King James Version 1611 - 1769





Habakkuk 1: 1-17

1  The burden4853 which834 Habakkuk2265 the prophet5030 did see.2372

2  O LORD,3068 how long5704 575 shall I cry,7768 and thou wilt not3808 hear!8085 even cry out2199 unto413 thee of violence,2555 and thou wilt not3808 save!3467

3  Why4100 dost thou show7200 me iniquity,205 and cause me to behold5027 grievance?5999 for spoiling7701 and violence2555 are before5048 me: and there are1961 that raise up5375 strife7379 and contention.4066

4  Therefore5921 3651 the law8451 is slacked,6313 and judgment4941 doth never3808 5331 go forth:3318 for3588 the wicked7563 doth compass about3803 853 the righteous;6662 therefore5921 3651 wrong6127 judgment4941 proceedeth.3318

5  Behold7200 ye among the heathen,1471 and regard,5027 and wonder marvelously:8539 8539 for3588 I will work6466 a work6467 in your days,3117 which ye will not3808 believe,539 though3588 it be told5608 you.

6  For,3588 lo,2009 I raise up6965 853 the Chaldeans,3778 that bitter4751 and hasty4116 nation,1471 which shall march1980 through the breadth4800 of the land,776 to possess3423 the dwelling places4908 that are not3808 theirs.

7  They1931 are terrible366 and dreadful:3372 their judgment4941 and their dignity7613 shall proceed3318 of4480 themselves.

8  Their horses5483 also are swifter7043 than the leopards,4480 5246 and are more fierce2300 than the evening6153 wolves:4480 2061 and their horsemen6571 shall spread6335 themselves, and their horsemen6571 shall come935 from far;4480 7350 they shall fly5774 as the eagle5404 that hasteth2363 to eat.398

9  They shall come935 all3605 for violence:2555 their faces6440 shall sup up4041 as the east wind,6921 and they shall gather622 the captivity7628 as the sand.2344

10  And they1931 shall scoff7046 at the kings,4428 and the princes7336 shall be a scorn4890 unto them: they1931 shall deride7832 every3605 stronghold;4013 for they shall heap6651 dust,6083 and take3920 it.

11  Then227 shall his mind7307 change,2498 and he shall pass over,5674 and offend,816 imputing this2098 his power3581 unto his god.433

12  Art thou859 not3808 from everlasting,4480 6924 O LORD3068 my God,430 mine Holy One?6918 we shall not3808 die.4191 O LORD,3068 thou hast ordained7760 them for judgment;4941 and, O mighty God,6697 thou hast established3245 them for correction.3198

13  Thou art of purer2889 eyes5869 than to behold4480 7200 evil,7451 and canst3201 not3808 look5027 on413 iniquity:5999 wherefore4100 lookest5027 thou upon them that deal treacherously,898 and holdest thy tongue2790 when the wicked7563 devoureth1104 the man that is more righteous6662 than4480 he?

14  And makest6213 men120 as the fishes1709 of the sea,3220 as the creeping things,7431 that have no3808 ruler4910 over them?

15  They take up5927 all3605 of them with the angle,2443 they catch1641 them in their net,2764 and gather622 them in their drag:4365 therefore5921 3651 they rejoice8055 and are glad.1523

16  Therefore5921 3651 they sacrifice2076 unto their net,2764 and burn incense6999 unto their drag;4365 because3588 by them1992 their portion2506 is fat,8082 and their meat3978 plenteous.1277

17  Shall they therefore5921 3651 empty7324 their net,2764 and not3808 spare2550 continually8548 to slay2026 the nations?1471

Habakkuk 2: 1-20

1  I will stand5975 upon5921 my watch,4931 and set3320 me upon5921 the tower,4692 and will watch6822 to see7200 what4100 he will say1696 unto me, and what4100 I shall answer7725 when5921 I am reproved.8433

2  And the LORD3068 answered6030 me, and said,559 Write3789 the vision,2377 and make it plain874 upon5921 tables,3871 that4616 he may run7323 that readeth7121 it.

