King James Version 1611 - 1769





Titus 1: 1-16

1  Paul,3972 a servant1401 of God,2316 and1161 an apostle652 of Jesus2424 Christ,5547 according2596 to the faith4102 of God's2316 elect,1588 and2532 the acknowledging1922 of the truth225 which3588 is after2596 godliness;2150

2  In1909 hope1680 of eternal166 life,2222 which3739 God,2316 that cannot lie,893 promised1861 before4253 the world began;166 5550

3  But1161 hath in due2398 times2540 manifested5319 his848 word3056 through1722 preaching,2782 which3739 is committed4100 unto me1473 according2596 to the commandment2003 of God2316 our2257 Savior;4990

4  To Titus,5103 mine own1103 son5043 after2596 the common2839 faith:4102 Grace,5485 mercy,1656 and peace,1515 from575 God2316 the Father3962 and2532 the Lord2962 Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Savior.4990

5  For this cause5484 5127 left2641 I thee4571 in1722 Crete,2914 that2443 thou shouldest set in order1930 the things that are wanting,3007 and2532 ordain2525 elders4245 in every city,2596 4172 as5613 I1473 had appointed1299 thee:4671

6  If any1536 be2076 blameless,410 the husband435 of one3391 wife,1135 having2192 faithful4103 children5043 not3361 accused1722 2724 of riot810 or2228 unruly.506

7  For1063 a bishop1985 must1163 be1511 blameless,410 as5613 the steward3623 of God;2316 not3361 self-willed,829 not3361 soon angry,3711 not3361 given to wine,3943 no3361 striker,4131 not3361 given to filthy lucre;146

8  But235 a lover of hospitality,5382 a lover of good men,5358 sober,4998 just,1342 holy,3741 temperate;1468

9  Holding fast472 the3588 faithful4103 word3056 as he hath been taught,2596 1322 that2443 he may be5600 able1415 by1722 sound5198 doctrine1319 both2532 to exhort3870 and2532 to convince1651 the3588 gainsayers.483

10  For1063 there are1526 many4183 unruly2532 506 and vain talkers3151 and2532 deceivers,5423 especially3122 they3588 of1537 the circumcision:4061

11  Whose3739 mouths must be stopped,1993 1163 who3748 subvert396 whole3650 houses,3624 teaching1321 things which3739 they ought1163 not,3361 for filthy lucre's sake.5484 150 2771

12  One5100 of1537 themselves,846 even a prophet4396 of their846 own,2398 said,2036 The Cretians2912 are always104 liars,5583 evil2556 beasts,2342 slow692 bellies.1064

13  This3778 witness3141 is2076 true.227 Wherefore1223 3739 156 rebuke1651 them846 sharply,664 that2443 they may be sound5198 in1722 the3588 faith;4102

14  Not3361 giving heed4337 to Jewish2451 fables,3454 and2532 commandments1785 of men,444 that turn from654 the3588 truth.225

15  Unto the3588 pure2513 all things3956 are3303 pure:2513 but1161 unto them3588 that are defiled3392 and2532 unbelieving571 is nothing3762 pure;2513 but235 even2532 their846 mind3563 and2532 conscience4893 is defiled.3392

16  They profess3670 that they know1492 God;2316 but1161 in works2041 they deny720 him, being5607 abominable,947 and2532 disobedient,545 and2532 unto4314 every3956 good18 work2041 reprobate.96

Titus 2: 1-15

1  But1161 speak2980 thou4771 the things which3739 become4241 sound5198 doctrine:1319

2  That the aged men4246 be1511 sober,3524 grave,4586 temperate,4998 sound5198 in faith,4102 in charity,26 in patience.5281

3  The aged women4247 likewise,5615 that they be in1722 behavior2688 as becometh holiness,2412 not3361 false accusers,1228 not3361 given1402 to much4183 wine,3631 teachers of good things;2567

4  That2443 they may teach the young women to be sober,4994 3588 3501 to1511 love their husbands,5362 to love their children,5388

5  To be discreet,4998 chaste,53 keepers at home,3626 good,18 obedient5293 to their own2398 husbands,435 that2443 the3588 word3056 of God2316 be not3361 blasphemed.987

6  Young men3501 likewise5615 exhort3870 to be sober minded.4993

7  In4012 all things3956 showing3930 thyself4572 a pattern5179 of good2570 works:2041 in1722 doctrine1319 showing uncorruptness,90 gravity,4587 sincerity,861

