 have2532 of5259 the3588 Jews:2453

15  Who both killed615 2532 the3588 Lord2962 Jesus,2424 and2532 their own2398 prophets,4396 and2532 have persecuted1559 us;2248 and2532 they please700 not3361 God,2316 and2532 are contrary1727 to all3956 men:444

16  Forbidding2967 us2248 to speak2980 to the3588 Gentiles1484 that2443 they might be saved,4982 to fill up378 their848 sins266 always:3842 for1161 the3588 wrath3709 is come5348 upon1909 them846 to1519 the uttermost.5056

17  But1161 we,2249 brethren,80 being taken642 from575 you5216 for4314 a short time5610 2540 in presence,4383 not3756 in heart,2588 endeavored4704 the more abundantly4056 to see1492 your5216 face4383 with1722 great4183 desire.1939

18  Wherefore1352 we would2309 have come2064 unto4314 you,5209 even3303 I1473 Paul,3972 2532 once and again;530 2532 1364 but2532 Satan4567 hindered1465 us.2248

19  For1063 what5101 is our2257 hope,1680 or2228 joy,5479 or2228 crown4735 of rejoicing?2746 Are2228 not3780 even2532 ye5210 in the presence1715 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ5547 at1722 his846 coming?3952

20  For1063 ye5210 are2075 our2257 glory1391 and2532 joy.5479

1 Thessalonians 3: 1-13

1  Wherefore1352 when we could no longer3371 forbear,4722 we thought it good2106 to be left2641 at1722 Athens116 alone;3441

2  And2532 sent3992 Timothy,5095 our2257 brother,80 and2532 minister1249 of God,2316 and2532 our2257 fellow laborer4904 in1722 the3588 gospel2098 of Christ,5547 to establish4741 you,5209 and2532 to comfort3870 you5209 concerning4012 your5216 faith:4102

3  That no man3367 should be moved4525 by1722 these5025 afflictions:2347 for1063 yourselves846 know1492 that3754 we are appointed2749 thereunto.1519 5124

4  For1063 verily,2532 when3753 we were2258 with4314 you,5209 we told you before4302 5213 that3754 we should3195 suffer tribulation;2346 even2532 as2531 it came to pass,1096 and2532 ye know.1492

5  For this cause,1223 5124 when I2504 could no longer3371 forbear,4722 I sent3992 to know1097 your5216 faith,4102 lest by some means3381 the3588 tempter3985 have tempted3985 you,5209 and2532 our2257 labor2873 be1096 in1519 vain.2756

6  But1161 now737 when Timothy5095 came2064 from575 you5216 unto4314 us,2248 and2532 brought us good tidings2097 2254 of your5216 faith4102 and2532 charity,26 and2532 that3754 ye have2192 good18 remembrance3417 of us2257 always,3842 desiring greatly1971 to see1492 us,2248 as2509 we2249 also2532 to see you:5209

7  Therefore,1223 5124 brethren,80 we were comforted3870 over1909 you5213 in1909 all3956 our2257 affliction2347 and2532 distress318 by1223 your5216 faith:4102

8  For3754 now3568 we live,2198 if1437 ye5210 stand fast4739 in1722 the Lord.2962

9  For1063 what5101 thanks2169 can1410 we render to God again467 2316 for4012 you,5216 for1909 all3956 the3588 joy5479 wherewith3739 we joy5463 for your sakes1223 5209 before1715 our2257 God;2316

10  Night3571 and2532 day2250 praying1189 exceedingly5228 1537 4053 that we might see1492 your5216 face,4383 and2532 might perfect2675 that which is lacking5303 in your5216 faith?4102

11  Now1161 God2316 himself846 and2532 our2257 Father,3962 and2532 our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547 direct2720 our2257 way3598 unto4314 you.5209

12  And1161 the3588 Lord2962 make you to increase4121 5209 and2532 abound4052 in love26 one toward another,240 1519 and2532 toward1519 all3956 men, even2532 as2509 we2249 do toward1519 you:5209

