King James Version 1611 - 1769





Joel 1: 1-20

1  The word1697 of the LORD3068 that834 came1961 to413 Joel3100 the son1121 of Pethuel.6602

2  Hear8085 this,2063 ye old men,2205 and give ear,238 all3605 ye inhabitants3427 of the land.776 Hath this2063 been1961 in your days,3117 or even518 in the days3117 of your fathers?1

3  Tell5608 ye your children1121 of5921 it, and let your children1121 tell their children,1121 and their children1121 another312 generation.1755

4  That which the palmerworm1501 hath left3499 hath the locust697 eaten;398 and that which the locust697 hath left3499 hath the cankerworm3218 eaten;398 and that which the cankerworm3218 hath left3499 hath the caterpillar2625 eaten.398

5  Awake,6974 ye drunkards,7910 and weep;1058 and howl,3213 all3605 ye drinkers8354 of wine,3196 because of5921 the new wine;6071 for3588 it is cut off3772 from your mouth.4480 6310

6  For3588 a nation1471 is come up5927 upon5921 my land,776 strong,6099 and without369 number,4557 whose teeth8127 are the teeth8127 of a lion,738 and he hath the cheek teeth4973 of a great lion.3833

7  He hath laid7760 my vine1612 waste,8047 and barked7111 my fig tree:8384 he hath made it clean bare,2834 2834 and cast it away;7993 the branches8299 thereof are made white.3835

8  Lament421 like a virgin1330 girded2296 with sackcloth8242 for5921 the husband1167 of her youth.5271

9  The meat offering4503 and the drink offering5262 is cut off3772 from the house4480 1004 of the LORD;3068 the priests,3548 the LORD's3068 ministers,8334 mourn.56

10  The field7704 is wasted,7703 the land127 mourneth;56 for3588 the corn1715 is wasted:7703 the new wine8492 is dried up,3001 the oil3323 languisheth.535

11  Be ye ashamed,954 O ye husbandmen;406 howl,3213 O ye vinedressers,3755 for5921 the wheat2406 and for5921 the barley;8184 because3588 the harvest7105 of the field7704 is perished.6

12  The vine1612 is dried up,3001 and the fig tree8384 languisheth;535 the pomegranate tree,7416 the palm tree8558 also,1571 and the apple tree,8598 even all3605 the trees6086 of the field,7704 are withered:3001 because3588 joy8342 is withered away3001 from4480 the sons1121 of men.120

13  Gird2296 yourselves, and lament,5594 ye priests:3548 howl,3213 ye ministers8334 of the altar:4196 come,935 lie all night3885 in sackcloth,8242 ye ministers8334 of my God:430 for3588 the meat offering4503 and the drink offering5262 is withheld4513 from the house4480 1004 of your God.430

14  Sanctify6942 ye a fast,6685 call7121 a solemn assembly,6116 gather622 the elders2205 and all3605 the inhabitants3427 of the land776 into the house1004 of the LORD3068 your God,430 and cry2199 unto413 the LORD,3068

15  Alas162 for the day!3117 for3588 the day3117 of the LORD3068 is at hand,7138 and as a destruction7701 from the Almighty4480 7706 shall it come.935

16  Is not3808 the meat400 cut off3772 before5048 our eyes,5869 yea, joy8057 and gladness1524 from the house4480 1004 of our God?430

17  The seed6507 is rotten5685 under8478 their clods,4053 the garners214 are laid desolate,8074 the barns4460 are broken down;2040 for3588 the corn1715 is withered.3001

18  How4100 do the beasts929 groan!584 the herds5739 of cattle1241 are perplexed,943 because3588 they have no369 pasture;4829 yea,1571 the flocks5739 of sheep6629 are made desolate.816

19  O LORD,3068 to413 thee will I cry:7121 for3588 the fire784 hath devoured398 the pastures4999 of the wilderness,4057 and the flame3852 hath burned3857 all3605 the trees6086 of the field.7704

20  The beasts929 of the field7704 cry6165 also1571 unto413 thee: for3588 the rivers650 of waters4325 are dried up,3001 and the fire784 hath devoured398 the pastures4999 of the wilderness.4057

