Bulfinch's Mythology(2K)

Legends of Charlemagne or Romance of the Middle Ages

Thomas Bulfinch

“How Agrican with all his northern powers
Besieged Albracca, as romances tell;
The city of Galaphron, from thence to win
The fairest of her sex, Angelica,
His daughter, loved of many prowest knights,
Both paynim, and the peers of Charlemain.”
—Paradise Regained.

Table of Contents

Age Of Fable

Complete List Of All Chapters And Sub-Pages In Bulfinch's Age Of Fable

Legends of Charlemagne

Chapter I:


Chapter II:

The Peers, Or Paladins

Chapter III:

The Tournament

Chapter IV:

The Siege Of Albracca

Chapter V:

Adventures Of Rinaldo And Orlando

Chapter VI:

The Invasion Of France

Chapter VII:

The Invasion Of France, Continued

Chapter VIII:

Bradamante And Rogero

Chapter IX:

Astopho And The Enchantress

Chapter X:

The Orc

Chapter XI:

Astolpho's Adventures Continued, And Isabella's Begun

Chapter XII:


Chapter XIII:

Orlando Mad

Chapter XIV:

Zerbino And Isabella

Chapter XV:

Astolpho In Abyssinia

Chapter XVI:

The War In Africa

Chapter XVII:

Rogero And Bradamante

Chapter XVIII:

The Battle Of Roncesvalles

Chapter XIX:

Rinaldo And Bayard

Chapter XX:

Death Of Rinaldo

Chapter XXI:

Huon Of Bordeaux

Chapter XXII:

Huon Of Bordeaux, Continued

Chapter XXIII:

Huon Of Bordeaux, Continued

Chapter XXIV:

Ogier, The Dane

Chapter XXV:

Ogier, The Dane, Continued

Chapter XXVI:

Ogier, The Dane, Continued

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