13  To the end he may establish4741 your5216 hearts2588 unblamable273 in1722 holiness42 before1715 God,2316 even2532 our2257 Father,3962 at1722 the3588 coming3952 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ5547 with3326 all3956 his846 saints.40

1 Thessalonians 4: 1-18

1  Furthermore3063 then3767 we beseech2065 you,5209 brethren,80 and2532 exhort3870 you by1722 the Lord2962 Jesus,2424 that as2531 ye have received3880 of3844 us2257 how4459 ye5209 ought1163 to walk4043 and2532 to please700 God,2316 so ye would2443 abound4052 more and more.3123

2  For1063 ye know1492 what5101 commandments3852 we gave1325 you5213 by1223 the3588 Lord2962 Jesus.2424

3  For1063 this5124 is2076 the will2307 of God,2316 even your5216 sanctification,38 that ye5209 should abstain567 from575 fornication:4202

4  That every one1538 of you5216 should know1492 how to possess2932 his1438 vessel4632 in1722 sanctification38 and2532 honor;5092

5  Not3361 in1722 the lust3806 of concupiscence,1939 even2532 as2509 the3588 Gentiles1484 which know1492 not3361 God:2316

6  That no3361 man go beyond5233 and2532 defraud4122 his848 brother80 in1722 any matter:4229 because that1360 the3588 Lord2962 is the avenger1558 of4012 all3956 such,5130 as2531 we also2532 have forewarned4277 you5213 and2532 testified.1263

7  For1063 God2316 hath not3756 called2564 us2248 unto1909 uncleanness,167 but235 unto1722 holiness.38

8  He therefore that despiseth,114 5105 despiseth114 not3756 man,444 but235 God,2316 who hath also given1325 2532 unto1519 us2248 his848 Holy40 Spirit.4151

9  But1161 as touching4012 brotherly love5360 ye need2192 5532 not3756 that I write1125 unto you:5213 for1063 ye5210 yourselves846 are2075 taught of God2312 to1519 love25 one another.240

10  And1063 indeed2532 ye do4160 it846 toward1519 all3956 the3588 brethren80 which3588 are in1722 all3650 Macedonia:3109 but1161 we beseech3870 you,5209 brethren,80 that ye increase4052 more and more;3123

11  And2532 that ye study5389 to be quiet,2270 and2532 to do your own business,4238 2398 and2532 to work2038 with your5216 own2398 hands,5495 as2531 we commanded3853 you;5213

12  That2443 ye may walk4043 honestly2156 toward4314 them that are without,1854 and2532 that ye may have2192 lack5532 of nothing.3367

13  But1161 I would2309 not3756 have you5209 to be ignorant,50 brethren,80 concerning4012 them which are asleep,2837 that2443 ye sorrow3076 not,3361 even2532 as2531 others3062 which have2192 no3361 hope.1680

14  For1063 if1487 we believe4100 that3754 Jesus2424 died599 and2532 rose again,450 even so3779 them also which sleep2837 2532 in1223 Jesus2424 will God2316 bring71 with4862 him.846

15  For1063 this5124 we say3004 unto you5213 by1722 the word3056 of the Lord,2962 that3754 we2249 which are alive2198 and remain4035 unto1519 the3588 coming3952 of the3588 Lord2962 shall not3364 prevent5348 them which are asleep.2837

16  For3754 the3588 Lord2962 himself846 shall descend2597 from575 heaven3772 with1722 a shout,2752 with1722 the voice5456 of the archangel,743 and2532 with1722 the trump4536 of God:2316 and2532 the3588 dead3498 in1722 Christ5547 shall rise450 first:4412

17  Then1899 we2249 which are alive2198 and remain4035 shall be caught up726 together260 with4862 them846 in1722 the clouds3507 to meet1519 529 the3588 Lord2962 in1519 the air:109 and2532 so3779 shall we ever3842 be2071 with4862 the Lord.2962

18  Wherefore5620 comfort3870 one another240 with1722 these5125 words.3056

1 Thessalonians 5: 1-28

1  But1161 of4012 the3588 times5550 and2532 the3588 seasons,2540 brethren,80 ye have2192 no3756 need5532 that I write1125 unto you.5213