Joel 2: 1-32

1  Blow8628 ye the trumpet7782 in Zion,6726 and sound an alarm7321 in my holy6944 mountain:2022 let all3605 the inhabitants3427 of the land776 tremble:7264 for3588 the day3117 of the LORD3068 cometh,935 for3588 it is nigh at hand;7138

2  A day3117 of darkness2822 and of gloominess,653 a day3117 of clouds6051 and of thick darkness,6205 as the morning7837 spread6566 upon5921 the mountains:2022 a great7227 people5971 and a strong;6099 there hath not3808 been1961 ever4480 5769 the like,3644 neither3808 shall be any more3254 after310 it, even to5704 the years8141 of many generations.1755 1755

3  A fire784 devoureth398 before6440 them; and behind310 them a flame3852 burneth:3857 the land776 is as the garden1588 of Eden5731 before6440 them, and behind310 them a desolate8077 wilderness;4057 yea,1571 and nothing3808 shall escape1961 6413 them.

4  The appearance4758 of them is as the appearance4758 of horses;5483 and as horsemen,6571 so3651 shall they run.7323

5  Like the noise6963 of chariots4818 on5921 the tops7218 of mountains2022 shall they leap,7540 like the noise6963 of a flame3851 of fire784 that devoureth398 the stubble,7179 as a strong6099 people5971 set in battle array.6186 4421

6  Before their face4480 6440 the people5971 shall be much pained:2342 all3605 faces6440 shall gather6908 blackness.6289

7  They shall run7323 like mighty men;1368 they shall climb5927 the wall2346 like men376 of war;4421 and they shall march1980 every one376 on his ways,1870 and they shall not3808 break5670 their ranks:734

8  Neither3808 shall one376 thrust1766 another;251 they shall walk1980 every one1397 in his path:4546 and when they fall5307 upon1157 the sword,7973 they shall not3808 be wounded.1214

9  They shall run to and fro8264 in the city;5892 they shall run7323 upon the wall,2346 they shall climb up5927 upon the houses;1004 they shall enter in935 at1157 the windows2474 like a thief.1590

10  The earth776 shall quake7264 before6440 them; the heavens8064 shall tremble:7493 the sun8121 and the moon3394 shall be dark,6937 and the stars3556 shall withdraw622 their shining:5051

11  And the LORD3068 shall utter5414 his voice6963 before6440 his army:2428 for3588 his camp4264 is very3966 great:7227 for3588 he is strong6099 that executeth6213 his word:1697 for3588 the day3117 of the LORD3068 is great1419 and very3966 terrible;3372 and who4310 can abide3557 it?

12  Therefore also1571 now,6258 saith5002 the LORD,3068 turn7725 ye even to5704 me with all3605 your heart,3824 and with fasting,6685 and with weeping,1065 and with mourning:4553

13  And rend7167 your heart,3824 and not408 your garments,899 and turn7725 unto413 the LORD3068 your God:430 for3588 he1931 is gracious2587 and merciful,7349 slow750 to anger,639 and of great7227 kindness,2617 and repenteth5162 him of5921 the evil.7451

14  Who4310 knoweth3045 if he will return7725 and repent,5162 and leave7604 a blessing1293 behind310 him; even a meat offering4503 and a drink offering5262 unto the LORD3068 your God?430

15  Blow8628 the trumpet7782 in Zion,6726 sanctify6942 a fast,6685 call7121 a solemn assembly:6116

16  Gather622 the people,5971 sanctify6942 the congregation,6951 assemble6908 the elders,2205 gather622 the children,5768 and those that suck3243 the breasts:7699 let the bridegroom2860 go forth3318 of his chamber,4480 2315 and the bride3618 out of her closet.4480 2646

17  Let the priests,3548 the ministers8334 of the LORD,3068 weep1058 between996 the porch197 and the altar,4196 and let them say,559 Spare2347 5921 thy people,5971 O LORD,3068 and give5414 not408 thine heritage5159 to reproach,2781 that the heathen1471 should rule4910 over them: wherefore4100 should they say559 among the people,5971 Where346 is their God?430