8  Sound5199 speech,3056 that cannot be condemned;176 that2443 he3588 that is of1537 the contrary part1727 may be ashamed,1788 having2192 no3367 evil thing5337 to say3004 of4012 you.5216

9  Exhort servants1401 to be obedient5293 unto their own2398 masters,1203 and1511 to please them well2101 in1722 all3956 things; not3361 answering again;483

10  Not3361 purloining,3557 but235 showing1731 all3956 good18 fidelity;4102 that2443 they may adorn2885 the3588 doctrine1319 of God2316 our2257 Savior4990 in1722 all things.3956

11  For1063 the3588 grace5485 of God2316 that bringeth salvation4992 hath appeared2014 to all3956 men,444

12  Teaching3811 us2248 that,2443 denying720 ungodliness763 and2532 worldly2886 lusts,1939 we should live2198 soberly, righteously,4996 1346 and2532 godly,2153 in1722 this present3568 world;165

13  Looking for4327 that blessed3107 hope,1680 and2532 the3588 glorious1391 appearing2015 of the3588 great3173 God2316 and2532 our2257 Savior4990 Jesus2424 Christ;5547

14  Who3739 gave1325 himself1438 for5228 us,2257 that2443 he might redeem3084 us2248 from575 all3956 iniquity,458 and2532 purify2511 unto himself1438 a peculiar4041 people,2992 zealous2207 of good2570 works.2041

15  These things5023 speak,2980 and2532 exhort,3870 and2532 rebuke1651 with3326 all3956 authority.2003 Let no man3367 despise4065 thee.4675

Titus 3: 1-15

1  Put them in mind5279 846 to be subject5293 to principalities746 and2532 powers,1849 to obey magistrates,3980 to be1511 ready2092 to4314 every3956 good18 work,2041

2  To speak evil987 of no man,3367 to be1511 no brawlers,269 but gentle,1933 showing1731 all3956 meekness4236 unto4314 all3956 men.444

3  For1063 we2249 ourselves also2532 were2258 sometimes4218 foolish,453 disobedient,545 deceived,4105 serving1398 divers4164 lusts1939 and2532 pleasures,2237 living1236 in1722 malice2549 and2532 envy,5355 hateful,4767 and hating3404 one another.240

4  But1161 after3753 that the3588 kindness5544 and2532 love of God our Savior toward man5363 2316 2257 4990 appeared,2014

5  Not3756 by1537 works2041 of1722 righteousness1343 which3739 we2249 have done,4160 but235 according2596 to his848 mercy1656 he saved4982 us,2248 by1223 the washing3067 of regeneration,3824 and2532 renewing342 of the Holy40 Ghost;4151

6  Which3739 he shed1632 on1909 us2248 abundantly4146 through1223 Jesus2424 Christ5547 our2257 Savior;4990

7  That2443 being justified1344 by his1565 grace,5485 we should be made1096 heirs2818 according2596 to the hope1680 of eternal166 life.2222

8  This is a faithful4103 saying,3056 and2532 these things5130 I will1014 that thou4571 affirm constantly,1226 that2443 they which have believed4100 in God2316 might be careful5431 to maintain4291 good2570 works.2041 These things5023 are2076 good2570 and2532 profitable5624 unto men.444

9  But1161 avoid4026 foolish3474 questions,2214 and2532 genealogies,1076 and2532 contentions,2054 and2532 strivings3163 about the law;3544 for1063 they are1526 unprofitable512 and2532 vain.3152

10  A man444 that is a heretic141 after3326 the first3391 and2532 second1208 admonition3559 reject;3868

11  Knowing1492 that3754 he that is such5108 is subverted,1612 and2532 sinneth,264 being5607 condemned of himself.843

12  When3752 I shall send3992 Artemas734 unto4314 thee,4571 or2228 Tychicus,5190 be diligent4704 to come2064 unto4314 me3165 to1519 Nicopolis:3533 for1063 I have determined2919 there1563 to winter.3914

13  Bring Zenas the lawyer and Apollos on their journey4311 2211 3588 3544 2532 625 diligently,4709 that2443 nothing3367 be wanting3007 unto them.846

14  And1161 let ours2251 also2532 learn3129 to maintain4291 good2570 works2041 for1519 necessary316 uses,5532 that2443 they be5600 not3361 unfruitful.175

15  All3956 that3588 are with3326 me1700 salute782 thee.4571 Greet782 them that love5368 us2248 in1722 the faith.4102 Grace5485 be with3326 you5216 all.3956 Amen.281


À Christ seul soit la Gloire


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