image map Pantheon Site Map Gods and Goddesses A - Z The Theogony of Hesiod the elements of all things that were formed out of it.  a dark abyss, which lay as far below the surface of the earth as the earth is from the heavens The Protogenos and the personification of the earth the god of love Nox or Night personified A primordial god, the personification of darkness. the Protogenoi of the mountains Uranus hated his children or Pontos, the Protogonoi and personification of the sea Ether or Acmon, a personified idea of the mythical cosmogonies that is, creatures with round or circular eyes Cronus unmanned his father the Titan of intelligence a personification of mockery and censure Night And Her Children The personification and god of sleep a personification of Death a monster of the primitive world Night And Her Children the personified necessity of death The light of the terrestrial regions goddesses of evenings and the golden light of sunset a Titan, a son of Uranus and Ge three gargantuan figures of Greek mythology  the son of Perseus and Andromeda, and king of Mycenae. a friend of Heracles  the mother of Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Aides, Poseidon, and Zeus she was in possession of the Delphic oracle after Themis, and prior to Apollo. She was beloved by Zeus the goddess of the hearth marriage acts a prominent part in the worship of Hera the god of the lower world a son of Uranus and Ge, a Titan and brother of Cronus, Oceanus, Coeus, Hyperion, Tethys, Rhea, etc. a gigantic and savage race of men, governed by Eurymedon, and dwelling in the distant west the mother or giver of barley or of food generally. a daughter of the Titan Coeus and Phoebe, a sister of Asteria, and the mother of Apollo and Artemis by Zeus the greatest of the Olympian gods, and the father of gods and men the god of the Mediterranean sea and he is the god of the fluid element a daughter of Electryon, king of Messene, by Anaxo, the daughter of Alcaeus by Clymenus the mother of Phaeton the god of war and one of the great Olympian gods of the Greeks. One of the great divinities of the Greeks the goddess of love and beauty. The god of plagues and epidemics The god of prophecy The youthful, beautiful, but effeminate god of wine. Her name is usually derived from uninjured, healthy, vigorous the personification of youth the god of fire The name is compounded of Hermes and Aphrodite the most celebrated of all the heroes of antiquity was born on the river Nile, after the long wanderings of his mother One of the Horae Her name is commonly derived from to bring  or  cause death The personification of Persuasion The personification of chance or luck, the Fortuna of the Romans The island of Rhodes was believed to have derived its name from her the great god of flocks and shepherds among the Greeks a divine hero and fried of Hercules god of boundaries Zeus metamorphosed her into a white cow the eldest of the Pleiades A Pleiad, the wife of Oenomaus  the bright or brilliant one a Greek demi-goddess, a Pleiad The rising of the Pleiades in Italy was about the beginning of May one of the Pleiades a Titaness and sea goddess who was both sister and wife of Oceanus She was carried off by Apollo, and became by him the mother of Ismenius A female Titan a river god and king of Argos mother of the Pleiades by Atlas bears the long columns which keep asunder, or carry all around earth and heaven. hindsight,  literally hind-thought Night And Her Children Night And Her Children a personification of the moral reverence for law Night And Her Children these nymphs was the patron of a particular spring, river, ocean, lake, pond, pasture, flower or cloud. the goddess who calls forth war and discord female personifications of vengeance a monster, half maiden and half serpent, with black eyes, fearful and blood­thirst the god of the river Oceanus His name signifies  forethought