18  Then will the LORD3068 be jealous7065 for his land,776 and pity2550 5921 his people.5971

19  Yea, the LORD3068 will answer6030 and say559 unto his people,5971 Behold,2009 I will send7971 you 853 corn,1715 and wine,8492 and oil,3323 and ye shall be satisfied7646 therewith:854 and I will no3808 more5750 make5414 you a reproach2781 among the heathen:1471

20  But I will remove far off7368 from4480 5921 you the northern6830 army, and will drive5080 him into413 a land776 barren6723 and desolate,8077 with854 his face6440 toward413 the east6931 sea,3220 and his hinder part5490 toward413 the utmost314 sea,3220 and his stink889 shall come up,5927 and his ill savor6709 shall come up,5927 because3588 he hath done6213 great things.1431

21  Fear3372 not,408 O land;127 be glad1523 and rejoice:8055 for3588 the LORD3068 will do6213 great things.1431

22  Be not afraid,3372 408 ye beasts929 of the field:7704 for3588 the pastures4999 of the wilderness4057 do spring,1876 for3588 the tree6086 beareth5375 her fruit,6529 the fig tree8384 and the vine1612 do yield5414 their strength.2428

23  Be glad1523 then, ye children1121 of Zion,6726 and rejoice8055 in the LORD3068 your God:430 for3588 he hath given5414 you 853 the former rain4175 moderately,6666 and he will cause to come down3381 for you the rain,1653 the former rain,4175 and the latter rain4456 in the first7223 month.

24  And the floors1637 shall be full4390 of wheat,1250 and the fats3342 shall overflow7783 with wine8492 and oil.3323

25  And I will restore7999 to you 853 the years8141 that834 the locust697 hath eaten,398 the cankerworm,3218 and the caterpillar,2625 and the palmerworm,1501 my great1419 army2428 which834 I sent7971 among you.

26  And ye shall eat in plenty,398 398 and be satisfied,7646 and praise1984 853 the name8034 of the LORD3068 your God,430 that834 hath dealt6213 wondrously6381 with5973 you: and my people5971 shall never3808 5769 be ashamed.954

27  And ye shall know3045 that3588 I589 am in the midst7130 of Israel,3478 and that I589 am the LORD3068 your God,430 and none369 else:5750 and my people5971 shall never3808 5769 be ashamed.954

28  And it shall come to pass1961 afterward,310 3651 that I will pour out8210 853 my spirit7307 upon5921 all3605 flesh;1320 and your sons1121 and your daughters1323 shall prophesy,5012 your old men2205 shall dream2492 dreams,2472 your young men970 shall see7200 visions:2384

29  And also1571 upon5921 the servants5650 and upon5921 the handmaids8198 in those1992 days3117 will I pour out8210 853 my spirit.7307

30  And I will show5414 wonders4159 in the heavens8064 and in the earth,776 blood,1818 and fire,784 and pillars8490 of smoke.6227

31  The sun8121 shall be turned2015 into darkness,2822 and the moon3394 into blood,1818 before6440 the great1419 and the terrible3372 day3117 of the LORD3068 come.935

32  And it shall come to pass,1961 that whosoever3605 834 shall call7121 on the name8034 of the LORD3068 shall be delivered:4422 for3588 in mount2022 Zion6726 and in Jerusalem3389 shall be1961 deliverance,6413 as834 the LORD3068 hath said,559 and in the remnant8300 whom834 the LORD3068 shall call.7121

Joel 3: 1-21

1  For,3588 behold,2009 in those1992 days,3117 and in that1931 time,6256 when834 I shall bring again7725 853 the captivity7622 of Judah3063 and Jerusalem,3389

2  I will also gather6908 853 all3605 nations,1471 and will bring them down3381 into413 the valley6010 of Jehoshaphat,3092 and will plead8199 with5973 them there8033 for5921 my people5971 and for my heritage5159 Israel,3478 whom834 they have scattered6340 among the nations,1471 and parted2505 my land.776