3  For3588 the vision2377 is yet5750 for an appointed time,4150 but at the end7093 it shall speak,6315 and not3808 lie:3576 though518 it tarry,4102 wait2442 for it; because3588 it will surely come,935 935 it will not3808 tarry.309

4  Behold,2009 his soul5315 which is lifted up6075 is not upright3474 3808 in him: but the just6662 shall live2421 by his faith.530

5  Yea637 also, because3588 he transgresseth898 by wine,3196 he is a proud3093 man,1397 neither3808 keepeth at home,5115 who834 enlargeth7337 his desire5315 as hell,7585 and is as death,4194 and cannot3808 be satisfied,7646 but gathereth622 unto413 him all3605 nations,1471 and heapeth6908 unto413 him all3605 people:5971

6  Shall not3808 all3605 these428 take up5375 a parable4912 against5921 him, and a taunting4426 proverb2420 against him, and say,559 Woe1945 to him that increaseth7235 that which is not3808 his! how long?5704 4970 and to him that ladeth3513 5921 himself with thick clay!5671

7  Shall they not3808 rise up6965 suddenly6621 that shall bite5391 thee, and awake3364 that shall vex2111 thee, and thou shalt be1961 for booties4933 unto them?

8  Because3588 thou859 hast spoiled7997 many7227 nations,1471 all3605 the remnant3499 of the people5971 shall spoil7997 thee; because of men's120 blood,4480 1818 and for the violence2555 of the land,776 of the city,7151 and of all3605 that dwell3427 therein.

9  Woe1945 to him that coveteth1214 an evil7451 covetousness1215 to his house,1004 that he may set7760 his nest7064 on high,4791 that he may be delivered5337 from the power4480 3709 of evil!7451

10  Thou hast consulted3289 shame1322 to thy house1004 by cutting off7096 many7227 people,5971 and hast sinned2398 against thy soul.5315

11  For3588 the stone68 shall cry out2199 of the wall,4480 7023 and the beam3714 out of the timber4480 6086 shall answer6030 it.

12  Woe1945 to him that buildeth1129 a town5892 with blood,1818 and establisheth3559 a city7151 by iniquity!5766

13  Behold,2009 is it not3808 of4480 854 the LORD3068 of hosts6635 that the people5971 shall labor3021 in the very1767 fire,784 and the people3816 shall weary3286 themselves for very1767 vanity?7385

14  For3588 the earth776 shall be filled4390 853 with the knowledge1847 of the glory3519 of the LORD,3068 as the waters4325 cover3680 5921 the sea.3220

15  Woe1945 unto him that giveth his neighbor drink,8248 7453 that puttest5596 thy bottle2573 to him, and makest him drunken7937 also,637 that4616 thou mayest look5027 on5921 their nakedness!4589

16  Thou art filled7646 with shame7036 for glory:4480 3519 drink8354 thou859 also,1571 and let thy foreskin be uncovered:6188 the cup3563 of the LORD's3068 right hand3225 shall be turned5437 unto5921 thee, and shameful spewing7022 shall be on5921 thy glory.3519

17  For3588 the violence2555 of Lebanon3844 shall cover3680 thee, and the spoil7701 of beasts,929 which made them afraid,2865 because of men's120 blood,4480 1818 and for the violence2555 of the land,776 of the city,7151 and of all3605 that dwell3427 therein.

18  What4100 profiteth3276 the graven image6459 that3588 the maker3335 thereof hath graven6458 it; the molten image,4541 and a teacher3384 of lies,8267 that3588 the maker3335 of his work3336 trusteth982 therein,5921 to make6213 dumb483 idols?457

19  Woe1945 unto him that saith559 to the wood,6086 Awake;6974 to the dumb1748 stone,68 Arise,5782 it1931 shall teach!3384 Behold,2009 it1931 is laid over8610 with gold2091 and silver,3701 and there is no369 breath7307 at all3605 in the midst7130 of it.