2  For1063 yourselves846 know1492 perfectly199 that3754 the3588 day2250 of the Lord2962 so3779 cometh2064 as5613 a thief2812 in1722 the night.3571

3  For1063 when3752 they shall say,3004 Peace1515 and2532 safety;803 then5119 sudden160 destruction3639 cometh upon2186 them,846 as5618 travail5604 upon a woman with child;2192 1722 1064 and2532 they shall not3364 escape.1628

4  But1161 ye,5210 brethren,80 are2075 not3756 in1722 darkness,4655 that2443 that day2250 should overtake2638 you5209 as5613 a thief.2812

5  Ye5210 are2075 all3956 the children5207 of light,5457 and2532 the children5207 of the day:2250 we are2070 not3756 of the night,3571 nor3761 of darkness.4655

6  Therefore686 3767 let us not3361 sleep,2518 as5613 do2532 others;3062 but235 let us watch1127 and2532 be sober.3525

7  For1063 they that sleep2518 sleep2518 in the night;3571 and2532 they that be drunken3182 are drunken3184 in the night.3571

8  But1161 let us,2249 who are5607 of the day,2250 be sober,3525 putting on1746 the breastplate2382 of faith4102 and2532 love;26 and2532 for a helmet,4030 the hope1680 of salvation.4991

9  For3754 God2316 hath not3756 appointed5087 us2248 to1519 wrath,3709 but235 to obtain1519 4047 salvation4991 by1223 our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ,5547

10  Who died599 for5228 us,2257 that,2443 whether1535 we wake1127 or1535 sleep,2518 we should live2198 together260 with4862 him.846

11  Wherefore1352 comfort3870 yourselves together,240 and2532 edify3618 one another,1520 1520 even as2531 also2532 ye do.4160

12  And1161 we beseech2065 you,5209 brethren,80 to know1492 them which labor2872 among1722 you,5213 and2532 are over4291 you5216 in1722 the Lord,2962 and2532 admonish3560 you;5209

13  And2532 to esteem2233 them846 very highly5228 1537 4053 in1722 love26 for their work's sake.1223 846 2041 And be at peace1514 among1722 yourselves.1438

14  Now1161 we exhort3870 you,5209 brethren,80 warn3560 them that are unruly,813 comfort3888 the3588 feebleminded,3642 support472 the3588 weak,772 be patient3114 toward4314 all3956 men.

15  See3708 that none5100 3361 render591 evil2556 for473 evil2556 unto any5100 man; but235 ever3842 follow1377 that which is good,18 both2532 among1519 yourselves,240 and2532 to1519 all3956 men.

16  Rejoice5463 evermore.3842

17  Pray4336 without ceasing.89

18  In1722 every thing3956 give thanks:2168 for1063 this5124 is the will2307 of God2316 in1722 Christ5547 Jesus2424 concerning1519 you.5209

19  Quench4570 not3361 the3588 Spirit.4151

20  Despise1848 not3361 prophesyings.4394

21  Prove1381 all things;3956 hold fast2722 that which is good.2570

22  Abstain567 from575 all3956 appearance1491 of evil.4190

23  And1161 the3588 very846 God2316 of peace1515 sanctify37 you5209 wholly;3651 and2532 I pray God your5216 whole3648 spirit4151 and2532 soul5590 and2532 body4983 be preserved5083 blameless274 unto1722 the3588 coming3952 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ.5547

24  Faithful4103 is he that calleth2564 you,5209 who3739 also2532 will do4160 it.

25  Brethren,80 pray4336 for4012 us.2257

26  Greet782 all3956 the3588 brethren80 with1722 a holy40 kiss.5370

27  I charge3726 you5209 by the3588 Lord2962 that this epistle1992 be read314 unto all3956 the3588 holy40 brethren.80

28  The3588 grace5485 of our2257 Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ5547 be with3326 you.5216 Amen.281


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Source; leVigilant.com - jean leDuc


Source: LeVigilant.com — Jean leDuc