3  And they have cast3032 lots1486 for413 my people;5971 and have given5414 a boy3206 for a harlot,2181 and sold4376 a girl3207 for wine,3196 that they might drink.8354

4  Yea,1571 and what4100 have ye859 to do with me, O Tyre,6865 and Zidon,6721 and all3605 the coasts1552 of Philistia?6429 will ye859 render7999 5921 me a recompense?1576 and if518 ye859 recompense1580 5921 me, swiftly7031 and speedily4120 will I return7725 your recompense1576 upon your own head;7218

5  Because834 ye have taken3947 my silver3701 and my gold,2091 and have carried935 into your temples1964 my goodly2896 pleasant things:4261

6  The children1121 also of Judah3063 and the children1121 of Jerusalem3389 have ye sold4376 unto the Greeks,1121 3125 that4616 ye might remove them far7368 from4480 5921 their border.1366

7  Behold,2009 I will raise5782 them out of4480 the place4725 whither834 8033 ye have sold4376 them, and will return7725 your recompense1576 upon your own head:7218

8  And I will sell4376 853 your sons1121 and your daughters1323 into the hand3027 of the children1121 of Judah,3063 and they shall sell4376 them to the Sabeans,7615 to413 a people1471 far off:7350 for3588 the LORD3068 hath spoken1696 it.

9  Proclaim7121 ye this2063 among the Gentiles;1471 Prepare6942 war,4421 wake up5782 the mighty men,1368 let all3605 the men376 of war4421 draw near;5066 let them come up:5927

10  Beat3807 your plowshares855 into swords,2719 and your pruning hooks4211 into spears:7420 let the weak2523 say,559 I589 am strong.1368

11  Assemble5789 yourselves, and come,935 all3605 ye heathen,1471 and gather yourselves together6908 round about:4480 5439 thither8033 cause thy mighty ones1368 to come down,5181 O LORD.3068

12  Let the heathen1471 be wakened,5782 and come up5927 to413 the valley6010 of Jehoshaphat:3092 for3588 there8033 will I sit3427 to judge8199 853 all3605 the heathen1471 round about.4480 5439

13  Put7971 ye in the sickle,4038 for3588 the harvest7105 is ripe:1310 come,935 get you down;3381 for3588 the press1660 is full,4390 the fats3342 overflow;7783 for3588 their wickedness7451 is great.7227

14  Multitudes,1995 multitudes1995 in the valley6010 of decision:2742 for3588 the day3117 of the LORD3068 is near7138 in the valley6010 of decision.2742

15  The sun8121 and the moon3394 shall be darkened,6937 and the stars3556 shall withdraw622 their shining.5051

16  The LORD3068 also shall roar7580 out of Zion,4480 6726 and utter5414 his voice6963 from Jerusalem;4480 3389 and the heavens8064 and the earth776 shall shake:7493 but the LORD3068 will be the hope4268 of his people,5971 and the strength4581 of the children1121 of Israel.3478

17  So shall ye know3045 that3588 I589 am the LORD3068 your God430 dwelling7931 in Zion,6726 my holy6944 mountain:2022 then shall Jerusalem3389 be1961 holy,6944 and there shall no3808 strangers2114 pass through5674 her any more.5750

18  And it shall come to pass1961 in that1931 day,3117 that the mountains2022 shall drop down5197 new wine,6071 and the hills1389 shall flow1980 with milk,2461 and all3605 the rivers650 of Judah3063 shall flow1980 with waters,4325 and a fountain4599 shall come forth3318 of the house4480 1004 of the LORD,3068 and shall water8248 853 the valley5158 of Shittim.7851

19  Egypt4714 shall be1961 a desolation,8077 and Edom123 shall be1961 a desolate8077 wilderness,4057 for4480 the violence2555 against the children1121 of Judah,3063 because834 they have shed8210 innocent5355 blood1818 in their land.776

20  But Judah3063 shall dwell3427 forever,5769 and Jerusalem3389 from generation1755 to generation.1755

21  For I will cleanse5352 their blood1818 that I have not3808 cleansed:5352 for the LORD3068 dwelleth7931 in Zion.6726


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