20  But the LORD3068 is in his holy6944 temple:1964 let all3605 the earth776 keep silence2013 before4480 6440 him.

Habakkuk 3: 1-19

1  A prayer8605 of Habakkuk2265 the prophet5030 upon5921 Shigionoth.7692

2  O LORD,3068 I have heard8085 thy speech,8088 and was afraid:3372 O LORD,3068 revive2421 thy work6467 in the midst7130 of the years,8141 in the midst7130 of the years8141 make known;3045 in wrath7267 remember2142 mercy.7355

3  God433 came935 from Teman,4480 8487 and the Holy One6918 from mount4480 2022 Paran.6290 Selah.5542 His glory1935 covered3680 the heavens,8064 and the earth776 was full4390 of his praise.8416

4  And his brightness5051 was1961 as the light;216 he had horns7161 coming out of his hand:4480 3027 and there8033 was the hiding2253 of his power.5797

5  Before6440 him went1980 the pestilence,1698 and burning coals7565 went forth3318 at his feet.7272

6  He stood,5975 and measured4128 the earth:776 he beheld,7200 and drove asunder5425 the nations;1471 and the everlasting5703 mountains2042 were scattered,6327 the perpetual5769 hills1389 did bow:7817 his ways1979 are everlasting.5769

7  I saw7200 the tents168 of Cushan3572 in8478 affliction:205 and the curtains3407 of the land776 of Midian4080 did tremble.7264

8  Was the LORD3068 displeased2734 against the rivers?5104 was thine anger639 against the rivers?5104 was thy wrath5678 against the sea,3220 that3588 thou didst ride7392 upon5921 thine horses5483 and thy chariots4818 of salvation?3444

9  Thy bow7198 was made quite naked,5783 6181 according to the oaths7621 of the tribes,4294 even thy word.562 Selah.5542 Thou didst cleave1234 the earth776 with rivers.5104

10  The mountains2022 saw7200 thee, and they trembled:2342 the overflowing2230 of the water4325 passed by:5674 the deep8415 uttered5414 his voice,6963 and lifted up5375 his hands3027 on high.7315

11  The sun8121 and moon3394 stood still5975 in their habitation:2073 at the light216 of thine arrows2671 they went,1980 and at the shining5051 of thy glittering1300 spear.2595

12  Thou didst march through6805 the land776 in indignation,2195 thou didst thresh1758 the heathen1471 in anger.639

13  Thou wentest forth3318 for the salvation3468 of thy people,5971 even for salvation3468 with854 thine anointed;4899 thou woundedst4272 the head7218 out of the house4480 1004 of the wicked,7563 by discovering6168 the foundation3247 unto5704 the neck.6677 Selah.5542

14  Thou didst strike through5344 with his staves4294 the head7218 of his villages:6518 they came out as a whirlwind5590 to scatter6327 me: their rejoicing5951 was as3644 to devour398 the poor6041 secretly.4565

15  Thou didst walk1869 through the sea3220 with thine horses,5483 through the heap2563 of great7227 waters.4325

16  When I heard,8085 my belly990 trembled;7264 my lips8193 quivered6750 at the voice:6963 rottenness7538 entered935 into my bones,6106 and I trembled7264 in8478 myself, that834 I might rest5117 in the day3117 of trouble:6869 when he cometh up5927 unto the people,5971 he will invade1464 them with his troops.

17  Although3588 the fig tree8384 shall not3808 blossom,6524 neither369 shall fruit2981 be in the vines;1612 the labor4639 of the olive2132 shall fail,3584 and the fields7709 shall yield6213 no3808 meat;400 the flock6629 shall be cut off1504 from the fold,4480 4356 and there shall be no369 herd1241 in the stalls:7517

18  Yet I589 will rejoice5937 in the LORD,3068 I will joy1523 in the God430 of my salvation.3468

19  The LORD3068 God136 is my strength,2428 and he will make7760 my feet7272 like hinds'355 feet, and he will make me to walk1869 upon5921 mine high places.1116 To the chief singer5329 on my stringed instruments.5058


À Christ seul soit la Gloire


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